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I bought this car New Year's Eve 2015... It had 11 miles on it. At 18,700 miles my tires were completely bald in the front and had to replace them. Secondly the transmission front pump was leaking at 18,700 miles... Come to find out they had to replace it. Now on September 15th someone tells me as I'm driving my car, "your car is on fire." Scared as hell, I pull over and there is smoke billowing out of my engine and climbing into the car. The transmission fluid poured out of the car onto the ground. I called Dodge immediately to have my car towed and I got a voicemail. No one called me back so I use my own insurance have it towed. When I told them they need to reimburse my insurance company they told me I should have called them first. That in itself pissed me off. Now they tell me it's the transmission oil cooler. Real nice.

Back in March 23, I was in fender bender, and ALL 3 of my airbags went off. I am still in therapy from where the airbag's impact hit my kneecap. The police department, paramedics and the mechanic, all told me they cannot believe the airbags went off as there was absolutely no damage to my car. I will never ever buy another Dodge. Two problems with the transmission, brand-spanking-new van, within 8 months (18K and 25K miles) the airbags defect, and my tires being bald within $18,000. This is ridiculous. It's also very cheaply put together... My running boards on the inside of my van on both sides come off very easily when somebody steps in my van. Sometimes the shifter won't even shift into drive, it sticks. I do not want this vehicle anymore.

Bought a 2012 Dodge caravan June of 2012 brand new off the lot. 2 years later June 2, 2014 at 17,000 miles a second alternator was installed under warranty. Now at 37,500 miles a third alternator was installed and Chrysler and our Dover Dodge dealership has no idea why it happened again and we missed the warranty cut off by 1500 miles. So we just had to pay $456.00 out of our pocket. Ten days later battery light came back on. As of now it is back in the Dover Dodge repair center, not covered again under warranty with only 38,000 miles, with three new alternators in this vehicle. Dodge Chrysler has been absolutely no help whatsoever and my wife and I are shocked how they treat their customers. It clearly a on going problem, they just dont want to admit there is something wrong or want to cover it in any way. Never will we buy a Chrysler again.

I have read other reviews; reviews that horrify me; about the FOBIK system of the Caravans failing and/or accelerating all by itself. However, I never had any of those problems with my 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan, nor the 2009 that I owned before it was totaled in an accident in November of 2014. But, be that as it may, when I received notice that my van's Wireless Ignition Node was being recalled I went up to my dealer and put my name off the list to receive the replacement. DON'T DO IT!!! (Unless it's a real problem of course). First of all, I forgot I even put my name on the "list" because it took SO long for the part to come in (it was almost a year). And just a few days ago I received a call to make an appointment to get it "replaced". I just took my van up to the dealership yesterday. I was told it was only going to be about an hour to repair; I was there almost 2 hours.

Finally, the service rep came to get me and sign the paper; said the mechanic was going to drive my van out to the front lot for me to pick up. I waited outside for about 15 minutes for my van; no van. The same service rep finally came to get me and said that something was wrong with the shifter; that it wouldn't shift now. So she had to get me a rental car while they ordered the part which would be there the next day and would fix it and get it back to me. I was called by the dealership the next day by early afternoon to pick up my van. I took the keys to the rental back in and got my paperwork and keys and was hoping to be on my merry way. I went to start the van, and it started. I went to turn on my air conditioning... and nothing.

My climate control wouldn't work, nor my radio, automatic doors, blinkers, wipers... everything electrical. I tried to shift it, and the shifter knob wouldn't even push in. I went back in and told them that I needed the rental back and what was going on. They gave it back to me and sent a mechanic out to retrieve my vehicle. But before I left the service rep retorted that he has no idea what all that has to do with the ignition switch. Well, OBVIOUSLY IT DOES SINCE ALL OF THAT STUFF WAS WORKING JUST FINE BEFORE I TOOK MY VAN TO GET THE "REPLACEMENT". So I still have the rental for the time being, and what I would like everyone to get out of this review is, unless you or your family are in real danger from the FOBIK failing or dangerous acceleration, please, please, please, DO NOT get the "replacement". It WILL make everything worse.

I bought a 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan full cash for my husband. He was breaking to stop when the passenger front airbag deployed for no reason; it went out into the front windshield instead of out towards the seat. Then the leg airbag deployed pushing his leg down making his foot go from the brake pedal onto the gas pedal, hit a park car & so driver bag went off. Dodge claimed it wasn't faulty. Lies. Can anyone help?

My 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan has always made a loud squealing noise when I first start it on cold winter days. If it's not plugged in it squeals for minutes but if it's plugged in it's only for maybe 30 seconds. I don't know if this is going to end up in the motor blowing or what I should do about it?! It's paid off and there is 137000 Km's on it.

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I purchased a 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT about 4 years ago. Still paying for it after having to spend thousands of dollars on it. The transmission went out the week before Christmas of 2015. Dodge Dealership charged me $4,068.41, because it was a front wheel drive auto. Warranty had ran out. This van only had 57971 miles on it. I have taken very good care of it. Then 2 months ago, every light on the dashboard came on and would not go off, so I took it to the dealership and they told me it was the instrument cluster and it had to be replaced. That cost $770.67. The next day the van would not start. I called them (THE DEALERSHIP) to see if they had disconnected the battery or had done something that would make it not start and their answer was NO! I got a friend to jump it with battery cables and it started up.

I have not had any more problems with the battery yet. But now the ESP/BAS and Traction Control Light has lit up in the instrument cluster and will not go off, so I called the dealership this past Friday. I have an appointment Tuesday April 19th, 2016 to have it checked but the service manager said he already knew what the problem was. It was a clock spring that controls the airbag and that the airbag could deploy at any given moment. If that happens I will not be able to see what is in front of me, so I will hit something head on... I am a single 61 year old lady that lives by herself and own one auto and this is that van. How can Chrysler sell vans that have so much problems with them? As I have spent several hours reading about everyone else having problems with the Caravans at low mileage, here on this site and on several more complaint web pages about Chrysler/Dodge Autos.

This is the first time I have ever purchased one and it will definitely be my LAST!!! I have owned vans all my life and drove them well over 200,000 miles and never had such problems with them. I sure hope they go back to making vans soon, so I can get rid of this death trap!!! And the bad thing I still have another year to make payments on a vehicle that is costing me thousands of dollars and it does NOT even have 60,000 miles on it yet. I have searched for recalls on this van and there are none... that is really a scary fact!! I am also scared to drive it out of town for the fear of something drastic happening on a interstate, as I have read here about so many compliments of drastic things happening. What can a lady do???

I purchased a 2015 Dodge Grand Caravan in Feb of last year (2015) brand new. I have had a few unusual sounds when slowing down and turning right. I attempted to have it serviced at the dealership. I purchased it from (Dilawri), however they did not have a courtesy car or shuttle available for my wife and our two kids during the days/time required. We then had it looked at by Celebrity Chrysler in Manotick. When they had examined it there were no issues with the front suspension or steering, just the rear. These were replaced under warranty. 1-2 months later, we went to ask them to look at the suspension again (due to the clicking and slight knocking sound), and they had stated it was likely the brakes and therefore required a brake service. So this 13 month old vehicle (2015 Dodge Grand Caravan) after 21000 kms requires a brake service due to a poor engineered design.

The vehicle is primarily driven by my wife and she is an excellent driver. Allegedly the rotors needed to be re-machined to prolong life. This ended up costing me $294 with the notorious supplies and taxes. I spoke to several people and they have never had to do a brake service at 21000 kms, let alone having this service cost just under $300. I would think that Chrysler should have covered this as it is so close to the 1 yr comprehensive mark. The first Dodge I have purchased (I used to buy Japanese vehicles, but thought the discount on the Chrysler minivans was worth a far this has not proven well). It is worth considering a used Japanese minivan (2- 3 yrs old over a brand new Grand Caravan/Town and Country).

Had a 2010 purchased new, nothing but die out problems, always! I went through 5 batteries in 2 years. I traded-in for a new 2013 and now only having under 30k miles- after many service appts for my alignment, they replaced control arms, shocks and 2 alignments. The shocks are what caused my tires to wear out completely. They did not cover tires. After having 3 service appts for suspension they finally said there were issues. I also had cold air blowing when the heat is on, they of course found nothing. Now having Trans problems. Uggh. I might have to re-think another Dodge.

Bought my 2012 Dodge Caravan as a safe vehicle for my family. So far headlights have got small cracks, right door stopped working, heat on both passenger and driver side stopped working, and back door lifted up but stopped working and fell on my daughter. I took it in when I first got it and complained about the brakes pulsating but was told it's normal up until my last visit and they said my rotors need to be replaced. My brakes are still fine but rotors need to be changed. I'm upset cause I complained about this numerous times. Dodge has fixed all of this stuff except the rotors under Goodwill warranty but it upsets me that I've spent this much money on a vehicle and so many things have gone wrong. I don't feel safe driving my family around in this vehicle.

I bought my van new Dec. 2013. Already had bearings that needed to be replaced in the transmission, that was in 2014 and now it has been in shop for 2 weeks. For at first they said the oil pressure switch and gaskets and that the switch was not covered under warranty and it would cost $288 to do but then it was that the 3rd head leaking oil which is covered, which I looked up and this would cause the oil pressure switch to go, and my gas pedal would stick and sound like the engine was revving up!!! WTH I am paying so much money for this vehicle and it keeps having problems and if someone that is with me like my granddaughter gets hurt because of my gas pedal getting stuck or revving up Dodge is getting sued.

2005 Dodge Grand Caravan - Recently I have noticed the gas pedal sticking. It is getting worse in just a few days! What would cause this to happen? I am worried about this as it scares me.

I have owned a 1994 Dodge Grand Caravan for 5 years. Aside from having to replace the transmission, (acceptable for this age of vehicle), I have had no problems. It's an LS/ES so it has all the bells and whistles. Even the leather seats are in excellent condition. I LOVE my DGC!! It has been one of the best vehicles I've ever owned.

I own a 2010 Dodge Caravan. Last fall I brought it to the dealership as my rear brakes were squealing while driving, but stopped with brake application. They stated that my rear brakes needed to be re-done, at a cost of $600. 10 months later, the squealing begins again, exactly the same as 10 months ago, so I bring it back in, and now it's the calipers, pistons and brakes that require fixing at a cost of $1000!! So I am a little disappointed and angry that the problem wasn't fixed correctly the first time around, and I am out a lot of money to a vehicle with 94000 km on it. I won't be choosing a Dodge the next time around.

I own a 2013 Dodge Caravan. I have had no major problems other than it would blow out heat when the air conditioning was on and cold when the heater was on. The dealership found no problem. They made no service recommendations. I went to another dealership and they found three maintenance issues. The major issue I have now is that when I tried to start it yesterday, it wouldn't start and it appeared overloaded. When I got it to start, the check engine light came on.

Dodge grand caravan 2013 - Numerous problems with the vehicle. Within 30 days vehicle is already in Dodge auto service with complaints of stuttering and gears getting stuck. The vehicle since then I was in the shop for 6 more times. Overheating radio been stuck, stuttering and the most dangerous car would accelerate on own. Brought in the vehicle numerous times for acceleration problem. Contacted Chrysler's complaint line - even was dealing with Chrysler Resolution Center. What time by ** that since our service department was unable to find the true cause of the acceleration issue, that there was nothing wrong with the car according to them. Explain numerous to the Resolution Center that the car was unsafe but if you're driving 50 miles the car accelerate to 85 miles without my foot on the pedal.

I was unable to stop the car - ended up driving on the side medium and threw the car in park. All the Resolution Center offered me was a deal to buy a new Town and Country Chrysler 2015. That we denied and refuse to take due that the 2015 are also having the same issue. They would not help us fix the car - not resolve the issues. Stay away from this brand. They know what's going on. There are numerous complaints about the acceleration issue and Chrysler is not doing nothing about it.

I have a 2010 Dodge Caravan. I purchase last year that lights radio windows. All stop working from time to time and eventually starts back working. Highlights goes off and later comes back on.

Dodge 2012 Caravan - I have owned the car for 36,000 miles and have gone through 2 sets of Michelin Defender Tires ($150 each 90k rated) - not covered under warranty. Major Engine work - covered under warranty. Water Pump replaced at 40k miles - warranty. Rear brakes at 50k (2nd time being done) - not covered. AC/Heater faceplate snapped while driving down a dirt road, dealer wants me to be for a code upgrade - $250. All having to be done today at 56k. Front brakes including rotors - not covered. Suspension arm - covered under extended warranty after $100 deductible. 2 Major oil leak - covered but means I am without a vehicle for 2 days.

I have a mixed review. On one hand i love the van. It has good power, runs great and fits the needs i have. My issue is the sliding rear doors. BOTH have failed multiple times. I'm tired of it. I spent a LOT on this van and continue to spend fixing the doors. I looked online and it seems that this is a common problem with people for the van. Is dodge not doing anything about it? I need a new van. I will NOT be looking at dodge.

Purchased 5-2014. This needs investigation on the amount of people whom have died as a result of driving this van. 2014 Dodge Van should be taken off the streets. Simple story on March 21, 2015 while driving on to a very short ramp which leads to the highway with limited time to get in your slot or for those on it already, to make you a slot, I accelerated to needed speed to get a slot. Once I was up to 70 mph I let off the gas pedal, the car continued to accelerate. I was then not only in the thick of highway traffic traveling on I-70 after stomping on the brakes car rpm rose. I was soon going 90 MPH against my will was gas pedal stuck. I saw it was not stuck on a car matt- no matts in front. Started pulling gas pedal up trying to unstick it which it wasn't stuck.

I then stomped on the brakes panicking at this time as not only coming upon the car in front still going near 95 mph and accelerating but there was no open slot to escape around any cars. I tried 4-5 times more to lift the pedal with my foot it wouldn't slow, I then threw car into neutral and slowed it down and drifted it off the ramp exit 295. I sincerely believe that there have been multiple deaths and accidents from this that was never reported.

I was driving my family (2 adults, 4 kids) today in our 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan with 41,000 miles. I noticed a couple miles down the road the accelerator didn't feel right. Once I was on the freeway around 65 MPH, I realized the accelerator wasn't releasing when I would let up on the pedal. It took a few times to make sure it wasn't my imagination - I told my wife, who said it did something like that to her earlier in the week when driving one of our kids home from school! Upon getting off the freeway, I found I had to mash the brake pedal pretty hard to get the van to come to a complete stop. On the way home, it continued to feel like it was sticking - but it is an electronic accelerator, no accelerator cable to get stuck! It feels like the cruise control is controlling the pedal position and/or throttle.

I called the local Dodge service center, they said they were really busy, and asked if I thought we could drive it for the next week or so. I couldn't believe that was even a question! Looking through this site, Edmunds, and others, I found that this is more common than it should be!! I am concerned about my family's safety and Dodge's apparent lack of concern. We have been contemplating getting a Honda Odyssey for some time, I think this is the last straw.

Over a year ago I purchased a used 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan in Canada with approx. 35k miles..... on a recall notice. I then took it to the local dealer and they did something with the electronic shift on a Dodge Recall...... it had not been shifting smoothly and this supposedly fixed the problem. I have taken the vehicle for normal maintenance (oil/filter etc) and on my last visit nearing the end of the CANADIAN warranty which now I find is much LESS than the US Warranty for the same vehicle.. (only 60k mile in Canada versus 100k miles in USA for the same vehicle).

The local dealer again fixed engine issues and advised I would have no more problems. However the transmission has acted up by jumping out of gear on the interstate and $550 later and 2 dealer visits to address the problem which did not HELP or SOLVE any transmission issues.... I'm now told by the dealer that the transmission has to be replaced or rebuilt and it's JUST OVER THE 60K Canadian Warranty limit. This is a HUGE issue for me as the van is still financed and I'm now looking at a $3-5K expenditure to fix a transmission issue on a basically new vehicle with low mileage!!!!!

While Dodge Canada advises they do have a CUSTOMER GOODWILL program..... so far I've received no good news that they will be accepting responsibility for this faulty transmission.... the van is currently at the dealer having the transmission torn down...... it's looking now that I have to borrow more $'s now and submit a claim for Dodge Canada to approve/disallow YET if I had bought this EXACT SAME van in the USA... the transmission issue would be fixed under warranty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is totally unfair, especially for a vehicle that had a RECALL in Canada issued shortly after I purchased this vehicle for transmission issues.....

Dodge Caravan 2010 - Dodge shifter was the first to break after about 35,000. At that point, unable to start or shift vehicle, had vehicle towed to dodge dealership, then were told parts on back order. Because vehicle is handicap accessible we had to go through another company 60 miles away to get another vehicle. The bill for shift repair was several hundred dollars. Now same vehicle at 75-78000 miles - ignition goes, part on back order, another loaner van, my husband can get in them, but not set up for him to drive. Bill on ignition, 700.00 plus 19?.00 for towing. I called customer service, they offered me 4 oil changes and something else. Does this happen to other people??

While driving in the mountains of Colorado this past Sunday I hit black ice and lost control of my 2003 Dodge Grand Caravan Sport. We hit the mountain, flipped, did a 180 then rolled. The van is totaled. The airbags never deployed!!! We were wearing our seatbelts however I still came out of my seat and hit the windshield and roof of the van with my head. I want to know why the airbags never deployed and if there was a recall on this vehicle for this issue. I am the original owner and purchased it right off the lot in Littleton CO in November of 2002. At the time of the crash it only had 95,000 miles, I kept it in perfect condition with all maintenance logs filled out.

2010 Dodge Caravan SE XLT - 9/16/2014 I had accident, my car would not stop and I hit the right rear of a stopped vehicle, damaging both cars. A person in the other vehicle was injured. I pressed as hard as I could on the brake pedal and it did not stop. I have a HoverRound chair in my van for my use. I have a hydraulic lift installed in the rear of my vehicle to haul my HoverRound when I need it. In addition to this is the fact that now I have an electrical problem, about every third day it will not start. Now to the shop it goes and what??

2010 Dodge Grand Caravan Key Fell Apart Due to L-25 Recall "fix": I bought this vehicle used with 32K on the odometer, received 2 Fobik Keys - a month later I found out the second fob was bad when I couldn't find the one I had been using in my purse. (I always carried both.) Used the other since and parked the bad key away. I mentioned this at my first oil change and was told basically, "too bad, so sad," the keys were sold "as is." Really? How nice. In 2011 I got a recall notice for the ignition switch/receptacle. Strike one. (In some cases fobs were moving in ignition portal and switching to off position while driving. This did not happen to me, but the dangerous potential was there.) It took 7 months for the part to come in. Strike two.

After having the "fix" (a notched metal collar cover over ignition portal) installed at the dealership, I noticed that when one turned the key to start it, no matter how gently or carefully you turned it, it would catch on the notch as it passed by from the "off" position to "start". It never occurred to me that the repeated rubbing of the plastic against the metal would eventually damage the fob - I mean, this was supposed to be "fixed" and I didn't think much of it at the time. In hindsight, the breakage was inevitable.

After three years of little driving, (71K on it now) and two with the "fix", the plastic where the fob makes contact with the notch broke, causing "bad key" error messages when trying to start it and it started taking many tries to start it. Strike 3. Made an appt. with the dealership after a few days of that frustrating exercise and they refused to warranty it, even though the original design defect was not my fault, nor was the design defect of the "fix" my fault.

Make no mistake, the design of the "fix" is faulty - the sloping degree of the notch should have been different on the left side of the notch from the right side. Instead the notch is equal on both sides, guaranteeing the key will rub against the notch every time. (I always had the fob separate by itself from my keychain and never abused it in any way.) Is this a smarmy way for Chrysler to guarantee income from new fobs or do they need better part designers? Strike 4.

Since I still have three years left to pay on it, the second fob they gave me was bad from the get-go and I usually drive my vehicles until they die (still have a working 2000 Caravan as a winter beater). I ended up being forced to pay almost 240.00 all-in for a new fob just to be able to start it. If I keep this vehicle until it's 15 years old, and the fob has a lifespan of about two years or less before it breaks, I can look forward to spending another 1200.00 plus over that time just to be able to start it. Strike 5.

I will NEVER buy another Chrysler again because of a fob and Chrysler's refusal to stand behind their so-called customer care, and I will tell everyone I know about their shoddy parts and practices. Is that an excessive reaction? After reading about other people's issues with the same vehicle, no sirree. I am so NOT the only person who has had this problem. It's the principle of the thing.

Instead of doing the right thing, (damn the "warranties") and replacing one fob that MAYBE cost them a lousy $30.00, they've made this into my fault and my problem and have now hopefully lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in future business from me (for sure) and my family, and friends. Unfortunately they don't care because there's always another new sucker... errr... customer walking into a dealership that is clueless to their less than stellar products and service.

I bought a 2008 dodge caravan 3 years ago. It had 18000 miles. Now has 45,500. My van has been stalling out in the MIDDLE of driving. I cannot brake or steer. It happened once in a school zone. Thank God no kids were crossing. At least 8 plus times with my kids in the car hitting a phone pole and almost running off the road down a steep hill. Another time last year it was snowing, the van slid and shut off on a hill. I am so scared to drive it but that is all I have to drive. I have gone to 4 different garages including 2 Dodge dealerships... spending a lot of money every time. Which say they "fixed the problem". Well again it stalled 2 times yesterday. Also sliding doors freeze easily, main panel switch needed replaced, computer was reprogrammed twice, brakes do not last long. Worst van I have ever bought.

My wife and I purchased the van new in 2008. We have had multiple problems ever since, which has cost us thousands of dollars. The problems started with the front brakes going out every 18 thousand miles or so. We have had multiple electrical issues, vehicle not starting, turning off while driving, electric windows not working, both electric doors breaking and driver side electric window and mirror. We also had a weld on the rear traction bar crack for no apparent reason and a leaking radiator. We have always maintained the vehicle, yet it continues to give us countless problems. This is without a doubt the worst made vehicle I have ever owned. I wish I would have paid for the extended warranty!

I thought it would be important to write a review of my van, a 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan. You may be looking for a used one, or looking at a new one which is very similarly engineered. You may want it for your business or family, but you might be hesitant because you read somewhere that Dodge was not very highly rated on the reliability scale. I can only go from personal experience, but I have had 4 Dodge vans in a row, and have had zero problems and drove them all to 170,000-190,000 miles before trading them in. I give them a 5 star out of 5 star rating. I find them to be reliable, rugged, comfortable, and with proper maintenance pretty bulletproof. I am not the only one who thinks this, as every taxi cab in my city are Caravans - they see a lot of hard service. I believe that a van cannot be accidentally good, it has to be engineered that way, and these vans are well engineered and well built.

We purchased this van new and have maintained it on a regular basis. Our previous experience with Chrysler in 2002 left us thinking we would never again purchase a Chrysler product because we felt that they had failed to honor their warranty/extended warranty. We should have sued them, but felt the best thing to do was to lick our wounds and walk away. Repeatedly when we took the van in for maintenance we were told the same thing..."Can not duplicate the customer's complaint." Finally at 60,000 miles the engine seized up and we were told that the issue was "poor maintenance". They were the ones doing the maintenance (oil changes) and we were told that they did not have any record of them being done. When the newer models came out my personal friend who owns the Chrysler dealership called me and told me he had just the vehicle for my wife.

So we looked at it and decided we should purchase it. It served our needs well and we did all the regularly suggested maintenance to keep it up. We also kept copious records so Chrysler could not screw us again. At about 65,000 miles we had a major failure in the steering column locking up while my wife was in South Dakota. As it turned out they had to do some major computer repairs to the central control. Since that time the vehicle will sporadically refuse to start. Sometimes it is as if it is not getting fuel because the engine will turn over but not fire. Most frequently it will simply produce a clicking sound when the key is engaged in the starting position. The dash all lights up, but then nothing but a click when you attempt to turn the engine over. We had purchased the extended warranty and felt we would be protected, but because we again were given the "cannot reproduce the customer complaint" we had to pay the rental costs ourselves.

Each time we had it checked (over 5 times) we got the same response. I was told by one service agent that because the vehicle did not have to be held over night the rental car was not covered. Almost every time I took the vehicle in, other parts were back ordered and we were sent home with the notification that they would call when the necessary parts were in so we could once again go back to have them installed. Another 5-6 hours of wasted time, a rental car fee and no change in the complaint we sought help with in the first place. We became adamant about the issues we were facing but we were stonewalled with the same response... "Could not reproduce the customer's complaint". I talked to my friend... but still no help... We were simply turned over to the same inept repair department over and over again.

If it is Chrysler... who should know how to address the issue we are facing if it is not Chrysler???? Over 40 times my wife has been temporarily stranded because the vehicle would not start. Many times all it takes is to wait a couple minutes and it will start. BUT other times simply hooking up to another vehicle resets something and the van will start. TONIGHT... it was stopped for over 4 hours and finally we just hooked up the cables and it started right up. We turned it off and it started fine. After doing that several times we drove it home... turned it off and it starts... NO PROBLEM! I am mechanically minded and know this to be a very unique problem... but once again if CHRYSLER CAN NOT FIX THEIR OWN VEHICLE PROBLEMS... WHO IN THE WORLD CAN? THE BIGGEST ISSUE now is that at 100,000 all the warranties ran out and even though the problem has been reported and reported over and over again...

We now are on our own... THAT IS A TERRIBLE WAY TO DO BUSINESS CHRYSLER... It is unfair mostly to us as consumers, but is it also very unfair to the inept service repair individuals who do not know how to address the problems your engineers have created. They don't even know how to find them. THAT IS SAD. THIS ISSUE has brought me to the conclusion that though they look impressive.... A CHRYSLER MINI VAN, CAR, TRUCK OR OTHER VEHICLE IS NOT IN MY FAMILY'S FUTURE, MOST LIKELY FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!

I have been lied to by both the service managers and the finance managers of the Steven Chrysler Group here in town, as well as the district manager for Chrysler who made the determination that our engine failure was due to poor maintenance and I would have to pay to replace it. I also was lied to and treated in the same manner in the mid 1990s when we were told the jerky transmission was "normal" after 3 service attempts, only to find out on the internet that CHRYSLER was very aware of the complaint and did not have a way to fix it. The transmission went out at 51,000 miles and the warranty expired on it at 50,000. We had it rebuilt and it lasted about 3 months so we had it completely replaced and sold it 3,000 miles later. The new owner called after 2,5000 miles to inform me that it had failed again on him.

As far as I am concerned Chrysler has an attractive line of vehicles in the Chrysler line. The Dodge line especially in the trucks is horrid. BUT, NONE of the Chrysler products are very dependable after 50,000 miles and the maintenance PROVIDE BY CHRYSLER IS HORRIBLE. The service personnel's attitude is great... but they are unable to address and fix most of my complaints. Case in point. On one service event, I arrived home to find out that they had somehow broken off one of the mirror turn signal indicator lights. I was told they would order another one in and they would give me a call. The call never came and one year later after dealing with my starting issue, I called to have my issue addressed once again.

I mentioned the 'backordered' indicator lights and sure enough they were on the shelf but no one had ever called. OH, and by the way now it was my responsibility to pay for them... AND THE SERVICE DEPARTMENT HAD BROKEN THEM! That service rep was now no longer with the dealership and I had no recourse.... I was stuck again... CHRYSLER SERVICE STINKS! THEY need to take notice of several other giants who had service issues and are no longer in business... or in dramatic declines.

My car is part of the engine switch recall still has not been fixed. My van has many problems. The car has shut off and turned back on in rush hour Traffic in Phoenix Az. Scared the hell out of me. Then it wouldn't go over 40 miles an hour. It's done this several times now. Brakes and rotors have been replaced 4 times in 3 years. Eats them up quickly and they get hot, very hot. My control buttons in my car keep failing. Window go down but won't go up. Then all kinds of light blink at any given time. Dodge Dealer says that all sounds strange not sure why it does that. Grrrrrrr. Tired of paying for a death trap of a car.

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