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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about NV Energy?
    • 4,466,033 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Nov. 24, 2023

    Thanksgiving is an occasion for us to express gratitude to those who have given help and joy to others. Today the particular person I want to say: "sincere thanks" is Jacob working in NV Energy customer service department. After my 20 days out of town travel, I came back home only to find my power was off. Called NV energy to find out power cut off.

    To mediate the situation, I immediately called NV customer service and Jacob answered my call. He patiently explained the case and gave effective suggestion In how to prevent this case from happening again. Then he began to work on my case of restoring the power. From his sincere and warm attitude, I trusted him to help me to have power on the eve of Thanksgiving. To resolve the issue, He had to contact other technicians to get job done. Even he was away from the phone, I waited patiently with full confidence for his sincerity and ability. When he came back with all the info to forward to me. And he ensured me: "You will have power today for sure". I was very touched by his effective performance, patience, ability and devotion to customers. True to his words, not long after our talk, the power was back and I was so grateful for the wonderful work he had done.

    During the whole process of my talking about my case, he was patient listening to every word I had to say, then quietly, clearly explained the case to me. Then he took effective action to resolve the case quickly. He is indeed a devoted employee for the company and customers. As his satisfactory work is a reflection of NV Energy's culture and guideline and also is an embodiment of his devotion, patience, and excellent working skills to get all done to my full satisfication. Sincere thanks to Jacob and NV Energy for my being able to have power back to happily celebrate the great traditional holiday: Thanksgiving.

    Customer ServiceOnline & AppStaff

    Reviewed May 24, 2023

    My power has been out for almost 6 hours. All the food in my fridge that I purchased 3 days ago will have to be thrown out and NV Energy lied and sent a text that the power is restored. They also do not show the outage on their map of outages on their website even though I’ve been without power for so many hours. Manipulating data to look better is very dishonest.

    Additionally, a few months ago they had a technician replace a large, concrete lid on a utility access in my backyard. He was rude and showed up at 7:30 at night but I let him do it. The lid he put on was too small and I fell in doing yard work and twisted my ankle. My leg, ankle and foot hurt for a week. I sent an email and they replaced the lid but never even a phone call to check on me or apologize.

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      Customer ServicePriceStaff

      Reviewed Jan. 10, 2023

      I would give ZERO stars if I could. First we can talk about the scripted crap response you get when you email their customer service. Second, their live chat is no longer available. Third, they won't work out a payment plan with you to save your life (or theirs), seriously, they don't care, they'll go down in flames before they help you out. You can't respond to their secure ** encrypted emails because it tells you you're sending an attachment when the attachment is theirs and what you're trying to respond to. Auto pay is kind of a joke, if you set it up it may not work, and if you ask for help they'll tell you to set it up online. Thanks Captain obvious. I didn't think of that in the first place. They do not give 2 ** about the customer, if they did they'd be willing to give people more time. Customer service is dead, prices are skyrocketing on everything, and all these people care about is that they collect. Total monopoly.


      Reviewed Aug. 13, 2022

      You don't get a choice when it comes to which energy company you have depending on where you live so I can't say I would ever choose NV Energy to be my energy company. I've been faithfully paying my energy bill for about 5 years with no issues, and I miss 2 payments- TWO and I end up paying almost 500 (my energy bill plus an almost 200 dollar fee) out of pocket for a "security deposit" considering the payments bounced. As any law-abiding citizen would do, I immediately paid these two missed payments the two separate times I realized I missed them. I didn't wait.

      This company turns a blind eye the very people that keep them going. I had the money, and I took care of it and they punish me for it. They didn't even get a chance to turn off the power because I paid it before things got bad. I had the money, and I have the money now to pay it off but I can just imagine someone worse off than me, in the situation I'm in being told that they'd have to pay twice the amount for their energy bill when they're surely scraping by in the first place.

      These people are heartless. Latisha- a supervisor I was forwarded to after being hung-up on twice by an automated system- was cold and calculating as I'm sure she was with the many people that begged and pleaded with her to waive a fee so they can have the money they need to make it another day. She said no, we can't- but they have the power to. So really- they won't. They don't care- this company is run by people who only see the top dollar and I hope they get what they give the people that are just trying to live their lives.

      Online & App

      Reviewed Aug. 9, 2021

      There is nothing smart about it. There is only one temp in place, and it will just drive to that temp and can not be manually override, if you don't own the account. Basically you need to preplan all the temp, and better be good with it, otherwise you need to go to the app and change real time, and make same temp all across the time line, otherwise, it jump to next target temp.

      Punctuality & SpeedStaff

      Reviewed July 4, 2021

      Bill total was fine as I have been monitoring my usage for a while now. When I got my last bill it was high and when I saw "deposit" for $100+ I panicked. I had already paid my deposit when I moved in. So I called and got a representative. They said I had been late more than three times in the year (when my records state otherwise). I asked for a printout of all my bills where I was late so I could see the inconsistencies myself (have yet to get them), and asked the representative to point them out on my manuscripts/account since I was speaking with him and was viewing my bill statements and payments online.

      Representative got snarky with me when I tried to stand up for myself, and told me that I HAVE to sign up for Autopay otherwise I have to pay the deposit. I told him I can't afford to pay the deposit (since every check is different amounts and I'm not going to agree to pay until I know what I got), and am not going to sign up for Autopay. This company has become a joke, but then again a lot companies usually do. Until I see the inconsistencies I'm not paying the second deposit.

      Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupSales & MarketingEase of UseProcess

      Reviewed May 10, 2021

      To Whom It May Concern,

      First, I must say that I'm confused by the summary rating for NV Energy on the Consumer Affairs website. Apparently, they received 4/5 stars on the last 92 reviews. However, as I looked through the reviews, all but one review had given them 1/5 stars. Curious if Consumer Affairs can explain how they came to that calculation. Or did NVE bribe someone at Consumer Affairs as well?

      On a separate note, Customers should be aware that NV Energy's commitment to Solar is an out-and-out lie. I am in the process of converting my home to 100% Solar and it's painfully obvious that NV Energy would prefer to delay this process as long as possible. For months, my panels have been installed and we are simply waiting for NVE to "sign-off" on the project before we turn it on.

      Twice, NVE came to my house for an initial inspection claiming they couldn't complete it because the panel on the outside of my house was "too hard to open". Recognizing NVE was simply using this as a lame excuse to delay, I was actually home for the second time this happened and kindly opened the panel for the NVE technician (which simply required pulling slightly harder on the door to open it up). Since then, I had my handyman fix whatever potential issue there was.

      For the final inspection, NVE showed up unannounced, knocked on the door (while I was on the phone), scared my children, and then left because they couldn't get access to something inside my garage. For reasons that are very unclear to me, NVE does NOT provide homeowners with any date or advance notice of when they are coming. Curious because as soon as they left, claiming they couldn't do their job because of lack of access, I received an email almost immediately. So let me see if I get this straight, NVE has the capability to email me about their visits, but only after they've occurred and not in advance of the visit? Madness.

      All of this could be chalked up to simple inept bureaucracy of a monopolistic entity that has no incentive to better serve its customers. However, I am becoming increasingly convinced that NVE uses a process which DELIBERATELY tries to make the process difficult and extend it as long as possible. But even that I can tolerate. Everyone wants to make a buck. What I found so distasteful and nauseating such that I took time to write this review, is the out-and-out lies NVE tells its customers and stakeholders about its commitment to renewable energy. If you want to scam me, please don't ask me to smile while you do it.

      My hope is that someone from either Consumer Affairs or NVE will actually read this review and be aware that we Consumers aren't idiots. We know darn well when there is a scam going on. For any Class Action Lawyers that might be reading this, please feel free to contact me as I'm almost sure NVE is violating several laws in its behavior and earning money which should be returned to Consumers.


      David **

      Customer ServiceStaff

      Reviewed April 16, 2021

      I have lived in Las Vegas NV going on 20 years.. And when Covid hit in 2020 I lost 26% of my business and come Feb of 2021 I ended up in the hospital with a major GI surgery that set me back many months not to mention I came down with the flu on top of that in the end of March and me being an independent contractor I had to apply for a PPP loan just to stay afloat.. I called NV Energy and let them know I could not come up with the pay until I go back to work or my PPP loan come through and was behind 3 going on 4 months..

      NV Energy never said a word to me and they paid my power bill or forgave me of my bill for 4-5 months worth and when I saw that I cried. How great they were to help out in my time of need! I called and thanked them with gladdened tears! They really do care about their customers and they waited 1 month more before starting my bills up again! Which gave me time to get healed and back to work and my PPP loan to come in!

      I can't thank them enough! if you just keep in contact with them and give them updates on how you are doing they do help out! They gave me help in my real time of need and never asked for anything in return! NO companies do that! But they did! They do care and they even helped more people like me keep their lights on than you will ever imagine! Their customer service reps are so caring and kind and I can't thank all of them enough! Thank You NV Energy for your kind and caring help in all of our time of need esp when covid hit! I will forever be so grateful for the help you gave me and many of us hurt by covid! NV Energy gets 10,000 Stars for being one of the most caring companies out there!

      Customer ServicePunctuality & Speed

      Reviewed Dec. 1, 2020

      I had a Ecosmart thermostat installed in my Life Partner home and moved her into my home until she received proper health care before the Pandemic. This NV Energy powershift thermostat is garbage. Don't arrange for placement in your home. In winter it goes up in temperature automatically to roasting you until you turn it back down over and over again - repeatedly wasting energy and gas. In summer the air conditioning temperature goes up automatically turns on or furnace exhaust is engage and again roast you until you repeatedly turn the thermostat down several degrees below the purposely false reading on the thermostat. No way to turn the thermostat off or put it in vacation mode from remote access. I requested that the Ecosmart Thermostat be removed in April, July and October it was finally scheduled for November because of the pandemic.

      Removal by thermostat by NV Energy Contractor revealed that the downstairs air conditioning fan was not working and the upstairs heating control panel was fired. I submitted a claim to the NV Energy Powershift Division which turned me over to NV Energy Claims Department which turned me over to Ecobee Thermostat Department which could not find an account because of computer problems. What a waste of time and resources. NV Energy is the worst energy company to try to deal with hopefully they read some of the negative comments in consumer affairs and take action to improve their business practices and relationships with the public.

      Reviewed Jan. 22, 2020

      I repeatedly tried to pay my NV Energy bill and was denied. Payment is Form said, “Timed out” and didn’t accept my payment. I tried this repeatedly for months. I knew I wasn’t using too much time because I have the 1 click “autocomplete” which remembers my info. THE TRICK IS YOU MUST ALLOW COOKIES TO USE NV ENERGY PAYMENTS. You can block cookies immediately after the payment.

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