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Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

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Last updated: Nov. 30, 2017

196 Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 30, 2017

If I could give this utility company a zero I would. Today I called for the second time to try to pry my $157.07 deposit out of their greedy coffers. When I moved to a new county in August, DWP was supposed to refund my deposit. When I didn't see it by October I called and requested again that I get my refund. At that time I confirmed my new address and was told that I should see the refund within a month. I explained to the customer service representative that I had given all of my forwarding information when I closed my account and that I thought it was very odd that I would have to call back and track down this deposit, thus wasting more of my time.

The representative told me that it usually takes a couple of months to process the refund because DWP hold onto it in case the customer moves to a new address within LA county. I explained that I thought that was very odd and to please expedite my refund. Today, 11/30/17, I called again to ask them where my refund was. I was told and I quote "I have no idea how long it will take for you to receive your refund"... WTF **! How can it be legal for a utility company to keep a customer’s money indefinitely?! If I ever had to live in LA again I would survive by candle-light before opening an account with these **!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 29, 2017

Have called several times, always wait at least 45 minutes on hold to have what is laughingly called customer service tell me they can't help me, Ever. Have left both email and phone messages for supervisors whose messages & calls will be returned within a business day, never happened. Even with names, these people just don't care. What a racket. They might as well put on ski masks & carry guns for the theft of both time and money they get for really poor service. Trash is not picked up, garbage is all over the ground and the trucks go by without stopping. Criminal. They suck.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 21, 2017

I purchased and moved into my home in 2009. Since then my most outrageous bill was $900 for a two month period. Until October 2017 when I was billed $2200. Called and customer service person-Anne (I see her name here in other complaints) says if a photo shows my meter read is smaller than what was reported they will investigate but that I should have plumber check for leak. I paid $200 to have a plumber tell me what I already knew from reading my meter myself - no leak.

LADWP says I used 74 HCH in 60 days. Yet in reading just 26 days their October read and no change in my usage habits, I’d only used 12 HCH. Still no investigation, no adjustment, nothing but threats to turn off my water and power. How is this any different from a gang member extorting money from a business owner for protection? A kidnapper holding someone for ransom? So I paid the $2200 borrowing money to do so. Two days later - another random bill for $1700. ENOUGH.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 16, 2017

DWP delays my bill for 4 months every time this year. In doing so I go over the water/electrical allotment and I paid hundred of dollars more. I have written 15 e-mails in 13 days but got no real answer on why the bill delayed... and still no bill. The customer service rep., Anne, took me on a merry go around in every e-mail I wrote, but never answered my questions. Based on my research, I believe DWP transposed the meter number, and can not figure it out. They claim I had the meter changed twice (totally false) but the so-called "two meters" are one and the same with the last 3 digits transposed. The worse part is that no one has bothered to look into it, even after my dozen or so complaints!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 11, 2017

I closed my account June 6th, 2017 and have moved out of California to Texas. LADWP owes me $741.03 in refund money. I have called many times and at first was told to wait 6 weeks. Since then multiple calls and always the same, they will send a priority email to the refund department. Apparently, as customers we cannot contact the refund department and even the employees at LADWP can only email the refund department as I guess they don't have phones. Very poor way to do business. I am pretty sure if I owed LADWP $741.03 they would not wait for me to contact my refund department.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 6, 2017

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power are the most unprofessional company I have ever encountered. If you have a choice in your area to do water or power with someone else, PLEASE DO! I have moved out of my apt in LA November 2016. I overpaid $75.00 my final bill. Plus they have a $200 security deposit when I first moved there from NYC. Do you know they refuse to return my $275! I no longer pay utilities where I live. I have called multiple times. Supervisors never call back. Emails sent! I went even in person to the Hollywood location on Sunset Blvd. They said they would call me today! NO call.

I sent a complaint to CPUC, they sent me a letter they can't help me. This is what they do, hold onto your money!!! Never return it. If you can get the service without a security deposit FIGHT NOT TO GIVE YOUR MONEY! ULTIMATE THIEVES! Please get solar power. The govt also gives you a tax credit and it is cheaper!!! I will definitely get solar power when I buy a home. I want nothing to do with them again in life!!!

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: July 19, 2017

I would give no stars if possible. Also wish there wasn't a monopoly on the lights, water and sewer in Los Angeles. I've asked for and completed all paperwork requesting a full audit on my account and was told it would take 90 days; 120 days later no results. I was charged over $400 for sewer charges during a period when I didn't even have water. Now that I do have water my sewer charges have continuously been 10 times more than water usage. How can this be? They are quick with a disconnect notice but very slow with my audit. I'm a senior citizen living alone, my electric usage is around $50 and water around $25. Sewer and trash exceeds $500. Makes no sense.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: April 25, 2017

In Jan/Feb 2017 I had waters leaks in the house. One in the bathroom and one in the garage that we did not figure out until March way after the bathroom leak. So my bill increased immensely, Jan $1800 and Feb 1400. It was also high in March. Along with the other charges for light and trash my bill was over $5,000.00 and being a Mom with 4 children with one income in my household was not able to pay the whole bill. Early April they turned off my water stating that I need to pay at least $3546.84. I called and requested if I could pay $3000.00 and have it turned back on. I beg, cried and even asked them if they have ever gone without water? "Well that is not my problem. It's not about me. It's about you."

Needless to say I am still without water until I pay the $3546.84 and have to go without water and still have other bills to pay as well as my rent on the first. I paid $1200.00 last week and still need to pay the $2346.84. Oh get this once I pay the rest of the whole 3546.84 they are only giving me 10 days to pay the balance. LADWP does not take customer's situations into consideration and you think with this nice lawsuit going on they would be willing to work with people and have some heart. NOPE!!! They are have more money than I can think of and not willing to work with people so they can live like decent human beings.

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Original review: April 15, 2017

If I could give 0 stars I would. I live in a 1 bedroom apartment in LA. I only have my son and myself here, Monday-Friday. We do not arrive home until about 5 pm. Lights do not go on until later as the sun shines through the apartment quite well. Tv goes on maybe around 6 for a couple of hours. This is an everyday routine. Our weekends we are usually out a few hours at least. My bills jump from in the $240's to my recent bill $372.39 (2017) to be exact. WHAT THE WHAT?! I do not have central heating or air. I have the plug in ones that are barely used.

When I reached out, more than once, mind you for this absurd bill. I have heard "Maybe you leave your refrigerator door open?" Ummm nope, single mom so I do need to preserve my food. I have even have had them agree with me that the bill seems super steep. They can start a check for you, but understand this, A. they will charge you for coming out to check and B. if someone is tapping into your line it's your problem basically. You my friend are still stuck with the bill, let me tell you if they do find someone tapping in, it's not labeled with a unit a is stealing from you. So you don't know in the end basically, you have to report it to the police (ha) then report it to your landlord oohhhh and then make sure you pay your outstanding absurd bill before they put you in collections.

Do they not realize they are in a lawsuit right now? Ripping people off should be stopped. It's an estimate, there are so many people living and using electricity in apartments that they are not billed for, I know this because I have a few friends that have been in their apartments for over a year without ONE BILL. That is because all of us other unfortunate customers are footing the bill. I have submitted paperwork for the lawsuit and man I hope I get reimbursed for their overcharging. It's insane and needs to be continuously monitored by an outside party to keep LADWP in line for their discrepancies because a lawsuit doesn't seem to be getting them in check.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: April 12, 2017

11 months ago I moved out of my apartment. I have called and emailed to get my refund. Nothing but a bunch of lame excuses. Totally insane! Only to find out there was a previous class action suit against them for over billing. Now they are trying to "keep" people's refunds. I guess they are hoping they will forget or give up trying to get it back.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 9, 2017

When I signed up for DWP LA service I was told after 1 year my account was going to be reviewed in December & deposit was going to be returned in January. I called them today 01/09/2017. Now they are telling me it is going to be kept for 2 years, I was given wrong info! Even if I move out & close my account they are going to hold my money another 2 months! I asked why it takes that long but not 1-7 days to refund. They said it takes time!!! It is the 21st century! Refunding a deposit should not take more than a week.

They don't even do electronic transfer! I have to give them an address to get my check. I asked what if I move out of the country? They said it has to be sent to an address! So inconvenient! So wrong! They need to update their policy & return people's money right away! How is it even legal for them to keep my money & profit from it for extra 2 months? I told them they act like mafia! My balance is zero. I owe them nothing. I've paid my utilities for almost 20 years on time. They are telling me they don't see it!!! It's all scam. They have no right to hold on to my deposit! Terrible customer service. Full of false information!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 7, 2017

When I moved to LA I was told by LADWP that I would be required to pay over a $200 deposit in order for my services to start. I relented and paid the deposit. Six months later I moved to a location where I would not longer need those services. When I requested for my deposit to be returned I was told that it would take six months! Upon an online search I've discovered that many other people have experienced this and that they often don't get their refunds back at all or if they do, it's more like ten months. HOW IS THIS LEGAL? I can't find anyone to help me. This is insane.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 15, 2016

Today I contacted DWP after noticing water charges were not on my most recent bill. The representative took a look and told me it looks like my water meter was defective and or stuck and that I have not been correctly charged for water since 2014. I purchased my home in 2013 and I know for sure I had been paying for water at some point. I asked her if a tech from DWP comes out to read the meter how could that not have been noticed that there was no reading. She then says there was a reading but they didn't notice it stayed the same and that the meter was defective! This is ridiculous. So I was advised this will be referred to a Supervisor who will arrange to have the meter swapped out and I can expect a higher bill for past charges that I will need to pay.

I can not believe this! That is not my equipment. It should be DWP's responsibility to assure their equipment is working properly to avoid this inconvenience to customers. I will explore legal action. This seems like fraud as the consumer has to just go by what DWP says. Where's the proof? I do not have access to view the water meter.

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Original review: Aug. 18, 2016

Many years ago, LADWP put a wire or line over the length of my property (approx 150 ft). LADWP a strung lines across my land without an easement. At no time was I compensated nor asked for permission. This is unsafe as trees can cut off the line and wires/line can fall over my family members, vehicles, or pet and cause injury if not death. A case in Eagle Rock happened recently too. I get no responses from calling the DWP Customer Service hotline. Based on state regulations they need a court order before they can run lines over private properties without easement. Can someone help please?

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 29, 2016

Closed my account November 1st 2015. Was told that refund ($200) will arrive within 3-6 months. It's now end of July 2016, 8 months past and still no refund. I've been 5 times to DWP office and every time they "send email to supervisor". I told them to call them - "they can't communicate via telephone" - how ridiculous is that? And "they are aware of the problem" when I tried to start a complaint. I was told to wait 4-6 weeks more. I fed up with these numbers taken out of nowhere. DWP is an ultimate manifestation of crooked bureaucratic outdated system which has no place in modern world.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 25, 2016

I made a deposit for my electric service in December 2015 for a rental unit. Promptly closed the account in January 2016 when the unit was rented out. Received my closing bill on 1/15/16 with a credit on it. Waited a month and emailed them about the status of the refund. They told me it would take 8-12 weeks. Waited 14 weeks and emailed them again. Was then told it would take up to 6 months "because we're behind". Well, It's now 6 months and 2 weeks later and I still don't have the refund. What a joke this is.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 7, 2016

My boyfriend, who I live with, has multiple sclerosis. I've been living with him in his house since December. Right now he has a huge dispute with the DWP regarding electricity and we've had no power to the house for about 10 months. Although they haven't provided us with electricity, we have been paying the water and trash bills consistently and on time. This morning, someone came and removed the water meter and capped off the water line to the house. We called and they said there was nothing they can do. I believe this can probably qualify as ATTEMPTED MURDER since we can't live without water. Does anyone know how we can get them to turn the water back on? We have been paying for water and trash service. Shouldn't they continue to provide those?

Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 26, 2016

DWP fraudulent Meter readings and/or Meter malfunctions... 1/29/16 I received a DWP water bill in excess of $2000. I was told they determined I had a faulty water meter at my house (which is underground) and since it wasn't reading correctly they went back to when they felt the best accurate reading was which was in 2013!! As a result they billed me for additional water use since that time and based it off the newest reading coming from a repaired or replaced meter. This is outrageous to me for the following reasons: How do I know that the meter was in fact faulty? Why would I be responsible for machinery I don't own or maintain? Where is the proof the meter was reading incorrectly? If it was faulty why did it take 3 years for it to be noticed?

My bill has consistently been excessive ($500+ per billing) for 5 straight years so it's not as if my bill was ridiculously low. Without any proof they can say this to anyone and just throw back charges to a consumer at will! I further argue that if a faulty meter is determined by DWP which would result in any billing dispute they should contact the resident to discuss the issue prior to taking it upon themselves then months later sending a huge bill assuming the consumer is just going to be accepting of it. Who regulates them for this type of problem. I NEVER saw anyone fixing or changing a meter on my property. How can I even be sure the previous meter or readings were faulty? If there is no proof or prior forewarning why should I be responsible for something that could be completely fabricated by the provider.

After contacting them I've gotten nowhere. All they say is that if the meter was working correctly over the last 3 years I would have had these charges anyway so there is nothing I can do but pay the amount that has been prorated. So I am posting this primarily to see if anyone else has had the same issue. A handful of consumers stand taller than 1. Who knows, maybe this kind of fraud is a pattern with the DWP. If so I want to expose them and have our monies returned.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 11, 2016

I spent a year in California and have returned to Las Vegas. I had to give a deposit to the power company. I was never late on any payment. So when I called to disconnect I was told that the last bill could be taken out of the deposit but I had to wait until I received the final bill to request the return of the remainder of my money even though I was no longer doing business with them. Have you ever heard of such a thing?

So after I received my final bill I called again to request my own money be returned again and now I am told it will take 2 months for the return of it. When I asked why so long I was then told it was because they were behind. Hello. How can that be? Billing is all automated and how hard is it nowadays to process the refund. Not to mention I feel that they are holding my funds illegally. Isn't there laws pertaining to reasonable length of time someone can hold your money? Especially when I have meet my obligations to them. It may not be much to them but I could use the 130 dollars or so.

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Original review: April 1, 2016

We learned that we have been erroneously billed and paying LA Sanitation for solid waste charges on a multi unit dwelling we own. (We have a 3rd party pick up trash so LA DWP doesn't handle trash for us.) I have been getting the complete run around when I call them. First few times they said they would come to verify that we have a 3rd party picking up trash at our site. They would call me to schedule an appointment. Of course, they never call me. I called back recently and they give me a different story. That all apartments still have to pay for trash even if they use a third party. I question the amount they have been charging. $69 every 2 months on a small studio apartment seems to be pretty hefty. They say I need to talk with the billing supervisor and the best time to reach her is after 4pm when her shift starts. I wait to call after 4pm and is put on hold for like 40 minutes (I timed in on my phone).

Then, the woman who answers the phone says the billing supervisor leaves everyday at 4pm and at that time, there were no other supervisors or managers managing the woman who answered the phone. Totally lied to me. In one DWP, we've added up over $400 that we have been overcharged. We have been paying this for years.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Jan. 19, 2016

We manage many apartment buildings in the City of LA, and we've been greatly burdened by the cost of Solid Waste Charges that the LA DWP is charging for our property located on S. Mansfield Ave. We have never missed a payment, but the charges that DWP is allowed to pass through to us is incredibly high. Per billing cycle (each 2 months) we receive a bill of about $1200 for removing 5 trash bins from the property. Not to mention, the bins are to be brought out by us since the sanitation dept will not bring them out from behind the building. This is $600 per month in trash service alone! At a nearby property, we pay for trash service through a private company, Athens, and we get service 5x a week for the container we have there, and we only pay $450 per month. With DWP, we receive mediocre service at best as we receive many complaints of missed collections.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 19, 2016

In September 2014 I received a bill retroactively charging me for about $9,000! I've been receiving threatening termination of services bills all through 2015 up to and until the date of this post, Jan 18, 2016. I got shuffled off to the "Field Investigations" department and was not able to get someone on the phone until 2 months ago. The agent I spoke to was "humming" in the background as I expressed my extreme frustration at being retroactively billed for such a large amount. I asked if I could have the name of his supervisor, got his number and live in "fear" every time I get a notice from them that unless I pay the entire amount or make arrangements to pay the outstanding amount that my services would be terminated. I received "estimated" bills throughout 2014 (you have to know where on the bill to see "estimated"). I am not sure if the information is accurate they are providing me.

And since this high bill was received in September of 2014 there was and IS no way I could even investigate if there was any accuracy to their claim of $1000/mo increased power usage for the 9 months. Plus they said they were "correcting" the inaccurate readings they "say" were present in my bill. I am at my wits end and am afraid my services will be terminated. It IS impossible for me to go back in time to investigate whether or not their claims have any merit and this is OUTRAGEOUS! I have until this coming Friday to come to some acceptable (to them) arrangement in this matter. Then if I am unable to, my services will be subject to termination. I do not know if there is a supervisory agency overseeing the DWP but I am in dire need of discovering if there is one. If my services are terminated I will be unable to occupy my home which is my only residence.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 23, 2015

I received a bill on September 29, 2015, which stated that this bill was a correction of a previous bill and contains new charges. Upon reviewing closer, I read that the correction goes back as far as one year (question: why?). I called the customer service and spoke to the representative and did not get any explanation. Then I requested to speak with a supervisor.

Dionne, the supervisor from Team 8, then informed me that for an unknown reason the department decided to go back to the October 14, 2014 electrical meter reading (reading) to recalculate charges (again, why?). She also mentioned that the department was not able to get an accurate reading two consecutive times in December, 2015 and February, 2015 (why? the gate was open, we do not have a dog), therefore my billing was based on estimated reading, which were running higher than the actual reading (again, why?). When the employee input the actual reading successfully obtained in April and June of this year, the system kicked the number out of the system (twice), because that would have meant that the meter had been running backward, not forward. Yet, I successfully got charged $646.55; some of it was sewage and water portion, though.

The question I have is how do I know that these charges are real? The supervisor could not explain why, if the actual reading was less than the estimated electrical meter reading, I got charged more? The supervisor could not explain why the billing department decided to re-evaluate my bills altogether. The supervisor failed to explain why it took an entire year for them to catch their mistake, nor why the bill was sent in the end of September, if the last correct reading was done in June. Dionne did not even give me any answers as to how they determined that we had used more water in the course of the year, aside from our usual billing. Nor, did she give me any explanation as to how we managed to use more sewage and sanitation in addition to our regular billing. Many questions gone unanswered.

When I presented my scenario as to why I might have received this extra bill, Dionne informed me that if I did not pay the bill, I would have my services cut off. Here is what I think may have happened. Last October, after I received an unusually high water and electrical bill, I called the DWP's customer service and complained about the high balance. We started to dissect the bill and find out that source of our high billing was using too much electricity. The lady on the line was going line by line asking what appliances we have at home to see if we can reduce the bill in the future. We turned off the second refrigerator, changed the light bulbs to energy efficient, used less lighting in general, and, changed our windows to stop the draft. I was so hoping that the subsequent bills would reflect all our efforts of saving electricity as well as water. And it did.

I knew that investing $7,000.00 into new windows would have paid off eventually, less electricity to heat and cool the place, increase the home value, etc. And that is when someone at DWP noticed an increased electrical usage in our house. So, someone decided to alter our billing, otherwise, I do not see any logical reason to go back one year to re-evaluate our bills, electrical, water or sewage. I would like to eliminate the $646.55 bill from our records as any futile attempts from DWP supervisor did not produce any credible explanations to origination of this bill. Just like I cannot prove that my side of the reasoning behind these charges, DWP failed to provide any proof that this bill is an accurate reflection of my utilities usage.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 21, 2015

Even though I had been told my refund was being sent to me, I didn't receive it. And weeks after I should have received it I was told the bizarre story that I owed on a bill at an address at which I never lived. In fact some astronomical figure over $700. I thought it strange because of course I had been utilizing LADWP at my apartment for a few years and had never heard about any fees due them for some other address. Convenient that they made up some charges (which supposedly occurred more than 2 years prior) at an address where I never lived when they were supposed to refund my deposit.

And now they are telling me they can't help me and that my deposit will be applied toward a balance that isn't mine. This is absolute crime and robbery. I had heard in other reviews that they purposely made it impossible to get your "refund" back but that is just so wrong and illegal I never believed it until this happened. PLEASE, PLEASE GIVE US ANOTHER UTILITY PROVIDER WE CAN USE!!! When there is a total monopoly companies commit these injustices and get away with them.

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Customer increased Rating by 4 stars!
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Resolution response: Sept. 27, 2015

LADWP has been working with me to resolve this. I am very appreciative of their efforts and their ability to work me on this situation.

Original review: Sept. 19, 2015

Many years ago, LADWP put a guy wire across 3/4 of the entry way to a vacant lot instead of properly securing an existing utility pole or putting up an additional pole. LADWP also strung power lines across my land without an easement and allowed their lessors to do so. At no time was I compensated nor asked for permission. I am trying to build a house with a normal driveway and LADWP is blocking my driving access. After getting the runaround with no responses from the applicable person, I had to contact others, file paperwork, etc. I finally was given an option, just one and at an expense to me up to $10,000. I asked about other option during this meeting and was told there were none.

I did my own research through the state regulations, driving around cities and had an engineer evaluate the options. There are at least 4 options so I presented these to LADWP. LADWP refuses to respond. I've sent several emails to a variety of people. I started my request with LADWP on June 9, 2015. 3+ months later and nothing. If anyone knows an attorney for this situation, please advise. LADWP owes me rent for their use of my land, punitive damages for the unnecessary stress and compensation for my time. They also need a court order to do their job.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 28, 2015

I have been renting a space for my children and I with another person. The other person left after house we rent was sold. Shortly thereafter the electricity was disconnected. It was not in my name. The person we shared house with was responsible for electricity. Upon contacting LADWP, I WAS INFORMED THEY WILL NOT TURN SERVICE ON UNTIL I PAY OUTSTANDING BALANCE OF ABOUT 3000.00 dollars. I should not be responsible for another's responsibility. Meanwhile... my children and I live with no electricity. The new owner of house is not helpful because he wants to evict us so he can build another two units and spike rent. He was the one who requested shut off as well as discontinuing gas in my name... put it in his. I and my children have no power and was refused power from LADWP. What should I do? Anyone have extra solar panels?

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 23, 2015

I just got a $900 bill... I have been on a payment plan (owed $4,000 and they blackmailed me into paying them rather then buy food and have health insurance) and purposely haven't used much electricity because I can't afford to. Just fans on most of the time. How can they steal so much money from us?? What is our recourse? Is there anyone who can help stop LADWP from having this Monopoly and threaten shut-off if we don't pay HUGE amounts of money? It's a joke and I don't understand how this is being allowed to happen!!!

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Original review: Aug. 3, 2015

I've been overcharged on electricity for the first 2 years that I lived at this apt, and all of a sudden it went from $200 to $50. Also a $100 payment I made in April of 2014 has STILL not been credited as of Aug 3rd 2015, and they say they can't find it even with the multiple faxes of proof from my bank and a tracer number. Someone has stolen my money and the bank can't get it back unless the LADWP physically gives it to them. They deny receiving it at all. Also took me off of low-income discount without notification and I received a $200 bill and are refusing to honor the low income discount even though I had sent in my proof in DECEMBER of 2014. No one will help, I've been disconnected by agents and supervisors and told I would be called back and NO ONE ever follows through.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: July 24, 2015

I have received outrageous water bill even during the time that I had not occupied my new home! Numerous calls and correspondences have fallen on deaf ears.

Original review: July 8, 2015

I received an adjusted bill from the DWP, adjusting my DWP bill upwards by $269.00! The explanation given by the DWP is that they made a mistake on reading the water meter and had to make adjustments after 18 months!! How could a public utilities company make a mistake when every bill that they sent me, based on their own workers reading and inputting these numbers, I have paid in full! How can the DWP come back 18 months later and ask me to pay for a mistake of theirs? I am hoping that Consumer Affairs will get to look into this and contact me for any further information to help you resolve this situation for me.

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