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National Grid

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Last updated: Oct. 10, 2017

415 National Grid Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 10, 2017

I have been on the phone for 2 hours today with NG gas. I've have been switched around 5 times! Each representative says something different. I can't get their last name or operator number which is absurd. How is NG going to know if the operator is doing a good job if we can't review the phantom ghost? That's the reason our rates are so high, bad job performance results in higher prices for us the suckers on the street level. Get rid of the higher ups and change the system to higher friendly people that want to help customers not blow them off the phone.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 9, 2017

Last week I came home to find my power was turned off due to $194 bill not being paid. I always pay my bills on time if not early. I never received a notice of a past due bill. I paid it and my power was turned back on. Today I get a message saying my bill is ready. I called and asked what bill as I have not received a bill. Then I find out that they have been sending to the street address but to the next city over from me for some reason. The girl changes that for me then I ask about paying as it might be too late when I get a bill. She tells me that there is a $46 fee for turning power back on. Talked to customer service girl and she just said, "You have to pay it." Asked to talk to her supervisor and was told I would be told same thing. She emailed supervisor with my complaint. It is not my fault that they for some reason changed the city and I should not have to pay the $46.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 5, 2017

    As a new customer I was very surprised how difficult it was to pay a bill. I was told automatic bill paying cannot happen until you establish a record of use so in the meantime I had to come up with another means; a call... Nope! Extra charges with that mode. A local office? Nope... Miles away. Local access? Only $1.99 for the luxury of paying my bill at a 7/11? Now I'm supposedly on-line after providing a LOOONNNGGG identification code from my checkbook. Wonder if I'll be charged extra for that too. Have they EVER heard of the concept of customer service? I think not. This system is so antiquated and is designed to create a revenue stream from nothing. Who gets the cash generated from this sleazy system? Bizarre and difficult all around.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 4, 2017

    Every year they raise the rates for energy in Rhode Island and our Public Utilities Commission rubber stamps it. I switched out to another energy supply company called Ambit and never looked back. Bye-Bye National Grid!

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 28, 2017

    Where to begin: first, called Customer Service to make a payment arrangement and they say it's all set. Next day they come to shut off electricity. Apparently, the arrangement was only for gas. Not to mention there is a 1 year old living here which is against RIGL. Second, my bill was tripled because they added my former roommate's past bill to mine because I was living there at the time. Even though the bill was not in my name.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 13, 2017

    I do not even want to get into why they would turn off my gas service to my home but upon paying, more than the minor "past due" amount they failed to turn my service back on within the 24 hour time period as required by New York State. Their customer service is extremely rude and it takes more than 24 hours to speak with a supervisor. If you are in Long Island and are thinking of switching to natural gas, do not do it! You will be subjected to a corporate monopoly filled with uneducated buffoons.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 9, 2017

    I was moving and I had to get National Grid to come and get a meter reading. They gave me a window and I reworked my whole schedule around it to be at my old empty apartment at that time. Not only they didn't come nor call, they charged me $61 for the visit. I called and complained and the agent told me that I will get a callback by a supervisor. That never happened. I called again... and again... and again, each time getting the same response that a supervisor will call me back. I have given up.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 16, 2017

    Customer service is the worst. I made a payment through Chase, but since it didn't arrive because it takes 5 days which I was not aware, they closed my gas leaving my family without gas which means no food, no shower in this hot days. When I called up customer service he was so nasty, in middle my conversation he start singing and hung up the phone. Disgusting!!!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 12, 2017

    Yes so today I received a phone call from a collection agency that told me I owed $60 balance on my National Grid account so I paid that. I called up National Grid. They told me that they're having me shut off owing a balance of $55 if not paid. I don't know how I can get harassing calls or calls every month about shutting off when I always like $100 for this month's bill. You people keep calling people over and over again. My bill was paid last month and I got what three or four phone calls from you people. Give me a break. If I could join a different electric company I absolutely would!!!

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 5, 2017

    I pay all my bills religiously every month, but somehow National Grid always says I am late, or still owe more from last month even though the bill shows my payment. It’s so confusing I can never figure it out. When you can get someone on the phone they make you more confused and say somehow I am paying late. This is the only company I have a problem with, I truly believe they are doing something wrong but do not know what to do.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 4, 2017

    I paid my bill for electric services in full on Weds (8/3). I get home from work on Thursday to see that my service has been cut for failure to pay. I call National Grid Customer Service immediately and indicate that I paid my bill on Weds in FULL, and my service was cut on Thursday. How is this possible? Is there no check in the system to see if the bill has been paid prior to cutting service. I call and have my service reinstated after the customer service rep sees my bill has a 0 balance. I then find out that my service will be cut back in, in a 24 hour time period. 24 hours of no electricity in the middle of the summer, when I had paid my bill in full the day prior. How does this make sense?

    The customer service staff at NG have been great and helpful to the best of their abilities but the policies and the way they NG reacts to its own mistakes is so unacceptable that I'd change services if it were possible. In no way did they expedite my order to the techs to turn my service back on. In no way did I receive a formal apology about MISTAKENLY turning my service off. To top it all off they want to charge me approx $50 to turn the service back on that should have never been discontinued in the first place.

    I am so angry and feel so helpless in this situation. The fact that they incorrectly disconnected my service, and then went about righting their wrong as if I had just paid my bill on Thursday after my service was disconnected is so unacceptable. My service should have never been disconnected to begin with, and NG should do everything in their power to fix this issue more quickly than in a 24 hour period especially when they are so obviously at fault.

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    Original review: July 20, 2017

    National Grid has the worst customer service phone line. They let you waiting and waiting for more than 15 minutes. Nobody answers, and the top of that the music is awful. Most people like me only have a cellphone and we need to pay for the extra minutes we used. National Grid does not respect or value the consumer time or money. For the high cost service they charge us, they should have money to pay more people to answer the phone. National Grid is the worst company in Mass. It is not fair for us not having more alternatives for our electricity.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: July 14, 2017

    I accidentally cut a gas line on my property that was installed only 10 inches below the surface while planting a small shrub with a 6 in. root ball. Nat Grid people came and fixed the leak and stated at that time that I was not liable because the line was not installed properly. It must be installed at least 24 in. deep for safety reasons. Now they are saying that I owe them $2902 for the incident because I did not have a safe dig receipt. Isn't Nat Grid responsible here for putting my family's lives in danger for installing a gas line so close to the surface that explosions are more than likely to occur. Your thoughts, please?

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 29, 2017

    I am outraged at the terrible service by National Grid. I am stuck with them because of the service area. If I could switch companies I would. It has been 3 days of constant phone calls and still NO service. Day 1- called to set up new service, get meter installed and service connected. After 7 redirected calls, one to all Spanish speaking person, another to customer service rep with zero volume on her phone only to be told to complete form for watts/amps/phase 1 or 3. No form sent. This is a simple 1500 sq ft mobile home in an area with pole. Guess they do not know this after multiple explanations. Day 2, multiple redirected calls only to be told that the housing inspector must approve installation. This has been done! The sticker is on the box for the meter installation! Still no response from National Grid.

    Day 3 - back to multiple redirected calls only to get the person to tell me once again about amps, watts, voltage, phase 1 or 3. Said she would send form for completion, never came. Still no service. Cannot even begin to wonder what they will charge me. I am a senior citizen. Why is this such an issue. Whatever happened to customer service. Why can't I call, tell them to install meter and connect service. Pretty simple. New construction, new mobile home. I am not looking for connection to a nuclear power plant. They are in the electric business of providing electricity. Do they not know what a simple 1500 sq ft mobile home fully constructed and delivered to site uses. Why am I stuck paying for their stupidity and all the stupid people they hire! Dumbing down of society! Tomorrow. Day 4!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 20, 2017

    Today I am mailing - for the second time - the form to get automatic withdrawal for paying bills. I will have to wait two more billing cycles for it to take effect. I already went through this in April when I told them I was changing banks. They didn't set it up like they said it would so the bills didn't get paid last month. Now I have to wait until I have a zero amount on my acct.. Today more than an hour wasted talking to computers and dimwitted people in the billing dept.. National Grid is a monopoly so they don't really give a care for their customers. Wish I could go back to candles and the woodpile for my energy.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 15, 2017

    I don't even know where to begin. I put in an electronic request upon signing my lease, which was on a Friday afternoon. I would have called but their customer service line is closed by 5 pm which in itself is absurd. Anyway I called on Monday for confirmation (closed on the weekends - also absurd) and I talk to the most unhelpful human on earth. This person called me ma'am every 4 seconds and asked if my number was correct multiple times in a row which made me feel like I was speaking to a robot.

    My utilities couldn't be turned on for a few days after which was inconvenient and I was immediately asked for a new customer fee of $250. Unbelievable. Then the day comes for my electric (just electric, not gas) to be turned on and guess what? I get home to no electric. Again, I can't even believe this. And now I'm forced to find time during my 9-6 work day to call these degenerates to find out why the hell no one turned on my electric. I mean, why is this so hard?? My fiance had to take time off work just to meet them between 8-4 (wtf kind of window is that??) Overall this experience has been disgusting. Coming from California where the service was excellent and only a days wait, I don't even understand how National Grid is a company at all. We need more options, and more human interaction.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: June 9, 2017

    I received a notice about 2 months ago on my door, National Grid needs to change my meter. I forgot to call back. A couple weeks later 1 received a notice 2 days in a row, but I get home at 6 pm and the hours are not convenient to call them. I came home the next day and my gas was turned off. My account is current and No notice saying they would be turning off my gas, just turned it off. I called for them to turn back on, but of course it was late and no one was answering, so I had to call back next morning at 7 am. Rep came and turned on and said they didn't know why they just turned it off on us, and they should have came back prior night to turn back on. So that was all an inconvenience, I was very upset with the situation, but what was done was done.

    I go to pay my bill today, and to my surprise, there is an "adjustment" for $165. No explanation, just a bill. When I called they explained I was billed 3 years for my meter running slow and that was their calculation. So I continue to ask questions to get an understanding of why 3 years and how did they calculate. Rep stated meters last for 7 years, so I replied that my house is 10 yrs old and why didn't they change it after 7 years instead of billing me when they changed it 3 years too late. So, the rep explained the meter was damaged and running slow. They do not know when it was damaged, but they are allowed to bill back up to 3 years.

    So after this conversation I concluded, the meter was damaged and they don't know when that happened, so because they can bill up to 3 years back, that's what they did, with no explanation on my bill, just expect me to pay $165 without questioning it? I am waiting for a manager to contact me to hopefully explain this to make sense, because right now, all I can tell is that National Grid is literally billing based on numbers that do not exist. They are guessing, and I'm supposed to pay for it? Anyone else have any experience like this and what was the outcome?

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 31, 2017

    We bought our home in Huntington, Long Island in 1968 and have never had a problem with either or electric or gas companies. We never had a problem at all with KeySpan, which was our gas provider before National Grid of the United Kingdom bought KeySpan in 2007. After that everything went downhill. National Grid is a horrible company. The Customer Service is horrible! A few years ago I was sent a notice saying that I did not owe anything because I had overpaid. I received this notice for several months. However, to my great shock I then received a bill saying that I owed almost $2,000.00!!! This year, 2017, I have been paying $148.00 as I am on the Budget Billing plan. Then I was sent a bill April 4 for $88.00. Then I received a bill April 5 saying that $214.00 was the payment due. When I called to find out what was going on I was told that they change the rate every three months.

    The following month May 3 I received a bill again for $214.00, the second bill in the amount of $214.00. When I received the new bill on May 27, 2017 for the billing period April 18, 2017 to May 17, 2017 the amount shown that I have to pay is $366.18!!! I have tried to speak to Customer Service to find out what is going on and to ask if there is anything they can do to break this down as I am living on a fixed income, none of the women who answered the phone sounded like they were interested in helping me at all. The last one told me she was going to get a supervisor for me to speak to, put me on hold and never came back... I was holding on for at least 20 minutes!!! They are a horrible company; and they treat their customers badly and do nothing to help. Something has to be done asap to stop this! With so many millions of Americans unemployed when our economy crashed in 2008, a cold, uncaring gas company has no place in our midst.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 30, 2017

    I received a letter in the mail that every 15 years the gas meter needs to be replaced and to call and set up an appointment to have it changed. Ok, no problem I thought. I call and the women on the phone wanted my social number because I didn't have my account number. Not the last four the whole number. After arguing with her for a few minutes, in more or less words I told her to screw. Someone called me back about a week later and apologized. So the appointment was set up.

    Now I find out that they don't work on the weekends. I also have to take a FULL day out of work because their time of arrival is in between 8 am-5 pm. Not like every other company that calls you the night before and gives you a three, four or five hour window at most. So now I have to sit here and lose $240.00 (a day's pay) because National Grid sucks! One more thing, their gas prices are so ridiculous, that I'm paying more for the delivery than I'm paying for the actual gas itself.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 10, 2017

    Received a letter saying they could not read my meter. Called and was told I had to stay at home for 4 hours to let someone in. We scheduled the appt. After 3 hours I called to see if they knew when someone would be coming and was told I was not scheduled at all. Transferred to supervisor who concurred there was no one scheduled and set up visit for another day and said if I was not here I would be charged a no show fee. I wasn't credited for their no show! But then, I went out and while I was out SOMEONE FROM NATIONAL GRID CAME! When I called they said, "Ok, but you already have another appointment." When I asked who to write a complaint to, he put me on hold for 15 minutes, every few minutes getting back on the line apologizing, saying he could not find out who could help me.

    profile pic of the author
    Original review: May 5, 2017

    First, what is this delivery charge?? It costs more than my electric usage! Because of this charge it's like I'm paying 2 bills every month. I barely use any electricity because the rate is so high! Heat on lowest possible setting and sit in the dark most of the time. Idk what else I can do to lower it! My bill has reached 3200! It's around 500 monthly with a few months even higher. I pay what I can which is never 500 so my bill is always in arrears. This is impossible how are we supposed to live like this? It's robbery! Then I make payment arrangements on April 4. 800 down 300 a month ON TOP OF my regular bill every month for 6 months! 2 weeks later I get a letter saying I defaulted on my arrangement and if I don't pay 600 now they will schedule termination! It hasn't even been a month! Wtf?!

    Electricity is a necessity. If you don't have it DSS can actually take your kids and call it neglect and we have no choice in companies. How is this even legal?? WE NEED CHOICES in utility companies to force them to keep rates competitive instead of taking advantage of people because they're greedy! I'm 9 months pregnant and alone and terrified they're going to shut me off when I'm in the hospital! They told me I can't get assistance until after I receive the baby's birth certificate which could take weeks. Idk wtf I'm going to do. Bring a newborn home to no electricity?? I want to move to Alaska and build a cabin where it's acceptable to live within your means and not a crime to heat your own way. Something has to be done about this asap! How can the government allow this??

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 29, 2017

    HORRIBLE Utility Company. Not deserving of even 1 star. First of all their ONLY hours are Monday-Friday 8am-5pm. What kind of utility company doesn't provide hours on the weekend to call for help? ESPECIALLY utility companies. Even United Illuminating had Saturday Customer Service Hours. Secondly their online payment system, frankly, SUCKS. I had auto pay setup for electricity payments and all of a sudden the account just gets removed entirely from my profile. No calls from National Grid to inform me of a problem.

    I look at my account today and it's past due because the auto pay wasn't going through. Uhhhh you'd THINK someone would call you to let you know that your electricity was supposed to be turned off? NO notifications about this. NO phone calls. NO emails. I mean, these people should face criminal charges for such neglect, oh right, a government agency. Now I have to wait until Monday to find out if they can remove the mark from my credit history. Now I'll have to login every couple of weeks just to make sure my accounts don't "Disappear" from my account.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 12, 2017

    I am not a National Grid customer yet somehow I have been getting robotic calls on my business phone citing an account belonging to another person. This started happening a few months ago and have been increasing in number to the point where they're now leaving these messages every day. I have called them twice to get them to correct the mistake and each time I was told I needed the person's account number first. Yes, how am I going to know the account number of a total stranger? The second time I called them, they just told me to ignore the messages. One day later and I got another robotic call. They can't even be bothered to correct a phone number who doesn't even have an account with them.

    Original review: April 3, 2017

    My boyfriend and I moved into a new apartment this week. We called National Grid ahead of time to turn on the gas and heat. They said they could not submit this request until there was nothing "pending" on the account of the apartment we moved into. (No explanation offered on what this means, just hung up leaving us confused) even after we expressed concern we would not have utilities. There was a snow storm this weekend. We had NO HEAT OR HOT WATER. It was so incredibly cold I could not feel my hands or toes.

    National Grid was of course closed for situations like this. I tried their customer service line. Considering I was freezing and our poor family (including my 85-year-old grandmother on blood thinners), I considered this an emergency. No hot water or heat is something essential to live and not catch a cold or freeze, especially elders, no matter if she lives with us or is just visiting. The emergency line said this wasn't a leak so this was not an emergency and said "I would be happy to transfer to customer service!" (Him and I BOTH KNEW that customer service is obviously closed, I had already tried calling. But National Grid obviously has no empathy for their customers to be comfortable with the most simple necessities such as being able to have hot water or heat, even after all the money that is paid to them.)

    So now we get to wait SEVEN DAYS with a ridiculously inconvenient time frame of "probably Wednesday, between 8AM and 8PM." Can this company really not get it together and figure out that they might need to hire enough staff to help during weekends or times that are "not emergencies" when people are without heat, hot water, or electricity? Can they really expect us to take a whole day off of work so they can come whenever is best fit for them in a 12 hour time period? Horrible experience, as always, with this company. I wish nothing more than to be able to use another company other than being forced to have services with National Grid.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 16, 2017

    I could never understand why my electric bill is always so high until I realized the DELIVERY SERVICES CHARGES cost more than the electricity I use on a month. Charges that are asinine and should be illegal. I read the fine print on the back of my bill to try and understand what these separate 7 charges were. Basically from what I can understand, National Grid gets electricity from another major company and we pay those charges, so not only are we paying our electric bill, we're paying for National Grid to receive the electricity they then charge us for. This company is robbing us blind! They don't care how much they charge us people but do care enough to send an awful shut off notice if one month behind - too bad! Our government needs to step in and help us to regulate these bogus charges. I mean come one, you are literally charging me more for "supplying" me electric than I'm using!

    Original review: March 16, 2017

    I am disgusted and fed up with this "service." Not like we have a choice to go somewhere else anyway! TWO months ago, I paid my atrociously overpriced bill online, as usual. I notice on my bank statement that the payment of $500 went through twice. I called National Greed, who pretty much just blamed my bank. I call my bank, (who, to be fair, are no prize company either, who blamed National Grid.) It was most certainly taken out of my account by NG. They keep telling me they have no record of me paying that money twice. Well, isn't that convenient?! After DAYS of getting absolutely nowhere with any customer service, and $500 out of my account that just disappeared, I finally log into my old, CLOSED for 3 years, account. Back from when I had an old apartment. I find out that they "paid" that account with one payment, and the other payment on my current, active, and ONLY account. How in the world does that even happen?

    I confront them and fax them all the evidence, which takes another 2 or 3 days. I hear nothing back from anyone. I'm calling numerous times a day, only to have to repeat the entire story, get nowhere, and start all over again. I speak to a "supervisor", another joke of a person, and the moron says he'll send out my check asap, expedited. 2 days later, what do you know!? Nothing in the mail. I call AGAIN. repeat the story AGAIN. Then this "supervisor" says the other supervisor lied and they don't expedite anything. That the check must go through a process and be signed by a manager. I wait 10 days like he says. 14 days pass, and nothing in my mail. Again, they try to blame my post office for it? The post office had nothing. I call another "supervisor", who says he can't find the check and will send out another one. I've yet to get these THREE checks they've been telling me were "sent out."

    It has been two months of continuous, daily calling. Multiple times a day my husband and I are both on the phone with these idiots. There is absolutely no customer service, no organization. I am constantly hearing different stories. Even the one supervisor I am now speaking with on the daily has a different story for me. I have come to the conclusion that this headache will NEVER end, and that I will never see that money. I am taking out a complaint with mass.gov, and will hopefully get my money back. Now, they have the audacity to send me letters threatening to cancel my service because I have not paid the $700 I owe them. What about the $500 they STOLE FROM ME? They are getting a ** dime from me until I get mine from them. I can't stand this rip off of a "company". I hope the entire place goes up in ** flames.

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    Original review: March 10, 2017

    On 2 separate occasions I have witnessed employees consuming alcohol while in company vehicles. After witnessing this activity and promptly phoning customer service to complain, I was met with what can only be described as a dismissive, condescending response by the agent I spoke with, prompting me to request a supervisor and was told that I could expect a call returned to me which I NEVER RECEIVED! This utility continues to operate on what can only be described as crooked bribery and corruption. Serious steps need to be taken by someone in the statehouse who is not influenced by such bribery. An external investigation of this company must be made to correct these serious infractions!!!

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: March 2, 2017

    Deplorable service. If I could give them 0 stars I would. National Grid turned off our gas instead of that of our next door neighbor. We called to inform them that they turned off the gas to our second and first floor and were told a technician would be out the later that day to fix the issue. Their technician came and didn't want to identify himself, he was rude, belligerent and unhelpful. He tried to claim he was only there to turn the gas on for one floor, we kept letting him know that it was two flrs. but he would not budge or assist. When he left his tools broke our railing, he states he put in a claim but would not give us a claim number or let us know the steps. After he left we noticed the gas was on for the first floor but no running hot water.

    Called to complain about the broken rail and to get a technician to help turn on the second floor. Rep said she would send a note to the guy's supervisor to send us a claim form and would make a note to have a technician come in after I came home from work at 6. A technician came when nobody was home at 5:20pm. Called again when I got home and was told no technicians could come that night and that I would have to call the following day for a technician, even though I mentioned we had a child in the house and couldn't afford to have no heat/gas.

    Called the next day when I got home and was told the systems were down and no technician could come and that I should try again the next day. So now 2 days with no gas. Called the following day and was told a technician would be there that evening, after 2/3 hours with no one on site we called and the customer service rep stated she saw nothing in the system to show that a technician would be coming but there was something for tomorrow.

    At this point I'd had enough. I told her we would not be waiting till tomorrow when a technician was promised to us that night. That we had a sick kid and needed someone there that night as we had no gas and no hot water. I was told she would send me to a supervisor. She placed me on hold and then after 5 minutes I was sent to a voicemail. I called back and all of a sudden they were closed for business. All I want is to get gas again. My niece is sick and has 102 fever and we have no gas, to make her soup, no heat and no hot water. This is beyond unacceptable.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 15, 2017

    Charging me for 7 months even after I cancelled my acc. They called me yesterday asking me to pay a balance of $500+. I said fine and complained why my electric bill coming so high, they said it was my gas. I told him I don't have access to gas in my home. That's when things got weird, they claim I never canceled where I spent a week canceling and transferring accounts with my beloved wife. And they said they have no record. They transferred my electric bill to the new address and what are they talking about? I feel betrayed and they are claiming something that it is not true. I need a lawyer and I have the means to pay for legal action as long as it takes.

    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 14, 2017

    I could never understand why my electric bill was always so high when I am really good about not wasting electricity, finally I studied my most recent bill, which was for the month of January, and I was shocked! For the electricity I used it was 141.22, not bad considering it was January and there are 6 people who live in my house, but my total bill was 289.73... Searched my bill and there it was, the DELIVERY SERVICES CHARGE. 148.51. It cost more just to have electricity than what I used that month. Charges that are asinine and should be illegal. I read the fine print on the back of my bill to try and understand what these separate 7 charges were. Basically from what I can understand, National Grid gets electricity from another major company and we pay those charges, so not only are we paying our electric bill, we're paying for National Grid to receive the electricity they then charge us for.

    I live in a city that the only available company for electricity is National Grid so I'm stuck paying a double bill every month. These " delivery service charges" seem to be doubling every year and it's not right. Electricity is not man made and should not cost an arm and leg to be warm or have lights, or cook or anything else. This company doesn't care how much they take from people or how it affects people's lives with the stress of not knowing if they are gonna be able to afford the next bill or get that God awful shut off notice.

    Someone needs to make a stand because this just is robbery and evil! National Grid needs to get rid of these extra charges especially the one about them having an " energy efficiency program". All I've seen from that "program" is a letter every 4 months stating that my household uses the most electricity in my neighborhood. Funny, because every town I lived in, all those letters say the same thing but I know that is far from the truth. National Grid is wrong to do this to people and something needs to change.

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    National Grid expert review by Jonathan Trout

    National Grid is an investor-owned energy company that services New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and the United Kingdom. It promotes sustainable energy and educates the community about the importance of clean energy and energy-saving practices.

    • Smart energy solutions: National Grid’s smart energy solutions program gives you more control over your energy use. Through the program you get free energy kits with smart thermostats, smart plugs and direct-load devices. You can also participate in conservation days where you lower your energy usage during peak hours and receive bonuses on your pricing plan.
    • Residential energy saving programs: National Grid gives you the option to participate in multiple energy saving programs like ConnectedSolutions and coolControl. ConnectedSolutions is National Grid’s consumer energy platform that integrates with your smart devices and appliances to control energy use remotely, helping you save more. Eligible customers can participate in the coolControl program, which uses a smart AC kit to let you control your AC unit from your phone. Earn rewards points for participating in the coolControl program.
    • Supplier diversity and sustainability: National Grid gives minority-owned, women-owned and small and sustainable businesses equal opportunity to apply for its procurement and sourcing process through its Supplier Diversity Program. This program helps sustain economic growth in the states they operate in.
    • National Grid Foundation: The National Grid Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening the economy and improving the quality of life in National Grid’s service areas. It awards grants to nonprofit organizations that strive to make an impact on underserved neighborhoods and organizations that focus on providing environmental education programs.
    • Convenience: Start, stop or transfer services, report and view outages and set up online bill-pay from the company’s home page. You can also choose how you want to pay your bill, either by bank account, credit card, phone or automatic payments.
    • Best for: customers wanting an electricity provider who cares about sustainable practices.
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