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Rated with 5 stars
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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 5, 2020

I recently bought a new computer from the website which was sold by TechReset located in Mississauga. The computer was a great price, through research I found it was at least $100 dollars less than other sites I visited. After it was shipped I received my order the next day as we said when I contacted Techrest via phone. It was a refurbished computer but when I received it it looked like it was new. It works great and is smooth and fast. It came with everything to just plug it in and connect it to a monitor or tv and use it. Windows 10 pro 64 bit came installed with it as well. It came with a corded mouse and corded keyboard. For what I was looking for this was a great unbeatable deal. I am very pleased with my purchase and would definitely recommend the Best Buy website for buying a refurbished computer from TechReset.

The person I talked with on the phone from Techreset was friendly, honest and knowledgeable, I asked a few questions about the shipping times and about the prices. He tried to find out the answers for my questions and one of them he said he cannot answer and pointed me in the right direction to the BestBuy website customer service for an answer. He didn't send me in a wild goose chase as some other places have when asking questions that they could not answer. I feel that they are trustworthy and honest from this interaction. In the future if or when I plan to buy another computer this is where I'll be checking first. For what I bought this was a pleasant and easy purchase. I have recommended this site to a few friends that were currently looking to buy a upgraded computer but didn't want to pay a fortune.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 11, 2020

It is the offer of a one year tech support of computer, and other electronic devices for $200 that got me into the Best Buy stores. In one trip to the store they upgraded 3 computers, two phones, and one Samsung pad. If I had gone to another place I would have paid much more to have all that done. While I was waiting I saw they had an area for open box appliances. I checked it out because I needed a new refrigerator and washer. The open box prices were so good I bought both appliances. I used the tech support for all my appliances for 2019 and saved hundreds of dollars. It has been so good that I renewed for 2020 and have recommended it to my friends. I have also gotten a new ring camera for outside and a new fitbit tracker. The Geek help is especially good for us seniors who are not as tech savvy. It saves us the embarrassment of having to have to ask our kids.

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    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 5, 2020

    Best Buy, for the last several years, has been the only true electronics and appliance store that still has a brick and mortar retail presence. It used to be that there were quite a few choices in this area, with Good Guys, Circuit City, etc. Now, there really is only Best Buy if you want to get in the car and walk into a store to shop for your items in person, which I happen to love. If I'm buying a 750 Camera, I want to see it in person, hold it, ask about it. Same with a computer, or dishwasher. The prices at Best Buy are fair and competitive and the sales staff is VERY knowledgeable. And, of course, there is the Geek Squad. They installed my last home theatre system and did a FANTASTIC job. Top level service and support all the way around. So, if you want to deal with an actual person and you want to see and hear the electronics you are buying BEFORE you buy them, then you really do want to give Best Buy a look. I've never been disappointed.

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    Rated with 5 stars
    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 21, 2019

    We bought 2 Samsung active watches open box. Both said excellent condition and no missing pieces. When we got the watches home they synced seamlessly to our phones and seemed to be a great product until I went to charge them. Neither device would charge no matter how many things we tried. So we returned to the store expecting a Geek Squad employee to show us what we were doing wrong, but it turned out one of the chargers was defective and one of the watches was defective.

    At this point my expectation would be for them to allow a return of the defective devices and we would be left starting over to find a good deal on these watches. Instead we were able to combine the defective pieces into one box and keep the pieces that work in another. Already, amazing customer service. Then they allowed us to swap the defective open box watch with a brand new one. Best Buy has put me in the holiday spirit, I couldn't be more happy with the service. It is tough to get out of the house and do brick and mortar shopping with all my kids, but Best Buy continues to make it worth it every time. Thank you Best Buy.

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    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 12, 2019

    For 5935 S Wadsworth Store in Littleton. My 70 year old neighbor was having a terrible time with kitchen appliances order. Best Buy had computer glitch which did not record her order. Took a week to straighten that out, reverse credit card charges etc, but a week later order was complete. Measuring crew came out, told my friend that a cabinet cutting crew was needed to install double oven. She told Best Buy appliance manager that but install company sent same measuring crew out. Frustrating.

    Took a week to get right crew out. Then credit card bill came and neighbor was charged twice for order. We went to store, asked to see manager and ** came out, listened to our issues and took bull by the horns. She spent 20 minutes on phone with bank who were NOT helpful and also with Best Buy's tech support. Straightened out all the issues, talked to her appliance manager about how to improve his performance (new guy) and got my friend a nice $ credit for her troubles and 2 week earlier delivery of her refrigerator. ** made a potentially disastrous situation into a positive one. Better hold onto her, Best Buy. Thanks.

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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Aug. 11, 2020

    I ordered a Fire Sense tabletop patio heater from Best Buy online and had it shipped to me. When I began to set it up, I noticed parts were used. The grill where the heat emits from showed oxidation, rust, and smelled of propane; the cylinder which houses the igniter had dirt and black residue from being outdoors and being lit. The heater looked like the warehouse put together a Franken-heater of new and used parts.

    I was afraid to set it up, as it was obviously a returned item, and I paid for a new item. After finding no customer service email, I spent nearly two hours on hold through disconnected calls to customer service. After finally reaching an agent and telling her I received used parts, she responded, “Mmmm hmmm.” No “sorry it arrived that way,” nothing. She then connected me to the appropriate department for the return (more hold time) where I was finally connected to an out-of-country call center to an agent whose chilliness and dislike for her job dripped into her every clipped word.

    She stated I would need to return this at my local store for a replacement. I explained that not only was the heater out of stock at my local stores, but that I live in a county with a high rate Covid-19 infections and this is why I was shopping online to begin with. She reluctantly researched if they had another to ship out to me and said it would not arrive until the following month. I gave up and just opted to get a return label to ship back for a refund. So, I will schlep the boxed heater to UPS (call center agent said they could not get UPS to pick it up) like the person who must have returned it before me. I have never experienced a more chillier and clipped customer service agent devoid of any kindness or apologies. I would like to say I will never make another purchase from Best Buy again, but since I made half of the purchase with a Best Buy gift card, I, unfortunately, will.

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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 4, 2020

    I ordered a new LG K 51 cell phone at full price through Best Buy online. When I received the delayed order I turned the phone on and a spinning disk and the word "erasing" appeared. There is no way a cell phone would be erasing if there was nothing to erase. The phone had been previously owned or was defective. I contacted the Best Buy Corporate Office. The customer service employee was excellent, helpful and very nice. He said return the phone for a replacement.

    In the meantime, I received a "new" LG K 51 phone by UPS. When I turned it on a spinning disk appeared with the word erasing. Shortly after using the phone the screen started hopping around without being touched. The screen suddenly went black with the icons still visible. The malfunction is apparently intermittent and the phone seems to be functioning at least for now. I am stuck with it at least for now because my old phone is failing.

    Best Buy Corporation is reselling returned electronics or selling defective merchandise. This is a buyer beware review. I'm putting up this review to see if other Best Buy customers have received online electronics and noticed the spinning disk and word erasing when the electronic was turned on. I bought several LG cell phones from Best Buy. None of them were erasing data when I turned them on. This could be some sort of manufacturers defect specific to the LG K 51 phones. The individual employees of Best Buy have all been excellent. This may be corporate level issue already known to Best Buy.

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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 3, 2020

    Our fridge died. We chose Best Buy solely because they could deliver 2 day delivery on the fridge we wanted. Delivery day arrives as does the wrong fridge. Calls, emails, app chat to get a new ASAP delivery leads me nowhere. Have to go back to the store. We get put to the back of the delivery queue even though they messed things up. I go on the app o my to see that a new buyer could get a faster delivery time. Once employee even said to me “Consider yourself lucky we are not delivering it in mid September.” Terrible service. Never using Best Buy again.

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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 31, 2020

    I would like to write about my recent experience with Best Buy and my experience with Apple. My iPhone recently had issues and needed repair. I figured no worries. I have Apple Care that comes out of my account every month for my phone. I called the store to start the repair process. However, upon looking up my phone the Best Buy employee stated there is no Apple Care on my device. I asked how this could be possible if I have been getting charged monthly for the Apple Care. The store employee was able to look up the charges and confirm Apple Care was being deducted from my account each month. After further investigation, they noticed that the Apple Care was for an iPhone 10s (a phone I have never owned as I have an iPhone 10s MAX and before that an iPhone 8). The employee said they would need to look into this further.

    Next, my boyfriend took my phone into the store the following day to look into this matter further. The employees tried to figure out the matter further and after many hours were still able to resolve the issue. My boyfriend had to leave at this time. Then, my dad (the account holder for my phone) went to the Best Buy store to finally get this matter taken care of. After spending almost 8 hours back and forth between Best Buy, Best Buy customer service number, and Apple (all who kept deferring to the other to take care of the issue) my dad STILL did not have the issue fixed.

    According to the manager at the St. Cloud Store, the only thing he could guess that happened is that when I purchased my phone Best Buy registered the Apple Care under the wrong phone/IMEI number. The manager said he would try to get the Apple Care transferred to the correct phone that I actually own and if worst came to worst we would have to talk to corporate to have the money, that I had been paying since purchasing my phone in 2019, reimbursed. That was the first week of trying to deal with the problem.

    The next week, I attempted to call the Best Buy customer service number as the store directed my father would be best for me to do. After an extremely long hold time, I was told again that they could not transfer my Apple Care to the correct phone and I would need to contact Apple. I contacted Apple. They stated that unfortunately since it was Best Buy's error for registering the incorrect phone (one I may mention AGAIN I never owned) that they would need to transfer the Apple Care. This was after 4 hours of being on the phone so I decided to try again the next day. This continued for the rest of the week-calling every couple days, being on hold with Best Buy for multiple hours and having them either tell me I needed to go to the store to resolve the issue and/or contact Apple.

    Again, I contacted Best Buy "customer service" (if you could even call it that at this point) and they would either tell me I need to go back to the store or contact Apple. I told them I had been to the store numerous times and they informed me I would need to call the customer service line. They would insist I need to go to the store. I also told them I have a 7:30-5:30 job and cannot afford to take any more time off work since Best Buy is only open 10-6 pm. They would then insist I contact Apple. I would try to inform them that it was Best Buy's error that they needed to fix and it was no fault of Apple at all. After many hours later, I was able to talk to a Best Buy representative who said she would transfer the Apple Care to the correct IMEI, I would get a confirmation email in 3-5 business days, and then I could start the repair process. I felt so relieved that this was finally taken care of!

    I waited a week for the email and never received one. So much to my dismay, I contacted Best Buy customer service again to see what had happened. The representative on the phone looked up my case ID and informed me that the representative I had talked to wrote in her notes that she told the customer she would need to go to the store to resolve the issue and closed my case. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY NOT WHAT THE REPRESENTATIVE HAD INFORMED ME.

    Finally, I asked to speak with a supervisor to simply get the money reimbursed that I paid for over a year for non-existent Apple Care. This would mean $15 a month times 12-24 months so about $180-360 tops. I would like to add I had been extremely nice up until this point... Now I was started to get quite frustrated after trying to get something straightened out that should have taken no more than 1-2 days max! Also, I might add I still had no working phone and my iPhone would not even turn on! The representative kept telling me she could not transfer me to a supervisor. Then finally she agreed to transfer me to a supervisor, put me on hold for 10 minutes, and disconnected the call. I tried calling back 3-4 times and it said all representatives are busy at this time please try back later.

    Finally, on the 5th call I was able to reach someone and informed them I was being transferred to a supervisor and the call got disconnected. The representative said, "Oh you were the one asking to talk to a supervisor?" I said, "Yes I need to get this resolved." They said I could not talk to a supervisor, they could not help me, and I needed to talk to Apple. I said, "Fine, it is not Apple's fault at all and if you transfer me to Apple again and they are able to help I am going to be extremely frustrated."

    The representative then transferred me to Apple. I explained my situation to the Apple representative and they said they would transfer me to someone in their agreements department. I was transferred to Justina. After Justina patiently and kindly listened to my situation she told me she would have this resolved. She said she felt so bad that I had to deal with this for so many weeks and could see that I had already contacted Apple numerous times. So even though it was an error on Best Buy's end and not Apple's end, she was going to do what she could to get it fixed. Justina offered to have my phone fixed for no cost to me, even repairs that would usually not be covered under Apple Care, and even if it meant I would need a new phone ultimately. This means she was willing to eat the cost, on Apple's end, for something that was not their mistake at all, for up to a cost of around $1,000-1,200.

    At this point, I was in tears and thanked her so much for outstanding customer service. I would also like to add, if Justina ever had to place me on hold for an amount of time past 5 minutes she would continue to check in with me every 5 minutes to inform me she was still there and she was having multiple people reach out to the department to get my case handled quickly. She also scheduled a time to do a 3-way call with Best Buy the next day to try to get the Apple Care issue resolved for future cases. She then transferred me to someone in repairs to get the process started right away.

    The repairs representative was also so kind and helpful and informed me exactly how the process would work. The box to ship my phone was shipped as expedited and they started the repair right away. Justina then called Best Buy customer service the next day with me on the phone and tried to explain the issue. Again, they said they were unable to help and I would need to talk to Apple. Justina explained again that she was calling from Apple agreements and that it was an error on Best Buy’s end so they would need to transfer the Apple Care to the correct phone. She asked for them to please start a ticket with their supervisor.

    Finally, the representative said they would transfer the call to a supervisor. We waited on hold for quite some time and then YOU'D NEVER GUESS IT. The representative disconnected the call. Justina was very cordial about the ordeal and said she was going to do everything she could on her part to get this fixed. She said she would email me within 3-5 days to let me know if she was able to get it resolved. She also sent me her direct phone number and email so I would not have to wait on hold if I needed to call back with any questions.

    Before the 5 days hit, she emailed me stating she made it possible for me to reinstate Apple Care directly through Apple on my correct phone, as soon as the phone was finished with repairs. This could be done for no additional fees whatsoever and having the same exact payments I had through Best Buy. Apple then helped me cancel my payments to Best Buy (that let me remind you, were being paid for absolutely nothing).

    I am so so thankful for the OUTSTANDING customer service of everyone at Apple but specifically for Justina. She was so empathetic and kind and truly knows 100% what it means to provide quality, authentic, and downright good customer service. On the other side, I have never ever in my entire life experienced such horrible, rude, absolutely awful customer service as I did with every single employee and representative at Best Buy. We have been customers with Best Buy for over 10 years now and I will never purchase ANY products or be doing ANY business whatsoever with Best Buy again. I am beyond disappointed and will never recommend this company to anyone. All of my family as well as many of my friends, have now canceled all services with Best Buy and will never be doing business with them in the future.

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    Rated with 1 star
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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 30, 2020

    I made a purchase of a new stove with delivery on July 4th for delivery on July 27th. I get an email on the 26th that part of my order wouldn’t be delivered completely because part of it was missing. I call. Wait on hold over 30 minutes to be told that the stove would be delivered but the electrical cord wouldn’t be as it was out of stock. I accepted that and was advised that a I would receive a discount for the inconvenience. I received an additional email advising that the delivery was on the way the next day and would arrive by 6:05 pm. An hour later still no delivery, I call and hold another 30 minutes to be told that the rep I spoke to the previous day incorrectly advised me and that neither the stove I ordered 23 days earlier nor the cord were available and that I would need to pick a different item and delivery date.

    I then got cold transferred to the sales department to now be told that they would assist in locating a different stove but no discounts nor would they match the price that I originally paid. I asked to have my order canceled and that I would receive an email confirmation of the cancellation. They sent the email to someone else’s email and said that they couldn’t correct the email address on file. They made no attempt to save my business or retain me as a customer. If this is how Best Buy is going about business it’s going to go out of business faster than Circuit City. I will make it my personal mission that no one I know spends another dime in that place. I’ll post it on all social media platforms and go out of my way to let people know outside their stores.

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