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    Last updated: Jan. 3, 2018

    141 Duke Energy of Florida Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 3, 2018

    My Duke Energy bill was late by 2 weeks. I get another bill with a due date and amount due reflecting the past due plus current due. I assume this means I can pay on due date indicated in the notice. In total I owed 235.00. It's not very high for 2 months. Well, they shut me off even though I wasnt warned or anything! They mislead me with their bill. No mention of turning off. I pay the bill plus reconnect fee (40.00).

    A few days later, I get a notice saying they are adding 90 more dollars to my next bill as a deposit for being disconnected. The funny thing is, they blamed the charge on some Florida regulatory agency, accusing it of allowing them to charge the extra deposit. Anyway, I already have a deposit when I first moved in two years ago. I believe they are trying to be sneaky about collecting reconnection fees and deposits. What company acts this harshly to customers for being 2 weeks late? They are clearly manipulating their billing/disconnect practices to profit heavily on reconnect fees.

    If I'm to believe other comments about losing deposits if you dont request it back then they are even more shady with their unreasonable practices. As a consumer, I've never dealt with such a greedy company and I am sorry I moved to the sunshine state where we have no recourse but to walk on eggshells around Duke. I was already upset over the disconnect. Now I'm angrier they want even more money from me. Well, I can see I am not alone. There is even a news story about Duke doing this to other customers. In the report, Duke ended up removing the deposit from the bills. It took public embarrassment to get them to treat customers with respect. Unfortunately they do not learn. I will be appealing this deposit request. And no, I will not update my review with more stars if they decide to treat me like a human being. They never should have disconnected me in the first place.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 26, 2017

    Twice now I've had issues with Duke and their billing and payments. I signed up for their auto pay, budget billing program, in order for each payment to be the same without fluctuating month to month. When we switched to this, I was told that my next payment would come out in two weeks. They failed to mention that an additional payment would be taken that same day. Strike one in my book. Now, I was trying to switch my payment method be for a payment due on the 27th, only to find out that a posted draft was executed on the 22nd, a full 5 days before said payment was scheduled to come out. Apparently, they just post a payment whenever they feel like it, due to holidays or whatever criteria they use. Granted, it hasn't actually come out of the account yet, but because it's posted, there's nothing I can do to fix it. No warning, no update, just posted without any communication or chance to change it.

    Apparently, you can cancel a payment until 3 pm on the day it posts, but posting almost a week before the scheduled payment date is just ridiculous. The last time I contacted Duke about this, they said there was no way to rectify the situation. Once the money comes out, it's out. So now I'm assuming I'll be waking up tomorrow to find the money came out, Duke got theirs, and there's nothing I'll be able to do about it. If I had a chance to switch energy companies, I would in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, they're the only one around here, so I'm stuck with a company just deciding to post payments whenever they feel, without regard to actual, you know, customer service. Also, I tried calling to talk to someone, but they apparently are observing holidays longer than anyone else. Good to know my business is appreciated by these chumps.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 18, 2017

    This is not about the Irma 5 day outage. Back in July they had a 15 hour power outage and I had to throw the contents of my fridge/freezer. I filed a claim and I just got an answer denying my claim, because "they are not liable because due to cause beyond their control". 1449 customers were affected, come to find out they found an underground primary power cable which failed due to adverse weather.

    They send a card stating they upgraded their power grid, then came Irma and we were out 5 day. Again, fridge contents thrown out, can't afford to throw $600 worth of food every 3 months. You better believe I am going solar, don't want to be a hostage of their politics like this last time around with the unions who wouldn't touch the trees that fell on Teco lines or vice versa and they rejected the help from another power company who offered to take care of it. It took them 3 days to resolve! Scandalous!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 18, 2017

    I signed up for auto pay for my Duke Energy account. Easy and convenient, well it wasn't. Finally after several attempts to enter my banking info it took my info and I was all set. Until today, I was notified that the payment was returned by my bank. Of course the first thing I did was check my bank account and enough funds were there. I called Duke customer service, that was an adventure. After 5 minutes of pressing 0000 a rep came on the line. A very rude young lad named Ryan, he informed me that I made an incorrect keystroke causing the return, he then proudly informed me that I would be charged a $30 return fee. What the??? For making a mistake of course I lost my temper and Ryan hung up on me. I called Duke again and made a credit card payment with a $2.20 convenience fee. Once again the consumer is screwed by corporate control. Can't switch. They're the only game in town, and I don't want to watch TV by candlelight.

    Original review: Aug. 19, 2014

    My bill is getting increasingly higher. I am the only income at the moment; my mom (who is 84 and recently had a stroke) lives with me and I just need 5 days to pay my bill. I am doing the best I can, but times are tough and this Corp has no regard for life... No mercy.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 22, 2013

    For the past two months, they have shut off my electricity while I was in the house working. Admittedly, they did send a notice warning me that I was late and they would cut off my electricity in ten days. By the time the notice arrived, I was down to six days. On both occasions, I thought I had paid it, so I didn't respond. I could not believe that they did not send a second notice or at least give me a phone call. If the employee who shut down my electricity had simply knocked on my door and told me she was about to shut it off, I would have paid right then and there. Instead, as soon as the electricity went off, I had to pay the bill plus a $40 reconnect fee and wait six to eight hours without electricity.

    I have been a customer at this address for 13 years. I am almost 60 years old and I have never encountered such terrible service from any company in my life. Now, they want me to pay them a $295 deposit fee that they will hold for two years, or they will shut off my electricity again. The stress that this company has given me will probably be responsible if I have a heart attack.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 17, 2013

    I made several changes in my home to improve energy; bills go up and down depending on the seasons. However, they don't seem to be low enough and in some cases are higher than the year before I made the changes. I have two concerns. I recently heard that Progress Energy was making donations to the campaign for the Governor, and now they are changing their name to Duke Energy. Who pays for this? Consumers. Certainly we will pay for campaign money, and administrative costs for business changes usually do too.

    Original review: April 5, 2013

    I signed up for E-bill and must have put the wrong account number for my bank. I got a letter 10 days later saying that they tried to deposit my check twice and the account number was good and then they charged me a $60 fee. The bill was on $118. When calling their customer service (which is very poor), they said there was nothing they could do. I have been with Progress Energy for almost 25 years and always paid my bill on time. This is how they treat people just because they can and know that I can't just go to another electric company.

    Just to let everyone know, Nathan at Ext. ** was rude and a horrible customer service person. I also talked to Frank (supervisor) at **. After holding for over 10 minutes, he just kept saying the company line. There should be some recourse for situations like this. This is why monopolies are not good!

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    Original review: March 14, 2013

    I unfortunately closed my account at a bank that had auto payment being deducted for Progress Energy. I did contact Progress Energy, gave them new account info, and offered to give them a credit card for the payment. They said too late and nothing could be done. Although the first person I spoke with did say that because I had been with them 10 years and had a perfect record, they wouldn't cancel auto billing. Well, I kept calling until I found one senior associate who said she would take care of any fees if it came to that. Well, they cancelled auto billing and added a $30 returned item charge. I couldn't reach the girl who said she would take care of it (although I had her extension), but they said they would ask for her response since she didn't leave any file notes and they didn't care about anything but account payment and the $30.

    Original review: March 5, 2013

    About three weeks ago, my dad who is 74 years of age was working in the backyard. He saw sparks coming from the power lines. Shortly after, he called Progress Energy to notify them of the situation. Eventually, they came out to survey the situation. Well, at the top of the pole, it was split and hanging down. It has been noted that the neighbor behind my dad's house had already reported the same thing taking place from time to time. From there, they believe that they disconnected the lines and ran the lines from my dad's house to the neighbor's lines and were supposedly coming back out to fix the pole. At that point, my dad's garage door was no longer working and the freezer in his garage also went out.

    After going on two weeks later and nothing taking place, I called back to see what the status was on the repairs and also to file a claim and the damages that had taken place. The claim was denied and the reason was supposedly due to the weather causing the damages. Wow! After about three weeks, the pole had not been fixed. I'd suggest that due to the location of the incident, there seemed to be no urgency to take care of it or take care of the damages that were sustained due to the lack of faulty equipment. My dad had to pay for the repairs for the garage door hardware and also had a freezer that was full of meats/food that were no longer any good. With the denial of the claim, he is now responsible for purchasing a new freezer and food.

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    Original review: Feb. 28, 2013

    I'm tired of terrible customer service. I have no resolution to problems, no escalation, no payment options that don't cost $4.95. Customer service doesn't even mention payment by check. They direct you to all of the means that cost to pay your bill. Progress Energy supervisor/operator ** was ill-equipped to answer any questions, and he said he was a supervisor! Idiocracy and mediocrity are the new normal. I'm filing complaints with every institution I am able including Florida State Attorney General's office.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 21, 2013

    There seems to be nowhere anyone can turn regarding complaints about Progress Energy. It has gotten to a point where Progress Energy calls all the shots and continuously puts the quality of people's lives in jeopardy. When will something be done to get to the bottom of it all and wipe out the negative effects this heartless corporation continuously imposes? Everyone just keeps quiet and lets this company take advantage. Are there any lawyers out there worth what they claim they are?

    Original review: Feb. 9, 2013

    I paid my bill with Progress Energy's e-Bill option online. I entered my bank institution's routing number and my account number. The account had plenty of funds to cover the bill, which was why this particular account was used. For some reason or another, Progress Energy's online processing system did not complete the transaction. They were unable to provide me with the information that I entered so I could compare facts. In addition, Progress Energy sent me a notification that my check was returned due to insufficient funds and added a $30 charge because of this incident.

    Upon checking with my bank, there was no attempt to charge that account. Therefore, no funds were refused. I informed Progress Energy that I entered the correct information, and they were unable to prove, one way or another, whether I was right or wrong. I received a notification on February 8, 2013 which stated that I had to make payment in full by February 8 (same day) so I would not lose service. This was a day I was not feeling well and was not able to go anywhere to personally make a payment. I was forced to make the payment on the phone which incurred an additional $4.95 fee for doing so. Furthermore, I had to use an account that was to be used for groceries, which I was not able to purchase as a result.

    Not once has Progress Energy looked at any possibility of how this could have been their error; nor were they willing to consider my outstanding credit with them for paying my bill (always on time or earlier than due date). My electricity was threatened of being turned off on the same day I received the letter, and I was under stress that I am not able to describe in words. I have never dealt with such insensitive people as those at Progress Energy. I would like to escalate this matter to a legal one and let it be known of the tactics this company is capable of using.

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    Original review: Jan. 17, 2013

    My daughter has just moved to FL for college. I am paying the bill online. She received a notice that her bill was due on the 31st. Of course, she forgot to remind me; however, I planned on paying it, not thinking that they would shut it off in 10 days of being overdue! That is just absurd! I have been utilizing energy companies for many years and never have they just turned the power off without a warning! And then they tell me they have to get a technician there to turn it on! Bull! Are they that far behind in technology that they can't switch it on as quickly as they switch it off? And then they charge $40. Argh! I am switching companies!

    Original review: Dec. 28, 2012

    This company is ruthless. They had me out of power for an entire day, which resulted in 3 weeks of piggybacking off our neighbor's electricity in the middle of hurricane season. This also fell during the time of my wedding. And, it was followed by poor typing skills when updating our banking information (their fault) which is now causing us to pay in cash. It's very inconvenient, and it has to be done for 12 months now. I wish there was another option than dealing with this company!

    Original review: Dec. 13, 2012

    Progress shouldn't be allowed to monopolize the central Florida area. They have no regard or concern for their customers because they don't have to. They can get away with being rude without worry that we will bring our business elsewhere.

    Original review: Nov. 20, 2012

    Due to an unexpected medical emergency, I was disabled and unable to pay my bill for 3 months (I have not received my first disability check yet, so income is very limited). My husband made a partial payment on the past due balance and promised that the balance will be paid in full by the end of next month. My power was shut off despite the fact that I've been a paying customer for 9 years. The “customer service” reps were unconcerned with my situation and refused to reinstate the power even though I have never had payment issues before.

    As I write this, my medical equipment is running on battery backup and when it dies, I’m not sure what will happen or what I'll do. Not that Progress Energy has ever been known for good customer service, but this is just evil. It should be illegal for an electric company that holds the monopoly in an area to turn off the power of a customer suffering from any disability or medical emergency.

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    Original review: Nov. 17, 2012

    This company is horrendous. How in the heck are they still allowed to legally do business? I found out I had a Final Bill that went unpaid because they didn't feel like trying to contact me. So, it went into collections and sat for 5 years. Now that it's finally paid, they still refuse to have the collections agency remove the note from my credit report. It's like they want to spite people and show them that if you make a mistake, they will make you pay dearly. What a terrible way to do business.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 10, 2012

    I was accused of stealing electricity and tampering with the meter. Are you serious? I'm a 29-yr-old disabled honest tax paying citizen! I had no power; they shut it off on a holiday weekend plus want another deposit plus fees for unauthorized usage and investigative charges.

    Original review: Nov. 2, 2012

    I set my account to be closed because I was moving. I received an email saying to not pay my final bill and that it would come out of my deposit. I received a late fine, because I was told that was not my final bill and another would be coming later. It is only $5, but I have had so many problems with Progress Energy. I wish I would never have to deal with them again.

    Original review: Oct. 31, 2012

    My power was shut off on 10/19/12 because my bill was past due (long story). Anyway, Progress Energy has now informed me that I owe $209.32 in fees due to unauthorized use. When I further inquired, Progress Energy told me that they actually cut my power off on 10/10/12, came back for a visit on 10/19/02 and observed that lights were in use and that my meter had been tampered with. This is an absolute lie! For one, I am a single mother with a 6 years old. I know nothing about rigging power or tampering with meters. In fact, I live in a large apartment complex and don't even know where the damn meter is for my building.

    I shared this with the leasing office manager in my community and she assured me that none of the staff would have tampered with the meter. In fact, this was the first time she had ever heard of the energy company charging for such a thing. Now Progress Energy will not restore my power until I pay the past due portion along with the additional $209.32 in fees for something I did not do. I am being strong armed into paying these fees. I intend to retain an attorney and contact every news media outlet regarding this situation.

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    Original review: Oct. 26, 2012

    We sent a check beginning of October to make sure it was there on time. We then received a letter after the due date that if we didn't pay in 2 days, we would be disconnected. So we paid online with the $4.00 fee and called our bank to stop the check. They did and when Progress Energy sent the check in, USAA told them it was a stopped check. They then charged us $30.00 for a check we had stopped, thinking they never received it. We always pay on time, never have missed and because they were going to disconnect us and obviously we thought the check was lost, we are now being charged $30.00. Thanks for nothing Progress Energy. I will be looking for a new place if there is one around.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 24, 2012

    I have been dealing with Progress Energy for about 8 years now since moving to Florida. We recently moved into a different house on the same street. The floor plan is the same and we brought all of our appliances. Prior to moving in, we installed insulating window film which should block up to 70% of sun. However, our bill has increased considerably our house is 1,600 sq. ft. And our bills through the summer have been $450 per month during the day I put the A/C up to 80 at night on 77. I wash laundry once each night and run my dishwasher once each night. I try to hang up washing to dry and keep lights to a minimum. I barely ever open the blinds and yet a quarter of my income is being taken up with this one bill. Their prices are so unfair - how are families supposed to survive?

    A friend of mine who lives 25 miles away has Tampa Electric as her provider. She has a larger family than me and a very similar size home, but she is paying half of what I am paying for her energy bill. Does anyone else feel that they are being ripped off by Progress Energy? Isn't there some kind of regulation against this kind of theft? Does anyone know how to make a complaint that would matter?

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 20, 2012

    I am moving to this new address from out of state, and the deposit is 600 dollars because the people that lived there before ran their bill to the ground and owe money. They also tampered with the electric. The people that lived there before were evicted, because they had 8 people living in a 2-bedroom apartment. It's only me and my two boys. Why is that fair to charge the innocent 600 dollars? Is there any way to fight that? And why isn't there another company that we can choose from in Clearwater, FL. This is ridiculous. I am very disappointed with this whole system. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Original review: Oct. 19, 2012

    I had power turned on in May 2012. I was told by Hagis **, Medical Essential Program, that the previous owner had an outstanding bill of over $7000. She better not live there with me. She doesn't. I paid my $845 deposit and my bills until Sept.12. When we found that, Hagis ** said, "We investigated, she still lives there." He took all of my money but on the previous owner's bill and then sent her a new bill. After quite a few phone calls to him, he never once returned my call. My power got turned off on Oct. 15. I have called about 50 times asking for proof of their investigation. They say they can't give it. I asked why Hagis was allowed the steal my money. I got told he had every right. I am still waiting today for him, his supervisor and about 9 other supervisors to call me and they never do.

    Original review: Sept. 6, 2012

    I am a second time user of Progress Energy and I have an outrageous deposit of $345. I am being told that this deposit is based on the previous tenants’ 2-month average. The previous tenants trashed this house, ran their electric bill into the ground, and then never paid. I am actually paying for previous tenants’ inability to save energy! My first time use of their company, I never missed a payment. In this recession, this is ridiculous and abuse of a monopoly company. If I had a choice, I wouldn't use this company.

    Original review: Sept. 2, 2012

    My energy bill continues to increase each month. I have not increased my usage, and in fact I have been cutting back and monitoring my usage. But somehow my bill continues to go up. In August 2011, my bill was $220 and in August 2012 it's $470. I am tired of these games. I can no longer afford this energy bill. Is there an alternative energy company I can go to or am I stuck with these crooks at Progress Energy?

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 15, 2012

    I made a mistake when making my payment to Progress Energy. I typed 120 instead of 220. It’s an honest mistake. I have been late 2 or 3 times in the past 4 years - times were tough for a while. I have been on time for over a year now and instead of calling or emailing to let me know that my bill was not paid in full, they cut my power. I was in the midst of typing an email and power goes off at 9:30 AM. I called PE, paid the rest and my money is in their hands by 9:38 AM. They tell me someone will be out by the end of the day. Last time this happened, this took one hour. I sat with no power until 6:45 PM. When I called throughout the day, I spoke with 2 supervisors around 3 PM and 5 PM and they told me the same thing. It will be turned on my midnight, to which I said, “Isn't timely service of any consequence to your company?”

    She told me if I didn't like it, I could choose another power company. I asked her, “How many other power companies operate in Pinellas County?” She said, "That's right. It is only Progress Energy. I guess you are stuck waiting." Wow, I was genuinely shocked. I work in a field where customer service and loyalty make or break your business - this is crap. They have a monopoly, so why try? They can do whatever they please, but everyone needs power - so what can we do? Deal with it. I’ll be sure when I purchase a home in the next year, it will be out of PE territory. I am also sure the merger with Duke Energy will not benefit us at all.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 30, 2012

    I have to pay an extra $4.95 just to pay my bill and their payment system keeps screwing up and not charging my bank. Then they claim that the bank took back the payment but our bank said they never charged payment. They then charge me a reconnection fee and late fees even though I make alternative payments before the date they specified. They keep doing this to us. They are just trying to swindle us out for more money and there is nothing we can do about it. How is this not criminal?

    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 22, 2012

    After reading reports online, I am pretty sure I am not alone in getting taken to the cleaners by Progress Energy. This is my story. I am on a fixed income, and it does not have to leave room for unexpected expenses. I was doing pretty good. I thought of keeping the bill within 100 to 200-dollar range, which might not be a lot to some, but it is huge to me. My check comes every first day of the month. When you get a month behind once, the second bill post in my case, the meter is read on the 20th and I see the bill due on the 11th. However, being a month behind, I am trying to play catch up and I get stressed thinking if I can make it on the first. A couple of months back, my luck ran out and the Power company walked by my 3 dogs somehow, and cut off our power. I called them from the McDonald's up the street where I used their WiFi to ask them how they got by the dogs and if they had given me some heads up, I could have penned them up.

    The person I spoke with took it upon themselves to say that I need a device installed, so they do not need to come into the yard. I was told the power would be back on, not later than 12 AM. I was assured it should not take that long though. The heat was unbearable, so my son and I went out to the car to wait it out, as the house was too hot to stand and I cannot breathe well with the humidity. Along about 12:30 AM, the power truck arrived, turned around, flashed a light around and then just about drove off on us. When I started the car and turned on the lights, startling the driver it appeared. Only then, I was asked if he had the right address. He installed the device that allows Progress Energy to flip off the power from a remote location and tested it and left. I called Progress Energy and asked about what this device does and what it is for. I was informed that to discuss it with me, I would need to have my ex-wife Bobbi to be on the line. But he added, "You pretty much know what it does in a smug tone."

    On the 20th of the following month, the meter was read and this time there was no need to hope to make it to the first to avoid getting cut off. On the 21st, at 9 AM sharp, my son came to me and said, "I'm thinking if they cut out the power again." I am sure enough that they had, so I was forced to find a way to pinch penny to pay up the Power bill. The pawnshop said that the number one reason for people pawning is to get their power back on. I have OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea) as well, so I use oxygen at night to keep my air ways open. This was no trouble for Progress Energy. So, I got the power paid up in full and thought, "Alright, this should be fine now." But I was wrong. I got a letter in the mail stating that I would be charged a $385.00 deposit, even though I have been paying on this account and reduced the electricity consumption by more than half, for 3 years now, out of pure survival.

    So, I called up Progress Energy this morning looking for answers as I was informed that no deposit would be applied to the account as of last month. On the phone, I spoke with Michelle, and she informed me that the deposit would not be waived, when I asked to speak to someone besides her. She told me that she is a senior representative. I asked, "So no one is superior than you?" She said, "Yes, but you will be wasting your time." I said that it's fine and I like wasting my time, so she put me on hold to transfer me. A few moments later, she returned to the line, asked "Is Bobbi available? As you are just authorized on the account, so we will need to speak to Bobbi to waive a deposit." I said that she was across town, but it couldn't be arranged. I am thinking why this woman just told me I am wasting my time and it will not be waived then told me, knowing it was well noted on the account, that we are divorced, that she does not live here, that in order to waive the non-waivable deposit, she would need to be on the line.

    Later on, on the day which is today, the 22nd, I called back and asked if I could have the account put into my name, since I am now going to have to pay an additional $385.00 and I am making my ex-wife looks good. He informed me that for $360.00 that could be done, but the $360 deposit would need to be paid one day before the power was turned on in full. They would not break it up into payment, however if I kept the account under my ex-wife's name, the $385.00 fee would be broken up into 5 payments of $77 and on top of whatever the current bill is. This would mean a lot of money for me. I have been basically mocked by the representatives, outright laughed at, and dismissed. I found this conduct by Progress Energy to be abusive to people and there was not a whole lot any of us can do about it. I know I was not the only one hurting, but the smug nature and the cold hearts I have come in contact with really disappointed me.

    It was quite hurtful and I could only imagine that it would be getting worse. So, my current bill showed up in my email and to my horror it was $627.45. I believe that it included one of two re-connection fees that came with a tax of $50.45. The actual bill was $176.00 and some change included was the deposit of $385.00, plus the re-connection fee of$ 40.00, plus tax equaling 50.45. I paid the $192.00 which included the late fee as agreed thinking that was it, until next month. I was wrong. I was checking the account to see if the action team at Bay News Nine had helped me waive the deposit as they had done for another person one time and I had referred to that article and was informed by Todd Ulrich that they could help me. But as of this posting, nothing yet. I am not sure what happened there. But I looked at the bill and another $50.45 was on my bill out of nowhere, that needed to be paid. I called Progress Energy up and asked why there was this fee on my bill? I was informed that it was the second re-connection fee.

    I said, "So that should be applied to the next bill as the person I spoke to, informed me I needed to pay $192.00 and the $385.00 would be broken up in 5 months." The representative told me that it was correct, but if I do not pay this $50.45 by the 23rd, when I am scheduled to be disconnected, I would be shut off again and another $50.45 will be applied. So, Progress Energy is not open on the weekends and I scraped up the $50.45 on Saturday (21st) and was informed that the payment will not post until late on the 23rd or 24th. I am now going to call Progress Energy as soon as they open on the 23rd of July and hope that the receipt of the payment coming will make a difference or they will switch me off come tomorrow, the 23rd of July. What they are doing is as bad as what banks do with overdrafts. No one I have spoken to has been a bit surprised by this shameless conduct of Progress Energy. I will now be looking through the other 111 posts to see what other horror stories are there.

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