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When I purchased a slightly used vehicle from a reputable dealer, for my son who would be starting and traveling to college soon, I opted to purchase the extended warranty to cover or help with any mishaps that may occur. I didn't want to purchase the rock bottom plan due to minimal coverage, nor the top of the line as I am somewhat mechanically inclined and can repair or replace a lot. 3 weeks after the purchase, a portion of the computer went out. Guess what, not covered (ex. part A went out, causing part B to go out, causing part C to fail. Part B is covered, but because Part A failed (not covered) CAUSING Part B to fail, that's not covered). So I was out of pocket for the entire repair.

Fortunately, the dealership split the cost, because they agreed it was a crock. 7 months later (this week) the fuel pump goes out while he is in another town. Tow it in to Ford (will be reimbursed tow bill IF problem covered under warranty). Diagnostic test verifies fuel pump and fuel pump harness. Great I think, fuel pump is covered. I'm reading the list. WRONG. Again, harness caused the fuel pump to malfunction. Harness is NOT covered, therefore, fuel pump NOT covered, therefore tow bill NOT reimbursed. Called to speak with the Mechanical section at Fidelity. TERRIBLE customer service. Guy chuckled and said I should've bought the platinum level. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS EXTENDED WARRANTY AT ANY LEVEL. It will always be one part away from the covered part.

I felt I needed to write this review after reading all of the bad ones. I was nervous taking my car in after it kept popping out of first gear. They gave me no problems replacing the transmission in my 2013 Ford Fiesta, totaling about $2500. I would recommend.

My 2011 Kia Sorento had a failed water pump that caused the engine to overheat without any dashboard notices. It only took a few minutes and the engine and cylinder head were warped beyond repair, and a crack in the cylinder head. Before they would even process the claim they forced me to pay $583 for a diagnostics inspection by their contracted inspector which they use to help them find reason to deny the claim. Even though the water pump and engine are specifically covered under the full powertrain warranty that came with the car and there was a proven parts failure due to manufacturer's defect, Fidelity refuses to cover any damages due to a clause in the fine print excluding overheating.

After I paid $6K for the dealership to put in a new engine, the new one blew within 5 weeks. The 2nd engine at least was covered by the engine re-build company. So you pay more for a used car because it's "Certified" and carries a 100K mile powertrain warranty. However it's not backed by Kia or their dealership in any way. They use Fidelity Warranty to be the front company and deny any claims. The hard learned lesson I learned from this is "Don't buy a KIA". They use cheaper metals with aluminum heads that will warp if it ever overheats, and that Fidelity Warranty will only sell you a false sense of security that they will not back.

After the first 50K miles on my Mercedes ML350 Bluetec I purchased a 5 year or 60K extended warranty which amounts to $3600. During these past four years I had a few major repairs that amounted to substantial costs exceeding $6K but cost me out of pocket a total of $400 to cover the deductibles. This was the best investment I could have made and Fidelity Warranty responded promptly. I let the dealership handle everything with Fidelity. I give them FIVE stars.

I submit all document for getting my GPR refund. However, they said check was issue and mailed out. It has been over 1 month, I still not get it. Probably will say USPS lost it. How can this company is still providing any services or product to public.

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I've read lots of negative reviews about this company. I was really nervous when I brought my truck into the Dealer for a transmission issue because of the negative press I had read. Even the service tech was skeptical because she had never dealt with them. I purchased the warranty (2 year/24,000) Silver plan on a 7 year old vehicle with 95000 miles. It included the Powertrain and some A/C items. I purchased the warranty and the vehicle from a different dealer, 200 miles away, who is no longer in business. I did the 90k service at the dealer closer to home and did regular oil changes there as well. About 3 months ago, I noticed some random slipping with the transmission and brought it to a shop, close by. Shop told me they couldn't find anything wrong. I continued driving it for another 2 months, but noticed the slipping getting worse. I was due for an oil change, so I figured I would let the dealer take a stab at it.

When I arrived, I notified the service tech about the warranty and she said they would diagnose it and let me know. The next day I got a call saying the transmission was shot as well as some timing chain items, which would amount to about 7k worth of parts and labor. She said they notified the warranty company (Fidelity) and an adjuster would be out that afternoon. I was expecting nothing to be covered because of all the bad reviews, but to my surprise, they covered both the timing chain and the transmission. I did end up paying 1k for some of the other items, but overall, I would have to say I am extremely satisfied how it turned out. 5 stars.

The FWS agent refused to approve payment of Fairfax VW service dept's repairs (estimated at $1300) to fix the sunroof of our 2010 VW Jetta. We had purchased the 7 year, zero deductible warranty with the car and were told everything would be covered. Now with a year left on the warranty and a malfunctioning sunroof, I can see that is not true. Stay away from the extended warranties by Fidelity Warranty Services.

Had my 2010 vehicle towed into my nearest Chevrolet Dealer service center after it had a failure and went into limp home mode. The vehicle had only 44K miles on it, was bought in August 2009 and was nearing the end of the extended warranty period. Service center found that the engine had jumped time. I also had

a rear passenger window that has not operated in a year. The service center informed me that Fidelity was sending out a claims rep after they read the codes and determined what the vehicle's troubles were.

Not ever having any real issues with this vehicle. I had not used the warranty that I purchased when I bought the car new. So while waiting for the Inspector to arrive, I began to research Fidelity and found this page. I read the horror stories here and braced myself for bad news. Thinking about burning down the New York and Florida offices. To my surprise the claim was accepted even the window, open door alarm, and a fuel code that the service center also found. In Pittsburgh Fidelity works. I saw so many bad reviews here that I just had to write to let people know that Fidelity is not all bad. Thanks for your time. I did not talk to Fidelity at all so I don't have a order number but this is a real review.

Working with Dan in claims was great on my Dodge Diesel transmission. Highly recommend. The torque converter went out, valve body rebuild, it was burnt. I would buy another warranty on my next truck from Fidelity Warranty Services. Thanks again.

I purchased an extended warranty for my 2010 Audi. Upon reading the contract I was not supposed to pay a deductible on covered repairs. I had some work done and was charged an $85 deductible and requested reimbursement from FWS. I sent them the required documentation and the claim was not paid. I called to check after a few weeks and they needed to verify my address. A few more weeks passed and still no payment. I called today and was told the my prior claims manager no longer works there and could I send the documentation again. It's the classic stall and deny payment tactic.

Was offered this warranty. Was told I could add it in a few days and decided to look online. Look, please just use a credit union when you buy a car. Most people do not realize just how low they can get an interest rate for and end up giving the dealership easy profit. The F&I person has a buy rate and a sell rate. If they add an extra percent then they make more commission. Do not focus on the trade in or down payment, or the monthly or the price or the interest rate, look at the deal as a cohesive whole. This warranty is just "payment packing." I am glad I said no. Now my car payment stays at $276 at 2.90% interest.

I have been trying to receive payment for repairs performed in November of 2015, obtained an authorization claim number prior to any repairs for a specific amount. After submitting all information to claims dept, there was no response for over sixty days. When I contacted Fidelity they informed me they needed copies of my receipts for parts installed with cost & retail amounts. In my conversation with "Joe" I told him I was reluctant to send price sensitive information as I felt it wasn't any of their business to know what my profit margin was & was informed quite rudely that "well we just won't pay you". I submitted the copies they had requested, & in return received payment that was a lesser amount than the authorized amount prior to the repair. Unfortunately for the customers in my area in the future they will have to submit claims on their own as I cannot afford to do business with this company.

I paid $1,302.00 for an extended warranty for a 2009 Hyundai Accent. I did not read the very small letters. The engine on the car started failing, it was some kind of electrical part of it. This company refused to pay for the repair stating that it did not cover electrical parts. My question is, what parts of the whole car work without electricity? I ended paying $425.00 for the repair. I cancelled the warranty and they are not refunding me any money. This should be illegal.

Waiting for someone to contact me regarding delivery of pay off check to move forward with repairs to my kitchen faucet. The last thing I heard was that the status of my claim had not reached the point of offering me that option. I waited patiently for a phone call or email, finally a week later feeling frustrated I called and was told the delay was my fault. I needed to call and tell them which option I would like, not what I was last told. Furthermore I'm a paying customer. Why is it my job to call and make sure the service I'm paying for is being carried out timely and professionally. Extremely disappointed. Please don't waste your time or money with this company or trust your home to these degenerates.

When I bought my car, I asked for the bumper to bumper warranty and Cherokee Toyota, Canton, GA added it to my loan. After all the miles and time, every time I called, Fidelity had every excuse to not pay for not even one repair. Even when I needed a valve cover that was supposed to be covered, they said it was, "Not the correct part number." I am disappointed with the dealership for charging me thousands for a worthless warranty. The public needs to know that they are better off on their own than paying so much money for nothing. Thank you social media for giving me a voice. This is my true story, therefore, I will be letting the dealership know as well so that they will no longer use Fidelity to rip people off. It just leaves a bad taste in your mouth and makes me wonder if I would buy there again. Fidelity would have zero stars but the scale starts at one star.

Fidelity Warranty will find something wrong so they won't pay. My mechanic says they are a joke and get rid of it.

I read these reviews after I had already purchased my car and the extended warranty from Fidelity. I was a bit worried that I would have problems getting coverage in the event that something went wrong. Well, after a year of having my car, one of the pulleys started making a weird noise. I called Fidelity and they informed me that I could pretty much take my car to any Ford dealer and they were very likely to accept direct claims from them. Sure enough!! Took the car to the closest Ford dealership and they not only handled the claim for the pulley issue, they also found a leak in my AC and fixed that too! There was an Enterprise car rental on site and Fidelity and Ford took care of it all. The only thing I paid was my deductible of $100 and my bill was nearly $1000! Couldn't be happier. :)

I received a letter terming **Respond within 5 business days** highlighted in RED. I had a call transferred to some local fellow with a tagline "MANAGER". They are real KIDS in marketing who doesn't know to talk to customers. I had a friend who took this up. But, honestly he has a very bad experience dealing with this company. Please don't waste your valuable money buying this for no use. They mistreat their customers and turn hard when it comes to matter of claim. This call is the worst customer service I ever had before! I wouldn't recommend any of you buying this. If any of you already purchased this insurance, I feel sorry for you. Good luck dealing with them!

In January 2012 at 82,000 miles my 2005 Volkswagen Beetle Convertibles timing belt broke (a common problem for small Volkswagen vehicles). One and a half months before this happened I had my timing belt checked at 79,000 miles because my last car was a Beetle (my first car) and when the timing belt broke on that car- I ended up stuck with the bill. So, I knew that if the belt fails (usually can happen any time after 80,000 miles) the entire engine has to be replaced or rebuilt. At that time, what my dealer service tech could see of the belt looked like it was in ok condition and could wait while I saved up the $1,000+ for the timing belt service. So of course I was completely floored when the belt broke 6 weeks later.

The VW service gave me an estimate of approximately $7,500 and I breathed a sigh of relief because I had the foresight to purchase a Gold Plus warranty from Fidelity when I bought my Beetle. I then gave my dealer service tech the OK to get started, pending approval from Fidelity. A few days later I get a call from my service tech saying that Fidelity denied the claim, stating that the failed part wasn't covered. I cried for 2 days wondering what I was going to do - I couldn't afford a new car and could barely afford the rental car I was paying for until I could get things figured out.

Then I got angry - really angry. I poured over the purchase contract I signed in March 2009 and examined the list of covered parts and guess what I found - the Timing Belt is in fact a covered part! In fact it's covered in the base Powertrain plan, and doesn't even have to be listed in the higher cost option I paid for. Of course I immediately called Fidelity and after trying to be respectful and pleasant to the first representative, I was rudely explained in slow, small words that the failure of the timing Belt is only covered if you followed a regular maintenance schedule.

I cussed that heifer out and finally was able to speak to a supervisor and explain that I DID follow regular maintenance and in fact had just had my timing belt inspection/oil change 2 months before at 79,000 miles and the timing belt is advised to be serviced at 80,000 miles and replaced if worn (and I had been told it wasn't worn enough to have to be serviced right then and there. I don't blame the mechanic though - from what I understand and have researched you cannot see much of the timing belt in the engine unless you take everything apart, which I couldn't afford at that time).

After several more calls from me, submitting copies of my contract and service receipts, AND threatening to sue them - Fidelity finally covered the cost of the repairs. My service tech actually was very surprised that they caved in and said that he has never seen anyone get a major repair like mine covered by Fidelity (insert - exhale on nails and brush on shirt, lol). My car was in the shop for about 5 weeks (fighting them to cover the rental car for that long was also a pain in the butt) and the service tech said that he doubted Fidelity would cover any other claims on my car, but I never needed to use them again before my contract expired so I don't know about that. All of this of course makes me angry/frustrated that VW pushes this company as their warranty service provider, but what can you do?

Don't buy an extended warranty from this company, they won't cover anything! I bought a 2012 Chrysler 200 and I got their Gold Plus package which the finance manager swore to me covered everything under the sun so I bought it. Well, every issue I've had with my car, Fidelity has denied the claim, saying it's not covered under my warranty. They give you a vague brochure that generalizes saying they cover everything involving the ac unit or the evap system, they don't however, put in what is excluded WHICH IS THE MAJORITY OF THE PARTS, then when you try to dispute it, they tell you that it say's in the fine print of the "contract" what is covered, which I never received when I bought it. This company is a joke, don't waste your time or money. I might as well have set $2,500 on fire!

After reviewing all 130 BAD reviews about this company I was upset. But we took our car to a ford dealership and they kept the car for a week only to find out that the adjuster refused to make any repairs on our transmission per his words "not bad enough to replace". I am angry and feel just like the rest of the people that have bought this extended warranty. DO NOT GET treat into buying this crap is worthless...

In April my a/c wasn't cooling. Fidelity gave me number of service company. They came after few days and said they would have to order a part. That took a week. Then a/c went out again. They came back and said compressor in back wasn't working. They had to order it. It was 2 weeks later in extreme heat. They kept telling me they were waiting on unit to come in. So I asked what warehouse it would come to and type of unit. Fidelity put me on hold and seconds later said my unit was in! It's now June! Finally first week in July they install my compressor. Then it gets hot in my house again a few weeks later. Now they come back and say it's my motor in garage and they would have to order that unit also. I wait again.

Finally they put it in but charge me 300.00 as a modification charge. I pay it because I'm roasting. I took pics of thermostat showing 93 degrees in my house. A little over a week it gets hot again and now it's August already. Fidelity sent out another company but they have to order another part for my new unit. It's now Aug 20 and I still don't have this a/c fixed. I'm still waiting. They won't answer my calls and they won't call me either. BAD, BAD COMPANY.

We bought a 2013 Kia Rio that only had 500 miles. The dealership sold us an extended warranty claiming all power train issues are cover to 100000 miles as long as the maintenance was completed. The vehicle has 65000 on it and started overheating. I would like to add there is no temp sensor since this was a base model. We had no way it was running hot until it overheated. We then stopped running the car immediately and had it towed to the nearest dealer. The dealer had to tear down the motor as the warranty company was claiming lack of maintainable the dealership called and said after it was torn down they concluded that it was engine failure due to a bad head gasket and it should be covered.

However I got a call telling me the warranty company was denying the claim due to the heads warping from overheating and stating that in their fine print nothing caused from overheat is covered even if another part malfunctions and causes the problem. They are also claiming abuse as they are stating it was driven while overheated. The car was stopped as soon as it overheated. It only takes one overheat to damage the heads but they are refusing to pay and on top of it because they needed a teardown to diagnose they will not cover the cost of tear down or put back together. I have to pay 2000 out of my pocket.

The Car Dealership we purchased our car from, completed our last oil change. They didn't put the oil plug in tight enough therefore the plug came out while I was driving down the highway. The car died as soon as the plug came out. I coasted into a driveway and then that's when the car lost ALL of its oil. So we had it towed to the dealership and they said it was the starter, so we paid for it. That didn't work. Then they said it was the plugs and wires, that didn't work either. Fidelity didn't help us out with any of this payment what so ever, which was a little over $1000.00. Then we had to have it towed to Germain Infiniti (which cost us another $452.50). When it got there, Infiniti said that it needed a Cam Sensor, which was another $450.00. Well needless to say THAT DIDN'T WORK EITHER! Fidelity still didn't help pay for anything. Then they tell us it's the Motor, it's blowed!!

Fidelity did an inspection and they said THEY WOULD NOT COVER THIS, The MOTOR was $6700.00. We still owe $20,000.00 on the vehicle. We haven't had this vehicle even a year. (7 months) that's it. What is the point in getting a warranty if it's not going to cover something that is not our fault. The oil plug fell out because of lack of responsibility of a service tech that couldn't do his job. Now they are saying that our car is worth nothing but $4500.00, Really? That's a $16,000.00 loss we are looking at because of INCOMPETENT PEOPLE, and we still are making payments on our vehicle. All we want is help to pay for this motor. Fidelity needs do what's right. STOP ripping people off, we pay for these warranties and what for, when it doesn't even help with ANYTHING!!!

I purchased a vehicle with 40,000 miles on it, so I also purchased a "service" contract, to protect my investment. According to the details of the policy, anything that is "normal wear and tear" is not covered after 50,000 miles. I had an oil change done, and during the inspection, I was told that the stabilizer bar was very loose, and was in bad need of a repair. So, I took it into the contracted technician. I was told that, since the damage was not actually a mechanical failure, the repairs were not covered. ADDITIONALLY, since I know that the bar was need of repair, if I did not pay to fix it myself, it would not be covered if it actually broke later on. The contract has cost me over $1800, and they are refusing to pay $180 to fix the bar, AND because I took the vehicle in, I am not covered if it breaks later on. I feel like this company has taken a lot of money from me, and that this contract was a terrible investment.

In 2012 I purchased a 2012 vehicle. I also purchased the extended Fidelity Warranty. I was told that I'd receive my $ back less $50 administrative fees if I didn't use the warranty. I traded my 2012 vehicle for a 2015, just recently. I submitted the paperwork to receive my refund. I was sent a letter telling me that my refund request couldn't be completed because the expiration date wasn't until 12/2016 and my mileage was below 75,000 miles. I called Fidelity and was told that if I didn't own the vehicle when the expiration date expired or I passed the mileage of 75,0000, then I would only receive about 13% of the $1,500 I paid when I purchased the 2022 vehicle. This was not what I was told by Royal GMC dealership when I purchased my 2012 GMC. This extended warranty with Fidelity is a total rip-off. I don't recommend anyone purchase anything from Fidelity. When it sounds too good to be true, then it is exactly that. It's too good to be TRUE.

When I bought my Z06 in June 2008. The dealership offered an extended warranty. They handled Fidelity Warranty Services instead of the GMPP warranty. Supposedly a better warranty plan. Admittedly the car is more of a toy and is rarely driven, which is why I opted for an extended warranty period. I chose 6 years/60,000 miles.

It's now April, 2015, and I'm having cooling system issues. My new Chevy dealer called Fidelity customer service to verify the warranty and found that it expired last June. They explained to me that the 6 years I chose was not a 6-year extension of the factory warranty, but merely a 6-year warranty. That makes zero sense, since the factory warranty is 3 years/36,000 bumper to bumper and a 5-years/100,000 miles on the powertrain. Expensive lesson learned. If you buy a GM vehicle get the GMPP extended warranty. Forget about anything else. Original dealership is long gone so no chance of appealing to them.

Brought my vehicle to a repair shop and was told my extended warranty does not cover the diagnostic fee to find out what is wrong with my vehicle?! What good is a warranty that won't even cover the charge to have my vehicle properly diagnosed?

I own my 2008 caddy for six months, put about 1000 miles on it. The engine light came on the day I bought it. The dealership made the appointment to fix it, they had to hook it up to the computer to see what was wrong. Anyway, it's back in the garage where I bought it plus I have a warranty with it and the bill now is over 2,000 dollars. They sent some guy to look at the damage and said they won't honor the warranty so now I'm stuck with the bill.

I purchased an extended warranty at initial new purchase which took me up from 36/36 to 72 months and/or 100,000 miles. 2 years later with 35,000 miles and no claims on truck, I traded it in on a newer model. Since the contract is non-transferable I had to cancel it. I sent a certified letter with copies of the contract and trade-in papers, as per their instructions, in Jan and they received notice for refund on Jan 6th, 2015. As of February 28th, no response, no refund, nothing. So on February 28th I sent in a second notice...Same thing -- no response, no refund, nothing (As of March 21) calls to the 954-429-2000 go unanswered. I paid $3500. Looks like I may have been ripped off. The cost of a lawyer is not worth pursuing as legal costs are more than the contract.

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With more than 30 years of experience and 5,000 repair centers nationwide, Fidelity Warranty Services offers a total package of trusted car maintenance.

  • Options: Fidelity has plans that cover almost any situation, from extended service to road hazard tire-and-wheel protection plans.
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  • Lease coverage: Many warranties only cover vehicles that are purchased outright, but those who lease face significant financial penalties for wear and tear. Fidelity has a solid program in place to help lessees recoup their entire security deposit.
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