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Reviewed Jan. 7, 2016

I have been a steady customer for over 10 yrs. Have not seen a pink slip in 5 yrs. When I got behind before, as long as I paid within the month I was not penalized. I was 3-5 days late in the last year 3x (They say, I am only aware of 2). They charged me a $285 "deposit" in response. This was done in the 2 weeks before Christmas, and I was unable to afford this extraordinary charge at that time. Not a problem now, but I think I'll take my money and get some solar panels anyway.

This monopoly of the utilities has made companies like this feel they can do what they want, because just where are you going to get other service? I just wish once someone would do something, because I apparently cannot as a long term customer. And to boot, the 285 dollar amount was generated by all my neighbors' average bill and NOT MY OWN BILL. What the hell is that? If you're gonna charge me, base it on my bills, not my neighbors' who may or may not be efficient in their homes. This whole thing is so over the top I can't believe it's happened. ** the grid!

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Reviewed Dec. 19, 2015

Over the past few months I have been waking up randomly to a cooler than programmed home. When I go to check the thermostat, I see that there is no power on the thermostat. Called NV Energy and they came out to check the thermostat. They told me that it wasn't the thermostat and my a/c unit needed service. I called an HVAC technician to come service my a/c unit and was told that there was nothing wrong with my a/c and that it was the thermostat, and that they've seen this before with the Mpowered thermostats. So after paying the HVAC for the service call, I now have to have NV Energy come back to figure out their stuff. I am going to ask them to credit my account the cost of the HVAC service call.

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Reviewed Oct. 19, 2015

I can't afford electricity anymore. I think I should move to some third world country so I can be free and build solar or wind power without all resistance. Maybe I should live in a homeless shelter for the summer months? NV Energy is the greediest public company but then again it's owned by Warren Buffet so I guess that makes sense. I moved to Phoenix and back in 2013 and I'm in shock with the difference between old and smart meters. Which in Phoenix they all have smart meters but my bill never went over $250 even in the summer over 125 degrees out, ac blaring 24/7. Since moving back I've paid close to $6,000 in power bills. This year alone I'm already over two thousand.

August was a rough month even though I was only over a few more Kw than the previous month. The difference was about $100 bringing my bill to a little under $400. Seems they charge whatever they feel like. I didn't have $400 handy so I made the mistake of making a payment arrangement. That went to heck because I was one day late on my second payment so the following week I paid it off completely since I voided my arrangement from being late. So come mid September my balance is zero, power is on, all is good! Now Oct 8 rolls around and I get a new bill for 279.00. Great. Well I used A QUARTER of the power I did in Aug and get billed almost the same but you know NVE will always find a way to justify greed.

So fast forward to October 12th which was when that third payment of the arrangement was due but already paid off. Their system read it as a missed payment and now my power is cut off and I have to pay that 279 because they will not turn on power if you owe money no matter what. They completely closed out the account and had no intention of crediting my deposit. In fact they tried to charge it again. They acted confused when I said, "well if the account was closed then my deposit would credit so your billing still isn't correct." And I'm still getting charged a reconnect fee and tax fee etc even though my power was never supposed to be turned off. So I'm actually going to be charged $30 for paying early but they refuse to see it that way.

So thank you NV Energy for having to cancel my kids karate for the month to come up with your over charged 279 in 4 days of being billed!!! I haven't even gotten it in the mail yet. And don't worry because my oldest is going into engineering fully aware of how abusive the energy business is to their forcefully loyal customers and hopefully if we all raise our kids aware of how horrible greed is then we can stop this disgusting practice. We need a generation of financial and legal soldiers to stop the pillaging of our resources and restore our fought for freedoms. Legally you can not have children in a home without electricity (within city codes) so really it's pay the bill or lose your family. My hands are completely tied every time there's a billing error, mishap, or overcharge and it happens a lot. I just have to sit there and take it.

NV Energy is too harsh and unwilling to cooperate with their customers, we aren't criminals dodging restitution, we are hardworking middle class survivors that DESERVE leniency at times. Oh and when you google them, it says on their bio "NV Energy charges the highest rates of any mountain energy company". It is literally a fact that NV Energy charges too much!!! And I know this sounds like conspiracy theory babble but if you do the math, they are trying to get $3,000/year out of every home over 1,000sq to fund this solar project of theirs.

I haven't dug deep but it's just a little too coincidental that my friends/family (about 10 households in different areas, habits, and sizes) all average $2500 to $3000 a year since 2013 when this smart meter, solar plant idea when into effect. NV Energy can have all the secret meetings they want but numbers don't lie. Buffet should take some responsibility and realize in my house (and this younger generation) there is nothing but shame and greed associated with his name/brand. All the money in the world won't make us respect you.

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Reviewed Oct. 13, 2015

On Oct the 9th I received a bill of 718.00 in addition to my monthly bill of 179.00. The NV Power stated to my wife and I when we asked why the bill was so high for one month that they had not been reading our meter for 4 months and that the bill was the accurate amount. We owed them for 4 summer months 718.00 dollars. I asked them why wasn't our meter read for 4 months and did they understand the meaning of estimate 5$ over 10. Even 50$ is an estimate. 179.50 was an outrageous era not something we should be held accountable for them not doing their job properly and reading the meter. Someone should be terminated for this mishap and we shouldn't be responsible for their lack of training. In addition to this how do we know that the current bill is accurate and not also a mistake since they don't seem to know what they're doing?

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Reviewed July 11, 2015

Whatever you do and no matter how much NV power try to talk you into a smart meter tell them NO. They installed one in our home our power bill went up 3 times what we were paying. I actually thought someone tapped into a outside plug. And it stayed that way for over two years. Don't do it, ever!!!

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Reviewed July 6, 2015

Thermostat control. My family and I have been for four days trying to get NV Energy to stop the thermostat control. We signed up for mPowered over six years ago. It was supposed to be maximum three hours up thermostat control and in the month of July, today is July 6, from 7 PM till 4 o'clock in the morning the temperature in my home is between 84 and 92. They are inhumane and do not care about the people that they service.

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Reviewed June 14, 2015

We live in a town home and power bill is $220 a month prorated at 1400 sq feet. My daughter lives next door in a bigger town home and pays $139. What gives?

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Reviewed June 4, 2015

I was paying a bill of 200.00 dollars a month on the average. Someone from Nevada came and told me that the meter I had it was bad, and switch me to the smart meter without even tell me the truth. My new bill came and it went from 200.00 dollars a month to 2,000 dollars. How is this possible with a 3 bedroom house with just 2 people living in the house. I install a variable speed pool pump to save energy. My wife and I work all day and we use gas on dryer and our stove is gas. We don't even use dishwasher. We call Nevada power and told us we use 1,000 dollars in energy a month.

I feel like I'm getting rape with Nevada and the saddest thing is that our politician don't do nothing to save us from this company. They are taking advantage because we need energy power to live in this desert. I have read all kind of post about smart meters, but they seen not to give a ** about us, excuse my language. But this so frustrating to pay almost 3,000 dollars for something I did not use. Sad world and welcome to Central America and Mexico lifestyle with our politician ;)

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Reviewed May 29, 2015

I'm going to try to make this as short as possible. A month after the Smart Meter was installed, I received my bill, It was triple and stayed that way for 18 months. I called electricians to come look, they said there was a short, but they couldn't find it. I had no choice but to go on the Equal Payment Plan, because my bill got up to $700.00 a month. Then the monthly amount kept increasing, when I was late 3 times "only by a couple days each time" they send me a bill for over $3000.00 and give me 30 days to pay or my power would be disconnected. Luckily I was able to get this one time payment through the energy assistance program.

The following month my house catches on fire, so I call NV Energy, they disconnect my power and wait 5 hrs. before they show up. When they finally arrive they immediately notice that the transformer which is located on my roof is burnt, old, and rusty so they replace it, and immediately go on the defensive and say "You must have installed it yourself, because we didn't." Come on really, the transformer has a huge cable going to the main pole. No one but the power co. could install it. The guy then continues with the meter should be going the same. The dial that was impossible to track prior because it was going so fast, was now barely moving. The guy made it a point to take the old transformer with him saying that he had to by law. Since the transformer has been replaced my power is a third of what it use to be, and it took a fire to find out what was drawing so much power.

Please if your home is an older home & your power has doubled look at the transformer on your roof if it is old and rusty, have NV Energy replace it. You could save thousands each year. I never received an apology from NV Energy for my home catching fire due to their old transformer, or for being without power, and they refuse to take any responsibility for the thousands of dollars that I over paid due to an old transformer that should've been checked on a yearly basis. It should be a law. They know that the transformers don't last forever, they need to be held accountable. What if we were asleep, I probably wouldn't be writing this now.

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Reviewed March 25, 2015

On Sept. 2014 I moved and asked ~by e-mail~ to transfer the credit from my old address to my new address. To date, March 25, 2015, NV Energy has not done so. They keep sending stupid me e-mails and I reply them. Under no circumstance pay your bills with automatic payment ~they will take your money~ and I told them this. I write them a check!!! A class action lawsuit is appropriate.

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Reviewed Nov. 13, 2014

In August I began the process of putting a $20,000 solar panel system on my roof so that I could eliminate my power bill with NV Energy. The installation of the panels was completed and the application for Net Metering Installation filled out and sent back to NV Energy by October 1st. On October 17th, when I hadn't heard anything from NV Energy regarding the installation, I called them and was transferred to their "Net Metering Department". The person I spoke with said that the application had not yet been received and suggested that I try back in 7-10 business days.

On October 27th I called in again and was told that the application WAS received on October 13th (so apparently the person I spoke to on the 17th lied) but that an appointment had not yet been scheduled to have my net meter installed. She transferred me to someone else who could tell me what the status was. That someone else turned out to be the voice mail for a woman named Colleen and she has the most incompetent sounding voice mail message I have ever heard in my life. But, trying not to let it get to me after 3 minutes of listening to her heavy breathing during her recording, I finally left her a polite message including my phone number and name and service address and asked her to call me back.

It's now November 13th. She never called me back. So I called in and was told again that the application was received on October 13th (yes I already knew that, thank you) but an appointment STILL had not been scheduled for installation. WTF?! I was given a number to call to speak with someone who could tell me what the status is. I wasn't angry yet so I said thank you, hung up, and dialed the number. Guess who I got. Colleen's incompetent sounding, heavy breathing voice mail again. I left her another message, a less polite message.

I called back to NV Energy and explained that I needed someone else to talk to because Colleen wasn't winning my confidence vote by this point. I was given a number for someone named Derek who was my (and I quote) "last ditch effort" (she actually used those words!) because he was over the whole department. 'Well good', I think, 'I can finally get something accomplished', I think. Then I get his voicemail which is bad enough but even worse when the outgoing message informs me that his mailbox is full and I can't even leave him a message.

GAAAAAH! So I call NV Energy yet again and they give me a number for someone named Ben who is, apparently (according to him) just in charge of rebates and has absolutely nothing to do with net metering installation. But he tells me that I need to email the 'person who handles that' and starts giving me Colleen's email address. DOUBLE GAAAAAH!!! I explain to him that I left her two messages with no return calls and tried to call her superior to no avail, and he tells me (paraphrasing) 'Well this will be your best bet because their voice mails are almost always full and I don't even think they check them' ... How professional of them. Do you know what my boss would do if I just decided not to check my voice mail? HE'D FIRE ME! Why even have a voice mail? For that matter, why even have a phone? What kind of rinky-dink, half-cocked operation are these people running?!

So I emailed Colleen but my hopes are NOT high. Meanwhile I get a solicitation taped to my door by a young lady today. It's from NV Energy. WOW! They can afford to hire girls to go house to house taping stuff on people's doors but they somehow can't manage to send someone out here to install a meter? The solicitation is for new thermostats and in big bold letters it says 'WE'RE DOING INSTALLATIONS THIS MONTH'. TRIPLE GAAAAAH!!! How about you INSTALL MY FREAKIN' METER INSTEAD!

Now, pay attention because this is where it really gets good. I just paid my power bill for the month of October, yesterday... a bill that would have been MUCH smaller had they actually processed my application and installed my meter. Today I get an email from them informing me of what my month-to-date charges are - I SHOULDN'T ** HAVE MONTH-TO-DATE CHARGES because I have a TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLAR SOLAR SYSTEM ON MY ROOF THAT I CAN'T ** USE!

And then it hits me - Colleen may be incompetent (and I have no doubt that she really is) but NV Energy is most certainly not. It's no accident that their apparent incompetence is also padding their pockets with my money. Money I shouldn't owe them for power I shouldn't have needed from them. They're deliberately stalling. They deliberately don't check their messages - hell Colleen and Derek probably don't even exist! It's a bottomless pit. A scam. A shamble. An endless cycle of screw-me-over to prevent me from becoming energy independent. I wonder what our politicians that have spent so much time and effort pushing this clean energy plan would think if they found out that the local energy company is doing everything in its power to choke hold the process and keep people like myself dependent on overpriced electricity?

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Reviewed Oct. 20, 2014

There is an ad in the Review Journal Newspaper on Oct. 20, 2014 advertising for people to sign up for MyAccount--a resource of NVEnergy.com to use "helpful online tools". The ad has 6 people pictured in it and they are all males--no women are pictured although 5 of the workers are men. Don't women work for NVEnergy or use their services? What an insult to women!

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Reviewed Sept. 22, 2014

NV Energy complaint - I moved in this house 7 months ago. My power went from 42.00 a month to 300.00 a month. I haven't had a working AC all summer until 2 days ago I received an alert my power jumped 87.00 in 2 days for running my AC for 30 minutes - impossible when the week before my summary alert was 107.00 for 17 days. So explain that one then NV Energy tells me to look on computer to see where my usage is at - it just tells you how much you used not which power source where it’s being used at. Nobody can explain that. Then I get a bill shows old rate new rate so my old rate 48.00 and new rate 154.00. How’s that? There was no rate increase - it was denied. I'm on a fixed income and my installments would be 132.00 by weekly payments. I only make 400.00 a month. But you're right. They're ripping us customers off and they're rude and act like it’s coming out of their pockets. Please help.

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Reviewed Sept. 16, 2014

Each day for several days about one hour 7 pm there is no power. I can understand the fault once in a while, but everyday-- my tv stopped working, who will pay for the repair??? It's through your negligence.

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Reviewed July 31, 2014

The month of june and july they told me if I bring in a blank check, I won't have to pay a deposit of 194.00. And my bill says current charges is 129.22 and balanced forward is 43.00. And my bill is 172.22. That doesn't make last bill. Said I had credit of 152.00 and my bill was 157.48 and they added 42.56 to the account and it added to 200.04. And I asked where the 42.56 is added for, and they took 43.00 out, and added it to this month's bill since. And looking on my bill I am still paying, and that I should only pay what is owed, not extra. So I would like to know what I can do about it legally because I've been waiting for a manager to call me back since last friday, and it's wednesday. So can someone help out what I can do.

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Reviewed July 21, 2014

Nevada Energy wants more money in to fill their fat pockets. They don't care about the people, all they care about is dollars.. WE ALL WILL GO ONE DAY AND ENTER THE GATES OF HEAVEN. BUT THESE FAT CATS, THE GATES OF HEAVEN WILL BE CLOSED.

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Reviewed July 16, 2014

NV Energy high summer rates make no sense. We have cut our power use since April and our bill still goes up. My wife and I are retired and live on a limited budget and the power bill goes up without reason and all we get are suggestion to cut electrical use that we already use.

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Reviewed June 15, 2014

NV energy climbed over my fence and change the meter when I was not at home. I am appalled that they allow someone to put the KKK symbol. Who is employed by NV Energy and put in a meter without Prior consent of the customer. Contact power company, I have no rights!!!

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Reviewed Feb. 22, 2014

I am a senior lady (81yrs old) in good health especially mentally, on a budget of soc. sec. Customer service told me they could put me on a special monthly program of $43.39 starting in Aug 2013 until June 2014. She told me they will withdraw that amount each month. I noticed in Dec. they did not withdraw anything. I called twice and was told, "Don't worry about it". I asked if they would double up the withdrawal for Jan. She said, "No, not to worry, they will take out $43.30 in Jan. and $35.96 in Feb." This did not make sense to me but then who am I to question a mega company such as Nevada Energy, with a company full of expert Customer Service people with wonderful training to be able to work with the public?

Wrong, Wrong - they are put into a position where they have no right to be. It takes a special person to be able to sift for answers when they are asked by the consumer. My Feb bill came and it was for $79.35 double the usual amount. I called and called and nobody could give me any answers. A customer service guy called me and was rude, rude and so was I. It was Fri. afternoon and we know what happens on Fri. afternoons - nobody likes to work and its party time getting ready to start. He was getting angry and told me he is taking me off the program and the Feb bill of $79.35 will be taken out of my account on the 27th.

I told him if he did that the withdrawal will bounce because all my bills were paid and my budget allotted for the $35.96 - when a person is on soc. sec. and the check comes every 4 (sometimes 5) weeks every penny counts. Just enough left for food for 4 weeks. As far as I'm concerned most of them are incompetent. I'm a senior and far from incompetent. These Customer Service people are just out of McDonald's and given a label of Customer Service and it goes to their head - and we suffer for it.

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Reviewed Feb. 12, 2014

My power bill was assessed over the past 12 months in order to get a budget cost for a pre-arranged 12 month payment plan. They came up with 120.00 dollar payment to compensate for high summer bill with low winter bills and saw that 120 dollars would work well into Oct. They said I went over my estimated amount and needed to charge me an additional 60 dollars and with a back payment of 880.80 dollars then told me if I was not happy with the budget plan which it was clear to me to be a rip off to come off of it. Well yes I would if they would reimburse me what I have overpaid. They have me paying double my winter amount plus they had me back pay what they said I have been over. How is that possible when they did the math? What happened to my 120.00 dollar average jumps to 179.00 dollars plus back pay 880.00 dollars? I need help to sue these **. I hope others who need help with similar matters get it. I would like to find group action legal or other. Thank you for reading... Also when paying a bill I asked to pay half of the 300 dollar bill and the rude agent tried to convince me that 200 dollars was half of 300 dollars. They are all blatant liars, rotten to the core. I damn them all.

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Reviewed Jan. 29, 2014

I’m taking this company to court because they want me to be responsible for my ex-husband's delinquent account of 1,330 for their reason that they cannot find him and I have 2 minor kids.

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Reviewed Dec. 27, 2013

I got energy assistance, planned to make payment plan a week before due date to make my benefit last for one year and find out how much I have to pay from my pocket. But they charged me full already. I called, a very rude female staff just told me that's the way company charge, nothing can change that. I asked why I had to be charged a week before due date, she just replied that's the way it is. What! She really doesn't deserve to talk to no one with her suck attitude!

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Reviewed Oct. 11, 2013

A couple of months ago, I paid my NV Bill through my bank before I received my statement using my past month amount as a guide. Well, I was short 20 cents but decided not to send another payment for the 20 cents thinking the amount would just be added to the next month bill. To my surprise, when I did receive the following month statement, it was a PINK color statement with FINAL NOTICE on the top with the threat that my service would be disconnected if not paid in full. I always paid on time and I usually have a credit because I would pay a little extra each month. I was so offended to get this threatening notice for 20 cents. Not a good way to treat customers. It appears this is the Nevada way.

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Reviewed Sept. 19, 2013

NV Energy stands for NeVer use NV Energy.... worst company I've ever encountered. First off, let me say that I live in a small one-bedroom apartment. My girlfriend and I are gone 10 hours a day during the week. During the weekend, we're barely home, going out all the time... During the winter months, we would keep our A/C on 24 hours a day, go to work, leave it on 77 degrees, come home, sleep with the TV on, wash clothes everyday, never unplug anything, leaving all the chargers plugged in, leaving the WiFi plugged in. Our bill was only about $70 a month. Since the summer season came in, we've decided to unplug everything, turn the A/C off when we're not home, unplug everything when we go to work. When we are home, we leave the A/C on 81. We bought a small fan, but our bill seems to be over $100 every month. I don't understand how (?) or why? It should be around like $50 but no... They want to overcharge us for basically nothing. They don't have a main office where we can go and talk to them if we have a problem, or there is no alternative for a different power company. This company is a joke and the Better Business Bureau needs to come and investigate them for fraud... All that being said, NV Energy ** YOU.

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Reviewed July 24, 2013

I made a payment arrangement with NV Energy recently because I wasn't able to pay the outrageous amount of $400 at the time. First of all, how can my bill go from $100 to $400 in one month for an apartment? Anyhow, so I made the arrangement and the plan was spelled out in black and white, so I thought. I made the payments on time and honored my end. After two payments they cut me off and stated I had to pay the rest in full plus late fees to restore power. Why bother making any arrangement with this company if they can't honor their side of it? I wish there was an alternative company to go with in this town instead of being bled dry by this one.

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Reviewed Feb. 19, 2013

NV Energy is the worst company in Las Vegas. Every time you call, they are so rude and talk down to you. I made the mistake of paying a payment twice online. When I called to cancel it, Irine said it was too late to cancel? How so, if my payment hadn't gone through? And after that, she just hung up on me. I wasn't even done asking if there was anything I could do. I don't understand how a company who says to be advanced can't cancel a double payment when it hasn't even gone through yet. How is having a $150 credit going to help me pay my car payment and grocery for my family? This isn't the first time I'm unhappy with this company. This is just one example of how they love to screw their customers over.

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Reviewed Sept. 21, 2012

I am shocked NV citizens and government allow this mafia style organization to charge these insane prices for electricity. The cost is as high as 500% more when compared to my vacation home in WA state. This is one of the reasons NV and Clark County/Las Vegas has a severe financial disaster on their hands and massive unemployment! Companies cannot afford the power in NV!

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Reviewed July 13, 2012

First, I want to start off by stating in the fine print of your NV Energy bill states that they use the last tenets power usage average for three months before they take a real reading at your house and adjust your power bill accordingly. So they start off by stealing from you on day one. My personal story is that I'm disabled and on SSI. I'm a young man of 29 years so there's no help with the bills if you’re that young for some reason. But that's a side story.

The main issue is that I live in government housing. My rent is $375. I got the NV Energy bill yesterday and my bill was $300! Now, I might not be mad if I was using that power but I'm not. I'm responsible with my power. I unplug, use CFLs and all they had to say is, “Your apartment is built poorly" and the only thing that comes to mind for me is why do these people think that they deserve this much of our money? And the second is why, if they know that this is low-income housing, why would they not subsidize these low income areas? This makes me wonder what NV Energy wants. For poor folks like me who are going to college to make something of themselves in this country, if they give a damn about us, I wonder if their monopoly has gone so far that they have abandoned the least of us.

And what would Jesus think of the heartless managers that hang up on people like us that aren’t asking for a hand out but a hand up? So that when we make it out of this poverty, we can reach back down and pull another American down on their luck up into this shrinking middle class that we have in this country. I don't know the answers but I know that NV Energy has no heart. They are not citizens of Las Vegas, Nevada. They're a monopoly and as such, they're bullies. If there's any justice left on this earth, their crimes will be uncovered and they will feel all of their pain they caused us poor folks here in Las Vegas.

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Reviewed April 2, 2012

Blown in insulation over existing insulation - 2009, NV, I sub-contracted a 3rd party company to blow in insulation in my attic, ever since then I have suffered enormously from an allergic reaction from the insulation. I have tried to plea for help with them, but they keep blowing me off like "it’s too bad". Please help me. I have spent thousands of dollars to clean the air and my skin in my own home. Please help me.

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Reviewed Jan. 5, 2012

I have spent an hour on the phone, 20 minutes waiting for a supervisor. The supervisor was talking over me, raising her voice and actually blamed me for a situation during the conversation. She obviously feels the need to be right instead of being helpful. I am going through a short sale and the bank gave the okay in December. I called NV Energy to turn back on my power and they say the box was vandalized. I have three electricians tell me the box was fine but that a new latch was needed.

After paying for the labor and another permit $500, I called NV Energy back and they need 7-10 days to attach a new meter to my house and turn on the power. I need it done in 6 days so I can have a buyer inspection done on the home for a sale. The date for the bank is the 16th so I do not have 7-10 days. I have been a customer for years and paid my bill on time with no complaints. Your company expects my money on time but does not feel the need to hire helpful people or work with me as a person. You have succeeded in making me a number.

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Reviewed Dec. 29, 2011

I moved to Nevada in September 2011 and requested power for my residence. NV Energy informed me my deposit for electric service would be $358, since that is the average monthly utility bill for this residence. I asked for an installment payment for this deposit amount, because it is a bit excessive considering I also have an electric bill to pay. They allowed me to have a 3 month installment plan for the deposit. However, when my second monthly bill arrived, I noticed there was a late fee, although my bill payment and installment payment from the previous month were not late.

When I called to express my concerns, I was told that I would be charged a late fee every month until my deposit installment was paid. I told them that I was not told at the time I made a payment arrangement that it would constitute a "late fee". Indeed, there was no mention of any fee associated with making installment payments on a deposit. NV Energy informed me this is their "policy". I find it highly unfair and unconscionable that this company charges high deposits and then penalizes the customer by making it a "late fee", even though payments are made on time in accordance with their agreement. I think this practice is deceptive.

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Reviewed Dec. 8, 2011

Still do not have any phone number from anything or anybody with a phone for residence street light outage. This makes me get angrier.

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Reviewed Oct. 31, 2011

I am very disappointed in NV Energy. I am 24 and I've been living on my own since I was 17 and I have always had power in my name. I have never had a disconnection notice or a shut off since I've been with you guys, until now! I am now 24, single mom and this is the first time I have had such a hard time making all my payments on time and NV energy shut my power off on me after I begged and pleaded with them to give me two more days until i get paid. I even told them I would fax all my pay stubs to prove I was getting paid on that day. so I came up with the money an hour later and they had just shut my power off five minutes prior to me calling them. I told Lilianna that they just left and asked if they could have them turn around and turn on my power since they were still there. But of course not. So after my payment, my powers been turned off for 7 hours, not to mention I'm a diabetic and all of my medicine needs to be in the fridge! Thanks a lot NV energy! Not to mention you guys think you can screw people over just because you're the only power company here! I give them zero stars but it's making me give them one.

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Reviewed Oct. 6, 2011

I had to wait 15 minutes for a call back. Then, I was told the address I gave could not be found. I'm renting the apartment. When I asked how do I get energy, she said I have to get the meter number. I'm 68 years old and never had to get a meter number before in my life. This is very poor business. But what else can one expect from a monopoly. Jenna ** was not a helpful employee. She obviously didn't want to be bothered to help me or do her job.

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Reviewed Aug. 23, 2011

I moved here to Nevada in Feb. 2010, paid a Deposit of $255.00 to NV Energy. Being told that after one year if I keep good standing credit with them, I would be returned my deposit. It is Aug. 2011, I had called (2nd time) to get my deposit. After many hours of being on hold, being told my issue is going here, going there, being told that a supervisor would call me back (but leaving out they take up to 24 hours to call customer back). Only to finally get an idea of why nothing is going smooth, the sales representative I last spoke with said that since I had moved 11 months into the 1st year of being here (due to bad landlord being foreclosed on), I would have to start my year time frame over with NV Energy.

So, now I must wait until Feb. 2012 to get my deposit back. Now I have paid every month a week ahead of my bill being due. I have never missed a single payment. It was not my fault that the landlord was taking my money and knew his property was bing foreclosed on (Believe me. If i knew, he wouldn't have got a cent from me!). I stayed with the same company and nothing changed there. I made an agreement with NV Energy, not the homes, the landlords of the properties I lived in. I gave my deposit to NV Energy with an understanding of one year (with them) and not in a certain property, that I would get my deposit back.

I think everyone should also know this, my average bill is $120-$190. The last two months went from average $190.00 to $390.00, to this last bill being $456.00. Wow, not only does the NV Energy reign on their agreement, but they sure love to stick that bill to its customers (where it hurts the most, right now!). Can anyone tell me how this is right? Is this legal? Is this morally and ethically right?

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Reviewed Nov. 16, 2010

I had service at a home in **. Due to economic difficulties, I moved. I was the sole person on the account and solely responsible for the bill. My mother moved from this address to a new home at ** where she tried to obtain service. She was told she is responsible for the past due bill in m name at the old address and are refusing her service in her name, to which I no longer have anything to due with. The call center people she has dealt with were hateful and very unhelpful. I know she is not legally obligated for my bill in anyway. Please help. My mother's name is **-- **.

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Reviewed Nov. 13, 2010

NV Energy turned off my power to my residence despite my maintaining a +$100 balance to my account. Apparently, a stranger provided my address for new service on accident. That stranger later called back and corrected his error, except that NV Energy failed to return service to my name. I received a final bill notice and a refund of my positive balance. I called and settled the matter; they advised me that the power would not be interrupted and my account would be re-established. It never happened. Instead, I returned to find my power shut off. I called and they advised me that it was all noted on the account. However, they failed to return complete the order.

Since this is a second home, I was not there for a short period of time. I was greeted with a refrigerator full of spoiled food (approx $200 loss). I have since re-established my power. However, my problems still persist. I have failed to receive a bill from NV Energy for almost 3 months now. I do not know if my account number has changed or still the same. I log on to my account, which indicates that my previous account number is active, However the last bill is dated in July. I have attempted to call NV Energy on 3 separate occasions. However, I had to abort my call after one hour plus hold times. By the way, this is the common wait times, so all of the above listed issues required a call wait time of over an hour.

I have tried to email customer service numerous times. However, I have never received an answer. All I want to do is obtain a statement so that I can obtain an account number and then pay my bill .I can't believe I have had to go through so much with this company when I have not attempted to make any changes to my account. I even keep a positive balance in the account to avoid and problems. NV Energy is simply the worst utility company in the nation. I wish the Nevada PUC would grant this contract to a new company.

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Reviewed Oct. 14, 2010

For 15 months, I have been battling with the Meter Reader department just to get a meter reader to read my meter. My wife is here 24/7 with my 3 and 5 year olds that we have to keep a strict eye on because of the terrible neighborhood we live in. We had a break in incident last summer and so we locked down our yard. When we noticed there was a meter reading issue, my wife called NV Energy and told them the situation and worked out a solution for the meter readers to gain access to our meter.

Since then, it has been a complete nightmare. They were supposed to call on their way out to read the meter, that never happened. Then they were supposed to just honk when they pulled up in the driveway and instead they would just pull up into the driveway and pull right out before my wife could speed out to the gate and unlock it. She was home so she heard them when they pulled into the driveway and it takes less than 10 seconds to get out to the gate to unlock it and they never stayed that long. They were usually spinning dirt and not paying attention to the crazy woman yelling at them with flailing arms to get their attention before they drove down the road.

We finally started leaving our gate unlocked on the days around the time they supposedly were going to be out to check the meter and they do not even stop at the house anymore. The CS reps and Meter Reader management promised us each month that it will be fixed the following month and it never is. Instead, we get outrageous estimates each month and the meter readers are never held accountable for not doing their job.

We know they have the notes on their paperwork because the one time my wife was able to flag down a passing NV Energy truck driving past our house he showed her where it said to call or honk to gain access right on the paperwork and then he continued to inform her that there was no way he was going to do that. "What if everyone wanted us to do that? " was what he told her. On August 23, 2010, we received a letter in the mail from NV Energy stating that they did not have access to our meter and that we had to give them access or else. We responded with this certified letter back to them and voila, no response from them and my bill is $700+ this month. Here is the letter:

Enclosed please find the letter that was sent to me on August 23rd 2010. The letter states that the meter reader has been unable to gain access to our electric meter for a period of three months. This is inaccurate. They have actually been unable to gain access to our electric meter for a period of 14 months now. In June 2009, we started locking our gates because we have small children and the neighborhood we live in is not a safe place to allow just anyone access to our property. It was four months before we even found out from NV Energy that there was an issue with us placing locks on our gates. We received a rather large power bill that my wife called about to find out why the bill was so high.

We called the office and spoke to one of the customer service representatives who assured my wife that NV Energy was not estimating our bill because the meter readers were able to check the meter without entering our property. The reason the bill was supposedly so high was because of the change of weather. We had been making extra sure not to use the heat or too much electricity because we could not afford a continually large bill month after month during the winter months so that is why we did not understand the huge raise in the bill.

She asked the representative to check into the issues further and they assured her they would but our bill was not being estimated. The next month our bill was almost non-existent on cost and my wife called again to find out why. They said that indeed our bill was estimated the prior month due to the meter reader not being able to access the yard. The rep did not understand why the previous customer representative would tell us that we had one of the remotely read meters because we did not. My wife was told to call the meter department and work out an arrangement with them for access to the yard. She called and spoke to a supervisor and explained the entire issue with the gentleman and he told her that there was no need to install the remote meter.

They would just put a note on the account to have the meter reader call when they were headed out to check the meter. Over the next three months, we never received a phone call and when my wife called the office during that time she was assured again that they were able to gain access to the meter and our bill was not being estimated. Even though we could see that it was being estimated because the meter numbers never matched the bill. We finally received a notice from one of the meter readers on a Saturday in May, when we were all home. Someone came to the gate and left the note that they could not reach us to get into the yard when we were right in the house!

Upon receiving the notice of an issue with our locked gate in May 2010, we discovered that NV Energy/Sierra Pacific had been estimating our monthly power usage for the previous 10 months and every time we called and were told that the situation would be taken care of, none of the meter readers ever tried to call or contact us. At this time, NV Energy was contacted by my wife once again. She explained that she was at home during the day, all day long, and if the meter reader needed access to the meter to just call us when they were coming by, and she would unlock the gate for them. Another note was supposedly placed on our account stating this and we were told there would be no further issues. The following month our bill was estimated again and again my wife called to find out why that happened. She was told the meter reader was not able to access the electric meter.

She asked why she was not called as there was supposedly a note placed on our account to that effect. The customer service rep confirmed that the note was there and that there would not be any further issues. The rep said she would contact a manager and find out why this was not being taken care of and we would not have any further problems.Since May, we have not received a phone call from a meter reader to let us know they were in the area. We noticed on last month's bill that it was estimated again and my wife noticed the date on the bill of when the meter reader was supposed to be out to check the meter. We waited every day for them to show up and one afternoon a couple of weeks ago my wife was in the living room when she heard a car door close. She looked out the window and saw that it was the NV energy meter reader.

She went out immediately to talk to him and let him in the yard and by the time she got out the door to the back gate (less than 30 seconds) the meter reader was back in his truck driving off. She yelled and chased his truck to get his attention but he just kept driving. She immediately called the NV Energy office to tell them what happened and to get this situation fixed once and for all. She spoke to yet another NV Energy customer service department representative to inquire why we were not called when the meter reader was here. She explained the entire situation to the rep again. The rep confirmed that she could see where my wife had called repeatedly and had been trying to get this situation resolved. We were assured that the note was on the account, and the customer service rep did not understand why the meter reader was not calling.

My wife told her about what had just happened with the meter reader not even waiting more than 15 seconds for someone to come out and open the gate and the representative told her it was completely ridiculous for us to have to go through this much hassle. She told my wife that she was emailing a manager while she was on the phone and that from this point forward we would have no further issues.But here we are again with a letter from your company complaining about not having access when we have tried for the last 14 months to give you access to our meter. The letter you sent asks for keys or a combo to the lock on our gate but given the fact that the meter reader(s) does not seem capable of reading a note on our account that says to call us when they are here to read the meter, I do not feel comfortable in providing a key or combo to this individual or anyone in your company. I just cannot trust that the key/combo would not be misplaced or ignored like the note that has supposedly been on our account for over six months now. And what about the previous eight months before that?

Basically over a year worth of promises from NV Energy that this issue has been resolved and yet our bill is still being estimated and no one seems to be able to pick up a phone or honk a horn or wait more than 15 seconds for someone to come out and let them into the yard? How trustworthy or reliable is that? Would you provide the keys to your building to a company that represented themselves this way? Your latest letter does state that NV Energy is willing to install remotely read meters on our gas and electric lines at no charge to us. This is ironic. The second time my wife called, she was told about the remotely read meter option and given the prices for it and she was told that we would have to pay over $500 for it to be installed. Since at that time we were assured the note on our account to call us when the meter reader was heading out to check our meter would be sufficient, we decided to just go with that.

Last month when she called, the customer service rep told her that we could get the remotely read meters installed at no cost and we decided to go ahead with that option. It would save hassles for all parties involved. We were told we would be receiving a call to set up a time to get that installation done. To date, we have not received a call from NV Energy. As I sit here typing this letter, I am scrolling through my caller ID history for the past two months and NV Energy is not in the list. We want this issue resolved as soon as possible and have been working very hard to get it resolved but without follow through from the customer service reps and meter readers that work for NV Energy. There is not much else we can do. We are not going to give a perfect stranger who apparently cannot even be trusted to do their job properly a key to our yard with our privacy and our children's safety at stake.

So in Summary (and hopefully there will be some follow through on this request), yes, we would like to have the remotely read meters installed. We would be happy to provide access to our property to facilitate this installation. We need to know when that installation will take place to facilitate that property access being granted. I would like NV Energy to call me or my wife at ** immediately to set up a time that this installation can take place. I would normally call NV Energy to clear this up but so far, calling your office numerous times in an attempt to resolve this situation has failed. Hopefully, a written letter will have a more measurable and meaningful effect.

As of sending this letter on August 24, 2010 by certified letter, we have not received a phone call or any sort of correspondence. My wife was able to wave down a NV Energy meter reader last month as previously stated and he just laughed at her when he read the note that they were supposed to call or honk to gain access to our meter. This month's bill was estimated and currently our bill that is due is over $700. Our gate was left completely unlocked for two days on the date and past the date listed on our bill that was supposed to be the next meter reader date and yet our bill was estimated. We are at our wit's end with this issue.

For 15 months, we have had to pay inaccurate estimates when we can barely keep up with our bills in this economy as it is but we cannot budget our electric bill. One month it is $4 and the next it is over $400. The constant hassle and threats from NV Energy has getting impossible to deal with and we have gone above and beyond to try to fix this issue with no resolution. Yet they want to continue to raise our bill and charge us for services not used. Is it too much to ask that their employees that are getting paid to drive around and read numbers off of a pole do their job by pushing a horn or picking up a cellphone that is paid for by the company and make a brief two second phone call? We are headed into the winter months when gas usage will go up and now I am faced with the decision of do I get to feed my kids this winter or pay my energy bill estimates so they can be warm?

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Reviewed Oct. 13, 2010

I called NV Energy to switch electricity into my company name. Power is currently on but I do not want any interruption in service. I was put on hold then transferred and was told they were unable to find my address. (Ten business units are in my building and I currently have service) Finally they found my address and asked for tax ID number which I called them back with. Again being put on hold until I got through only to be told that I needed additional information, or I could open in under a personal SS number. Dealing with NV Energy was an exhausting and demeaning experience. I wish I had alternative energy companies to work with. Maybe a company that valued new business and treated customers with respect.

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Reviewed Oct. 7, 2010

NV Energy misreads my meter three times a year and they are overcharging me for 1,000 Kwh or more each time. Contacting their customer dis-service resulted in a long wait time (70 minutes on average), surly service reps, and hang ups when transfering calls. Their unacceptable solution was to pay the overcharge and it would level itself out with the next reading. Great, a company that stuck the rate payers with a bill for $2B when they ** up "trading" in energy futures and wanted us to bankroll their operation some more. $0.12 per Kwh is a little high, and they immediately start asking for more every time a rate hike is approved.

They are making record profits, paying the CEO obscene bonuses, and cutting repair crews and customer service support. The PUC needs to say no to their crooks or maybe federalize the company and put the management and share holders in prison. They provide a public service--maybe it should be a publicly-owned division. That's how it's done in other areas. Why not here?

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Reviewed Oct. 7, 2010

I moved my service in August and was told at that time, that my deposit would be $140 based on my payment history. Mind you, in the 2 years I have had service, I was never disconnected, late on payments yes, but not disconnected. The apt# my leasing company gave me was incorrect, so I called and had the service moved to the correct apt. I talked to 2 people. I got disconnected from the 1st, so when I called the 2nd I left my contact number in case anything happened.

Now, I get a bill for double the deposit and I am being told it is based on the last tenants usage! My 1st full month of usage was $180, yet I am being told I have to pay $280. It was their responsibility to notify me of the change in the deposit amount. Now, all they want to offer me is payment arrangements.

I work in customer service, we can not change the amounts and not notify the customer, I did not agree to the change and was not notified of the change. I spoke to what I thought was a manager, but it sounds like she was a rep working in the manager capacity. She said she would not adjust it. When I asked to speak to Credit and Collections and I was denied or anyone who had the ability to adjust it down to the amount I was advised of.

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Reviewed May 29, 2010

I recently purchased a home and signed documents on Tuesday, the 25th of May, on Thursday late afternoon. The sale was recorded with the county (per law) and on Friday, after moving a few large items to the house, I called the power company to have my power moved to the new house. They claim the only way power could be turned back on is if the bank that owned the property prior to my purchase was to turn it on. So here I am having to be out of my apartment on the 30th of May (Memorial day weekend), and can't get the power turned on to the new home I purchased until 1 June, Tuesday.

In the conversation with both people I spoke with, they stated that the bank that owned the property prior to me could call and have the power turned back on, however, I could not get the power turned on because they don't work weekends and Monday is a Holiday. This is total **. The energy company in Nevada makes tons of money and always complains about raising the rates. It seems they could have someone working on a Saturday, especially a good customer like myself that pays bills on time. Guess it is time to go solar, and wind.

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Reviewed April 28, 2010

We paid our March bill through bill pay to Nevada Power Co. Because of some mistake, Nevada Power did not get the payment. The following month, we received our April bill and it had March balance on it as well. I then checked into March payment and noticed that Nevada Power did not get the payment so that day I sent in another bill pay check for the full balance of the invoice.

This was on a Thursday. That following Monday, Nevada Power shut off my power. After several hours with no power, I decided to call Nevada Power to see what happened to my power and that's when they told me that they shut off our power because they did not receive the March payment. I then explained to them about bill pay and how I did send March and April payment.

I then asked why I was not notified that my power was going to be shut off. Their response was they sent out a letter stating they did not receive my payment. I never got a letter from them. They also informed me that my April bill had a note on it stating that this bill needed to be paid in 48 hours. I then looked at my April bill and in small print, on the very bottom of the bill, it did say that. I did not see this notice.

So now, they are making me pay a security deposit of $360. My complaint is with the way Nevada Power is abusing their power. I do not know why they can't make a phone call at any time to check on our account. We have a long and great credit standing with all the utility companies. This was a mistake in our bill pay and it was a one month mistake. To take this abusive action is very unacceptable.

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Reviewed Aug. 14, 2009

I was recently the victim of ID theft. A utility company in Nevada opened an account by someone using my last name who either hacked my SSN number or just grabbed some numbers from thin air. The utility company did not verify the information to see if it was correct. The first name used was not mine (a simple check would have found this out). Anyway, after the fraudulent account was opened the individual that opened the account let the account lapse for $168.00, in which the utility company sent me the collection notice. It should be noted I have never lived in Nevada or any other state than Indiana - ever!

I told the utility company they've made a mistake; it fell upon deaf ears. Later that year, two of my revolving credit lines by major financial institutions in the combined amount of $40,000.00 that I used to operate with were abruptly closed due to "a derogatory collection" on my credit report. In investigating the report, I found two collection filings by the utility company for $168.00 and I also learned that my 800 credit score that has taken a lifetime to build was and is now in the 650 range, which has also now cost me more credit reductions and closing of accounts that I used for my business.

My question is: do I have legal recourse against this utility company for ruining my credit and my business over a mistake they made? It seems there should be something that could be done as far as restitution in some fashion and I think the utility should have their feet held to the fire for not only doing this, but also having the ability to ruin a small business as mine and get away with it. What kind of ** nation are we living in that allows this?

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