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I lease a 2014 Chrysler Town and Country. I have very little miles and my tires became unevenly worn and some minor dry rot. I had to replace two tires when I was unemployed on a car that was newer with low miles. I talked to the company and did exactly what they told me to do to hopefully process the warranty and they kept changing the story. Besides the fact that it is almost impossible to get through to the tire company I put in multiple phone calls and basically got nowhere.

Finally they told me to go to a distributor which would be Sears tire and Auto so they could start the process of the warranty. I did that and Sears called into Kumho and gave them the runaround. I just called again today and they have no documentation that Sears even call them even though I was standing right there next to the manager. Not knowing that this would be a horrible ongoing process I no longer have the tires. I should not have had to put out money for 2 tires on a newer car with low miles and being unemployed. God forbid I was in a car accident because of those tires and I have 3 children.

All I want is a reimbursement of $177 I had to put out for the tires. Their customer service is awful. There are hundreds of complaints online about the same exact issue I was having. I even contacted Chrysler and complained. I even told Chrysler that if these are the cheap tires that they put on their products I will no longer go with Chrysler. I'm not asking for a lot. I am just asking for reimbursement of these tires. It could have been a lot worse had I been in an accident with my children. I did what they asked me to do. They should do what they said they would do. In all honesty this company should not even be in business.

My first experience with Kumho tires involved my Mazda Miata M Series. As replacements were four new Kumho tires. Immediately I noticed that the car was like riding on rocks. One could feel every imperfection on the road surface. My original Yokohama tires did not last long. However the Kumho set even wore out quicker! My new Suzuki Reno Luxury Edition 2007 year model came with Kumho Ecsta tires. Before 19000 miles, two of the tires developed large bubbles on the sidewalls, another blew out, and the remaining tire was worn out to the the point of necessitating a replacement.

I was told that one suffered a road hazard, two that had bubbles were caused by hitting curbs, and the worn out tire was caused by failure to have rotation and alignment as required by mandated recommendations. Kumho was of no help in negotiating a monetary adjustment. In contrast, I have had great performance and mileage from my replacement Doral and Sailun tires.

3000 miles after I bought my 2008 M6 the front tires (Kumho) almost got me killed. Had to replace both front tires (see pics). Right after the purchase the car was thoroughly inspected, all fluids replaced, lube oil samples taken & analyzed (just to illustrate how I take care of my "baby"). The 4-wheel alignment I had done after installing the new tires did not show anything justifying such damage as seen on the picture. Spend the extra buck and buy decent tires. It's worth it!

My husband & I purchased a new 2013 Chrysler Town & Country Touring. The van had Kumho tires on it. I have the oil changed regularly & tires rotated routinely. In July of this year, mileage was 46,000. A neighbor was over & happened to notice a large bald spot with steel belts showing on right front tire. I WAS SHOCKED. Had to buy 4 new tires, $600. This particular Kumho tire stated you should get 80,000 miles with it!!! I tried to sell 3 of them & all callers said, "No thanks, they're JUNK" when I told them what brand. Very unhappy with this tire that came on my brand new $31,000 mini van!!! :-( Do not buy Kumho tires.

Kumho Solus tires came on my 2013 Hyundai Sonata lease. After only a few thousand miles the road noise through the tires became very loud. It's became so bad that I have to keep my radio at 50% or better just to understand what is being said. In August 2015 at around 22,000 miles the service manager recommended to buy at least 2 new tires before winter. Thought I could get better wear than that. Went through a rough winter where even the traction control didn't help much. Should state am 75 years old and not a leadfoot. Have only had 2 moving violations since 1957. My lease is up in August and the tires are under the minimum tread depth with cracks and checks in sidewalls and they are going to expect me to pay for them. Am filing complaint with BBB and State Att. Gen's office.

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I purchased 4 Kumho Solus tires two years ago (Discount tire). I was given a free 5th tire no charge for a spare, which I appreciated. 4 tires were made in China, one was made in Vietnam. Yes really! The tires aren't round. They are on a vehicle driven only sporadically - a Suzuki Sidekick. Severe wheel bounce/vibration at speed. Discount tried 3 times to balance them. The best (larger) independent local tire store then declared they couldn't be balanced because of out-of-round construction. Total crap tires! Thank goodness they aren't on my wife's car.

In February 2016 I bought 4 brand new Kumhos that the salesman at Tire Masters in Palm Bay told me had a 60,000 mile warranty on them. Three weeks ago, we started feeling the passenger front tire jump, and a few days later this tire blew. The pictures show that there was clearly tread separation, but the dealer told me (after waiting almost 2 weeks for an answer from the Kumho rep) that they are stating it was not a tire defect and they would not replace it.

As a consumer of a brand new 2014 Dodge Durango Limited I thought there should be no worries about manufacturers being responsible for their products. WRONG!!! At 16,000 miles my tires Kumho KL21 are almost completely bald. I was notified at my last service that they recommend new tires. WHAT?!! By the way I followed all OEM service recommendations. When I went to Kumho website they have printed that this particular tires is rated for 60,000 miles, except on OEM. So I guess spending nearly $45k on the vehicle is not enough. Why exactly will they not warranty the tires from a new vehicle?? I work in the automotive industry and OEM parts & service parts are all the same manufacturing processes. Completely disgusted at such poor quality and terrible customer service. Be warned. Before you purchase a new vehicle make sure it's not Kuhmo tires.

We own a very expensive custom order SUV. It is a 05, yet only shows 100k miles today. Tire size required is LT265/75R16 Load Range E 10 ply rated. These are NOT cheap tires in this size. Our OEM set lasted 80k miles. Our vehicle is "Showroom New", in fact the OEM spare had NEVER been out of the vehicle or installed and was brand new. This is how well I take care of my tires and avoid problems.

KUMHO tried to get us killed, no other way to put it. We took a trip across 4 or 5 states and were to finish the trip with a drive deep into Mexico. The total miles we would put on about 5k. In Texas we noticed a vibration we had for about 1,000 miles suddenly got much worse. Stopping at a small town tire store, I was sure I had thrown a wheel weight. I requested a re-spin of all the tires as well as a rotation. I was told it would be 3 hours as they were very busy. KUMHO cost us 3 hours here for nothing. We decide to walk around this small town for 3 hours, returned to find nothing done to our vehicle. They told us due to liability, they would not touch it, as our left rear tire had a 1/2 Melon size bulge in the face of the tread, ply separation they stated, adding this is the cause of the vibration, no kidding!

I said, "Fine order us a new matching Kumho," they said, "No problem" then returned to say the tire was no longer manufactured, and its KUMHO replacement was not even close. I WILL NOT run mismatched tread, make or brand tires. I told them these tires are brand new (20k miles) and they agreed. I said I wanted KUMHO to replace them all, they laughed and said, "Good luck with that." They said my only choice now was to buy a new set from them if they all had to match, load range E 10 ply tires are IMPOSSIBLE to find more than ONE style in stock, IF at all. They only had large "Knob" off road tread one choice in stock, they would not order another style other than the KUMHO, which they said we could get 15% back on.

Against their advice we left with the bulged tire still in place, worn bald at the bulge. We drove to a Wal-Mart Tire Center, only to find they had one choice, as well an off road tread design, then drove 100 miles to a COSTCO, costing us a whole day, only to find they had NOTHING in my size load range E 10 ply in stock. They would NOT install my new spare, which once more had NEVER been out of the vehicle and you could eat off it. We were forced to drive and find another tire shop, wait while they installed my spare. I had the left front placed on the left rear so the drive axle tires were same diameter, so as not to work the differential.

The ply separated KUMHO was placed in the vehicle for a spare. Based on my stellar tire record, it was decided to wait instead of being forced into buying tires I really did not want, wait till we got home, get on the net, find the best, and then go order or buy a new set. BOY OH BOY, what a mistake. About to cross the border into Mexico we noticed the "SIDE TO SIDE" vibration, that became apparent AFTER we replaced the bulged tire got much worse. Driving into Mexico on the toll road, in 101 degree heat, there was a bang, then "WOP-WOP-WOP" as there is no shoulder, and the government is afraid you might get a free ride, there are NO exits from the tollway, NO shoulder, NO PULLOFF, you see people all the time changing a tire in the traffic lane, that's right the traffic lane, know how many are killed every year? HUNDREDS!

We were forced to drive the vehicle 15 or 20 miles at 15 mph, in 101-degree heat, nearly being rear ended every 50 feet of travel, by Mexicans who could care less, much less watch the road. We were in the middle of NOWHERE! We then spotted an illegal road cut through the fence into a farmers field, we pulled in and I got out to inspect the tire, a 3-inch wide strip of tread was gone, 1/3 the way around the tire, but it still held air. Pulling on the edge of the remaining tread, it flipped back like a blanket, 100% ply separation ALL THE WAY AROUND THE REMAINING CASING!!! I rejected putting on the other bulged KUMHO spare, because we were carrying $10,000 in new goods to friends, who live there, they had shipped to a friend's in Texas and we picked up for them.

The vehicle was so packed full and tight, HONESTLY you could have gotten a road map in there. Deciding it would be suicide to unload and display all the new goods in the middle of a farmers field in full view of the road, saying kill us and rob us, we decided to drive the near 100 miles to the closest town, at 15 miles per hour!!! In 101 degree heat. Arriving we found out what I already knew, the MEXICANS had never heard of nor even seen a load range E, 10 ply rated tire, they called BS, and said they had plenty in my size, which was true, BUT standard load.

I decided to have my new set of Continental Extreme Winter Contact Tires shipped down, called my son and had them put on the bus. Wanna know what, it is illegal to bring tires into Mexico because they charge 3 times the USA price for 1/2 the quality. Bribes, it took bribes to get them and 3 days in a motel, with no English language TV.

After having the "Continentals" installed, the "Cadillac" of tires ALL our problems went away. The fact I was forced to hold the steering wheel 1/3 turn to the right to go straight, and if I let go of the wheel, it dove to the left with violent force, NOW GONE, wheel straight, tracks like a laser beam! The coins in our ashtray vibrating and jumping like popcorn in a popper gone, the road noise which was unbearable gone, the ride, like a dream. Like I say, we did not know we had issues till we installed "REAL" well-made tires.

I now know and believe the KUMHO's were ALL bad, ALL ply separated for some time, if not years. Remember these tires only had 20k miles, and a tire like that, is hard to tell from new, remember as well our OEM tires (B.F. Goodrich, that came with the new vehicle) lasted 80K miles, and the matching spare which came with the vehicle now 11 years old, performed FINE and did not fail! So these Kumhos cost us about $200 each, were about 5 years old, and had about 15k miles on them when we noticed problems, and failure at about 18 to 20k miles. Once more REMEMBER we got a FULL 80k out of the OEM B.F. Goodrich tires, AND they were FAR from being bald. So if you have the money to replace your Kumho's every 15 thousand miles, maybe it's your tire brand for sure?

KUMHO tires are junk, death traps, and from reading these posts, I am not alone in all the problems. Our tires were KUMHO ROAD VENTURE SAT, Light Truck 16 inch. My advice is if you have these tires on your vehicle, GET RID OF THEM REGARDLESS OF MILES OR AGE! KUMHO refuses to help or reimburse us, nor warranty the tires. Our out of pocket expenses for buying this Kumho junk were about 2k (time lost and out of pocket). If you are considering Kumho Tires, don't do it! If you have them, unless your life means nothing, get rid of them. JUNK pure and simple, poorly made, ply separation on all their tires, failures. How they keep selling tires, how people keep buying them, is beyond me.

We bought a 2014 Dodge Durango in September of that year. We were traveling on May 1st this year to our NC home from Florida. Our vehicle started vibrating and we pulled off at the next exit. The tire service center we went into told us we had a bulging faulty tire. When he checked the others they were going the same. This vehicle was at 20826 miles. We are both in our 70's so no racers or abuse here. We had to get a new set of tires which cost us $1479.81. I wrote to Dodge and sent them photos that we took also a copy of the invoice.

I got a phone call from Dodge on Tuesday to say that they were not covered under their warranty and to get in touch with Kumho. I got the feeling from the guy that I spoke to that they were aware of this. I asked for his name for a reference but he would only give me his first name which I found very strange. Today I thought I would check the internet to see if anyone else had a problem. What a surprise to see so many complaints. I am wondering how many more people out there have had a problem and been put in danger. I shall be writing to Kumho and sending them the invoice to see if they will reimburse me. If they know of the danger with these tires then they should have been recalled. I would be interested to know if Dodge are still using the same tires.

I purchased 4 Kumho Ecsta PA31 tires October 2015, and right off the bat had a vibration problem at highway speed. Working with Tire Rack (where I bought the tires), 2 were replaced due to being out of round - one at my expense). After 4 balance attempts, 2 being road forced balanced - totaling over $250.00, I still have vibration problems at 12k miles! I have also replaced my struts/shocks, done an alignment and played with various tire pressures - nothing has helped. I've made 2 attempts to contact Kumho but have been ignored.

As the tires wear the vibration is getting worse. A local tire shop recommends I replace the tires immediately, as this symptom signifies a manufacturing defective in the tire cord. He said I am at risk of a blowout as the tires continue to wear. I have since ordered new tires (different brand) and driving my other car until they get installed next week. I am writing this review to warn those of this dangerous condition. If you have Kumho tires on your vehicle and have a vibration problem, get them replaced!

When I needed tires for my Mazda, I went to the dealership and they put on these Kumho tires. They lasted exactly one day. I hit a curb mildly at 5mph and two tires blew out completely. I have hit many curbs in my lifetime and have never had such a bad result. I am now afraid for the two remaining tires that I have. I got two replacement from Firestone, because I did not want to get these Kumho again. Now I am worried for the two remaining Kumho tires that I have. I will write to their customer support but I am not expecting anything positive from this after reading all the complaints here about them.

Brought 2016 car in December 4, 2015. Very happy with car until I went out of town 2nd week in March. Had a blowout coming from Lake Charles, La 400 miles. Only 3.000 miles on car. I thought I hit something in the road. Evidently by reading the reviews on the tire I have on my car turn out I really need to get them check. Sounds like I have a bad set of tires. Need to get them change asap!!! Sounds like these tires blowout even if you hit a pot hole in the road which I did. Need to investigate further. Don't want to have another blowout. Hope I can get some help without spending money.

These tires are on my brand new car. I have 18000 miles and they are wearing up even. And cracking. They blame me, Kumho does. They did tell me on phone they now they made a tire. That's underrated. They are going to hurt someone. No one ever buy Kumho. I will be posting my problems everywhere.

It amazes me that the government has not banned this tire company from doing business. I often wonder who they bought off in the congress to sell these dangerous tires in the USA. The only positive part was the dealer who exchanged these death trap tires for Goodyear Wranglers for my Mountaineer. These tires do NOT measure up to the advertised life, are prone to rapid wear and blowouts are common. Remember the old saying, "Your life is riding on your tires"? There are much better tires out there than this brand. I would hope the government recalls these death trap tires.

Bought Kumho tires at tire reseller that I had used for years. Brought stamped envelope with me and had dealer assist me in filling out rebate form on October 20, 2015. I put the envelope in the mail that same day. I called 8 1/2 weeks later and was told that the envelope was not received till November 17th. The postal service may be slow but that is ridiculous. The customer service agent said he could do little but expedite the request for rebate. It is now January 5th and I have not received rebate and sense (based on other reviews) that I will never see the money.

We are seniors, 70 & 69. Our 2 cars had over 250,000 miles and we needed a more dependable car for long trips. We decided on a 2015 Dodge Durango. We found a friendly dealership, Brennon Dodge of Ruston, LA. All was going well and we were well pleased with our purchase until at 12,000 miles we had a tire blowout on the back driver's side. We were on a good road going about 50 miles an hour. While changing the tire, we found a very large opening in tire and could see the metal part of tire. The tire is a Kumho brand. We did some searching on Internet and found very disturbing reports of others having similar blowouts. Now we are afraid to drive our new car. Have you received any other complaints?

These came on a new 2013 Hyundai Sonata. The tires were kept fully inflated and suffered no severe use or damage. The tires were fine until they reached around 15,000 miles. That's when the droning became apparent. It came on rather suddenly and got worse fast. At 20,000 they were worn 3/4 of the way to the wear bars. When mentioned to the Hyundai service manager, he looked at them and noticed something I had missed. The entire contact surface of all 4 tires were covered in very fine scalloping. The service manager's lame excuse was that it was because I didn't rotate the tires twice a year. Yea, right. As of now they are at 33,000 and totally shot. Good riddance and I wouldn't wish these junk tires on anyone.

We purchased a 2012 Dodge Journey. We have noticed that the tire would not keep proper air balance. Every other month we would have to add air to the tires. My husband drive 15 miles to work M - F. There is 35000 miles on our vehicle. We live in Michigan and have not had problems with other tires we have used during the course of owning different cars. The front right tire had a blow out and we repaired it, paying out of pocket never considering that this was an issue with the tire.

Not even a month later the same thing happened to the left tire. We felt this was not coincident, but paid as trying to fill out a claim would be proof-less. But when the back right tire would have the same problem, I called to make a claim only to be told that I didn't have a registration in their system. I also called the dealership where I purchased the vehicle only to get the runaround. I am not sure what do to except call Kumho which they too have given me the runaround. Feeling frustrated I can only report this matter and hope it will not happen to another person.

The rebate states that my prepaid rebate card will be received within 6-8 weeks of delivery. I have called the rebate department 4 times now, spoke with supervisor Jackie ** on 2 occasions, and have not still received any resolution. I followed all the proper procedures, however, the customer service reps at the rebate promotion center tell me the time frame is 6-8 weeks from the date my claim was APPROVED! That is not what the rebate reads. If this is the way the company runs their promotions, look elsewhere for tires. I need another set of tires for my other car and will not purchase Kumho tires because of this problem.

We purchased a 2016 Hyundai Tucson on Sept. 14, 2015. Last week I brushed a curb in the parking lot of my local Acme store. I live a mile away and by the time I pulled in the driveway of my home the tire was flat. We contacted AAA to come and fill the tire with air but after several tries they could not keep the air in because there was a hole in the side wall of the tire. We only have 1000 miles on this car and it seems that this tire should have performed better. In addition to this problem we are unable to get a replacement tire from any local tire dealers. We had to contact the dealership to get a replacement at cost of over $200.00. I would consider this as a poor quality product and am stressed to drive this car now.

Kuhmo Tire - P195/60R-15 Kumho Solus KR21 - On January 07, 2014, I purchased 4 of the above tires from Tire Rack for a midsize economy car. Less than 1/2 the tire life, excessive vibration occurred. I took the vehicle to be checked out and found out the tire belts had broken causing the issue. I then contacted Kumho of the issue. They had me take to a local tire company for review. They again confirmed the broken belts. Kumho stated they would adjust the costs as long as I agreed to purchase another set of (same) tires. I agreed and another set was sent.

Here I sit again in the same situation... The 2nd set of tires now have the same issue with approximately half the life. 1 month ago, I emailed Kumho warranty of my issue with no response. Again, I emailed them this past Monday and requested a call to discuss... Nothing. I write this review today to encourage consumers not to purchase Kumho tires due to faulty construction and lack of Customer Service. I am a Supplier Quality Specialist at a major OEM responsible for tires and rubber products. I would highly suggest not to consider a Kumho Tire purchase.

I rented a Chrysler Town and Country minivan from Enterprise to make a four day journey from Michigan to Oregon. Driving approximately 10 hours per day with minimal stops, there was only 8K miles on this vehicle when the tire pressure indicator lit up on the dashboard. I pulled off to the shoulder right away, but heard a loud noise and drag as I did so. According to the car behind me who helpfully stopped, the tire started smoking moments before it exploded. Upon examining the tire, the sidewall of the rear passenger side tire appeared to have melted in a ring around the entire tire. I examined the other tires and noticed brown heat discoloration on the opposing rear tire as well.

This occurred while my family and I were on a stretch of road without services for 270 miles, and I am just thankful it didn't happen on the section of road where it makes a right angle turn down a steep cliff face at 12 percent grade or we would have likely been killed. How is it even possible that a company like this is allowed to sell a product so dangerous?!?!? Don't ever drive a car with Kumho tires. It isn't safe.

Driving down the 91 fwy and had a sudden blow out in the fast lane. I didn't hit anything or run over anything. Two independent tire dealers stated the tire was a defective tire. It was a very dangerous situation and my SUV almost flipped over. The tires were only two years old with good tread depth. I drive over two hours each day for work so safety is important. I felt I had to replace all four tires because I didn't trust the other Kumho tires on my car. Never will buy this brand of tires again. Also making a complaint with the dealer who sold me the car as they should be aware that they are selling new cars with defective tires.

My new car is a 2015 Kia Rio LX four door sedan. It came with factory installed Kumho tires on this car. After only 775 miles put on the car, the left front tire came apart on the inside of the tire make quite a noise. Took back to dealership to have checked out. Either a steel belt or a nylon cord gave way. Dealership doesn't carry this tire at all in stock. It has to be ordered. Kumho doesn't show this tire listed at all in their online warranty service listing. I wonder as to why???

More online reviews about this tire show it to be at the bottom of the barrel for this company and warranty reviews. While it is factory installed tires, I am requesting a complete change of these tires to a better tire by them. Failure to comply shall force me to contact the state attorney general's office and file a complaint with them. Never in my entire life of driving have I had a tire go out on me in 775 miles. P.S. Still waiting for new tire to arrive and a response from Kumho tires.

I want to protect anyone and everyone I can to avoid purchasing Kumho tires. The tires I purchased were completely bald 15,000 miles before they were supposed to need changing and Kumho did not honor their warranty AT ALL. In fact, they tried to offer me a "deal" on the next set of tires, but when I did the math, I was still 15,000 miles short of what they should have covered. I was lucky not to have a blow out or anything scary. Don't buy Kumho tires, and if it's too late and you already did, DO NOT fall for their "deals" to try to get you to buy another set.

I have purchased 10 new tires since mileage 131,669 and I am now at 186,220. This would have been almost my 3rd set of Kuhmo tires that I would have purchased since 9/26/11. Sadly enough, I did not know the danger that was lurking underneath and within the interior wheel well area of my car. A rip within the tire wall that covered over 60 percent of the wheel was discovered this time. How bad the last tear was I cannot even fathom. My frustration with Kuhmo tires words can not express.

What I am very thankful for is that a blowout did not occur, but it was imminent. (4) of Kuhmo Ecsta 4X-N, 1 of P215/55R16-S, and 1 of P215/55 16-N. I went in for an oil change and my normal 5,000 miles tire rotation, and I came out with a bill for $503.82. This being my 2nd set of Kuhmo tires that I purchased since 09/26/11. I never received any type of notification from Kuhmo about a tire recall. So, they can deduct my recent 10 tires out of the count for missing and unaccounted for recalled tires that they cannot find. There was no way possible that I could trust the quality of their product again, and besides the service manager was told by ADT Warehouse here in Colorado that this Kuhmo tire that he was inquiring about for me was no longer available that morning. I was lost for words. By the time I left the repair shop that afternoon I was still in shock.

Driving on I-75 in Georgia at 60 MPH when truck began to vibrate. Pulled off at rest stop. Checked tire pressure and temperature. Both normal range. Visually inspected part of of tires could see. No defect seen. Pulled back onto interstate and vibration got worse. Pulled off at next exit where experienced a blow-out which was the result of a 5-inch separation defect in the inner wall of the tire, an LT 245/75/R16 Kumho. If hadn't gotten off when we did, probably would have experienced a catastrophic event, as was pulling a camper at the time.

2 tires had to be replaced because of "warping and cupping" at 7,000 miles. Today with less than 10,000 miles on the remaining 2 Kumho tires, one EXPLODED on the highway! My husband put on the spare and we went directly to the tire shop for a new tire, while there my husband looked at the last Kumho on the car to see its condition. Sure enough it was cupping like the first 2! So we had to replace 4 Kumho tires within 10,000 miles! TRASH! Don't waste your money or your time trying to get them covered under warranty! I am just grateful my husband was driving when the tire exploded and not our teenage daughter!!!! Don't put your family at risk with these piece of crap tires!!

I purchased a set of 4 Kuhmo Road Venture AT KL78 tires for my 2014 RAM 4x4 quad cab. Took it on a 4k mile trip and upon return and a total of 7k miles on these tires they are almost worn to the safety bar between the tread. At this rate these tires will not last me 15k miles and will need to be replaced. Contacted Kuhmo warranty but have not had any response. The tires did not come with a mileage warranty and now I know why, because their mileage sucks. I however do expect a product that I paid $700 for to last more than 1/4 the miles of similar tires. I choose these tires because of their unique tread design and figured I would get at least 30k miles out of them NOT 15k if I am lucky.

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