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Reviewed Nov. 5, 2020

AccountCare has been charging me without me ever signing up for such services. I have been calling them since 9/11/20 trying to cancel their services. I have received two cancellation confirmation numbers and now there's been charges to my account because it wasn't cancelled correctly the first time and since the account is 'past due,' I have been charged again for late fees. I have called on 9/11, 9/29, 10/6, 10/23 with each person stating that my case would be "escalated" and someone will call me in 24-48 hours. No one ever calls and all I get is the same letter after every time I call stating my request is under review and to allow 30 days. It's been almost two months and I still don't have my refund onto my account and now my credit is most likely going to be impacted by their inability to cancel and refund me in a timely manner.

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Reviewed Oct. 31, 2020

Although the rates could be better, I haven't suffered there as I pay my bill off every month. With all of the insane scams going on, they have been very quick to respond to my concerns or questions. They have reissued a new card when I reported questionable phone calls or emails to prevent any fraudulent charges and I appreciate that. Re-issued cards have been promptly sent out so there has been minimal inconvenience.

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Reviewed June 23, 2020

Me and my wife have been making monthly payments, we called them to get it straighten out but they are saying we never paid the payment. Our bank account showed they took the money, so apparently they making excuses by accusing us. Been fighting with them for months and they already destroyed my credit scores. Gonna make reports to BBB against this company. No wonder why this company is failing and desperate for the money to stay afloat. We are no longer will buy anything that comes from the Sears or Kmart.

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Reviewed May 23, 2020

Complete fraudulent third-party services from Sears. Took my money. Never received product. Sears has been giving me a hard time for two months refusing to give me my money back even after the company never shipped it and they have all the proof they need. Had to go through my fraud department/credit card. So sad. That’s why Sears is Where they are today.

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Reviewed Feb. 27, 2020

Updated on 07/17/2020: I just found out that my credit rating went down 80 points with this ** card. I found a fraudulent charge on my credit card and reported to them piously early this year. What happened next was completely **. 1) They cancelled my old card. 2) They issued me a new credit. 3) They reported the fraudulent as unpaid and loaded onto the new card. 4) They did nothing to investigate and told me it was legitimate, they could not provide me with the bill, the company info (see 7 why?). 5) I have nowhere to go to fight this (well, the credit card company supposed to fight for you on this).

6) I asked them to cancel this ** new card. I am done with them. 7) People you talked with are in Philippines, they did not speak good English. So what I had to do, was to pay off the fraudulent charge (otherwise it would stand as unpaid and ruin your credit even more) and then my credit rating dropped 80 points later. See each of these 1)-7) actions can lower your credit. Well, if you have this credit card now, cancel it. If you did not have it, don't apply for it.

Original Review: A fraudulent company charged over 300 dollars on my credit card. Sears Credit Card refused to dispute because they said this company has my credit card number. I Well, they must have hired morons in this Asian country. Remember, sears credit card customer service is based in Asia. They cannot dispute for you for any stolen card, fraud.... no wonder they are going bankrupt. Sears credit card suck!

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Reviewed Nov. 2, 2019

The Sears store card was my first credit card ever. I got it in 1994 and have had no issuers until recently. I don’t use it but once a year to keep it active. On Oct 23, 2019 charges were charged to my account I didn’t know until Oct 24, 2019 when the fraud department was texting me about a charge I replied with the N for no. Then I got a phone call asking me if I charged over 3,000 grand in California I replied no. They said, "we are closing your account and getting you a new card to a new account." I had no idea that any charges were actually charged to my card. Until I finally was able to get into my online account and saw there were two charges for over 3,500. This was ridiculous. They didn’t catch this until the third attempt in the same sears store.

Now everything is screwed up waiting on a new card and a new account to be opened and the other one closed. They made it seem like it was an easy process absolutely not at all. I have since spent hours on the phone with customer service and the fraud department of sears Citibank credit cards and have been told nothing that has actually happened the way they said. So this happened on 10/23/019 found out on 10/24/19. On 10/26/19 I was trying to get into my account with absolutely no luck. Spent 30 minutes on the phone with a girl from customer service who told me that the charges would be taken off my card within 72 hours. I still couldn’t get into my account so I kept trying with no luck.

I called back to customer service on 10/30/19 this was it for me. I spent over 3 hours of my life getting nowhere and told different information every time. 45 minutes with a girl who knew nothing and should of put someone on the phone with me who did. I hung up on her getting no where being told I couldn’t get into my account until I received the new card that was only sent out the day prior on 10/29/19 and it could take 7-10 days. I called the fraud department. There I spoke to someone who made me feel even worse. She was asking me when was your card stolen. I replied it wasn’t. I have it right here and she was saying things like she didn’t understand why the charges were still on my account and so on.

I ended up getting off with her calling back to customer service and requesting to speak to a supervisor. A nice guy gets on the phone and says he has both my accounts open in front of him and told me I was locked out of my new account for 24 hours because the girl prior had updated my phone number. Whatever, I had enough. He called to the fraud department to see why the two accounts were still open and the charges transferred to my new account. I ended up being transferred to another fraud person and told that this is the way it’s done. The actual investigation takes up to 90 days and that one charge had already been removed the smallest amount but still waiting on the other one to come off. She told me that once the investigation is complete they update the credit bureaus with the fraud account and then have the new account on there.

So I finally got into my online account yesterday and changed my password but I can’t do anything else it’s locked for my protection. I can’t get into my account I have had since 1994 but somehow someone was able to use my information to charge over 3,500 worth of stuff. I don’t understand. I’m the owner of the account and I can’t even get into it. So now after the call today I am closing my account once this investigation is over. I’m done. I will take the hit to my 850 credit score for closing an account. I can’t deal with this anymore.

So I get my new card, I call the number to activate the card, it transfers to a person who asks me a bunch of questions that relate to my account security questions things like that. I’m ok with it until he has to put me on hold and comes back asks me some other questions and then tells me he can’t activate my card. I will either receive a call or a letter explaining what I need to do. I had to hold back. I’m so aggravated. So I have a new account, a new card and I can’t use it.

I’m done with this. I’m closing this account as soon as I can. I cannot believe that someone who doesn’t have any of my info except the credit card info can charge but I can’t even activate my new card. This card is horrible. Citibank has always been horrible and many years ago I had an issue with them so I closed my account and I should have closed this one once sears had to be taken over by Citibank. I hope this helps anyone who is attempting to get credit with this bank. It is horrible. I can understand protecting me and my new account but this is ridiculous. I had every alert possible checked on my account and they didn’t even catch it until the third attempt and now I’m the one suffering because of it. Don’t get a Citicard or Sears Citibank.

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Reviewed Sept. 14, 2019

The apparent change in credit card provider is a complete fail. Every online bill pay customer when logging-in should be rerouted to new site and login/password should remain the same. Instead, it appears their one or two mailings and a email among all the other junk mail we get has gone unnoticed by many. Following their directions also has not worked. Had me thinking I was get either fraud calls or fraud mailings.

My current card in wallet does not match my paper account numbers. I can't log in to some new site, but I can log in still to old site with NO NOTICE of this account and site is no longer active. Instead it shows a zero balance as I had expected. Yep, I have late fees they were will to take off but that is not my point. I had to waste tons of time on the phone trying to get to the bottom of why can't I log in and their mess, but the trained "monkeys' can't actually provide service. They have to keep transferring to a person who can only do one thing, from a script, and they are more worried about getting their money. They actually would not freeze card, or help me get into account if I did not pay up first.

Well, They can now waste "stamp" money with my paper bills and junk mail every month. They will not profit, because although I live close to one of their remaining Kmarts I will no longer shop there, nor will I ever use this card again....Unless I know I am dying. No estate, no kin. They will never see a penny out of me again. Corporate America is going down hill. Glad I can afford to pay cash for most of my needs. Can't wait to share my experience with my ACCOUNTING and STEM students!

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Reviewed Aug. 14, 2019

I am legal guardian to a cardholder and was attempting to update card information as well as acquire a new card for my client. Customer Service representative was kind to hear both my client and me on the line. In the process we found out that there is a wrong social security number associated with the card and was transferred to 'Consumer Protection' group. The representative in this department said they would only speak with the cardholder after I told them I am the legal guardian trying to help my client resolve the issue they have with her card.

More than three times they said, "And just a reminder this call will be monitored and recorded." They asked for the password to the account. I told them there is no password because it has not been set up with one. They insisted on the password and I had to tell them a second time there is no password. I told them we were calling to acquire a new card because the old one is expired and that they have the wrong social security number.

We were asked for the phone number and when the representative said they would EITHER send a text to that number or send a letter I interrupted to inform them the phone number on file is a landline number and the letter received states the card must be used by September 30th or my client loses her account. I informed them I have the social security card in front of me and can send it to them, and asked for a faster way to verify. The representative in Consumer Protection stated they will either call that number or send a letter. So, if my client does not get this resolved she loses her account because of their limited ability to verify the person.

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Reviewed Aug. 6, 2019

I’ve never had a credit card company not give me my money back for a dispute and most credit card companies give us our money back, no questions asked, period. These people are liars, every time I call them every representative tells me something different about the same situation, they have a new policy everyday, and they will lie, cheat, and do everything in their power to not give you your money back. I've never dealt with a credit card company that we can't speak with the person handling our claim, that works against me instead of help me, or who really does not want to return my money from a dispute. It’s really shady how the investigators hide behind the scenes and scam and lie to not approve our disputes. They ask for one thing and when you send it, they lie and deny your claim saying they didn't receive the information.

Whoever is handling the claims needs to be fired because they are crooked and obviously don't know how to do the job. They act like it's going to kill them and cost them to return your money from a dispute. Do not get this card or do any business with this shady company. The Shopyourway rewards department is also illiterate. I have a lot of points that are not showing on my account, I called shopyourway, they said I have the points but they don’t know why they’re not in my account to shop, they transferred me to sears, (when they are supposed to be the ones handling the shop your way points), then sears transferred me back to them, and they transferred me back to sears. This went on all day and no one knows why my points aren’t in my account to shop online or in store, and they told me if I want to use my points I have to call and place an order over the phone to use my points.

This whole company is illiterate and now I understand why sears has been shutting down. They don’t know how to handle ANY business with ethics and honesty. I’ve never been unconfident in my credit card company, and I don’t understand why these people will make you pay for unauthorized transactions on your account instead of just give you your money. I will be contacting the CEO of Citi to let them know how Sears are liars, and misrepresenting their brand to hopefully have them cut all ties with shopyourway. I’ll also be contacting the attorney general, the BBB, and whoever else I can to make them aware of the scam this company is running in hopes of getting them shut down, and have no reputable company merge their name with these liars.

I won’t rest until everyone knows what’s really up with this company and shut them down, so we can all start a lawsuit for the return of our money because according to the many reviews I’ve read, they have gotten over on millions of people and will not return their money from disputes either, sad. They probably deny our disputes to pocket the money for themselves.

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Reviewed Aug. 6, 2019

I have been a card member since 2016. Never late fee. Now it seems the two attempts I have tried to pay my card have failed. Then I find the number has been changed (without warning). Now it seems I will have my first late payment. I'm Not happy that this company doesn't care enough to make sure I can Make a payment on time! They seem to be trying to collect late fee!

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Reviewed Aug. 2, 2019

Had 100% payment history with the credit card company! Never late! Always on time! Had bought a complete kitchen set, fridge, stove, dishwasher. Well when they decided to close their stores, I guess they decided to screw the loyal customers that they had. Didn’t send any notification that they were closing my card, no phone call! No email! No correspondence whatsoever! I go to use my card find out that the account number is no longer active so I called the 800-number only to be told oh well we changed your account number you should be getting a new card in the mail within 6 to 8 weeks.

Call back because it didn’t make any sense how something that major could change on my credit card without notification, then was told, “oh no we closed your account because of something on your credit!! Lmao! Lying... I won’t even say what I want to! NOTHING derogatory was on my credit! ??% Payment history with my creditors! Long standing credit I might add! Not only did they close my ** without letting me know, but I had a warranty on my refrigerator!! So now I’m screwed out of that! Scandalous!! It’s ok! God don’t like ugly!!

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Reviewed July 9, 2019

My credit card was used twice around the world and I had never swiped it anywhere. This means Sears was hacked or somebody was selling the information. I also later purchased an item online and was double charged. The seller provided me a refund (he saw both transactions) but Sears was still double charging me. I asked for my money back which Sears initially did give me, but they actually took it from the seller (the single transaction left that the seller should have had). So the seller decided to reach out to his company and they get the money back. Now I'm out a couple of hundred because Sears is incompetent. I reached out to them and they sent me a letter ("proof") that it was a rightful charge. Funny thing is they're only disputing that I DID buy something, not that I was double charged. They totally ignored the situation. I was complaining about being double charged, I was not disputing the fact that I bought something or not.

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Reviewed May 10, 2019

I had the Sears store card for about 6 months. 2000 dollar limit. So with 350 dollars on my card and flawless payment history the idiots dropped my limit to 400.00. Thank you Sears for destroying the credit that I worked so hard to fix... IDIOTS. Plus what happened to the Craftsman quality? I traded my Harbor Freight tool box for a Craftsman. It was made from aluminum foil.

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Reviewed April 28, 2019

These people are thieves. NEVER get a Sears card. I am on paperless billing. I paid off the card in November 2018. In December 2018 there was a $23 charge. I did not receive a statement in December 2018, January 2019, or February 2019. In March 2019, they sent a statement saying my account was four months overdue, but that's not the worst part. THEY CHARGED ME 1000% interest on that $23. The bill ended up being $230 dollars. Customer service was COMPLETELY unhelpful and lied. I will never do business with this company again.

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Reviewed March 28, 2019

I have completely given up on Sears bankcard customer service. I called them to complain about unauthorized charges on my card over 2 months ago. At first I gave my report to the unauthorized charges department. I called 2 weeks later to follow-up and was told that I actually had to call the Fraudulent Claims Department. So, I did. I then called 2 weeks later and was told that my claim had been sent to the Presidential Offices. So, I called them to follow-up. They said they would contact me within 2 weeks.

When they didn't, I called them. And, believe it or not, they said that too much time had passed (117) between the charges and today, so they couldn't be helpful. Half of the 117 days were waiting for Sears to investigate the charges. So, I asked to speak to her Supervisor as was told they would get back to me within 48 hours. They make it so difficult and make you jump through so many hoops to file and see through unauthorized charges. I have to option than to take them to small claims court. If they think I cannot, they are sorely mistaken.

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Reviewed Dec. 23, 2018

Sears was my longest line of credit. After being with them for over 10 years they closed my card. Never once made a late payment (not even a day). My card wasn’t maxed out. In fact I was paying it off. I specifically called and asked someone if I paid it off in a debt consolidation would my card be closed. The representative guaranteed me that it wouldn’t. She told me that she would leave notes on my account stating that I did not want my account closed. A month later it’s closed. I call in and dispute it saying that the representative promised it wouldn’t be closed (otherwise I would have just excluded that card from the consolidation).

They investigated it and said they heard the rep promise me it wouldn’t be closed and there were notes added on my account but they still weren’t going to reopen it. She said sorry and hung up on me. This company is a joke and this is exactly why they are going out of business. Thank you to whomever made the decision to give them the ax!

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Reviewed Nov. 26, 2018

My husband opened a Sears Mastercard around 7 years ago, we were on time with the payments and we even paid it off last year. Due to emergencies, we had to put around $1500 back on it, I was then I was a couple weeks with the payment, not even close to 30 days, one time, mind you, and they lowered his limit from $3,000 to $1800. Since then I have not missed a payment, but yet he got a letter in the mail saying they would not be renewing his credit card, what the heck? He has no delinquencies on his credit, why they made that decision I’ll never know. They are terrible and it doesn’t matter if you are a loyal customer or not, they will screw you over!

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Reviewed Nov. 8, 2018

The Sears credit card system is literally set up to keep you from paying off balance transfers in time for the promotion to end. I had two balance transfers on my card, and I always pay way more than the minimum. I should have already paid off my first transfer, but then I found out the "system" was misapplying my payments. Only the minimum was going towards the first transfer the rest towards the other. Even calling in cannot solve this because all representatives will tell you is that "the system will not apply anything past the minimum to the first transfer, if you have more than one on the card". It is literally set up to keep customers from paying off the transfers on time, so that they can receive interest money. I did a balance transfer for the entire Sears card and then I closed my account with them. There's a reason this company is bankrupt and I have no pity on them.

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Reviewed Nov. 7, 2018

Sears had given me misinformation after handling my dispute then closed the case. There was no signature on the charge just a printout. Thank everyone that Sears is going out of business and I am never using my card again after being a loyal customer for 30 years. Rest in peace Sears and good riddance.

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Reviewed Nov. 1, 2018

Sears Card billed me $97.98 for a product I supposedly purchased from Norton. I never ordered or received anything from Norton. There is nothing in my PC remotely connected to any Norton product. I got in contact with Norton this morning and asked them for a detailed printout of my supposed purchase. They could not find any information with my name or email address of any purchase. I received a letter from Sears Card that they have adjusted the $97.98 but that I must pay them $27.00 for the adjustment. How, in heaven's name, can expect me to pay them for something that never happened. They have now threaten me with sending this incident to the three credit card adjusters. What are my options?

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Reviewed Oct. 27, 2018

I have a Sears Citi credit card. One of the worst mistakes I ever made. They have poor customer service and lousy credit cards. I tried using my card and they won't allow me to use my card. They decided to place a hold on my account for real reason. My account is current and I still have credit available to use. They just decided to place holds on my account because they felt like. It's the worst card I have ever had with the highest interest rate. They have piss poor supervisors who don't know what the hell their job description entails. Poor customer service and credit cards, don't use them at all.

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Reviewed Sept. 22, 2018

I saw a Facebook ad back in May 2018 for this New You Challenge company, which turns out to be a third party purveyor of gym memberships and work out programs. They gave me a great song and dance and as far as I'm concerned, embezzled $300 out of me for a program through one of their third party vendors, it was about 3 weeks later when I got to the gym they set me up with and at that gym, the owners wanted me to sign a contract that was so unholy and personally attacking and setting me up for ultimate failure along with my entire life, and everyone including family to be attached to any possible lawsuits, it was heinous! They stand you in line to wait for 30 minutes at the gym, let you read a tiny paragraph or two up on a website on a huge screen in the gym, then you sign in, then later on in the evening you get another copy to sign.

That moment I had a chance to actually read it and discover the insidiousness of the legal speak in it and from that moment forward when I saw just how damning it was, I refused to have anything to do with the company NEW YOU CHALLENGE or any of their vendors, my "do not trust" factor shot through the roof. Stay away from this company and any affiliates they offer, if you value your life, your finances and your future as well as family's assets too. Any little thing goes wrong, THEY OWN YOU! And everything you have. On the contract they don't give you a copy of up front, you are signing away every legal right you have including any right to counsel should an issue arise and they spell out they will come after everything you own as well as your family and close relatives.

Now whether that would actually stand up in court might remain to be seen, but you just threw away any right you had to legal counsel when you signed it and they spelled it out. New You Challenge refused to give me my money back and did not provide me services that I paid for. So now enter Sears CC company, your supposed to have a right to challenge merchants when things do not go as planned. I did the challenge on the account.

They initially sent me my money back, then took away again because this company NYC claimed I signed the contract, but as stated, they don't let you read the contract in detail or tell you anything about what their third party vendors may or may not do with any aspect of this program down the road, then they walk away from you when you have a problem. Sears CC did the same thing to me, they threw me back to the wolves. I need financial partners that I can trust to have my back when things go south and Sears CC has proven to not be that company. Do not do business with New You Challenge and think long and hard about doing business with Sears - both are NOT customer oriented. Sears in the old days used to be a decent company, but they have changed.

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Reviewed Sept. 11, 2018

After having this card for 10 years and using it responsibly, we found that Citi reduced our credit limit without notice. Now, we can't even purchase a new refrigerator. Very disrespectful way to treat their clients for being good consumers and paying our account timely and providing them with such a nice interest base to grow their business. We contacted Citi Customer Service with no resolve. They had not interest to correct the error and we will need to resort to alternative means to purchase appliances. You will not be treated as a valued customer. Read the reviews and understand they do not care about their clients.

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Reviewed Sept. 6, 2018

I was looking for a great appliance set at Sears in 2014. I was approved for a Sears Credit Card. I have great credit and was approved for a whopping $500.00. I’ve never reviewed statements and have changed settings on my account. I’ve called customer service several times, they were extremely rude and didn’t speak but broken English. I had a lady hang up on me twice. I told them I would be cancelling my card and the rep replied, "Great!" They refuse to increase your credit limit even being a year at a $0 balance. You deserve a great card with perks. Do not get this card or give them business. We work hard for our dollars. No reason they should treat people this way. I filed a complaint over a year ago about everything I’m telling you and no reply or email. Nothing. They don’t need our business.

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Reviewed July 2, 2018

Interest rate is 26%. What is this, 1986? How the hell does a company get away with that rate? I used my card for a 'trial' of a background check service, and nowhere in the form did it indicate a recurring 'membership'. Citi would not refund the $45 I was charged and considered the matter RESOLVED BECAUSE THE SCAMMER SAID IT WAS A LEGITIMATE CHARGE. I closed this account as fast as I could.

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Reviewed May 6, 2018

Been a Sears credit card holder since 1987. Tried to sign into the website to pay my bill but kept getting "You have successfully signed off" as the response. I called to technical services and they told me to clear my cache and that did not work. Told me to try another platform besides Chrome and that did not work. Then they told me the site would be down for a week. I asked her why she did not tell me that in the beginning instead of trying all these other things. She did not say a word. I then asked to be transferred to Customer Service so I could pay my bill. It asked for my last 4 digits of my account but then stated it could not find my account. When I finally get to a person she stated their automated system is down and that is why it did not recognize my account. So do not get this credit card.

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Reviewed March 31, 2018

I have had a Sears card since 1979. I pay my bill as soon as I receive it and pay more than the minimum. Until now I have not had any problems. Last month I did not receive a statement. I called customer service prior to the due date to inform them and request a new statement be sent immediately. The representative I spoke told me this would be done. It is a little over a week past the due date and I have not received a new statement. Instead, CITI has put a block on my card. They did even notify me that this would be done. Instead, I found out when a bookstore with which I had placed a pre-order let me know my book had arrived but that payment was not authorized, so the book would not be sent.

This was very embarrassing. I called Sears/CITI customer support and, once I got past the robo-voice, spoke with someone whose accent was incredibly difficult to understand which was compounded by a poor connection. She just kept repeating the same lines over and over. I spoke with a supervisor and was told I could link the card to my bank account and have funds transferred. After the treatment I received on their part, there was no way I was going to do this. I suspect no new statement was ever issued. My credit rating is very good. I am going to pay this card off and never use it again.

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Reviewed Jan. 23, 2018

I purchased an appliance last year (2017) at Sears and took it home the same day. I made 2 additional purchases during the time I've had the card. They definitely got me too when they said "Hey, apply for a Sears card and get 12 months no interest"... etc. I received TWO bills TOTAL from Sears. Simply set reminders on my phone to call and make a payment! But absolutely nothing on last month's purchase/activity ($161)... No bill. No notification. No late notice. Until another agency called and informed me I owed $100 more than 45 days ago. Additionally, the full amount will be due in 3 weeks. Thank you for your tremendous communication and customer service, Sears. I won't be back. P.S.: It would be lovely if you accepted something other than a check for over the phone one-time payments!

Updated on 03/28/2018: So, this is more of an update... I called Sears Credit after my review here and made my required payment due plus a little extra. I then called again two weeks later the day after receiving a bill from them :o with a March 17 due date! (I was truly shocked when I opened the mail!). So on February 14, I called Sears credit and submitted a $60 payment - double my minimum due. I had decided that I would make two of these a month until paying the remaining balance off (which after that payment > $130). Then, on Feb. 27, I called in, made another payment ($30 ~ what I could budget) and went about my day. This afternoon I was informed that my account was past due (still owed $27 for the last billing cycle and now owe $177). Last payment received: Feb 15th.

So, apparently the 2/27 payment never actually made it through their antiquated system. My biggest mistake was not writing down the confirmation number --- The Lesson: Do not EVER make this mistake. I cannot wait pay this card off, cut it up and melt it down. And don't even bother trying to link your Sears card to a Citi credit card account online so you can make easy online payments UNLESS you already have a "banking relationship" with Citibank. Clearly, the Citibank/Sears business model is now to make it as difficult as possible for YOU to have easy access to YOUR account information while selling your information to the highest bidder. ZERO to negative "Stars".

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Reviewed Dec. 30, 2017

Run as fast from the guy as you can when he offers you 12 months or 24 months free! They suckered me right in, and immediately after my purchase, the interest started. I made several attempts to reason with these people at Sears, NO SUCCESS! They don't want to hear it, they don't care, and they keep transferring you till you hang up. My worst experience ever! Once the card is paid off, they lost a customer for life!! And honestly, I can't wait after what they have put me through!

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Reviewed Nov. 2, 2017

Stay away. This is a SCAM!! They offer you a 2 yrs "interest free" credit card that is actually only free if you pay the total amount in full before the end of those 2 yrs. If you don't you are charged for the interest of the past 24 months. I got it to pay for an unexpected car failure that costed me $550 at Sears cause was the closest car repair shop around I could drag my car to... And btw they did a HORRIBLE JOB, broke another piece of my car which resulted in my car having to stay an extra day and me missing an important appointment with a client since in Puerto Rico public transportation sucks and does not connect the whole island so there was no way to get there without a car. I asked for at least a discount since it was their fault for breaking my car and the manager was extremely nasty, never again did I go there.

Back to the credit card payments, I did my payments every month and only had $50 left to pay and when about to pay them I realized my monthly statement reflected I owed $288. You can imagine my surprise!!! They charged $248 in interest fees... That's when I realized the interest were not calculated from the remaining balance (like all other credit cards I know) but from the last 24 months. Sears, that's why you are broke and soon to go out of business!!! SCAMMERS!!! Will never buy anything at a Sears store again.

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