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APS set up 2 meters on my new property. They were instructed to send bills to a different billing address and did, for one account. The other accounts bill went to a nonexistent address that has no mailbox. I thought I was paying my bill in total, not realizing I should have 2. Without calling or contacting me at the correct billing address, they turned power off for nonpayment. Again, I never received a bill for the second account. They decided to set up but paid the first on time each month!! The power outage cost me hundreds in food in my freezer and fridge and when I called and the reps could not explain the APS error. They simply said they would transfer me to another rep who might be able to help me.

I get that AZ is hot but to pay $400 a month from May-October is outrageous. Take a look at some articles about the company and where does all the $$ go! We need the commissioners to change the way APS operates. It's too expensive!!! Wish we could leave.

I received a notice that my account has been delinquent multiple times. However my bill has been paid in full every month. I chose a pay by date of the 5th of the month. I noticed when I went into APS records, they are not posting my payment as soon as received. I usually pay at the end of the month. Recently, my notice is dated September 6th, the date that payment should have been received. APS posted my payment on September 7th, a date after the notice. I pay by check through the mail, and for August, the check was sent on August 31st. According to their own rules, and bill it is stated on their own website: bill past due date. At what point is my bill officially past due?

"Bills are past due 10 business days after the statement date, and payments must be received by 5 PM Arizona time on the due date. We offer a grace period of an additional nine business days past the due date. A late fee of 1.5% will be assessed if we don't receive the payment within 19 business days of your billing date." I have no control on when APS actually posts my payments, however their stern letter warns that if I am late again, they will be asking for more deposit coverage. I have had APS service for 10 years and have never had a nasty letter like this. I think they would like extra money for nothing. I am retired and have a limited income, so getting letters like this is very upsetting.

I am a BC resident. APS requires a credit report with Equifax however BC has a privacy block so in order for them to turn on or off my service, they require notarized ID. $40 dollars later, I managed to have my ID notarized. I sent it in both via email & by mail so they would have the originals. Now in calling to cancel my service (only had it to bridge between tenants), they are saying my notarized ID was unacceptable & that I had to have a verification form notarized.

I had 3 phone calls, including one with a supervisor at the time & at no time did anyone mention or provide me with a verification form to have notarized. Now I've been on the phone for an hour trying to cancel the service & they say they cannot do this without this notarized verification form. I'm speaking with the supervisor who is going back to listen to the recorded calls. I would like to mention that I started and stopped service on this same property in 2012 with APS, so they have me on file.

I have always known my APS bills to be high, but then I wanted to do a 'test' or comparison against what my dad pays - he has SRP. His usage last month - July 2016 was approx 110KWh and he was charged approx. $350 for that. My usage last month was for approx 2,250KWh!!?? Yes! I said 2,250KWh and was charged approx $370 for 2.25 MWh of electricity. Now I realize I have an old crappy AC that runs almost all day but my house is approx. 1/5 the size of my dad's house. Where are they getting these numbers!?? I need to get off my butt and design a home-brew watt meter monitoring setup (I am an electronics professional) and monitor my usage on my own I suppose. Something doesn't smell right here people!!

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We just received our APS electric bill for June 7- July 7 in the amount of $355.07. We're a family of three, living in a one bedroom house, one bathroom, one kitchen and a living room. My wife and I are always aware of keeping lights off if not need to be on. Or keep AC on at 81 or 82 degrees. I called APS right away to discuss our matter. At the end of our conversation APS had the winning hand of course. They said most of the energy is being used early mornings and late night. They were right about late night but wrong about mornings. Any suggestions on what I should do?

After accepting late payments for several years, APS wants me to pay a $280 deposit. My bill never doubled up & was paid on the 3rd of the month, for at least four years. I am always late because my SS retirement comes on the 3rd. In this day of modern computer technology & computers APS should easily be able to make the change. Are you willing to risk the health & possibly the life of a soon to be 68-year-old man on Social Security because APS won't change the due date of my bill? I was on SS Disability, but when I reached 67 last year SS Administration changed my status to 'retired'. As your records indicate, yes I have been late with my bill. Your records should also indicate that I have not missed paying my bill in a long time. I have not had my bill double up in a very long time, though payment has been late. If APS would please change my due date this problem would go away.

APS seems to think because I, like all your customers, are dependent on electricity that I will roll over to APS' demand. Let me see if I have this right: If I don't let APS force me to get a radiation spewing device, the new spy meter, APS will make good on the threat to turn off my 'juice'. Is that correct? APS has one problem here. For several years APS has accepted my late payments, I suppose because they saw, that though late, my bill was always paid. That means that they accept & have accepted that payment method & thus we have a default, tacit, defacto contract. I am not sure of the legal term, but your lawyers know what I am talking about. As far as I can tell, the smart meter came out after APS had tacitly agreed to my payment schedule. Remember, APS accepted my money every time. Even last month.

Trying to tell me I cannot have my due date changed because I don't have such & such a meter is as bogus as it gets. APS is very capable of changing my due date with the meter I have now. I like this meter fine, your man can read it from the road while in his truck, so why do I have to get a smart meter? There can be only one reason. Information gathering by the new 'smart spy meter'. If APS turns off m\y electric we will be in court for breach of contract at least. I'll worry about the threat to my health & life later. Though I am on a small income, there are legal people who work with the poor. I am speaking to APS. Hope I don't have to do so from court & some TV news show. Please APS, just change my due date. End of problem. It is really a very simple solution. I am now going public. There is a lot more, I just sent a load to the AG's office. Sheesh, all APS has to do is change my due date...

Updated on June 27, 2016: Update on my complaint against APS: The lady at APS did put my electric cut off date & $280 deposit on hold if I apply for their energy savings for low income people program. I said, "I'd apply." So for at least the moment my electric is still on. Their day for cutting me off is today, June 27, 2016. The lady that I am working with, Jessica **, is helpful but she can only do so much because of the APS bureaucracy. They have some kind of policy that basically says: "If you don't have the newer smart meter I can't get my due date changed." Seems preposterous to me. I do have a newer meter that can be read from the road, but again, because even though it's a newer meter than the analog I had.

APS says via Jessica that my due date still can't be changed. To me that's just a dodge to force people to get the information gathering radiation spewing smart meter. Right now I am watching the mail for the application to the program Jessica recommended to come in the mail. I'll fill it out & go from there. The good news: My electric is still on. Thank you Jessica.

My 2 year old son has seizures when he overheats making AC mandatory. Until we can move some place cooler, I went with the only option I can right now. I sent $5000.00 to pay the current bill and have credit for future ones. APS sent me a disconnect notice! If the shutoff happens, it will put my son's health at risk. I will make sure everyone in Arizona learns of the shut off. I have proof the payment was made that can be shown in court.

Received a $17 refund check. Went cash it Fry's (Kroger). Check was denied because APS has unfavorable payment history so basically APS writes bad checks but gladly ruins it customers if they write ones, hypocritical much?

I have had it with APS. I moved into a home that I rent at and since May 2nd I still cannot get them to turn on my power. First they told me that I would need to pay half of my deposit which was fun $296 but then APS came out and took my meter. I have paid the whole deposit which was $597 then I also paid $480 to go towards a credit for APS and they still will not turn on my power due to the fact that they say I'm under investigation for tampering with a meter. They are ridiculously insane. Turn on my power APS or I am going to hold you accountable for my green pool if there are any damages done to it. It's hot. My Little Chihuahua Pit is dying here. Turn on my freaking power.

So I work during the day and spend a lot of time at home at night, as most people do. My home is fairly energy efficient, and I don't run many appliances. I sat down today to look at my bill and saw such nuggets as four corners adjustment fee, environmental benefits fee, meter reading fee (my meter sends data via a wireless connection to the company, there's no meter reader coming out) and so on. After I deducted these fees from my bill, the electricity itself cost me a whopping seventeen bucks . APS charges me, per month, fifty bucks in fees on twenty bucks worth of power used (including three dollars to send a paper bill when I told them I want all of my statements online and that is IT! Not only this, but the company decided to refuse a refund on my deposit in spite of the fact that I haven't missed a payment in eighteen months. APS is a state sponsored gouge fest, created by the sleazebags that provide oversight.

Due to an error on APS' website, they are not allowing me to pay my bill via credit card or check. I spoke with their customer service but they are unwilling to accept payment. I've never experienced such poor customer service but I can see from hundreds of people via Google, that I'm not alone. I would like for them to accept my payment that is valid.

APS is legally allowed to charge these fees? The fee are more than my electric usage. Cost of electricity you used - Customer account charge $1.95, Delivery service charge $9.64, Environmental benefits surcharge $4.61, Federal environmental improvement surcharge $0.04, System benefits charge $1.06, Power supply adjustment* -$1.45, Metering* $2.79, Meter reading* $1.92, Billing* $2.17, Generation of electricity* $21.06, Federal transmission and ancillary services* $1.86, Federal transmission cost adjustment* $2.34, Four-Corners adjustment* $0.86, LFCR adjustor $0.71, Cost of electricity you used $49.56. Taxes and fees Regulatory assessment $0.13, State sales tax $2.84, County sales tax $0.35, City sales tax $0.52, Franchise fee $0.99, Cost of electricity with taxes and fees $54.39.

My consumption is less than $25.00 per month in respect to off peak and on peak, but my bill is $100.00 or more per month. They are gouging customers who have solar panels. The purpose of installing solar was to lower my electricity bill. It has not been lower, in fact I believe that it is higher because of the phony fees they have been charging me for the last eight years. Someone needs to look into APS's practice. It should be illegal!

APS charges rates that vary throughout the day and have no limits or guidelines and are completely unverifiable. Worse, from the time they print the bill, you have 13 days to pay. Late twice in a 12 month period and your deposit more than doubles. So, if there is a holiday and you pay by check via mail, there is absolutely not way to pay the bill on time. This is the largest company scam in the state of Arizona. They justify it by saying there is a 13 day grace period, but that doesn't ally to you if you've been late... What is happening in the state of Arizona? And how could a rational legislative body allow a company to abuse it's power like this?!! Bill printed out on Oct. 28th, payment due Nov. 10th... that is eight business days for it to be mailed, received and paid! God help you if you go on vacation at the wrong time.

This is THE WORST power supply I've ever had in a life of relocating as a teacher/coach. Power outages occur far too frequently for no reason at all. They're just won't provide reliable service.

I have called APS several times about neighbor stealing my electricity. For last 4-5 yrs my bill has been between $300-$500 a month. I only have 1 fridge, 1 freezer, 1 sm lamp, 1 TV smallest little hm yet highest bill than all my neighbor's. Before my husband passed away my large hm electric never went above $300 yet this tiny garage made into hm has ridiculously high bills. I NEVER TURN ON THE AC, I have a small window unit I use and 1 fan for the rescued dogs I rehome. Please help me 1 APS man came out to change box said wire stealing my electric is probably underground but I would have to find it myself! I'm disabled I don't know how to do this I have asked them for help but they won't do anything my electric is taking HALF of my monthly income! I'm NOT using any air at all YET my bill is still over $300 for WHAT?? A light bulb? Not turning on TV either what can be done?? Please help.

So I moved in to my new place I have a lease. With my name on it. I tried to put electric in my name but I can't get electric turn on due to the last person that lives there having an outstanding amount due. APS states they are still living in the house which they are not, it just me. I can't get it on, they said I have to pay the amount from the last tenants whom lived in that building. Before getting it turned on in my name.

So I move into a wall place and APS won't turn on my electric due to the amount own by the previous tenants. Are they allowed by law to do this? I have my lease with my name and all the information but they state the old people live here which they don't. Which is unfair statement because I moved in. And no one else is here. They said I have to pay 1400 to get it turned on plus the deposit to get it back on. Which is so not my problem that the last people didn't pay their bill. I refuse to pay someone else amount.

My husband and I filed bankruptcy in 2009 and included the past due balance of $227 from APS. We recently moved in an area which APS services and needed new service. I contacted APS to confirm what is required for service. We were advised a $300 deposit and the past due balance of $227. I advised this amount was included in our BK. We were advised to provide our credit report which should state the balance was discharged. This document was walked in with the deposit and forwarded to the credit department.

Two weeks later we received a shut off notice advising this past due balance is due within 7 days or service is disconnected. I contacted APS and spoke with a gentleman in the credit department and advised the notice was sent in error and the notes indicated proof of discharge was provided to the local office and was advised to allow a week for correction.

The following week I contacted a rep in the credit dept and was advised proof of the BK was required. I stated this information was walked into the office. There was no document received to their unit. I then faxed a credit report from a different agency indicating the discharge. A few days later I followed up and spoke with Sandra within the BK department. She stated further documentation from the BK court is required to confirm if the past due amount was actually included in the BK and that credit bureaus often makes mistakes and this is a mistake.

I followed up via email to Sandra after confirming the fee to retrieve original BK docs is $64 and questioned if the documents confirming the discharge is retrieved will we be reimbursed. She rudely responded that the matter is final and no further communication will be provided and the precious balance is due to avoid disconnect.

It is illegal for a business to pursue a debt included in BK and is a violation of the FACRA. I will be requesting the BK file to prove APS wrong and intend on filing a formal complaint once the burden of proof is received and in the meantime will pay the past due balance from avoiding my family from being without electricity. BEWARE OF APS AND THEIR UNLAWFUL PRACTICES!

APS has been nothing but issues since I first moved to my home 2 years ago. They got a "returned check" from my bank, even though there were funds to withdraw from. Then, they charged me a $16 returned check fee. Last year I tried joining their equalizer program and it turned out to be $176, but told me that because of the "returned check" they wouldn't be able to allow me to join until 1 year after that situation.

Continuously I keep on getting bills of anywhere between 190-290$ - My house is 1100 sq feet. When I had SRP in my condo (990 sq ft) the most I paid was 150. Electricity usage is minimal since I'm never home. I have my thermostat adjusted to increase temp to 85 when I'm gone and down to 82 before I get home and while at home. All my appliances are new, energy star. My house is well sealed, built in 2004. I finally decided to check why my bill was so high. My usage is less than $110, but THE FEES! The fees are ridiculous, they charge me more on fees than on the electricity I use. I have no choice but to stay with them but what a RIPOFF!

We have recently moved to a new apartment and got a notice that our APS bill was due. I called the next morning to make a payment and they had already shut our service off! Thank goodness I was home all day or my dog would have been left alone without any ac in the middle of summer. Then when I call to pay the account they tell me I owe them almost $600! I live in a small apartment, how exactly does my bill get to be $600 in one month? Over half of it turns out to be fees and a random deposit (which we have already paid) that they are requiring that I pay before I can my power turned back on.

I talked to multiple different people who told me a different price each time and it kept getting higher and higher. How can you just keep changing the price? Shouldn't my bill be what I actually used? This is by far the worst company I have ever had to deal with. How could you even stand working for a company after reading these reviews. APS is a scam that adds all sorts of charges on your account, has horrible customer service, and takes forever when it's not beneficial for them.

My mom's ill and it's taken a turn for the worse. I came home from her house to find a notice from APS that our bank returned our pymt. I pay online so when I call APS to see what is up since I have a pymt confirmation number. I am told that my bank had returned the ACH pymt because the account number was wrong. I have had 1 and only 1 acct number since joining APS 10 years ago and had not heard from my bank about this. The first person I spoke with seemed to answer everything with "you'd have to speak with your bank." Why? It's their fault.

And APS let me know in their letter that I now owed them $15 and if I repeated this again by year's end I would then only be able to pay in cash. So I wait for a supervisor. Forty five minutes later she has time for me. First I have her determine that our acct has never been paid late or from a different acct. She says never late "oh but look. Last time you paid with a different account." I don't have another. So her next idea is that someone who has access to my account must have changed it. Husband hasn't paid bills in years and no one else has access. So now APS has blamed me, my bank and those hordes of people with access to my account. And I still owe them $15 bucks and yes, if I do this again I will thereafter need to pay in cash. I'll admit it. I cried. I said, "why can't you help me?" She replied "ma'am I already helped you. Now it's time to call your bank."

My solar installer jumped through all the hoops required by APS and the City of Phoenix. When he finished I generously allowed a week for APS to install the new meter. When that did not happen, I contacted APS. The very polite APS customer service representative told me that there are four APS steps required before a meter can be installed. Each step can take up to 4 weeks. APS could have anticipated the increased workload and hired temporary staff to handle it expeditiously. Instead, every solar-adding customer is being penalized at least the value of six weeks of solar generation. This is inexcusable. The only reason they can get away with it is that they are a monopoly which also owns the Arizona Corporation Commission.

For an apartment size of less than 1000 sq ft - less than 4 weeks I am getting APS electricity bill of more than $250. Only $124.5 is the electricity generating charges and remaining are all fees and taxes. It's a total rip off by APS.

I have lived in many different place and this is by far the worst experience I have had with any company! Unfortunately they are the only option in this area so you are forced to use their service. Due to errors on their end setting up our initial deposit our electricity was shut off without any notice. My fiance and I both work 10 hour days and our dog was home with no AC. Dogs die every summer in the AZ heat when they do not have access to AC! Fortunately my fiance arrived home from work early and realized there was no power to the house. APS could not even send an auto-generated email saying they were going to turn off the power. I had no idea there was anything wrong with the billing! I would have dealt with the situation if I had known there was one. It took hours on the phone to get our electricity turned back on, and they wanted even more money.

I was accused of not paying my deposit, when they had already taken the money out of my bank account. It turned out whoever assisted me in setting up our service made an error when they keyed in the initial deposit. The customer service is horrendous! The people I spoke to were rude and told me there was nothing they could do, nor could they give me a direct number to reach them or a manager at. So because of a typo and their error, our electricity was shut off. Not to mention that I am horrified by how much they charge for electricity anyway! This has to be illegal, and like others I would not be surprised if there is a lawsuit filed against them soon. I called back two days later to continue dealing with the situation and the rep I talked to was actually helpful and gave me his direct extension, so don't take no for an answer. People just do not like being held accountable for their mistakes.

Fair? This is the worst company to deal with. They know you need your electric & they have no mercy in how they deal with you. Spoke with a lady named ** & she had no ifs or buts, did not want to hear anything I had to say but pay this amount. We have been with APS for many many years. We bought a home & could not get our mail box key. We called APS & had them send our bill to San Diego where we reside during the summer months. They got our bill in the mail the same day they decided to shut our electric. Still they said, ordered was already put in order regardless if they get the payment the same day.

This is the worst customer service EVER. I feel sorry for anyone who has to deal with them directly. APS needs training in customer service, understanding issues of customers, who by the way are the reasons they have a jobs in the first place. Lord, have mercy on anyone who has to deal with these people.

We live in a small apartment & did NOT run our air once this previous billing period. Our bill shows we used $40 worth of power over the last month, but our bill is $120 Freaking bucks!!! There's a $25 for 'Delivery Service Charge' and another 7 or 8 different fees plus tax equating our bill to a ridiculous $120 for the month of November when we made a conscious effort not to run our air/heat to cut down on bills. Man, I miss SRP & unfortunately APS is the only power company that provides service for our apartment. Scammers like this company really ruffle my feathers & feel it is our duty as customers to get the word out about gutless companies such as **, oops I meant APS.

I have had services with APS many times before and only had deposits of $250 each time I moved. A few months ago I left my house, moved in with my sister to find a smaller place. I found a small 999 sq ft condo and they want a $400.00 deposit upfront to turn on services?!! I just had to pay $1,400.00 to get into my new place. Just like most people when they move into a new place, you have to fork out a lot of money and APS is asking a lot of money to hold on to for such a tiny place and they won't even work with it! A single mom of 2 little ones can't really afford $400.00 in no time after forking out all the move in costs to move into a new place but I guess rant over. I just really can't get over how they can even ask for that kind of a deposit!

I turned off service in Sept and was never late on any of the 9 months that I had service with them. I requested my service to be turned off and I gave a forward address. The representative told me my $270 deposit would be in my mouth within 7 to 21 days. I've called them several times after the 21 day. The same run around including going to their Glendale office today getting an answer that it will be in my mail by Saturday. They have a track record of doing this with me so why should I believe them now. They are unlawfully withholding my money all the while they are collecting interest for themselves on money that does not belong to them. This is big corp stepping on the little people who they forget they need. How long is too long to get a deposit back?

Arizona public service wants their money immediately when do you want it turned on. And if you get behind on paying your bill to them, they have no problem shutting off the power where You Live And Have No Problem Sending Collection After You. But when they are your money, good luck if you can get it all. May take I act of God or Congress and maybe not even that to get your money back.

This is my experience and it is the truth. I work very hard for my money and don't make a whole lot but I do have living expenses and at $270 that I worked very hard for sure could be used right now to help me out. It's sad when they make you feel like you're wronging them by asking them to return your money to you in a reasonable time period. Having to drive miles to their Glendale office using my money for gas, my time having to hassle finding a place just to park in the congested area around her office and then having to wait in a line of about 15 people just to get to one of their representative and advocate for the money they owe you while they are associate feels that you are being rude and targeting them. In the end you get another name who you talk to and probably no results as usual just as the last several times that you got the names and a promise that it would be in the mail 7 to 21 days. This is my story about my dealings with Arizona public service. I am a native Arizona born here 51 years ago come April.

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