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Reviewed Dec. 21, 2022

Due to technical issues, my flight was delayed 15+ hours by Singapore Airlines, disrupting my entire travel plans. Called MakeMyTrip service center to cancel the entire booking and refund my payment on Nov 18th (before the scheduled departure of the canceled flight). Thereafter my nightmare experience with MakeMyTrip customer service began:

(1) They claim they can’t get confirmation from Singapore Airlines since Nov 18th.
(2) They apologize on behalf of Singapore Airlines, hinting they are not responsible for a refund.
(3) They silently drop the calls when I ask them to connect with a supervisor (multiple times).

(4) They open new incidence tickets, mark them as escalated, and then cancel them because they are duplicate.

(5) They promise to call back with a status update within 48 hours, but never call back.
(6) You can’t call the CS number and get hold of the same agent again. So no single agent or supervisor takes the responsibility for resolving the issue.
(7) They don’t respond to e-mail or WhatsApp messages.

(8) Singapore Airlines, meanwhile refuse to process the refund as the booking was done through MakeMyTrip.

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Reviewed Nov. 29, 2022

We reached out to MMT to book our travel package around mid-September. Staff that helped us to book the package were not very experienced and was rushing us to book the ticket that night. He told us that the cancellation fee was only INR 15K if we would have decided to cancel, although the confirmation has INR 70K+ cancellation fees. We asked him to reconfirm the cancellation amount of INR 15K and he said to ignore what's on paper. He managed to book the tickets for us after great difficulty and several back and forth to confirm information on his side. Within a week, we were informed of our flight cancellation. We tried to call MMT to see if they are going to rebook ticket for us. After several calls and several call transfers to different divisions, MMT finally responded to call the Go first airlines directly to re-plan the flight tickets.

It was ridiculous, we booked package from MMT (including flight tickets) but they asked us to call and deal directly with flight team. After few calls to the flight team, they told us no flights are available to Kerala. We were shocked as MMT booked tickets on a canceled flight. We started reviewing online reviews and got so worried which echos same experiences we went through. We were surprised to see, how can such a so-called big company can fraud people. After several communications, flight team agreed to return our flight charges (both ways) but they would return it to MMT and MMT does not agree to refund the same to us.

We also filed several consumer alert grievances, to that each time we get same communication from MMT in different write up that we owe them more money in order to refund the flight charges. We got so frustrated with this whole process. We are located in USA, not in MARs, they claim they couldn't reach us on the phone. September thru November, so many lies, so much of fraud, very irresponsible staff, not at all reliable. We got so frustrated that we were ready to lose our deposit and just avoid further pursuing to travel with this agency. DO NOT RECOMMEND TO ANYONE and pray that someone who can influence should RED list MMT to avoid further loss to customers like several of us.

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Customer Service

Reviewed Oct. 19, 2022

Very bad service. Stuck with my refund..!! I booked train tickets with MakeMyTrip but for some reason I cancelled that booking immediately within 2 minutes.. It happened since August month, today it is October. I didn't get my money back and they don't even reply my mails and calls.. I tried thousand of time to have conversation with executive but they don't reply..Never go with MakeMyTrip.. Worst experience ever.

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Punctuality & SpeedStaff

Reviewed Oct. 17, 2022

Why do we opt for Make My Trip (MMT) for holiday bookings? My take:
1. Hotel bookings
2. Travel cab or other

3. Overall package - end to end so that we don't have to deal with every single vendor

I have had the worst experience with MMT and its package that I will never ever book any holiday with them. It's a utter waste of time and money. They give zero thought when preparing a package and zero consideration for the money and time spent by the customer. If booking hotels is alone what drive their business then they are foolish because hotel booking can be done using and other websites.

I booked a holiday to Uttarakhand with a trip starting from Jim Corbett:
1. One night stay at Jim Corbett and Safari in the morning
2. Nainital drive from Jim Corbett and 2 nights stay in Nainital

3. Drop back to Pantnagar airport from Nainital

1, On day one there was complete reluctance on the part of driver to take show us any place even if I was ready to pay him above and beyond what was paid since he says MMT didn't have anything on the itinerary. His reluctance was understandable - he had to drive 7hrs from Delhi. Couldn't understand a company like MMT couldn't find a cab service which was local. They billed me for the drive from Delhi with no apparent benefit for me (customer). I ended up paying more to the driver than I paid to MMT.

They completely fleeced me on the safari. They actually fed me to the vendor despite knowing that Corbett was not open till Oct 15. They made me book a safari and end of it in the name of safari I was taken to a reserve which is not even part of Jim Corbett (Sitabani). It was blatant loot by both the safari vendor and MMT. This alone is enough reason for me to never go with MMT again. The hotel they booked was ok but if I wanted to book stay alone I would have used or Agoda - why would I come to MMT?

2. After we reached Nainital I was informed by the driver that he won't be showing us 9 places and those will have to be seen using local cabs for which I again had to shell out more. This was never informed to us and came as a surprise. End of it only once the driver took us out in 3 days in Nainital and rest of the time he was sleeping in his car. Not sure why I paid for his trip from Delhi for him to sleep in Nainital. The hotel booked in Nainital was pathetic - don't even want to write about it.

3. The only thing good in the whole package which went thru without any issues was the drop back to Pantnagar Airport.

MMT should not even be the last resort for holiday package bookings.

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Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed Oct. 9, 2022

I booked a ticket to Coimbatore from Velankanni Tamilnadu. I need to rush very urgently. I paid the ticket fare for my seat and they sent me the ticket to my mail and the invoice also was received. Today am suppose to board my bus. When I reached to the pick up point near Universal travels which was mentioned in the ticket this agency person is so rude and he is telling me no bus, it's cancelled. He treated me like some beggar. My actual time was at 12:40PM. After few minutes am getting one more paid invoice same copy to my mail. Please. I had a very bad experience. Not able to talk to this people nor the universal agency.

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Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed Sept. 17, 2022

Day by day, MMT is graduating from bad to worse. I used MMT for booking my stay at Residence Inn Marriot at Phoenix AZ, I got confirmation for the booking so I flew to Phoenix considering that I have a place to stay, once I reached property I asked for the room, to my surprise Hotel said that my booking was cancelled by my provider(i.e. MMT). I was shocked because I was in a different country and I don’t even know the place and I don’t have a place to stay (you can imagine the ordeal). I asked Hotel for a reason why the booking was cancelled and they suggested that they don’t have a reason because it was done by the portal that I booked the hotel and only option I have is to check with them.

It was 15th Sep around 4:00 PM local time and my disaster started from here, I called MMT customer service (1-800-463-4210), I spoke to Vikash on first call, he took all my details and asked to wait for 30 minutes and assured me that someone from their relevant team will call me back at my US number and provide resolution. I waited for almost an hour standing outside the hotel but never got a call, I called them again. This time I spoke to Rajat, He again took all the details and said he do not have an information what happened previously and he will make sure I get a call back from team concerned in next 15-20 minutes.

I again waited for almost 40 minutes, no call was received, I called again and spoke to Rahul (for that matter I realized they have 3 different Rahuls) and he immediately understood my concerned and suggested me to wait for another 30 minutes and also promised me that he will call me back in 30 minutes to check if I got a call or not, I was a fool to trust them, neither of them called. I reached out to MMTC again and spoke to Sujit, he said nothing is in his hand and has to have a team concerned call me back, I suggested if he can transfer the call because it's been 3 hours and I have been standing on road with luggage and nowhere to go but he did not listen and kept saying he doesn’t have any means to get me connect to anyone.

I thought I will give one more try (I didn’t have a choice. I was at MMTC mercy), I agreed to another fake promise of a call back, meanwhile, I started checking nearby hotel availability because by this time I was sure MMTC will not call me back (exactly what happened). I tried to find in available properties at around 8 evening, To my utter shock & disbelief there was no availability for 15th Sep night, I was left stranded on the road in a different country and no other place to go. The place also didn’t look secured, My phone’s battery was almost dying and I had no place to go.

I went to a café nearby with all my luggage and no place to stay and charged my phone and tried to call MMTC again, what a pain, I spoke to Vikash now and he said exactly the same thing, he will escalate and get me a call in 30 minutes, I requested him and pleaded him that I have been waiting for almost 5 hours already, he said he don’t have any information from my previous conversation and has to treat it as new case, he assured me that he himself will call me in 30 minutes to check if I got a call or not. I had no choice except to wait, meanwhile, because it was getting way too late, I had to take up an accommodation which costed me more than $200 per night. I anticipated that I will get a call from MMTC but I never did, I kept calling them after every hour and spoke to a different person and was been promised a call in 10-15 minutes because everyone highlighted the case on priority.

It is strange that they don’t have authority and they never have a supervisor to talk to on the floor. Every time I asked for a supervisor I got exactly same answer that supervisor is not available, I was promised supervisor call as well but I never received, meanwhile, I got an email from MMTC stating that they tried to reach out to me, I immediately replied to them but never got a revert and I have replied to that email 7 times already in last 2 days but yet to get any response, email is from Mou **. I am seriously disappointed by the kind of services I received from MMTC and has left a bitter taste in mouth and will never use the services again and make sure I let my network know what really happened. I am sure this email also will fall into deaf ears but I am going to share my views wherever I can.

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Reviewed Sept. 16, 2022

I giving one star because there is no option to give 0 stars. I was trying to cancel the booking. The site says there is a cancellation charge. In fact the cancellation charge is more than the actual charge. So you won't get anything. Cheater, Cheater Cheater...

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Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed Sept. 14, 2022

I normally don't review services or believe the reviews I read as I often think it's not real or exaggerated. However in this case I was the victim of I booked a flight on their website for myself and my wife. Hours later I receive two calls from the fraud dept asking if I made the purchase which I responded yes. They sent me an email asking for my card front and back and photo ID. They called again and I didn't answer, pressuring me to hurry and send. Then they tried calling my other number from public records and asked my previous wife if she knows where I am saying they trying to get thru to me about a flight I booked for me and someone else. She told them she doesn't know where I am. When I reached the airport the flight was voided. They voided the ticket and didn't send me any emails. I suggest you never book with them. Your confirmed flight is never actually confirmed. You don't get a peace of mind at all.

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Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed Sept. 13, 2022

Day by day, MMT is graduating from bad to worse. I used MMT for booking my stay at a beach house in Kannur. Kannur not being a tourist centric town, I chose the best accommodation in the best available property for a 2 nights’ stay. The property is in a village & after reading the description and facilities, I was quite surprised that such a place can exist in a small village in Kannur. I even confirmed the details by talking over the phone with MMT support & the property owner.

To my utter shock & disbelief, out of 28 promised facilities, 20 were absent, 2 I didn’t require. Most importantly, there was no security, neither for the guests (any outsider could come & go at their own free will), nor for the law enforcement (Our IDs were not checked, any person can stay claiming someone else’s identity). The accommodation was filthy, broken floors & full of jumbo sized cockroaches.

And when these were brought to the notice of MMT, the response came that they will resolve this by 48 hours, i.e. 24 hours beyond my stay at the property.

Finally, their resolution was to issue a voucher to me with a definite expiry period. It means, for the resolution to be effective, I would need to avail the MMT services again Once beaten, twice shy. NEVER AGAIN.

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Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed Aug. 26, 2022

I wanted to book flight for 27th Aug, however accidentally selected 26th Aug and booked the flight. So I called within 10 mins to MakeMyTrip and asked to reschedule my flight but they said you have to pay complete amount again, even I asked them to fine 1000-2000 rupees but please reschedule it but they said no you have to pay complete charge around 8000 again. I have to go to Bangalore from Delhi very urgent due to illness to my family member but they didn't helped me. Very pathetic experience. I will never book flight from MakeMyTrip.

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Reviewed Aug. 24, 2022

I visited Goa along with my family. Booked hotel. Air pick up drop by Mrs. ** branch manager of Make my Pune. Excellent service, good teamwork. Hotel very nice food. Good hotel. Zenzer Panaji Goa heart of city.

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Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed Aug. 11, 2022

Horrible experience, tried to change my ticket dates and the agent send me a link that I could only pay with an Indian card, finally found someone with Indian card and we were not able to pay as the link was corrupted, we tried with multiple cards is like the bank knew it was a fraud, after few hrs. the agent told me that if I did not show up I need to pay, how I will pay if I could not charge the flight because of the alternative options of the application (the corrupted link). I went to the office in Dubai and it looks abandoned, the security said everyday 10 people go to the office and find not response. I truly believe this application is a fraud.

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Reviewed Aug. 8, 2022

I have MMT ELITE membership and many services are under this membership. I have done a hotel booking and free pick and drop service available in membership but hotel is denying that there are no complimentary transfer and contact to MakeMyTrip. But now MakeMyTrip is also denying. This is fraud company and more information. Pls. contact me **.

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Reviewed Aug. 3, 2022

I got booked my ticket during covid and got cancelled also but as of today one of my ticket refund has not been received. Every time at website they say the amount is credited in to cash wallet but nothing is there.

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Sales & Marketing

Reviewed July 31, 2022

I booked a flight from Dubai to Hyderabad, and had to cancel my flight due to work related issues. However, when I applies for cancellation they didn't even refunded me a penny. The ticket was around Rs:-13,000. I felt like I got scammed. Tldr, not gonna use this scam website next time.

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Customer Service

Reviewed July 6, 2022

I want all people know about your bad business from online payment as I booked a flight ticket from your website with a good price and after I paid by credit card. They have informed me that the ticket has been canceled as the airline didn't accept the ticket and prices then they refunded the amount in one week but not the total amount which they took from my account.

This is a bad business when they confirm something then cancel it then I couldn't receive my total payment and lost my flight and prices has been increased. And the customer service is so bad, rude, and unprofessional. I hate dealing with you.

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Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed June 28, 2022

Sorry to say, but even giving one star is not doing justification compared to what I've gone thru the response from your customer service. A lot of emails, dms on Instagram, visited Dubai office too; no response anywhere. This here is last hope for my refund. Honestly very bad customer service agents. Flight not booked due to glitches in App but amount got deducted. Want my full refund.

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Customer ServicePricePunctuality & SpeedStaff

Reviewed June 27, 2022

Guys, do not use Makemytrip unless unavoidable! I recently used this company for a 4-night/5-day stay in Kashmir. I have the following observations: Booking the trip till finalization is a very frustrating experience. It is very difficult to contact their person doing the booking. No tel. No, only an email is given which is not responded to for over 24 hours. I spent 5 or 6 very frustrating days doing my bookings and thereafter trying to make some changes. As many as 3 different persons were contacting me at various stages, although I was told that the first person would be my go-to person from start to finish. I kept getting handed over from person to person. is only much nearer to the date of travel that I was given contact tel. Nos.

Their pricing policy is totally opaque. You are just given one final figure, take it or leave it. Not that they are necessarily very costly, it is just that they are not at all transparent regarding the break-up of pricing. I found that they are totally resistant to any change once they quote an overall figure. After doing the bookings, which were for Pahalgam, Srinagar and Gulmarg, I decided to cancel the day trip to Gulmarg. No refund was given to me for not undertaking the 60 kms to and fro ride in an Innova from Srinagar to Gulmarg and back! They just refused to entertain this, although I asked well in time. The only refund they agreed to was the refund of the gondola ride tickets at Gulmarg, that too after requesting repeatedly.

There is no follow-up or attention to detail on the ground. They have sub-contracted the local excursions to the travel company providing the transport at Srinagar. Due to a total lack of coordination, our the vehicle driver (who was supposed to pay the union driver who took us Betaab and Chandanwadi, as also the Shikara ride on the Nageen lake) refused to pay and we had to face unpleasantness for half an hour in the hot sun with the two parties shouting and fighting. Even my calling the local rep of the company needed some more time for him to sort it out with the travel company.

The local driver refused to wear a mask despite my personally providing him with a new mask each day, which he would remove at the first opportunity. They have their regular tie-ups with shopkeepers. The driver blatantly asked for his cut from the shopkeeper in our presence and was given a packet of dry fruits! I was fed up withing the first 2-3 days of contacting this company, but persisted with them since it was difficult to make alternate arrangements due to the heavy tourist rush at this time (June) to Kashmir.

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Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed June 26, 2022

Never use this company!! Worst company ever! Customer service agents are not knowledgeable at all. Supervisor will promise you a full refund all written in an email. Then you will receive another email a day after from another agent saying otherwise. Describing them as unprofessional and unreliable is an understatement.

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Sales & MarketingPriceStaff

Reviewed June 25, 2022

I purchased Kashmir vacation by paying premium price for hotels (4 Star) and ground car (SUV). But what I got was substandard service. I am so disappointed with their service. My family fell sick during vacation there. Our vacation plan was day 1 after we reach Srinagar, we get Shikara ride (they never say it's a min priced service they sell) just an hour ride. Not enough cause the counter starts when you reach Ghat 09.

I paid premium for 4 star hotel, and what I got was 10X10 hotel with one bed for 3 people. When you charge for 3 people make sure everyone can sleep. I had to sleep on chair as the bed provided was queen. Extra bed can be arranged but they are close to toilet. It stinks as hotels are not clean. After eating food in hotel our family was food poisoned. Day 2 to Gulmarg, I categorically asked for good SUV car with AC and what I got was savage car. Does not even work fine.

The hotel at Gulmarg (Heavan retreat) so called 4 star is a so small. MMT charges huge price for that hotel does not have AC. Remember summer time you need AC in Kashmir as it gets really hot. I reached out to MMT but no use. Their customer care does not CARE. While selling package they promise the world but in reality the service is pathetic. My sales lady was Dolan **. I literally begged when I was stranded in the streets of Gulmarg when the car broken down on our way to Pahalgam. The whole family when suffering from heat, continuously vomiting. The car was down for 3 hours. The replacement car condition was even worse. MMT did not do anything.

MMT does not even pay well or pay even to the ground car services. The driver was cursing MMT as they take service and don't even pay. After reaching Pahalgam I realized the room condition is same so called 4 star but 10X10 non ac will not serve well. I had to pay extra Rs.5000 to upgrade. On our way back to Srinagar similar situation, the hotel 4star Montreal 10X10 non ac and I have to pay extra Rs.1000 upgrade for a decent room. Feedback from all hotels MMT does this with every single consumer. They charge high and do not provide good rooms. They choose the basic rooms for these trips.

The flight connections from Bangalore to Srinagar in Go air was pathetic. Longer transit time, indicates the sales rep has no clue how the wait time could play. It's furstrating. Overall I had bad experience with MMT as they primarily cheated me on CAR and Hotels. Avoid them, they do not care about customers. At the end they ask you for proof image. I sent them the car pictures. They will next ask for Hotel staff names and maybe hotel room pictures, I told them, "When my family was struggling with food poisoning you expect me to take pictures."

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Reviewed June 23, 2022

It is almost gouging to charge a cancellation fee (on top of airline cancellation fee) AND a 'Convenience' fee. I will book directly with the airline in the future and I recommend all fliers do the same.

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Reviewed June 19, 2022

Worst experience in terms of property, hygiene and food. I had booked Deluxe package for Leh Ladakh in 2nd week of June 2022 through MakeMyTrip. This was a dream destination for us. But the hotel property provided was worst. The property and experience in Tsomiriri, Pangong lake, Leh were like slum areas. Although multiple options for hotel were presented during booking, but the worst property was provided during the stay. The food, bedding and hygiene were worst. Food (with minimal variety available) was very tasteless, basic and on top of it cold. There were other good properties options available but the worst were allocated. Same category hotel provided to Standard package co-passengers. The on-ground relationship managers kept on telling us to expect the minimum facilities.

If MMT wanted us to expect the minimal then why too high package cost was charged to us? MMT should have also changed the minimal, if they wanted us to expect the minimal. People who had booked packages from other agencies thoroughly enjoyed the stay as they got good facilities, this was quite evident just by looking around. Me and my family had wasted our valuable time, money for our dream holiday destination.

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Verified purchase
Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed June 13, 2022

I don't have less than one star or would have given that. My Flight Booking ID: **. I have booked flight for emergency of my cousin, his mother expired and he wanted to visit India immediately to attend funeral, I have booked flight by Emirates airlines through MMT PLATFORM, ticket was not booked because of some server error,"Thanks for choosing MakeMyTrip! We were unable to process your requested Additional Services due to unexpected server trouble at the airline. We regret the inconvenience caused. However, your booking ** remains confirmed. Additional request not completed: **, **: ** (Moslem **) Please visit the MyTrips section at to try again. Regards Team MakeMyTrip" @10:28 am morning.

I informed customer service. Spoke to Ms. **, who assured me she do not find any Booking and refund initiated. As my Flight Booking was urgent and I need to book immediately as per situation was emergency,proceeded with different ticket of same airline and proceeded. Now Main Drama comes,they call from. Some VOIP no, which gets disconnected ubruptly and they emailed me one more ticket which same day morning claimed to be not booked.

Today morning given I bothered to all on call center some one Ms vani received call and informed me I need to pay cancellation which was 445 aed. I am paying this for no mistake of mine which was occurred due to server error which I have quoted above. Request you all to please do not go with these TPA companies please book direct with airlines as I believe now the service of make my trip is not as it was before, their representatives do not bother the pain which Customers are facing. Thanks.

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Online & AppStaff

Reviewed June 10, 2022

Worst Holiday package ever. I came from all the way from Canada to enjoy this trip with my family, was not worth it at all. Took the 4N in Kerala package with my whole family of 5 members, and not once did it feel like we were on vacation, it felt more like it was their vacation and we were there to pay them. Lies about hotels being 5 stars. On the app it says 5 star hotel, but on the reception, the staff clearly states that the hotel is either 3 or 4 stars at max. Even so, the conditions of the hotels were horrible. Toilet seats were broken, towels were filthy, room service was abysmal, food was so bad that even the restaurant staff agreed that it was a mistake from their side.

The whole trip felt like they were playing games with us because we had already paid in full. Even the Taxi driver assigned couldn't care less about our well being. We were three women, and the first restaurant the driver took us to, right after the flight, had unbelievably disgusting washrooms. There was poop on floor and everything was soiled. Our first step in Kerala was a very disgusting image. We specifically asked him to take us some place better, and he said, "No, you have to eat here." It felt like everything was planned to make our trip as bad as possible.

My family was visiting the coast for the first time, and we asked the driver to take us to the beach so we can watch the sunrise, the driver yelled at us and told us to let him sleep. Then we went on to finding an auto-rickshaw that would take us. By that time we were simply praying for the trip to end. I am sure Kerala is a beautiful place, but nothing about this trip made our experience pleasant. It is this travel agency who are doing their best to make these experiences the worst for us. Thanks, you're doing a great job.

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Customer Service

Reviewed June 3, 2022

It was my first time to use Makemytrip to book my employees tickets and it would be the only time, I will not use nor recommend this to anyone. It is the worst experience I have ever had. I booked an urgent flight for my employee last night 2nd June 2022 and paid using my card but did not get the e-ticket. I checked customer support and it is only opened 9am-9pm so I waited next day. But instead of getting Itinerary, I got a cancellation email. I called CS a LOT OF TIMES. and the 3 persons I got to talk to had a different thing to say. The email I got said, the refund will be full But they did not refund the full amount I paid. And refund will be from 30 June to 11 July 2022. More than 1 month from the day I paid the total. So to cut this short, The company is a scam! The people working there are liars. Instead of makemytrip, it should be takemytrip because they will take the trip from you.

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Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed June 2, 2022

I have tried to book the bus ticket booking on, It takes all details . Also payment get deducted from bank account but ticket is not generated. I have tried to contact, but MMT team never respond to calls, mails. Neither refund the money as booking is not done. Really a very pathetic, miserable, Non professional service provider. Informs to all customers never goes for for any kind of bookings as they have no proper authorized, guided service support system. is just interested to get the money from customers. They never turn back with proper customer gesture. No valid email id, customer care Nos. Even if you send the repeated mails, never respond to any mails and calls. Really a good example of fraud & cheating company. A really Hopeless, senseless, baseless, Non sense, shameless, useless, Non professional organization.

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Customer Service

Reviewed June 2, 2022

There is no way to contact these stupid people. Only one IVR call or stupid link connect which never works or connects. It's very difficult to get it in touch this website... Also we did the prepaid payment for our trip and now it is showing 13k still pending. I mean it’s disgusting. I would really need the solution if someone can help me.

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Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupPunctuality & SpeedStaff

Reviewed June 1, 2022

It amazes me how these kind of companies still operate in India. We booked for a holiday with MakeMyTrip for Kashmir. 6 nights stay and all travel/sightseeing included. For stay at Srinagar & Gulmarg they have 2 star hotels as a 4 star. Regenta & Heevan Retreat hotel, both crampy rooms, just will pass for a town hotel. MMT says these are 4 star properties based on trip advisor rating. Restaurant & staff member at Heevan was good.

MakeMyTrip agents cheat and give false information to the customer just to convince them to purchase their Holiday Package. We made a booking for 7 guests about 3 months before travel to Kashmir. To ensure everything is confirmed, I followed up mutiple times with my travel consultant Shaifali ** and travel representative Ishant ** and every time they confirmed that everything is pre-booked and please contact us 3 days prior only for the voucher. However, when I reached Kashmir along with my group we had terrible experience from day-1.

Every time I had to talk to the local vendors at Kashmir to pre-book the activities included in my package. Sikhara ride was not provided to us on Day-1, somehow we managed to get the ride on last day of our trip after multiple follow-ups. In addition, our whole purpose to visit Gulmarg went on a toss. We were suppose to go for a Gondola ride phase-2 in Gulmarg which was confirmed by MMT about three months advance, yet we couldn’t avail the activity. When I contacted local vendor from the MMT side, the person was simply surprised to know we have a confirmed ticket for Gondola ride.

I spent my entire day talking to my travel consultant Shaifali ** and local vendor Santosh from MMT. Also, I want to highlight that assistant manager Shaifali ** was not prompt, arrogant and have a reckless attitude towards her work. The entire 2 days at Gulmarg was complete waste for all of us. In return, I received a token of apology and refund for Gondola ride.

They make false representation just to make money from people. It's the customer who suffers in the end. We paid double the amout for this package, so that everything goes butter smooth but such a shame that we didn’t receive any support from MMT. I cannot imagine that was not end of the tragedy. When we travelled back to Srinagar on day 6 and arrived at the hotel Regenta, the hotel person was astounded to hear that I had booked 3 rooms at their hotel. And they were sold out completely.

The Hotel manager informed that they have never confirmed MMT about room availability. He informed, it’s a frequent issue with MMT online hotel booking; their portal shows that booking is successful for a customer but actually it doesn’t happen, and the customer is in complete shock and despair when he knows from the hotel staff that no room is available.

After 90 minutes of discussion with the hotel and MMT, we were provided rooms which are officially allocated to staff members for emergency. All the 3 rooms allocated to us had some or the other issues. The main doors were not completely functional, wash basin was not installed in one of the room and basic hygiene was not maintained. After all that happened, Shaifali ** has refused for refund and stopped answering my phone calls. I literally don’t have any point of contact to discuss my concern and request for refund.

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Reviewed May 31, 2022

I am a very busy doc working from 6.00 am to 12.30 night. I had a booking for Thailand on 28-05-2022. They send so many messages for their products sales, insurance sales, other completion of searched products, etc. I could not board the flight because there was no intimation of issuing a Thai pass from our side, which is needed for boarding the flights. The airport authority didn't allow us to board the flights. We lost the flight money, at night we had to book a hotel at double the rates and come back home. We lost our hotel bookings, the itinerary booking amounts too. I have already stopped booking anything from MakeMyTrip. I know they are not bothered, but a post can make difference.

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Reviewed May 23, 2022

I booked the hotel through MMT when we were there in Guruvayoor temple. I searched in google Hotels Near to me and automatically it was redirected to the MMT website and found one reasonable hotel and it was showing 1.5KM from Guruvayoor temple I booked the hotel and I got a location on my mobile and checked it was showing 26 KM from the spot. That was really pathetic and cannot cancel the booking also and there is no customer care number to contact.

Really pathetic service.

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