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I stopped in to replace a tire that had cord showing, the right front tire. I left the shop, but on the way home the car began to shake and shudder. I called but they were closed. I was then out of town for about 6 days. Upon my return, I went back into the store and asked them to rebalance the tire because of the shaking. They did, but it did not help. They claimed I hit something to knock my car out of alignment. They refused to do anything more. The shaking got so bad, I went to 3 different mechanics who all told me the same thing. "You have a defective tire." I went back to the shop where I told them again, the problem was worse and I wanted it fixed. I told them what the mechanics had said. The store manager smirked and told me that he had never heard of a defective tire in his 12 years working there.

After some arguing I finally got him to agree to put the new tires on the rear and the old tires in front. The front end shaking was gone, however now the right rear was shaking. I called the manager back and he said no way is that true and I am trying to scam them? I asked for the corporate number or the district manager's number, which he refused to give me. I asked for my money back or a new tire, which he refused to do. He said there are no refunds, no matter what. He further stated that the only way I would get anything back is if corporate or the district manager (the numbers of neither he would give me) directed him to. I informed him that I would file a complaint with my bank, and that I would be filing a civil suit for damages to my car from the defective tire and that I had three mechanics who would testify.

There were two other customers there at the time, waiting to buy tires. Upon listening to his nasty attitude, neither bought their tires and both gave me their names and numbers and told me that they would be happy to be witnesses for me if I needed them. I have contacted Just Tires Corporate Office and have not heard a word back. These people could care less about customer service or even safety.

I went to Orange Just Tires to repair front passenger tire only to find out it was a Kumo tire when all I buy is fierce and always put on warranty. A year ago I needed new tires and the mechanic said he has to go to another store to get tires only to find out a year later he put a cheaper tire on my car and let me pay for warranty. I called corporate. Stephanie answered the phone angry and only got ruder as the conversation continued. Don't go to this place. I am a woman and now I guess I have to look at the tires going on my car to make sure they are what I am buying.

I am telling true, horrible experience I had in this shop and warning anyone who wants to buy tires here. I went to this Just Tires store to replace 4 tires for my car, and in the manager's office I selected Dun Signature brand $120/each and checked the produced date was 1715 = (2015 17th week). They are about 1

year old and not the tires I wanted to use to replace my old ones and I told him this: "I don't want this one year old tires by this price" and asked him if he had newer ones. He said "Yes I have", and went to storage and brought back 1 tire, dated 0216. I was glad he had a lot newer tires and agreed to let him replace my tires.

When the work done after almost 2 hours, I checked the tires and found only one tire is 0216 and all the rest of 3 tires are 0615, 0615, 1715, 2 of them are more than one year old. When I asked him why he put on much older tires to my car, not the tires he promised me dated 0216, he tried to cheat me again, said: "the tires are new, not used." Everyone knows that tire's quality is drop down every second even in storage not used and expired 6 years old in temperature controlled room. Anyone needs help on this, please read this: http://www.tiresafetygroup.com/tires-expire-in-six-years/. And he refused do anything to solve the problem. All he did are no honest at all and was trying to scam me. I was very shocked and upset with the service I received.

I have a Toyota that is fairly new and in perfect condition vetted by a Toyota dealership. I go in to have a tune up done and change spark plugs the first time I go in, two days later the same issue appears and cylinders 1,4 were still misfiring. I take it back and everything SEEMS ok. So I get an oil change because I've already waited one hour and I need the oil changed, I end up waiting 2.5 hours.

Well 5 days later the car is no longer running stops in the middle of an intersection literally putting my life and possibly getting into an accident. When the mechanic from AAA who looked at my car after it was towed saw that the top of the oil and engine had not been screwed on... spilling oil all over the engine block, tranny, belts, new spark plugs, filters, gears and literally everywhere. Then they accuse me of lying about the issue when clearly the last people to touch it was them (kept the receipt as evidence), take 8 hours to fix the issue, still have not refunded me for the oil change or the damages they caused that I will now have to fix on my own, and my spark plugs are now worthless with a need to replace the ones they messed up in the first place.

I was there to buy 3 new tires for my Honda because I buy one for them before for my other car my Chevrolet, but my Chevrolet broke down so I take the tire from my Chevrolet to them so they can put that tire to my Honda because was bright new. So I explain everything to them. He said, "I got it," also I tell him "One of the old tires put it in the rim of the tire for the Chevrolet to put it back" and tell them I going to take the old tires so they don't charge me disposal. The guy said they done. When I see the bill they charge me for the tires disposal and they don't put one of the old tires on the rim for my Chevrolet. When I go back and tell the guy his respond said, "The other guy left so I can do anything." Very unprofessional. Very, very bad experience, so before sign the bill check the charge and also check if they do the job right.

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I went to get a oil change Aug 31, 2015 at Just Tires 221 N. Rand Rd., Arlington Heights, Illinois. After they got finish I ask them DID they put my new air filter in and windshield washer fluid in my car and they said yes. But when I got home I checked my air filter, washer fluid and they didn't do what they said. My oil change cost me $78 and some change and the next day I found out that they didn't put the right oil in my car because the oil percentage was going down too fast. I shouldn't burn 15% of oil in 35 miles. I took my car back to them the next day after I called corporate and they gave me a full refund. I will never take my business to Just Tires ever again. Because if they do it to a man like me that mean they are doing it to women and elderly people.

Took our 1997 Chevy truck in for brake services on 4-12-2015. Told us it was call SOFT BRAKE. Replace Master Cylinder... Keeping in mind we only drive this truck 2x week. As of 8-25-2015 we have now driven 1469 miles in 4 1/2 months and we again have soft brakes. Just Tires said again MASTER CYLINDER gone bad. After that, on 8-27-2015 because it's under warranty they did the same work again. Today I still have brakes going to the floor. Took the truck back today 8-30-2015 and Don the store manager said it was the ABS unit and he will talk to District Manager to refund our money bc Just Tires can't fix what the problem is and we are still waiting on that phone call to happen so we can get our $570.42 back and take it to a brake specialist to fix our soft brakes.

We moved to HSP in 2004 and began using Just Tires on our two cars back then. Eventually, we had 4 cars at the house -- two kids in high school and now in college. We bought quality tires from them at competitive rates, which includes lifetime balance and rotations, and which we regularly make use of. In fact, they gave us lifetime bal & rotate on a Jeep Wrangler that had wheels and tires purchased online. But since they mounted them for us for a fee, we continued to benefit. I'm looking forward to bringing my performance car there soon, for some all-season tires, mount, balance and alignment, and I'm expecting to see some of the same faces in there and get the same quality work for a reasonable amount.

My tpms lit up on 8/22 so I go to the nearest station, turn the vehicle off, fill the tires and turn the car back on and the tpms is unlit. While inflating my tires I notice the back tire is in poor condition. Shop the following day I get 4 new tires at my local Just Tires on Kirkwood hwy in Wilmington, DE. The car is returned with the tpms lit up and the salesman, Franklin, informs me it'll turn off in 20 miles. A full week later commuting to and from work and the light is still lit. I return to the original Just Tires and the salesman tells me the sensor was on when I came in. He proceeds to tell me I'm going to have to purchase a new sensor or have Toyota recalibrate it. Am I really supposed to pay out of pocket for something that was working fine before their technicians got their hands on it?

I took my car in for a $25 oil change on Sat Aug 1st at 1:30. While doing my oil change the lift blew a line while my car was up in the air. They wasn't going to be able to get my car down until that Monday. Wanted me to pay for a rental then they would reimburse me!!! District manager was suppose to give me a call. Never did! 1st time EVER going here and last! This was the Just Tires in Exton, PA. Use to be GOODYEAR! Changing the name won't give you better customer service results. Change the CEO, CAO, the Regional managers and district managers! Worst service I've ever experienced on a first time basis!!!

I took my car in this morning to get new tires. When I returned, I noticed that my window was down. As I drove away, the window would not go up. It sounded like a crackling noise, went up about 3/4 of the way and then stopped. When I dropped my car off this morning, the window was fine. I rolled it up, just before giving the keys to the store manager. When I returned to the store in order to ask what happened and they claimed that no one touched the window. However, obviously this is false, as someone rolled down the window.

It is clear to me that while I left my car in their care, someone broke something in the unit that automatically rolls up the window. He said himself that it sounded like it was off track. This obviously happened during the work that was done to my car, yet they refused to take responsibility and insulted my intelligence with the logic which was used in order to explain how it was not their fault. I should have seen the negative reviews here, but I thought that I was just getting some new tires and it seems like this should be something that should be very easy not to screw up. I was wrong.

I have a slow leak on the right front tire on a set of Goodyear Assurance directional triple treads which I purchased from Just Tires for my Dodge Magnum with AWD. I called and spoke to the manager ** at 7851 Miller Road Carpentersville Illinois 60110 to get the tire fixed. He said, "Come on over and we will get the tire fixed". It was Saturday June 13th 2015 about 1:00 PM. When I arrived the manager was polite. I politely said, "If you can't fix the tire do not take the tire off the standard factory rim because a slow leak 5-psi per week is better than driving on the spare tire. General Motors says not to use the spare because it could damage the AWD system". After a short wait the tire technician was fixing the tire or so I thought. The tire technician removed a screw from the middle of the tread and fixed it but somehow punctured the side wall and the tire went flat while hissing.

The tire tech said the tires were old and tried to convince me the tire was leaking like this the whole time saying the slow leak was masking the sound of the newly created leak. This is not so. The tire was fully inflated when I arrived. The tire was not hissing when I brought in my Dodge Magnum. The tire tech said now I would need a new tire.The problem is the Goodyear Triple directional tread tires are no longer made. The manager then put information saying all the tires were dangerously over inflated to 55 and 65 PSI and the Dodge Magnum looked abused which is not true. I am very mindful of my car's tire pressure and is near 35 psi. Now I have to purchase a whole new set of tires because you can't mix tires with different treads and height on the Dodge Magnum's AWD system as stated by the Dealer instructions.

What I can't understand is the manager's apathy and unwillingness to help me and how does a tire tech poke a hole through the sidewall of a tire. In the beginning I said, "If you could not fix the tire don't take it off the rim. It has a slow leak less than 5-PSI lost per week because I don't want to drive on the spare". Upon placing the spare on I could examine the side wall puncture and the damage was not there when the tire tech drove the car on to the lift rack. I should have been able to get at least 10 to 20 thousand more miles on those tires. Please help me to resolve this issue.

I have been to the Just Tires SEVERAL time in Durham NC the Hwy 55 location, EVERY experience was bad but after this one I will NEVER go again. I went on early morning before the store even opened waited about 30/45 mins. They opened and I told them what I needed I just previously bought new tires with roadside assistance. That morning I had a screw in my tire and I knew it was a screw because I saw it. I was at Just Tires for 2 hours just for them to plug my tire. I am a female so I guess we are all dumb when it comes to our vehicles. I say approximately a week later my air pressure light is on again and I go back ask them to check all tires because I don't know what's going on now. So they come back and show me the same tire with the same screw in it plus they put another screw in it and said the tires was fixable. I needed a new one. They didn't know I had roadside asst.

Then I spoke with the manager and told him that I came the week prior and how long I was there only to find out you NEVER fixed my tire etc. He was so rude and unprofessional that he will NEVER get my money again and they wanted to charge me for fixing the tires. Made me wait this time even longer then told me I had to pay to have roadside asst. for that tires because it's not included one I have the original tire they first put on replaced. I contacted corporate and no one has ever followed up with me. I will never buy or recommend Just Tires to anyone. Discount Tire is the best. Better service, tires, prices and they really do care about their customers.

I took my car to Just Tires on 3097 Edinger Ave Tustin CA for an oil change and now the skid plate is missing underneath the car. They stole it and now giving me the runaround. ** the store manager is useless.

My wife and I have taken our H2 in for a oil change at our local oil stop store. We take all our car there for years. While there I was called to check something out with our car. The person doing our oil change said "you are missing some bolts and one is broken off" (this is on the skid pan under the bottom). I ask him, "do you take this off to change oil?", reply was "no! We have a ramp that the oil run down and in the catch". So I went back to the store that we had work done (tires/Front end and Breaks). The Manager called me and said they do not remove this and they were not the one who did this. Did not offer to fix just "no not us we never have remove this". Why would I have a nose like a bracket louse which was plat was not fasten right? So did they just drop out on their own? Will not shop at this store and will let our Mesa Verde Association know about the service.

Waited 2 hours for 1 tire. Stalls open. Workers standing around. Could have tire done quickly. Don't know why they made me wait like that. I had to get to work. They weren't even busy.

I was very angry at the Just Tires in Apex NC. Had bought 3 tires and order the fourth one the day before I had a flat. A screw driver in my brand new tire. I go to Just Tires and drop my vehicle to get the new tire. I ask the manager if my flat tire was fixable. He said, "I'LL check it and give you a call". Waited and waited, no one call. When they finally call I ask the lady were they able to fix my tire? She said hold on. She ask the manager and she returns to the phone and say we gave you a new one. I go home and realize that I still have an old tire in my vehicle. I go over there and ask why. They told me that the money I pay for my fourth tire was the one they install for the flat one. No one ever told me that. So they used my new tire to replace it. Until now I haven't heard anything if they were going to replace my old one.

The manager of the Thousand Oaks, CA store is rude. The story is too long to explain here. Suffice to say I called their corporate offices and I now understand why the T.O. store manager is rude. It's because corporate leads by example. Find another tire company to deal with besides Just Tires and make yourself happy.

My car is a Chevy Metro 1999 and I went to Just Tires for alignment and oil exchange. I left my car at 10:00 am and they told me in two hours the car will be ready and they going to call me in order to pick my car but was 6:55 pm when I call them. And the person who pick the phone told me the job is done but the frame car is broken and some joints are broken too. He said "you have to carry your car to the body shop and maybe the cost will be about $ 1000 dollars plus replace the joints new alignment" and I have to pay for move my car from Just tires to the body shop. The most ridiculous thing is the manager store works from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm and he cannot speak with me after 3:00 pm. I depend of my car and I want to keep my work and pay my bills in time but without car will be impossible. I hope someone from the corporation can read my message and resolve my issue with Just Tires store. Thanks for read my desperate message.

I have two complaints. The web page gave the wrong address that caused me to be late for my appointment. The price quite does not say anything about sales tax. The good side. I was still taken as a new customer. I did have to wait longer expected. Conclusion: double check everything before using their services.

I bought tires from Just Tires in Holly Springs, NC. My car has tire pressure sensors connected to an on board computer. When they rotated tires they failed to reset the computer so the dashboard showed the correct tire for each location. The warning system showed a low tire on the right front; the actual problem tire was on the right rear. I checked the right front twice. It was OK so I assumed I had a faulty pressure sensor. When I took my car to my mechanic 3 days later, he found the real problem--my right rear tire had 15 pounds of pressure. I drove for 3 days with lots of interstate speed with that low a tire. I'm thankful nothing happened.

When I called Just Tires headquarters I got a well rehearsed routine to assure me they took my complaint seriously. LOL. The routine included 3 attempts to make the problem my fault. The manager asked me what he could do to mollify me. I told him I would never trust my car to Just Tires again. He then told me to call him back if I changed my mind. They are ignorant, uncaring, and incompetent. Buy from them at your own peril.

I bought a battery from Just Tires in Oswego in August of 2013. It has a 5 year warranty which impressed me. But what sucks is that the battery does not work in sub zero weather. On Dec. 23, 2013, my van would not start due to the weather being -20 degrees. So my friends came to my house and gave me a jump so I can take it to the Just Tires shop to check the battery. They checked everything, including the starter, electrical. They said there is no problem with the battery. They asked if I left the lights on (I did not leave any lights on). They left the old existing battery (from August 2013) in the van and said it should be fine so I took their word but was suspicious about the fact that if the weather hits sub zero temps again, I would have problems but they assured me that it would be fine.

Well they were wrong because the weather hit -45 on Jan. 6, 2014; the van wouldn't start again. But between Dec. 26 till Jan. 5th it started up just perfect with temperature over 10 degrees. I called Just Tires in Oswego today on Jan. 8, 2014. They said they could not do anything because the battery is fine and they said that I have to bring the van in for them to check it, the question is how the heck do I bring the van in if it doesn't start??? I asked if they can send someone out to give me a jump because the jump would start the van with no problems. He said "NO, we don't do home service, all work is done in the shop." WOW is all I can say is because I live about 1.5 miles from the shop and they expect me to "PUSH" A 7000 LBS. van to the shop!!!

What good is the warranty if I get no customer service???? Please help me here because I am getting the worst customer service from the manager, Jason **. All I can say that I will never ever go back there for any more services (sadly, I am stuck there because the battery is under 5 year warranty). So in a matter of 2 weeks with 3 different days of sub zero temperature, the van doesn't start. But in temperatures above 10 degrees, it starts beautifully. So there may be a problem with the battery being too weak to give off power to start the van in sub zero weather. Thanks & I would appreciate some help here hopefully from the corporate.

What a nightmare. Got 4 high performance tires from Just Tires, because they told me I drive a BMW (1999 328i), and a 3 years alignment plan. Just after the first 5k miles, I took it for full free inspection and tire rotation. Nothing was wrong and car was given back to me. On second inspection, 10k miles, I took it in for rotation and tire alignment. On that time I was told they can’t perform the rotation because my tires are too worn to rotate, but they did the alignment. I got real frustrated right away because the tires were brand new and asked for an explanation.

I was told it was my fall because I did not bring the car to get a rotation on time (and manager went on reading the mileage; he was reading another car’s logs and I corrected him), so then he went on and blamed it on the alignment, not done at 6k miles, and he told me 10k was too long between alignments. After I got home, went through car history maintenance and found the alignment print out before and after from Just Tires and they had the wrong wheel size (mine are 18, they had 16) so basically they aligned the car with 16 wheel specifications. That is what worn out all 4 tires in the inside and one of them very bad. From Just Tires manager, they will give me 25% prorated discount to buy 4 new tires. I think they owe me 4 new replacement tires. They just lost a 13-year loyal customer.

I brought my car in to Just Tires because my car had a light grinding noise. They told me it was the rear brakes. They deceptively gave me an initial quote. They called me at work and told me that I needed additional extensive repairs to include replacement of the rear brake calipers, rotors and pads. They scared me by telling me that my car could have caught fire due to the leaking brake oil. They never offered me the opportunity to view the old parts. The original estimate was $270.00. With the additional repairs, the final bill was $637.03. The parts were partly rebuilt and not according to manufacturer specifications. They told me that the brake pads would be ceramic, but they substituted inferior semi-metallic pads for the price of the ceramic pads.

When I picked my car up that evening and got home and attempted to apply the parking brake, my dashboard display showed a malfunction warning (never have seen that before). When I took my car back early in the morning, 7:30 am, they told me it would just be a few minutes while they reset the sensor. Four hours later, I came back to pick up my car and it had multiple warning sensors displayed and it was non-functional.

I asked Just Tires to remove all of the parts and give me a refund because they placed me in a worse situation than how I brought my car to them. Just Tires refused to give me a refund or a commitment to have my car properly repaired. I had to have my car flat bed towed from Just Tires to my certified mechanic the same day and it cost me an additional $795.39 to repair the damage that they caused to the hand brake which was the original problem. I NEVER NEEDED THE REPAIRS FOR BRAKE PADS, ROTORS OR CALIPERS. I want a refund and reimbursement to replace the inferior brake parts that were never required.

I took my car in to replace a tire. A gentleman named Austin worked on it. My tires have locking lug bolts. The gentleman named Austin worked on my car. He striped the key. Just Tires told me they strip the key trying to get the lug bolt off. They will not pay for the key or the damages it may have incurred.

The Just Tires I used to use in Norristown, PA replaces your lug nuts way too tight and I ended up with a permanent injury due to them not following proper procedure, then they have the gall to lie about it. I spoke with other people about this and those that used the same place complained of the same problem. I now have a herniated disk in my neck C-6 and C-7 which do hurt. I literally broke a TEE-BAR lug wrench and had to go to my local garage to have them loosened so that I could take off. If you had an emergency flat on the side of the road, the lug wrenches they put in cars now would NOT be able to get them off. It took an impact wrench to get mine loosened up. Did anyone else ever have this issue? Thank you for reading my complaint.

On April 23 at 9:00am, I called Just Tires for a quote on a set of four Michelin tires size 205-55-16. The person on the phone seemed pleasant. I was asking questions about requirements for the low price guarantee that is located on a window advertisement. I asked him if the offer could come from a local business and not necessarily out of the local newspaper. He stated it could come from a local competitor. I gave him the quote of $580 including an alignment at no charge. I have been pricing tires for the last 3 weeks and was hoping to buy them with the best deal. Time and money is not cheap these days. I have not received a return phone call yet as of April 25. They probably could not match the quote I received, and I think they lack concern for what they advertise and would not match it. They also lack professionalism in at least retuning my call. I have also waited for a simple oil change, also at the location of Hwy 42 in Garner, NC for an hour and a half. I will not be returning to this location. I will go where my business is appreciated.

I had a flat tire in my work parking lot. Although I had roadside assistance through my auto insurance, I figured I had paid for this extra tire protection - might as well use it! When I called Just Tires Road Hazard Protection to come out & change the tire, I was told I had to remain with the vehicle until they arrived. I said I was at work in the building the vehicle was located at. All they had to do was call me at my work # which was direct to my desk & I would come outside. I was told that this was not allowed, that they cannot guarantee the tow truck driver will have a phone with them or use their personal phone to make that call. They could not give me the name of the company coming out either.

It was 30 degrees outside. I was not going to sit outside & wait for a tow truck driver when I didn't have to, especially when I was supposed to be in my office at work. Plus, I wasn't given the name or phone # for the company coming out. As a woman, I was not comfortable with that! It was a call for help - no sit & wait for somebody (we can't tell you who) to show up. So, I ended up calling my Insurance Road Side Assistance - they had no problems giving me the name & phone # to the company coming out, and had the driver call me when they arrived so I could go outside & meet him. I sat at my desk warm inside working until he called & changed my tire.

Don't buy this plan for roadside assistance! It is some low-rate bottom basement company! And who knows who in the heck is going to come out & help you!

I am disputing the following: 1. Overcharging of installation of new tires - $33.00 per tire, ($33.00 x 4 = $132.00 plus tax 7.25 % = $141.57). The reason for my disputing the charges is because the Just Tire store charged $33.00 per tire to install, stem, balance, mount the tire which should not be more than $16.00 per tire. I was told that the $33.00 included lifetime balancing and rotation which I was not interested in getting (I may not keep the car for more than 1-2 more years so I was not interested in the lifetime option). I asked what price was without the lifetime balancing and rotation, I was told $32.00 which seems unheard of.

2. Price match guarantee: "Just Tires guarantees the lowest price even after you purchase your tires; if you find a lower price, they will match it with your receipt." I left the Just Tires location in Yorba Linda and I went home, got on the internet and found a lower price for the exact same tires. I called the store back and asked them to tell me the terms and conditions of the "Price Match Guarantee" and was given the runaround. I provided them with the website that advertised the same tires and I was hung up on. The price I found was $104.00 on the internet for the tire, Goodyear Eagle GT 215/45ZR17/XL.

3. I handed the salesman my Goodyear card when I first entered the shop. When it came time to pay for it, he asked if I wanted a Just Tires Card and applied for the card just to find out I already have a Goodyear card. I have enclosed copies of the applications which will stay on my credit report for up to two years; and 4. Hanging in the store behind the counter, it says, "Install 4 tires in 30 min. or less." It took them 2 hours.

They sold me a road hazard warranty that they said would cover all 4 of my tires, and now that I have a problem with one of my tires, they said it only covers the 2 tires I bought from them. It's a ripoff. I will never go back, and in fact, I've received excellent service from Sears Tires and Costco. Don't take my word for it. Read everyone else's reviews. Stop, and shop somewhere else.

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