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Heather of Waterloo, ON on
Satisfaction Rating

After many calls and emails the referral cheque has NOT been sent to my brother-in-law, Acorn says it is out of their hands. I'm sure it hasn't been sent. It has been at least a month or more. Wondering about their warranty that I paid extra $ for. Has anyone else had this problem?

maria of Burbank, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I purchase my first chair in 2005, and was happy with the purchase. During the years chair was old, and I wanted to upgrade the chair!!! BIG MISTAKE!!! The only chair they have is nothing to be happy about. The new and only chair was design by a monkey, chair is loose, you feel as if you are going to fall down forward on your face. Track makes more noise than a train at 90 miles an hour, it cracks as if the track is broken. Chair is not orthopedic design for a handicap person with joint problems, the foot rest is so small your feet don't fit in them or you have to bend your legs inward and still you don't have space for your feet. From the moment the chair was install I was not happy. And I want my money back. Your chair is as bad as it can be, a piece of trash. My mistake was not to keep my old one back, if you are looking for a lift, check first BRUNO OR AMERICAN OR GO SOMEPLACE ELSE FOR A BETTER PRODUCT. ACORN IS NOT!!!

kelli of West Olive, MI on
Satisfaction Rating

I had the Acorn Stairlift installed December 2015, it worked well for the first month and then I started having problems. It quit working while my mom was in it halfway up the stairs, I then called customer service and they instructed me to turn it on/off but that didn't work and they said no one could come out for a few days. My mother had a stroke and it was very difficult to get her out, after that it ran well for a couple months then quit working again in February 2016. I called customer service and it took them a few days to come out. They told me if it was my fault it wasn't working I would be responsible for the 250.00 service charge. When they came out they noticed the harness was loose from the pin connector installer error.

My mother then went into nursing home for a few months. Right before she was to come home I checked lift and it was not working. I then called customer service again. They came out after a few days and changed the battery. It seemed to work fine, my mother ended up passing away and the stairlift was never used again since February 2016. I am now caring for my sister and she requires chairlift, not to my surprise it no longer works. I contacted customer service and they told me my warranty had run out and I would have to pay 250.00 service visit plus parts. I was infuriated I paid 10,200 for this piece of garbage and it had very little use, I have had nothing but problems after the first month. Now they want me to pay 250.00 plus.

It was not used at all since the last time it was fixed. I will be contacting an attorney for being sold a lemon, the least the company can do is refund me some of the money for defective equipment. After reading other reviews I see I'm not alone, this company should not be able to get away with this. I may as well have flushed 10,200 down the toilet. I will be pursuing legal action.

Dolores of Fort Myers, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

I own an Acorn Stairlift. I paid right around $3000.00 for it. It has not served me well. The reason for the review is to alert others who are considering buying from this company. I purchased it in 2013. It has never been reliable. I've had to make many phone calls due to the various problems. I could not agree to service calls as their rate is way out of my affordable range. The price of their service call was never mentioned when I was purchasing. Their maintenance contract is exorbitant. I'm widowed with just my fixed income. I'm 77. I had Lung Cancer surgery in 2014 along with thirty radiation treatments. I have COPD. I use oxygen at night. I have been receiving injections in my back for degenerative disc disease.

I had to agree to service last week at a price of $250.00 plus $70.00 for a battery, plus $4.20 tax. Total $324.20. I was told that it actually needed a computer board to the tune of $600 some odd dollars. I could not pay that out and was told I could pay half and half later. I could not do it. The Service man installed a battery and instructed me to switch it on and off when I needed to use it. Yesterday the chair slowed down to a crawl and stopped in the middle of the staircase. I had a load of towels in my arm and had to manage the dangerous action of removing myself from the chair.

I called today and said I was not paying another service charge to have them come out. I was told that they would waive that fee but I would be paying the $600.00 for a board. I was reminded that they only had to come here twice since I bought it. I told them it was because I couldn't pay the high fee, but had no choice on the two calls. In all honesty, they reduced the price of the one call last summer when they replaced two switches.

My alternative is to sell my home and find a place on one level. Moving is not easy or affordable for an older person. I thought I was set when I made this move to a townhouse 4 years ago. My legs gave out after six months. I bought an Acorn Stairlifts whose advertisement was and is in AARP magazine. I couldn't have been more wrong. As of now the chair is inoperable. The price of removing it is $200.00. To conclude, my opinion of this company is very low. Their service fees are way too high. I truly sympathize with folks who are badly disabled and are trying to use an Acorn Stairlifts.

UPDATED ON 04/07/2017: To follow up on my bad experience with Acorn Stairlifts. I had no choice but to have the computer board installed. Originally I was told I could make two payments. However, that turned out not to be the case. I was told by the man who said it that He NEVER said that. I had the board installed. The cost was $682.64. This brings the entire repair total to $1006.84.

RICH of Eagleville, PA on
Satisfaction Rating

My wife and I bought two Acorn Stairlifts for our new Townhouse on 8/24/2016. Both were installed on 8/26/2016. Called service 9/22/2016, reset computer 4 times. Called 10/10/2016. Service repair 10/26/2016 rail loose and remote failure. Called again. Service repair 12/14/2016 erratic, rail problem, stops. Service Tech did nothing, tried to ** us, and billed $250.00 for service call. Numerous calls starting 12/01/206 to 12/19/206, charges dropped. Service call 12/20/2016, fixed rail cleaned, adjusted, fixed remotes. Called again 02/21/2017, tech heard problem over phone.

Service repair 02/28/2017 Chair erratic, rail loose, black splotches, pulled chair & cleaned, adjust charge pins, fix remotes. Called again 03/20/2017 remote failure, told to spray rail with WD-40. Called again 03/21/2017 remote ran chair 6 and froze. Service call 03/23/2017 tech rode chair & lectured us, then fixed upper chair, fixed lower chair, replaced mother board, replaced sensors, replaced remotes. 03/23/2017 chair stopped, way jammed. 03/24/2017 lower unit remote jammed, chair 1 ft. up, stopped working. Called again 03/27/2017 wife on phone 1.5 hours. Service call 03/28/2017 to be determined.

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Simonne of Felpham, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

I am a carer for a gentleman who is on 24hr oxygen and dependent on his chair lift. I arrived this morning 28/02/2017 with the intention of taking him to see his Oncologist only to find that despite his wife contacting Acorn on Sunday evening when his stairlift broke down, there has been absolutely no support from the engineering side of the company, just a load of waffle.

In the end we had to call the paramedics to assist my client upstairs. No support on Monday and now it is Tuesday. I personally called the office explaining that I urgently needed to get my client to his appointment. I was told that the engineer was in Alton, Hampshire and we are right down on the south coast. I was told that the engineer would call me when he was on his way. It is now 12.20 p.m and NOTHING. It is well known within my field of work that Acorn offer the worst support and now I am seeing it for myself. I would like to speak to John ** personally but understand that he is based in Monaco! This speaks volumes.

Andrea of Sittingbourne, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

I am disgusted by the customer service of this company. For months I and my family have been trying to get some compensation for the problems we had experienced regarding our mother's stair lift and the wrong advice given continually by their customer help desk. My daughter initially recommended them as she works for Lloyds Pharmacy who sell their mobility products. We will not be recommending them to anyone in future.

We were told on at least 2 occasions even by a manager, that they would look into compensation, as my brother lost out on wages due to taking a day off to attend when mother's stair lift was installed. Just as well he was there, as my elderly mother who has had a broken wrist, cancer and dementia would not have coped with the fracas that happened on that day. It was agreed with the salesman/assessor that it would be installed ready for mum coming home from rehab after a fall. This did not occur and had to be installed 2 days after, not good enough.

Then the under trained engineer took four hours to install it, when we were told by the sales assessor originally, it would be 1 and a half hours at most! It was incorrectly installed, although mum could use it thankfully until another engineer came out a week later, but the stair lift juddered halfway up the stairs, as the rail was incorrectly fitted and was kinked.

Then we discovered mother did not have a power swivel seat as agreed with the salesman/assessor on original visit, he had assessed this would meet mother's needs due to her previously broken wrist and arthritis. This has been denied by the case handler as she stated the salesman did not add this to the paperwork, which we trusted he had completed correctly. On requesting this from the helpline we were told they would source one but after chasing this we were informed they do not make these anymore and couldn't get hold of one. BUT the engineer who installed a new rail stated, "You can get power swivels still!"

We sought compensation but heard nothing so we chased this again and I wrote a complaint on an legal ombudsman template. I did ring back the same day but was informed she was not available so I e-mailed the case handler on 2 or 3 occasions and demanded a call or e-mail back the same day. I did not hear anything in the timescale I had requested so I e-mailed again and asked for the complaint to be given to a manager, not a case handler. I was told this had been done and they would contact me, nothing!

I then received a letter stating she had continually tried to ring me but I had only 1 voicemail message from her and no telephone calls. The case handler involved wrote to me stating they do not offer compensation to which I replied we have not been told this before! She did ring me again although it was meant to be a manager and stated for 400 we could have a power swivel!! As I had to return to work my brother took over the call and then someone behind her said, "Offer the power swivel free." I am still fighting for compensation though as the power swivel should have been installed in the beginning anyway. So what have they offered by way of compensation, nothing!

Harry of Kankakee, IL on
Satisfaction Rating

My mom began to have trouble getting up and down the stairs. We needed a stair lift. I wish we had more time to do more research but we were in a bind. We've had this stair lift for about 3 years now and it's been nothing but a piece of junk. We had problems immediately. During the first year with it while it was under warranty they came out several times to "fix it". It never stays fixed. The remotes have stopped working several times and have been replaced several times. We keep having to buy the extended service plan or else after the first year we wouldn't have been able to use it at all. They come out fix it and if we are lucky we get a couple of months without issue. Not everything is covered by the extended plan so they have another opportunity to get more money out of you.

For the most part it works well when it's warm but when the cold hits the problems start. It's not really robust enough to be outdoors. The safety switches freeze in place which keeps the chair from working. The remotes are supposed to let you move the chair even when there is a problem with the safety switches but by then the remotes are broken again or the sensor has stopped working. I spent $3000 on this stair lift expecting something reliable and it's been nothing but reliable. The salesman lied and made us think we were getting something good. The average use for this stair lift is one trip up and one trip down each day and it can't even hold up for that. The latest is today there are no error codes. The lift went down but refuses to go back up. When it works it's great, when it's broke it leaves a weak 72 year old woman struggling to get up the stairs and feeling depressed about her age. Bottom line try another brand. I wish I had.

Gail of Dumfries, VA on
Satisfaction Rating

The sales person who came out to my home was professional and compassionate. He understood the circumstances of this purchase was due to a family member's debilitating stroke. After he left, the tone deaf sales staff called me daily to push their product. I asked them to stop calling me. In another call I told them I would buy from another vendor if they didn't stop calling me. They didn't and I've called All American Mobility.

Lynn of Hauppauge, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

My parents purchased the stairlift several years ago. Part of the sales pitch is that when you no longer need they will help you resell it to a customer. My parents have since passed away and we have been trying to get their assistance with a resale. Parents only used it for 2-3 years. Every time we call they give us a different answer. First it is that they don't do resales anymore. Then someone else says to leave a voicemail for a certain individual; no one ever returns a call. Very unprofessional. So a $10,000 stairlift that was used for 2 years is going to be tossed. I have called every Vets charity to donate but no one can pick up. Acorn totally misleads and their customer service is horrible. You can call back and each different person will give you a different answer. Go with someone locally.

o of Nocity, WA on
Satisfaction Rating

Only problem with this company, the salesman cannot be reached once he got the order. The technician did a bad job. The chair is rumbling, stopping on its way up or down. The bottom plastic head falls off. The chair is stuck downstairs after 3 weeks of use. No support from the company. The technician has no phone number!!! The company said you can only contact him by "wire" and 411 has no listing of him. The remotes came with very old batteries, made in China, that worked only intermittently. I will have to call the fire dept to get my husband upstairs to bed tonight. Our recommendation is not to deal with Acorn. You will save yourself a lot of frustrations.

roger of Chicopee, MA on
Satisfaction Rating

Purchased Acorn stairlift about 6 years + ago. Has worked great since then. Had one service call about 2 years ago which was taken care of day after I called. Has been working great since, Very professional and reliable. I use the chair almost daily sometimes 2-3 times a day. Purchased from Acorn in the Boston, Ma area.

Vinny of Milton, ON on
Satisfaction Rating

I have left multiple message with people to call me back but they never call back. They will say I will speak to my Manager or Engineering department but never call back. Very poor service - DON'T BUY from these people. Installation and design is very poorly done.

Jesse of Troy, TN on
Satisfaction Rating

Need new toggle switch, but have been informed by some guy who represents Acorn that they do not sell parts to anyone anymore! Must get a technician from Acorn to change the toggle for a 250 dollar service call plus price of new switch!! A few years back I replaced the switch because the lever had been broken. They sold me a switch then, so why not now. I hope I don't have a serious problem later on. I have bought a switch locally. If I cannot repair the one that is not working in one direction, I will replace it.

Alberta of Anoka, MN on
Satisfaction Rating

As soon as we purchased the chairlift we had problems. Trying to get a hold of them is awful. My mom is afraid to use it but needs to. It constantly beeps on its own. The first problem was the circuit board... batteries. Now I can't even read the error message. That disappeared... may be the batteries again. Ok I fixed it myself. If the chair beeps repeatedly after using it then stops and beeps when no one is on it... unplug from wall... it will reset.

Janet of Scarborough, ON on
Satisfaction Rating

Have had several issues since the 2014 purchase. Had lift service several times since. In March 2016, tech claimed a defect and put in a loaner. Issues again in August and still can't get a tech or someone to return a phone call. Lift failed and my Mom was stuck until someone came home from work as she's unable to use the stairs. Yesterday, the lift jerked and she almost fell off, same issue again today. Spoke with at least 5 people today and told the earliest they can send a tech is Nov 29. WTF??? Not acceptable!!! Service manager then says the 24. Was told they had a lot of turnovers in staff so is that supposed to explain the atrocious service. Service manager didn't seem too interested in getting a tech here today. No such thing as "emergency service". Strongly DO NOT recommend this company. Issues with quality and a huge lack of customer service.

Ali of Matlock, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

Installed at end of August. For M-in-L who had just had a hip replacement and wasn't allowed to do stairs. At installation no one had arranged for power to be sorted as needed, I had to rewrite a socket myself! 1st day hinge failed, continued to temporarily fail for several days. Service came out: 1st the excuse was that there is a known fault with some hinge control boards so would need replacing. Quoted 5 days for part, in meantime no lift - meaning bed needed to be relocated etc. So they know the boards need replacing but they don't carry them? 10 days still no contact and no boards. 2nd serviceman came out - did a 'fix' (move the chair rail as actually it was catching on door frame it passed! And they had originally located hinge control box in airing cupboard which meant it overheated!). Was the original installer trained how to do this?

24 hours later it stopped halfway (with complete loss of all power) with immobile mother in law on, who subsequently hurt hip trying to get down. Took nearly an hour to wind hinge up to allow her to access toilet it blocked. CService response was "Would you like me to call the Fire Brigade?" 2 day wait for engineer who just came and disconnected it and stomp mud through house. CService agreed to full replacement of chair when we asked for refund, and restart of 14 day trial. New chair and circuit boards installed, and apparently operational again however within 24 hours it had stopped again, this time at the top leaving her at the top!

Enough was enough so requested full refund and removal. 2.5 weeks later after many non returned calls still installed and no refund yet. Next step Trading Standards if not removed/refunded in next few days! Warranty not worth paper. 24 hr line does not mean 24 hr solution - just someone fobbing you off. There's a reason that Councils won't touch anyone other than Stannah, and ACORN must bring Stannah so much business.

Joe of Edmonton, AB on
Satisfaction Rating

Horrible Experience With This Company. DO NOT GET THIS SERVICE!!! Find alternative. Equipment Breaks Down Very easily and they con you into getting an extended warranty... Nothing but a bunch of crooks. Tried calling their customer service to deal with an issue. Got the run around, dropped calls etc. My father just got purchased an extended warranty and then right after passed away... These people would not even return the funds of that extended warranty. Caused my mother undue aggravation dealing with a funeral and these crooks.

Fardrick of Oxford, NC on
Satisfaction Rating

I had the lift for 2 months. During the 2 months I had to have a serviceman over 27 times. Bad motor 3 times, the bolts stripped out from the stairs and multiple other problems. One time the tech came back and said he left a part off and didn't notice it until he was cleaning out his van. But the main reason I'm mad is at 97 years of age I was going up the stairs on the lift, it stopped and wouldn't move. I had an upset stomach and needed to use the bathroom. It's embarrassing to mention this but I feel consumers need to know. I broke wind and accidentally messed myself. God bless.

John of Norton, MA on
Satisfaction Rating

Purchased Acorn Stairlift to aid my wife in getting to second floor. Unit was used very sparingly and had a "Fatal Failure-F1" code. Since the unit was beyond the one year warranty (by one month), Acorn said the repair would cost $850.00! The cost for an extended warranty would be $750.00 a year. In three years I'll have paid for the chair twice! I have since removed the chair and installed another brand and have had no problems. Do NOT buy Acorn unless you like a lot of company from service people.

Brian of Marion, OH on
Satisfaction Rating

Chair has not worked properly since it was installed. The chair is junk, the warranty is junk. $250.00 for a service call because the chair they sold me is junk, absolutely ridiculous! Never do business with this company!

Emil or Pat of Calgary, AB on
Satisfaction Rating

It was the labor day weekend and my husband got stuck at the highest point of the stair lift. This is only after using the device after several times. We called Acorn and as others have stated. The person at customer service didn't even ask who we were. We were on speaker phone as I am a slight woman and didn't know how to get my husband off the lift without an emergency situation happening as he has only one leg. She was unconcerned and scripted, I however shouted that we need a technician to help us to get him to a safe place and she said just turn the key and wait 30 seconds. The lift was tilted and being inexperienced was not sure how to do remedy the problem.

I had the fire dept number handy as this was my last resort. Luckily I calmed myself down enough to read the online as the manual was worthless and found the crank which took over an hour to use to get him to a lower position. No one called back and this is a Saturday long weekend. I was told, "Well, everyone is off for the weekend and you will have to wait until Tuesday." I shouted, "What the hell. He can die here from Sat till Tues as your employees are off duty". And yes, if I read the online web page, it stated continuous care whenever the need. BS marketing as long as the money is there and the commissions are flowing. It was three days of my husband living in the dining room and kitchen, sleeping on a small cot before any Tuesday calls came and then they flowed.

Too late and the trust is gone. Everyone wanted to help. PLEASE, this is 3 days later and the damage is done. This company has lots of people across Canada and not one tech on call?? The young fellow that installed us didn't even know that 24-hour calls weren't in place. It took him all of 10 mins to evaluate and then correct the problem within an hour. HELLO, 'acorn', small lettering as this is an insult. An on duty tech to walk you through takes little money as this seems to be the issue. Bottom line, such a sad world when the bottom line is more important than a little call of comfort and expertise would have helped rather than days of waiting and waiting. Yes Tuesday was a revelation as they all had helpful suggestions. Excuse me, where the heck were you on Sat? Oh yes, no overtime or weekend work. Acorn what is life valued at? The money or the care?

Roy of Morrison, CO on
Satisfaction Rating

I purchased an Acorn stairlift to assist my wife getting up and down the stairs. On one occasion a shirt got caught under the stairlift and of course it stopped. After clearing the obstruction I called the customer support number and they assisted me in clearing the stairlift error message. I then attempted to move the chair and the chair just stopped, no power, no nothing. The customer support told me that to get a technician out to my house, two days later, would cost a minimum of $250.00 plus any parts needed to fix the chair because this was a non-warranty problem...

Since, I now had a couple of hundred pounds of boat anchor I had to agree. The technician came to my home, took five minutes to replace a blown fuse and left after doing some diagnostics to make sure the lift was working properly. He was unable to determine why the fuse had blown. I called Acorn the next day to discuss the fee. $250.00 for 5 minutes seemed excessive. The response was, "sorry that's the fee and that's that." BEWARE when you purchase an Acorn stairlift! These service calls are extremely high and excessive and unless you need a boat anchor you will be stuck paying them.

Brenda of Liberal, KS on
Satisfaction Rating

My father purchased this so he could get my paralyzed mother downstairs during emergencies. Thank goodness, he doesn't have to use it very often. Went to use it and the battery is dead or so he's told. I thought it ran on electricity since it is plugged in. He called to get someone to service it and was told there is no one in SW KS to do so. However, they boast about their aftercare and customer support, but won't send anyone out to change the battery or charge it. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!! Unless you are in FLA.

Amy of Stockholm, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

My elderly neighbour purchased a stairlift from Acorn about 1 month ago. But it broke down with her on it - she was in the middle of the stairs. We rang the Customer Service and spoke to a woman who said that an engineer would be with her in 24 hours. This is a 90 year old woman who is stuck on her stairlift which won't move in the middle of the stairs. THIS IS DISGRACEFUL! HOW CAN THEY BE HAPPY TO LEAVE A 90 YEAR OLD LADY WHO IS DISTRESSED AND STUCK FOR SO LONG. The woman we spoke to was so unconcerned about it. In the end, we had to call the fire brigade who were here within 5 minutes. I would never recommend this company.

Sharon of Carshalton, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

My father is now 81. He bought a stairlift 20 months ago from Acorn. It has now broken down and needs a new unit. He bought this for himself as he has severe arthritis, also my mum who died last year. He cannot get up and down the stairs. Acorn want him to buy a warranty or obviously he will have to pay for a new unit. Not built to last. Would not recommend the company to anyone.

william of Northport, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

My mother purchased an Acorn Stairlift for my father who was confined to a wheelchair after his leg was amputated. When we called about purchasing the stairlift everyone was so helpful. We explained my father's situation and the Acorn representative and installer said everything would be fine with him getting out of the wheelchair and into the stair lift. First, the salesman told my mother it would cost $350 for an estimate. That was never told to my mother. We told the salesman and installer the height of the wheelchair and asked if it was the same height as the stair lift. They both said "yes, of course". Unfortunately, it wasn't and the stairlift was too high and my father was unable to get from the wheelchair into the stairlift.

We made numerous calls to Acorn and their only solution was to give us $500 for our problem, a minimal amount of the $10,000 that we spent on this stairlift. We didn't want to remove it because we were hoping that my father would get stronger and he would be able to lift himself into the stair lift. Unfortunately my father passed away and was never able to use the stairlift. We continued to call Acorn and when we finally got in touch with someone they offered to take the stairlift out and take it and not give my mother any money for it. Wow, what a great deal. Now my mother is stuck with a stairlift and out $9,500 which is very tough on an elderly people living alone. Acorn never cared and that's what really bothered us.

Jim of Lemoyne, PA on
Satisfaction Rating

I have severe degenerative arthritis, most prominently in my left hip. I walk with a cane. Recently I have filled out paperwork to various health care providers which indicated my mobility issues and the arthritis. Shortly after that I started receiving phone calls from Acorn. One went to my voicemail. The woman claimed she was "returning my call regarding MY recent inquiry into purchasing a stairlift for myself or a loved one." They also used my name in the message, so it wasn't a random mistake. I never called them. The timing is exceedingly suspicious considering the recent paperwork I filled out. I must have gotten on some list as a target for a possible sale.

If you don't talk to a live person the phone menu has an option to press 1 to be removed from their call list. It doesn't work. All that happened the two times I allegedly removed myself from their list was receipt of more sales calls in less than five minutes after my phone number showed up on their caller ID. I would much prefer to find out exactly who provided my contact info to Acorn, but of course nobody is going to admit that. Still, shame on them for preying on someone who has a problem and pretending that I was the one that first contacted them. I find this marketing tactic to be borderline criminal. If I ever should get a stairlift it certainly will not be from Acorn.

Bill of De Forest, WI on
Satisfaction Rating

We installed this stairlift in June of 2013. We needed it as we are older and each of us was to receive a total knee replacement. Our house has three floors, basement, first and second; the stairway has four short flights and two landings. The initial cost was US$12,500. This seemed high but was in line with the few other companies offering curved stairlifts. The initial installation was done in one day. The technician was personable and easy to talk to. Other techs have also been easy to deal with. Most services cost US$250 plus parts.

The stairlift worked OK but was very slow. The remotes had a very limited range and the receiver in the chair tended to lose the signal very easily. The company had no fix for this at the time, so I installed a shielded cable to extend the chair's antenna away from the metal enclosure below the chair. I also modified the remotes to have a toggle switch rather than a push button so we did not have to hold the button down for several minutes waiting for the chair to arrive. A week after installation, we called the tech to slow the chair down as my wife was uncomfortable with the speed, especially around corners. No charge for this call.

In December 2013, the chair had become noisy. The tech tightened some of the support legs and adjusted the programming. US$250. In November of 2014 chair was issuing error codes on its display that indicated that the batteries were not being charged. It appeared not to be connecting properly to the charge point on the second floor. The tech adjusted the charging pick up points, replaced the chair's batteries and reprogrammed the chair. US$250. In April of 2015, the chair was noisy and not stopping at the floor correctly. Some internal cables were preventing the over speed governor from operating correctly. No charge. The next day, the tech replaced the batteries again and replaced the over speed governor. US$722.

In January of 2016, the chair was making clunking sounds. An improved version of the circuit board and remotes has become available. The tech replaced the circuit board, some wiring, the charging power supply, the batteries and provided three remotes. US$1000. He had to return the next day to replace a damaged guide roller that he did not have in his service truck. He once again had to reprogram the chair. The remotes now use Bluetooth to communicate with the chair and have a range of at least 30 ft. (10 meters). My external antenna is no longer needed. The new circuit also outputs a much larger range of error codes, which helpful.

In May of 2016 the internal connector for the levelling mechanism became partially disconnected and the levelling function of the chair failed. The tech reconnected this, moved some internal cables out of the way and reprogrammed the chair. US$250. In July of 2016 on Saturday evening, the levelling function failed once again. This time, having watched and talked with the techs in the past, I examined the circuit board and found that one of the power connectors for the levelling motor had broken off the board as a result of some cable pushing against it. I soldered a new connector in place, levelled the chair manually, moved the chair manually to its charge point and then was able to run the chair up to the beginning of the track on the second floor. This enabled the chair controller to "find" the beginning of the track. The chair then worked correctly. My repair took an hour or so.

It's clear to us that while the Acorn stairlift has some clever features, it is poorly engineered for long use. Our US$12,500 stairlift has cost us US$2472 in service calls in about 3 years of use. Lately, Acorn has been calling us and sending literature for a yearly service agreement for US$750 per year. That's US$2250 over three years. They obviously know that these stairlifts are expensive to maintain. Acorn is advertised heavily in the print media. One would hope these stairlifts were built to a standard at least close to medical equipment as they serve a similar purpose. My wife uses the stairlift daily. If it dies, we may be in a very bad situation. We're lucky in that I have some technical knowledge and can diagnose and fix simple problems with the chair. An unresolved problem so far is that the seat bottom has partially broken, causing it to tilt forward more than is comfortable. I can't in good conscience recommend an Acorn stairlift to anyone.

Sevtap of Leesburg, VA on
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Do not buy a chair from this company. We have purchased a chair lift for my father-in-law in August 2015. It was NOT a refurbished chair but a brand new one for which we paid US$9100. It has been 11 months and the chair has malfunctioned 5 times. Each time my father-in-law was stuck upstairs or had to be taken upstairs with great difficulty and spend at least 3 days there each time since the company on top of having continuous issues with their product also does not have sufficient technicians to provide service within a day or 2 but takes 4-5 days before they can even come and diagnose the problem.

We have had to take time off each time from our work which is an additional burden. Now that the 1 year mark is coming up we have received a service contract which will cost us over US$700 a year which we will HAVE TO purchase since the chair does not last 2 months without something breaking. I am writing this review after having had to call them back for yet another failure only 6 days after the last service.

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Acorn Stairlifts has been providing quality products since 1992. The company is based in Orlando, Florida, but has distribution centers around the world.

  • They offer a large variety of stairlifts: Users can purchase a stairlift meant for indoor or outdoor use and the company can work with both curved and straight stairways.
  • They offer perched seats: Users who have trouble bending their knees may benefit from the use of a perched seat to transport them from floor to floor.
  • Outdoor stairlifts are also available: Users can purchase and have stairlifts installed outdoors so that they can enjoy their deck, patio or yard or get out of the house more easily.
  • They offer rapid installation: Stairlifts can be installed within 24 hours of purchase.
  • They provide a 12-month guarantee: All products are covered for the first 12 months of use, so if they fail to work or don't meet users' needs, they can be returned. The registration card needs to be returned within the first 30 days in order to qualify.
  • Best for people who can’t walk, people with limited mobility, people who have a heart or lung condition, and people who have trouble bending their knees.

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