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I have a 2011, CTS, premium edition. At 30,000 miles, I had to have timing chains replaced! Never heard of a timing chain(s) going out that fast! Date of replacement was 10/7/2016. Glad I had purchased an extended warranty!! Over $1200.00 for the work!! And yes, it is a 3.6 engine. Acted like the battery was low for quite a while before I took it in for repair. As I had a new battery, I thought it was starter trouble. Overall, the car is very dependable, I have had it for three + years now. First repair done.

Simply put, 4 cue systems replaced and we are now going on #5! GM you have lost a customer for life! Overpriced junk! Definitely do your homework with any Cadillac with the cue system. Had I done mine, I would never put myself through the aggravation. Also replaced headlight lens. Good luck!

It has been issue after issue with this car. The day I bought it the service engine light came on. Took it to the dealer and they just reset the computer. Long story short, it took over 30 days of it being in the shop to then finally get the rear differential replaced. I did online research and found some 1000 rear differential were faulty. The guy at the service department really didn't care. GM never recalled or made it public even after they knew. Then the horrible Pirelli tires started losing air pressure. Had 2 of them replaced, fast forward 1 1/2 years, I just replaced 3 of them replaced. The cherry on top is now the AC doesn't function properly.

I have taken the car in several times and after several attempts they only replaced the compressor. The issue is still there and they are telling me there's nothing they can do. I am in Florida and can't afford a car without AC which cost well over 50k. Bottom line it has been issue after issue. I have gotten to the point where I want to trade it in and get a different brand. To GM: you really dropped the ball on the quality of parts you assemble Cadillac with.

I purchased the 2015 Cadillac Escalade SUV before it came out. I purchased it in Aug. of 2014. I was so happy to be one of the only people in my area to drive the new model Cadillac Escalade. Everything was going great until I noticed the transmission slipping when I hit the gas. I took it into the nearby Cadillac dealer in Burlingame CA. They are called PUTNAM Cadillac. I pulled up to the service line. After I told them I was having issues with transmission. They told me to wait. I waited 20-30 mins later ask what happened. They told me, "You didn't buy your car from us so just keep quiet and wait until we are ready to help you." Wow this was a shock to me. I couldn't believe a big brand company would say something like this.

They kept my care for a 1-2 weeks and told me the slipping is normal. I had no choice but to believe them. I am not a mechanic but I'm sure I know when a transmission slips. Anyway I took off. Also the navigation was freezing and the steps were not working properly. They also replaced the electrical harness said it was bad.

Then 1 month later the steering started clicking. Long story short after 4 visits to the same dealer. They ended up replacing the complete steering console. NOT SURE WHY THEY WOULD HAVE LET ME DRIVE. MY FAMILY AROUND ALL THIS TIME IF THEY KNOW THE PROBLEM COULDN'T GET FIXED. I could have gotten in a accident and took my family with me.

Since I purchased this car for the family. After all the problems I had to buy my wife a minivan (while still paying for the Cadillac payments) because she didn't feel safe in the Cadillac. She didn't even let me take the kids anywhere. So I ended up purchasing a truck so I could safely drive my kids around and not loss my marriage over the Cadillac.

After they replaced the steering console the clicking went away but now the steering console is loose. Wow what the hell is going on here. If this is not a lemon vehicle then I don't know what is. I just got off the phone with Cadillac's rep. They said, "What do you want?". I told them I want my money bad at the least (minus any wear and tear. I'm a very fair person, but I don't want to be taken advantage of.). They said "That is impossible, but we will forward your info to the higher ranked people in GM." So I will wait to hear from them and see what they say. I will keep this review updated every time I speak to them so everybody will know how it is to deal with a lemon vehicle with GM.

Cadillac CTS 2015, I bought it new in September 2015 and I have had more problems with the cue, phone will not charge, on star not working, this model is a piece of junk!!! Cadillac/ GMC SHOULD BE ASHAME OF IT. This car now has only 4143 miles and I afraid to drive on a long trip, now that's very sad!

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I got my 2013 Cadillac SRX back in March and have put several miles on it since I got it. I am at almost 54,000 miles now. Started hearing a weird sound and found out that it was my left rear wheel bearing. My warranty ran out at 50,000 so the dealership would not fix at no cost. Took it to my local garage and they fixed it at the tune of $350.00. I have never had a wheel bearing go out on any of my past cars. It is just disappointing that a car with this few miles would have an issue like this. I asked the guy at the garage what made this happen and he said usually it is from age, but that a car that is only a few years old should not have this issue. Said it was probably a defect in the bearing. If that is the case I believe that Cadillac should have repaired it at no cost to me. Love my Cadillac. It is just disappointing after only having this car for a few months. I hope other 2013 Cadillac SRX owners don't have the same problem.

My 2016 Cadillac ATS is presently at the dealership being tested for a jerky transmission ride--they apparently can't find anything wrong with it! When placed in Drive, it is not a smooth transmission but when I disengage the "stop-engine feature" it is a little better but not much. Ironically you have to DISENGAGE the stop engine feature on the car since the default is always ON! I've driven GM cars, including Cadillac for 50 years and this is the most disconcerting ride of any car I've owned. Curious if others are experiencing this same difficulty?

Recently purchased this as a "new" car from a local dealer who used it as a courtesy vehicle. It had only 2500 miles and had most of the factory warranty remaining. I am glad I did not pay the new car price and paid at a nearly 40% discount off sticker. This Cadillac defines why discerning luxury car buyers never cross shop Cadillac and laugh at the notion of Cadillac being a luxury brand. This car is rife with rattles, poor fit and finish, low quality materials, the failure that is CUE, clouding headlamps (at 4000 miles), constant headlight malfunction warnings, misfitting panels, steering that seems to have a mind of its own often failing to turn with input or causing the wheel to jerk without input. This is the sorriest excuse for a luxury automobile ever and explains why Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Lexus, Volvo, Jaguar, and other traditional luxury brand owners will never cross shop a Cadillac.

2014 Cadillac CTS trunk issue - Trunk doesn't open at random times. Dealer in Vero Beach, Fl has been unable to solve the issue. I can't trust the car. Would never buy another Cadillac. Two times I was unable to retrieve my golf clubs and unable to play and missed my tee times. I will never put groceries in the trunk.

Leased a 2014 Cadillac in November of 2014. Had no issues with the car up until March of 2016, when use of the air conditioner resulted in a strong musty odor being blown in my face. Took the vehicle to the local Cadillac dealership, Holman Cadillac, in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, where I was told the musty odor was a result of mold development on the air conditioning evaporator. After treatment at HOLMAN Cadillac with some type of chemical they used, the vehicle was left reeking of a strong chemical odor. Holman service personnel told me the odor was not harmful, and would dissipate in a few days, but it did not. Six days later with the first use of the air conditioner I ended up at the emergency room after coughing and spitting up blood with use of the vehicle.

Holman has denied that there is any chemical odor in the vehicle whatsoever, in spite of a GM inspector, an industrial hygienist, and another Cadillac service manager confirming the chemical odor. GM has refused to allow any Cadillac dealership to do warranty work on the 11,000 mile vehicle, as one can only presume they are concerned about possible litigation due to their defective vehicle.

At this point, I have a vehicle with no HVAC system, and I am forced to drive in hundred plus degree weather with NO A/C, and in downpours with the windows open due to NO DEFROSTER. Nobody at HOLMAN Cadillac or at GM could care less if I live or die, as I have now been HOSPITALIZED a second time after an attempt to use the AC with the windows down as temperatures reached 95 degrees. I am now forced to go buy another vehicle just to go to work, as it is unsafe to drive the Cadillac. I hope that someone can benefit from what I'm typing here as I had to type it four times.

I purchased a 2006 Cadillac CTS November 2010. Prior to this, the vehicle was under my mother's ownership and care. She purchased the vehicle directly from the Cadillac dealership. While using the CTS I assured it received the required maintenance such as oil changes, etc. February 2015 I noticed one night the vehicle began driving a little sluggish. I decided once I got home I would call in the morning to schedule an appointment. The next day I started the car and it would not turn over. It was below zero degrees that day so I accounted the issue to the weather. A few days later when the temperatures improved, I started the vehicle again with negative results.

I had the vehicle towed to the local Cadillac dealership. They conducted a diagnostic exam of the engine (taking it apart) which costs $500 just for the techs to examine it. They called advising me the timing chain jumped 5 teeth on primary gear at crankshaft and there was low pressure in cylinder #6. In other words, they told me I would require a new engine at $9000! That is the new engine price and labor costs. I said "no thank you," so they put the parts back in and I had the car towed to my residence.

After further investigation, I realized this issue is more common than I thought. Several Cadillacs that are a CTS and other models have experienced similar issues. When I spoke with auto technicians about the issue for a second and third opinion, they gave similar responses. One auto tech that teaches automotive at the local high school and a technical school stated there are a lot of problems with Cadillac engines, especially "North Star" engines. He didn't even want to get a used engine for me afraid that it would also have engine trouble eventually and waste my money. He said my year and model are commonly known to have this issue. If this is indeed a common issue, why is there not a recall or lemon law case introduced?

The dealer and Cadillac Corp is refusing to fix it because they state the power train warranty is up. Of course it's up around the timeframe the engines begin to fail. A guy once told me when he saw me with the car "be careful because after 100,000 miles they go downhill. They don't make them and build them to last like the old schools". I chalked it up to him being bitter. His Cadillac DTS transmission had to be replaced. He sold the vehicle quickly after and now I see why. I should have listened to him and sold it then.

I have a 2011 Cadillac SRX. My check engine light started coming on back in Jan of 2016 and going out on and off for three months. I had auto zone check codes. They was po171 & po174. I looked them up on the computer technical description system too lean (bank2) po171 & po174. Very similar auto zone description, said 'too much oxygen in exhaust' so I change two O2 upstream sensor light, still on then po174 mean mass air sensor light still coming on & off. I had the dealer here in Merrillville in. They had my car all day and told me I needed to replace all 6 injector $2500.

I told them to close my hood and I was picking my car up. I do all my work myself so everyone having check engine light I started to check myself. The problem was replace. The evaporative emissions purge control valve price $ 41.47 when I installed the light went out. That valve will make your car run bad, make your trans shift funny on my car. The purge valve is right behind the throttle body. I hope this will help someone having check engine. If someone need help email me. PS I purchase my SRX new in Aug 2011. I only got 65000 miles and I service my car regular and the dealer said I needed new injector. I knew that was a lie. The dealer are out to rip you off.

It's no big surprise that the 3.6 liter is one of the biggest turds in the industry. Another piece of European junk passed off as an American product. I've been an auto tech for 20 years now and it hurts my heart to see what Cadillac has become. I'm not the typical retiree caddy driver either, in fact I'm not even 40 yet, but I've loved Cadillac since I can remember. My dad had a 77 Eldorado when I was a kid and I absolutely loved that car. I know people like to crap on the Northstar, but I've found that when taken care of, they're incredibly reliable.

I bought an '02 Deville back in 2012 when my son was born. It had 48k on it, and I drove it another 40k without any engine problems at all. Then a couple weeks ago some jerk decided to run a red light and total it out. During my 4 years, the only things I did were a couple wheel bearings, window regulators, a fuel level sensor and a intermediate steering shaft. That car was dead nuts reliable and never gave me a major problem. Now I will say that the 4.6 does not like to be overheated, and it does like to leak oil at the pan gasket. In one of GM's more "head up the butt" engineering feats, they ran the exhaust directly under the oil pan, so there's no way to drop the pan without engine removal...Brilliant.

Now I would recommend the 2000-2005 Devilles because compared to other caddys, they're inexpensive to fix. After 2005, forget it. You're talking $1,200 headlight assemblies, bumper removal to change a headlight, cheap peanut brittle dashboard material, a fail prone drive-by-wire throttle system and a slew of TPM issues. I'd never buy one. I'd also never buy any GM vehicle with the Opel 3.6 liter. It's built in hell, by Satan and his minions. The Camaro also has it...Barf. Any of the newer caddys are electrical nightmares, and there's just something about a turbo charged, 4 banger in a Cadillac that doesn't sit well with me. Cadillacs need a big old V8. I can't justify over $80,000 for a motor that's also in all GM's rental car fodder.

Cadillac is no longer the cadillac old timers remember. They're trying to compete with BMW and Mercedes, and now they've succeeded because their products are just as crappy. As a final thought: I loved my Cadillac to death, BUT when I couldn't find another one that was clean enough and not beat to heck, I bought a 2000 Jag XJ8 Vanden Plas with 36k on the clock. What a difference, makes my Cadillac's interior look like and old 80's Mazda. I realized then that for a $60,000 luxury car, the interior was really built like garbage. But overall I did love that car, and I was sad to see her go. I feel for all of you experiencing hatefulness and bad luck with your 3.6's. I tell anyone thinking of buying one to just forget it.

New run flat tires installed on 2016 Cadillac. If they get a flat you must buy and install a new tire at a cost of $300.00 plus they cannot be repaired and this is not considered a road hazard defect under warranty description. This is not made known to the buyer as a fact until you get a flat that should cost about $30.00 to repair on all older type tires. The sad part is if you get another flat tire by a nail or anything else you would have to buy another new tire. The car does not come with a spare or tools to change your tire.

I have a 2009 Cadillac CTS. Problems with overly excessive oil consumption and timing chain tensioners making clacking noise on start up. No help from dealership or Cadillac for helping with repairs! I brought car in at 48k 2 months past 5 yr. warranty.

Cadillac ats 2013 - Vehicle makes loud clunking noise when in drive and at a stop. Feels as if engine is shaking. For 50,000 miles and engine noises to appear seems as if Cadillac is a rip off. The worst, the dealer doesn't help unless you pay for them to diagnose what is so loud and clear. GM needs to get their crap together. Cadillac vehicles are beautiful, but will become ugly to an owner that has to spend so much money on an issue that is obviously from the maker. How do you expect to compete with BMW?

Took my 2010 Cadillac SRX 81,000 miles. Dealership said I need new Timing Chain. The Chain has been stretched out of place. $1900.00 dollars to repair. GM has to know they have a problem with the Timing Chain on these vehicles. Talked with local repair shop who has seen the same problems with at least one other SRX. What a lousy car, will never buy another American made vehicle.

I have had my 2014 Cadillac SRX for 15 months. It has been in the shop for major repairs 3 times in that time and the car only has 24,000 miles. I have been communicating with the Cadillac Corp 800 # and have been treated in a way that shows I am not valued as a customer, even after owning 5 Cadillacs over the years! I was not even allowed to speak with a supervisor and was told a supervisor would call me when it was convenient for them! I became so frustrated, I finally called an attorney. Do not think that buying a luxury car will provide you with luxury customer service.

We leased a Cadillac ATS turbo 2013. Thank God that we leased this vehicle and not purchased it. The car exterior is very appealing. The interior is not bad, the CUE system is horrible to operate while driving. Handling is very good, acceleration is excellent. But we have been having problems with this vehicle ever since we got it. It had front end problems twice, the radio is basically obsolete since it's always acquiring the HD signal and is not pleasant to hear, already had about 7 recalls on it.

Every couple of months the car goes back to the shop for different problems. As a matter of fact it's in the shop now. There was noise coming from the engine and they found loose screws. The car had a terrible vibration on rear window area so they notified me that all 4 rims are bent due to potholes. Now how can that be possible? I have owned about 15 different vehicles and not one of them ever had a problem with a bent rim nevermind all 4 of them. My opinion is that these rims were made with cheap materials and have a design fault. This has to be the worst vehicle we have ever had and there's no pleasure in driving it. Maybe I got a lemon but I have received no help from the dealership.

I purchased a brand new Caddilac ATS in Sept 2014. In only 13months now, it's been back to the dealer 7 times for vehicle problems. 3 times were recalls of which there was a recall on the recall!! Since Sept 2015 there has been a HORRIBLE EXTREME ODOR coming from the heating/air system. Called GM several times, after 5 calls I'm still waiting for a callback to resolve this problem of a HORRIBLE smell that's making me sick!!! At this point, I'm going to hire an attorney!!! GM NEEDS TO BUY THIS CAR BACK!!!

I bought my 2007 Cadillac for my birthday in 2013. It's been a nightmare since. To be fair, I don't place my blame solely on Cadillac, but also on Rancho Motor Company in Victorville, California. I have spent the last year trying to get the engine light on my car corrected. To date I've had the o2 sensor, timing solenoid, spark plugs, and ignition coils replaced. None of this solved the problem.

On Monday 9/28/15 I took my car back into the dealership one more time for an oil change and diagnostic. This time they finally tell me that the timing chain needs to be replaced and that it's going to cost me $2500. Disappointed and angry for being lied to for so long, I took it to another mechanic for a second opinion. This is when I learned that a recall was issued for the timing chain in 2014 and I was not notified. This is also when I learn that the recall is void when the car reaches 120000 miles. My car is now at 123000 and the dealership refuses to honor the recall.

I was also told that I was not contacted about the warranty because since it isn't a "safety" recall, consumers were only made aware of the recall if their call showed signs of timing chain problems. In other words, Cadillac and Rancho Motors don't respect their customers. They knew in 2014 what was wrong with my car. There is no way they couldn't. Now my car is unsafe to drive and the timing chain and snap at any moment.

My Cadillac has been a large amount of annoyance due to constant breakdowns due to poor quality and dealer service. As a Senior Citizen I would not recommend this automobile to anyone as it is not dependable and most likely will get you to your destination. I have written Cadillac Motors, I have called them, the go ho-hum and go back to screw another customer. Walmart has much better customer service. My case number is **.

2004 Cadillac SRX - I purchased a 2004 Cadillac SRX a few years ago 85,000 miles. I've never heard of the car and was excited to own such a great looking car. Everywhere I went people gave me compliments (I had to swag it out a bit :) ). I loved the way this car looked - it definitely stands out from the rest. However, this car was a love hate relationship - starting from the 1st week. The car spent more time in repair shop than I actually drove it. I'm a bit smarter now. Purchasing a car close to 100k is a bad idea. You just might as well buy a newer car.

The repairs went into the thousands easily. Everything was breaking down and needed to be replaced. I was afraid to even drive the car after while, because the car can just shut down if there is a problem (you're unaware of)/I would've like some type of warning sign. Long story short - I ended up parking the car for a while until I was able to buy a new car (foreign). I still love they way they look but I would never buy one again. These cars are all over Craigslist now for pretty cheap which should tell you a lot.

I purchased a Cadillac ATS in April 2014. Within one month it developed an extreme odor from the ventilation system. Went to the dealer in July 2014. They minimized the odor, it returned with a vengeance. In July I had my 4th visited where they implemented a Service Bulletin for the odor. Apparently there are many people with stinky Cadillacs. Within 2 weeks the odor returned worse than ever. I called the dealer and they advised they would contact Cadillac Engineering. I wrote to Cadillac who sounded sympathetic, but no real response for a remedy to my extreme problem. The problem comes from mold forming in the ventilation system. I am concerned about potential health issues as the air is very bad. Has anyone else had the same problem where Cadillac made a successful repair?

I purchased a 2004 Cadillac SRX with 98000 miles on it! It has no AC and since I've had it I've had nothing but problems. I check the computer and ran my codes and it came back for massive air flow sensor, throttle body position sensor, and traction control sensor. I replaced everything but the traction control sensor and I'm still having the same problem! It has a rough idle from time to time where the motor will say reduced engine power and the car will rough idle and cut off so then I would have to put it in neutral or stop or park and turn the car off and turn it back on. Traffic control Would go off all but the check engine light will still be on. Sometime to check engine light will stay off and a run just fine but then when I'm traveling down the road both lights Would come on and the car Would shut off. Really really really dangerous. Can anybody tell me what the problem is with the car????

I just purchased my 3rd performance Cadillac, XTS VSport Platinum - previously had CTS-V's, and haven't had to take them in for warranty work or recalls. The cars operate flawlessly in everyday driving or ringing them out on track days. Cadillac is offering twin turbocharged V6's and supercharged V8's that start out over 400 HP. My XTS has seen 32 mpg on a round trip of 600+ miles... and that is with AWD. It is surprisingly efficient if you set the cruise control and forget it.

I bought a 2010 Cadillac SRX June 2012 with 62,000 miles. Biggest mistake of my life. After paying almost $43,000 for a luxury car you expect getting your money’s worth. I should have taken the legacy deal being offered for my QX45 Nissan Infinity from the dealer across the street But my hubby convinced me to BUY American. One week later the hydraulic for my tailgate almost knock me unconscious. That was $150 out of pocket for it was a supposedly As is sale. Dealership had forgotten about the 10 point pre-inspection he had bragged about. They promised replacement for the scuffed wheel wells was also almost a no go. The salesman had developed an amnesia issue. That should have been an indication of future and my still on-going issues with my car. Alexander of Oxnard and GMC refusal to recognize my issues with this very expensive LEMON.

Two years later my woes had begun. First, dealer’s insurance company was unable to locate my extended warranty to cover the issue. How convenient. After purchasing another 2- year of coverage, my warranty was found so now I had an overlap of 3 months, but with another contractor. Two different companies. I have lost count of the number of hours I've spent taking in my car because of dropped phone calls, radio not working, incorrect direction by navigation system, or my car cutting off and refusing to restart. The constant failure of the navigation system which is link to the radio is usually an indication my car will fail to start in the next weeks. Now I am skittish about plugging my iPod into the car’s system. Navigation/phone systems refuse to save local addresses and phone #s. Alexander recommended replacing the navigation/radio system for a hefty $800.

After much discussion it was reduced to $350. I'm still refusing to pay out of pocket. Neither GM nor the dealership can explain why I should pay out of pocket for this much noted design flaw. Oh let me not forget to mention I cannot take my car through a car wash. It would be necessary to get a jump in order to leave the parking lot. I read where another SRX owner has the same issues. Now I am in the process of submitting documents to be reimbursed for towing fees, a new battery, and the initial labor cost for troubleshooting cars problem; problems stemming from design defect that GM was already aware of. I am still hoping GM will do the right thing and replace my radio and navigation system free of charge. This citizen will not ever buy GM again. Going back to Nissan.

Never owned a Cadillac before but it being a big name decided to give it a try. What a mistake. 2010 srx before I got home with it cost 3795.00 for headlight and installed. Sway bar bushings went. Last week a squeal and vibration came in it. A seized universal which you can't buy have to but the complete drive shaft, 1300.00. So put it in the dealers to get it fixed. They couldn't get the drive shaft out of the transfer case seized in and can't buy parts. Had to get a whole new transfer case that there was nothing wrong with in the first place 1795.00. So they agreed to go 50/50 but still cost me 1995.00. What a rip off. Disgusted with GM.

Bought a 2015 Escalade in August 2014. Ever since then I have had nothing but problems. Had taken my car in for a vibration when I reached 70mph. Each time I had to pay out of pocket because they thought my tires needed to be balanced. The problem was still not fixed. The third time I complained and mentioned I do not feel comfortable driving the vehicle while we go out of state and demanded that they figure it out because it's not the tires needing to be balanced. They fixed the problem but less than a week later, my vehicle is not blowing any cold air. I live in South Texas and it gets hot here and needless to say I also have a 2 year old who I will not put in that hot vehicle even with the windows rolled down. I brought my vehicle the day I notice the ac was out and they couldn't even look at it. Much less they didn't have any loaners to provide.

I have had the worst experience with Cadillac and I will never buy another one. Also, not even having a vehicle to provide for the meantime is disappointing. I paid cash for this vehicle and they could care less if you don't have ac. I left a message to my service tech and haven't received a callback. I will be trading my vehicle in for a more liable one, because not only is this an inconvenience, but I didn't pay 80k for my vehicle to give me these problems. Forgot to mention, I never even heard from the service manager or GM. If I knew a customer is having all these problems, I would make sure their needs were met. Thank you Cadillac. The only helpful person is my sales representative who doesn't have much say when it comes to service.

Back in 1996 I bought the most beautiful Concours Cadillac, fully loaded brand new. After warranty went off the car started giving me problems. We have taken it GM Cadillac repairs, they drove it on streets and the same thing happened to them. Car stopped running. They saw it about 3 times and never found the problem. Now GM recalled many cadillac's with the same problem. How do I write the Big GM company. They are claiming 2015 have starter problem & I believe mine is too. What should I do. I want to keep it, I love it.

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