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I read the complaint written by the 80+ year old TMC member. It created great fear in me. I bought my unit over 20 years ago. At then I was a middle-aged professional who saved enough to pay cash for a part of my retirement dream - to have some space in NYC for fun, by buying a unit of Manhattan Club at affordable annual expense. As I had reached retirement age now, the maintenance fee quadrupled, the irritation in getting the service I paid for increased 1000%, and my capital investment had gone to zero; I now realized that it's very possible. I will be in debt and being evicted from my real retirement home. Here is why... I'm on social security with a tiny pension and very small chunk of savings, and I had extreme difficult time to squeeze out my 2200 plus a year maintenance fee from my fixed income.

Couple years ago, I fail to pay my fees on time. A week later I was put on collection. The phones rang off the hook. I was threatened with tarnished credit report. When I managed to borrow and paid off the debt, I had paid twice the amount I owed. All happened in one month. Three times in the past 7-8 years, I tried several venues to get out the unit I owned. I lost additional couple thousand of dollars to the scammers promising to sell or rent my timeshares, every one of them took my money then disappeared. Now, a big business were created to advise timeshare owners a "legal" way to disown the unit by relinquish ownership, therefore, the maintenance fee is forever discharged. To do it, I was asked to hand over $8000 U.S. for the unit I owned, because it's Manhattan Club, it's in NYC, its high maintenance fee... blah, blah, blah. I don't know where to find the dole for it.

To hand my unit back is the only way I can afford, but TMC is frozen now because the NYAG is sitting on their case! Are they going to take my real home away When come one day, soon, I can't pay, I can't stay, and I have no way out of this dream turned nightmare. I will be buried from the debt I never intended to create. Someone read this. PLEASE HELP!!

As like so many others, around 2001, we bought into the high pressure pitch that we could purchase timeshare as investment for about $24K and for maintenance fee of $1,200 (they said was less than cost of average hotel room in NYC) we could belong to the Manhattan Club. This provided up to seven days at club at no charge, and additional days at $100 per day, plus many other VIP amenities. Plus, in time, since we owned the "investment", we could recoup our initial "investment" at a profit since real estate in NYC historically increases. We took the bait.

All seemed well at first, but after few years (4) we found it was difficult to place reservations. When tried to sell back, we were told they would only give $10,000 for the $21,000 and we needed more time to allow the market value to improve. We decide to stick it out a bit longer. This was a big mistake. As years progressed, almost impossible to get reservations and the maintenance fee was rising exponentially. After about ten years, we decided this was a mistake (they were still actively marketing new sales and asking for referrals) and approached MC to accept their buyout offer.

They said no longer buying back shares, but would accept if we turned it back to them at no compensation. At a $21K plus 14 year maintenance fee (approx.another $20k) for minimum usage and availability, we started to realize what a real scam this was! Especially when I tried to make reservation when I needed to get to NYC, and got the same old line, booked solid, no rooms available. I later called in as though not a member and found out could get a unit for $140 per night. When I explained that I was a member, the response was that these units were blocked off by the owners of Manhattan Club for outside renters only.

This is when we realized that our outrageous maintenance fee (up to $2,703.56 as of 11/2015) was maintaining the building so the owners could rent it out to others. This extortion has got to stop. The Manhattan Club response now is that since there is an investigation by the Attorney General of NY, they are in lock down, and cannot transfer any properties and we have to continue to pay the maintenance. SCAM! SCAM! SCAM! I cannot believe this gross injustice can go on in the USA. New York should be ashamed for letting this go on for so long!

Well, here we are joining the ranks of those lied to by the sales people at The Manhattan Club! In December 2008, we purchased our timeshare for $37,924 Gold Flex (3 nights at TMC and 4 anywhere through RCI, plus points). When we asked about the procedure, should we want to sell our property, we were told that TMC required "first dibs" on buying it back from us. We had to call them first before attempting to sell it. We were 65 and not sure how long we would want to make an annual trek to NYC so this was reassuring. Two years ago my husband called to make arrangements for this to happen and was told "Oh, we don't buy back properties".

We are 72 now, we don't travel as much as we used to and the annual maintenance fees and taxes are out of sight! We just paid $2703.56 for 2016. The only reason I gave TMC two stars was because we were able to make living in NC we could book one year in long as the fees were paid. We were consistently displeased with the wear and tear in the rooms i.e. stained carpets/ furniture, mold in the showers, rips in the wallpaper and frayed upholstery. Like other owners, we're asking "What did they do with our maintenance money"... We all know it didn't go to repair the crummy elevators!! We can't refuse to pay the annual charges without impunity so we are stuck in maintenance fee hell!!

We purchased our one week every other year in 2008 and paid for it in cash. When we tried to book and could not get the time we wanted, we decided to return it the next year. But instead of buying it back from us, the salesperson sold us another week and set it up that we did not have to pay anymore but set up a mortgage for the additional week of timeshare. With the exorbitant fees and the difficulty in getting the schedule that we want, more than ever, we want to get rid of it, but we face all blank walls. We were duped! Isn't there anything we can do about it?

My husband & I are like almost everyone who has written regarding their Manhattan Club timeshare. We've had it for about 8 yrs & never able to use it. We were assured that if we didn't want it anymore they would sell it or buy it from us... Now they say that was never an option!!! We have never been able to get a reservation & as one owner said, it's cheaper & easier to get a room in a hotel for the weekend. The fees are OUT OF CONTROL!!! I want out & cannot get out.

Please help!!! I was also scammed by ITE into paying for them to sell it & never heard from them again nor can reach a human by phone.

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I have had the Manhattan club since 2004. I have a split week broken up throughout two years for a studio. I am extremely unhappy with the increased maintenance fees!! I could just rent a room in the city for $150 a night and the dues at the Manhattan Club have increased to $2800! This is insane! What do I get for it? I can't even get a reservation. I WANT to sell it! I have tried to sell this timeshare and got scammed. Nobody wants to buy a split week, especially for the amount of money. There is now no timeshare department or anyone to speak with. What do I do? I am so displeased with this company and need to find a way to sell it. Someone please help!! What do I do? I don't want to keep this timeshare any longer or ruin my excellent credit.

We purchased our first week at The Manhattan Club around 1997 when it was just opened. We had been staying at Park Central during Thanksgiving week, when we were approached by a salesman in the lobby who told us about this new Timeshare that was opening and how it would be a great deal for us since we came back to the City to stay every Thanksgiving. We took the tour and listened as the salesman told us the benefits of purchasing a unit there, he told us it would be ours forever, it could be left to our kids, we would always be able to get Thanksgiving week, it would go up in value and the maintenance fees would be less than the price of staying at a hotel in the City. We fell for his story and purchased our unit and paid in full for it in cash.

The first few years were as promised, the fees were reasonable, so we decide to purchase 2 more weeks. We were able to get our Thanksgiving week and it was great for a few years but then the fees started jumping up and we were told that Thanksgiving was not available for us, as it all of a sudden became a red week, but we were told if we paid more to upgrade that week would always be available to us, even though when we purchased it, that was the week we had purchased it and we were told it would be available if we booked 9 months ahead.

Then it became we couldn't get any week except the one we paid more for New Year's eve. It went downhill from there: ridiculous maintenance fees for more than what a hotel would cost, not getting to book a week even after paying fees early. I contacted TMC many times about the issues and never could get a straight answer and now they are being investigated so I hope this brings some resolution to myself and all the other owners who are facing the same issue. I have spent so much money between buying the 3 weeks and all the fees I have paid since 1998 that I could have put a large down payment on a studio apartment in NYC and still made out better financially. Lesson learned "STAY AWAY FROM TIMESHARES!"

Like most people, we are at our wits end with Manhattan Club. My wife and I bought in 2004, which makes us close to one of the original owners. We even paid for a plan with a split week so we can break up our days, the only limitation is that we can only use one Saturday. In other words, we could use 6 Fridays and 1 Saturday if we wanted.

I met my wife when I had an apartment on 55th between Broadway and 7th at what is now the Dream Hotel. In the old days, they were monthly apartment rentals. So for me this was amazing in the beginning. Once a year I could, for almost NO money, take my wife and kids to NYC. We could spend a week in my "old neighborhood" and enjoy Broadway shows, fine dining, and all the wonderful things NYC has to offer. The pitch they told us is that our maintenance fees would never be more than renting a hotel for the week. Our first year was at $500, and then it slowly jumped to $750.00. Eight years or so, all hell broke loose. For a while, the maintenance almost doubled a year. Then it started with the jumping 25%, now it's almost $3,000 a year.

There is no more value on this place and you can never get a reservation unless you book it (and pay for it) a YEAR in advance. We can't sell it because it's only worth $1 (mine cost me an almost $30,000 buy in), and you can't rent it because the organization rents the units online to websites like Travelocity for less than you pay in maintenance fees. This place has a great trading power. We learned you can spend two weeks in Europe with the points, but this place is badly managed. It typifies greed. It's too bad because this place could have been paradise. I've paid a year in advance for the last three years, but I still can't get a decent room once I check in.

We have been an owner for 4 yrs and have always gotten our day. Great staff and loving. Going back the maintenance fees are crazy for.

I like many other am at the end of my rope with the increase in maintenance fees. I purchased in 2006. I can't remember what my fees were (maybe about $1200) but I have questioned the increase every year when I make the payment and I'm told it's a percentage increase that was approved in the annual meeting. I'm up to approx $2200. I can't afford to keep paying this every year to stay here for 1week after paying $30k for the 1bedroom. If there is someone that can help us with this - please do... This can't be legal. I was told it's a deeded property and my children can inherit it. But the reality is, I'm leaving them an expensive yearly bill that they can't afford for something that's been paid for. That's a true scam right there.

For the past 6 months, since my health and financial circumstances have gravely deteriorated, I have been renegotiating my contracts and mortgages with the various timeshares I bought. Each one was very willing to negotiate, reduce my remaining balances to $0 while letting me retain the weeks or points I had paid for, only charging me maintenance fees for those weeks or points used at their resort.

But the Manhattan Club refused to even answer my many calls, letters and Emails to them. And only when I put a stop order on any further mortgage payments did they finally contact me with the same story - they could not treat any members differently, regardless of their personal financial or health difficulties. Plus the new argument that since they are under investigation by the Attorney General of NYS. That could not do anything contrary to the AG's requirements to not buy or sell any timeshares until the issue of the MC owner's not making units available to deeded timeshare weeks by selling those weeks on the open retail market at or below the daily cost to owners of maintenance and taxes was resolved.

In addition, they have started reporting my missed payments to my otherwise impeccable credit rating companies, lowering my rates from high 600s to the mid 550s, making it impossible for me to get a conventional loan to pay off these mortgages with interest rates of 11 and 15% each. Thus, after putting some $50,000 in mortgage payments over past 3-5 years, I have only paid down a total of $5,000 in principal given the exorbitant interest rates and amortization schemes that pays only interest for the first half of the loan term. So I am in a position that if the MC NYC continues to refuse to renegotiate my mortgages or combine my two contracts into one, I will soon be broke, have to declare bankruptcy and go from living independently on my social security and limited income as a part-time self-employed medical consultant.

I have now forward my letter to the AG's office that is investigating the MC, asking if there is anything that they can help a 69 y.o. 35 year survivor of HIV and AIDS in this situation and am awaiting some feedback from them. But the heartlessness and refusal to negotiate on the part of the MCNYC's management and owner is amazing given the many tens of thousands I have given them over the past 5 years and their constantly repeating that they just want to treat all their owners equally. And now that it is the NYS AG that is preventing them from letting me give back these units to them, when it is their voracious greed and trying to milk every penny out of the Park Central Hotel building that is really at the root of this problem.

So now I am looking for a reputable lawyer specializing in combating this type of misrepresentation and pressure sales to people, while lying about their financial ability to enter into these contracts that are designed to keep them forever in the debt of the MC NYC. If anyone one on this list knows of such a lawyer or a class action suit that I can join to get out of this situation, I would greatly appreciate your letting me know.

My parents paid cash for their Time share. Have had it for a number of years. Their increase in maintenance fees is ridiculous. Every time they want to book a time to stay they say "it is not available". Forget about booking around Labour Day. They are holding them to rent out.

I am seeking information on the Class Action lawsuit. I too feel swindled by the package we purchase and would like to participant in any way possible.

Like others, this is an extreme rip off. Bought mine in 2002, fee was under $700, now fees over $2800. 18 months ago, walked into the reservations office at 0900 (opening time) to book days/my week starting exactly 9 months from that day, and guess what? TMC was all booked. I was told there was a waiting list to give the unit back for a price of $3500, but TMC wasn't taking any back and would call me when they resumed. Of course no call ever came. Please include me in the class action suit!

I received an inquiry from NY Attorney General's Office a few months ago regarding TMC in NYC. There has been no follow up. The allegations against the facility are consistent. Taxes increase at a high rate. Reservations are very difficult. Resale of the timeshare unit is not possible. Ownership and Management really couldn't care less. I suggested that they buy back out of state ownerships so that they might resolve the issue within the State of NY. Management simply laughed at the suggestion. The units were oversold from the start and they never intended to remarket or buy back units when owners wanted out. The facility should be shut down and sold. Return of capital to all that have vested interests. This appears to be a Ponzi scheme and no one in Public Service is doing anything about it. Don't walk away, run - as fast as you can.

For one of my weeks at The Manhattan Club timeshare, my maintenance fees and municipal taxes now approach or exceed $2,900. When I purchased about 8-10 years ago the fees were less than $1,000. The current fees approach a rise of nearly 200%. HOW RIDICULOUS IS THAT??? I can't even currently afford to stay in my timeshare. This is so outrageous that the NEW YORK STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL, ERIC SCHNEIDERMAN, HAS TAKEN THE MANHATTAN CLUB TO COURT FOR SALES FRAUD AND MAINTENANCE FEE ISSUES.

My husband and I purchased a one bedroom suite at The Manhattan Club January 2010. I have had nothing but problems since our purchase. I contacted management on too many occasions to mention about never being able to make a reservation when we actual want to stay. We have tried 9 months out to even putting our request on waitlist and we still can never get a reservation. I can't tell how many days we have lost. I have contacted the sales department about selling the unit back and I was told that they do not do this, but if I sold the unit on my own TMC would have first right of refusal and buying it back if it was a price they wanted to pay. We paid over $16,000.00 for the one bedroom unit and the maintenance fees are over $2400.00 and we can't even get a reservation there.

Last year my husband passed away of cancer and obviously we could not travel to NYC. I called and spoke to ** in reservations she said TMC had a program and TMC would keep my days and exchange for a week with RCI. I should have paid attention more closely, as it is an extra week and you can't book it anywhere. I spoke to **, but that's falling on deaf ears. This is extortion and there should be a class action lawsuit for all owners. If anyone has any information on lawsuits against the Manhattan Club, kindly let me know.

Brought a timeshare, which I never get to use be I believe they are reselling weeks, it is always booked and I have to book months in advance and I still don't get a full week - they only have days. Never buy a timeshare.

We've had our property since 2001. Initially, the maintenance was reasonable at $573/yr. My latest bill for 2015 is $2,226! This is the worst investment EVER! I've been trying to sell it back to him for the last 5 years! And now I learned that they cannot buy or sell any units because of the AG has frozen all real estate transactions because they are being investigated!!! The is good for the potential suckers they would've swindled but hurts all current owners. We are all now stuck with the hefty annual maintenance fee! And of course, I told them I am not going to pay it because it's outright extortion. Their financial person - who I am sure has to say the same thing all owners - said they would just charge 16% interest penalty and it will keep on accumulating and eventually damage my credit history. What a scam! Does anyone have any advice on how we can stop this before we're paying $10K a year for the maintenance fees??!!!

I just received the 2016 budget for the Timeshare Owners at the Manhattan Club. The fees have been rising over the years exponentially. In 2005 when I purchased to unit, the fees were $899.00. They are increasing to $2518.21 for 2016. This does not include property taxes of $421.84. Total cost $2940.05/year.

I have made two inquiries regarding the inability to continue to pay these fees and options available. No response has been received.

When we bought here we were told we could get it anytime and we would be able to sell it for at least a 1/2 to 3/4 million. My husband who was going through Prostate Cancer treatments wanted to leave our Children something to remember him by! Some place they could go! I sat there and cried begging him not to buy it but the salesman pulled me aside and talked to me about how badly he wanted it so I signed the papers. So now he is dead and I can't afford it! Also it has Black Mold on the bathrooms and I am very allergic to it! I asked if they would buy it back but they said they can't even though we were told they would! This is the biggest nightmare! Contacted States attorneys office! Looking for anybody in a class action! Please let me know! There is so much more they said we could get! Now you have to pay for extra coffee for your room! What are they doing with our Dues! The owner is having a good time with it and I see jail time for him!

I begin my attempt to book an apartment in my Manhattan Club timeshare exactly 9 months to the day at 9:00 a.m. I keep a strict calendar so that I will get the days I would like. Up until recently, I was repeatedly told that nothing was available. This did not happen when I first bought back the the 1990s. Now, I'm locked out unless I want to go in the dead of winter in a blizzard. But suddenly, in the past few weeks, I can get a reservation. I thought I was lucky.

Now I realize that these law suits, about which I knew nothing, probably have a lot to do with the sudden release of spaces for use. I feel very betrayed as I have told many friends about the great location and attractive suites available in NY and they bought on my recommendation. Now we are all frustrated at spending so much money up front and over $2000 annually in maintenance fees for a place we can't sell. I couldn't give it away if I tried. The whole situation leaves all of us out in the cold--literally--since we cannot get accommodations. I am glad this was brought to my attention and hope these scammers get what they deserve.

Everyone has already listed all the major complaints that we also have experienced as long time owners of this timeshare. We all have had the same negative experiences. Unfortunately my husband and I, unaware that our issues were universal, decided to upgrade to the penthouse suites in 2013. We had arrived from California and the staff put us in a room that no OWNER should ever be forced to stay in. We thought the penthouses would give us a more upscale experience and asked to see a room before we made our decision.

Our salesman, **, showed us a room and we loved it. Came back in 2014 for our first penthouse experience and guess what: he had shown us a fake room on the top floor but the rentable penthouses were just as tattered and worn as the regular rooms and even have less square footage. To top it all off we now have to deal with TWO lousy elevators instead of one. Plus our fees are now over $3,100 a year. We also ended up with an extra week so ** told us to trade with RCI. Another guess what: The Manhattan Club's point value is so low that there was no trade that would be equal. We would have had to pay thousands more for any RCI trade. Total bait and switch liar.

Customer service is simply not a part of their vernacular. I have been an owner for about a decade and have been beyond dissatisfied since the beginning. Rooms are NEVER available when I want them. It is insane to require owners to book nine months in advance. How do I know what concert I want to book, what show I want to see, what opera I'd like to attend nine months in advance. Today, I tried to change two days of a three day reservation that I'm holding for March, six weeks from now. I am not permitted to do that unless I also relinquish my reservation for the one evening I can now use and for which I have theater tickets.

This was the tipping point for me. They told me they would put me on a waiting list. There was no availability for the night I needed it in spite of the fact that I had a reservation for that night, was canceling it thereby freeing it up. No, I was told the next person on the waiting list would be offered the room. I would go to the bottom of the list. The only way I could guarantee the availability of that night was to leave my existing reservation intact and leave the 2 nights I couldn't use the room, empty. How ridiculous. Pay for three nights; use it for one. Deny someone who wants the room availability in spite of the room being unused. INSANITY!!

We have just found out about Manhattan Club scamming people and are in the same situation. We bought our unit in 2004. The fees were reasonable. Now paying $2600+. We can't book a room unless we call 1 year in advance and dates request are always unavailable or full payment of fees paid in full prior to placing reservation. Having our credit card information allowed them to just charge the fees yearly and we could do nothing and put up with their threats of legal action.

We are interested in becoming part of this class action suit - maybe in numbers we can stop this scam and get our money back. If anyone can tell us how to become involved we'd appreciate it. Also if someone can direct us how to file a complaint with the NY Attorney General's office and have our situation investigated as Consumer Fraud.

I have been a Timeshare owner since 2004 and have had the same bad experience described by so many other owners. I have been unable to schedule a stay in the MC, and the annual maintenance fees have nearly quadrupled. This is a fraudulent scheme and we should have a legal recourse. Can anyone update me as to what we are doing/can do about this disaster. I would like to get out of this 'ownership' and be compensated for my losses.

Booked one weekend for both of us since we are married. When we arrived, we were told we booked 2 suites. The reservation is apparently did not understand us. Follow up reservations very difficult to schedule, even months in advance. We're told we needed to try to schedule a year or more in advance. Booked a swap in a supposed resort and marina through RCI, but on arrival, found resort to be more like a boy scout camp. The marina was a dirt path where one could merely launch a trailered rowboat. There was no marina. That was South Carolina. The second time we tried another RCI swap, in Florida, we drove up to an aging motel, and decided to leave because the area was questionable and seemed poorly kept up.

Tried to resell because we moved out of state. We're told Manhattan Club had first right to purchase, but they were not buying back properties at current time. However, we were told that we might be offered only 2000 dollars if and when they were going to buy back in the future. Many resellers get about 1000 dollars or more for advertising, and ask for more to provide incentives for possible buyers. This whole ownership has been a terrible experience.

In March 2006, I was pressured into buying a yearly 3 days yearly timeshare at the Manhattan Club. We were explained that the Manhattan Club would buy the deed back if we wanted to sell it in the future. I called to offer them to take the deed back today. The response that I got was that they have now stopped any buyback program indefinitely. I was told that I could sell it on my own but the remaining mortgage payment is not transferable. And if I do find a buyer, I needed to contact the Manhattan Club first to give them first option to at least match the price, clearly a tactic to make it impossible to sell or give it to a charity. The only time we have ever been able to stay at the Manhattan Club was the lone evening of that pressure "bait-and-switch scam." I am seeking a lawyer so I can sue them for this shameful behavior.

As an owner of the Manhattan club, I was told by the sales person that I own real estate in New York City. If that is so, all owners of deeded Manhattan Club property should be covered by the law suit. In any event, I too have been tricked in the same ways as the others have stated. Even nine months to the day, you cannot book a room. The maintenance fees have gone through the roof. I would like to be part of any active or future legal action against the management of the Manhattan Club.

We purchased two weeks of flex time at the Manhattan Club nearly 20 years ago. In the early years we were able to access our time share regularly. However, over the next five years the maintenance fees rose dramatically to the current level of $5,000 per year for our fourteen day contract. Simultaneously, it became impossible for us to reserve space at the Manhattan Club. Clearly, the Manhattan Club has sold more space than it has available for owners. In order to book a week for December 2014 we were required to book it in January 2014, AND we were required to pay the maintenance fee at the time we made the reservation even though the maintenance fee was not actually due until September 2014.

We have resisted efforts by the Manhattan Club to pay an additional fee to be shifted into the RCI program. Of course we were never told that the Manhattan Club reserved the majority of rooms for RCI participants or that the Club regularly rents rooms as a hotel to non-Club owners. Much to my surprise, a friend of mine rented a room at the Club for under $ 200 a night at the same time we were unable to get space for our owner time at the Club. I cannot believe that New York permits this scam to continue.

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