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Sears Credit Card

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Last updated: Sept. 14, 2017

302 Sears Credit Card Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 14, 2017

I applied for Sears card while shopping at Kmart to get the discount. Card was approved and I paid off balance before due date to avoid interest. A month later I received a statement saying that I had not paid my bill + a $32.00 late fee was added to that. I contacted Citi to discuss my account. I told them that I had paid the balance before my due date and they told me that my payment was returned to my bank because they could not find an account.

I contacted my bank and it did not showed a payment returned. The Sears associate told me that I needed to pay balance + late fees. I tried to explain that I had paid it already but they continued to tell me the same thing. They were very unprofessional and I was angry that they continued to robo-call me. Three weeks later they added another late fee and reported to credit bureau. This bank caused my credit score to drop. I tried to resolve the problem by agreeing to pay balance again but not the late fees because my payment was not late. They would not agree.

After another month passed I finally was able to talk to someone in management that went back and reviewed my account and said that she saw that I had paid my account off before the due date but account # was probably transposed and money was never transferred to Sears account. To make a long story short. I agreed to pay balance and associate waived the 3 late charges of $106.00. My balance was only $32.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 3, 2017

Sears Credit subscribes to Experian, an outfit which is famous for its Draconian practices. Well I say to each their own. However the economy being the way it is, right now, maybe Sears might try selling their washers, dryers, refrigerators, etc. to Experian and maybe they'll fill in the void, left by those of us who Experian does not approve of, but everybody else does.

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    Original review: July 13, 2017

    Citibank should be shut down! I made my first payment on time and it was for 60% of the total amount due and sent it in with two weeks before the due date. The next billing cycle I got a $27.50 late fee. When I called them about it, I got some lame idiot from India that could hardly speak English. I tried to explain to them what happened and they totally disregarded my statement and refused to remove the late charge. I told them since they refuse to rectify the situation, just close my account immediately! I will never ever do business with Sears again! I hope that they close permanently, since they reap what they sow! UP YOURS SEARS!!

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: July 12, 2017

    When trying to see my pending transactions, I found out that Citibank does not show your pending transactions for 48 hours. The notifications do not update, nor does your balance. So basically someone could be using my card for 2 days and I wouldn't know it. This is ridiculous! I have a Capital One card and it shows pending transactions immediately! Get it together Citibank! I am going to shut down that account, a credit card company that is that negligent doesn't deserve the business!

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: May 24, 2017

    I have been trying to start an "investigation" into my Sears billing for almost 2 years now through the Sears Mastercard. I have been a loyal customer since the late 1990's with Sears. However, whatever is happening to this corporation under the direction of now Citi is nothing short of illegal. The telephone numbers I am given to reach supervisory people are incorrect, they either keep me on hold for sometimes up to 1-1/2 hours or hang up on me. I have yet to receive proof of what they are billing me for. I AM ABSOLUTELY THROUGH DEALING WITH THIS INCOMPETENT AND THIEVING ORGANIZATION. I will make one more attempt to reach someone with competence at the Citi corporate level, but let me put in writing that I do not intend to pay what they are charging me without proof of purchases versus what I have paid since 2013.

    I will take every legal step allowed to stop this farce on the American consumer. I would leave my account number, but not one of the customer service people can pull up my account with my phone number, account number, last four of my social or my address. But they sure keep billing me. I can only hope that Citi has a liaison that reads these reviews, because you can reach me by email. I will cancel and stop paying anything, until some action on their part is pursued. Well, I will submit my account number because I haven't made a purchase for months.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 19, 2017

    I had this SEARS Citi Mastercard since 2012. When I was in a family emergency in 2013, I asked them to increase my credit limit and they did for $2200 (more than what I asked). I was happy because I had to go home unexpectedly due to a terminal mother. Because of SEARS me and my husband are able to go and see my mom before she passed away. I was very grateful, and the SEARS customer service lady was very nice. I paid off my balance 6 months later. Then, I went home again in 2016 and informed SEARS that I will be traveling out of country and they made sure I am able to use my card overseas without a problem, and I surely did! Twice in such situation that SEARS Citi Mastercard was very helpful to me. I am forever grateful for SEARS!!!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 18, 2017

    AccountCare Scam. Yes it is a scam. I received a statement saying if we miss one payment AccountCare would take care of it. Most of paid 1000's of extra money into this AccountCare thing. Find out total waste of money. They wouldn't cover one of month of missed payment so we got behind and I suppose that screws up our credit rating. Don't bother with it. AccountCare seems to be a con game to get more money out of people.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 9, 2017

    Before you activate your Sears Mastercard you should be mindful that you will be inundated by sales pitches. I attempted to pay my balanced but was told I had to wait for my card to come in the mail. Once received, I went through the pain of dialing the activation number and was asked about 11 different products before being told by recording that the number was changed. Dial 1(800)877-1403 if you wish to validate my statement. I was once a loyal Sears customer but now understand why they are in the financial ruin they are in. I despise credit but wanted to take advantage of the promotions - NEVER AGAIN, I will pay retail next time.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 22, 2017

    I had a Sears card for over 35 years and it had its issues sometimes, but nothing like what Citibank has done to it. In the 35 years I had their card, never missed a payment and was never late. Out of the blue, I received a letter from Citibank that they were cancelling my card? I guess they don't want my business anymore. I will never purchase anything from Sears again. From reading all the rest of the reviews it looks like they have done the same thing to several folks. I saw this morning on the News that Sears/Kmart were closing stores and will be going under very soon. And the bean counters in their corporate office are probably wondering why? Go figure!

    Original review: March 11, 2017

    Horrible company to do business with. I opened a Sears MasterCard a few years ago after the lady at the Sears store pushed its "benefits". The card was closed and I was encouraged to do auto pay to pay off the balance. I was told that the payments would go to the balance until it was paid off. I trusted the word of the representative and just kept making payments. I finally looked into the balance in January as I thought it should be down to $0, and to my shock it was the opposite! Two and a half years later, I am being told that all my money (thousands of dollars) went to paying the interest and ACCOUNT CARE. This was never disclosed to me and have been disputing it with Sears and Account Care since January (2 months now).

    Sears will not take any responsibility nor offer any assistance, all they do is transfer me to Account Care. Account Care asked for a month to "investigate", when that month was up they asked for another month. I have written a letter to them and they have not responded. Neither Sears nor Account Care has responded by mail or phone about this issue. Sears continues to demand payments monthly to pay off the balance which means I will be paying for another two years on a balance that should have been paid off by now.

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    Original review: March 7, 2017

    So my wife missed the payment five days ago and I started getting the call. We were away and I hopped on to the website to pay the bill. But alas, my password wasn't working. So I try to reset it via the web page, but to reset your account password you need the card and the CVD number. As we no longer use the Sears card, for stupid interest rates, and just declining service, we tore up the cards and plan to pay off what we owe and close the account. So I call the 1-800 number and I explain my situation and they say "Oh we will have to send you a new card". I say "But I don't want a new card, I just want access to my account online to pay my bill." Person says "hold on I'll transfer you to the desk to assist".

    Another person answers the call and says "how can I help you". I say I am looking to get my account online enabled so I can pay my bill. The new person says, "why is it locked?" "Not sure as I paid the same way a month ago but can't you unlock it?" Person says, "no this is the collections department, your online account is locked because you didn't pay your bill".

    Shocked I ask "so you are telling me that as soon as I fail to pay my bill on time, you lock my online access so I can't pay it". Person ignores my questions and says, "I can pay your bill for you if you allow me to, you owe double the amount", because they want me to pay the amount due five days ago and the amount that is due in four weeks. "No I just want to pay what was due five days ago and I will pay on the 25th the next payment." "We can't do that sir, you need to pay what's owed up to this month". So I ask that I be transferred back to the desk for locked accounts. The person sighs and dumps me back in to the main phone queue. So I hang up.

    I find out Sears sent us new cards about 3 months ago. We never activated and we still have them in the Sears folder. Would the un-activated card work to reset my online account? It did! So if you have un-activated cards from months ago, it will still allow you to reset an account password. Can someone say oh my god, that so insecure! Thanks for nothin' Sears, you have jumped the shark so bad it is a shame. I am paying off the balance this month and closing my account asap.

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    Original review: Feb. 25, 2017

    I was tricked into getting a second Sears card without my permission. The salesperson told me that he was putting the charge on my existing Sears card and I would save $10 on my purchase. I did not save $10 and got a 2nd Sears card in the mail today. In retrospect, the salesperson was going through this same procedure with the person before me and after me. I know in the past Sears has sent people texts that cost them without permission and Wells Fargo was doing this issuing of credit cards without permission. I called to cancel both cards and they are not able to send me an email confirmation on closure, but require more than a week to get me a letter. I just closed another card last week and they sent me an email confirmation while we were on the phone. This is just like what Wells Fargo was doing only they fight back and will not cancel without a fight.

    I suspect that this is right from the Chairman of the Board who has run the company into the ground with trickery and texting people without permission. I want to expose this new corporate policy to trick people into another Sears card without their consent. I am surprised that Citi Corp does not have email capabilities with their customers as all the other banks I work with do.

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    Original review: Feb. 24, 2017

    Sent in a check to pay off Sears credit card which they cashed. I have called in 8 times once even with Alliance Credit Union on the phone and Sears has still not credited my account. Alliance Credit Union mailed payoff check in the amount of $1414.80 and it was cashed and stamped by Citibank For Deposit only with a Citibank account number. They then sent a letter to alliance credit union first saying they did not have the check. How do they not have the check if they are notifying Alliance Bank that they did not indicate an account number and they sent a copy of the check showing that it was cashed. Alliance sent in the check stapled to my account statement which shows my name and account number address.

    Alliance also faxed in the information that Citibank was requesting from them on 2/22/17 to fax # 605-357-2021 after they had to call in because the 2 fax number on the letter sent to Alliance were not in working order. This is fraud and a total scam. They have my money but are not crediting to my account. I guess I have to contact a lawyer to resolve this issue but they will pay for it. It seems funny that when I call it goes to their collection department yet they have my money!!!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 17, 2017

    I'll put this as simple as possible. This credit card has deceiving rules to scam customers of their money. Promotional balances (0% interest for x months) only counts for original purchase in store when creating the credit card. Any other charges are lumped into a regular balance that is charged 25%+. The worst part is, if you do get charged an interest charge it won't show up in the total regular balance. It sits in limbo so if you decide to pay off the regular balance in full, you'll still have that interest charge sitting there and you'll get charged again. They also keep the promotional balance and regular balance separate from each other and difficult to find. Their representatives will not help with "your mistake" regardless of how confusing their online system is.

    If you truly need a 0% interest credit card to purchase something big, you'd be better off applying for a reputable credit card company not attached to a store, such as Sears. Most Credit cards don't go out of their way to confuse the customers just to hit them with interest charges. You'll end up regretting not waiting a week for another credit card to come in rather than signing up for the Sears credit card in the store. The store sales team will tell you whatever you need to hear to signup but it's the worst option you can ever make.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 12, 2017

    Don't sign up for this card. Going against my better judgement, I was talked into signing up for a Sears rewards card by an overly pushy sales assistant. My original purchase was for $75.25. Thinking I would just pay this off immediately when I got home, I found I didn't have the credit card number to sign up online to pay off and had to wait for the card to come in the mail. One month later I had the card, I created an online account, linked my checking account and set up the payment (at least I thought I had).

    5 month later I notice an email from "Sears Card Issued by Citibank" saying I owe $240.06. Most of this balance is for late fees. I sign onto my online account and find no history of payment, nor is there any record in my checking account balance. I'm not sure what happened, I swear I can remember paying this off but I guess somehow the payment didn't go through. I called to see if they could waive some of the late fees, they only waived one, so I still ended up paying ~$200 on a ~$75 purchase. Feeling very annoyed and ripped off, came on here to see if anyone else has had a similar experience. (Looks like they have.) I've learnt my lesson, next time a salesperson tries to pressure me into signing up for a card, I'll walk out and not buy anything. And don't think I'll be going back to Sears.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 8, 2017

    Even though I opted out, Sears went ahead and switched my Sears card to Mastercard. I called several times to complain to no avail. Last time I called, they said they are investigating the error and It will take a month to resolve the problem. No more shopping at Sears.

    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Jan. 17, 2017

    Last April 2016 I opened a Sears credit card to buy a lawn tractor. Was offered the promotional no interest for a yr... the sales rep really pushed hard to take the promotion instead of the discount. I pay 300 a month which is what it would be monthly to pay promotional balance off before 1 yr. In Dec 25, 2016 I charged 500 for some coffee tables and dvd player. Dvd player came in fast. Tables nothing. Called only to find out that the tables aren't from Sears and have been on back order with no notification to me. So I made my normal payment and noticed that my promotional balance didn't go down 300 dollars and that it was lacking 27.00. Called Dears credit from a number off the internet and not the card.

    So here is the skinny on how they are ripping us off. If you buy promotional of 1 yr of no interest and then you buy non promotional they will split your account and whatever money you pay part goes to satisfy the non promotional first... Again as I was told... The hierarchy is the non promotional!!!! And this was their exact wording and the rest of your payment goes to the promotional balance. Then the girl stated "that's what happens when you don't manage your account." I quickly corrected her and stated "I manage my account every month." She stated... "Now read closely... On the web account you have to go to the right side of the page and hit the drop down and allocate how you want your payment to be divided up!!!"

    So in actuality if you divide your promotional balance into 12 payments to avoid the interest you need to calculate the additional non promotional payment in your payment otherwise at the end of 1 yr they got you for not paying the promotional balance off before a yr which will lead you to acquire the 1 yr of interest. Nobody will ever tell you this... Ever ever ever!!!! THIS IS HOW SEARS AND KMART ARE TRYING TO MAKE MONEY OFF OF YOU. Kmart owns Sears... Kmart have been closing like wildfire in NC. Once I pay my card off I will be closing my account. I was also charged a late fee for paying my bill early. Their reason you have to pay your bill no more than a week before the due date otherwise it's logged as 2 payment on the previous billing cycle. What a freaking joke!!!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 2, 2016

    Beware customers, Sears reps will offer you the no fee interest waived for a year. I thought I only start paying interest after the promotion ends but realized later that I was charged $250 on interest if you don't make the full payment on your promo purchase. That's correct. You pay interest for the balance and they added the 12 months interests going back the time it was waived if you don't pay it off by certain date on your promotion. Be careful out there. It's really a rip off. Why would you open an account and pay additional interest unnecessarily? Called customer service and they said it's all written on your statements and receipt. So don't get fooled by their promotions 'cause I believed the sales rep or they didn't understand how it works. FYI.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Nov. 3, 2016

    I very recently (maybe Aug. '16) noticed my credit score had dropped about 100 points, leading me to pull up a report from Experion. Culprit was a Sears credit card issued by Citibank of which I was unaware. Have never received a bill, either online nor via mail. In August I contacted the Citibank rep (India) and requested a copy of any purchases. It was said that I had purchased around $76 worth of merchandise.

    I have another active Sears (Citibank) card that was issued in 6/14 and this one is said to have been issued in 8/14, so ALL of my info is known and has been known to Citibank. They had a digit off on my mailing address (** vs. **) on the same street in my town of 3400 people! I sincerely doubt, even IF this bill HAD been mailed, that Citibank had no way to know my address, nor any of my other info, due to the active account (with Citibank).

    I was told by the Indian rep that she would have my purchase HX mailed to me, but that it would take "WEEKS." Indeed, I just received it Nov. 1st... November 2nd, I contacted a 3rd rep in India, discussed my options, and asked to be transferred to his supervisor in India (named Abhitdeet). In the meantime, accrued about $300 in interest and fees. Upon seeing the printed bills, I told the supervisor I was willing to pay the original purchases, made on 1/29/16, and was told my account was now in "unworkable status."

    I demanded to speak to HIS supervisor, and was transferred to a person named Rebecca in Kansas City. She explained that I could mail the $76.89 originally due, but that she could not ask for it, as it is indeed in some kind of status in which it may be (sold?) turned over to another agency. She gave me info re: faxing a dispute, but this seems to be senseless, if Citibank might no longer hold my account for Collections. I feel I'm in limbo, have no one at Sears to speak with, continue to accrue interest and fees, and have my credit score plummeting from 832 (almost perfect) at least 100 points to date. I would have NEVER figured this out, if I myself hadn't looked at my own credit score. Citibank did nothing to find me, IF I ever applied for this second card.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 24, 2016

    I am one of the many many people now subject to CITIBANK's buyout of the Sears Card. I have had a Sears card for over 30 years! I received mail notification that Sears was changing over to a SEARS MASTERCARD, but if wanted to keep the old Sears Card I could. I DID NOT KNOW that this new "Sears" card was, in fact, a CITIBANK Card... YUCK! What happened to the SEARS MASTERCARD?

    Yep, I was right to be worried... I received the CITIBANK Card AFTER my payment to Sears was due in August. Remember, AFTER. Apparently Citibank wanted me to be a mind reader. I scheduled my August payment, as usual, to Sears, online, and to the ONLY Address I had. Now, CITIBANK REFUSES to REFUND the Late Fee. Sure it never got payment because I NEVER GOT A CARD or warning of a new address for payment. There is NO WAY that I am going to call a "Rep" in another country. Responses to my emails from these other countries have been hilarious (if it wasn't so sad and a waste of my time).

    Okay, so I thought I'll just pay off the card as soon as possible... The next month I tripled my normal payment. Sent it to the correct new address with the new account number - that I now had in my possession. CITIBANK AGAIN CHARGED ME A LATE FEE - NOW $37!!! Even its own statement details reflect that my payment was one day EARLIER than needed. I am looking into filing a CLASS ACTION SUIT. First, I am filing a formal complaint with the Banking Commission.

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    Original review: Oct. 17, 2016

    I got a promotional deal on my Sears card for 0% interest for a year. Well I'll have it paid off November 1st but while I paid twice a couple of months they charged me two $25 late fees. I pay on the 1st every month and extra. Two months I paid on the 30th as well. The 30th payments I made did not go toward my next month payment because I didn't wait for the close of the statement. Instead of paying 6/30 I should have waited to pay 7/1. They did the same thing August. So now I have $50 in late fees.

    I got online today and did the chat thing and got them to reverse the $50 late fees. Then I asked when my next due date was and the person tells me 10/23/16. I made a payment 9/1 for the 9/23/16 payment then I made a payment 9/30/16 for the 10/23/16 payment. Well the payment I made on 9/30/16 did not go toward my 10/23/16 payment because I did not wait till the close of the statement on 10/1/16. If I wait to pay 11/1 like I was going to and pay the card off they are going to charge me another $25 late fee. I will never use Sears again. They are robbing their customers for paying early.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 14, 2016

    I have a Sears/Citibank customer for quite some time now. It's not been a good experience. First, Sears/Citibank offered me that fraudulent Account Care insurance and it added on more money on my account. It does nothing to help you in the case you become unemployed. They also added a deceitful promotional balances without explaining the terms to you. I also had specifically asked to have my email changed. I called three times to do this and they still screwed it up. Don't use this company. They're using and taking advantage of their customers.

    Original review: Oct. 10, 2016

    I have been a Sears Citibank credit card customer for more than six years. As of recent when my credit card was due to be replaced due to expiration they never bothered to send me a new card, and closed the account without my knowledge. When they called and left me a number to return call he went to another company. When I called the number on the card They rerouted me to another department with only India speaking people. When they rerouted me again is when they told me the account was closed without any prior knowledge. Due to the extreme level of incompetence that I am now experiencing I am going to pay off this account, closed it and notify anybody that will read this to please never do business with this company again. Their customer service is beyond poor and if you read other reviews you will find out the same. Pick a new company to do business with. Have a nice day, Ken.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 8, 2016

    I got bill in sept. Had late fees. I thought huh? I do not overlook paying bills. Am very on top of things. Thought their error. I did buy some stuff from kmart online over the summer but thinking acct paid off so went to acct. online saw I did have a statement for aug. I somehow lost it probably to had extra stress to 'other' stuff going on. So after going to acct. online and figuring up the balance due I contacted Sears to request to waive late fees. Said it was true oversight on not paying bill in aug. They said they cannot waive any fees until the acct. is up to date so I paid the balance of $25.25 off. I thought this was what they meant. I got a bill the other due in oct. day with more late fees.

    So contacted again but the email not go through the site being very glitchy. I saw I had a reply from messages on the matter in sept. but I could not get it to open to read so I did live chat which I hate. The rep was not professional at all kept making typos and did not address what I was saying. Just kept giving me the runaround then cut me off. I finally got it to let me open the replies on messages. A rep said they gave me one $37 credit but have to pay the rest of the late fees or will keep adding up and to phone the collections' dept. What good would this do? Sears Credit Card are the ones who need to waive/credit the fees. The late fees left are nearly $70.

    I refuse to pay this too. Is throwing money out the window and I have no balance on the acct. even. I have overlooked paying on time in past. Recently I did another store credit account too was having extreme pain to some unknown reason. Ended up going to e.r. Was put on high dose of a certain rx med which caused me to be totally "out of it". So really messed up on bills and in other areas of life then. This one waived the late fee and it was only $15. Pls any help. This seems could be considered slander too. I have very good credit and the acct. has no balance on it.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 23, 2016

    I've had a Sears MasterCard for ages. I recently tried to pay for something and the card was declined. Knowing I had plenty of funds available, I immediately logged in to the mobile site and saw a fraudulent charge for a Walmart on the other side of the country! I immediately disputed it through the mobile site. No confirmation was sent to my email (I'm all electronic), so I decided to call and confirm the dispute. I called the 800# on the back of the card. After the automated system brought up my account, read off my balance, etc., I got to a representative. After saying "hold on, please" "hold on" over and over for about a minute straight, he tells me the account doesn't exist. (I asked him how that's possible if the automated system found it.) He then kept asking me the same questions over and over again. I got frustrated and hung up.

    I called right back, went through the automated system again and got to a rep. She pulled my account right up (whew!). I explained that I was calling to confirm my dispute went through because it caused a transaction to be declined. Her response, "The transaction was declined because you don't have enough available credit." No kidding!!! I explained that the reason for that is because of the fraudulent transaction, that I found the fraud because of the declined charge, and that I was simply calling to make sure the dispute was in place. It took her a few minutes to understand what I was saying. Finally, she verifies some info, confirms a different charge and closes my account as "lost or stolen" and the process begins for a new card. (I thought I was in the clear at this point.) The above situations all happened within a 30-minute period during regular business hours.

    So, the next day, I still have no communication about my dispute. I reluctantly call customer service again. I get right through, the account is brought right up and I explain everything that happened. I'm actually able to confirm the dispute. Or, as the rep says "the two charges"... TWO?! "Yes, one for this amount and the other one for that amount." The second rep I talked to the day before DISPUTED the charge that she said she was confirming as mine!!! I said "No! That's a good charge! That's mine!" This rep had to contact the fraud department to remove the dispute on the authorized charge. I now feel like I should call daily just to make sure nothing else went wrong. Ridiculous.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 30, 2016

    Last July I bought automobile tires at Sears costing $500. I put the cost of the tires on my Sears card. At that time Sears said, "Interest Free for a Year". Since then I purchased several less expensive items at Sears, and put the purchases on my Sears card. I paid the required payments each and every month. Now, a year later my August statement shows interest of $170 on a balance of $600. Of course, I called Sears and spoke with a manager in the Credit Department. They said the $170 interest is not for one month, but for the entire year. They said if I would pay $335 by next week, they would remove the $170 interest charge. Of course, I like any other customer, forgot about the "No Interest for a Year" deal made over a year ago. And I'm sure Sears was hoping we all would forget the "No Interest for a Year" deal so they could hit us with a big interest payment. CUSTOMER BEWARE OF "NO INTEREST FOR A YEAR" DEALS.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 25, 2016

    I'd not used my Sears credit card in quite some time, but I did make a purchase and then made an alternative payment and received a credit on the account, thinking then it was a zero balance. However, two months from the original transaction I notice in my email there is a balance on the account and it is past due for $5 and some change. I try to log into the account, not successful so I try to reset the password with the credit card I have that is NOT expired until 10/16. Keep getting message "That is not what we have on file" over and over. I call the number for technical support, but b/c the account is past due I am sent directly to the collection rabbit hole.

    Finally, I am able to get an off-shore (ugh) representative, goes through the drill of me identifying myself, can't tell me anything, does not know the charges what it was, transfers me to another rep, still off-shore, who tells me that I am being charged a service fee for having the credit card (wrong information). I find out later, I tell her, "If you are going to charge a service fee for this card, close the account right now," she said, "Ok," read me my rights and bang closed after a 13-year relationship. This still does not help me with not being able to get into my account online, yes transferred again, still off-shore, this gal is a bit better, but can do nothing to help because the card I have in my possession, did I mention is not expired yet does not match their records.

    Now at midnight ET, I am demanding a US based representative. I get that but again we go through the whole identification scenario and guess what not the information they have on file, with the card I have in my hand that is not yet expired. Yippeee, transferred again! This time the representative, Janet, agrees to credit me for the interest charges caused by the transaction delay processing (right answer), but now the account is closed so I am no closer to accessing my account online. Sleeping on it, I decide that I am not satisfied that I can't track the credit online, I make the mistake of calling again. Same scenario over again, like Groundhog Day (if you know the movie). Go through whole drill with the offshore. 3 reps later get a US based gal. Never ever will I be a Sears credit card user again, HECK I MAY NEVER SHOP AT SEARS AGAIN.

    DEAR SEARS LEADERSHIP WAKE UP! Your customers are your business - But it seems you do not care. I told the last representative what you need to do to survive! Your customers are number one - From what I am reading here, you are losing folks in droves! What a horrible experience - you need to alliance with American Express, they have the number 1 CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE IN MY VIEW. NEVER, EVER, EVER WOULD I GET FROM THAT COMPANY WHAT I GOT FROM YOURS. Goodbye and good luck! You are going to need it!

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    Original review: Aug. 20, 2016

    I have been a dedicated customer to Sears, for over 25 years. I just found out recently they shut down my account and gave no real solid reason why. They probably are having financial concerns as a company. When I spoke with a senior representative, I was told that I have never paid late and was an outstanding customer of 25 years. I'm sure it is due to the current times we live in, but the reason I am writing this review is for others who have good credit. Be very careful. When they do this it has an adverse consequence on you personal credit score. Currently, I am seeking legal advice as well as disputing this on my credit score.

    When I spoke with senior representative Micheal ** (can't give their last names), he told me they have very high standards on customers they allow to have an account with them. I explained to him, that Sears is the only company that has ever shut down an account I have had. I explained that their standards apparently are higher than my Gold American Express Card and Platinum Cards! I will never walk in another Sears store again. I will let my friends and family know what had happened to an outstanding customer of 25 years. This doesn't make much sense. The only thing I can think of, is that they have fallen on hard times. Be careful buying major appliances, and making large purchases with them. They just might do this to you, and mess up your good credit.

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    Original review: Aug. 19, 2016

    I went to Sears to make a payment on my credit card the other day, as I do every month. I was told that my check "could not be read" by their register, and therefore, they could not accept the payment. WHAT? I asked if they could apply the payment manually, but they could/would not. They called customer service for me, and I spoke to Lorie in N. Carolina. While speaking to Lorie, I indicated that I was using a balance-transfer check from my bank, and she said I could not do that (as though this is common knowledge). Again... WHAT? She explained that Citibank's convenience checks could not be used "in person". I told her this was a check from another bank, and she suggested I contact them.

    Luckily, my bank was 2 doors down, so I visited them immediately. I explained what had happened (and that I only had the one check, that was already made payable to Sears, that would give me the 0% interest rate), and the customer service rep did not know what Lorie was talking about. She called someone outside the branch to discuss why the check was refused. Both customer service reps agreed that it was likely due to SEARS' system and that I was NOT "prohibited from using the checks in person". Sears may want to EDUCATE Lorie and other representatives, so they can explain to customers that it is THEIR SYSTEM that won't allow them to ACCEPT balance transfer checks on-site and this should be disclosed/posted in stores and on monthly statements, as well. For the customer's sake, there should be a manual override to post these checks to their accounts. This is not rocket science! This turned into a major inconvenience for ME, the CUSTOMER.

    No wonder Sears is teetering. Customer service is, and has been TERRIBLE for some time now! THIS customer certainly won't be making my weekly visits to Kmart any longer. This is the second problem I've had with customer service in just a few months. The people in the store are quite accommodating, but whenever you get on the phone to try to resolve something, the representatives are rude and condescending. What a difference, when I went to the bank the check was drawn on. They were able to make the balance transfer while I sat there and even gave me an extra month with 0% interest! This is the last time Sears will be able to refuse a $3000 from me...

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    Original review: Aug. 19, 2016

    We got a Sears card to buy our mattress. They told us "no interest for a year". Stupid us. Did not read the fine print. So after a year goes by... ALL of that accrued interest we were charged! $400!! that's 50% interest on our balance!!! Scam artists. What terrible human beings.

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