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I've stayed in lots of motels over the years. Some are good, others better. Intown Suites at 12895 E. Independence Blvd., Matthews, NC, will be remembered as the worst! Although the rate is the lowest ($303/wk. after a $ 50 deposit) the place is filthy, has no linen service, no maid, no maintenance, and the office is usually closed. They don't seem to care, after you're checked in. It's amazing that they're 'booked solid'; won't change anyone's room. So you're stuck with it for a week!

The Manager, 'Royal', also didn't seem to mind that the air conditioner blew filth onto the ceiling, which fell on the bed. When I complained, he told me that any further contact would result in his keeping my deposit! Also, that he was 'looking for a maid', but the room obviously hadn't been cleaned lately. Most staying there are on welfare, long term. And it shows! Don't complain about loud neighbors! Then they accuse YOU of being 'noisy'! Avoid this place! I will NEVER be fooled by the low rate, or stay at another Intown, again.

My family moved here thinking we would get peace and a understanding manager who appreciates their customers, but I have been wrong. The general manager Rob ** is a racist prick. He fights me on the count that I don't need the housekeeper to completely clean our room. He told me they are different from motels as if we have never stayed in a halfway decent hotel before, and then said it didn't matter how I felt. He is rude and doesn't not appreciate hard earned money from ** families. He has made me and my family completely uncomfortable and probably because they don't want to drop taxes, but he should not be at the front desk. I have contacted corporate and now I'm writing this review. He is a pig and doesn't deserve the title of a general manager.

We got home last night and as you know AZ is very hot right now and we need working air conditioner but ours wasn't working. Unfortunately the office was closed so we did what we were told to do if there's a problem, call the security room. Talk about someone useless and doesn't care about their guests and the importance of having working air conditioning. He came to the room, looked at it for a minute and reset the air conditioner and left. About 5 minutes later we were on the phone bothering him again because it stopped working. Instead of him coming back to the room he told us unplug it for 15 mins and then plug it back in and it'll work. My diabetic boyfriend was up ALL night doing this just to get an ounce of coolness in the room. You couldn't tell the difference because it was kicking out more dirt that we were choking, on me having asthmatic bronchitis and him being a diabetic wasn't a good thing.

Funny thing about the dirt coming out of the air conditioner is that they sent out a notice this week stating a company would be around to all the rooms cleaning the air conditioner which was supposed to have already happened. Obviously it didn't. And this past Monday a cleaning lady complained of a smell in the room but she didn't know what it was and complained about it being our garbage which we took out before she even came in and she smelt it more when she was standing outside basically on top of the air conditioner unit. I had reported the smell to the office several times but nothing got done about it so when Tara told us about the smell I once again told her about the smell from the air conditioner that obviously she didn't follow up on.

Anyways, how can a extended stay leave their guests with no air conditioner in the hottest time of year and not even care to do anything about it? We've been here about a month this time while returning to AZ and looking for a house and we pay our rent on time, keep noise down and follow the rules. We even put up with the bugs in the bathroom and room and unclean rooms even after the cleaners come in. This air conditioner situation is not one that can be overlooked though and we don't want it happening to anyone else. This used to be a nice place to stay but their attitudes have changed on caring about their customers and only focus on the money. As of this writing our air conditioner is still out and they didn't offer us anything to make sure we were OK.

Updated on 06/22/2016: This is an update to the AC outage experienced on Friday night/Saturday. We were told that maintenance would be in early Saturday to fix our AC. Well they never showed up. When the office finally opened at 11 am - yes they don't open until 11 at the Chandler, Az location - I called and talked to Tara. She never once apologized for the situation. She kept saying "I'm not sure why it was handled that way and why nothing was done". She being the GM you would think she better have better answers than that but her uncaring showed through. She then said she called to have it fixed then changed to she'll call to have it fixed.

Finally at 11:30 they came to fix it but not without a phone call basically saying they're going out of their way to give us a brand new AC. Isn't that what she was supposed to have done hours before. We both are sick now. I'm really feeling it in my chest from asthmatic bronchitis and she doesn't care or offer anything for making us go through this nightmare. They have really become a horrible place to stay. Housekeeping is a joke. They show up whenever they want, give torn up bedding, kick you out of your room so they can pretend to clean it and leave used condoms laying in the parking lot. You can use their laundry room but when you're done you feel like you need to rewash your clothes. If you have the chance stay away from this location. You'll be glad you passed it up.

Stayed at the Hampton, VA location for almost 3 weeks while renovations on my home were being done. First, let me thank Aaron for his professionalism & warm demeanor unlike Stephanie, a nasty manager and the girl with the red hair. Nasty attitudes -- you walk into the building and they look at you nasty and do not greet you like Aaron. It is loud. The walls are thin. The condition of the place is run down and ragged. The whole time I was there they didn't fix the flooring, the toilet ran water onto the bathroom floor and every time someone came to fix, it was never fixed when they left. Housekeeping sucked! Room was never cleaned properly! A crazy neighbor called the police on someone in the hallway that spanked their kid and cops came to our room. My children's father went to the car to get a pot to cook in and when he came back the cops said all was good but Stephanie claims he didn't come right back and told the cops that he left them unattended.

She called the cops on us & kicked us out and said we were giving in town suites a bad name... lied to the cops and told them we had multiple complaints of child abuse coming from the neighbors... had the cops call CPS on us and took my money for the week. CPS said everything was fine & that there was no reason to continue any investigation. She was just mad because I let her know I knew she was lying to her face and that her lies meant nothing to me the day before. She also needs to know that money she stole from me is nothing -- I could buy her whole lying life and a lifetime supply of those horrible fake lashes she wears and supply that ghetto girl with the red hair a lifetime supply of weaves and wigs. All they have to do is let me know. God bless her miserable state of being. My children and I are just fine and our house is done! We are doing well despite the haters!

My husband and I stayed two months at this property, as I out processed for relocation. Property Name: Oklahoma City North (EDM). Property Address: **. Property Phone: **. After checkout, a low end cutting board was mistakenly packed in luggage. Found one week later. Contacted property to return but told that it was too late and that they are keeping $50 deposit in exchange for $1 "stolen" property. Cutting board. Needless to say, this is very upsetting! No longer a repeat customer. Cancelling Florida reservation!

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I have had bedbugs in two rooms. They deny they are here and tell me I'm crazy. I just found blood by my head, again, after they supposedly checked for bugs and claim they found nothing. Horrible, nasty place. They will do nothing to take care of this problem and deny it.

This company is a complete ripoff. According to their own policy you can choose the days you stay after your first seven consecutive days. This is not true because I stayed there two days after my first seven days paid for an entire week and couldn't get a credit or refund. What ever happened to only paying for services rendered.

I tried to check in to the Largo Fl, Roosevelt BLVD location on 12/3/15. Only to be accosted & verbally assaulted by the completely unprovoked front desk worker, **!!! Only, to later find out that miserable, mean person is also the GM of said property!! He threatened me 3 separate times to "find somewhere else to live, stay, and go!!!" As not to overly bother him!? I am a single mother to a small child, who prepaid for a week online after my AC unit went out... Only to be treated like this!? The property & surrounding area is FULL of desperate people, including drug dealers, drug users, prostitutes, and pimps! Apparently ** is so used to dealing with these underprivileged individuals, he treats everyone as such!!!

After crying in front of my child for 45 minutes due to the incredibly nasty way I was treated, I took his advice & left!! To file a police report firstly!!! The best thing I could've done was leave that nightmare of a place!!! If you are a hard earning single mother as such, trying to save $, don't even consider doing such here!!! all hidden fees, terrible environment for a child, let alone adults, & the terrible, absolutely worst treatment ever!!! If you know or happen to be disadvantaged at any time, including a child, I encourage you to contact the owner, Jonathan Pertchik at 770-799-5000!!!

The audacity that this MONSTER, **, had to treat me as he did makes me DEFINITELY question the OWNER & his business practices!!! Especially when this man is the supposed GM!? If you have any disadvantaged family or someone who this man ** can bully for no apparent reason, please do not hesitate to contact the owner!!! Again, JONATHAN PERTCHIK at 770-799-5000!!! TERRIBLE PEOPLE, TERRIBLE PLACE!!! STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS!!!

This hotel was the nastiest place ever. No one should EVER make reservations there. Everything outdated and literally falling apart. Filthy carpet, filthy microwave, filthy bathroom, peeling paint, disgusting mattress, box spring!!

I paid for a week while I was looking for an apartment; this was a huge mistake. My keycard kept becoming deactivated (other customers were having the same problem). The manager would not answer the phone or door to the office; I was locked out in 103-degree heat. When I was given a new key I was scolded like a little kid who had done something wrong; it was demoralizing. My bike was stolen while I was here as were my groceries. I was propositioned and offered drugs; there were very sketchy people everywhere. The worst part, however, was definitely the way I was treated by the manager. I felt completely helpless as if I had zero rights as a customer and a consumer. I wasn't allowed to get into my room where my belongings were; it was scary and confusing! I just couldn't even understand why he was treating me like I was just some ridiculous nuisance.

The Intown Suites at 4790 Hilton Corporate Dr in Columbus - it's the WORSE place to stay. Make reservations on the phone. Everything seems a OK but going there first the managers don't care one bit. The place is dirty, beds are broke down, clothes drawers are all broken down...not mention HOUSE KEEPING...they came to clean the bathroom - they didn't wash out the bath tub. They just spray and wipe...and took the cloth that she use to clean the toilet. NEVER ever wash it out. She wipe out the face basin with that so from toilet to face basin.

Then when you're supposed to get your taxes back that you pay they tell you that you can get cash... ** as the manager was like "No," he don't care. "It's already gone back on the card and by the way it not your card it's your husband," and being there my husband never make a payment and they never say you can't make the payment your husband has to. Please if you can stay away from this place please do so...and the drugs are there when you come from your room. You can smell the ganja in the hallway. It was my worse experience ever... ** is the new manager there. Hope she can turn it around from negative to positive.

Here are a few memorable details about my stay at your Intown Suites. My husband booked this place as a surprise romantic getaway. I stepped into a room that looked like it was stuck in the 1980's, with a worn bed cover, flat pillows and unclean linens (the bed cover even had a burn mark in the top left corner). The room interior and exterior was outdated, dirty and unsanitary conditions which included mold, and an unclean bathroom. See the pictures for clear details So to stay in your CRUMMY, MOLD RIDDEN, DIRTY, OUTDATED, UNCOMFORTABLE ACCOMMODATIONS, my husband paid a total of $406.72! Which is a difference of $117.00.

I checked into this rat hole a week ago. While checking in I was told housekeeping would be on when for my room. That was it. When morning I told the housekeeper that I really didn't need service except vacuuming which I told her if I could get a vacuum I would do myself because I know how much work they already have trying to be helpful. She informed me that they still needed to "check my room." I said "ok I am in." Chandler az and it was 105 degrees that day they show up at 4 in the afternoon.

We were taking a nap. I have 2 year old special needs twins that don't sleep well at night which means neither do I plus I sometimes work nights. They inform me they need to come in. I try to tell them that we are napping and yes I become upset by the situation. She calls for their bully manager to come down. He informs me that they have to come in and that we have to leave the room while they do this. So the babies get woke up and taken into a hot car so they can basically go thru your belongings. I tell them at this point I will not be staying any longer than the week I paid for. If I could have gotten money back I would have left then and nowhere in their paperwork does it say you have to leave your room.

So when I check out today I take out the garbage wiped down everything and vacuumed went to the office and the rude woman behind the counter says that she sent someone down to check my room before they could refund my 50 dollar deposit .10 min later they call down and say that they found spots on a mattress cover. I told her yes that a supply cup had leaked. She then informs me that those can't be washed and that they cost 50 to replace. How convenient is that. So like the reviews said they will find any reason to keep your money. I went across the street to a better extended stay where it's pretty much the same price but better. I would never recommend anyone staying in this place plus I woke up every morning with bug bites on my hands and feet. What a dump.

My kids and I are stuck in poop - literally. When we first got here, I called to complain about the toilet not flushing properly, they gave me a plunger. From that day on, I have plunged the toilet daily - which is not why I came here and it is not my job. In between that time, they came and tried to make it seem like we were wrong for using toilet tissue and wiping ourselves, like this is our first time using the toilet, and tried to make it seem like I called them for nothing and used temporary, very temporary "fixes", for lack of better words. I had to constantly reassure them that we are indeed toilet trained and we DO know how to use tissue. He said that if something is stuck in the toilet I would be held responsible.

Last night the toilet overflowed and got on our clothes which were in a clothes basket. The poop water got all under the carpet. I called. After hrs, maintenance and the guy then and only then mentioned that all of the toilets need new flappers which had not arrived. He used the snake, which he dripped poop water everywhere, left a huge mess, and tracked the poop water in and out on the carpet (I have an 18 month old toddler and a child with asthma). He then told me that we cannot use the toilet until they fix it - so we are to hold it because "maam, theres nothing I can do". He left a huge poop mess for me to clean up all over the floor. Everything is soaked in poop water. So now our room is a biohazard. So I sprayed lysol and bleach, and now my asthmatic son is coughing like crazy. We are not allowed to open windows or doors, my kids are not allowed to go outside which is considered loitering.

This morning, **, the manager, came up to see what was going on and began to tell me the car seat and the books in a basket, along with what we could salvage in the bathroom in the corner are not organized (she did not lay eyes on the bathroom whatsoever), and told me we could get another room and that I "have too much stuff", which consists of clothes for 4 people, a few toddler toys, books, and that this would not be allowed in the other room. Ok, so now, the best thing for me to do is run, run far away from here, and not look back, right? Well, not so fast because I work from home full time. So not only do I miss work, but I cannot get my money back in order to move.

We have not received a key for another room yet, so we are stuck here until my next payday. Come to find out the whole toilet needs to be removed, the guy said they would be back in 30 minutes. The day has gone by and we have not heard from anybody yet about another room or the toilet getting fixed or the carpet being cleaned. If you value your health, STAY FAR AWAY FROM HERE!!!!! The photos are too graphic and gross to share and I don't want to sicken anybody,

We have been sent mail that we never received from various family & friends. The manager here will at times miss the mail carrier altogether. Other times when the mail is delivered the manager does not feel like sorting it and we go up all day long every couple hours only to be told she has not sorted it yet. I have been given mail dated two to four weeks earlier and recently dated nine months ago.

My a.c. broke after they came and attempted to do repairs on it. They refused to replace or fix it for a week. I got sick and was so hot for so long, this is having reactions I can't describe.

This place is coo for what is, but there's a flaw. There is only one camera inside the building and it's only to the main entrance near the office. No cameras throughout the hallways nor exits. So if anyone wanted or tried to break into your room, it's will only be a he said, she said situation or they will ask you if you gave your keys to anyone. I Tell you this I personally don't feel safe knowing these things is happening and afraid to leave my room alone with my personal things inside. Or if you're already inside your room and someone tries to use their master key thinking no one in the room (thanks to the latch) and take off running. I know from personal experience. Not coo.

I am writing this to let you know just how bad my stay has been here at your hotel in Charlotte NC. I doubt anyone cares so I will post this anywhere I can for others can be forewarned. I stayed at the Charlotte Central Inntown Suites from July through August and checked out the second week of September when my apartment was ready. The room was small (Microtel small), the internet was like dial-up speed, the refrigerator kept leaking water (though I repeatedly told management), the carpet was beyond dirty, the staff were horrible, when they could be found. The office is only open after 11 am and closes for lunch between 12 and 1pm, then closes for the night at 7 pm. If you need help you are supposed to call the "courtesy guard". I would come home from work to find the office closed in the middle of the day only to be told by the "courtesy guard" that he could not help me get into my room.

Now I work from 8 am to 2pm and so my boyfriend had to pay the room rent for me because management gives us from between 11 am and 12 pm to pay it before being assessed a late fee. When the room rent has been paid, your room key is recharged and will unlock your door. I could not get my key recharged while at work. Does this make any sense? I have stayed at Americas Best Value Inn and loved it. I stayed for 3 months, the rooms were large, it was actually a one bedroom apartment with 2 TVs, a couch in the living room, sliding door to a balcony and it was very affordable. The staff was friendly, and the office was open 24 hours. Maybe it is because North Carolina does not regulate the hotel/motel industry enough, but this is ridiculous. Why should I pay over $1000 a month for this kind of crap???

I reserved 3 rooms while my friend reserved 1 room, 180 days in advance. When we arrived at 11:15 on 6/6, my husband & I were informed that there were no rooms; that a reservation does not guarantee rooms, especially in an extended stay facility. In shock, we just stood there. I thought I might have heart failure. We were in town for our daughter's wedding. The desk clerk slowly said he found 2 rooms, then 3, and finally 4, but they would be 3 Kings and a Queen instead of 4 Queens and they would not be ready until 3 PM.

He so generously gave us $20 discounts on the Kings. When we returned at 3:00, we were given 2 kings, a queen and a double, which worked fine, but he had said the queen would provide the most space for a crib and he was wrong. On Saturday night, returning from the wedding reception, the key of our friend no longer worked. She had been told to keep it away from her cell phone, but not told to keep it away from her GPS.

The person on duty had to let her into her room, but could not make up a new key for her, so on Sunday he had to let her in again and she was room-bound until we checked out on Monday. None of us has had a key become demagnetized before. The internet access never worked in the morning and was unreliable the rest of the day. It should not be used in their advertising as a feature for people whose businesses require internet access. Other than these major inconveniences, the rooms were fine for our purposes.

I am not sure I would ever risk staying with them again, certainly not for an important, stressful occasion when budget concerns were a major factor. I sent the same information over their website. The InTown Suites comments section does not permit apostrophes but does not say so. I submitted the complaint line by line and got a voice mail message from the manager. Each time I returned his call, I had to leave a message. Notice the only other complaint about InTown Suites was from the same branch. I hope they can use these comments constructively.

I moved into the Inn Town Suites on March 21, 2010. Since that time, I have been actively looking for an apartment. About 3 weeks ago, I noticed that room #** was not a room by an apartment. With permission I looked around the apartment and decided that I wanted to move in it. I went downstairs to the front desk and spoke with Cameron/General Manager to let him know that I was interested in the apartment. Every day for 3 weeks straight, I asked about the apartment. On 6/9/2011, Cameron informed me that the rate for the apartment would be $299.00 a week and there would be a $25.00 cleaning fee to clean my current room. Cameron asked how long was I going to stay and I answered for at least a year. I further told him that I would be willing to sign a year or more lease if needed.

On 6/10/2011, I came to pay for my room and again asked when the room would be ready. Cameron told me that the room had already been rented and that he received an email from his boss and that it was out of his hands. On 6/11/2011 at 5:15 pm, I walked passed room #** and had the television blasting and I knew the room was rented. What I am angry about is the way the situation was handled. I made it clear that I wanted to rent the room and all of the staff knew it. The situation was handled poorly and I gave up an apartment and a deposit because I thought I had the apartment. I will make sure that Qwest, Centurylink, Verizon, Apex and Florida Power and Light Travel Departments are aware of this incident and continue to have Extended Stay America as the preferred vendor of choice. Due to the unprofessional nature, I will be vacating the premises within 2-4 weeks. There are better ways for me to spend over $10,000 a year on lodging.

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