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Best motorcycle shipping companies

Use an auto transporter to ship your motorcycle across the country

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    Your motorcycle is more than just a means of transportation — it’s a long-term investment, a prized possession and a reflection of your identity. While shipping a motorcycle shares similarities with shipping a car, it's smart to find a shipping company with specialized expertise in motorcycle transportation to guarantee a safe and timely delivery.

    We evaluated popular vehicle transporters and compared transport options, customer service, pricing and reviews to help you out. Our picks may be Authorized Partners who compensate us — this does not affect our recommendations or evaluations but may impact the order in which companies appear.

    Our top picks for motorcycle shipping companies

    Montway Auto TransportMontway Auto TransporteShipeShipSGT Auto TransportSGT Auto TransportAmeriFreightAmeriFreight
    # of reviews3,5303,5216253,776
    Transport type Enclosed or Open Trailers Open and enclosed Enclosed or Open Trailers Enclosed or Open Trailers
    Door-to-door delivery Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Online quote tool Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Sample prices on website Yes No Yes Yes
    Read Reviews Read Reviews Read Reviews Read Reviews

    Our 4 best motorcycle shipping companies

    Transport type
    Enclosed or Open Trailers
    Door-to-door delivery
    Online quote tool
    Special Offer

    FREE insurance coverage!

    FREE insurance coverage included. Additional discounts for multi-shipments, Active Duty Military, First Responders, Students, Snowbirds, and Repeat Customers.

    Montway Auto Transport provides enclosed motorcycle shipping to all 50 states and internationally. The company works with a network of shippers, and Montway states that its set rates are not affected by increased demands, meaning you shouldn’t see much of a markup if you have to ship during a busier-than-usual time for the company.

    The company uses enclosed carriers for motorcycle shipping to help protect your bike from road debris and inclement weather. While you’ll need to ensure your motorcycle’s gas tank is less than three-quarters full, you won’t need to drain any fluids or disconnect the battery.

    What reviewers say: Montway has received high marks from its customers who've left reviews on our site, with many people reporting an excellent overall experience.

    “Montway did a great job and it was a top-notch experience,” said a reviewer from Michigan. “It was easy to schedule when I signed up with them. The pickup and delivery were on time and the guys were very careful with the bike and got it there without a mark. The service was worth every penny.”

    “When my motorcycle got to the other end of the line, they went above and beyond in unloading and taking care of it,” said a reviewer from New York. “It also arrived in the same condition as it was when it left.”


    Transport type
    Enclosed or Open Trailers
    Door-to-door delivery
    Online quote tool
    Special Offer

    Save up to $50 in discounts!

    Save up to $50 in discounts including military, senior citizen, student, first responders, and multi-car.

    AmeriFreight has more than two decades of experience shipping vehicles and offers enclosed, door-to-door service in all 50 states. The company works with a network of carriers that offer standard cargo insurance, but you can also purchase AFta gap coverage through AmeriFreight — this provides additional coverage and lets you report damage up to 48 hours after delivery.

    AmeriFreight also offers multiple discounts, including for military personnel, first responders, seniors, students and return customers.

    What reviewers say: Several satisfied customers who left reviews on ConsumerAffairs noted that AmeriFreight was flexible and easy to work with, even when they needed to make changes. A reviewer from Massachusetts noted that even after changing their location, the company got back to them “fairly fast with the new updated quote.”

    Transport type
    Open and enclosed
    Door-to-door delivery
    Online quote tool
    U.S. and Canada

    eShip offers motorcycle transport to all 50 states and has three options for motorcycle transport: transport on an open trailer, enclosed transport in a hard-sided trailer and enclosed transport using tarps. The different options give you an opportunity to save money if you’re not as concerned with exposing your motorcycle to the elements.

    eShip also offers a Platinum Protection Plan that includes a damage-free guarantee and a rental vehicle reimbursement of up to $300 if your motorcycle is delivered more than 48 hours after the arranged delivery time.

    What reviewers say: The quality of the shipping partners eShip works with stood out to many of its customers who left reviews on our site.

    “When they say that they vet their drivers to only have the best, I believe it,” a reviewer from Massachusetts said. “I've shipped my motorcycles several times before with other companies and I've never been quite sure if my bikes would be OK, given the people that picked them up and the condition of their trucks. Not so here.”

    SGT Auto Transport

    Transport type
    Enclosed or Open Trailers
    Door-to-door delivery
    Online quote tool
    Special Offer

    Discounts available!

    Discounts available for Multi-Vehicles, Repeat Customers, & Senior Citizens.

    SGT Auto Transport offers enclosed shipping to all states and Washington, D.C., and offers perks like 24/7 customer service and free cancellation. The company also doesn’t require any payment until the shipment has been assigned to one of its carriers.

    SGT lets you ship motorcycles and cars together, which could be a good option if you’re moving across the country and have to ship multiple vehicles.

    What reviewers say: Satisfied SGT Auto Transport customers who left reviews on our site appreciate SGT’s clear communication.

    “They are consistent, very well priced, communicate extremely well (which is key when you’re moving a car across the country), and they have always been on time,” stated a customer from Michigan who has shipped multiple cars and a motorcycle with the company.

    Other reviewers noted the clear communication and customer service isn’t just a selling technique — the company’s representatives remain attentive though the entire transport.

    “There were a few times that I called back to ask different questions about stuff and tried to get dates situated in correspondence with the person that owned the motorcycle,” stated a reviewer from Texas. “Everything that I called for, they were very fast to do everything really well.”

    How to choose a motorcycle shipping company

    With so many options available, choosing a motorcycle shipping company can be challenging. Many companies are brokers that work with partner companies for the actual transportation, so it’s important to find a company that vets its shippers and keeps your best interests in mind.

    Consider the following to find the right option for you:

    • Cost: Gather quotes from multiple shipping companies and compare their prices. Remember to balance cost with the quality of service provided.
    • Insurance coverage: Ensure the insurance provides sufficient coverage, review the liability terms, and verify licensing. Auto transporters and brokers must be registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and have a six-digit MC Docket number (search these on the FMCSA licensing website). Also, make sure the carrier has a USDOT number. There may be state-specific licensing requirements for carriers, too.
    • Delivery options: Consider whether the company offers door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal delivery. Ask about estimated transit times and expedited shipping options if you have time constraints.
    • Customer support and communication: Choose a company with responsive customer service to address your concerns promptly. Clear communication keeps you informed regarding the progress of your shipment.
    • Reputation and customer reviews: Look for professionalism, reliability and adherence to delivery timelines, according to Joan Denizot, CEO and founder of Zize Bikes. “By considering these key criteria and opting for a shipping company that excels in these areas, individuals can have peace of mind knowing their motorcycles are in capable hands,” she said.

    How much does it cost to ship a motorcycle?

    Motorcycle shipping costs depend on several factors, including distance of travel and shipping method. The average cost to ship a motorcycle in the U.S. a distance of 1,000 miles is $500 to $700. The average cost to ship a motorcycle internationally ranges from $800 to $3,000 or more.

    It helps to know all the variables that will affect shipping cost so you can get an accurate motorcycle shipping estimate. The cost of shipping a motorcycle is based on several factors, including:

    • The method of transport: Most companies offer only enclosed shipping for motorcycles, though a few offer both enclosed and open transport options for those willing to expose their bike to the elements in exchange for a lower shipping cost.
    • The weight of your motorcycle: The weight of the bike can affect the shipping cost. Heavier bikes are typically more expensive to ship than lighter bikes.
    • The time of year: The season you’re shipping may impact the quoted rate. Summer and early fall are more popular times of year for vehicle transport, and the higher demand typically leads to higher prices.
    • Where the vehicle is picked up and delivered: The specific location where your bike will be shipped matters too. Urban shipments tend to be less expensive than remote or rural deliveries. Companies may also offer an option of door-to-door delivery or the use of distribution centers — using distribution centers requires more effort from you but is less expensive.
    • The total distance of transport: How far you're shipping your bike will impact cost. Typical motorcycle shipping rates in the U.S. are between 50 cents and $1.50 a mile. Longer trips tend to cost less per mile (though the added mileage means the total cost is more expensive).

    Motorcycle shipping insurance costs

    While shipping companies are required to carry insurance, purchasing supplemental insurance is a good idea for high-value motorcycles.

    Motorcycle transporters are required to carry liability and cargo insurance to cover theft or damage, so the cost of insurance is included in the initial quote. A typical insurance cost is 50 cents per pound, but this could be higher for heavier or specialty motorcycles.

    Minimum insurance amounts are established by the FMCSA; according to federal guidelines, carriers must maintain coverage of $750,000 or more. However, this amount applies to all the motorcycles or vehicles the carrier is transporting — not just your bike.

    Ask for proof of insurance prior to making arrangements with the company, and inquire about what specifically that insurance covers. If you have a very valuable or vintage bike, this is an especially important step. You may also want to check with your own personal insurance provider to see if it will provide any additional coverage when you transport your motorcycle.

    How to save money when shipping your motorcycle

    Most motorcycle transport companies charge relatively similar costs. However, with a little bit of thinking ahead, you can save some money when shipping your motorcycle:

    • Try open shipping: If you’re not overly concerned with the risk of light damage to your bike, then consider open shipping. It’s cheaper than enclosed shipping — though enclosed shipping provides much better protection.
    • Ship in the winter: If timing is not as big of an issue for you, ship your bike in the winter. This is the offseason for motorcycle and car shipping, and your quote will be lower.
    • Plan ahead: The more lenient you are with the shipment’s arrival time, the less it costs to transport your bike. Waiting until the last second to book transport, especially if you have to opt for expedited shipping, typically costs much more.

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    Although it’s great to save money, you shouldn’t necessarily just go with the lowest quote offered to you. A quote that's significantly lower than others is often hiding additional fees, so be careful.

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      Can I track the progress of my motorcycle shipment?

      Many motorcycle shipping companies offer tracking services that let you monitor the progress of your shipment. This can be done through online tracking systems or by contacting the shipping company's customer support. Tracking provides you with real-time updates on the location and status of your motorcycle, giving you peace of mind and the ability to plan accordingly for its arrival.

      What happens if there’s damage to my motorcycle during shipping?

      In the unfortunate event of damage during shipping, it's important to promptly document the damage and notify the shipping company. Take photos and gather any relevant evidence. Notify the company's customer support immediately and follow the instructions for filing a claim. Reputable shipping companies have insurance coverage to protect against such incidents.

      Review the insurance policy and the company's liability terms to understand the process and requirements for filing a claim and seeking compensation for the damage.

      Are there any specific preparations I need to make before shipping my motorcycle?

      Yes, there are some things you should do before shipping your motorcycle. A few recommendations:

      • Clean your motorcycle thoroughly to ensure it's in the best condition and to make any existing damage or scratches more visible.
      • Take detailed photos of your motorcycle from various angles before shipping it in case of any damage during transit.
      • Remove any personal belongings, loose items or accessories from the motorcycle.
      • Check the battery and tire pressure, ensuring they’re in good condition.
      • Secure any loose parts or accessories that may detach during transport.
      • Consider using a fuel stabilizer and reducing the fuel level to about one-quarter of the tank's capacity to minimize potential leakage.
      • Disable the motorcycle's alarm system, if applicable.
      • Consult the specific requirements and recommendations of the shipping company you choose; it may have additional guidelines or instructions.
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