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Our experience has been similar to Bryn's. The difference is that our maintenance fees - we started with two weeks at Mountainside Lodge about 20 years ago and later converted to 11,800 points - are now around $3,000. Based on Expedia prices we can buy our two weeks (in ski season) for about that amount. So the payment we made for the timeshare has been devalued to zero. If fees increase further with more and more owners defaulting, and bad debt being covered by those remaining, we will have to join the defaulters. Who is interested in forming a group in the Seattle area to compare experiences, study the options, and combine to take action? (Note on star ratings: although the Lodge itself is delightful - we enjoy our visits - we can't possibly recommend SVC.)

If you are thinking about buying points in Shell Vacations, run!! Get out of there as quickly as you can. We bought our membership in California about 10 years ago and our yearly fees have increased and the service has gotten worse and worse. Even if I call months in advance I have been unable to get rooms in the areas I am going and when we did get a place to stay we shared the space with mice. When I have called to ask about services I was promised when we signed up they don't seem to be available anymore. I have tried to talk to someone at Shell about our membership and I get the runaround or get treated rudely. If I had to do this all over again I would get out of that room as quickly as I could. They take your money but do not do anything in return to satisfy their customers.

I have been an owner for 14 years now, I bought while living in Hawaii. When I lived in Hawaii I had no problem. I moved to the mainland and between RCI and now Interval, I can never get a reservation where I want to stay. Even if its 10 months in advance. The only place around where I live in Florida and the east coast is Disney World area. Sorry, I don't need a place to stay there. I'm paying a lot of money in maintenance fees for something I cannot use.

We went to this timeshare presentation for the 2nd time ONLY because the lady at the front desk talked us into it. We were fully prepared to invest once I finished school and in fact we were just about to change our mind and invest in the small package now. Diane who came to "help" Steve became incredibly rude towards us. Well Steve, you were amazing Sir. Diane, congrats on losing a sale. Next time don't be so closed minded and rude.

When we bought our timeshare we were guaranteed members of R.C.I. So we bought another timeshare that was part of Interval International so we would have more places to go. Wyndham bought or took over Shell Vacations and Shell "dropped" R.C.I. and we became limited members (gold) of I.I. Now we have 2 I.I. memberships. We can't become Platinum members via Shell Vacations unless we upgrade to their elite program OR BUY MORE POINTS. My "contract" included R.C.I. no I.I.

I understand they can INCLUDE more but how can they SUBTRACT FROM a contract without resigning from both parties. Example if I have a contract that say a plumber is to install a Kohler toilet made in U.S.A. with a 10 year contract How can they simply change that and install cheaper made toilet made in china - Without having me resign a contract. Shell should at the least be made to "buy" back those contracts at the original or current prices and/or include a lifetime I.I. platinum membership and eliminate future maintenance fees.

The conflict of interest comes when I found out Wyndham also owns R.C.I. I am surprised no lawyer has checked into this. Funny thing (fyi) we were in Branson and went to a Wyndham timeshare viewing again and they offered to buy our other timeshare but wouldn't trade or buy the timeshare from S.V.C. I like my other timeshare and I paid extra directly to I.I. to be a Platinum Member plus I have bought 3 R.C.I. cruise packages. We have enjoyed them all.

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My ex-wife and I bought two weeks of timeshare at Mt. Side Lodge in Whistler 20 years ago. The first 10 years went well and we were pleased. Our maintenance fee was only Canadian $240 / week / year. Then the original owners sold to Shell Vacations and the problems began. First, the maintenance fees started increasing and they have not stopped going up. Today, the maintenance fee is Canadian $1150 / week / year. So, combining our yearly maintenance fee with a yearly amortized amount of our original down payment of $14,000 for 50 years of membership, we are paying the same rate as we can get on Expedia. Only Expedia would be better. We would not be obliged to stay the full 7 days and we could book any week in the winter without having to pay a "rescheduling" fee.

If the Canadian dollar gains value and goes back up to normal trade ranges, then we will be paying a premium over the rate they charge on Expedia. There is no limit to the amount that they can raise the maintenance fee to. This was the small print that missed when they were selling us so hard on how beneficial the long term economics of owning a time share would be. We were told hotel room rates would be expected to go up substantially - they have not.

We were told that the maintenance fee would change only slightly if at all. It has gone up 5x. My ex-wife and I are divorced and Shell Vacations has refused to honor our divorce decree saying that we would need to get divorced in Canada for it to apply to them. Count us in if there is a class action suit. These people are unscrupulous and there is no discussion. We cannot even get them to list contact information for the supposed board members representing the time share owners.

I "own" 18,000 points with Shell Vacations Club, and I regret purchasing them. The investment was over $60,000 for these points, and I wish I had the money back. The monthly fees continue to increase, it's almost impossible to get reservations at the places I want, and the service has been poor. I saved all my points in 2014 and scheduled a family reunion through the Exchange for three rooms at the Villa del Palmar Beach Resort & Spa in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Our three rooms were on the ground floor, behind the entertainment stage. We couldn't see anything but the back of the stage, and the loud music was unbearable. The rooms were old - electrical wiring burst out of a bedroom wall and almost hit us. Water leaked on the floor. Drawers didn't open. I have photos of these.

I complained to Shell but received no answer. The family vacation was ruined. I tried again to use all my points and reserve a one-bedroom unit at the Legacy Golf Resort in Phoenix this February. My room was old and there was mold in the bathroom. I was staying alone so I requested an upstairs unit, but they wouldn't change it. At every stay through Shell, I've been bombarded with requests and demands to attend a high-pressure sales meeting. The sales people do and say anything to sell overpriced points. I don't want these points anymore and regret making this huge mistake.

We have been owners of Shell Vacations Club for about 15 years. During this time we have taken vacations to Hawaii, Napa Valley several times, San Francisco, Disneyland, etc. We have used the points for airline tickets, rental cars, hotel cards, the Spa, movie cards, etc. Honestly our experience has been as simple as calling and making the arrangements. The customer service reps have been nothing but courteous and helpful. Over the years we have learned to refuse the incentives for sales pitches at some of the resorts (Desert Rose in Las Vegas in particular and the resort in Anaheim) in order to have a more pleasant stay. We even went to one in Napa Valley and did not buy but was still given the $100.00 American Express card.

I do believe that some things have changed with Wyndham buying the company but we are still having good experiences at the Wyndham Resorts that we stay at. Don't understand why so many people are not having similar experience. My husband and I are so glad that we bought the points so many years ago and have enjoyed using them each year for amazing vacation experiences.

Don't waste the money we did on this. They declined my request to cancel my membership because I didn't fill out a form that was never brought to our attention. If there is a class-action lawsuit - I'm in!! Wil ** and I were scheduled for a two hour tour. We were there from 12:30 pm to sometime between 5:30 pm and 6:00 pm. That is over five hours of pressure we had to endure. Every time we said no, which we did three times, another rep would come to try to ease our minds about it. At the end, we were exhausted and clearly not thinking about our best interests.

We were told that if we did not sign up right then, the price for the vacation packages and interest rates would rise significantly. We were told repeatedly that they (the reps) did not want us to miss this isolated opportunity. After doing some online research, I have found even better deals with Shell Vacation products. Thus, we were misled into believing we had to make a decision that day.

After discussing our vacation desires, I told the rep that a timeshare just is not the kind of travel I am attracted to, this was my first attempt to exit. The sales rep capitalized on our interests in international travel. He showed multiple examples of where 3500 points would buy us two and three week stays. He went on and on about how the international travel is where the main benefit is. After attempting to book international travel on multiple occasions, I am finding that the resorts are not available, there is a substantial booking fee, and our points really only buy a week at any given place. The reality has been very disappointing.

Another sales rep was brought over who is really good with numbers after we tried to decline the sale due to costs. After listening to his spiel, I asked him how we get out of it if we decide it is not right for us. He literally said we just stop paying for it. Even now, I don't know if he was joking or not. When I brought up concerns about my credit report being tarnished, he told me that Shell has this great guy that will sell it for us for less than $500. He told me that there is a very strong demand from Europeans, especially for Napa, so he is able to sell them very easily. Well, unfortunately, after multiple attempts of unsuccessful bookings and our annual fee already increasing, I called Shells guy. It is, and while I did pay $499, I am being told there is no way I can sell it for what I paid for it, and there is no guarantee it will ever sell. This would have been a good time to mention the cancellation policy/right.

On multiple occasions I attempted to politely end the meeting, blatantly stating I was not comfortable with that sort of investment that I haven't vetted. At the end, after my third categorical decline, a manager was assigned to us. He reaffirmed how lucky we were to be brought in on this early on as the property value is expected to rise. There was an implicit suggestion that we would likely make money on this timeshare. I was absolutely exhausted by this point, and in hindsight, I felt taken hostage. He stated it would be unwise to pass this up, and then said he would make it irresistible and offered 5,000 bonus points and two more airline tickets. I literally responded with fine. I deeply regret that moment.

The paperwork was rushed; I believe we were the last people there from the 12:30 tour. We were handed a sealed package full of paperwork, along with a binder full of information some reviewed in that brief meeting, and some not. We certainly did not review the process/form for a formal cancellation. I immediately felt regret, but I had too much going on in my personal life to dedicate the time to look into my legal cancellation rights and requirements. I had been taking care of my mother with cancer while both Wil and I were working fifty-plus hour weeks regularly. I called Friday, August 23rd, I was transferred to a voicemail and given a direct number to the woman I believe processed our paperwork. On that voicemail I asked if there was any way we could cancel since after further thought I knew that we could not benefit from owning a timeshare.

Before I was transferred, I was informed someone would be there on Saturday to get back to me; I waited all weekend and called again on Monday, August 26th, to follow up. At that point I had discovered that I had seven days to cancel, and I mentioned that on the voicemail. I did not get a return call until Wednesday, August 28th. At that time I was told that since I failed to submit the cancellation form within seven days, there was nothing she could do. (You will see the phone calls on 8/23 & 8/28 on my Sprint cell phone bill, you can find the 8/26 call on my Comcast home phone bill).

I was so upset with all of this; we emptied our savings accounts and used charge cards to pay the entire purchase price so we would not have to take on the burden of a 16.49% interest rate. This too was a giant fiasco, which I will not discuss at this time. The extent of the fees was not disclosed in person. There was no mention of booking fees. I specifically asked on multiple occasions if the HOA fee would be our only item we needed to budget; I was eventually told about the Club Fee, after I inquired about it. Beyond that, I was assured there were no fees.

Unfortunately, due to the above mentioned circumstances, I am requesting a refund. I would be satisfied to only have the purchase price be returned, and all of the other money I have given to Shell, over $1000, be dedicated to administrative fees. While I accept responsibility for not doing any timeshare research prior to the meeting, (I did not think it was necessary since this meeting was described as an informative meeting) I feel the sales team was absolutely coercive. I also believe my call was not returned timely so that the cancellation timeframe would pass. I was put under the impression that this was a one-time deal and I was given no opportunity to go home and think about it. This is not fair business practices.

In addition, my experience with trying to use my points is not was sold to us at that meeting. I am sure I can produce at least five calls I have made trying to book travel that was ultimately unavailable. This is a failure to perform on Shell's behalf. Please consider this offer. I know you said my next option would be using legal representation; I truly hope we can avoid that and find satisfactory resolution for both parties. Thank you for your time.

My husband and I purchased 2500 points from Shell Vacations Club in 2014. We received 2 Dream Vacation weeks to use so we banked our 2500 for 2015. My friend has 3500 points and is also a member but owns in HI. Oct 2015 while visiting my friend in CA we made a call to Shell Vacations and the customer service person we worked with was awesome! He took a lot of time to work with us but was able to combine all of our points and get us a week at the Kona Coast Resort (2 bedroom and 2 bath) and a week at the Kauai Coast Resort at the Beachboy (also a 2 bedroom and 2 bath).

It took a lot of work for him to work our points out to get what we wanted but he kept working it out until he got it! We booked in Oct 2015 and we had an awesome vacation May 2016! We bought more points too! We've been to Hawaii every other year over the past 10 years with my friend who used her Shell Vacation points and it's been awesome! We love both of those resorts and the service is outstanding!

I have had a hard time getting a hold of anyone to pay maintenance fees thinking it was the biggest mistake of my life to get involved with them. We've owned this for twelve years and have been able to use it once. If anyone files a class action lawsuit let us know please.

My husband and I went to a presentation and after 2 hours, they sold us a $1795, package that included 6000 points and a 7-day 'Free Getaway Package'. We used some of the point for a stay in Napa and it was lovely, the second stay was in Kona and again nice. We went to another presentation in Kona and we told them that we did not want to buy a timeshare. When we bought the $1795 package, we were told is was refundable if we did not like the services, but at the end of the day, nothing came back to us.

Last December I wanted to book our 1 week getaway package and I was told and received a certificate that my getaway was not going to expire until 03/29/17. I called to book my getaway week today and was told that as my membership in Shell was to expire on May 31, 2016, I was not able to utilized the getaway. Note: during our last presentation they told use that Wyndam had purchased them and they were putting into place a buyout for the members that wanted out, again total BS. Do not buy from this company. I would not recommend this to anyone looking for a vacation special.

Do Not Buy into this Time Share. We have belonged to Shell Vacations Club Time Share for 13 years. I cringe every time I think about Shell Vacations. It has been a nightmare trying to find a place to stay. They never have anything available, yet if I say I am willing to pay cash for a hotel and booking direct, they have plenty of rooms for me. It is much easier to just pay cash then pull your hair out trying to book something with Shell. We have rarely booked at a Shell resort. Mostly were able to use RCI exchange. Now that Shell got bought out to Windham who supposedly owns RCI, we can't seem see to get anything. That doesn't make any sense. We purchased 2500 points and end up banking them more that we get to use them.

If I have to cash my points in for cards to use at other hotels or restaurants, I only get $325 of cash to spend when I am sending them about $750 a year to pay for maintenance fees. It's a total ripoff for us. I have hated this time share and almost let them talk me into more shares to make things easier which would have cost me at least $1000-1500 more in maintenance fees. Thank goodness a friend talked me out of it before it was too late. The stress of spending more money on maintenance fees and possibly still having problems was too stressful to even think about it. They are high pressure salespeople and determined you are not leaving without buying a membership.

The 90 minute presentation usually costs you 1/2 a day of your vacation or more to get out of there. We bought because they made it sound better than any other timeshare and you were not stuck having to go to just one resort all the time or having to deal with trades. You could basically go anywhere. The first time I tried to book, I was on the phone a month dealing with Shell and ready to shoot myself from all the frustration. I don't know if those salespeople really realize how awful their company is, or how could they swindle people into buying. Also they said if we purchased, that our children inherit the timeshare. That's so they can continue to squeeze maintenance fees forever from us and our children.

I would love to see an end to this ridiculous nightmare and would consider participating in a class action lawsuit. I just want out of this stupid time share. They said they wanted to be the first to buy back our time share, but it doesn't sound like they want them back even though their salespeople could easily sale them for way more than they'd ever offer us. They have another company that handles selling them back but I heard the fees are almost what I paid for the stupid time share.

The service is terrible and it is impossible to make reservations. My points always expire as I cannot book acceptable dates and locations. I am interested in joining a class action law suit to cancel my contract. I am willing to take any loss in exchange for no future obligation.

Worthless certificate. Was presented with a certificate for a 2 night stay at a Wyndham hotel. Have tried to book 3 different hotels, 3 different dates, nothing is ever available. Add me to a class action lawsuit.

If anyone is planning on a class action suit against Shell, please let me know and include me. I've read all the complaints and almost all of them are the story of our lives with Shell. Had a horrible lack of judgment back in 2012 and became a Shell owner. Have only used the points twice. Once in Las Vegas and the other in San Diego which was a nightmare. Usually bank and use point for airfare, which is financially retarded but the only thing that makes sense.

We stayed at the Las Vegas Desert Rose facility for 4 days. This facility was the WORST excuse for a Timeshare I have ever stayed. The bathroom doors don't open unless you move out of the way. When we got home, there was a letter stating that we were approved for a $50,000 loan. The ONLY way to opt out was to call a number that required our Social Security number. I don't think I should do that either. However, the loan is on our credit history. How can they do that! We didn't go to their sales event or sign anything. We did not give them authority to run our credit report and pre- approve us for any new loan. They are messing with my credit history and their letter is going to our attorney and or the DA for further action. As mentioned in a previous post, a class action suit should be filed against this company.

We've been Shell Vacation owners since 2003 - 7000 points/year. Finally, after trying for two seasons, we were able to book our home resort on Kauai for a week last year (had to schedule it over 9 months ahead of time). We our points a few times back in the early days when our kids were young, but always via RCI exchange. Now, with their "Interval" partner, the options to exchange have dropped enormously. Other than that, I try to swap the points out each year for airfares to get some value out of the investment, though that's a lo$ing proposition if you pencil out the actual costs.

But the main issue is that we just are not going to use it anymore. My wife is retired, and I will retire this year as well. Our fixed income budget will not cover the MF cost, and the accumulated cost of a Shell Vacation (everything other than the room cost) is beyond our means. We did not know this in 2003 of course. Before Wyndham bought them out, I checked with Shell about transferring ownership back to the company and was told that was possible. But not anymore. Wyndham's response now is basically "Tough Luck. Keep those MF fees coming or else!" and we have done so. Might as well flush the money down the toilet.

I can't make a second career out of trying to keep it rented to cover the MF fees. I have it listed for sale on a well-known site at less than 10 cents on the dollar for what we paid up front, but would gladly give it away to get out from under the maintenance fee. Any ideas? Plenty of sympathy out there I realize, but not seeing any other strategies. Needless to say, I emphatically recommend that folks in the market for a timeshare avoid Shell Vacations.

We stayed at the Legacy Golf Resort for 6 days. Every day, we received a call that we ignored asking us to listen to a sales pitch. When we got home, there was a letter stating that we were approved for a $50,000 loan. The ONLY way to opt out was to call a number that required our Social Security number. You can bet that we did not enter it! However, the loan is on our credit history and I am FURIOUS! They are messing with my credit history and their letter is going to our attorney for further action. As mentioned in a previous post, a class action suit should be filed against this company.

I have been with Shell Vacations Club since 2004 and never used it. Only one time I was able to exchange my vacation with RCI in 2007. Now we are more limited since Wyndham acquired Shell Vacations. God forbid if I have no job and can't afford to pay the maintenance fee, they could damage my credit. I feel trapped and asked them to take my timeshare for free. Of course they wouldn't. Any advice?

I hear a lot of negative feedback ( well deserved I might add) but has anyone started a lawsuit or come upon a solution for this terrible situation so many of us find ourselves in. Most class action lawsuits don't award any substantial monetary value, but from what I'm reading most folks would rather walk away and get out of the contract to avoid further fees. Am I correct... We all need to get even more pissed off and tackle this. Are there not an attorneys that have been screwed by them also that could execute a class action suit ( unless one has been started already).

We bought into this timeshare and have not been able to use it. The only time we were able to utilize it was to get a rental car and they charge us a bunch for helping get the car. Have never been able to use it otherwise and would really willing to join a joint lawsuit.

My mother purchased a Shell Vacation time share about 10 years ago. She purchased it because she would be able to pass it on to me when she passed away. She was hoping to leave me with something that would provide my family the opportunity to travel. She put me on the account as an authorized user after purchasing the Time Share. She died a few years later.

I have been using the time share since 2007 without any problems. I always found them easy to deal with and easy to make reservations UNTIL last year 2014, my husband and I went away to San Diego where we sat through another Shell sales pitch. While we had sat through others and successfully declined to purchase any more points, this time we were told that Shell had been bought out by Wyndham and that the points we owned weren't enough to make us a part of the "Wyndham Family". What this mean to us was that the handful of Shell resorts that were exclusively for Shell owners would now be open to all the folks who also owned a Wyndham timeshare, thereby minimizing the amount of availability at the resorts we had been staying at for years.

Additionally, without purchasing more points we would not be able to book the Wyndham resorts -- loss, loss for us. Well, since we had been using Shell and enjoying it, we thought it would be ok to step up and purchase 2500 more points (contingent on the fact that we could merge our new purchase with my mother's account since I now owned her account since her passing). Everyone assured us that would be no problem. Well guess what -- it's a HUGE problem!

When I went about trying to merge the two accounts I was told that I could not because my mother's Time share had not been recorded to her trust prior to her passing. I sent them a copy of her trust and her will and her death certificate -- no go! I had my attorney and a Time Share attorney from Florida contact them, they refused to budge, they said that I would have to go through a formal probate hearing in order to put this asset in my name. There is no attorney who would take up a formal probate hearing for an asset worth only $22,500. It's not worth their time or money. Frustrated and tired of arguing for the moment, I put the matter on the back burner until this week, when I went to book a getaway for my anniversary and I was told that all the sudden I am not an authorized user on my mother's account because she died.

So now the only person who can use her timeshare points is my deceased mother -- she's in heaven, she doesn't need them!!! They have no problem taking MY money every month for the maintenance fee, because who else is going to pay them? But they won't let me use the time share -- the same time share I have been an authorized user on since 2005. I would be happy to join a class action law suit against them, or find an attorney who would like to sue the pants off them! Stay away. DO NOT PURCHASE A SHELL OR WYNDHAM TIME SHARE!

We bought 3500 points at a Shell vacations meeting 2 years ago. We never did much with it because we also own through Diamond Resorts. We got talked into an update meeting since it had been a while since we'd purchased. Of course they did all they could do to try and talk us into more points and it sounded like a good deal at the time. They even threw in "10" Dream Vacation" vouchers we could give to our family members if we would by another 3500 pts. We did. So.... my husband was trying to log on to make a payment and it wouldn't let him, so I finally called and told them we just realized that we have 2 different loan #'s but neither would let us log in.

The woman I talked to said to "disregard the old Loan # and use the new one". We had NO idea that we had 2 separate memberships! Now we been turned over to collections for not paying our loan payment and I kept telling them I just paid it! But it was the other one we didn't know about that was past due. My complaint is..... Why in the world would you not just combine the points into one loan instead of every time you buy more points you get a new membership! THAT'S IDIOTIC! So our credit score has suffered because of this and we were never informed there would be 2 separate loans to be paid separately! We keep getting the runaround from one person to the next.

We own with Diamond with 80,000 points and we can go anywhere anytime! We just returned from 2 weeks in Ireland with the flight and car rental all paid for with our points. We've NEVER had any problems with Diamond with payments or reservations. In the update meeting the sales girl kept saying that Shell is bigger and better than Diamond Resorts or any other timeshare company. I completely and wholeheartedly DISAGREE! I think my husband and I would be willing to join a class action suit against Shell! Keep us all informed!

In Phoenix to get information with regards to using our membership for a trip to Australia in 2016. When we left, we had purchased 18,000 for 3500 more points and 3500 bonus points. By time we read everything at home (Fort Mohave, AZ) the seven days had expired. I called to no avail. Since I have read reviews and spoke with the contract person (Connie) and tried everything to resend this deal. Called Attorney's and a timeshare affiliate team. I am writing a letter to Corporate as well as the attorney general of Hawaii and AZ. These people have to be stopped.

I tried making my reservations only to be told there was no availability for my dates. When I called the hotels front desk and went through normal channels they had lots of rooms. Also, we still don't have enough points to go to Australia nor will there be enough for airfare or cruising. Very angry and hurt that these people can continue to do business. I can come up with 200 people if we start a class action suit. Please help!

I would love to join a class action lawsuit against Shell Vacation Club/Interval International. I bought in 2004 and then "a last chance" at low prices again in 2005. For what I don't know, just the pressure of that good deal. I have 4,500 pts and all I get is maintenance fee of over $700/year and no chance to use my points when I call to get a time when I can go. How can we get this going? I would love to just get something out of my lost money I pay out. I was even going to give it away to a friend but they saw the potential for rip off and back away. Please help stop this madness!

Shell has never honored any contract we signed at our "mandatory" owners meeting while we were on vacation. We tried twice and both times we were denied the contract we signed. I even video recorded the transaction. The first time when we got home from Hawaii we had a letter in the mail stating our contract was null and void and this new one was what was going to be enforced. I called and informed them my next call was going to be to the attorney general for the bait and switch scam they had just pulled on us. Shell quickly offered to reinstate our old contract.

This next time in 2014 I paid $2000.00 for an upgrade and also video recorded this transaction. A year later, this year, Shell issued a refund. I feel grateful they didn't steal my money. We tried booking a cruise to avoid losing our points this year. Shell called back the next day stating the points requirement for the cruise had doubled. I canceled the cruise. At the Owner's Meeting in Hawaii one of the boxes I initialed said, to paraphrase, Shell wasn't obligated to honor what the sales person says. What a scam and with no accountability. I'm reporting them to the BBB as well. A lot of good it'll do. Don't get ripped off by Shell Vacations Club!!

I purchased a timeshare through Shell Vacations Club when I was 25. At first the 2,500 points I received each year were useful. I could use them very flexibly as the company was affiliated with RCI and the time I received with my points was reasonable considering my maintenance fees. 12 Years have passed and my 2,500 points can be used for next to nothing. If I'm not able to use my points for travel, they suggest a card pack. With these, my points are worth $333. My yearly maintenance fees are over $800. Every year I have to pay an exorbitant amount to remain in a club to which there is no benefit and for which the price raises. I have not had any luck selling my timeshare or resigning my membership. Every time I think about my timeshare, I feel sick to my stomach, because I can't see a way out and fear I may be stuck for the duration of my lifetime.

We currently have a total of 21,176 points to use and wished to book a cruise. Unfortunately, not enough points so wished to borrow from next year's. We have three memberships with Shell Vacation. Shell Vacation are now telling us that what we need to do is "share" our points with ourselves. Yes you read that right! Then we can only borrow from one of our memberships. That does not give us enough points to book the trip. In order to do that, Shell Vacations wants us to RENT points at a cost of $782.04 even though we have enough points in our other two memberships.

The documentation online on Shell Vacations website reads "If you have more than one membership, then you may borrow points only once in any use year for each membership you own". I understand the borrow once a year - that's pretty simple but nowhere does this say anything about "sharing" my own points with myself or "renting" my other points at a cost to me. Just a big money grab by Shell Vacations in my book.

I would love to join a class action lawsuit against these guys, now Wyndham. They practice pressure sales techniques that are designed to prey on people who do not know what they are doing with their finances. (I have learned a lot from this financial debacle.) I wish there negative stars to rate this company.

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