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John of Aliso Viejo, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

Our 2007 MDX was taken in for A/C evaluation. The A/C was repaired but then we were given a list of other items that needed attention: Drive Belt (glazing and cracking), Engine Coolant Dirty, Power Steering Leaking and required new pump, right front stabilizer Links needed replacing. Plus all fluids low and dirty including the transmission and brake fluid. After picking up the vehicle with just A/C service, I immediately drove it over to a reputable repair service that is AAA approved. The only item that would need to be replaced within the next 10K miles or so was the right front stabilizer Links. The mechanic showed us the power steering = no leak, the fluids = clean and full, and the drive belt was perfect. How do dealers get away with this?

Debbie of Greenwood, IN on
Satisfaction Rating

Bought a 2017 RDX Advance only to find out that 1/2 the features will not work without purchasing Acura link. Has been almost a week trying to set it up because they put in a wrong email address. It still doesn't work! I have found them to be unhelpful, and incompetent! Hands down my worst car buying experience! Like the RDX. Hate the "customer care".

traci of Northridge, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

You would think an auto maker, who endangered the well being of my 2 year old daughter, would be quick to correct the problem of a defect on one of their cars. I took my daughter to the park on a hot day. When we were about to leave, I unlocked all the car doors as usual by placing my hand through the door handle. I opened the back door, placed the bag with my keys on the floor, buckled my daughter in her car seat, closed the door, and went to open the driver's door. All the doors were mysteriously locked. All the doors were unlocked, how could they just lock themselves? Also, with the 2013 Acura RDX, you cannot lock the door with the key fob in the car. I of course began to panic and a maintenance man broke the small window on the side so I could get my daughter out.

Upset, I drove to Center Acura even though it was late in the day. They told me it was too late to check my car, but could look at it next Saturday. I asked how this could have happened and nobody knew. It was almost like nobody believed me. This is a pretty serious defect and I at least thought they could help me out with the cost of the window. Nope, I received a quote for $708 ($228 for the window and $480 for the labor). I then called later to ask if they charge to diagnose the problem. It was $160 just to look at it. Called the Corporation and they basically said it was up to the dealer. I cannot worry about the safety of my children so I am looking elsewhere for a car. BTW, that same window will be fixed for $270.

William of Merion, PA on
Satisfaction Rating

I have a 2016 RDX. Great car. Drives well. Nice features. But really awful tech that reminds me almost every day that Acura has not been able to fix the multiple IT problems in over a year. Bluetooth will not connect correctly. Car will attempt to make calls (to my phone) intermittently. Goes to "mute" when all screens and audio become non-functional... Overall, I would choose a different brand as IT is so integral to the function of a car now, and Acura has completely failed in my case.

Miah of Henderson, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

Acura offers quite a very big variety of cars and is my trusted brand so I would highly recommend them when you're looking for a car/truck. I would go to them day/day for cars/trucks. My car is quite the piece from them and they're amazing. They're also very trustworthy. They have their own style and it is beautiful just the way the cars/trucks are.

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Jide of Draper, UT on
Satisfaction Rating

Acura has various models such as Acura Integra, Acura TDX, and Acura MDX. The Acura TDX is a midsize sedan with midsize tinted windows, the Acura TDX is comparable to an crossover SUV and Acura Integra is ranked as top 37 best cars for teenagers and youth. My car has a nice bumper and strong tires. Upgrade are available, like better tires or a generally better version of the cars. It can be re-painted to another colour and the gas tank can be replaced. It can occupy as large as a family of five to a single individual. It is very spacious and airy. Has good air conditioners. Seat belts are provided for all also at the back. It is affordable and distinct.

Karen of Washington, DC on
Satisfaction Rating

Acura almost put the highest quality in their vehicles. They have models such as Acura MDX, RDX, and many more. The appearance is very stylish and the features are great. They come with the latest technology and everything to make your drive comfortable and safe. The upgrades are always top notch and I never have to worry about the quality. The personalization options are the best I have seen. I love being able to customize it the way I want. The passenger capacity is definitely the best. Always enough room for my passengers to have a comfortable ride. I don't have to worry about leg room. I'm very satisfied with the look, performance, price, safety and much more.

Kim of Forest City, NC on
Satisfaction Rating

Acura is a really nice car, has good quality and it drives great. It also looks great on the outside and inside. It has one of a kind color, has great features and no other cars have classy looking. You can choose from up to date technology and it has great choices for your lifestyle. In addition, it has plenty of room for passengers. I have SUV so I can fit my whole family. There's a lot of room when I go to the grocery shop or store. Overall, it's a great car inside and out. I love this car and I would buy it again. I would recommend them to anyone looking for an awesome car.

Charlie of Fort Campbell, TN on
Satisfaction Rating

When I met my husband, he was driving an Acura TL. We used that car for a long time. It was gorgeous outside. The inside was spacious and comfortable and fit two children's car seats comfortably. We decided we wanted more room in the trunk area because we have to take a lot of kid gear and suitcases when we travel.

We got the Acura MDX. I drive it. It's an SUV, but it's boxy squared off looking. It's more rounded and soft looking like a car. I have mine in a burgundy red. Inside is like a camel tan color leather seats. It has very tinted windows. The built in navigation is really nice. The navigation screen and radio screen is huge and very easy to operate. I like that I can control the radio with the buttons on the steering wheel. There is a third row that folds down. I keep it permanently folded down because we only have two kids. It is easy to fit in two car seats in the second row and would be easy to fit three. On the rare occasion that we do have the third row up it has sat three full sized adults in the third row comfortably. There is also a ton of room in the trunk. When I had to have my car serviced last month we got a loaner car. They gave us the Acura RDX. It's nice, but not quite as nice as the MDX and feels really cramped in comparison inside.

Richard of Chicago, IL on
Satisfaction Rating

Acura offers affordable luxury models in sedans and crossovers. The TL, the RDX are some of the more popular models they offer. I bought the TSX, which isn't as popular but handles well, came with the standard Acura warranty, spacious interior, and climate control seating. The appearance is sporty. Something that would turn heads on a crowded street. The exterior is smoke grey with a black leather interior. Very impressive. The features are top notch, blue tooth link to cell phone, climate control seating, back up camera, etc. My car seats up to 5 adults comfortably. Some of the other models, in particular the RDX and some Sport Utility models can seat up to 8 adults comfortably.

Keonna of Foley, AL on
Satisfaction Rating

The car is the best that I have driven. It rides smooth... it's good on gas... and I have not had any problems with the car since I got it. I can fit everyone I need in the car comfortably.. everyone has legroom. I love that I don't have to hear anyone complain about being too close to the other. When you see the car you know it's an Acura. It's unlike any other car I have ever seen or ever driven. I would recommend it to everyone.

Greg of Phoenixville, PA on
Satisfaction Rating

Acura has several different models that they offer and they last a long time if taken care of correctly. The colors they offer are great. They have many great features that other models and brands do not offer. All of their makes have more than enough room no matter how tall or big you are. You can have passengers in you car and they would be comfortable with room.

Jane of Castro Valley, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

There are different models which suits the need of different people. Inexpensive maintenance cost and nice luxurious interior without the cost of an arm and leg. The Acura has a sleek design and available in many colors. There are many available features with a modern design and technology advanced. Also, there's an easy one push start up to warm up car in advance. Basic feature work fine although there are optimal advance upgraded features. Also, they have cheaper upgrades compared to other brands and the ability to customized based on one's needs. There is enough space for what I need. But would like more leg space without buying a bigger car. Passenger seating is close if sitting in center tier. Overall, worth the cost.

Worf of Vashon, WA on
Satisfaction Rating

Acura has pretty attractive and sporty models that run pretty well and not too costly. They have sleek bodies and good performance. Overall I am happy with the look and appearance of the vehicle. Upgrades are standard like other brands. The car can be nice to drive with no upgrades but if fully stocked it is a sweet ride. It has a roomy interior and overall comfy compared to other cars and other car brands, not the largest space but definitely enough for a person. Have not had any bad experiences with them. Definitely may recommend for friends shopping for a car.

Heather of Ottawa-Central, ON on
Satisfaction Rating

I purchase an Acura RDX 2017 in Dec. 2016. There is a whining sound when I drive around 60 km/hr. This is quite annoying especially since this the average speed when driving in residential areas. No one seems to know the cause of this sound. Has anyone else experienced this annoying sound. Acura will not give me a replacement vehicle and I only have 588 km on this car.

Barbara of Waltham, MA on
Satisfaction Rating

The Honda Acura had many models including SUVs or sedans. I have an SUV car and it is very convenient for the snow. It handles snowstorms pretty well and is able to get up the hills. The car looks luxurious and has an expensive feel to it. Definitely cheaper than the Lexus or BMW but has many similar car features. The additional higher end features are included in this car. It has many advanced features and upgrades including the sound system, sunroof, Bluetooth accessibility, roof rack, heated seats, GPS, parking cameras in the front and the back. This car seats 5 people including the driver which is perfect for a regular sized family. It is good for vacationing and there is a good amount of leg room when seated fully and no one is really cramped or smushed together.

Mitzi of Pocatello, ID on
Satisfaction Rating

Acura offers many different options and MDX is a good one. It's the only we looked at. I knew I wanted an SUV with all the bells and whistles. I think I got everything FBI was looking for in a new vehicle. It has a pretty sporty appearance too and the options are far better than the average vehicle. First time I've owned an Acura and so far it's been a good car. It is roomy and it has the 3rd row seating. I like it because I have to haul extra kids around or put them In the back so I don't have to hear them.

Rose of Millville, NJ on
Satisfaction Rating

I loved the car and I was very happy with the interior. The stereo sounded great and the seats were comfortable. My two kids are comfortable enough in the backseat with all of their accessories. Three people could also sit back there. The trunk is roomy enough as well. However, anytime I go to buy a car from Acura the colors available are very limited. I'm not patient so I drive away with a bland color. Every time I tell myself going in that in nor selling for less than I want but I always do. My car also came with the basics, but I could have paid extra to get a remote starter and an alarm system.

Mary of Chandler, AZ on
Satisfaction Rating

For a first time buyer I find it reliable and luxurious compared to other I tested drive. At first I must admit I was a bit hesitant on purchases because, originally my first two choices were BMW or a Chrysler. I test drive them both, the BMW was M3. Was enjoyable but it was missing something and Chrysler I thought would eat up a lot more gas and less comfortable. So when my last option I was hesitant but when I tested it. I felt right there this was it the one I would buy.

Beautiful interior design but it could be a bit more glamorous. It's not as nice as a BMW but it's great for a first time buyer. Somewhat roomy depending on size and weight of individual. I do unfortunately have a friend is a bit heavyset who seats in the passenger seat to have more room but even pushing back seat is not enough, so it would be nice to have more legroom for heavyset people.

The stereo is wonderful and car floats as if I am flying. Very spacious whether going shopping or traveling out of town. It's very roomy for luggage or my purchases. I'm also have many envious friends who want my car because of the comfort it has compare to theirs. The air conditioner and heater are wonderful. Not to mention the stereo to plug in your phone or MP3 are topnotch compared to other models. But one of the best would be GPS which is one best feature in the car.

Jose of Walnut Creek, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

The price and the accessories inside the cars, including the interior design separates this brand from the others. The thing that made me choose this brand is the affordable prices of the personalized accessories in the car. I really liked how they gave me a wide variety of choices. I also like the exterior design. They come in many different colors and models like the NSX, MDX, RDX, and TLX models. I think the number of choices was desirable and I had a good experience choosing my car. Also, the number of seats is adequate, not too small and not too large. And there is also enough trunk space. I can fit most of the stuff I need to in there.

Kaye of Oak Ridge, TN on
Satisfaction Rating

I love this car, new or used, they are great cars to own and enjoy. The Acura TSX Navi is a great family car. It has enough room for two car seats and another person in the back. It also has spacious legroom all around and expansive trunk space with enough room to haul two strollers and an army of baby items. Excellent gas mileage and beautiful colors make the Acura the perfect car for anyone. Heated seats and mirrors are fantastic in cold weather. The car was also upgraded to a moonroof. Sirius radio was also an added bonus along with navigation. From family models to sports models, Acura cars are fun to drive and luxurious enough to satisfy the pickiest person!

Garry of Philadelphia, PA on
Satisfaction Rating

I have a six month old 2016 RDX with Tech Package. Overall I am happy with my RDX. The key fob is another story. I keep the key fob in my pants pocket. When I got into the RDX the key fob must have rubbed against my pants' leg. This set the lift gate off raising it in the garage. The liftgate hit the top of our garage putting a $438.00 dent in the lift gate. The owner of the body shop I use also has a RDX. This also happened to his wife. The key fob is poorly designed. It should also be height adjustable. The less expensive CRV has this feature. Acura should step up and fix this issue.

Evelyn of Austin, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

Even knowing what you are looking for, looking at the various models at the Acura dealership is helpful and exciting. Knowing what features are included in which models is a must going forward. The sleek lines and smooth "new-car" finish is just the beginning in your hunt for decisions and choices. The backing camera and individual temperature controls are a must. Color, features, accouterments, specifications - the wonderful decisions you get to make are just part of the incredible journey. Decisions like these are always fun! Passenger capacity is always something to be considered when choosing a vehicle. I would always expect at least a 5-passenger vehicle. This was easily accomplished. The best part of my year.

Carlos of Pittsburg, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

The brands that this car offers are RSX, TSX and many other styles that are cool, efficient and reliable. I personally like the Integra cause it is sporty and fast. The car has many features that aren't new but are what a vehicle needs and it's very comfortable. I highly recommend it to people who like JDM. There are many modifications one can do with the Integra from engine mods to the interior. There is room for 8 people in the back because I'm Mexican and Mexicans can fit 30 people in a mini van with no problem.

Lavada of Onalaska, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

Acura offers everything from sport utility vehicles, sedans and coupes. Very wide selection of quality vehicles that are reliable, stylish and dependable. There is something for everyone. Acura vehicles are very up to date and comparable to other makes of the same kind. Available upgrade options are extensive on all models, the options are designed to accommodate all drivers... With all the latest technology everyone is sure to find something to satisfy their needs. These vehicles are roomy and spacious with room to seat all passengers and the driver comfortably while also leaving ample room for cargo or other items.

Ashley of Hanford, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

There were many body styles, years and color selections. I preferred a more modern style. Deciding between a smaller sized car or a bigger heavy duty one was the hardest thing. They have some that are cramped feeling but then they have spacious ones, from two to six passengers depending on the model you choose. There were different features available for different models. They had a trade in options, and great payment options. And a lot of customizing options.

Ronald of Casper, WY on
Satisfaction Rating

The Acura RSX model was definitely a nice vehicle for me. It got me to where I needed to go. And was a nice, fast, smooth ride, but not great in cold weather at all. I loved how it had cruise control for smooth, reliable, fun ride. The stereo was nice. Almost sounded like I had a system in it but it was generally just stock. All and all the heating was nice. You could change it for passenger and back seating. There was enough space as I didn't really have anyone riding passenger. However, not enough leg room for anyone over 5'7" in height. So I am only satisfied, not super happy about that. Nevertheless, it is sleek... Ultimately got so many compliments while driving it by random people in public places. Was quite impressed by how many people said I looked hot in it.

Somorrah of Atlanta, GA on
Satisfaction Rating

The Acura car works well with great quality including technology and runs fast. It has a lot more experience and it is also expensive, but it's worth it. The appearance is amazing and they run in different colors. And don't get me started with the features. They're really creative!!! Their upgrade and personalization options are okay. However, I feel this is not their best decision or choice but they can do much better. But basically, great quality and compansive. The passenger seat feels just right. It's very comfortable and I feel secure right in place. Good job.

Heidi of Las Vegas, NV on
Satisfaction Rating

I love Acura RDX. This model is the best performance driving car I've ever had. I can speed the driving on any street and still feel very comfort while I'm driving. The appearance and features are wonderful to use, this model has high technology advanced system to synchronized with wifi systems while you're driving and most newest systems are updated. Plus, I like the passenger capacity for this vehicle. I can take a passenger in a comfortable setting and also I can load up any packages and easy organize in so many spaces available at the back. I also like the upgrade and personalization option on this vehicle. It has a easy process setup even I can do it by myself without any professional help. Always alert me with a latest upgrade to need.

Joe of Littleton, CO on
Satisfaction Rating

There were lots of cars to choose from. Most of the cars were Acura or Toyota and not much else. Would have liked other choices. Maybe a Ford or a Chevy if that one didn't worked out. Acura looks really cool and girls like it a lot. They want to make sure you buy a car that makes you look Iike a big shot and not a total jerk. You can't get red because that is a stupid color for a car. Acura was really basic and didn't have any features to speak about. That kind of drove me nuts because I had no idea what the rest of the car was a crappy hatchback. There was plenty of room for my stuff and for kid and wife the only reason that I carry stuff is because of the kid and the reason that it means so much is that.

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