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I called to set up electricity for a new apartment and Dominion's customer service is ABSOLUTE GARBAGE!!! THE WORST!!! I wish there was another company I could go with to get electricity from. With electricity being a LIFE NECESSITY they have you jump through too many hoops to get services started because they're afraid of fraud. NEWS FLASH DOMINION! Criminals will circumvent your HOOPS so stop making it difficult for the honest customer try to get electricity in their home. After all the hoops they want a UNETHICAL DEPOSIT AMOUNT which they keep for 12 consecutive on time monthly payments. Heaven forbid you forget to pay on time 1 month and it resets their stupid count. Terrible customer service every phone call! Every time. I HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE DOMINION POWER!

Our business, a Garden Center in Fairfax, was without power when we opened this morning. We were told by the crew working outside our gate that power would be restored by 9:15 this morning. About an hour later the crew left, but we didn't have power. We began calling to find out why. A representative from Dominion called my husband back. He said that their records showed that the power had been restored. He suggested that we check our main breaker. We did, but it was not the breaker. At 10:45, my husband was able to reach the man from Dominion that he had spoken with. The man told my husband that there was a crew in the area and that they would return soon. As of 1 pm, no one has shown up. The rep from Dominion will not answer his phone, nor will he return our calls. I just called the automated number again. It now says that we have an outage that will be repaired between 1 pm and 6 pm.

So we have one of our busiest days of the fall without power, without phones, lights, or computers. Instead of focusing on our customers, we are having to deal with this disaster. There is no sense of urgency or obligation on Dominion's part. It's incredible that the crew that was here this morning reported the outage as repaired without actually checking to see if the business right where they were working really did have power -- a no-brainer in my book. So, Dominion, how are you going to make this up to us? Will we be paying for the electricity that we don't have? Will you compensate us for the lost sales for calls that weren't answered today? Your customer service is non-existent.

Horrible billing & customer service. Bills are about the month before so it makes it confusing for the customer. I had to setup a payment arrangement however plans changed & I couldn't make the arrangement by 9.14.16 by 5pm. which I called prior to see if I could push back another day because I got paid on the 15th. The agent told me no.. but stated I could pay my past due balance on the 15th before the tech came out to disconnect service... I actually ran to the bank as soon as my deposit went through (1am on the 15th) just to make sure I paid the balance prior. Since they wouldn't/couldn't tell me when the tech was coming out.

I logged onto the acct online & there's an additional 242 charge (deposit + another bal that I still don't know what it's for to this day) that I had to pay in order for my service to stay on & my payment didn't even post yet (it says after 10p on the website if it's the same day). They use billmatrix which sucks (it'll say you'll get a confirmation email after posting the payment but I don't even get that sometimes) and they don't even accept American Express or else it will come back declined (even though there's money on the acct - another incident I had). But anyways called them they basically said I had no choice. Had to pay the deposit plus the other fee to keep my service on.

I was furious because my service was still on & that's not what I was told initially by the 1st rep or why should I have to pay a deposit as if I'm a new customer?? They told me the rep wouldn't of been able to see that far out to see whether an additional bal would be due at that time. How if you're looking at my acct/billing history?? I had literally tried to make sure I made the payment by running to the bank in the middle of the night. After several supervisor calls and escalated calls (I even asked for corporate's # and the rep told me no. Even asked for sup's boss and she transferred me to a dead line). I will be getting a refund but just the deposit credited back but my acct will go back to reflecting past due so why will they not just credit my full 242 AND refund me back??

Now I got to wait 5-10 days for it to be refunded? & the ticket for the refund has to be closed out? Probably because they have to wait for billmatrix to reverse it. You're told one thing but it's another. Some people say they will call you back but don't. If you call please write names and conversations down. Long hold times; they don't even come back on the line to check on the customer.

The customer service skills suck. They don't show willingness to help. No direct line for corporate not even an email. The website has a corporate contacts page but it's the customer service contact #s. & the billpay system sucks - make sure you write the confirmation # down and call once your payment posts. If there was another electric utility company out here I would have been switched. As a customer I don't feel valued; & my service has NEVER BEEN OFF. Now what's going to happen on that 10th business day - only time will tell.

Dominion power sucks... I overlooked paying the electric bill and the tech came to cut me off this morning. I said "give me a sec and I can pay the bill right away," the tech said he is not allowed to do that so I went online and paid anyway before he even left the house at 11 this morning. I called and did the directions for reconnect and now almost 7 hours later I'm still waiting for power to be turned back on. They are quick to turn you off but don't want to turn service back on.

As a Dominion Customer I'm appalled by the lack of customer service from this company. It is almost impossible to communicate with a real human being at Dominion. Their website is set up with third party vendors so bill payment is online with Bill Matrix while Bank Draft comes from a separate vendor. Many of the email links on the Dominion website do not work. There is only one customer service telephone line and the system is entirely automated. There is no option to speak to a representative.

After numerous frustrations I figured out the only way to speak with a real person is to remain silent throughout the automated phone call and eventually you might get transferred to a representative. Sadly the representative could not help with any billing or account issues other than to direct me back to the website. All I wanted to do was check my balance and make a payment, but they were rude and unable to assist me. I had set up automated bank draft online, but their system failed to register it.

Finally I figured out I could speak with a real person at Bill Matrix, Dominion's payment vendor, by calling their direct line at 1-877-315-6090. Of course this number is not advertised or listed anywhere else. Bill Matrix could not tell me my account balance or the reason why the automatic bank draft was failing (since that is run by a separate Dominion vendor). But at the end of the day at least Bill Matrix could talk to me nicely and give me a receipt for payment. Neither of which were possible with Dominion. I've still not been able to receive any reason from Dominion why my previous payments were not accepted or acknowledged.

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I moved to a new apartment and scheduled power to be turned on. To make a long story short, I called Dominion daily to understand why my power wasn't on. Each day was a different excuse; the tech tried to reach you, meter couldn't be found, or dangerous conditions. Sometimes the excuses were repeated, for 7 days. I informed representative I was never contacted. When I asked to be contacted, I was told techs do not call customers. The stories went on for 7 days. Then, out of the blue... 7pm on a Friday... power went on!! I ran to every window. No tech or truck. Anywhere! I was thankful. I made a claim for my loss. Almost 7 days later the claims rep said my power wasn't turned on because I couldn't be reached and reps couldn't get to meter. WHAT!!!??? I explained this to him AGAIN. Next email, did you bring the food from last residential area. WHAT? Yes, that has NOTHING to do with my power not being turned on!!!

They have the most rude customer service representatives I have ever encountered. They are also the only utility company I have worked with in VA that doesn't collect customer feedback surveys, which I find interesting. I am buying a new home and asked if they could provide an estimate monthly bill for the home based on historical use. I was able to obtain this information from Washington Gas and Virginia American Water easily. Not only was the representative rude and unhelpful, she claimed to be transferring me to the Account Management department, which left me on hold or 30+ minutes. Unfortunately, you don't have a choice in using Dom VA Power as your electric provider. They are terrible.

I fell on hard times at work and moved out of an apt on May 2013, the day before an eviction was to be executed. Just prior to moving I called DomVaPwr to have svc disconnected the day after I moved since we would need the electricity into the evening to see what we were doing. I didn't hear anything back from them and trusted (BIG mistake) that they had dc'd the svc. In Dec of 2015 ... yes, TWO AND A HALF YEARS LATER, I got a letter from them at my current address saying that $1972.30 was being added to my current bill to cover svc at that old address from May '13 to Dec '13. I called immediately, informed them that I had moved out in May '13, and had requested the svc to be turned off. I was told that there was no record of me calling. When I asked why I would move and not turn off the svc, the answer was a weak "I don't know."

Anyway, I was told to send some supporting documents to an address out of state. I did so, but 30 days later, this amount was still on my bill, so I called again. This time I was told that she wasn't sure why the other person had told me to do what she told me, the address wasn't correct, and that this was an identity fraud issue. I was told to get some form from the FTC, and email it to them along with a copy of my ID. So I searched high and low for this form, not even the FTC had any idea what form I was talking about, and in the meantime, I got a cut-off notice for the close to two thousand dollars in question. I called AGAIN, and spoke to yet someone else after the usual 30-45 minutes of being on hold.

Again, I explained the problem, and after being transferred and have to tell the story no less than three more times, I was told by a supervisor that there was a note on my account stating that DOM had attempted to dc svc in May, but the landlord had the patio locked and the meter was inaccessible. Somehow, this note was not visible to any of the people I spoke to in December. I was then transferred to credit management, where I had to tell the story AGAIN. They also said it was identity theft as the landlord had used power in my name without my consent. I asked why it took more than TWO years to be notified of this issue, and I was told that DOM had no way of contacting me... Never mind that by this time I'd started svc with DOM in my name TWICE, and neither time was this mentioned.

Anyway, this time I was told to get a police report stating that the landlord had "stolen" svc in my name, and to email it to an email address at DOM that she gave me. She also cancelled the cutoff notice, but two days later, I was disconnected, it was turned back on several hours later after I called. Over the next couple of weeks, I spoke with several police officers and a magistrate, and was informed that they could not in good faith give me a police report for something that happened two years ago and that I had no documentation to support. Yes, I had asked DOM several times in previous conversations to send me the billing statement for the amount, but I was always told that they could not because it was "so long ago."

While trying to figure out what to do since DOM obviously wasn't going to help me with it, I got yet another cutoff. I called again... and after 4-5 consecutive days of calling and being put on hold for longer than I could wait (I am at work during their business hours), I finally got through and spoke to yet another "supervisor". This time, I was told that this was not an identity theft or fraud issue. She didn't know why I was told that (which was the excuse for all the supervisors I spoke with concerning what I'd been previously told), and that I needed to get a copy of the eviction that proved when I moved out and fax it to her.

Even though it was already 4:30 pm by the time I got through and after being kept on hold for more than 30 minutes while my call was being "transferred", there was no way I could get the paperwork that day (the courts clerks office closes at 4), she would not even extend the cut-off for 24 hrs to give me time to get what she asked for. And my service was disconnected the next day. But I got the requested paperwork the following morning and faxed it to her at the number she gave me. I'm not sure why she bothered to tell me she would call when she received, because of course she didn't. I eventually walked out of my class and called, and got through after twenty minutes of hold. This was at 428 pm. I informed the person I spoke to that I needed to be transferred to a supervisor, and even gave her the name of the woman I had spoken to the day before and who had requested I fax my supporting documents.

Well, at 4:55 pm she came back to the phone and said that person had "gone for the day." She said she would note that I called and have this other woman call me in the morning. I told her I would be at work and might not be able to talk, and she said this other person would leave a message if necessary. Um, yeah. Each time I called, I asked why it took so long for DOM to alert me to the situation, most said they didn't know, but one said in a rude voice "we don't call customers, they call us." Wow. They still insist that there is no record of me calling to disconnect, yet every time I call, whomever I speak to "finds" something else in the notes for my account.

I was also told that when you call to start service, they don't know if you already have service somewhere else or an outstanding balance... I know this to be a lie because I have had the final balance of one account added to the new account, and they use SSN to look you up, which will show all DOM accounts. Their practices are crooked, customer svc lies to get you off the phone, or they just have no idea what they are talking about and tell you what they think will work. This has been a very negative experience, and if there was a choice in this area for electric service, I would switch to it. DOM is rude, lies, and has no regard for its customers because it is a monopoly for electric service here.

We just moved into a new trailer. Well they charged me the deposit installment of 86 and is only a one time deposit but it's on the 4th month and still have it plus we never home during the day. Everything stays off even the heat. The only thing at night we use is the tv and we don't cook. We go out but my bill is still 450. That's crazy! Dominion sucks and is overcharging customers.

It started December 20, 2015. We moved into this house. The power was already turned on so we assumed the owner turned it on due to the cold weather. On Jan 28, 2016 the power guy came to our home and said that the power was unauthorized usage. So I called the landlord. She told me that she did not turn it on. So I called the power company to put the power in my name. They said I could not do that until I paid the 1260.64 for that bill.

I was having financial problems. I received a disconnect notice. Dominion Power would not give me a 24 hour extension to where my power would be cut off. I live in VA. We have a lot of racial issues in our area. I am white and I truly feel because of this I have been discriminated against. The 3 - yes, three - supervisors I talked to were black. I could tell by their diction. I've been around these type of worthless individual since 1974. They would not even give me an additional 24 hours... Really?! Dominion Power is as I feel racist and non caring per the treatment I have received.

Everybody has hard times now and then. I don't understand why they have to behave and act like a entity from a third world country. I have for many years hated this word in my gut, but the conditioning and treatment I have received over the last forty years has easily enabled me to say... I HATE **! Civil court is definitely an option for me. If you check your bible verses... it states they are clearly the Beasts of The Field. I welcome and will deal with all replies...

My ex boyfriend, the father of my children gave me his mobile home to ensure our children had a suitable place to live. I lived with him at one time. I moved from Ohio to WV so I needed to transfer my license to WV. This was in 2013. Well he left owing a gas bill which I thought no big deal. So I called dominion and gave them the required info, id, ss card and rental agreement because it's a rented lot. The gas company sent me my first bill for the initial hook up, he no longer resides here and my agreement was the utilities would go in my name.

Well they haven't turned on my gas because my id has this address from 2013 although I've not lived with him and can prove it, so I've called them daily to complain and they keep saying I have to pay the past bill in order to have heat hot water and be able to cook. And the other day dominion sent a bill that was my ex's so I opened it out of curiosity to see the amount. Lo and behold what I seen was insane. The gas company put my name on his acct. They basically forged my name to his acct. That's not right. I didn't sign anything so how could they possibly do that?

I have a son that's almost 3 and I'm having a lil girl in 3 weeks and I have no heat.. What can I do? I tried explaining to the gas company and they are using the fact my license say 2013 so they assume I lived here. Even if so, they can't forge his acct and make me responsible... What is wrong with people? I'm a single parent trying to do right by my children... So if I were to move I would still be in the same situation because they said the bill will follow me, but I can't afford to move. Not know how to go about moving a trailer.

I had lived in Morgantown with two other roommates for a year and a couple of months. I set up the gas account in my name when we first moved in and disconnected after the lease was up. When I called to discontinue service the representative notified me there was no balance due on the account and the deposit would be returned to me in full. I thought this was strange because we had never received a bill for the year we had lived there but I went ahead and collected the refunded balance on the account. Months later I receive a call from a debt collection agency asking for 1500 dollars. I call customer service at Dominion and they are rude with nothing to say but, "Sir, you're screwed" pretty much. Anyone else have a problem with disputing something similar? What should be the next step? I feel it's their fault for never sending a bill and then telling me there's no balance due on the account.

Our daughter paid her remaining bill in October 2015. She then called to get gas turned on at her apartment. They said she had to prove she was not the previous tenant. She had to fax a copy of her lease and id. They were very rude to her at call center. Then finally they said they had received info and they set up a date to have gas turned on. It took a few days saying they only did that on Tuesday and Wednesday. Then they came and did not knock loud enough to hear. Then her mother went over to wait while she went to work. They came back and asked for a screwdriver and I said I do not have one. Then went all the way down and came back up and asked for pliers. Crazy. Then they said they broke something off and they would have to go and turn it back off and the maintenance man would have to fix it first. He came right away. He put a new shut off valve on it. Then she had to wait another week for them to return.

The next week she had scheduled it from 8am until 12 and they did not show up. She called and they said they did not have her down on schedule. They made another for following week. He came today and said he could not bleed the air out because it was too dangerous being in a closet and not a basement. He said to call the maintenance man. So we have left a message and waiting to hear back. This is the biggest scam from Dominion.

Our daughter has 2 children and since it is a 3rd floor apt. it stays pretty warm. But now the temperature is beginning to drop. And at night it is chilly. I gave her a safe ceramic heater to take off the chill. This is crazy waiting a month and always something. I think they broke something to make her replace the valve and then they are stalling again for fear of bleeding the lines of air the way they would do it. So someone else should do it. And the call center out of state is a joke and they are rude. ** to dominion and no hope for them.

I called them on Monday to turn on our gas. We have a gas hot water tank and gas furnace. I called them everyday to turn it on. It's freezing out and I never knew of any utility company will let a human being freeze with no heat. What is wrong I looked up numbers to complain. All they have is customer service. They're mean and rude. What is wrong with wv letting people freeze with no heat. I never lived in a state ever that would let a human being go with out heat. I'm new to the area. I know No one to go stay with. My landlord tried calling them and they keep telling him and me Friday. Friday and 7 days later no gas turn on. I'm gonna have to move out and go back to my home state.

So, my husband and I got behind on our bill then it was shut off because other bills were more important at that time. A while later we paid the owed money plus an extra $80 for reconnection. This was on a Thursday. The following Thursday, still nobody had stopped by to turn the gas back on even though I was told everyday someone would be here between 8am and 8pm except Sunday. Everyday that I called I was told the same line. "Someone will be there today." Nobody at this company cares! It's the only company to get gas services from so they do whatever they want.

I would first like to acknowledge that Dominion Power does not care about you as a customer. I am in business for myself but have had a slight decline of clients, which has compromised my income. I, however, have always made a payment to Dominion. I tried to make the full payment but sometimes I just couldn't. Over the summer, I rarely run my a/c, however, I noticed the increase on my bill and even called and spoke to someone about it. He couldn't figure out why it was so high. With that, I still made payments but my overage increased. For Oct/Nov, I made the full payment but the overage was over $200.00. I just made a payment a week earlier than when it's due. This a.m. I noticed my power went off around 7:45 a.m. We have had power go off at times in our neighborhood recently.

Immediately I got up and looked across the street and my neighbor's front porch light was on. I was trying to figure out what had happened. I saw a Dominion truck across the street and a man walking back to his truck. I immediately opened up my door and asked him why my power went off and he told me it had to be disconnected for failure to pay my balance. I told him I had just made a payment. He was extremely compassionate. I told him this had never happened to me before and he said he could tell. He told me to call DP and he would sit in his truck but he needed a confirmation # in order to turn my power back on. He said, and I quote "They will be able to work something out with you." Since it wasn't yet 8:00 a.m. I had to wait 15 minutes. The technician took off but he had told me he would come back immediately once he got the notification that I had paid. I'm literally shaking at this point.

I finally got thru to someone and this woman sounded like an automated person. There was no emotion. No compassion. Nothing. She told me what my fees would be as a result of not paying and that unless I paid $275.00, my service would not be turned on. I asked if I could pay a portion and she told me no. I was so frustrated and yelled "FINE! I'll give you my credit card" and she said she couldn't take it and that I could pay online. I told her I didn't have power so how could I do that w/o internet? She transferred me. I made the payment. I got a confirmation #. I still called customer service back and got the same woman. She confirmed that it was received and that my power would come on no later than 8:00 p.m. I ended up calling back again and asked the customer service rep if the technician got my confirmation # and she said yes, that she was showing it was printed out.

I went out to get coffee and when I came home, my power was back on. The technician was true to his word. DP is absolutely horrible. They don't care. There is no compassion. I even tried to get a payment plan over the summer but even that minimum payment was too high for me. They do nothing but gouge people and for that, they are absolutely reprehensible.

I have been a customer for over 15 years and recently rented out my condo and transferred service to the tenant. Just yesterday I received a collections notice for a small amount of money that appears to be a remaining balance on my account before it was transferred. I contact Dominion and advised them I had not received any final notice or any notice for that matter that the account had a balance. The customer service person was rude and not helpful. I advised the customer service rep that I paid the bill once I received a notice for collection, but would have liked to have been notified by DOM prior to it going to collection. The customer service rep said they sent me an email. REALLY! Going forward I am removing myself from all paperless bill notifications! These people are ridiculous..I would strongly recommend not going paperless with this company. They could care less about their customers..

I had an extension to pay my bill. I set it up to pay and it was going to be one day late. ONE DAY late. I have been a customer of them for maybe 30 years... and they refused ONE DAY.

I already paid for reconnection and they said it'll be back at midnight but then I followed up and they said if it failed to be reconnected again bet 12 am and 6 am I need to wait for day shift which is 7 am onwards. That is ridiculous, I just bought meats and now it's gonna spoil. I hope they can improve this. And they told me that they're fixing a primary problem, it's like they're saying we don't matter even if we pay them. Goodness gracious!!!! Fix thissssss.

Words cannot express the frustration I have felt in dealing with this company. I moved and spoke to someone about having my service cut off. They did NOT do it. I had to call and wait on hold for almost 2 hours as I got switched around. I called and finally someone said they would take care of it. THEN... they tried to take money out of my bank account even though I had ALREADY PAID. They claim that you cannot pay ahead because they will automatically try to take it out on the date they have scheduled. So, I had paid early, but it didn't matter. I called and waited for another two hours. Once again, the person apologized and said they would fix it. Today, I received another bill for a late fee. I don't have time for another 2-hour call. This company is the worst. I plan on contacting the BBB.

When we had moved we were paying for electric at old house plus new house. So therefore we got behind. Well called a representative to see what we could do to prevent getting power cut off. There was a payment plan option That we jumped on. Had to pay half of what was owed to get it started, it was over $700. It all had to be done online. So without our consent and not knowing that when we made that payment online they had switched us to online bill pay. Knowing we didn't have internet access at home. After setting the payment plan we wondered why we weren't receiving our bills in the mail. So once again had to call customer service to get that straightened back out. We were apologized too because it was their mess up and went back to paper bills. So when we finally received the bill in the mail it was already a month after starting the payment plan.

We assumed if anything was missed from the previous bill we had not received then would of been notified on this one. But nothing other than the current charges which we paid asap. On every bill we received had a disconnect warning on it, but we were told it was there till we caught up with the plan. As long as we were paying we would be good. So that's what we did. Making sure it was paid every month. This all started in May, and we are now in August. We had a man show up yesterday, he assumed he was there for a meter reading. Nope, he was there to ** off our power when we have been paying every month. We have bank statements and knowing DVP received them. It was cut off right there in front of me and my four children at the hottest part of the day.

I immediately got on the phone and of course on hold for over 29 min. And calls dropped, one the phone with three different reps. Which could not in description tell us why it was shut off. So spoke to a supervisor, she said we had defaulted on our pay plan. Which seemed to be the month after we started it. The bill that never made it to us or wasn't notified on the following bill of this. I sat there reading off of each bill to her, all in my hand. And straight up saying that it's not possible. That we were notified of this, it was all lies.

Everyone I spoke to was very unprofessional. Wouldn't work with us because of their own fault in this situation. I would understand If we weren't paying and not doing anything. But we were doing everything we were supposed to. And had even just made the most recent payment and still gets shut off. So now we have to pay the remaining balance of what is owed, what we were working on paying to catch up just to have it cut back on!!! Over $800 and here my family and I have to suffer for their mess ups and mistakes they have. Very upset and angry. It unbelievable how these companies treat people. Even when it's all on them, when we did what we were supposed to.

Last year I contacted DVP 3 times about Penn dragging shrubs down my driveway and leaving a large pile in my yard for 2 days. It was difficult to find someone to speak to and finally I spoke to the Forestry Department who hired Penn to trim trees. This year Forestry sent a mass letter to consumers about the Penn trimming. I called the Forestry Dept. and told them to have their contractors stay on the easement and do not drag and store all their waste in my front yard, in a detailed message since no one answers the phone.

Today Penn employees dragged waste down my driveway and stored it in my front yard (again!). So I called DVP for the 5th time telling them the same thing. I need to speak to some official with supervision over the Forestry Dept. because I am tired of wasting my time running in DVP's circles for the same thing. What does it take? Who is in charge? The Penn supervisor today told me he would disconnect my line and I would be without power. I said I would call the Henrico Police Department. He said, "**." And thus DVP has no interest or control over their contractors.

I had a disconnect notice from Dominion power. I set up payment arrangements and they offer me a payment plan in order to get my bill back low. Well I did what I was told. I had to pay the down payment by July 6th. I paid on July 2nd at 12:01 pm which was four days early at a food lion which said that they accepted dominion power payments. Well I kept checking the website and calling the 24 hour customer service automated line and nothing was post.

I called July 6th and talk to a customer service rep who told me that since I paid at a unauthorized payment center my payment was not being posted and if it had not been posted by 5 pm my power would be disconnected regardless if I paid it or not. Her name was Leslie and her supervisor was name Samantha. Both were very uncaring and sarcastic. Leslie even said she did not have one bit of feelings about the situation one way or another. I explained that I did not know that it was not a authorized payment center and they would not budge and repeated their scripted sentence "if not paid by 5 pm today your services will be disconnected."

My light bill has not left 505 dollars since February of this year and me and my family are so tight each month because of it. My property has even taken upon his self into installing a new air condition unit and it’s still high. I'm supposed to be on a budget bill thing and that's the dumbest thing they could have ever came up with. I thought it was here to help but only to make matters worse. When I called to try to get help they said I would have to owe them even more money. Budget billing is not to help people it’s to hurt them even more. It’s a shame that people that pay their bill on time always the ones that get no help. I'm so sick of the state of Virginia using its residents.

Earlier this year, my family and I moved from our apartment, into a new house. Before moving, I called Dominion to cancel the account at the apartment, and start a new one for the house. The representative who was handling my account said that she would cancel my old account, and give me a new one. While I received a new account for my new address, the old account was never cancelled, so I was receiving bills for both the new address, and my old apartment. It should have been second nature for the representative to cancel my old account, but this was never done.

When I tried to explain this to their representatives, they continued to put me on hold, and it took several calls there in order to get anything handled (somehow, I kept getting lost calls). Ever since I've been with this company, I've had nothing but trouble from them, to things like them billing me twice on several occasions, to just receiving lousy customer service. It's a shame that there's no other companies that can take over.

After receiving a bill for over $300 for January I turned off the A/C Unit and used only a GAS Fireplace. My family froze our buns off and still received a bill for over $300 for February. I shut off the breaker to the A/C unit for the month and still received a bill for over $300 for March. I contact the BBB about it and they investigated. Dominion just sent out a tech to test the meter and BBB closed the case. My Average bill is $130 a month. How can my refrigerator, water heater and TV use $300 a month when the A/C is off? I now have a $475 Gas bill for the 2 months, I used it to warm the whole Townhouse. I have proof of my story. Where is Dominion's Proof of their Charges??? I'm Pissed! Below is the letter Dominion sent to my through the BBB to close:

"This message is in regard to your complaint submitted on 4/7/2015 5:27:17 PM against Dominion Virginia Power. Complaint# **. BBB has closed complaint # **. At this point we have exhausted all of our steps to help you in resolving your complaint. While we understand that you are not satisfied with the company's reply, it appears that the business has addressed the disputed issues. Accordingly, your complaint has been 'Administratively Closed.' This means the company has provided a specific, credible response to the issues you brought forward. We have closed our file on this complaint. If you wish to pursue the matter further, you may wish to seek legal advice."

I've had Dominion several times since moving to VA. The customer service is terrible. Had our electric turned off and they said there was no way they'd work with us... whatever. Paid the bill at 3:00 today, and they promise it will be turned back on by 8:00. Here it is at 11:00 pm... No power. I call the 'customer is never right line' and the woman treats me like I haven't been a customer for three years. She tells me that they have until whenever to turn back on the power. That 08:00 pm is bull and they can turn it on, and still charge you, whenever they want in the next few days. So let down yet again. I shouldn't be surprised.

What a racket - in a month’s time my bill has climbed to 470 dollars, last year at the same time it was 300. Why the increase? I asked to speak to someone and have been on hold for 29 min. Yes I know it has been cold but with the house empty and programmable thermostats and a propane fireplace keeping the furnace at can my bill keep going up. This Monopoly needs to be looked into. If I could switch to Natural Gas I would do it in a heartbeat. BE WARNED.

I missed a visit from VA Power who were in my neighborhood checking easements on our personal property. When I returned the call, I was told that my shed does not meet the requirements of distance with their easement that runs along my back yard. She said that it is in reference to Dominion Power's right of way dating back to 1949. What's interesting is that these houses were not built until 1969, and therefore, no property lines were drawn to even show where these easement areas are placed. What is the origin point of where the distance would be measured if property lines were not in place? Well, I meet with the VA Dominion Power representative tomorrow. This should be interesting. I'm sure that they would not absorb any cost to rebuild a shed, either. Stay tuned! (Any advice?)

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