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Reviewed Nov. 18, 2020

LADWP is billing me for the 2 bedroom apartment unit that had been vacant since January 2020. My last period charge between 7/7/2020 - 9/3/2020 was $31.41 and now between 9/3/2020 - 11/6/2020 $226.61 for the vacant unit. That is outrageous. I made several attempt to contact them and after an hour on hold they hang up the phone or the phone gets disconnected. The building is located in West Los Angeles.

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Reviewed Oct. 31, 2020

Look, I make decent money and I know that I'm not great with it. It leaves my in a perpetual state of feeling like I have less than I should. I preface this review with that because I need to explain why I didn't notice this problem until now. I just set my stuff to autopay and expect it to just be okay. I'm moving from Los Angeles to Ohio at the end of November and so I went to the website to cancel my service. Which apparently I need to wait for a few days to do because despite it being the 31st of October, the 30th of November is "more than 30 days away" and thus not an option.

This is when I noticed that my bill is $768.62. I've been out of the city, for two months of that time, took my computer with me, and turned the AC to Cool at 90 just to make sure the place wasn't burning up (dumb perhaps, whatever) while I was gone. Nothing is running there. How is it possible!? Then I noticed that my August bill is $634.31, during that time I was out of town for about a month as well. I understand higher bills in the Summer but last year was $200 less than that and we definitely ran our AC less this year out of concern for just this purpose. THEN... I noticed my June bill was $522.41, which was $241.19 higher than the same bill the year before. How?! This is insane. That October bill going through now is the really astounding one. It just isn't possible. No one is home. Maybe someone is tapped into our electricity? I dunno...

I've requested them to review these matters. I can't believe this is possibly a real bill. I've heard and seen too many complaints about LADWP mischarging people (not to mention losing in court about overcharging thousands of people). If they handle this properly, I will return here to amend this review positively. If not, I will be going to a lawyer as well as amending this review negatively.

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Reviewed Oct. 12, 2020

I didn’t use my wash machine since one month ago and they are charging more than the past months. I‘ve watching when the person come to read the water and they only read the energy. The meter is outside. They have to lift the Iron plate to measure and they don’t do it.

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Reviewed Sept. 17, 2020

I have taken on the care of my parents in my childhood home and after reviewing my latest bill is outrageous so I checked the meter at the curb... You can't even see the reading since the glass is so old. How can they read it then? How long have we been overpaying YEARS!!!! I wish I could upload pictures!! Getting the run around so far. New into this fight and not looking forward to it. I will keep everyone posted.

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Reviewed June 10, 2020

I live in Brentwood in a small (600 sq ft) apartment. While I have been working from home because of the pandemic, I was shocked that my LADWP bill was close to $200. This is crazy. I have lived in Beverly Hills, Glendale, Eagle Rock, and West Hollywood and I have never had a bill over $60. What is going on??

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Reviewed April 12, 2020

Disconnection. We got behind on our bill. They waited months till bill went over 4500. I can't find any help. We are in our 60s and mom 90. Low income family. It's been 1 year in May. They said "You're upset because we didn't shut off?" YES.

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Reviewed March 10, 2020

LADWP refuses to acknowledge their mistakes. I had an 8 kw solar system installed 6 months ago and because of DBS issues LADWP would not come and install the solar meter. My meter was spinning backwards and I called and told them they needed to swap it out and they said no not until DBS came out again. They just charged me approximately $600 they said I had used.

They came and took my meter and installed the solar meter. They claim when they read the meter (they took with them) it was higher than the read they had done and I owe them the difference?? WTF.. I have no way to prove they are wrong and there is NO WAY I used that much electricity with a brand new solar install that I am given daily updates on as far as power made and how much I use. LADWP refuses to help. They are a corrupt monopoly. Literally the entire reason I got solar panels was to have less to do with LADWP. They are greedy and charge more for electricity than any other company. We have no choice but to use them if you want water or power.

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Reviewed Jan. 19, 2020

A little different story we’re on the same basis as everyone else’s. We installed solar panels on our home eight years ago. My bill and electric charges dropped from around $500-$600 every two weeks to around $20. They say they charge $20 for reading the meter every month. Wow! But no big it’s just $20 right. Then the bill starts going up and has reached around $67 a month, Give or take a few dollars. Last year I had my Solar panels cleaned and washed off. The guy that did it forgot to turn back on the solar system. So I got a bill for about 500 and semi dollars for that two months. I quickly turned it back on right. I’m still getting bills every two months with the electric at $500 and more.

I call LA DWP and they say everything is correct their reader meeting and all that. Well last month I was home And the guy came out because the dogs were barking as he went into the backyard to read the meter. I looked out the balcony and watched him and he only read the LA DWP meter and not my solar panel meter which is mounted next to the LADWP P meter. I stepped out and asked, "How come you’re not reading the solar meter" and he said, "Oh it’s not on my work order to read any meter except for LADWP P meter." I said, "How long of you been reading this meter." He said, "Only about the last few times like a couple of times."

I called LADWP and told him this. They do nothing about it. The solar company that I had installed it went out of business so now I’m left trying to figure out how to read the meter and prove it to LADWP because they’re nowhere Around or even try to help solve the problem.. They’re crooks and they know it! If anyone can shed some light on assessing out this situation I’d be happy to pay you. Thanks and good luck to all of you who get overcharged and can’t figure out a way to get out of it. They know that all of us have to go to work every day just to pay our rent and our food bills and our car payments and everything else plus the traffic we have to Endure on a daily basis. Well the sun is still shining we still have that.

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Reviewed Oct. 15, 2019

I have been without power for two years. I have a bill that was $8,478.20. My son has helped me with this bill and it's now down to $6,551.00. It has been hard trying to negotiate with them. I tried many assistant programs that can not help because the bill is so high. Customer service is not helpful. I live in an apartment that is about 800-900 sq ft. I work an eight- nine hour shift. My son has a mental illness and is on a fixed income. I do not know how a company can come up with a bill this high for a small apartment. What needs to be done to get this settled?

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Reviewed Oct. 14, 2019

I owned a duplex in L.A where I had an agreement that the tenant in the front unit will pay the water bill and in exchange they got a discount on the rent. At some point the tenant started to be late on rent and uncooperative. I found there was a leak in the bathroom that drove the water bill up. I tried to go and fix it, but the tenants were uncooperative and did not let me fix it. At some point I had to evict them. After negotiations and a big loss I finally got them evicted.

Called LADWP to change the water meter to be on my name, then they just dumped the tenant's unpaid water bill on me! Around $3600!!! After the repair I did ask for adjustment for the lost of water. They send an Inspector that was great and clearly saw the issue and gave me some discount. Note that sanitation department did not give me any discount where they should follow the same resolution as the water department. They took my deposit of $300 and already applied it towards the bill. Now they transferred the rest of the debt to my name on my home address!!!

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Reviewed Sept. 24, 2019

Ladwp is a draconian greedy self serving company. Reading through the pages of these reviews and letters from the many many unhappy “customers” -(like they have a choice) is a depressing read. My personal experience is yet another Dystopian story worthy of The Handmaid's Tale. Their customer service stinks. All they do is say they are “sorry” and quote their policies like robots from a cheap sci-fi tv show. They have put me on a incredibly inconvenient cash only payment system for almost two years!! Every day they are in the news for underhanded dealings and cheating the people they serve. It is unfortunate that a large city like Los Angeles forces this foul company down our throats. ** The LADWP!

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Reviewed Sept. 14, 2019

LADWP requires a $200 deposit when you sign up. They very vaguely mention that you can apply to get that money back after two years. They don't mention that if you pay your bill just one day late only one time, you get that money denied. It doesn't matter if you paid 30 bills on time, and only had 1 bill that was a day late, you are denied. This is truly an injustice to the consumers. WE NEED TO STOP CORPORATIONS FROM TAKING ADVANTAGE OF THEIR CONSUMERS!

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Reviewed July 23, 2019

Was overcharged 4x for two years and couldn't ever get anyone to help me correct or investigate the entire time. They don't care about their customers, it's massive fraud. Proven they falsed use -- When we were away on vacation or the last month we weren't in residence using utilities at all, the bill oddly lined up exactly with the last year's use. Unfortunately there's nothing you can do as a customer, and their response on the phone is "there's nothing you can do but file a dispute or hire a lawyer". They are stealing money from everyone and the worst company you'll ever interact with. I can report a stolen wallet to the police, shouldn't I be able to report much much more stolen every month from a company I can't avoid?

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Reviewed April 11, 2019

I just received a nearly $6000 water and electric bill and my services were shut off last week. Since I live alone, how in the hell my bill is so high!? I've paid the LADWP bills over the years being in my place, consistently (with the occasional financial issues that life brings in which I would have to scale back). The only other issues that I've had from living alone is someone going into my backyard and running my water while I was away at work (for almost eight hours or more) and other activities, three times last year!

I don't know if someone was trying to sabotage me out of spite... I have no idea! I disconnected the water hose (and away) to prevent anyone from running my water again, but the damage is done. I've fixed most of the leaks at my house, in which there only one left. But I'm on the hook for this insanely high bill! What the hell am I supposed to do?

Just after I received my high bill, I got another one stating that they're going to tack on an additional $230 to my bill. I was told it was based off from their computerized billing when I called LADWP, and tried to work out an arrangement, but they weren't having any of it, even after which I was willing to offer to pay a good chunk of it off. They want it all up front. This is ridiculous!

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Reviewed April 10, 2019

My water and power bill has always been pretty high because I am passionate when it comes to gardening and landscape maintenance. So It’s usually around 1000 to 1,500 dollars. About four months prior to my sudden disconnection I got a bill that was over 3,000 dollars. I was shocked because I had not been watering excessively. It had to be a leak and I planned to diagnose the issue before paying such a high bill. I have been in contact with LADWP very often through this whole stressful nightmare experience.

The more information I discovered about the process LADWP follows for leak detection the more stressed out I became. They do not cover toilet leaks, they do not cover sprinkler valve leaks, they don’t cover pool leaks, actually don’t cover you even if it’s a leak in your main line because you are required to make all payments billed out to you. At best they will grant you a credit if your leak meets the acceptable criteria so it has to be an underground leak coming from a main line. Meanwhile my next bill is just as outrageously high as the last one. I did what I could to try and work with them on making payments. I just simply couldn’t afford a 3 thousand dollar bill that had now turned into a 6 thousand dollar bill.

They did set up a payment plan with me that required 30 percent down which was about 1,800 dollars. I did make the downpayment but couldn’t afford to continue making payments on top of all of my other bills. I was also getting fined an additional 20% of my total added on to my bill for making late payments. I finally received one notice from LADWP stating that I must pay 9,700 dollars within the next 15 days or my service might get disconnected. I didn’t get any other warning from them no call no 24 to 48 hour emergency notice nothing. I made another 1000 dollar payment and the last thing I received from them was a "Thank you for making your payment of 1000. You now owe 8,700."

Literally two days later my service was disconnected. One of the LADWP reps had told me that as long as I was able to continue making payments they would not disconnect service. I have been without water and power now for almost a month! LADWP has refused to work with me on any sort of payment plan. I contacted my landlord, the owner of the property I had been living at and they refused him service as well.

A lot of state funded nonprofit organizations that are able to offer grants or financial assistance to other utility company customers that are low income are not able to help Customers of LADWP because it is not a public utility company. It is actually a private company that is overseen by the city of Los Angeles. That is what I have been told as I have attempted to contact various nonprofits that might be able to help me out. This is considered somewhat of an emergency situation and I need to get water and power restored ASAP.

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Reviewed March 31, 2019

The DWP Mafia is never going to stop. It's ripping off the LA consumer by fraudulent billings. Make no mistake people. DWP is City of LA! If you sue DWP then you have to serve Mike Feuer the city attorney. DWP class action helped NO one but the greedy lawyers specially the LEAD lawyer from Ohio. I keep getting bills anywhere from 750-$950. In 2013 I had a bill for $1500. I live in a 1600 SQF home. There is only 2 of us! One of us leaves at 8 and comes back at 8. My bills in 2011 used to be $200 and now it’s 4 times more!

I can’t pay that kind of money each billing cycle. It’s like a second mortgage. The city is ripping us off. We should protest in front of the DWP buildings or Mike Feuer’s office. They are doing highway robbery. The lawyers got rich and they only offered 0-$25 to consumers. Are you kidding?! That’s not even late fees. People we are being robbed. Call the state attorney, the FBI and the federal government. The DWP manager in west LA makes $120,000-$150,000 a year, he told me, "Sorry but we are behind and the cases are falling through cracks!" Are you kidding me?! 19 million were given to class attorney but consumers got screwed. Make no mistake that the lawsuit was all in the benefit of these sharky lawyers NOT consumers. Let’s protest! Let’s write to all politicians and ask for help. We are sitting ducks. DWP aka city of LA is ripping off all of us!

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Reviewed March 6, 2019

During the last week of Feb 2019. 5 consecutive days of water run-off by the neighbor. He ran water even on the day it had rained earlier. His house is on the higher side on this hillside. He runs water to wash down his debris and dirts from his yard and to clean his hardscape and sidewalk. Then, all of his debris run to my driveway, sidewalk, and to the street. I called 311 for help after the neighbor's water "run-off" and "washing-down" over 3 years. 311 representative informed me in detail that all were LADWP water waste violations.

I reported this neighbor's 5 consecutive days of water run-off and washing down hardscape during that week alone. Photos and videos from my outdoor camera were submitted, but DWP did not consider them as "proof" to take any action. On the 5th consecutive day, I put a sign for this neighbor "stop running water with debris." "Run-Off" is LADWP violation and a copy of LADWP water waste violation website page. He saw it and took a photo of my sign. The next day, the 6th day, he ran water again in the morning and again in the afternoon. Today, 4 days later, he ran water in the morning and then afternoon.

LADWP inspector came 2 days after my 1st report (out of 3) had been made. It takes only a few hours or less for water to dry up. There is NO possibility LADWP can catch the site with wet water unless they come within a few hours from the time of report being made. Any resident violating water waste will almost never get caught. I question if the law makers know about how these violators take an advantage of this blind spot. My experience after spending hours and hours to draft the report with photos and video clips and the response of LADWP discourage me from contributing my time for future report of violation.

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Reviewed March 2, 2019

What can I say, LADWP is worse than the cartels. I haven't received a bill for a few months now. I always get some else's. To cut the long story short they shut off my service. I been without power for 2 weeks. I work and try to keep up with my bills, but with DWP I'm always playing catch up, never see the end of it. My kids have asthma so they need breathing treatments with a nebulizer. I been taking them to my in-laws to stay while I figure out how to pay this bill that I didn't know was 1,200. I sometimes wonder if they do this on purpose to hold the mail, until maybe the customer calls, and they say (oh they caught on). They ask why they haven't gone home. I simply tell them they are fixing it, they are too small to understand what's really going. Why is the LADWP allowed to do this to its customers just leave them in the dark, cold, and not even care. Other states the electricity companies cannot turn off services from Nov to March (winter).

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Reviewed April 23, 2018

Rock legend Jim Morrison's (The Doors) spirit must be roaming around his "Last known U.S. Residence" taking baths! The bldg. has been under the Ellis Act with NO TENANTS since 2016 yet we received a water bill for nearly $2,000.00! The DWP claimed the 7/28/18 bill was "stuck in the system" so never went out to me until I received it on 3/30/18. Their field rep came out & observed no running toilets, no leaks, etc. I googled DWP water bill complaints only to discover they have been overbilling consumers for the past several years. Apparently there is no recourse as the PUC doesn't have jurisdiction over them. Sounds like a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT needs to be filed for alleged FRAUD upon consumers!

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Reviewed Feb. 21, 2018

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power has stolen billions of dollars from citizens, residence, businesses, Etc. And was only forced to pay a small portion of what was stolen back to the citizens. I am so dissatisfied with the services of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power for not getting me my refund and what I would consider as a timely fashion irregardless of the situation. I don't appreciate being delayed and strung along for over 8 months. After being electronically bullied and harassed for my money I have to wait over a year to get it? It is a shame that they treat their customers like this with no regards. I'm disgusted with how you guys are handling these situations.

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Reviewed Feb. 20, 2018

LADWP has had multiple class action suits brought for overcharging, estimating bills, or delaying billing. We called 3 times over the last 2 years asking why we have not received a bill. We were told all 3 times that we owed $0.00. We insisted this was not right but we're told that the "system says you are current and there's nothing we can do to change that."

Sure enough, today we received a PAST DUE notice insisting we over $5180 and that if not paid in full in 3 days, they will shut off our water and power. I called and they refuse to acknowledge that there was any delay in billing even though they show that no bills were issued for almost 2 years (contradiction, I know).

Reps are rude, unknowledgeable, unhelpful and generally not very intelligent at all. I suspect our credit rating will take a hit as well, all because of LADWP's mistakes.

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Reviewed Dec. 19, 2017

I discontinued service in December 2016, have a $125 credit balance still pending. I don't think any commercial business could get away with this, matter of fact it could be a hefty fine. Anyone up for a class action suit?

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Reviewed Dec. 11, 2017

I left Los Angeles, CA in September 2016 and terminated service with the LA DWP. Since then, I have been waiting for the refund of my deposit. Instead of receiving the refund check, I have been receiving closing statements each month reflecting the credit balance on my account. Customer service continually asks me to be patient; 15 months is exceedingly patient.

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Reviewed Nov. 30, 2017

If I could give this utility company a zero I would. Today I called for the second time to try to pry my $157.07 deposit out of their greedy coffers. When I moved to a new county in August, DWP was supposed to refund my deposit. When I didn't see it by October I called and requested again that I get my refund. At that time I confirmed my new address and was told that I should see the refund within a month. I explained to the customer service representative that I had given all of my forwarding information when I closed my account and that I thought it was very odd that I would have to call back and track down this deposit, thus wasting more of my time.

The representative told me that it usually takes a couple of months to process the refund because DWP hold onto it in case the customer moves to a new address within LA county. I explained that I thought that was very odd and to please expedite my refund. Today, 11/30/17, I called again to ask them where my refund was. I was told and I quote "I have no idea how long it will take for you to receive your refund"... WTF **! How can it be legal for a utility company to keep a customer’s money indefinitely?! If I ever had to live in LA again I would survive by candle-light before opening an account with these **!

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Reviewed Nov. 29, 2017

Have called several times, always wait at least 45 minutes on hold to have what is laughingly called customer service tell me they can't help me, Ever. Have left both email and phone messages for supervisors whose messages & calls will be returned within a business day, never happened. Even with names, these people just don't care. What a racket. They might as well put on ski masks & carry guns for the theft of both time and money they get for really poor service. Trash is not picked up, garbage is all over the ground and the trucks go by without stopping. Criminal. They suck.

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Reviewed Nov. 21, 2017

I purchased and moved into my home in 2009. Since then my most outrageous bill was $900 for a two month period. Until October 2017 when I was billed $2200. Called and customer service person-Anne (I see her name here in other complaints) says if a photo shows my meter read is smaller than what was reported they will investigate but that I should have plumber check for leak. I paid $200 to have a plumber tell me what I already knew from reading my meter myself - no leak.

LADWP says I used 74 HCH in 60 days. Yet in reading just 26 days their October read and no change in my usage habits, I’d only used 12 HCH. Still no investigation, no adjustment, nothing but threats to turn off my water and power. How is this any different from a gang member extorting money from a business owner for protection? A kidnapper holding someone for ransom? So I paid the $2200 borrowing money to do so. Two days later - another random bill for $1700. ENOUGH.

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Reviewed Nov. 16, 2017

DWP delays my bill for 4 months every time this year. In doing so I go over the water/electrical allotment and I paid hundred of dollars more. I have written 15 e-mails in 13 days but got no real answer on why the bill delayed... and still no bill. The customer service rep., Anne, took me on a merry go around in every e-mail I wrote, but never answered my questions. Based on my research, I believe DWP transposed the meter number, and can not figure it out. They claim I had the meter changed twice (totally false) but the so-called "two meters" are one and the same with the last 3 digits transposed. The worse part is that no one has bothered to look into it, even after my dozen or so complaints!

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Reviewed Oct. 11, 2017

I closed my account June 6th, 2017 and have moved out of California to Texas. LADWP owes me $741.03 in refund money. I have called many times and at first was told to wait 6 weeks. Since then multiple calls and always the same, they will send a priority email to the refund department. Apparently, as customers we cannot contact the refund department and even the employees at LADWP can only email the refund department as I guess they don't have phones. Very poor way to do business. I am pretty sure if I owed LADWP $741.03 they would not wait for me to contact my refund department.

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Reviewed Sept. 6, 2017

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power are the most unprofessional company I have ever encountered. If you have a choice in your area to do water or power with someone else, PLEASE DO! I have moved out of my apt in LA November 2016. I overpaid $75.00 my final bill. Plus they have a $200 security deposit when I first moved there from NYC. Do you know they refuse to return my $275! I no longer pay utilities where I live. I have called multiple times. Supervisors never call back. Emails sent! I went even in person to the Hollywood location on Sunset Blvd. They said they would call me today! NO call.

I sent a complaint to CPUC, they sent me a letter they can't help me. This is what they do, hold onto your money!!! Never return it. If you can get the service without a security deposit FIGHT NOT TO GIVE YOUR MONEY! ULTIMATE THIEVES! Please get solar power. The govt also gives you a tax credit and it is cheaper!!! I will definitely get solar power when I buy a home. I want nothing to do with them again in life!!!

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Reviewed July 19, 2017

I would give no stars if possible. Also wish there wasn't a monopoly on the lights, water and sewer in Los Angeles. I've asked for and completed all paperwork requesting a full audit on my account and was told it would take 90 days; 120 days later no results. I was charged over $400 for sewer charges during a period when I didn't even have water. Now that I do have water my sewer charges have continuously been 10 times more than water usage. How can this be? They are quick with a disconnect notice but very slow with my audit. I'm a senior citizen living alone, my electric usage is around $50 and water around $25. Sewer and trash exceeds $500. Makes no sense.

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