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    Last updated: April 11, 2017

    31 Blue Bay Club Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 11, 2017

    The salespeople for Circle One by Bluebay use extremely high pressure sales tactics to get you to buy into a vacation package. They also outright lie. They offer "free" dream vacations for signing up. Even though I repeatedly clarified that they were completely free and they assured me that they were, they aren't. When questioned on this, David ** said, "Did I make you pay for it?" When I complained I was treated extremely disrespectfully by this same man. After having received the owner's link which is supposed to provide 5 star hotels all over the world for $399 US, we come to find out that's the starting price. The hotels are completely out of our budget. DO NOT Sign up with these people!! They're sleazy!

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 7, 2016

    Everytime I place booking most of time can get the best and what I asking for, and the services provide is very good. I appreciate very much of their patience and cooperation to assist me get what best for I asking. If only I request for additional items the fee will charge and it is very reasonable between my budget, Sometime if the fee I feel on the high side they will explain to me the reason and or help to reduce. They provide me with wide range of selection and it is very good. I enjoy the offer and the location I go to ready give me a great pleasure as I never had went before and the cost is between my budget. The value is reach my expactation and it is always show me what is best for my interest. If any things is not going properly they will try to give me the best services to my request and or compensate to my request if not meet.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 6, 2016

    I did not have any trouble when I made my reservation. The attention and service that I received were excellent. I feel that I made a good choice in this opportunity. The installations of BlueBay Beach Club were in good conditions. The areas that we use were pretty good. We enjoyed the beaches and pools. The view was marvelous. We felt that staying on Blue Bay Beach Club, we made a good decision, because we have too many places to rest and enjoy our vacation time. Fortunately we were to rest and disconnected of our daily routine and we did not made use of the WIFI service, because at least for us it is quite expensive.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 29, 2016

    Booking service was pretty good. They was quick and convenient. Me and my family were very happy with the booking process. Honest and works for the customers. The fees were okay. I thought they was a little high but for the experience it was worth it. I'll definitely do this again and years to come. Great locations available. We had a great time and the restaurants and events in the area was awesome. The value was pretty good. I thought it could had been cheaper but all well great experience for my family but could had been cheaper.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 28, 2016

    I just love them complete from every angle possible. As a customer I just think they are the greatest. Love them forever. Their booking service is wonderful. I will keep using this service of theirs as a loyal customer forever. They are located everywhere near my home. They are the best ever. This is very very very terrific value for everything you get as a loyal customer. I think real thumbs up.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 27, 2016

    Booking services is exceptionally great. Every time I have called, someone really nice answers and makes my booking experience great. Additional fees can be killer if you don't know what you are paying for. Usually the additional fees are listed on your bill. There a few convenient locations that are nearby my house that I use. Also, you can go to the website of you need additional help. The value is pretty great and whatnot. Usually when I use this company, I save a lot of money and I get great deals and coupons.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 26, 2016

    The booking services were very good. I found myself very satisfied. They were great, but it could've been a little bit better to me, but I was overall satisfied. The pay was worth it - somewhat in a way I was kinda hoping it wasn't that high though. The locations offered a lot for me to see and do. I wouldn't be bored or tired from the things I saw. It was excellent though and I recommend it. The value was also something that was very nice to me in my opinion so I'd recommend it the others to come check this place out and see it for themselves.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 23, 2016

    The booking experience was very simple and quick. The entire process was very easy to understand and everyone that I talked to was very friendly and understanding. I do not recall having any additional fees added to my timeshare. All fees were disclosed to me before I had to pay anything. There were no surprise fees. I was provided with a wide variety of available locations that were ideal for me and allowed to choose the one that best suited my needs. My stay was well worth the price and I would gladly pay the same price again for the same experience if it was offered to me because it was all nicely cared for.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 22, 2016

    The service is wonderful and very interesting to use and each time one has a booking to do, it is the right place to go do it. The additional fee in this case is justified. It is being created to help the company to give a much more quality service to the client. The offered is good and affordable. I even consider it as a steal. The price is good to go with and comprehensive to have. All good. In this case, the price is too good not to take a chance. It is a one time situation and a great atmosphere. So be on the move to get it.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 17, 2016

    As far as booking Services go I was pretty happy. I really had no problems and the website made it easy and convenient for me to book a stay in lodgings dinners that sort of thing. With it being a club I kind of expected extra fees here and there but there was really nothing that was over the top or outrageous - nothing that you wouldn't expect to have to pay on a vacation. I feel like there were many locations offered. I didn't really have to go too far out of my way for where I was staying and I had a really great time while I was there so it made it even better checkout. I feel like I got a lot for my money and I didn't really have to worry about a ton of extra costs and things like that I seem to get a lot of value for my initial cost.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 8, 2016

    The booking services were very easy. It took no time at all to book our vacation. It was just a few clicks on the computer and then we were done. The additional fees are not a problem. There are very few of them and they are not that much at all so you should have no problems with additional fees. There are so many locations that they offer it is hard to choose between them because they are all so good. You want to go to them all even though you can't go to all of them. The value of these packages is great. You get what you pay for and then some. In our case we got a great hotel and great deals on other packages.

    Verified Buyer
    Original review: March 26, 2015

    I purchased weeks from Circle One for a 5 yr term and was told that if I did not use all my weeks by the end of the term they would extend and all I had to do is call. Well I've called the reservation center 4 times now and have yet received any confirmation that my term has been extended. The reservation center states they send an email to the resort and no one contacts them or me.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 1, 2015

    We purchased a 25 package with 5,60000 RCI points for worldwide RCI resorts and world airfare for 49 dollars US. The only lie we were told was about the rental program. This did not exist. We were lucky that I got a addendum to the contract that we can transferred as many RCI points per year with no charge. We are Also not too happy about RCI change that we can only use 60,000 point toward point partners. This includes air fare. This is worth approx 480.00 can. You can go online find the best flight then call RCI and book and pay the difference. I Also made lots of calls to Blue Bay and RCI to no resolve. But this was a RCI change as they are not part of the contract. I got my change letter from RCI. Also I would like to say when trying to book a RCI resort with your points the more in advance you try to book the more choice you will have. I have had very good luck.

    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 31, 2014

    We arrived in Cancun - Blue Bay Resort for a 1-week restful holiday. Directly inside the arrival portico is a desk at which a number of staff sit. They greet you and you get to fill in your visit particulars. They ask you to meet them the next morning for an orientation of the resort. We complied. We ate breakfast with a rep of the resort. During breakfast he informed us that we could buy into this resort and enjoy other locations around the world. We told the rep that we were not interested in ANY timeshare deal. We were told this was not a timeshare situation. So, we went along with him and had the tour.

    The next thing we know is that we are being given glasses of wine which we accepted out of courtesy and kept on talking. Then, a second rep joined us at the table and we were told more information about the whole set up. We asked what the time would cost us and we were told the share would be $8,000. plus. We told the reps that we could not afford this and that we had financial obligations at home which had to come first. We liked the idea of being able to visit around the world, but would we use it. Well, with a few glasses of wine and a table full of seasoned salesmen, we said we would take a contract. We were then given champagne. It was not until we had signed this contract and were outside that we became numb with fear about what we had just been through. We were thoroughly talked into spending money we did not have. So, after a very bad night with no sleep, we went back to them and finally got them to reduce the contract to 1/2 share each. We were a bit afraid of these folks since we were in a foreign country and did not know the laws.

    After coming home, we really felt very used and scammed. And, after reading reviews on the Internet about this company we tried to contact them. We did not like what we read. After many e-mails the folks who made up the contract have not contacted us. We can only assume they wash their hands of us and there is no hope of discussing selling the contract back to them. Although while getting us to sign they asked us to contact them first before trying to sell to anyone else.

    Canadians should be informed of these schemes and unsuspecting seniors and lone travelers should be told about these types of transactions, by their travel agents, if they, in fact, aware of them. We would like to sell each of our 1/2 shares back to Circle One without anger but we are not being given any encouragement at all.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 27, 2014

    They told me that if I buy the membership it is going to be good for me and my 2 daughters that we can go to 5* hotels all over the world and we will have to pay only $479 a week plus our airfare. We will be treated as VIP in suites or Villas.They also gave me 2 RCI certificates and told me that I can go vacation any time I want wherever I want 5* hotels all inclusive before the expiration date for only $199 + air ticket. I could also take with me another person.

    When I tried to reserve a vacation I discovered that I have to wait 40-45 days before I reserve a vacation to see if any hotel has a vacancy and then I can go. Meaning that if I want to go for ex. to Hawaii I have to wait until there is any vacancy and I can't find then the expiration date end and I can't go any more. Also when you are working you can't take vacation whenever you want.

    Also for the Blue Bay membership or Circle One that they call it they told that the hotels are all 5* but when I came back home did my recharge and I find out that all of them are 4* and 3* hotels and specially in Europe are more expensive than if I would go without the membership. No VIP treatment just plain room extra food and airfare. This is not a good deal I am wondering that the money they are asking me to pay $15000 for 15 years I pay to have what kind of benefits? Why do I have to pay up front so much money if I don't have what they promised to me.

    I already gave them $10000 and they ask me to pay the $5000 more and are giving me more RCI useless certificates but I want to cancel the membership ASAP and give me my money back. I sign up January 03, 2014. What can I do to get out of this nightmare. I will appreciate your help because a lot of other travelers must go to the same scam.

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    Original review: Feb. 24, 2013

    In 2004, we thought we bought a timeshare (found out it's a 25 year lease) from Blue Bay for 8 million points and paid $39,000 which we have already paid. We have run into the same problems as others. We can't get the 49-dollar flights anymore, only 60,000 points a year, can't use timeshare if we don't pay $499 a year which was supposed to pay for an all inclusive stay each year (actually 2 weeks). But now, they want to charge you an added fee to stay. We are retired and live on a fixed income and could sure use that money. We would like to find a lawsuit to join since we have no money to hire one. I plan to get in touch with US Attorney of Consumer Affairs.

    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 8, 2012

    I recently contacted RCI to see how many points I needed to transfer from my Blue Bay account to them for flights to SXM for four people. They said I needed 350K points to pay for the entire cost of the flights. I stated that my past experience with RCI was that I couldn't pay for the entire cost of my flight with points. Only 60K could be used to book flights (which only covers about $400-500). The rep said he had never heard of this and assured me that for four tickets (total cost $3,289) it would cost me 350K points. Ironically you can only transfer 240K points in any given year without a charge of $175 through Blue Bay or have another 240K points transferred the following year for no charge but RCI will then charge you a $125 fee to borrow from the 2013 year.

    This whole thing is very frustrating and is a big rip off. I have yet to book my flights as it takes 48 hours to get points transferred from Blue Bay to RCI but I have a feeling that the 480K points I called today to transfer could not be used for the whole cost of my flights. I will keep all posted in the next few days to let you know the outcome.

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    Original review: March 20, 2011

    I got ripped off on a timeshare with RCI points paid 25,000 USD for 6 weeks and 8,400,000 RCI points. This was good for flights for $49.00 and points would take care of the rest, which it did for several flits. Then I was told that I could not use over 60,000 points from now on. After many calls to Bluebay and RCI, neither would talk to me again so that is where I stand. 60,000 a year, I could never use them. I am 74 yrs so I would have to live to about 200 yrs to use them. Good luck to everyone that fell for this, and one day maybe some one will fix this ripoff.

    Original review: March 24, 2010

    We purchased at Blue Bay and got ripped off. We have spent over $23,000 and got 5.8 million points. We will never live to use all of our points. We can never use our points because there is never any availability. Now they tell us that we owe $499 per year for an all-inclusive fee. Premier Services would not transfer points unless we paid the all-inclusive fee.

    What a ripoff! Nowhere in the contract it says we have to pay the fee before we transfer points. Premier has us over-the-barrel with their lies and bait-and-switch methods. I wish we would have not spent a dime in Cancun at Blue Bay. They were so misleading. When it sounds too good to be true it is. My husband and I want to be involved in a class action lawsuit. It is time they got what they deserved.

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    Original review: Dec. 10, 2009

    I purchased 3.5 million points in 2006 to be used to purchase airline tickets. The big sign reads: $49 airfares unlimited for life. This is the reason I purchased. Now I am not only stuck, still making the $400/month payments. Just this month, they sent me a bill for $499 for so-called "annual fee. " Never heard of it before. It's a nightmare. They keep trying all kinds of crazy ways to close my acct. and tell me I still have to keep paying, but they are closing my acct and I can't even have access to the points that I can't use. I've stayed on the sidelines for too long, trying to work this out. I would be happy to join a class action suit.

    Original review: April 3, 2009

    I bought 1,400,000.00 points expecting to use them for air travel. I was happy to do this as all my relatives live in other countries, and this would enable me to fly and see them. I had at the time 2 weeks’ time share and also time share in South Africa, so I definitely did not buy these points for accommodation; the sole purpose was for airline tickets. Now I am told I can only use 60,000 points a year, which is useless to me. And today, I got a phone call saying they are sending my account to collections. I had previously called them to say joining the new club was of no benefit, and I certainly was not forking out any more money. I told them they could keep the remainder of my points as they had broken a contract, and I did not expect to hear any more from them. They have a big problem and need to sort it out for the benefit of their customers. While it sounded good, it was obviously a rip off.

    Original review: Feb. 27, 2009
    On December 11, 2007, I, Angeline B Davis and friends, Elaine and Art Haywood traveled to Cancun, Mexico. We stayed at Blue Bay Resort and while there, purchased a time share package at the cost of $25,000 (each paying $12,500 US) and each receiving 2.5 million points to used over a period of 25 years plus 1,000 nights of lodging within the Blue Bay family(Attachment A-Membership Subscription Contract “Blue Bay Premier�). In addition, I traded a TrendWest timeshare property valued at $12,500 toward the purchase price (Attachment B-Equity Exchange Agreement and Attachment C-Letter and Info from Resort Property Marketing Intl). Additionally, we were each charged $400 in legal fees. We were both present at time of presentation and sale.
    As previous time share owners, we questioned both the sales person and his manager, Danny, to make sure that we understood all information. We asked specific questions about fees and hidden costs. At the time of purchase, were told several things that were later found to be false. Most importantly, we were never told that this was a third party contract with RCI that could be changed at their will. Now we find a more important truth. Blue Bay is a shell company for RCI. We would never have purchased an RCI timeshare. The untruths are many. First, we were told that we could fly anywhere in the world for only $49 and points. With over 2 million points, that was no problem. We were given many examples of this $49 travel throughout their office. This is the main reason that I purchased this package. I wanted a method of affordable travel throughout the next 25 years. [Note: At the time of presentation, this was a verbal statement but was confirmed in the email from Blue Bay customer service, dated Aug 6, 2008 (Attachment I).] In reality, we found out that the plane ticket would cost $49 + Points + cash. The cash to be paid varied for each ticket. We were to pay all monies over the first $250 of a retail ticket. It was less expensive to go online and just buy a ticket…without points or their fee. Secondly, we were told that we had 25 years to use our points or we could use them all at one time and with no additional fees. Because of our ages, this was important. (Please see Attachment C and D). At no time were we advised about additional fees. Also please see Attachment E showing change in policy from RCI, dated Sept 5, 2008. In reality, this was changed in January 2008 so that only a certain number of points could be used per year (making plane travel and accommodations in one year impossible). With this change, we could never use our points because it would take over 40 years to use all of these restricted points. Lastly, we were also told that we cold access RCI online 24/7 to help with vacation planning. In reality, because of changes, vacations must be planned without benefit of descriptions/pictures/the ability to compare properties and with their customer service in Mexico which comes with inherent language difficulties. Please see Attachment F-RCI and Attachment G-Blue Bay. We were told from an RCI salesperson, Alex, and RCI technical person, Martha, that “RCI terminated this feature the previous week� for Blue Bay members, “per contract changes�. In summation, had we known that this was an RCI contract over which we would have no say in all of their changes, we would NEVER have purchased this product. We were never informed that this was a third party contract. Please note the RCI Participation Agreement, Attachment I. We were told that this form allowed additional owners (i.e., our children) to use our points. They asked us to fill out and initial their names. In later negotiations with VISA, Blue Bay told VISA that this was part of our contract and informed us about RCI involvement. This was certainly news to us. We began contact with Blue Bay via email on Feb 29, 2008 (from Elaine Haywood) following unreturned phone calls. A second email was sent March 3 (see attachment H). Neither was acknowledged. Mrs. Haywood tried to use points for air travel and accommodations. I tried to book a cruise and air travel. Nothing was possible due to limited points and the changes in policy. Finally, in July, I contacted VISA to stop the payment on monthly charges and to invoke their help since they usually protect their customers from fraud. I sent them the contract and all pertinent data. In August they told me that I must write a letter of cancellation to Blue Bay. I did so immediately on August 1. In September, VISA returned all monies. On Aug 6, 2008, I received an email from Blue Bay addressing these concerns and confirming that changes had occurred per changes with RCI. Please note Attachment I. At that time they noted the back of the Participation Agreement, Attachment N. as part of the contract. What? This was never mentioned or discussed in the sales presentation. The Blue Bay representative wrote to VISA (attachment L and M) and keyed on this Participation document. In November, VISA overturned their earlier decision and decided to return all monies to Blue Bay for all monthly payments. In January, they returned the original down payment to Blue Bay as well. The reason for VISA’s reversal, they told me, was because there was a contract involved. The Haywood’s followed a similar path with their VISA. The monies for their monthly payments have been returned at the time of this writing. They did not receive a refund for the down payment amount of $6,250. Blue Bay recently contacted me and offered a new plan if I would only fly down for the explanation. There is no flight possibility, no 2.5 million points, and certainly not 1,000 nights of accommodations within the Blue Bay family. (See attachment ). To date, this entire mess is being guided by one of the leading contract attorneys in the Washington DC area and we are looking into a counterpart in Mexico. We have filed complaints with the Federal Trade Commission and the Commerce Dept US. A web site has been online since Feb 18 ( Blue Bay’s counsel spoke with my attorney and he is amazed that anyone would carry the complaint forward. “People usually just drop all charges.� I do not plan to drop this charge. They have stolen my money and RCI or Blue Bay or whoever they are should not be allowed to conduct business in this bait and switch mode. We have contacted you as another way to fight this unethical company.
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    Original review: Feb. 19, 2009
    We also bought times shares from the Bluebay group, premier original resorts, and are experencing the same problems with the resort and with RCI. We have almost 7 million points that are now useless, and eight weeks we will never use or rent. And to sign a new contract we have to pay more money todo it!I feel like we have been cheated, but there is some hope, a new web site that is deicated to providing information that may help resolve this issue. Inside information on just how they scamed us, from past and present employees. Even a copy of the sales training manuel located at
    Original review: Feb. 5, 2009
    My husband and I purchased a timeshare in Blue Bay Resort. We were promised that all our points can be used for airfare, hotel rooms etc. We have over 5 million points, and we just found out RCI are no longer allowing us to use more than 60000 points for airfare. We feel taken advantaged of from both the resort and RCI. I dont know where or who to go to for help. The resort surely isn't doing anything about it.
    Original review: Oct. 21, 2008

    In 2005, we purchased a timeshare from The Premier Blue Bay in Cancun, Mexico. The Blue Bay Club has not lived up to the contract. We are supposed to be able to use our points to get airfare for our vacations and now find out that we are now limited to 60,000 points, for points partners per year. This is nothing (does not even get one of us to Mexico). We will never be able to use up our points. We do not understand how RCI and the Blue Bay Club can get away with this. Another issue That I would like to bring up is a contract that we paid $299.00 for that would have given us the opportunity to rent out our 2 bedroom unit each year for our lifetime membership. It was never used, another ripoff and scam. They have our $299 and we have nothing. They say they are no longer doing this and refuse to give us our money back. They tell us that we should rent out our unused rooms on EBAY! I don't think so, I paid $299 for the Blue Bay Club to rent the rooms!

    Original review: Oct. 9, 2008

    On our last day of our holiday (4 October 2008), we came back to our room to find the Manager, **, a cleaner and a receptionist verbally attacking us and wanting to throw us of the apartment. We were due to check out the next day so were totally taken aback by surprise and shock!! They had started packing our belongings and as we refused to leave the room they threatened to call the police. 2 safety guards came in and also were threatening and saying (in Spanish) to **, who didn't realize I'm fluent in Spanish, that they could easily get rid of us with all our stuff. They laughed at us and told us we had to leave (we had been there a week). We tried to reason with them but they were totally unprofessional and and I got worried about our safety so decided to finish packing our bits and leave the room. They basically treated us like low-life criminals and in all my years of travelling, I have never been treated so appallingly. This is a 4-star resort and I am absolutely disgusted with their management.

    Original review: Oct. 8, 2008

    I visited Blue Bay Cancun back in July 2007 and purchased a timeshare/vacation club through the resort. The major selling point of this timeshare was the over 8 million RCI points which would allow me access to the RCI points partner system (including airfare, car rental, etc.). I was informed that the policy was changed and that I would only be allowed to exchange up to a maximum of 60,000 points per year towards the Points Partners. My plan was to use those points to purchase airfare for my vacations, in addition to the accommodations. Since my contract is for 25 years, there is no way I will be able to use all my points. This restriction is only for Blue Bay owners. This is extremely unfair and the restriction is not consistent with my contract. I feel that I am owed a refund since the rules to my contract were broken.

    Original review: Oct. 3, 2008

    We purchased 8,400,000 points in May of 2007. We purchased with the intent to use our points to fly our son to visit us from out of state who has disabilities. This would be a great way to have a lifetime of visits with our son with very little cost. We also intended to use this for vacations for our family. We were booked to visit Cancun in November 2008 and when trying to use our points for airfare, we were told by RCI we now have a cap of 60,000 points and blackout dates around the holidays. This is not what we were originally sold or told and would not of purchased if this was presented to us. In addition, we have 6 weeks to use at the resort where we purchased this vacation program at. Blue Bay was to assist in renting out these weeks. Now the rental program cannot be managed by Blue Bay, so we have not been able to rent out our weeks.

    The intent, per Blue Bay, would be to rent out 5 weeks and use the money to pay for our all inclusive fee for our one week. This would leave us with only a $49.00 airfare fee, per person, to fly to Cancun and spend a week at our favorite resort with very little cost. Blue Bay has not delivered on anything they sold us. For us to fly to Cancun and visit in November, this would now cost us over $3500. We were forced to cancel our trip in November. We cannot believe we purchased a vacation package for thousands of dollars and cannot vacation. How sad to be scammed, ripped off and left with no options. The service, response and overall managing of this situation from Blue Bay has been terrible. We have spent hundreds of dollars just calling the resort trying to reach someone that can assist us and help rectify this situation for over two months with NO LUCK.

    We met with Blue Bay in June of 2008 and they told us they changed the program and it would only cost us about $5000 more to join. How crazy is that. Rip us off and then ask for more money. We are at a true loss because even if we use the 60,000 points over the next 30 years to fly, we would only use 1,800,000 leaving us with 6,600,000 points. This wonderful vacation program continues to cost us money, which we did not plan on. Vacations will be slim and our trips from our son will be limited. HOW sad to take advantage of guests that love Blue Bay resorts and believed in their reputation! If they would have taken the time to work things out in a fair manner, we would have been patient and open to a resolution. Blue Bay remains unwilling to assist in any way, which leaves a very bad feeling towards their resorts. This is sad because they have beautiful properties, but continue to damage their reputation with their lack of action and resolution to this debacle.

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    Original review: Sept. 16, 2008

    We bought 5.6million points in January of 08. We were told that we could use these points for airline, rental cars and even hotels if we wished to stay somewhere that was not an RCI resort. In July of 08 we decided that we wanted to go to Canada and see the falls for a long weekend.

    We called RCI to book with our points and were told that we could only use 60,000 points. I of course argued with RCI and thats when they told us about the restrictions. I was also told that they put these restrictions on us because blue bay members were using to many points. So we ended up going on line and paying for our stay in Canada by calling the Sheraton and making the reservations with them ourselves.

    I was not about to pay RCI for this after what they told me. We have been making our payments so they can not say that we breached our end of the contract. But we have called blue bay many times and are told the same as everyone else that they are working on it. That has been for 2 months now. We talk to RCI and they say that they put these restrictions on blue bay members as of June 11, 08. Also they said that they can change the way things are done if they wish because it is stated in there contract in small writing that they can change the way things are done if they wish with out any notice to the members.

    I have told both blue bay and RCI that they have breached their end of the contract and that if they don't fix this very shortley that I was going to find me an Attorney and they would have to speak to either him or her. So we now have 5.6 million points and we will never use them in our life time. I feel that RCI and blue bay has taken advantage of not only my family but many, many other people and are sitting back and laughing at us as they keep collecting the money and running to the bank. I have been speaking to some local lawyers and they give me a little advice but this isn't something they do.I have been told to file a complaint with the U.S. Attorney consumers affairs office and hopefully if other people do the same maybe we can get some kind of justice for this.

    I am more than willing to give them all my points back in exchange for the money I have paid to them and still paying since I can not breach the contract because they will use this against me when I file my claim. I have paid in over 15,000.00 so far and still owe another 5000.00 for the 5.6 million points we bought. I can now not take my family on vacation. Where if I could use my points as I stated it would have cost me 2196.00 for a wk of fun with my family. That is a big difference in wether or not I can take a trip with them. This is the main reason why we purchased these points so we can enjoy vacations and take our family with us.

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    Original review: July 31, 2008

    I purchased a timeshare from Blue Bay Getaway in July 2007 which allowed us to use our points purchased in the RCI Points Partner Program. This was our primary incentive for the purchase. We attempted to book a flight to Mexioo in June of this year and we were informed that a points restriction had been enforced and we could only use 60,000 points per year. A flight to Mexioo was at that time 75,000 points. So Basically we paid $8,000 for points that we will reap no benefit from.

    I have contacted Blue Bay and RCI. Blue Bay contends that this is not a breach of my contract and I beg to differ since they failed to disclose that RCI had the right to restrict the points usage. RCI contends that the contract that they have with Blue Bay states that they can restrict the points at their leisure basically. I have also filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Where do I go from here? I am contemplating hiring an attorney to handle this issue.

    I have lost $8,000 because I can not use the points for the purpose intended.

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