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I purchased 2 Cooper tires for my work vehicle at about 51,000 miles. The tires were put on the rear of my Grand Caravan, and a tank and a half of gas later, one had such a huge bulge on the side wall, that it popped off the rim. I changed to the spare on the side of the road, then got it replaced, and had to pay for a new one. The shop did the labor for free, but I still ate the cost of the tire. Fast forward 2 days and the other "new" tire does the same thing. I am now awaiting a replacement for it, and losing out on work at the same time. If I could give negative stars, I would. The tread still has the little mold strings on it, that's how few miles I got out of these tires!!

Had to replace 4 Cooper Tires after 14,000 miles! Completely bald!! I am in utter disbelief. Tires should last 3x as long. Do NOT spend your money on Cooper Tires. It is an utter waste. I am fuming. I would give negative stars if I could.

This past June 2016 I was told during my annual inspection that my 2014 Nissan Rogue needed 2 new tires. The dealership had told me they could get me 4 Cooper Mastercraft HSX Tires for a discounted cost. These tires came with a warranty in case anything happened to them which sounded like a great deal. On August 17, 2016 my front passenger tire developed a huge bubble. At this time the tire had less than 720 miles on it. After having to have it towed to the dealership upon inspection the tire itself had no damage to it but the inner wheel was beyond warped. They kept insisting I had hit something which I knew was untrue and made me pay for a replacement wheel even though the dealership assured me it was be covered under the tire warranty. $346 later I got my car back.

Not even a month later on Tuesday Sept. 13, 2016, while driving my three small children home from school my back passenger tire blew out. I have been driving vehicles for 20 years. I have never had a blowout ever. For the second time in less than a month my vehicle needed to be towed to the dealership. Upon inspection of this tire they found some abnormal beading around the wheel to the point were they were unable to even blow the tire back up. Again the dealership was insisting that I had hit something. I was driving on on a back road that is known to often have deer on it. I never go above 20 miles an hour on this specific road. Again they had wanted to not honor the warranty and had wanted to charge me again for the tire.

Only after I threatened to walk away from the 10 months that is left on my lease did the dealership say they would now take on the responsibility/burden of getting the company to honor their warranty for the tire. I never write reviews but I feel that it's very important to let people know that they think they are getting a good tire for a good price. The truth is not only are these tires poorly made, the very company who makes them will not honor their own warranty. At this point I feel so uncomfortable driving my vehicle because I feel at any minute one of my tires just going to randomly burst!

I purchased 4 of their top line ties a couple of years ago, they bounced so bad and two different "Cooper Tire" dealers told me they were defective. After much time on the phone with their customer service, I did manage to get 4 new tires. They didn't bounce but as they wore they became loud - real loud. With just 30k miles on them we changed them due to the noise issues. Car seems like a new one now, rides better, very quiet again, We did not replace them with COOPER - I was a Cooper Tires advocate until this issue. I will never buy another COOPER Tire again. Would suggest you look at anything except them!!!

Had 4 Cooper CS5 Tires installed and driven on for about 40,000 miles, need replacing already. I'm not a hard driver and would have expected them to last more than a year and half of mostly rural and highway driving.

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I am replacing a set of 225x60x16 CS4's with a set same size of CS5's. I drive an '09 Mazda "6" and racked up 82 K miles with virtually no problems. Half of the 82k was highway, the other half local. I'm hoping for the same results. Stay tuned.

If you buy cooper tires and get a rewards card, cash right away, there is a short expiration date and they will not make good on it. When you get money back, it should be yours and not for them to take back. Corp. America way of boosting the bottom line. Very disappointed in their greed.

After having to get four new tires I decided to try Cooper passenger tires on my gli and that was two years ago. Since then I have replaced all 8 due to tire blowouts and have had zero issues with any other tires. I am slowly replacing each tire and this was another new tire that is less than 6 months old of driving with maybe 5000 max miles on it! Do yourself a favor and never buy these tires! As they say, "You get what you pay for!"

I purchased a 70,000 mile set of tires as I have done for the last 15 years from cooper dealers. My tag was to be renewed so I took my suv for inspection. My vehicle failed inspection because of tires. They had approximately 15,000 miles @ the time on this set. The dealer could have cared less. I contacted Cooper Tires and have been waiting on a response for more than a year. I will never purchase another set of tires from this company. I would suggest you not purchase any unless you like to throw away 587.00 dollars. WHAT A RIP OFF!!!

I also had more than 1 Cooper tire come apart on me. However the recent front driver's side tire that came apart completely wrecked my car and my children and I are lucky to be alive. This issue has yet to be resolved with the tire dealer so I will not mention their company name. First my tire began to wobble going faster than 50 miles an hour and right as I was going to have it checked it came apart 12 miles from my home. I have not been give a rental car to transport my children and as I planned the company who sold me 4 of these tires just in the last 3 months is trying now to find an excuse to not compensate me for the damages or offer any relief as of yet nor have they updated me on any decision made. These tires are dangerous and should be taken off the market!

We ordered Cooper Tires from Amazon on May 18, 2016. They arrived May 23rd, and we had them installed on May 24, 2016, Tuesday. On Thursday of the same week we had our 1st blown off - the rim rear tire. We had about 20 miles on them. Then on Saturday of the same week we had our second blown off - the rim on the other rear tire. We had about 40 miles on them. At the request of our local tire shop we brought the truck into their shop for them to check the front tires. Both front tires were ready to blow off also. The tire shop more than likely saved our lives.

FOUR TIRES, OFF THE RIM WITH LESS THAN 42 MILES ON THEM. We contacted Cooper Tires to report the problem to them. We weren't asking for anything from them other than to report a possible liability issue with their tires in hope that they would check them out and prevent possible deaths. We were treated very rudely by their rep Pam, who insisted that it wasn't the tires but the shops fault. Seriously... WE WILL NEVER AGAIN BUY COOPER TIRES. BUYER BEWARE. AND WE WILL MAKE SURE NONE OF OUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY DO EITHER.

This is the WORST tires company I have ever had to deal with. I DO NOT recommend purchasing these tires. I have had nothing but problems with them. Brand new tires and I've had to patch them 3 times, I drive on city streets and don't even use them for the "all terrain" purposes. I will never purchase anything nor recommend this horrible company any more.

Currently have 23,000 miles (2 years) on Cooper AT3 tires, mounted on Honda Ridgeline. Coopers replaced Michelin LTX (original equip.) w/ 35,000 miles, which were always excellent in rain but horrible in snow/slush after 22,000 miles. The first winter, 2014-2015, outstanding traction in all conditions, ice/snow/mud/mountain roads. This past winter 2015-2016, minor loss of cornering in slush/snow, slight loss in traction on snow covered dirt/rock hills. It may be problematic if a third winter is possible with this set of AT3's.

I purchased a set of 4 Cooper 285-70-17E for my 07 F250 in October 2013 from America's Tire for just over $1,000.00. They drove well, handled well, and were as far as I could tell great tires. Boy, was I mistaken. In December of 2015 with under 20,000 miles on them the truck started shaking while driving to work. I thought I threw a wheel weight, so I went to the nearest America's Tire to get it rebalanced. Instead, the tech showed me where the rear tire tread began to delaminate. I had to limp to another shop with one in stock, paid the fee, and warrantied the tire. In February 2016 with another 1,000 +/- miles on them the second tire from this set began to delaminate in the same manner, and I again warrantied that tire at my local shop. I asked America's Tire to warranty the others, but they saw no issues and said no.

In May 2016 with about 1,200 miles more on them the third tire from that set completely blew up in the middle of nowhere while towing the boat, causing $2,500.00 +/- damage to my truck and leaving my family on the side of the interstate in the desert for an hour while I unloaded the car seats from the truck, got the jack out, and put on the spare. Three useless Cooper tires all failed with less than 22,000 miles on them. Discount Tire in Lake Havasu City, AZ (same company as America's Tire in CA) took pity on me and yanked the Coopers off and sent me home with a set of four Nitto Terra Grapplers for $580.00. If nothing else, Discount/America's Tire company is at least customer friendly.

I have a claim in with Cooper's attorneys with all of my purchase and warranty invoices and my damage estimates from the repair shop and Allstate. I'll report back what (if anything) they'll do. All I can say is run, Run, RUN away from any tire with the Cooper name on them. I don't care if it's a buy a spare and get four tires free sale. You'll be sorry if you trust your vehicle (or life) to them.

Of the Cooper tires we purchased, three out of four of them separated. We are not at all happy with the quality of tire made by Cooper. We have never had tires separate before. We were told after the first issue that separation is not too uncommon and we had the tires rotated and obviously the defective tire replaced. A month later a second Cooper tire separated, which is when I began to think the manufacturer was at fault and had the remaining two Cooper tires (which the mechanic said had a fine amount of remaining tread and that he did not see any issues) placed on the back.

After the third tire separated two months after the first two, we replaced the final defective tire along with the final Cooper tire. I highly suggests avoiding this brand at all costs. We travel the country frequently with our three small children and always have frequent maintenance and assessment to ensure that our car is a safe vehicle for transporting our family, and we will NEVER buy Cooper tires again.

I talked to a lady named Pam about my tire falling apart and she refused to help me with anything and when I asked to be transferred to someone above her she was extremely rude to me and said she was the supervisor and no one was above her which I find hard to believe. I am still left with a tire that is falling apart after only two years of use and all I got was some customer service representative with an attitude. I will never buy tires from this company again and neither should anyone else. They are doing some shady business and putting out tires that don't last.

Bought a set of 4 Cooper Discoverer rtx for my 2009 GMC Sierra 2500 hd. There is no and I repeat NO sidewall strength in this tire. It should not be classed as an E range tire. Could not go over 55 mph with these tires pulling my camper that weighs 5500 lbs. They road walk badly and we had to get off the interstate and drive back road to and from the campground. VERY UNSAFE - Having them replaced now after 3 weeks. DO NOT BUY.

I have run Cooper CS4's for years and have been very happy with them so I bought a pair of these tires for the back of my truck 7 months ago. Traction in snow and on wet roads was excellent but at about 500 miles the right rear suddenly went down right after I left work. I was doing about 10 MPH in a construction zone but had to drive 3 blocks before I could pull over which damaged the sidewall. The Cooper distributor claimed I clearly caused the failure by driving on a low tire based on the sidewall damage. The retailer sold me a replacement at his cost and waived the amount and balance charges and disposal fee, Cooper and the distributor did nothing.

Today the left side tire from the original purchase began to separate at 65 MPH, by the time I got my truck under control, back in my lane and off the road the tire was in shreds and the fender well of my truck was beat to hell. Again, I was told I must have driven on it low because of damage to the sidewall, how they could determine that from what little was left is beyond me but I DID NOT drive on a low tire! This tire had less than 2,000 miles on it. The retailer offered me the same deal on a replacement but I told him I want to replace BOTH rear tires with another brand and that I will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER buy another Cooper tire as long as I live. If you value your life and the lives of others you won't either. Remember the Firestone tire scandal? The next one has Cooper written all over it.

I purchased 4 brand new 195/60 r 15 Cooper Tires for my daughter's Chevy Cobalt. In less than 2 months 3 blew off the rim and 1 developed a bulge in the sidewall. I contacted the Cooper Corporate customer service and told them about this problem and that there was a problem. The dealer I got the tires from had a technician come in and check his mounting equipment to make sure it wasn't the problem, and the Cooper rep said it's a mounting problem, not a product problem. I explained that the problem is with the product and she said that there is nothing wrong with the product but with the installation. The dealer upgraded me from the Cooper, and put a different brand on free of charge, but Cooper is giving him hell about the warranty and replacing the tires.

In February of 2016 I purchased four brand new Cooper Tires. Today May 3, 2016, I am waiting for a phone call from the man I purchased them from. I started driving down the highway and next thing my front end started to shake and the steering was hard. When I could finally pull over, my tire on the front passenger side had the wall of the tire totally pulled away. I had just had them rotated a week and a half ago and my tires were fine. The independent garage guy is telling me that Cooper Tires will probably not cover warranty because he thinks I ran my tire low on air because of the line around the tire. My tire did not just go flat because of lack of air. I think the garage guy knows how bad these tires are and will not back up his sales and neither will the manufacturer. I think it is time for Cooper Tires to be checked out and fined that they have to close shop.

I purchased 4 new Cooper Tires and had them aligned at time. I take my vehicle to have tires rotated every time I get an oil change. It cost me 719.00 for tires with 55,000 and extended warranty on tire. Well needless to say all 4 tires have gouges out of them on the inside of tire. Have been told by numerous professionals that it is the tires - the truck is very well maintained and I have done everything I should have maintaining the tires. So called Cooper, they will cover 59% on my next set of tires. That's the best they can do??? Really that's a far cry from the 800 I put on it year ago. They should be reported or better yet shut down. Their tires suck just like their employees. I will be using their 59% on another brand of tire. I will never use them again.

Bought 4 Cooper tires for my Lexus. After about two months, one was giving me trouble. Brought it back and it was out of round. They said I must have had too much air in it. Today, while checking balancing, was told two others have same problem and the fourth will probably as well. So 3 new tires. So far my Coopers have cost me over $700.

While driving 65mph on the highway, our front tire Zeon RS3-A with less than 18k miles on it experienced full sidewall separation causing loss of vehicle control. Called Cooper and explained what happened only to be told it's not their problem.. Terrible Customer Service/Product.

My son purchased 4 new Cooper tires for his car two months ago. Yesterday, one of the tires had a bulge and was losing air. He removed the tire and took back to NTB where he purchased the tires. He had to pay 68 dollars for a new tire. That is ridiculous. Is this how Cooper backs their tires? He was told because of tread wear. Seriously, how much tread wear can you have after two months of limited driving?

Got these tires in Dec. I only put 10,000 miles on them. I rotated them once at 5,000 miles. I got an alignment right after. I got the tires rebalanced because they felt shaky. Then today hydroplaned and noticed the two back tires were bald with the belt showing. I called the shop where I bought the tires and they say there isn't a warranty! They were 50,000 mile tires.

I purchased new Cooper Discoverer tires for my Toyota Tacoma six months ago at Discount Tire. After less than 6,000 miles service, with no apparent tread issues, the right rear tire suddenly blew on a downhill curve on 4-lane highway. I lost control, rolled multiple times down the highway and was extremely lucky to survive the accident. There was no obvious tire damage, just a sudden blowout. My truck is totaled and I'm very lucky to be alive. Obviously my last set of Cooper tires, especially after reading the other reviews here. This is people's lives they're messing with! I'm just glad no one was riding with me and I did not cause other vehicles to crash. If you have these tires consider replacing them if you value your life. The tire warranty is worthless if you're dead.

Bought four Coopers for a 3/4 ton truck. They were studded snow tires. One shed its outer casing on the highway at 70 mph plus. It wrecked my rear inner fender liner. It blew itself to pieces and the cars behind me got hit with debris. They were not new at the time, I take them off in the summer and run quiet tires in the warm months. They did get stored during the summer but I don't think a tire that is a few years old should blow apart. I will never buy a Cooper tire again. I have been using General Tire snows the last couple of years and they are excellent.

I purchased a set of Cooper Discoverer A/Ts for my 2013 Ram Limited 4x4 in July 2014 to replaced my factory original Goodyear Wranglers which were getting bald at 20,000 miles. I do mostly highway driving on dry pavement and occasionally snow packed Colorado roads. So far they are wearing normally and continue to ride silky smooth at all speeds and exhibit decent traction on snowy, slushy roads. I've rotated and had them rebalanced every 6000 miles. Road noise is not too bad either given the fact the tire has that aggressive tread look to it. I also recently threw a set of Mastercraft A/S IV tires, also manufactured by Cooper on my old Mitsubishi Mirage. They too ride well, thus far for an economy tire. I will post my customer satisfaction update within the next few thousand miles.

I have bought Cooper tires first and last time! I've had mine for 3 years and rotated when rotation was due! After installing, they would shake and rattle during cold weather (yes they were balanced) - finally stopping when they heated up. They are a poor tire! I went for a rotation last week and noticed a great deal of vibration, took it back to the tire shop and they said that a knot had formed and tire separation was occurring on that tire. After the dealings with this tire company, I immediately told the store manager to put a set of Michelin's! You get what you pay for... Cooper is junk and they will never be on any of my vehicles again and I will tell people to avoid them!

WARNING: This is an irresponsible manufacturer who has one of the worst Customer Service departments I've ever dealt with. Purchased four (4) tires. One went bad just outside their warranty period which is determined by the amount of tire wear. This tire was on the rear of the car and the defect was not discovered until the tire was moved to the front of the car (Rotated). Their "Customer Service" department blamed me for not rotating the tires on a more frequent schedule and stated that I caused the defect to develop. I've had several tire experts examine the tire and agree that this was definitely a manufacturing defect.

Tried to contact their corporate office for further discussion. No response and I was told that they don't return phone calls if a message is left. CONCLUSION, Cooper Tire will give you any excuse, as ridiculous as it maybe, to NOT accept responsibility for their products and I feel at this point their warranty would have meant nothing. STAY AWAY FROM THIS MANUFACTURER WHEN CONSIDERING A BRAND OF TIRE. CHOOSE A DIFFERENT BRAND.

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Cooper Tires may not be as well known as some of the other tire companies, but they have a 100-year history in the tire business. Today, Cooper Tires is a global company with over 65 facilities around the world.

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