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Customer ServiceStaffReliability

Reviewed Sept. 8, 2023

My Disheartening Experience with Discrimination and Customer Service: I feel compelled to share an unsettling experience I recently had TJ Maxx & HomeGoods which serves as a stark reminder that discrimination persists even in everyday situations. A few weeks ago, I purchased an item from TJ Maxx. I took it with me on a trip, only to discover it was defective. Upon returning, I decided to make a simple return. Little did I know this routine task would spiral into a deeply humiliating encounter.

Upon entering the store to return the item, I was met with refusal, citing the absence of a tag and receipt. I found this perplexing, given that the item was undeniably from TJ Maxx. Seeking a professional resolution, I requested to speak with a manager. However, what transpired next was disheartening. The manager who came to assist me not only dismissed my concerns but also openly mocked my accent in front of my son and other customers. It was a profoundly embarrassing moment. To add insult to injury, she insinuated that I might have stolen the item, a baseless and offensive accusation.

Calmly, I explained that I had the credit card I used for the purchase and could provide the exact transaction date. I even suggested reviewing security camera footage to confirm my presence. Regrettably, my words were ignored, and her response was lost in laughter at my expense. Feeling humiliated and misunderstood, I left the store. However, upon returning home, I found the receipt that confirmed my purchase. Armed with proof, I returned to the store, hoping for a more reasonable resolution.

This time, someone else came to assist me. I presented the receipt that clearly stated I could receive store credit if the return exceeded 30 days. Shockingly, he mimicked the previous manager's behavior, ridiculing me and declaring, "No, I will not return it." When I requested his business card, he wrote his name on a piece of paper, mocking me further and challenging, "Show me what you can do!" I had to leave, as my son was in tears, saying, "I don’t want to live here anymore."

I share this experience not to vilify TJ Maxx as a whole but to shed light on the importance of addressing discrimination and ensuring fair and respectful treatment for all customers. Discrimination should have no place in our society, and every individual deserves to be treated with dignity and respect, regardless of their background or accent. Let's hope that by sharing our experiences, we can raise awareness and encourage positive change in how we are all treated as customers. It's time for a more inclusive and respectful shopping environment for everyone..

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profile pic of the author

Reviewed Sept. 1, 2023

Want to place order online with TJ Maxx?! Think twice before vomiting this fatal mistake! You may find yourself with pending criminal charges for next 2-3 years without ever seeing your accusers TJ maxx organised crime investigators who will blame their customers for misfortune of their system and shortcomings of managers! In short if you want to avoid this situation DO NOT SHOP ever with this retailer!

Their online orders will coming wrong and you will take a blame for it! And find yourself in position of defending your good name for an eternity. Law is not is what is written in constitution, but what is current Goverment believe it is! Along with criminal decision TJ maxs investigators whose professional hazard does not allow to see a goodness in other people that they suspect a criminals and criminal minority groups at each corner. Furthermore, the same investigators seems to know more about how imaginary minority group comes a crane rather than explaining their own conducted investigation! Begs a question, who is really committing those imaginative crimes? Perhaps investigators are the liars otherwise how come they know more about crime committed than their own investigation of the case?

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    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed July 28, 2023

    I returned a large order today. I had the receipt and we checked alI item off. Everything was there, with tags, unused. Clean, just sat in my car. Everything was per TJ Maxx return policy. I am a realtor, buy a lot of stuff as housewarming item. Both the person at the cash register and the Coordinator were great, but the kid at the register was new and this took a bit of time. They called Curtis over for approval at the end. He finally came over, looked at the receipt, the items, and was quite rude to me, like I was trying to get something over on him by returning items per TJ MAX return policy with tags, etc. Then he left. Just walked away. I waited and waited, as did the employee, as did the long line of people. He Finally came back about 8 minutes later, looked at me, the stuff and the receipt again and then signed off. I asked him what he was doing, and he said he was helping someone else.

    I continued to press a little, as he had already come down, looked at all the stuff, looked at the receipt and just needed to sign off. He said he had to check a few things out, it was the operating procedure. I asked what he needed to check off. I had the receipt, we checked everything off one by one, everything had tags in place, was unused, etc. He said he could not tell me, but it was standard procedure. Honestly, I was in line, returned items, and waiting for Curtis for over 35 minutes. And he was rude. Very rude. It felt like he was punishing me for returning items, and honestly I worried that he was going to pull something fast. I told him I was going to leave him a review and he said, "Great, I look forward to it." Smiled and walked away. Makes me not want to go back into the store. I am a drop in the bucket, but what a disservice to customers like me that follow the rules and frequent your store. Brickyard Location. Curtis.

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    Customer Service

    Reviewed July 21, 2023

    I do a considerable amount of shopping at this store, and it is a rare occasion when I return anything. On this day, I needed to return three blouses, with tags and a receipt. Beverly “coordinator“ was very rude, questioning why one blouse had been folded differently, implying I had worn it. I had been polite, I’m not a “spring chicken” and I certainly don’t like being given an interrogation. Do yourself a favor TJ MAXX, and move on from this clerk/coordinator. Not doing you any good! I’m still furious!

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    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed July 5, 2023

    Tyler, one of the managers at the Columbus Blvd location in South Philly demonstrated customer service by consideration! I was frantic because upon paying I realized I lost my keys. Tyler came off the cashier desk and helped me look for them. I found them as I retraced my tracks but Tyler CARED and he didn’t have to do that! He’s a fine person and employee! TJ MAXX is lucky to have such a good person working for them. Thank you Tyler! You showed me through your actions that you cared! Actions do speak louder than words!

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    Customer ServicePriceReliability

    Reviewed June 19, 2023

    Sold a curling iron that was defective. I tried to use it, but it was not heating correctly. They would not take it back because I “tried” to use it and since it was “used” they would not return it. I had it less than a week and brought it with the receipt. Now I don’t have a working curling iron and I’m out the cost too. I will not shop there again and I’ll share this on all of my social media platforms. Terrible customer service and shameful to sell defective merchandise. I’ve also noticed that on many things their items are not cheaper. Not worth the unprofessional and low level experience to possibly save a minuscule amount of money. I’ll stick to Nordstrom.

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    Reviewed June 14, 2023

    Good day. I have made eight online orders with TJ Maxx and all eight orders have been canceled and they don't want to assist me with getting my order and helping. All of the orders are the same but they just can't help me. I have phoned them and everything. They just say they can't verify my details with my bank but my bank has got everything correct and on the order it is also correct. This is the order numbers: **.

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    Reviewed March 21, 2023

    I made an order online but I enter a wrong address, but I realize that just a minute after I confirmed the order, I contact customer service, he said cancel the order for me but he did not. I contact them again. TJ Maxx customer service said I have to contact delivery agent, and hang up my call after I said I cancel right after making order not two days later. Then I contact delivery company. They said TJ Maxx have to do authorization. I called again. They did not do anything but ask me contact delivery company again. They kicking the ball back and forth. I don't understand why this is so complicated. And both customer services are awful. Not solving problem at all!!!!

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    Reviewed Feb. 13, 2023

    The absolute, worst customer service I have ever experienced. I previously shopped here weekly, but I will never again step foot in a TJ Maxx after having the male manager (Morgan?) verbally admonish me like I'm a child, and dig his heels in over a $99 pair of unworn, price-tag-still-on, cargo pants that I had my receipt for, and he refused to return for me.

    Additionally, the sales assoc. named Ghadeer, was vocally combative with me, inserted herself into the conversation I was having with the manager, and inferred that I was a liar. When I strongly told her to watch what comes out of her mouth, because I don't take kindly to someone insinuating that I'm a liar, the manager told me not to talk to his employee that way. Seriously? Because I'm thinking your employee should not talk to me, the customer, that way. Clearly, both he manager and this girl named Ghadeer don't understand that customer service is everything when it comes to retaining customer loyalty.

    They wouldn't return the item for me, because it was a runway item, and it didn't have this red plastic tag (shaped like a stop sign) on it. They said it is their policy not to accept returns without that tag on it - even though the price tag was still attached to the garment, and I had my receipt. Funny though, that nowhere on the TJ Maxx corporate website, under their refund policy, does it mention anything at all about requirements to return runway items. Nor does it mention anything at all about that red plastic tag needing to be on the garment. The corporate policy as written on their website simply says that within 30 days you just need your receipt - which I had.

    I took this complaint to District Manager for that store, I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, and I filed a written complaint with a TJ Maxx survey on their website. The manager finally gave me a refund, but not without saying he would never again return an item for me if it was missing that red tag, to which I told him that won't be a problem, because I will never again step foot in a TJ Maxx store again. And, when my refund comes through on my TJ Maxx credit card, I'm canceling the card. Absolutely, horrible customer service and a somewhat shady return policy, in my opinion.

    I did learn by accidentally getting ahold of the corporate loss prevention manager, Brett (corporate gave me the wrong # and name for the district manager), that those red tags are so that people won't buy an item, wear it to an event, and then return it. Which, I did not do. I mean, they're a pair of cargo pants - What event am I going to wear them to and then try to return them? By the way, I looked that up and it's referred to as "wardrobing", and while I think it would be an immoral thing to do, it is not illegal. So, I didn't wear the pants, I had my receipt, the price tag was still on the garment, I hadn't done anything illegal, their policy on their website doesn't specify anything about that red tag needing to be on the garment, and TJ Maxx lost a loyal customer all because that manager was myopic in his ability to see the bigger picture, and their sales associated mouthed off to me. Way to stay classy - not.

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    Reviewed Oct. 15, 2022

    I bought a $500 handbag at the TJ Maxx near my house and the clerk encouraged me to open a credit card because they offered a discount with your first purchase. I paid the credit card off in 2-3 timely payments and to my surprise, I got a statement in the mail saying they were closing my account. Very odd because I have an Amazon card and one other store credit card from the same bank.

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