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I hired the agency to stay with my dad so that I could get some desperately needed time to myself. (I had been taking care of him for four years but his declining health meant that he could not be alone.) I paid $20.60 per hour for their services which included light housework (dusting, vacuuming, laundry, cleaning the bathroom, changing his bed sheets, cleaning the kitchen), his morning routine (getting him up, shaved, a sponge bath, applying lotion, having him brush his teeth and comb his hair, putting on his knee brace, dressed, putting in his hearing aids and giving him his watch), and getting his breakfast and a snack later on.

The caregivers somehow managed to get his morning routine done in only 15 minutes! (It takes me nearly an hour.) I told them (and the Home Instead manager) that I didn't want him rushed through it...they had plenty of time, and there is no way that they were doing it all in that short of time. There were four girls that I said they were not to send again...one overnight who didn't attend to him when his bed alarm rang. The alarm rang so long that I had to get up out of bed and go to check on him...three times. Why am I paying someone if I have keep getting up??

One didn't do anything (I did the morning routine and got his breakfast) because she didn't know what to do. She sat and played on her phone instead of doing any housework. I showed her how to work the washer/dryer and she didn't bother to turn it own, so I had to do dad's laundry. One lady used liquid SOAP on him instead of lotion, and when I happened to see her putting it on his leg she actually argued with me and said it is lotion!!! She had to wash him again. I told her that I had oatmeal set out for him, she immediately turned to him and said "what can I make you for breakfast? Would you like bacon and eggs? I'll make it for you." I was so mad I walked out.

She emptied the dishwasher and stuck the dishes everywhere and anywhere...not where they belonged. I had to hunt for what I needed to cook and serve on. She also took out the trash and stuck it in a brush bin in the yard instead of the garbage can just outside the door. It was a good thing I found it, the weather was extremely hot so would have rotted mess to deal with.

One lady opened the door for someone and left it open so the dog ran out. Instead of calling me (I came home early and was upstairs) she walked down to the end of the driveway, and was just standing there (leaving my dad alone!). I came down and saw that the door was open. I went out and told her she'd have to go back into the house with my dad and I set off looking for my dog. (I found him a couple of blocks away). A couple days later the same women was here and spent over a hour playing games on her cell phone. After she left I went into dad's room to get his watch and noticed that the bed wasn't made, but the blanket was was thrown over it. I pulled it off to make the bed and there on the sheets in two separate large spots, there was feces!!! I went ballistic!! I called and the manager came over and took pictures...and I ended up stripping and remaking the bed!

I kept giving them chances to make things right, but no matter what instructions they had (they were written in their duty book). I complained to one of the owners and to a woman that came here to reassess his care plan and both of them actually got nasty with me and made excuses for the girls not doing the work that I was paying the agency for.

The last straw was one of the girls that came here multiple shifts and knew what was going on. She stripped the bed but did not remake it...and did not bother to tell me it was not done, and she ran dad through the morning routine (15 minutes!) and she sat on her butt and played with her phone!!! Did not do any housework. I'm pretty mellow, but even after my complaints, they slacked off and only did the bare minimum...no housework...AND the all continued sitting and playing on the phones that they were told NOT to bring the house.

So, with lazy caregivers and management that was nasty and gave me excuses for the caregivers' lack of following the rules (instead of listening to and dealing with my complaints), poor communication with me and not doing the work that I had to pay for...I fired them! One last thing...businesses that get too many complaints and poor reviews from their clients won't be in business very long!!

I have been amazed at the lack of training, poor communication from business owner in Salisbury. Shifts are constantly uncovered and the owner has no clue what is going on with the organization as she is cruising around the world. They pay 7.50-8.50 an hour to caregivers and charge 17-21.50 and hour.

This company is out to take every dime they can. Be very leery of their billing. They will charge you and never itemize and you never know what they are charging for. They also charge you for their travel time. Very sad. Be aware. The only people who are making a fortune are the owners.

We have Home Instead for my mom's care care. She is recently become blind and has high BP and has episodes of syncope. Mom lives in the home with me, I have a business that I run from home so I am in and out all day long. Mom is pleasant and I feel like the job has few challenges yet I have to regularly explain over and over what I would like done (nothing new or different). One girl likes to stay on her phone while here.

BUT my biggest complaint is the office staff!! They never seem to know what they are doing. Several times I've gotten a call the evening before that they need to send out a new person in the morning. I don't know anyone who would want a stranger come into their home to stay with a loved one without introduction or knowledge of this person. Twice I have had to leave mom alone because I have not been able to change my plans. I'm very dissatisfied with this company and am in the process of researching another company.

I set a meeting with Home Instead intake counselor when looking for help with my father. My father has a history of falling, so I asked about policy if the door is not answered upon arrival at his home. The answer shocked me and truly brought the conversation to an end. This intake counselor told me that my father would be threatened with being put into a nursing home! Really? I cannot imagine what the experience would have been like if we had signed with them. If you are looking to them for help, ask a lot of questions and do not leave your family alone with anyone until you are 100% sure that they will be treated with dignity and respect.

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My 75 year old mother had a stroke which left her unable to move her right side or speak. Home Instead placed a few CNA's that were clueless and very inexperienced in home care. I had to teach them to do transfers and just about everything else in her care. One night during a transfer to bed, they dropped her and she got a 7 inch gash on her shin that required a hospital stay and many stitches. Needless to say, I found another agency the next day.

Home Instead Senior Care in Virginia Beach had neglected and abused my 89 year old mother. She had Alzheimer's disease and required assistance on a daily basis (which is why I hired Home Instead). Little did I know, aides wouldn't show up but they would claim the aide was at my residence (I was home and there was no aide) and sometimes charged me, office personnel came to my place of business and "shook me down" for money in front of my manager. I previously mentioned an aide left my mother sitting in a chair an entire day without changing her and she had 9 hours of excrement all over her. Needless to say, their poor infection control created pressure sores yet, they still didn't keep the area clean. I reported the matter to the Virginia Dept. Of Health and an investigation was conducted finding Home Instead deficient in infection control and patient care.

The aide that failed to care for my Mother actually admitted to investigators that she never changed or cleaned my mother for the entire day. After this incident occurred, I sent emails to the owner and asked to discuss the matter. Of course, she completely ignored me. After never receiving a response, I went online and found her home phone number (publicly listed). I called to discuss my concerns and the fact I was paying thousands of dollars every month and the aides didn't do their job. The owners husband cursed me out, alleged I was harassing him and then hung up on me. Their actions and their "We could care less" made it abundantly clear just what they think of their clients. Their website indicates they take pride in the alleged service they provide yet, we're extremely angry when they were "found out" and investigated by the Virginia Dept. Of Health.

I was advised the aides were told by management/owner to "make sure they do their job for now while being investigated". How does a company who's in business to care for the elderly, not only ignore their job duties but get angry when they get caught and when the aide actually admits to her wrongdoing, the owner doesn't even step up to the plate and handle the matter in an ethical manner. To top it off, her husband curses me out as if I did something wrong. I will mention that during the Dept. Of Health's investigation, it was found that the aides were improperly caring for other patients as well so this certainly isn't an isolated incident.

I'm uncertain how Home Instead Virginia Beach got away with their unethical behavior for this long however, their treatment of seniors is literally criminal and they should be held accountable. Get out of the business if you have no idea what you're doing or simply don't care about ethics and proper treatment of seniors. They're defenseless and Home Instead takes advantage of circumstances. As a side note, Home Instead Virginia Beach never even provided a response to the previous post... "If we ignore it, it'll go away". As for their job performance and the owners handling of the business, they couldn't find water if they fell out of a boat!

After repeated complaints about the manner in which services were provided to my husband, a Vietnam veteran by the office staff of (R&K Caregivers Inc. is a contractor in the Home Health Care Services industry) R&K Caregivers Inc. in Fredericksburg, VA: Department of Veterans Affairs. Home Instead Senior Care, Fredericksburg, Virginia, an email was sent after a telephone call from Kimberly ** stating services would be discontinued on 11/06/15. Yet, no reason is given. After contacting the Department of Veterans Affairs, we learned that Home Instead could not cancel the services provided to veterans. Per Branch Chief for Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Division 6, only VA can discontinue services. Another email from the franchise owner on the same day saying, "We will continue providing care to your veteran husband beyond Friday (as a prior email stated)."

Then on November 10, yet another call and email from another employee of Home Instead Senior Care, "Please be advised that effective immediately Home Instead Senior Care will no longer be providing services to Mr. **. All future correspondence regarding services should be directed to the Veterans Administration.” An employee of Home Instead had been in our home for 11 months with few issues. But this young lady took it upon herself to tamper with my cell phone and my email account. Two days prior to the cancellation of the services, she left feces in the bedside commode in husband's bedroom. When asked why she claimed she forgot. We know for fact she went into the bedroom at least 3 times after she dressed the patient. She even had to take him back to use the bathroom. With two family members in the very next room she claims she could not stand him up. But never called out for help.

When she came back to work the following day she claimed she forgot, after 11 months of never doing the job and never leaving such. Then she walked out. No one called that day from Home Instead. The following day after sending an email showing what was left in the commode, we received a call. Ms. ** stated they did not have anyone to send out on Veterans Day. She never once mentioned Veterans Day, or thanking them for their services. The day after, a voice mail was left from Ms. ** and the email above was sent. This is sad that the taxpayers money is going toward such substandard care and so little respect and compassion for veterans. I will continue to complain until something is done to protect veterans, seniors and taxpayers from companies such as Home Instead Senior Care.

I am currently using them for the care of my 95 year old grandmother. Unfortunately, I am paying twice the amount they pay their workers. They all seem very nice and respectful but, how can you trust someone who is making barely any money to care for an aging elderly person with dementia. They have slept on the job, despite being told it's their job to watch them when they sleep. They have stolen coffee, despite knowing that my grandmother does not have the mental capacity to make coffee/tea, she will get them on her porch then lock them out by telling them she is going in to make coffee. In my opinion you would be better off spending the money for care somewhere else. It is extremely overpriced and they are suppose to help with cooking, light housework and laundry. Some do and some don't. I honestly believe it was a mistake due to the revolving door due to the low wages they pay.

I hired Home Instead Senior Care, thinking they are different. I was mistaken. The odds of getting a caring care provider is slim to none. In four days I have had three providers. The first was seemingly excellent the first day, rapidly declining the second day. The second provider was, in fact, exceptional, but had her for only one day. The third provider, fourth day, was the worst of all, spending most of her time trying to get my 89 yr old mother to sleep and then texting or talking on her phone. I am not happy at all with this company!!! And please note I paid the highest rate for this care, $22.50 an hour!! Well excuse me Home Instead, I don't even make this much an hour, but I think my mother is worth it, from an agency that actually deserves it!!

Because Home Instead caretakers are paid so little, I make certain my house is spotless and food is prepared, waiting in the refrigerator for my 94-yr old father. I tell each caretaker they are here for the sole purpose of making sure he eats and to call 911 in case of emergency. That is all I require, and until last week this arrangement has worked well.

However, last week my husband required an invasive cancer treatment and there was no way to tell how long the procedure would take. I called to schedule an 8-hr plus shift, telling the scheduler I needed someone who was able to stay an indefinite time beyond 8 hrs. I repeated that twice, and twice I was told that would not be a problem. I said I would call the caretaker as soon as I had a definitive return time.

When I called home with a time, no caretaker was with my father - he had been LEFT ALONE, behind an unlocked door. I was an hour from home; it took many frantic calls to the Home Instead office to make them understand they had to get someone to the house immediately. They finally responded, but he was alone for at least an hour, unable to use the cordless phone if he needed help and completely confused.

No one with sense leaves small children or the physically and mentally unstable elderly alone! If the scheduler didn't tell the caretaker she had to stay, the caretaker, when no one arrived to relieve her, should have called the numbers on the list I left to have someone come take over for her. Obviously, Home Instead personnel (from office staff to caretakers) are not well trained, competent or responsible. Home Instead (Bowling Green, KY) is guilty of negligence and has committed a serious breach of trust. I can no longer recommend them to anyone.

My husband has Alzheimer Disease. We flew to Wisconsin to visit two of our daughters and their families. I have previously used Home Instead in Maryland and was very pleased with it, so sought out these same services in Wisconsin. My daughter arranged for Home Instead, from Milwaukee, to come four times to provide companion service to my husband. They were to take him out for four hours at a time, show him some Milwaukee sites, and have lunch with him. I wanted him stimulated and socialized.

We asked for a friendly, enthusiastic person, male or female. The first day they sent an old, grouchy, angry man. He looked as if he should be the one being cared for. He was not at all friendly, rude, and non-communicative - with us and with my husband. He left late with my husband and returned early, then sat in my daughter's front yard for an hour. We asked for a different companion for our next appointment. The franchise owner, Herb, came the next three times. He was fine. When the bill arrived, a $48.50 charge was on it for an administrative fee. I mistakenly thought this was a new charge, and questioned it. However, the charge was for mileage and a parking fee. Rather than contact me, the paying client, they contacted my daughter and explained the charges to her.

Then Herb asked her to either - pay it herself, or for her to speak with me about it. He referred to me as being like a buzz saw and having an unfounded attitude about the first companion. He was defensive and told her of the awards and compliments he had received. Well, my daughter let Herb know that she didn't care what awards he had received; he was not a proper companion for her Dad, and that Home Instead should have contacted me, the paying client, instead of her. Condescending and dismissive. I intend to pay the parking and mileage charges, but will never use Home Instead when I go to Milwaukee again. This franchise was not a good representative of Home Instead. Not friendly, nor courteous, accommodating, or caring. None of the qualities needed for proper caregivers.

I have worked as a CNA for Home Instead for approximately 7 months - during this time I have been accused of running a red light and a "rumor" of my filing a complaint with Life Care Facility where I was caring for a patient. I was called into the office by Betsy, she stated I was being taken "out of service for two weeks." I said, "These are "blatant lies." I worked for United Parcel Service for 17 years, you don't even run YELLOW lights let alone RED ones and you are taking me out of service on a "rumor"?" I went to the Life Care Facility, I spoke to the Executive Officer - Mr. Crews. He said "there was no record of me EVER filing a complaint against Life Care." When Betsy ** found out I had gone to Life Care she called me up and she was LIVID!! I said "You lied to me, I never ran a red light and the "RUMOR" of my filing a complaint with Life Care was a blatant LIE by you - Betsy **!!"

On July 17, 2015 I was called by Tracy ** stating my shift with Mrs. ** had been cancelled for the 18th - I had previously taken Ms. ** to the hospital and after the call - I thought this "is odd," I have been going there for 4 months - I called Home Instead and requested Betsy ** to call me in regards to my shift being cancelled - she NEVER called me back!! The son-in-law gave me his cell phone number - if I had ever brought Ms. ** to the hospital I was to let the doctors speak to him due to his knowledge of her medical condition and he had a list of all her medications. I was "very concerned" about Mrs. ** thinking she had been hospitalized - so I decided to call the son-in-law - I explained what I was calling for and he said "I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT CANCELING YOUR SHIFT."

Only 2 weeks prior he requested Betsy ** meet with him to discuss - he was unhappy with the caregivers they were sending when I was not on duty - they did not know how to take her oxygen level - nor her blood pressure - they were not giving her a bath every day - etc. He was concerned and asked "Who were they sending?" I said, "I don't know"." At 7:30/8:00pm I received a call from Betsy **, she was IRATE!! She said "YOU ARE FIRED - YOU WILL NEVER WORK FOR ANOTHER HOME INSTEAD - YOU KNOW IT IS AGAINST POLICY TO CALL A CLIENT AT HOME - YOU ARE FIRED!!" I stated, "I was very concerned about Ms. **, I thought she may have been hospitalized."

She then stated "NO, there are issues I have to discuss with you!" I said "Issues - what issues?" She said, "You are buying food for Mrs. ** and bringing it to her home - You talk about other caregivers and you discuss other clients with other caregivers - these ARE against policy rules!!" I said, "Oh here we go again with your habitual lies." First of all I brought macaroni and cheese for MYSELF from MY HOME and another time I brought Fettuccine Alfredo - Ms. ** said it looked good - so I asked her if she wanted some and I gave her half of MY LUNCH!! What did you want me to say "NO Ms. **, you can't have any??" And I have NEVER talked about one caregiver to another - I go - do my job - and I go home - And I have NEVER talked about a client to another caregiver.

I DID TALK to a caregiver that is going to school to be an RN and we were discussing the epidemic of C.diff and Mercer in hospitals and nursing homes. I DID SAY I had a private client 3 YEARS AGO that wanted me to take her to see her friend that was in "ISOLATION WITH C. diff." I refused and I left her employment!! I asked, "Who are you getting this information from- they are IRREFUTABLE LIES just like that last episode!!? I would think a person in your position would BE MORE INTERESTED IN KEEPING YOUR CLIENTS and their FAMILIES HAPPY AND SENDING CAREGIVERS THAT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING - instead of this nonsense!" She said, "YOU ARE FIRED - I HAVE TO BE SOMEWHERE" - and hung up. I have "NEVER" done all that Betsy ** is "falsely accusing me of AGAIN!!"

Her Home Instead location is a "revolving door" of caregivers - we are underpaid and I have NEVER heard anything good about this Home Instead. You can be assured I am being accused of these "blatant lies" - I HAVE TO WONDER what does she do to the other caregivers?? Betsy ** has NO PEOPLE SKILLS and she DESPERATELY NEEDS TO GO TO SCHOOLING FOR MANAGERIAL SKILLS - She does NOT GET IT!!! If your employees are successful then you as a supervisor or manager ARE SUCCESSFUL!! I would NEVER RECOMMEND employment with this agency - Betsy ** is a COMPULSIVE LIAR!! She has NO IDEA of how to handle employees or MANAGE A BUSINESS!!

I would like to know why my workers from this privately owned Home Instead had their pay cut? I have talk to other caregivers and nothing like that had happened to them. The man that owns our local shop is Van Lankford, he and his wife. Not only have they took monies away from our workers, but they are now not giving them overtime pay when they work over 40 hours. I personally thought that is an automatically type of thing that comes from the Labor Board, and the Unemployment Security Commission, not the people that you work for. If I am mistaken, please let me know and explain why.

I interviewed with this company. I was told I had the job. I printed out their booklet full of papers and bought cloths that I was told would be required. I went to the first class and had to take a drug test at the facility. No problem, I have 24 yrs of sobriety. I was informed I tested dirty for antihistamine. I was in shock because I failed but explained I have allergies and I have prescriptions for it. She said they would send it to their lab and check with my Dr. to make sure it was my prescription. I said ok.

She, a few minutes later, calls me back in to tell me I failed for **. What the hell! I couldn't wrap my head around that. I showed her a prescription for ** and she told me it was her discretion and she would not take this any further and thank you for my time. So I called my Dr. and found out there is no way I could have came up dirty for **. Now this lady has all my private information including my ins. information. I am going to seek legal advice tomorrow.

Home Instead (2412 W. Greenway Rd Phoenix, AZ 85023) is a terrible company. It's beyond comprehension how much they charge their clients and how little they pay their caregiver who does all the hard work. It's equivalent to the child labor in China. So for every one thinking about hiring them you will be supporting a business that take advantage of their workers, pay them unfairly and get away with it. The union should get involved to fight for the employees.

Home Instead Senior Care located at (2412 W. Greenway Rd Phoenix, AZ 85023) is one of the worst companies to hire for your loved one or to work for. It should be illegal what they paying their employees. To them it's all about the money not their clients or their employees. They hire just about anyone walk through their door. The staff at the office are incompetent, disingenuous, dysfunctional, unprofessional, poor management and unqualified leadership. No one knows what the other one doing. Some of their employees tested positive for using drugs. I don't recommend them at all.

Home Instead Senior Care at (2412 W. Greenway Rd Phoenix, AZ 85023) treat their employees horrible. Hire caregivers and office staff that are completely incompetent. Unfair Business Practices - lying, deceit, unprofessional, uncaring, patronizing. They have no respect for employee or client. They get all the money and pay caregiver nothing and they are the ones who do all the work. Caretakers being paid little or nothing for their hard work and caring.

Today Home Instead Senior care let me go.. The title for this job was "Administration assistant" which you would expect your task to be Receiving and directing phone calls in a professional and timely manner, payroll, timesheet, updating carers/clients details, shifts etc. Instead they expect you to be build relationship with the cares, which I hardly see, because they're out on the field, doing their jobs. They expect to talk to people, talking about the business, build a relationship with the case manager, customers? (when there's no customers coming in).

During my 6 months with the company, a lot of the case manager, the carers, contacted the "boss", directly regarding the clients, shifts etc therefore, when the case manager called, I don't know anything about the case. He expected me to be like a business development manager.. with only $24.50/hour. He should probably hire a "Business Development Manager" rather than a "Administration Assistant". Basically that was his reason for letting me go.

I applied for a job with my local Home Instead franchise after seeing their ad which indicated that they were looking for companion care for seniors. It mentioned light housework, meal prep, driving clients to appointments and appealed to candidates who could be compassionate and "good listeners." I knew the pay was low but I was not looking for a high-paying, professional job. I thought I would be perfect for the job that was represented as, for twenty seven years, I did work in a professional medical field where I dealt primarily with the senior population. The online application was extensive requiring downloading a resume, cover letter, provision of personal information and a multi-page questionnaire. The questionnaire is geared to determine what types of clients you are willing to work with and what services you are willing to provide.

The following day I was contacted by the franchise owner who questioned me about why I'd applied and what kind of hours I wanted. He indicated that hires would likely never get more than twenty hours a week and that some weeks might involve only a few hours of work. He then made it clear that EVERY hire must be willing to do everything mentioned on the questionnaire including bathing, diaper changing and transferring clients with physical disabilities. I told him honestly that for $9.25 an hour I was not willing to do those things. Finally, he told me they were just looking for people (read "women") with some spare time who wanted to be helpful. Of course I was not offered a job, but after talking with the owner, I no longer wanted to work for this company.

Plain and simple, they are taking advantage of their workers. They are offering bottom dollar pay for what will, at times, involve disgusting tasks, with minimal hours so they don't have to pay benefits. It's a corporate mindset that is determined to keep every cent it possibly can in the upper levels of the company. I think the very least they could do is be honest in their advertising about what they expect of their hires. I hope no one is desperate enough to have to work for a company that is so contemptuous of its employees. I'm thankful I'm not.

When I started with this company things were good. The company really seemed to care about the employees and clients. In 2 plus years I have seen the way this company operates go downhill fast. There was talk about providing health insurance. That never happened. Thanks to ObamaCare they don't want to get the caregivers decent hours. All they seem to care about anymore is a warm body in place to make them money. They don't even do client/caregiver introductions anymore unless you're a new employee. This is unprofessional.

Anytime you send a caregiver to someone's house who have not met before there should be an introduction with someone from the office. They don't match caregivers and clients well anymore. Their catch phrase is "To us it's personal". Maybe when they first started out this was true, but it's been my experience that it is not anymore. Clients that I work with have noticed this as well. It's to the point that I'm embarrassed to tell anyone for whom I work.

After dealing with Home Instead Virginia Beach showing up late (or not at all) and being charged and the entire office staff lying about when people arrived at my house or saying an aide was at my house yet I took the day off and was standing in my kitchen (no aide), the last straw was when I arrived home and my Mom's pants were soaked in urine and she was covered in feces. I called the office to discuss this issue and was ignored. I then looked up the owner's home number online and called him.

The moron immediately began cursing me out, told me I was harassing him and hung up on me. As you can see, he has no concern for the clients that are incapable of caring for themselves. He's in it for the money. Nothing else. I reported the matter to the Virginia Dept of Health and the aide actually admitted to leaving my Mom the entire day without taking her the the bathroom. I don't think she fed her either. This highly unethical group was found deficient in their duties of caring for my Mom and you can bet this wasn't an isolated in incident. Don't hire them and let them neglect your loved one. What they did is a criminal act and they should be locked up!

I worked at Home Instead for a few years. The turnover of caregivers was endless. To get hired all you needed was a warm body. The next step is having a clean background check and no issues with the DMV. The checks are not run nationwide so you really don't know who is coming into your home. You do get trained but that doesn't come before you are sent on an assignment. The less you have "upstairs" the more you can be manipulated by the staff, especially the scheduler. That's the person who picks the caregiver she thinks is appropriate for you. They call it a "fit". Unfortunately, the person in charge of this minor detail lives in another part of the state, maybe even Mo. I don't recall. She seldom comes into office and I mean seldom with a capital S. She doesn't get a chance to meet caregivers face to face and depends on the office manager or some staff member’s information.

How do you find a "fit" with second hand assessments? In most cases, you don't and she didn't! And, if you do by sheet accident, the scheduler will take that caregiver away from your home if they do overnights and are needed for one. The complaints about this woman were endless and yet, the office manager turned her back over and over. The level of tension in that office when no perspective clients were around or many caregivers were there, was something you could feel. The previous owner, Clay Talley had somewhat of a short fuse. I felt sorry for the inside staff. If you don't believe what I am saying, first check the classifieds. Their ad for caregivers is a constant. Next, do your homework about the broadness of their DMV and background checks.

One woman told me that the people sent to care for her husband didn't have any idea of how to transfer him, bathe him or change his diapers. She said the last three people she had all were new to the field and not yet trained. She was glad to have me. Home Instead is a very large company with experts in PR and the knowledge of how to network and get their name out there. Judge for yourself and good luck. By the way, ask what states background checks are made in.

I have a homeless man living with me. His 75 yr old grandmother has dementia and Saturday we got a letter in the mail from a attorney in Rochelle IL. It was a guardian ad litem started by ** of Home Instead health care. My buddy's grandma fired this company and the attorney that sent the court document, her employees still try to come to the home and fills in their time cards and leaves. ** hung up on me when I called her. If she takes care of your family members you better keep a eye on her and her girls.

I worked as a caregiver for Home Instead Senior Care for a client of their company. They said its non-medical care, more like companion care, light housekeeping, cooking. It ends up with very high medical needs. The agency never bothers asking or even cares how things are going. They are out for the money.

They charged me 38.00 an hour for nothing. They send tube aids who make 9.00 an hour. The company is a joke. They never return any phone calls. They don't show up. IT'S A JOKE OF A COMPANY. DO NOT USE THEM.

I do a lot of hours and a lot of work for little pay. They don't give raises and they don't care about you. I feel like the office doesn't care about us or whatever is going on in your life. They get upset when you have to take a day off or can't cover a shift you knew nothing about. I work 6 days a week and I only wanted to work 5. They won't let me not work on Sundays. We have very mean clients that should be in a professional care home. I didn't sign up to be bullied and have to lift heavy people by myself. I'm sorry but if you don't care about having time for yourself or with family and don't mind little pay, then work here. But if you work over 40 hours (which you will), you don't get overtime pay.

I have been a CNA for 6 years, and was told I got the job at Home Instead Senior Care. I came to the orientation where I had to watch a bunch of videos. They gave me no name tag, no company uniform of any kind, and no training. They informed me that I would be going to this man's house who had Lou Gehrig's disease and used a special machine to speak. They gave me his address and told me to look it up on Google Maps. What the heck?? Sorry, but I'm not showing up at someone's house whom I've never met, with no training and no identification. If something would have happened, I would've been liable. Very unprofessional on the behalf of the company. Needless to say I did not take the job.

In desperate need of a job, I took on a position with this company in Duncansville, PA. Upon being hired, they threw me into a whirlwind of unprofessional circumstances. The clients had no idea I was coming, they under pay, and if you request to stay close to home they send you 25 miles away for $8/hour and don't reimburse you for mileage. The first shift I arrived at, the staff that was on prior to me left the client, who was unable to mobilize, laying in bed wide awake, covered in feces, and laying in a puddle of cold urine. That was my first fifteen minutes. After reading the clients chart, the overnight staff was to have the client bathed and dressed before my arrival. Both shifts I worked the client was still in bed covered in his own filth. I reported this to the office and they discounted it and said it wasn't their issue. How?!?! They created the client/staff shift outline!

Also, after I reported the neglect, I was treated horribly and badgered with phone calls at all hours of the day, even if I was working. And if I couldn't answer my phone they would leave a nasty voicemail stating that I needed to answer my phone when they call. The only person that was professional was the head nurse at the office. She was pleasant and would deal with issues, but impossible to contact because she was overwhelmed.

This company in particular in Duncansville, PA is terrible. They treat the caregivers like dirt on the bottom of their shoes and will try to run them around. As for the clients, all they want is the money, they cost the clients thousands and give minimal care as result of neglectful and proper training. Their turnover rate is ridiculous because of such conditions and I would never recommend anyone put their elderly family member under their care.

Money is what made this office go round! I worked in the office for almost 1 year and it was a waste! I had to stick up for caregivers as they thought they were worthless! I dealt with such unprofessional, it's unbelievable! The owner never returned phone calls to caregivers or clients because she didn't care! She once told me to tell the caregivers to talk to a client like a drunken (explicit!). If clients really knew the prejudice people that ran this company they would be floored! I can't believe what went on there! The supposed social worker doesn't even have a license! They charge their clients top dollar and pay their caregivers minimum wage! You have no idea what I have dealt with! The previous owners were nice. It's the new owner that doesn't care. She drinks on the job with the supposed admin who is a joke. I feel for the clients and caregivers who work hard for crap pay and to be treated like crap! Three office staff quit within a few months time due to the treatment! Don't do business here or work here!!!!

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As a worldwide provider with more than 900 franchise offices, Home Instead has a reputation for excellence.

  • Transportation services: Not every senior needs a home health aide, but many do need help to get to the grocery store or doctor appointments.
  • Depression treatment: Depression is an epidemic among seniors who seldom leave the house. By training care givers to recognize the signs of depression, Home Instead helps identify the problem at the source to help seniors receive quick treatment.
  • Several tiered service levels: Where most companies lump companion services and home health aides in to a single category and price point, Home Instead Senior Care allows buyers to choose the exact level of service needed.
  • Short-term help: Not every person who needs help around the house needs it for the rest of their lives. Sometimes, an injury or illness can make it a short-term requirement, which is why this service can be so helpful.
  • Educational resources: Find information about a number of different chronic issues that may plague elderly relatives and potential resources for caregivers seeking assistance.
  • Best for Primary caregivers, elderly individuals, persons with dementia, persons with a disability, accident victims and terminal patients.

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