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I had a similar experience to others here. My tires were about 3.5 years old, with about 30k miles. They had been rotated and had the air pressure checked on regular basis, including when I started on this trip. While towing a 9500# trailer on the NJ Turnpike, I heard a sound like an explosion at the rear of my vehicle, accompanied by an extreme vibration. Luckily I was able to get over on the shoulder, although it was not very wide. I have experienced an occasional flat tire and side wall blow out in my life, but nothing like what I saw, which was a loss of all the tread, and extensive sheet metal damage to the rear quarter panel. The separating tread had acted like a "mace" while rotating before it came totally off.

Changing the driver side rear with 18 wheelers whizzing by was not fun. The good news is that my local family owned tire company took care of sending all the tires off (Michelin/BFG wanted them all back). I replaced them all with Michelins as I needed the truck back. I have not yet paid for the new tires as of yet, waiting to hear from the Manufacturer. It seems apparent to me from reading here that the BFG's were defective and that's why they want them out of circulation. Lucky there was not a fatality. My expectation is that since Michelin is the parent company now of BFG they will provide the new Michelin branded tires gratis to me. State Farm stepped up and paid for the truck repair, which was substantial from the body shop. BFG was very quick to throw that cost onto the insurer when they found out I had coverage.

On September 25, 2016 I was driving my Ford F350 with a set of BFG KOs all terrain tires on it that have only about 11,000 miles on them. Felt a vibration on the truck and before I could pull over, the tire tread separated from the tire causing major damage to the right rear wheel well, bed area, tail light and the air bags under the bed. Like other complaints, the BFG company wants me to send my tire in at my expense if I file a complaint for damages or they will replace all the tires, but I have to pay for mounting and balancing. I will already be out my 500 dollar deductible for the truck repair. I agree, do not buy from this company, they will not honor their product.

1st set of BFG KO2 on a new Ram 2500 Diesel and 2 were out of round. Those 2 were replaced. The new ones wouldn't balance and the original other 2 were balanced 3 times with no luck. The whole set were replaced. The new set would not balance and vibrated. I had to pay again to have them balanced. They still vibrated. I fought with BFG customer service 16 times. Finally they replaced with a different size hoping this would correct the problem. Nope... had them balanced 2 times already and they are worse than the last 2 sets. Now NTB bent one of my wheels and my lug nuts are chewed up from taking these on and off a total of 11 times. Not to mention when they completely took the tires off the rims and rotated them around. The sizes were 325 and 35 on a 20 inch wheel.

I called the local 4 wheel parts and they won't even sell you these tires. They warrantied 28 sets and don't want the hassle of them so they stopped selling them. He said the bad sizes were 285, 275, 315, 35, 265, 325. I've been to the tire store 19 times for inspections and rotations and balancing and still have a very very bad vibration and can't drive the truck. Oh and btw, I have a combined 2500 miles on all sets so they're all new tires. So beware... unless you want to throw away 2000.00 buy something else...

I have a 36x13.5 50R18 that had a blowout, third one in the past three years (vehicle damage all three times). Long story short, we purchased the vehicle used and we honestly thought the first two blowouts were due to the tires being old. The most recent blowout is a tire that we purchased (we purchased two for $500 each!) I took the tire to an authorized dealer at the request of the claims department (the dealer confirmed it is defective). I later received a letter requesting that I send the tire via UPS or FEDEX to South Carolina, at my own expense initially. I live in Arizona. This is an outrageous request, the dealer confirmed it is defective, BF Goodrich should make themselves fully responsible for the shipping.

I spoke to the person "handling" my claim and he confirmed that this was the process and that they would immediately reimburse me as soon as the tire was received. It is completely unfair and unprofessional to ask this of a customer. I have already spent over $1500 in the past three years due to the blowouts, I do not feel I should have to spend anymore. You are a 700 million dollar a year company in North America and you cannot send your customer a return label for this?

After reading all the reviews, I can only say, add one more similar experience. We bought 4 BF Goodrich Advantage T/A 215/60R17 at Pep Boys in February 2013. By May 2015, one of them was coming totally apart. They replaced it for free, as faulty product. By Sept 2016, the tires are severely and unsafely worn out at only 33,000 miles of life and only 2 1/2 years. Not even close to the 75,000 miles they are warrantied for. We were driving back home with a terrible shaking, our ABS would not even turn off all the way. The tires definitely will need to be replaced soon. We will be speaking to the Pep Boys store and see what they say.

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Well exactly 2 years and 1 month ago I purchased a set of 4 brand new B.F. Goodrich All-Terrain T/A 275 70R18 tires for my 2006 Ford F-250. Let me begin with I am the type of person who thinks safety first and am constantly on top of my truck and tires since it is the family travel vehicle and I tow a 9 thousand pound travel trailer with it. I check my tire pressure and the tires themselves regularly for any possible problems that they may have. I even cover the tires from the Sun since I only drive the truck a couple times a week. Well this past weekend I was returning from a camping trip and was 600 miles from home when I started feeling a slight vibration while driving. I pulled over immediately at the next rest stop and inspected my truck and trailer tires and air pressure. Not seeing anything visible and being that it was 9 pm and no tire stores are open at that hour, I continued on going driving a little slower than normal.

Then with in about 10 miles the vibration got worse and before I could get off at the next off-ramp I had a complete blow out of the passenger side rear truck tire. Which almost caused me to lose control of the truck, it also sent the tread that blew off flying in front of my truck onto the left lane next to me. This caused a vehicle that was there to swerve crazily to avoid the tread almost colliding them with the vehicle that was next to it. After pulling over and calming my very scared family down, I went out and saw that my rear quarter panel was ripped, cut open and mangled up like a tin can. Also my exhaust pipe was bent up and into the frame where it reduced the out flow of exhaust considerably. The tire itself was shredded and destroyed. Luckily I carry tools with me and was able to change the tire and repair the exhaust pipe enough so that I can continue on home.

So I continue on home thinking that my bad experience was over with the vehicle rolling nice and smooth again, but about two hundred miles down the road I start feeling the same vibration coming from my driver's side rear. It's about 2 in the morning now having no spare tire now I immediately pull over and find a campground to spend the night so that I can find new tires in the morning. In the morning I go to a nearby Tire Kingdom which was open and begin my hunt. Well they and their two other stores in town only had one off brand tire in my size. Since it was Sunday some of the local stores were closed. To my surprise they called a couple of competitors to try and help me out but no one had it either (kudos to them).

Upon them inspecting my tires they found a bubble under the tread of the driver's side rear tire. So I had them replace that tire with the one tire they had and was told not to use the tire with the bubble in it unless I wanted to experience another blowout. I then limped all the way home praying that neither of my front tires blew up. So after I got home I called B.F. Goodrich and inquired about the tires. They immediately started a claim process to my surprise. But once they found out that I didn't have the blown out tire in my possession anymore they said that they couldn't help me out since they couldn't inspect the blowout. I asked if it was really reasonable for me to carry a unrimmed blown out tire with metal wires sticking out of it home. They didn't care.

Then I told them that I had pictures of the blowout and the one with the bubble in it. They then offered me a discount on a new tire for the one that had a bubble in it, but couldn't do anything about the tire I was forced to purchase because it was a competitor's tire. As to my 2 front tires they told me to go get them inspected, which in my mind is useless unless tire places now have an x-ray machine on hand to inspect tires because just like the other 2 defective tires they look perfect and are rolling perfect. Anyway I hope this helps some of you out and more importantly saves a life or two.

I purchased a set of BFG tires from American tire depot. After 2-1/2 years and just over 20k miles on the tires I noticed severe cracking around the tread and sidewall of all four tires. After doing some research on the tires I discovered there were many complaints about BFG tires and also a recall on the load E tires. I called BFG to explain my situation and the recall that I had found on their website. I opened a claim and then returned back to where I purchased the tires and also Americas tire company to have the tires inspected. Both companies said I should not drive on the tires because of the danger of the excessive cracking in the rubber. American Tire Depot apparently ordered new tires and called to tell me a week later that the tires were in stock so I scheduled to have the tires swapped out.

I dropped the truck off the next morning and after the tires were mounted and balanced I found out BFG would only cover 25% based on the tread wear and not the full cost of the tires! After several calls to BFG and speaking with Todd from customer service who was a complete joke, said he would credit me 45% of the tire except he could not tell me the price of the tire because american tire depot had their cost which was now higher than when I first purchased the tires at $770.00 mounted and balanced. Now two and a half years later it is costing me another $680.00 for tires. The sad part is the Company admitted that they had a bad batch of tires because of poor quality rubber and yet according to BFG does this in no way shape or form affect the tread on the tire "really". How stupid can they think a person can be...

So my advice to anybody looking for tires out there, stay as far away from The Michelin company as you can because they own the BFG and the Uniroyal names and definitely do not stand behind their own product or warranty!!! Do your research on the recalls issued for all of the Michelin, BFG and Uniroyal tires. "The safety of your family depends on your diligence". Sincerely, One very unhappy customer!!! Also don't ever try to get names or transcripts from the recorded conversations between you and the Michelin Corp that they claim "is for quality control purposes". They will not give you this information.

I drive a ford excursion 4x4 with the rugged terrain 265/75 R16. While driving my kids to school the other morning I felt a vibration start, so I drove straight my local tire dealer where I bought the tires (less than 3miles). My left rear tire was beginning to develop a bubble (separation) so I had them install the spare. Disaster averted. Not so fast. The bad tire was placed in my truck in the spare tire holder. The next morning I opened the door to get in my truck and I see pieces of plastic and insulation everywhere. The tire exploded overnight causing extensive damage to the interior of my truck. It even caused a little body damage on the outside. All the interior panels directly in front of the tire were a complete loss but thank God my kids were not in the truck at the time of explosion. The tires do have appr 27,000 miles, but I never dreamed they could be a bomb when not even installed.

On May 5,2016 while traveling eastbound on I-10 approx. 2 miles from Winnie, Tx. I blew out one of the B.F. Goodrich tires on right rear of my motorhome. (2004 Coachman Santara on a E-450 Ford Econoline frame). Tread belt came completely off and tire blew almost in half. After contacting my ins. company road service, they sent a repairman out to install spare. I continued on toward my destination. Approx, 2 miles west of Orange, Tx. (45 miles down the road) the other B.F. Goodrich tire on right rear blew out. It also blew off the tread belt completely. Was able to drive 15-20 mph to reach Orange on the spare which was still inflated. In fear for my safety and that of my family I found a tire store that had correct size tires and had all of the B.F. Goodrich tires taken off and replaced.

If one of the front tires had blown out I would most likely have wrecked the vehicle or turned it over. Contacted B.F. Goodrich after I got back home and was told they needed to see tires to verify I had not run over debris or ran tire underinflated. I always check tires prior to going on freeway. Since I was approx. 100 or so miles from home and still not reached my destination, I had no way to keep tires and bring them back home with me. How would I live in motorhome for balance of vacation days with 6 tires stacked up inside? B.F. Goodrich rep was very rude when I pointed this out. Her remark, "what do you want us to do, just write you a check?"

Tire dealer sent tires in for recycle but told me the manufr. date on the two tires that had blown out was 31-11 and 41-11. Which falls within the recalled tires date. At this time I am waiting for estimate from RV service center to assess damage these tires did to rear and bottom of my motorhome. Storage compartment, exhaust pipe, floor above wheel well, air lines to air-ride boot, wheel well flare and damage to side of RV where exhaust hit. Save yourself a lot of time and trouble and avoid B.F. Goodrich tires.

BFG Tires fr. Sam's Club - began to vibrate, shake steering column/unoccupied passenger seat; bal. inside & out, rot./align. at every oil change - problem got worse. After reading the issues, removed the tires from my truck. BAD PRODUCT!!

I went into SAM's club and told them I needed 4 brand new tires. I told them I wanted a all terrain tire. The guy talked me out of the tires I wanted and insisted I get the other tires which I found out later they were having problems with the tires they insisted that I buy. I had a bolt - yes a frickin bolt in my tire with a flat end on it. These tires are very soft and that is why people are picking up ** in their tires that normally would not even stick in a tire. I'm not happy with these tires which cost me 800.00 and they refused to replace it. They drilled a huge hole in my tire and patched it... Really I mean that's a blowout ready to happen. These tires have horrible reviews. I will not refer anybody to SAM's to buy these tires and what makes me mad is they knew of the problems when they sold them to me. I guess the commission they would make off the tires was more important. Not a happy camper!!!

In mid August, I was driving with my roommate and her sister to an event in Massachusetts. We had been on the highway nearly the whole time, about 1 1/2 hours, with a few spots of construction about a half hour or more past. While on a clear stretch of highway, almost completely smooth and clear, my car started to shake. I turned to tell my roommate my car, a 2012 Ford Focus hatchback, has probably overheated and I had to pull over. Through the back passenger window, I see nothing but smoke. I tapped the brakes and tried to coast to a halt from about 65-70 mph.

We ended up sideways in the grass median, and finally came to a halt about four inches from the opposite guardrail and about a foot away from a four foot ditch, with no real damage to the car, but the three of us were obviously terrified. I got out to look while calling the local police (since I had no means to get it out of the median or put on the donut). The entire tread had ripped off the inner sidewall. About an inch of rubber was still on the actual wheel. After we got to the mechanic (just BJs, since I had their warranty on my tires), we saw the tire again.

A four by two chunk of tread had ripped off. If we had been any less lucky, we could have crashed into that ditch and damaged the car and ourselves, or smashed into the bridge pylon just beyond and possibly gotten killed. My dad - who I called as he had the paperwork for my tires - attempted to get in touch with the company. Nothing. They ignored the fact that three people could have died because of a defective tire. I check the tires before I go anywhere, having had a slow leak in the set that came with the car, and they were in perfect condition before we left. I will never buy BF Goodrich again, or Michelin, if they can be comfortable knowing they own a brand that is notorious for catastrophic failure but do nothing about it.

I bought a set of these tires 18 months ago. About two months ago, I noticed one of the tires' tread was separating. I returned the tire to Americas Tire Company under warranty. They advised this tire is not longer being manufactured but they located one in Texas, I live in CA. So I waited about 2 weeks to receive the new one.

On Friday, 11/27/15 my rear tire tread separated from the tire, and the tire blew up while towing a 40' trailer causing over $13k in damage to my truck. I was barely able to control the truck and trailer, and come to a stop on the side of the freeway. A part of the truck was ripped off as a result of the tire separation, and was sent toward my passenger side front trailer tire causing it to have a rapid air loss. Needless to say, 2 of the 4 tires have already failed and in looking at the other two tires there are signs of cracks along the tread. I filed a claim with Michelin who owns BFGoodrich, and they so far are taking care of me except they want me to pay for new tires because I told them I no longer wanted the original BFGoodrich tires.

I bought a pair of BFG KO2 tires for my 2008 Cummins on Nov. 9, 2015. Two weeks later, driving 70 MPH on I-80 near Truckee, CA catastrophic tire failure. Nearly caused a terrible accident and damaged my immaculate truck. I read reviews before I had bought the tire, and was still convinced by the boys at Discount Tire that this was the best tire for my truck. "150 complaints?" they said, "we sell millions of these tires and have never heard of the issue. 150 complaints is what a 1/2 percent of the people that run this tire." I should have listened to the reviews, tires had less than 1000 miles on 'em. I don't know what will happen with Discount Tire and BFG on Monday the 23rd, but I will keep you posted.

I've owned BFG's all my adult life. These particular truck tires were purchased 3 yrs, 5 months ago. I only have 12k miles on them. Last month, the right rear tire shattered while on the CA freeway, about 9 p.m. Caused over $2800 in damage. Crazy. I suspected all my tires now to be defective. Today, same thing happens... this time, the left rear. I'm getting an attorney Monday morning. I'll never buy BFG again.

I bought 4 each BF Goodrich Rugged Terrain tires size T/A Lt275/70R18 for my 2008 Ford F-350 P/u from my local Ford Dealer (Larry Geweke Ford) for $875.00. I also purchased a Road Hazard Protection Plan for $64.00. While driving on I-80 just outside of Battle Mountain Nevada I experienced a vibration in my front end. I pulled over and noticed my driver's side front tire had separated.. I put on my spare and made it to Battle Mountain where I bought a new tire for $372.56. I kept the old tire and continued on my hunting trip to Baggs Wyoming.

One week later while en route home to Yuba City Ca., just outside of Wendover Nevada I felt a vibration coming from the rear. I again pulled over and noted the driver's side rear was in the process of separating. I called the Road Hazard people who gave me two claim numbers and was told to go to a BF Goodrich dealer, give them the claim numbers and I would be taken care of. I also called Larry Geweke Ford and told them of my problem. I was told that I would have to take this up with BF Goodrich.

I put on my spare and proceeded to Elko Nevada (No BF Goodrich dealers in Wendover). I arrived at the Big O Tires store in Elko. I gave the claim numbers to the manager who called BFG and they stated they had no record of my name or my claim numbers. This Big O guy was rude and uncaring but after about 2 hours said he was authorized to give me 50% off a new tire which I accepted (I wanted to get home). This manager stated he would take possession of the two old tires and return them to BFG. I had him place the two new tires on the front and the older ones on the rear and I photographed the two tires that I left with him.

I proceeded west bound on I-80 when just out of Winnemucca Nevada again I felt a vibration from the rear. I went into Winnemucca and had both rear tires replaced for $669.82. I then continued on my way home with the two old tires in the bed of my truck and made it back home with no further mishaps. Once home I contacted the Road Hazard people (Safe-Guard Products Intl.) who told me because my problem wasn't from any road hazard and that I didn't get prior authorization and didn't have them inspect the tires before I replaced them they were denying my claim. I told them it was impractical to get prior authorization and asked them how they were going to get someone to 3 different locations at 3 different times in Nevada. They said they understood my dilemma.

I went back to the Ford Dealership (Larry Geweke Ford) in Yuba City and told them my story. I was notified that because I only had two tires they could only give me $97.20 each for just the two. I asked about the other tires to which he said I didn't have them and I was reimbursed for the one that Big O changed. I asked him if he thought paying $2000.00 for tires in a two year period was acceptable to him. He shrugged his shoulders and said he didn't know. It should also be noted the tires were only two years old and had only 13,000 miles on them. I contacted BF Goodrich and told them my story of woe to which they said they'd get back with me----We'll see!!

I have a Chevy 3500 1-ton single axle pickup. I have always owned trucks and purchased ONLY BF Goodrich tires for them and my trailers. I show horses and have MANY miles of hauling experience. Before EVERY show (1-2 times per month), I check all the tire pressure on the truck, the 3 spares and the horse trailer. I also use Klasse to keep the tires moist (which was recommended to me by Americas Tire Store which is where I purchased these tires almost 4 years ago). These tires have maybe 20K miles on them.

On Friday - Oct 9, 2015 on Highway 33 heading North in California approx. 5 miles south of Gustine between Cottonwood Drive and Snyder lane, I had a MAJOR tire failure which almost cost me, my horses and my dogs, our lives. I was hauling a 35 foot long horse trailer with 2 horses at 55MPH. Suddenly there was a horrific noise, the entire truck shuddered and shook and veered violently to the left crossing the double yellow line and heading into oncoming traffic. I managed to get control and get the truck back over into my lane, all the while it's shaking almost uncontrollably. The truck lurched/bucked in the air and I saw (what I know now was the tire but I didn't know then) something shoot like a rocket in the air from the driver's side truck bed area.

I located a tight area to get off the highway (with a 35 foot long trailer that's not easy when there is no shoulder). I jumped out and the tire, still completely inflated was missing all of its tread. My truck was mangled! It ripped the fender completely off, broke all the support brackets (ripped them out), tore the paint off, dented the side and crushed the rear quarter panel and broke the left blinker and the rear light housing. My animals and I were lucky that we escaped with our lives... but my poor truck took the brunt of this.

I own a Ford F-250 with BF Goodrich (Michelin) LT275/65R/20 Rugged Terrain T/A tires with 37,000 miles on them. I have service records to confirm that they have been properly maintained/inflated and rotated regularly by my local Ford dealership. They are still under tread warranty.

2 months ago while traveling on I-75, we pulled over as the truck began to vibrate, which progressively got worse. We noticed the tread began peeling off the rear passengers side tire and quickly changed the tire with the spare. 1 month later, while traveling on I-95, we had a catastrophic tire failure on the rear drivers side tire, which nearly caused an accident, and which caused nearly $3000.00 in estimated damages to the truck. Needless to say, my wife and 2 daughters were very shook up and feared we were going to have a serious accident.

After again changing the destroyed tire and arriving home alive (we still had 2 BF Goodrich tires in the front), we noticed that there was a recall on 2 versions of the Rugged Terrain T/A tire and called BF Goodrich, as we believed the tires were becoming defective. We were assured we would be taken care of and they proceeded to start a damage claim for us. BF Goodrich agreed to replace the 2 remaining tires at a 75% discount, pay for the 3rd tire and asked we pay for the 4th, which would be included in the damage claim for reimbursement. They also requested for us not to contact our insurance company as they would be handling the claim and further asked we ship them what was left of the tire for their "evaluation".

This past weekend, we got their response, which they concluded that the tire suffered from under-inflation (run-flat), which caused the blow-out, and would not pay for any of the damages. Today, I spoke to DLT, Consumer Claims Manager at Michelin, and told him I had all my service records from Ford, indicating the tires have been properly maintained/rotated/inflated and even had the truck at Ford the month before to replace the first blow-out tire. I can honestly say that DLT could care less about what I had to say, was extremely rude and hung up on me when he didn't want to hear anymore from me. I believe, based on other internet complaints, that they automatically deny most claims as they assume us "peasants" will not be willing to pay attorney's fees and litigate them.

Today, I filed a claim with my insurance company, (after BF Goodrich asked me not to), and filed complaints with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission as well as the NHTSA. Do yourself, your family and friends a favor and do not purchase any BF Goodrich or Michelin tires as their safety may depend on it. They clearly do not care about their customers and refuse to stand behind their products. I would be very interested in joining a class action lawsuit against the company if one is ever filed.

I bought a set of BF Goodrich all terrains and by the time the tire were ready for the first rotation the rear tire on my 2003 Chevy 2500hd were out of warranty. I bought the new set in December and five thousand miles later they're out of warranty, that's **. So now I'm stuck with a useless set of tires that cost me over a thousand dollars and I don't have the money to buy another set of tires when these blow out and that could happen at any time. BFG has really lost the quality so I thank BFG for a ** set of tires and for wasting my money on **. Thanks again.

In 2008 I purchased a 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe for my daughter. It had 42,000 miles and in great shape except for the tires. The vehicle had BF Goodrich T/A Long Trail on it. They had some dry rot. I checked with the local tire shop (Tire Town) and they inspected the tire and said it was safe. After 3 years of use with very little mileage, it got much worse. So at this time I wasn't going to take a chance with my daughter's safety. So I went to our local tire dealer (Tire Town) and ask for a replacement tire. They recommended the same tire and said the dry rot was unusual for that tire and probably due to the tires not being cared for. So I purchased new Long Trails all around. Had the tires rotated when needed and kept them Armor-Alled. The tires at this time look worse than the ones I replaced.

I checked with Tire Town and they stated that my tire are not on the recall list. Guess I'll have to have a serious wreck before they will replace them. My daughter is using my car that has Michelin tires on them. Would have gone for the Michelin on her but Tire Town told me that BF Goodrich was owned by Michelin and I would be getting the same quality for less the cost. Lesson learned! Do yourself a favor, DON'T PURCHASE BF GOODRICH TIRES.

On July 28, 2015, I was driving down the road at approximately 50-55mph pulling a boat trailer with a 2001 Dodge 3500 pickup truck, when all of a sudden the driver side rear tire blew out, like a bomb going off. It took off the whole driver side rear fender, stuck the boat, and the bent the boat trailer fender resulting in 3,400-3,500 dollars of damage. The tires on this truck were the BF Goodrich KM 2 mud terrain T/A size LT255/85 R16 with approximately 8,000 miles on it. Pretty much a brand new tire. I have ran some sort of BF Goodrich mud terrain tires on my vehicles for over 25 years, without incident. The tow company that came that day was astonished that a tire was in such good condition and had blown that way and felt it must be defective. Said it look more like a retread tire.

Took the bad tire back to the tire company that it was purchased from and they were shocked also, and felt sure the tire had to have some kind of defect. They contacted the local BF Goodrich tire rep, who gave us a number to file a claim. Agent at claim center seemed very helpful and stated BF Goodrich would stand behind their product and he would send me a claim package. I complete the claim form, obtained 2 repair estimate at 3,400-3,500 dollars, an invoice for the replacement tire, and a receipt for boxing and shipping the tire back to them for inspection. About a month later, I received a letter from BF Goodrich stating my claim had been denied stating that this tire must have been struck by some object to cause the failure. I am the only person who drives this vehicle and know with absolute certainty that this tire never struck anything while it was on my truck.

After checking the internet, I see that I am not the only one with the same exact tire problem with the same exact complete denial from BF Goodrich of responsibility. Hundreds of people have taken the time to blog about this problem. I just have to wonder how many other times this has happened without a report. If this tire had not had so little wear and almost new, I probably would have not taken the time. I'm just thankful that no one was injured or killed in this incident and that I was able to safely pull off the road and wait for assistance. I understand BF Goodrich has had recalls on other models of tires for the same reasons. I feel they are ignoring the facts at the expense of their own bottom line. Hopefully, their lack of concern will not result in the death of an innocent person. I hope no one has to experience this scary event and this will help others to become aware of the problem.

Tires in good condition, blow out on freeway destroying left quarter panel of my truck. Couple of months later blowout on freeway destroying right quarter panel as well as displaced tail pipe. Not only is this resulting in the need to replace all the tires for safety. But also costing $1,000 in insurance deductible to repair damage to my truck.

We were on our way to Michigan for a visit with our son, Eric and family. On our third day out, July 11, 2015, just about 75 miles outside of Wichita, Kansas, a loud bang - WOW. We were lucky, the left rear tire tread separated. One long alligator, we had a wide shoulder and Triple AAA. After several conversations with AAA, we tried to contact someone to come out to help us. Finally. KANSAS LAND TIRE in FREDONIA came out with a new tire, changed it, replaced the BFG with a MasterCraft, only kind they had of our size.

Back home we contacted BFG, tried to get a portion of our original purchase price, tires had less than 14,000 miles. We went back to the dealer originally and he gave us the number to contact BFG. Said we should not have any problem with a refund as we had a 50,000 mile warranty. Well, what a farce, nothing. A very bad experience. Do not buy any tires from this once good company. They have become money hungry and not caring about safety of consumers. We could have been killed or seriously injured.

BF Goodrich - if you're reading this your tires suck! Your valve stems suck! Two times I've had to put air in my tires due to slow leaks and each time the valve stem came shooting off in pieces after I put air in the tire. What gives? If this happens while I'm driving down the highway with one of the other two tires I am going to own you!!!

I purchased 4 tires in May of 2013 for my 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The tires were BFG radial T/A 265/60R18 35536. I have put less than 30,000 miles on the tires and they have been rotated regularly. The tires lost tread very quickly and I had to replace them recently. My dealer was surprised they were in such bad shape. The recalls don't address these tires from what I can tell. I will never buy another BFG tire and insist they be removed from any future new car.

I have been purchasing BFGoodrich tires for years on all vehicles that I own and with the last 3 years I purchase 2 sets of 4 tires that install on my vehicles, 245-65-17 28,000 7/32 tread depth miles and has excessive dry rot and cracks. I contacted them a few times they sent me to Sears in Jersey City New Jersey and they verified the complaint, then BFGoodrich corporate I had to call and got through with Andy and he was no help at all - offer 50% for any new tires I purchase. Then he said his manager was not available. However they then offer to pay 70%. I didn't accept that offer since my tires is measured at 7/32 tread depth.

I explain to the rep that tires get replace at a very low tread depth and I didn't purchase these to have to spend out of pocket money at 7/32 tread. I also notified him that I have 2 small kids and this is a safety issue but this company don't care about safety because they already big in business. I have already reported this issue to NHTSA and I will be going to social media with pictures also. 265-65-17 10,000 miles 8/32 tread depth and has excessive dry rot and cracks. Will get pictures and D.O.T numbers.

BF Goodrich Mud Terrain KM2 - I have owned a set of LT285/70 R17 Mud Terrain tires for about 40k miles. Around 15k miles I noticed a wobble at speed in the steering. Tire store suggested they were out of balance so had them re-balanced and rotated. Following next rotation noticed wobble again. Balancing seemed to solve the issue, but I believe this was because the defective tire was always moved back to the rear axle. 2 days ago while my fiancee and her son were on the freeway the tire de-laminated and threw a 26" long section of tread. She succeeded in wrangling the truck onto the shoulder.

The tire was missing a large section of tread, the steel belting was exposed and the entire wheel was deformed and bulging out against the area where the tread was missing. I have another tire also displaying the same symptoms so now the truck is grounded until I can get new wheels. Admittedly the tires were in need of changing out however there was still 3/8" of lug on the wheel, it should not have flown apart. In the days leading up to the failure I had noticed some increase in harmonic noise from the rear wheels. I will know what this may be a sign of in the future.

Tire blew tread off of casing doing 3,500 damage to bed of truck. Tire had 70% of tread left. 1st tire I caught before blowing apart, 2 months prior it split the cords and bubbled.

I purchased six BF Goodrich Commercial TA AS tires size 225/75/R16 for my 2002 Itasca 31' Motorhome in March 2010. I keep the tires covered and dressed when I'm not traveling, and have had them rotated every 4,000 miles. I check my air pressure before every trip in the Motorhome, and also frequently check them while on the road. I believe the tires are defective, as I've had to replace four of the six tires, two of them because they blew out on the highway at 50 MPH. Fortunately, no one was hurt in either incident, but my Motorhome sustained significant damage in both incidents. I replaced the first tire in April 2014 (with just over 7,000 miles) under my road hazard certificate after it developed a split in the sidewall and began slowly losing air.

In May 2015, I experienced my first blowout, on the right rear outside tire. There was a slight wobble (tread separating?) just before the blowout, and the tread was completely peeled off (see attached pictures). The flying tread cracked the fiberglass, bent the exhaust pipe, and bent or broke several pieces of molding on my Motorhome. When I had that tire replaced, I asked for all of the tires to be inspected, and one additional tire was found with tread separation, and that tire was replaced as well. Unfortunately, Americas Tire didn't suggest that I should open a claim with Michelin (parent company of BF Goodrich), and they disposed of both of the defective tires.

Three weeks later I was preparing for my next trip and noticed the two left rear tires were low. I had them inspected at Americas Tire, who told me the valve extenders were leaking, so they removed them. They gave the tires a clean bill of health and ensured that they were inflated to 80 PSI. I checked them the morning we left and they were still at 80 PSI, so we got on the road. About 30 miles into our trip, the second blowout occurred, on the left rear inside tire. I felt the same wobble just before the tire blew. Again, the tread completely peeled off, and the debris ripped out the air line to my air-ride shocks and caused other damages on the underside of my Motorhome.

I kept the tire this time and filed a claim with Michelin. I am in the process of getting estimates on the Motorhome damage so that I can send in the claim packet. In the meantime, I have asked Americas Tire to replace the two remaining original tires, as I do not feel comfortable driving with them on my rig. Americas Tire told me that Michelin would only pay 35% of the cost to replace the two remaining tires due to their age (there is less than 10,000 miles on the tires).

I believe this shows a total disregard for customer safety, especially considering this same model tire is under a voluntary recall for two different sizes with manufacturing dates near the time my tires were produced (see the BF Goodrich recall site http://www.bfgoodrichtires.com/voluntary-safety-recall.page). There are also several YouTube videos showing tread separation on these tires, which look very similar the results of my two blowouts. I am waiting to see how Michelin responds to my claim.

** in Reno and others with similar BFG failures. I recently had an event that was frighteningly similar to all of yours and resulted in injuries. I would be interested in being part of a class action too, so please contact me direct at **.

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