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Xcel Energy

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Last updated: Oct. 12, 2017

59 Xcel Energy Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 12, 2017

I filed suit (** Jefferson County small claims court) against Xcel on Aug 9, 2005 for knowingly overbilling me. I just received the latest invoice for this home which has sat empty, with all the breakers, except one, turned off for the last 3 months. The invoice requires payment of $26.17 for the period between 8-25-17 to 9-25-17. I called Xcel to complain and resolve this error. The initial lady I spoke to stated that the $26.17 is a charge for having service. I looked and they DO charge $5.39 for electrical and $13.56 for gas! She also admitted that there was negligible if any usage in the home. I asked to speak with a manager. After 19 minutes on hold, a lady named Arlo (she refused to give her last name) came on and said that when the property was built there must have been faulty wiring and that is why I was being charged. She refused to remove the charge from the bill.

To shut down and restart service is over $65. This is an outrage! Consumers are being charged just for the privilege of having service through a monopoly! I will not go through the costly, both in terms of time and finances, of suing again this unprofessional and unethical company. But I hope that this review is read by many and change will take place. I am offended at the arrogance and the righteousness of this monopoly! There wasn't even an offer of negotiations. There needs to be a change, consumers need choices to make companies competitive. This is dangerous and only hurts consumers. We as consumers need to start voicing and fighting for our collective concerns!

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Original review: Aug. 11, 2017

I understand that the summer rates are higher and more energy is being used at this time, that is a given, but I live in a 922 square foot condo and rarely run my air conditioner. I have standard appliances in the home and use on a regular basis, nothing out of the ordinary. My bill for July was $298.97. In previous years, the average temperature in the same month was 72° with a billing amount of around $80-100, in 2017, (with no changes) the average was 82° (higher) and I have a $298.97 bill. I called the company last year to have them check it out. First, they had me call an electrician, so I did. He came out tested all of the breakers, outlets, and appliances. Nothing was pulling an alarming amount of energy. Then, they stated it might be my air conditioning unit, I had a company come out to check that. Nothing. I requested several times for them to come and check the meter. They said give it two weeks, so I did. Never came.

I called again to follow up. They stated the service people are very busy and cannot come out until a later date and they would be in contact. I had heard nothing, so after two more weeks I called again and they said hopefully it would be the following week. Again, I called and they stated they were still working on getting someone out here. I gave up. Now summer is here once again and my rates are out of the roof!!!! I called today and the man told me that they did come out last year, but the box was locked so no test was done. I was flabbergasted. I immediately said I would like another test, he stated that in his opinion, there is nothing wrong and refused to schedule a test!!! I cannot believe this company. The way they handle situations and treat their customers is preposterous. If I had another option I would immediately change services. This company is a rip-off and should be investigated. How ridiculous!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 8, 2017

    I need a new electric line built to my mtn. cabin site. In early May, I contacted Xcel who passed me on to Q3 Contracting. I was told 6-8 weeks to get an estimate. I emailed Alex several times near the 6 week period and was only told it could take as long as 8 weeks. At 8 weeks, I was told the project was "complicated" so it was taking longer than expected. The site is flat with only one turn. The easements are just as easy to avoid with no neighboring land owner concerns since the line was entirely on my property.

    14+ weeks later he had a proposal at $75.5K!!! Q3 proposes that it will be 4-6 weeks before they can get started so with their track record, it will 8-10 weeks. That clearly puts us into Oct or Nov and at 10,000 ft. we have freeze and frost. But Q3 has a "frost & thaw agreement" where they will charge ME to mitigate frost (and pad the bill) all because of THEIR delays. So the bid is actually $75.5K PLUS!! No offer or consideration for underground line work which might be cheaper. So I guess I am gonna have to go solar unless I can get another contractor that Xcel will approve to do the work at a reasonable price. Avoid Q3 like the plague or be ready to have your bank account stripped as they build in delays that pad the bill.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 6, 2017

    Xcel Energy is the worst company to work with. I received a bill in May that was abnormally high for my normal service usage. I called to dispute the bill because I have lived at the same residence for almost six years and have had a bill that high for one month. I asked for my meter to be checked and my bill to be reviewed. Despite the fact that my bill has never been this high before and past year's usage proved this they refused to change my bill amount. They stated I was under billed for April and this was why I was billed for over $430 for one month. I argued that even if you deducted the amount based on usage from last year and from March it still left $150 over what I would normally pay.

    I asked to speak to a manager and I was told that is not an option available to me. I was also told that I could not make a payment agreement because I had broken one I was placed on in June. I never agreed to a payment arrangement. I had even told the representative that I did not want to make one until I knew what the bill was going to be for May after resolution. They sent me a disconnect notice in July because I refused to pay the $433 bill for May 2017. Needless to say this company will not work with customers and feels they can set their bills at whatever they want whenever they want. Their own stats even fly in the face of their logic and they refuse to own up to their own mistakes. It is too bad that we the citizens have to deal with monopolies of utilities where there are no other options for customers but to be held hostage by these companies.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 5, 2017

    Worst company ever. 6 months ago the house across the street burnt down, Xcel removed my meter in their system. I am on auto pay, and I pay 2 other Xcel bill this way as well. I did not see that they were not billing me until I had an outage a few months ago and called to report. They said I did not exist. After wading through 2 feet of snow to read them the meter that did not exist. Then I was told about their mistake, and that I would be back charged - fairly. Instead, I got a meter reading 2 months later and 6 months of bills all at once. Terrible. I did nothing wrong except move to Colorado where I have no choice in energy providers.

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    Original review: July 1, 2017

    I call in the 28th to transfer service. Xcel customer service tells me they'll be out the next day. Never came the 29th. I call on the 30th at 7am and again, customer service assures me they will be there before 5. Come 6, I call again and she tells me they work till 11. This is on a Friday. At 10:45pm I call and the lady and she tells me he didn't make it.... OBVIOUSLY IDIOT! I explain to her my son is on oxygen and this is medically necessary. She said the technician is working till midnight... he never came! She told me, "go somewhere safe" WTH... I told her the safe place is the home I just paid a lot of money for. She then said, "oh and the technicians don't work on weekends. They might be there Monday." Tuesday is the 4th of July so I bet it'll be Wednesday.

    So I told her if my son died due to their negligence, she had the nerve to tell me to call 911. I then told her, "If I didn't pay my bill you'd be out immediately to shut it off right," she stated yes. So I asked her why they couldn't work that fast. Just kept telling me to go to a safe place. They screw people because there is no other service companies here. **!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 26, 2017

    For many months I paid my account with a bank account that was registered on their site. It was part of a dropdown menu where I had 2 bank accounts listed. All of a sudden I received notice that the payment had been refused. I contacted Xcel who were ruder than heck, talking over me, etc. They insisted I had removed the account after I used the dropdown to pay. Now, why would I do that? I kept telling them that I had not made any changes to my account (other than to correct my billing address for the 4th time in my first call). They kept insisting I did. Not even, I must have. They told me to call my bank who said they would not know If I changed my accounts on Xcel (an answer I expected), but the bank did tell me I was not the first customer to call about this problem.

    Called Xcel back only to be greeted by another rude rep. I spent years as a customer service rep and am generally polite - although I do admit sometimes I run out of nice. I was generally nice on this last call but did ask for a management person. I was told there was none available. I was also told they NEVER adjust the $15.00 returned payment fee. I do not know how my payment got rejected. I only know I did nothing to precipitate it. This may be a place for them to get extra fees that are not warranted. Many people have that bill automatically paid from their bank account which would mean less scrutiny. It seems I have cost them more than the lousy $15.

    I have been their customer for over 42 years and at one time, due to a business I had, I had at least 20 accounts running at one time. There were frequent billing errors then and it cost me in the thousands as I did not get reimbursed without a corrected bill within 60 days. Most problems took 90 days for a new corrected bill. Unfortunately, there is no alternative for service. I intend taking the problem to the Colorado Public Utilities. Makes me want to move to the country and live off the grid!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 13, 2016

    We have finally had it! We have been fighting with XCEL Energy for OVER 3 years on, what we believe, is a faulty meter or mistake on readings. Our bills have been over $500-$1000 a month, consistently for 3 years! Quick Summary because this is long... We've been fighting XCEL for over 3 years on bills as much as > $1000.00 for a property we bought in July 2013, and the previous owners did not have this problem. Part of that time the house was VACANT and EMPTY and had NO windows, doors, etc. as everything but the exterior structure and been demoed for renovation.

    1 Rep for XCEL, "Linda" thought she found the issue on September 9, and told us to hold payments while they investigated. Last week, we got a disconnection notice, and when I called they had no record of "Linda" or her recent discovery. We made a payment on October 7, and XCEL disconnected "By Mistake" on Tuesday October 11, 2016, and it took until 8:30 pm for them to turn it back on without any schedule or ETA. Today, October 13, our meter was switched out without warning or discussion.

    Here's the Story: Our home is a 2-story, 1920's home directly facing Wash Park on Downing. We bought the home in the summer of 2013 and it had not been updated since the 1980's. We proceeded to undergo a 90% home remodel and renovation. We kept the structure and historic beauty, but updated the interior and all systems for modern efficiency.

    During the initial demo, November-December 2013 and January 2014, Xcel started billing us anywhere from $500-$1000/month for our property. The property was literally empty, dark and vacant, with no windows, doors, etc. We argued we had no electrical power running to the property, and no one living there. However, they said the meter showed use, so we got billed. We continued to get monthly bills ranging from $800-$1000. The home is just about 4000 square feet, and the previous owners never had any issues similar to this. My husband and I even drove by many late nights to see if someone was squatting in the home or using a generator without us knowing. We were determined to figure it out.

    However, we have fought them on this issue for 3 years, and we feel like we have been robbed. Now, the home has all new windows, new doors, high-efficiency appliances, complete new duct system, etc. The entire house was rewired and everything was replaced with the most current energy efficient options. The bills did not change. We installed a "Nest" temperature regulator to ensure stabilization. Last March we even hired a specialist to conduct a full home energy audit, and the technician could not find anything out of the ordinary. Our bills continue to be over $1000.

    Our previous home was also a pop-top in Wash Park, which we completed in 2011. The home was similar in size, and our bills never reached over $400. It's absolutely impossible that we could be using this much energy. We are a family of 4, with 2 elementary age kids. But, If we refused to pay, they have disconnected us. Which has now happened 3 times. We have begged for a new meter, more frequent reads, a meter test or anything that would help us find the issue, and they continued to ignore us, saying we needed to use less electricity. We have tried everything, and we are now about to install a TED or NEURIO energy tracker.

    After another disconnection notice, I called about another high bill, on September 9, 2016, and I finally reached one representative, "Linda", who thought she found the issue. I had asked her to go back through our history, again, and check for any identifying at all that could be off, she thought she found it. She was convinced that we were being billed for a meter on the rental property where we lived during the remodel + our existing home. She thought we asked for disconnection when we moved, and they changed the name on the account, but we were still being billed.

    She told me not to pay our bill, and that they would investigate the problem, and most likely, be sending us a refund for the last 15 months. She said to give them 30 days to resolve the issue. She said she recorded notes in the Billing section "Do not disconnect service", and in the service section, "Please check on incorrect billing procedures and customer should be refunded for past incorrect charges".

    However, we were never notified of the outcome, and we got another a disconnection notice on 10/7. I immediately called to find out why we had not heard back regarding our resolution, and why instead, we got the disconnection notice. According to the representative, there was NO history of the phone call with "Linda". There were some notes from a "Jason" that said, "the customer asked why she is still being billed for a different property, but service was stopped on August 18, 2015". They then told us we owed a balance of $4,000+ in order to avoid disconnection, today. This was service for June, July, August, and September.

    After a lot of begging, we were able to get them to agree to allow us to pay out the high bills with a payment plan. On Friday, October 7, we made a payment of $800 from our checking account, and we agreed to a payment schedule to pay the rest out in monthly installments. However, on Tuesday, October 11 at approximately 11:00 am they disconnected our service with no warning or door tag. My husband and I work from home and electricity is essential for us to work.

    After an hour on the phone with them, they finally confirmed that yes, we had made a payment, and the service was disconnected by mistake. However, even though it was their mistake, they would not give us a straight answer on when they would turn it back on. It would be sometime before 10:00 pm, and we had to be home (in the dark and cold) to wait for the tech to come turn it back on. After numerous calls throughout the day, and the same, "we do not have an ETA" answer, a 3rd party technician came out from "True Tech" and knocked on our door around 8:30 pm. He said he had just been paged for the job and ran right over since it was so late. After this incident, on October 11, I filed a report with the BBB and the "Rip Off Report".

    Today, October 13, 2016. Evidently, the Meter we have been complaining about was removed at the time of disconnection on Tuesday morning, but there were no notes regarding this procedure. This morning at 8:00 am as my husband was leaving to take the children to school, he noticed an electrician from Xcel at our meter. The meter is hidden behind the garage in the alley. He confronted the tech, and the tech said he was "bringing back our meter", but he didn't know if it was a new meter or an old meter. There was no previous discussion, notice or explanation. We really don't know if he was reading the meter, or replacing the meter the tech brought out on Tuesday night. All of this is odd since we have been complaining about the meter and the probable inaccuracy for 3 years.

    We normally don't watch TV or the news, and we not the type of people that would really want to be on a big News Story, but someone has to figure this out and if they are taking advantage of others. We have struggled to pay these high bills, thank goodness we have been able to scrape together the money, but it has not been easy!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 13, 2016

    I live in Carlsbad Nm. I recently was evicted from my home of 3 yrs. My first three electricity bill was over 500 a month which lead to budget billing that lasted for three yrs paying up to 300 monthly, never even went down. Stood at 2000 and over. The landlord evicted me because he wanted a relative to move in. So I moved and I called Xcel Energy twice in two months to discontinue my service and they won't because they said they called the landlord and the landlord lied and said I still live there however I do have court papers saying the trailer was released to owner on July 12th.

    No one lives in the trailer since I moved out and now I have a statement of 2583.00 and from July 7 to Aug 12 the bill is 218.00 and no one lives there. Dark at night and empty during the day but they're still charging me and they won't discontinue my services but yet I'm getting two months of discontinue notices and still has not been shut off. How much longer until they decide to turn it off. They won't even go out there and check let alone check the meter, they are going on estimate not actual. Don't know what to do...

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 20, 2016

    You'd think setting up an electric utility would be easy. Not so. I reside in Westminster, CO. In Colorado, the only service provider for electricity is Xcel. The state has yet to set up a public utility. So our only option is to get service through money hungry Xcel Energy, who is not even headquartered in the state (they are in Minnesota).

    In 2013, I moved into a 900 sq ft apartment in Boulder with 2 others. We were suddenly charged $364 for a bill that lasted during our first 9 days of living in the apartment. I tried contacting Xcel and it seemed as if we were getting charged for the past residents' unpaid electricity bill, and they started a complaint form with me. We waited a month and they decided to charge us a late fee instead, and never addressed the complaint. I called back again, only to get the most argumentative representatives I have ever dealt with. For 3 month's worth of phone calls, we debated and complained, ending nowhere and resulting in a forceful payment of $364.

    Earlier in 2016, the utility was at it again, charging my partner twice, even though we only authorized a single payment. They even attempted to argue this. However, after 3 days of arguing with the "lovely" representatives, we finally "convinced" them that the charge was wrong after we threatened with reporting them to our financial institution plus with attorney power.

    Now they're at it AGAIN with us. During the month of June, we were away from the premises for 12 days. Everything in our unit was turned off. From January-May, we were being charged for approximately 300 kWh per bill. All of a sudden in June (while we were gone), we were charged for an additional 300 kWh making the total 650. How does one explain the sudden surge in usage? Well, their representatives say it was our A/C unit, which was set to 82 degrees. I don't know about you, but I don't believe an AC unit set to 82 would create 300 kW of power. We had it set to 72 in the month of May, or even LOWER. Now we are terrified to turn it over 80. I have complained to the Public Utilities Commission of Colorado about this issue, and am still awaiting a response.

    Today, the real kicker came though. While filling out a form to cancel the service for my apartment, since I am moving to Oregon, I discovered they have only been estimating how much electricity would be used in my unit. To get an actual meter read for my final bill, they would like to charge me an additional $24 as a "service fee." Hm, looks like they've not been actually reading my meter all along!!! They wanted an extra $24 a month to ACTUALLY get an ACCURATE read on my meter. Basically, they will charge you $24 a month if you request someone to come out and read your meter. Which is their job in the first place.

    Xcel Energy, your money hungry ways are pathetic. Besides affecting my own life, it has affected the lives of many Coloradans. For example, the company is set to build a giant solar farm here in Colorado. The PUC originally declined it, but looks like they were bartered off with their stubborn representatives. With the addition of this solar farm, Colorado residents could see an extra $20-$30 per month added on to their bills. Also, this would make it illegal for a Colorado resident to harness their own solar electricity. Xcel Energy, go back to Minnesota and mess up people's lives there. There is no need for this forced monopolistic corporatism here in Colorado.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 16, 2015

    My husband and recently I bought a house in Pueblo. We called to have the gas service turned on Wednesday morning. The girl assured us a technician would be out that afternoon. Nobody came. I called on Thursday. The man assured us that our order was 'on a truck' and a technician would be out that day FOR SURE. He told me multiple times he 'sees it in [his] computer' and gave me information based on what he saw. It turns out he was LITERALLY MAKING THINGS UP while speaking to me. I asked how late the technician might come. The man told me 3:30pm and that the technician was going to be there soon. I told him the time was already past as it was already 4:00pm. The man apologized and told us the technician would be out on Friday FOR SURE.

    I called Friday morning to confirm that a technician was coming out. The girl I spoke with assured me that the order was 'on a truck' (again) and somebody would be out that day. She had no way to connect me with this mystery technician to confirm that I needed to spend another full business day sitting here waiting for the gas company guy to show up. Nobody came. Again.

    Today is Monday. We have been cold for 5 days now as night time temps have been in the 20's here. I called (again) and was assured (again) that a technician would be out today. The technician finally called at 11:30am!!! He then asked us if 'the water had been turned on yet'. It had not. He told us he could not possibly turn on our gas service until the water was connected per company policy. NOBODY ASKED US ABOUT THIS OR TOLD US ABOUT THIS!!! If this was actually company policy, why hadn't anyone addressed this question to us???

    I called the customer service line again after I got off the phone with the technician and scheduled the water to be turned on. The girl said she'd never even heard about that rule. She then rescheduled our appointment to... Today. When, today? Sometime today. How late do I need to wait at home for the technician? She had NO WAY OF KNOWING. Wow. Way to drop the ball Xcel Energy - we've had AWFUL service from your company and we don't even have our service connected yet!!! Obviously nothing is written in stone, but I don't see good things coming in the future from dealing with this company.

    Everyone I've spoken to at Xcel Energy has been a nice, kind human being. That being said, it's OBVIOUS that this company's communication skills are DEPLORABLE. I know that sometimes things don't go so well when working with large companies, but having agents making things up, literally know nothing about the service requirements, who can't tell me when to expect a technician to arrive or even what hours they work and lack the ability to communicate with local technician crews is RIDICULOUS. This company gets an 'A' for having nice, friendly staff and an 'F' for their customer service quality.

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    Original review: Aug. 4, 2015

    My son lived in a building in Boulder that recently began a renovation project. His apartment was switched and he notified Xcel of the move. He finally moved out of the building and advised Xcel again. Xcel continued to bill him. I called Xcel and they were rude and said they would check it out but have not returned calls or notified me other than to send additional bills and automatic calls to my phone advising that a bill is due. It seems, in reviewing this blog, that this is fairly common.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 25, 2015

    I had called into the Xcel Energy Customer Service number around the July 4th weekend to let them know I needed my service to be disconnected and did not need service to be transferred. I also, at the time of the call, let the representative know that the last week of June I was not at the residence and in the process of moving due to serious harassment issues with a neighbor living across from me in **. I gave my notice to vacate the Glen Apts on 6/30/15 and was moved out on July 7th. After several attempts in speaking with several different reps at Xcel Energy because I kept getting calls from the company for payment in which should be directly charged to the Glen Apts and tried explaining my situation and the representatives were rude and have kept adding charges to my acct even though I had done the right thing by contacting the company to disconnect my service.

    I received a bill on July 23 for an amount of $309.33, and the bill shows as a "past due" amount which right away showed me that my bill for that residence was showing active. I called Xcel customer service again on July 24 9:20 a.m mountain time, and the representative not only told me that it was never documented that I had called in to have my service disconnected, accused me of being a liar and that I had never called in and I would not only get my deposit back from Xcel, but that I am fully responsible for current charges and the representative showed no empathy or any professionalism over the matter.

    Before I ended the call I let the rep know that I would not waste my time calling in again because apparently this type of behaviour is allowed and I will not pay for charges that should have been disconnected in the 1st place. I have all paperwork required to prove my case and do not feel it is right that this company thinks they can push people around and incur charges on someone who is no longer even living at that residence.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 18, 2015

    In the easement along my property the power lines are resting in trees. Judging by how the branches have grown along the lines of contact, it's been more than five years in this condition. Trees along both properties on either side of me have taken down the lines in the 2.5 years I've been here. So Xcel knows what's going on. If you have ever seen how power is layer in 'developing' parts of the world, then you get the picture. The last tree to fall tipped their pole even more, dropping the service line to my house even more. It's now low enough that I could touch it with a bat. Xcel said they would return to improve the situation. But that has been over a month ago.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 2, 2015

    House was struck by lightning, call Xcel Energy. The power leg from the transformer to the house was out so they had to come and replace the line however they did not. And they still have not. I have kids running around and it's the Fourth of July weekend. I called Xcel Energy to expedite them to bury it and they said they're trying to soon as possible and it takes up to 10 business days. This is unacceptable, this is an emergency life and death such as if a kid was to run across the line, it would kill them. They should have systems in place to be buried expeditiously and immediately after running a line. This is a transformer line to my panel above ground where my kids play. Xcel you suck. The rep ** was a total jerk. I tried to get a supervisor and could not get a supervisor. So can you tell me if I tried to pay my bill whenever I want is acceptable? I may have to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 19, 2015

    So I moved into my place on 5/1/15. I started service on 5/2/15 via online. So I'm all moved in - everything is in working order. Now to the current so on today 5/18/15 @ 12:30 I'm getting ready for work and all of a sudden my power turns off. I called Xcel and they say it takes 8-10 days for service to be completed. Well it has been 16 days. I have spoken to 8 reps and they said my service will be restored by 10pm. Well now it's 10:30 and still no service. I was told that it takes 24 to restore.

    Please explain to me why my service was disconnected in the first place. My family should not have to suffer because you guys messed up on your end. I was told that it was an accident - well if that's the case turn my power back on. Oh and I was told by ** that my son being on oxygen is not an emergency. Who in the heck says something like that to a mother. Now inconvenienced we have to stay in a hotel until they decide to restore power. Sincerely a very irate and angry customer.

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    Original review: May 14, 2015

    I rented my home out for years. I returned to the home because renters were damaging property. I call Jan and asked them to turn on electricity. I had a couple very large bills and called to complain, they explained they would fix it. Next they wanted to change out our meter because it was broken. They then sent out another 400 dollar bill. When I asked what was going on apparently the renters did not pay their last bill so I was responsible... Really what are talking about and does everyone just pay bills without explanation of charges. This is fraud. How do I know what is actually on that meter, they said it was broken... Very fishy. I want to have a choice to use a different company!

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: April 16, 2015

    I made a mistake doing some landscaping last year, and put a stake through a gas line that was not that deep. A huge truck that was fit for military deployment showed up. Eventually a guy dug down a few feet manually, crimped the line, lit a cigarette, and made the repair. Then the monster truck sat for another hour out front doing nothing. Sure enough, I got a bill for the extended period of time, $700 bucks. I paid $350 and I guess I missed a second notice, and was sent to collections with a collection agency called McCarthy, Burgess & Wolff, who have a rating of about 0 on many reputable websites. I paid the outstanding balance on the McCarthy, Burgess & Wolff website, and the money was withdrawn from my banking about.

    Somehow, the next day, I got an email saying that the money was being refunded for some reason. I assumed that I had already paid it. NOT - I have gotten three phone messages since making payment saying I owe money. They do not have evening or weekend business hours. I have paid Xcel energy over $100,000 over the years, it is disappointing that this whole thing has occurred the way it has. I am not sure if McCarthy, Burgess & Wolff is a scam based on some online postings, and I am afraid to make another payment online. I was also overcharged by the Monopolistic Xcel Energy to begin with, who could dictate any price they want on charges like this. I asked if I could contest it and they said no. Xcel will also not let me pay them directly.

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    Original review: April 9, 2015

    Xcel energy has been a thorn in my side for years. They have a monopoly in Wisconsin and Minnesota so you’re screwed. They are allowed to raise their rates all the time. I live in a 800 square foot house and my energy bill has been around 189.00 a month or more for years. I was late on my bill and authorized them to take money out of my account on a payment plan. They took 2 withdrawals and overdrafted my account. I could not go to work because I couldn't get gas and they said they would rectify it but have not as of yet 3 hours later. I am missing 130.00 day of work to pay for their screw up. BIG BUSINESS ALWAYS WINS.

    Verified Buyer
    Original review: April 7, 2015

    Broken/exposed wires on transformer box -- We have a transformer box that needs to be repaired. I have been calling Xcel Energy for the last two months, left several messages and no one calls us back. I have also called the supervisor **. He will not call me back either. I'm the property mgr of this property and have over 300 kids on my site. That box is huge safety concern and Xcel seems to believe it's not. Help!!!

    Original review: March 19, 2015

    I called to have my power restored because of my past due balance. I asked how soon it could be turned on and he had told me by the end of the day tomorrow, which would be 5 pm. I have paid the bill and have work in the morning yet they can't take 5 min to come out and turn it on? Not to mention it's cold here at night! Ugh. So glad I'm moving to another state.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 12, 2015

    One day after due date (even when falls on a Sunday) I receive a disconnect notice, REALLY?!?! If there was another company I could choose from I wouldn't have gone with these ** wads.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 20, 2015

    Never enroll for Xcel Energy auto-pay. They don't cease to stop charging your bank even after cancellation, their customer-care never helps you. My nightmare with them still continues even after 3 months of cancellation.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 16, 2015

    I only receive gas service from Xcel (the city is my electric provider) and my bill is always fair even in peak my months. However the arrogance of their employees is frustrating. They're exclusively a union company and have some false sense of self entitlement from this... They're humans just like the rest of us... Any of you that have issues with overcharging from them just contact the PUC (Public Utilities Commission). They have authority over public utilities companies and they're on YOUR side, not the unions.

    Original review: Dec. 6, 2014

    I have been with Xcel Energy for 3 years at this location. When I started the service, I paid $250 deposit. I have had hard times, money is tight, so I have been paying late. I paid late, I pay all the late fees and they never had to disconnect me. Now, because of my payment history, they want an additional $1,049 deposit. I can't pay that. Is that legal? I can't change companies because there is only one. I am stuck.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 11, 2014

    16deg out and Xcel disconnect us for non payment which been set for autopay. No bills, no notice, no calls. They know it's winter this week, the tech climb the fence with no authorization. He thinks it's fun in disconnecting us. Kids are freezing. :( I gather my kids and pile up a bunch of blanket. Thank goodness for a big black lab. He gives us more warmth/heat. Supervisor said they call and send notice. I called back cause got cut off then I ask another tech and said "we can't send you notice and bill because you signup for online pay, and we can't call you because there's no phone number on file." Can't get their story straight. Why on winter? No communication, period! Then disconnected!!

    Original review: Oct. 21, 2014

    Xcel may do many wonderful things...but they tend to stonewall about complaints. Their contractors cut down a tree that I did not want them to. They appear to double-charge from time to time on overlapping billing periods (overlap is one or two days). I have not been able to verify this yet due to my limited time. Although the latest bill looks better...the bill has been filled with advertisements and is so poorly formatted .... takes forever to extract useful info. I could improve their bill in 30 minutes of work...although Xcel would be unhappy about losing manipulation effects.

    Original review: Oct. 7, 2014

    I am a single mother with no child support living in a tiny apartment... Yet my payments are over $100 a month. I can't pay that. So I pay when I can. I Miss last month and now they expect me to pay 400 dollars of my $468 bill in three days time. This is absurd. They are the only company here and they know it. They take advantage of their customers and their customer service representatives are rude and judgmental. I've been refused access to managers twice and they refuse to take even 300 in the three days. I don't have enough money to keep my electric bill current. It’s price gouging at its worst.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 22, 2014

    Xcel Energy has been ripping me off for years. When I call them.., (throughout the last 13 years) their "customer service agents" have no idea how to rectify my ENORMOUS BILL. I have asked for an adjustment/someone to come out and check the issue/how I can monitor my usage myself?... NO help. I live alone... have had no A/C for the first time in my home in 13 years since I finally agreed to their "saver switch" which they promptly came out and installed on my A/C. From that time on... I had NO A/C. I called them and let them know I had no A/C... They said, "That does not happen. Must be something wrong with your A/C." I still have no A/C. It's been months. At the same time... My hot tub was put on hold... not working due to a pump malfunction... even more electric down. Today, Xcel wants Over $500.00 from me for the past month. A li'l old lady and three cats? Come on.

    Customer increased Rating by 3 stars!
    Verified Reviewer
    Resolution response: Aug. 17, 2014

    I am extremely pleased that Xcel Energy investigated my issue with our electric bill. They called today to say the issue had been resolved. They did an outstanding job in responding to my e-mail detailing the issue. I am very happy with their attention to meet our concerns. As a science teacher this has been a rewarding experience to share with my students. We learn about the ways we need to be responsible for communicating our concerns about energy usage. Thank you Xcel for helping to teach young people about resolutions! I look forward to many years of happy service with Xcel.

    Original review: Aug. 14, 2014

    Xcel Energy is our energy company for our home in Hobbs, NM and until now we have never had a problem with the company. But, we are moving to Canyon, TX in May of the new year (2015). We had a small home built in Canyon and it is already finished. We signed papers on the home in late July. We have not lived in the home yet. We stayed one night and then came back to Hobbs. The home has an alarm system that alerts us if any door or window is opened. No one was in the home for the time period between July 21st and the first read of the electric meter on July 29th. There are NO electrical appliances in the home. When we left the home on July 21st no fans were on and the air conditioner was set on 85. For the 9 days that we owned the home we received an electric bill that stated a beginning ESTIMATED reading of 101 had been recorded and an ACTUAL reading was recorded at 797. The bill shows a usage of 696 kWh for 9 days. The bill was for $74.86.

    I have called many times to explain that this is an unreasonable amount of energy usage for an unoccupied home with no electrical appliances even in the home. EVERY time I call I have to start my explanation all over. The answers have been: "there is a problem with how the house was wired, talk to your builder," "the builder is allowed to estimate the beginning number," "your builder only used 1 kWh a day when he was in the home so someone must have been in the home without you knowing about it," "we could send someone out to check the meter but if nothing is wrong with it then there will be a charge of $89.00 for a meter read," "the newer meters are not faulty" and finally "you need to send someone out to read your meter and call us with the number that is now on the meter".

    So, I asked my brother-in-law to go out to the house on August 4th (he lives in Amarillo and works for Xcel). He went to the home on August 5th. On July 29th when the meter read 797 until August the 5th (the evening he went to read the meter) the meter read 804. So now in 6 days the home only used 7 kWh hrs. of energy!! I am completely exasperated with Xcel. Every time I call they give me these stories of how this could have happened that are untrue. They tell me they are going to investigate the problem but they do not investigate. They tell me they are going to call me back - they have not called me back, and they get very upset if I even suggest the problem lies with the ESTIMATE or with their meter. They said they did send in a report to have the meter checked. But they did not tell me what the report showed.

    I was told today, August 14th, to just pay the bill and then they would investigate. When I explained that I did not want this reading of that much energy usage in my records, they just said, "pay the bill!" I am very disappointed in Xcel - they are not an ethical company and they need to be investigated for their lack of resolving an issue that is clearly not acceptable.

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