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These thugs put me on a catch-up plan since I was behind in payments. I MADE EVERY SINGLE PAYMENT FOR 6 MONTHS, worked double shifts in the Sun to do so, with the PROMISE & GUARANTEE THAT MY 5-YEAR OLD ACCOUNT WOULD NOT BE CLOSED. Well, guess what? 2 weeks after making my last payment they closed my account anyway, stating some b.s. loophole about I had late fees. Well, of course I had late fees Einstein!!! I WAS FREAKIN' L-A-T-E, thus needing to hop on the catch-up plan!!!

And little miss perfect MARITZA IN MARYLAND customer service dept. office LOCATED AT 888-908-0031 sat on top of her golden throne, looked down on me, darn near laughed at me, chuckling, "I'm not opening it back up." After telling her 7 times I never asked her to open it back up, that she ASSUMED that's what I was gonna get on my knees and beg her for, and that she owes me an apology for ASSUMING, she smugly snapped, "I'm sorry you feel that way, can I help you with anything else?" I told her she can shove that weak backhanded b.s. so-called apology where the sun don't shine, and demanded to speak with a supervisor. She put Ebony on the line, Ebony was the only HUMAN worth dealing with. THEY LIE AND WILL STEAL YOUR HARD-EARNED DOUGH, BEWARE!!!

On February 3, 2014 I made a promotional (no interest 24 mos) TV purchase for $1,380. As of May 27, 2015 the balance on that count was $725. On May 4, 2015, I made an additional promotional (no interest 24 mos) purchase from that date for appliances totaling $4,345. The May 4, 2015 purchase was not recorded as a promotional purchase for 10 mos. During that time interest charges were accrued and my account was subject to revolving credit due to Best Buy not listing the purchase as a promotional item. Best Buy acknowledge that the May 4, 2015 purchase was not entered as a promotional purchase and made the change. During that 10 mos period I made payments totaling $1,950 that would have covered the remaining balance of $725 prior to the expiration date of March 16, 2016. Best Buy stated that my payments were being applied to my interest charges because I had revolving credit on my account.

On March 27, 2016 interest fees for $791 dollars was applied to my account for not making $725 payment. As I mentioned before payment of $1,950 was made to Best Buy prior to the expiration date but was applied to interest charges that should never have been charged because of the promotional option. I have been reaching out to customer service for 6 mos trying to fix the matter with no success. Via telephone I was informed by Best Buy Dispute personnel that the computer does not allow them to look back more than 6 mos and the only option is for them to send me copies of my bills during that period and for me to point out the discrepancies with a letter explaining the issue. When I received the bills, it was clear as day the fees were not warranted and both items were 24 mos interest-free promotions and payment was made to cover items prior to expiration date.

I highlighted the bills with a written letter and sent copies Best Buy Dispute Resolution via certified mail. Three weeks later I contacted Best Buy via telephone and was told the documents were never received. I confirmed the address with customer service rep and informed her that the documents were sent via certified mail and signed off by Dispute Resolution Personnel. I was informed that I can possibly fax the documents. The documents are over 50 pages and if you can't verify certified receipt documents. How can you verify over 50 pages via fax. I'm running out of options and the unauthorized interest charges continue to accrue. I asked could the person sending me the copies of the bills, look over them via telephone with me and the matter can be corrected in 1 minute. I was informed that is not an option.

After our fridge died we wanted to get a black fridge to continue to match our other appliances. Maybe industry wide there's a long lead time on black appliances. We were told the fridge would be delivered in 1.5 weeks. On the day of the delivery we find out the warehouse rescheduled the delivery and failed to notify us, the manager was embarrassed and claimed that the system would have required a call to us, which the warehouse failed to do. When we called to express our confusion the woman who answered accused my wife of making up our original install date even though we are staring at the paper that says our original day.

Delivery day rolls around, all I want is some ice at this point it's 96 DegF outside. My wife tells me the fridge is installed, but leaking. I come home and the water line is leaking all over the floor, it's not coupled correctly AND it's not even tucked into the wire/hose track, so it just spans open as you open the freezer door. Inside the freezer, there are countless stickers that say REMOVE BEFORE INSTALLING that require tools to remove and re-position parts for proper installation. The whole time they were doing the installation they were dropping F bombs with our two year old running around, clearly had no idea what they were doing.

The worst part is they broke our ceramic switch plate, which was custom made for our strange electrical box. They completely bent the frame of our storm door. They also scratched up three of our brand new dining room chairs. Finally they left a trail of garbage from the fridge all the way to the street. Call appliance center, 24 hours for someone to get back in touch with me to fix the leak and properly install the ice maker. This is absolutely unprofessional, and unacceptable. NO amount of apologies or credit would make this worth our time or energy. Moral of the story, NEVER SUPPORT BEST BUY!

Purchase day was ok. Salesmen said, "It's straightforward and shouldn't have any issues setting up Mac to run Windows on 1/2 of the computer." Had issues, took back to store and Geek boys said make appointment with Apple store. They had no one in-house who was familiar with the MAC. Apple store fell over themselves helping correct the issues with their product which was purchased elsewhere. I was very impressed and moving forward perhaps might purchase a TV from BB but computers never again. PS: I having trouble expressing my thanks to the Apple Store it was a great experience. Apple #1.

Over the years we have bought computers, phones etc. from Best Buy. A few months ago a spent 2k on a new TV and wall mount. I received my dollar/points. I went to use them and was told they were expired! That was 40.00 that expired after only 3 months. That's a crappy way of doing customers who been shopping there for years. I'm mad and beyond words. But one thing I can say is that Best Buy will NEVER get another dime of business from me or my family! I'm sure a big company like them don't really care, but you crap on enough people and you won't have a business.

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Over 4 weeks ago I left my laptop for repair. Paid a deposit and Best Buy management has refused to take my phone calls inquiring on the status. My call was supposedly escalated and I was told that I would receive a call within 48-72 hours but 8 days later: no call, no status update, and I don't know where my property is. They have given me conflicting information, even 2 different serial numbers for my laptop. So my confidence is not very high in regards to their abilities.

I went to order a microwave for our office online. It would not let me put in the credit card number, so I called and a gentleman (I believe his name was Taylor) ordered it for me over the phone. He took all my information, but when I went to pick it up, it was in my manager's name (because the credit card was in her name). So I was told because it was in her name I could not pick it up, but if I sat in the store and called customer service, I could change the name over the phone and then go back to the counter to pick it up since I was already in the store.

Well, when I called (and was disconnected once, and put on another time for 10 minutes) I was then told that I had to go online on the computer and change it that way and I could not change it over the phone. So my trip to the store was a waste of time. I went home that night, and tried to change the name online but couldn't. I called again and was told that my manager was the only one who could pick it up because her name was on there. I was given the option of canceling the order (by having my manager call), and place a new order for it to be delivered, or having my manager call the store herself and having it changed over the phone to my name. I did not want to get my manager involved, but had no choice.

So my manager called and had it changed to my name so I could pick it up. The reason I ordered it for pick up was to get it in the office sooner. Well, with all the problems I had, it took 3 days longer to get the item in the office. Your customer service department STINKS. Everyone was telling me something different, and NO ONE knows what to do. I suggest you inform your employees of the proper procedures. I was lead down the wrong path 3 times in trying to order one little inexpensive microwave. This is not the first time I have had issues with your store. I will NEVER shop at your store again, and have discouraged anyone I know from shopping there also. Thank you.

I bought a dishwasher to be delivered at my New York apartment. They set up a date and time (2-6 PM) for the delivery. I received several calls and emails confirmation of the date and time before that. I also spoke to live agent on the date and time for the delivery. I took off from work to be at home during that time. At 5:30 PM I got call that it will not be delivered. I asked for the reason and I was told by the caller that she didn't know. I asked "could it be delivered next day." The answer was NO with absolutely no explanation given. I went to nearby Best Buy store and asked for help. I was lied by a manager of the store to whom I talked to that he would be looking into it and try to resolve it. I called that manager again and again he gave me all types BS and did nothing. I went next day to the store and asked for the General Manager of the store. I was told he was busy.

Then I went to the store two days later from where I bought it and asked for the General Manager. He was OK, listened to me but was very cold. I didn't feel any remorse or helping attitude from this man either. His attitude was "take the refund and GO!" I did just that. I didn't hear from this man anything such as next time he would make sure my experience would be better. He told me he would escalate the matter to higher manager. I bet he did nothing! I bought the exact dishwasher at a cheaper price from PC Richards and Sons and got it delivered very next day, and well within the time limits specified, with NO Hassle or Insult!!! STAY AWAY from BEST BUY. ITS MANAGERS AND ASSOCIATES ARE LIARS and have very bad attitudes. If you want better customer service stay away from the Best Buy. It is not Best Buy. It should be WORST BUY! I will never buy anything from them. ABSOLUTE THIRD CLASS!!

I bought an expensive refrigerator from best buy. When they delivered it was so damaged and dented. They then took pictures and told me someone was going to come out and fix it which they did send someone out a couple of weeks later and he could not fix it. They then had the geek squad guy come back out 3 weeks later with new doors again and once again he could not fix it and he left the doors unable to close and the doors were uneven. Then I had to wait 1 month for a new refrigerator. It was suppose to be delivered on 8/6/16. The dispatcher called and was very rude. Needless to say she had a power trip and told the drivers who was at my house to put the refrigerator back on the truck and to not deliver my product.

I called best buy customer service and they were nice but the lies the dispatcher told about what went on was shocking and now there is an investigation and I again have to bungee cord my refrigerator because it does not close and now have to wait till Thurs for them to redeliver it. I also want to add I had put all my food out on the counter for over an hour on 8/6/16 which again some things spoiled. I have not heard back from any of the customer service reps which they stated they would call me or the Best Buy in puyallup store or the delivery company which all of them stated they would give me a callback. I will never buy from best buy again and have talked to a lawyer about a class action suit. This should have never happened.

Same as everyone else. Brought computer in for repair. They didn't fix it. The laptop has been in and out of service for four months. When I brought it in this last time, they refused to replace it... even though the warranty states I only need to bring it in twice for the same repair. They just had all sorts of explanations on why the fourth repair didn't qualify, why the first repair didn't qualify and on and on.

A couple of months ago I purchased a set of Bose headphones for my wife that broke after a few weeks of usage (this is the 3rd set of Bose that I buy for different members of my family). When I went to exchange them, I gave the credit card details of the transaction to the store representative and they asked me for the original receipt (which they can perfectly get from the credit card transaction). Since they refuse to take any action at the Best Buy store, then I wrote to a customer service representative online and they replied that the guarantee of the Best Buy products is for 2 weeks only, after that you have to deal with the manufacturer for any exchanges or repairs.

I have always purchased in Best Buy to take advantage of the exchange policy which I thought to be longer if it truly is 2 weeks, there is no benefit in purchasing there vs. other places such as Apple store. Very disappointing experience after many years buying at Best Buy. I encourage consumers to take this into consideration before purchasing again in Best Buy. I will never set a foot in this store nor purchase a set of Bose headphones which are supposed to be high-quality products.

I bought the Nikon D5300 in May (3 months ago) from Best Buy in Wichita, KS and a week and a half ago my flash quit working. The camera itself is great, the flash however is not. I use my camera daily for my place of employment. Often I do not need the flash, however, when I buy something for $700 I expect everything to work. I do not mistreat my camera. When not in use, it sits in my bag and my camera bag is generally stationary.

Upon my attempt to return it, I was told by Courtney ** (the manager) that they would send it in to have it repaired, to which I explained that I used it daily and that I was going to QuakeCon this weekend and she said that she understood and then proceeded to tell me that they would send it in, which I could have done myself if I wanted to wait a few months to get my camera back. The whole purpose of buying the extended warranty was that I was told that if anything goes wrong that they would replace it and yet they wouldn't.

The moral of the story is, don't buy the warranty unless you feel like wasting your money and I'm pretty displeased that the flash decided to stop working after 3 months with very little wear and tear. I would give the camera 4 stars, but I'm taking a few points off for the lack of an attempt to even resolve my situation so that I would still have a camera for my job and QuakeCon this weekend. This will be the last extended warranty I buy from Best Buy as it seems that I'm more or less just giving them free money for doing something that I could do on my own. It's also worth noting that despite me being within the one year warranty, they were going to use my extended warranty to "send it off".

I am very upset over the finance charge Best Buy says I owe for a remainder balance of a $100.00 on my promotional offer that I was not aware of. I have always paid my promotional offer on time and when I brought up my account online it only shows my promotional balance so I wasn't aware of the interest owed till my husband told me. You would think that the extra money I pay on my account would of gone to the balance of a 100.00 which is 28% interest, instead the payments went to my promotional offer. They were not willing to work with me so needless to say I have to pay them an extra $700.00 for a 100.00 balance so upset by this. I will be closing my account after my other promotion is paid. I have been a long time customer and always pay my bills on time. Times are tough nowadays...

This is ridiculous! Out of 11 calls, the the aurora il store answered once. It must not be cost-efficient to answer. Today they answered and immediately hung up. The one time I got somebody I ordered a washing machine over the phone. They were supposed to send receipt by email. No receipt. I had to drive to store as no one answered phone. Then they called with warehouse problems on delivery date - computer was not routing properly there. Ok so a lady called back with voicemail to reschedule that morning's delivery. Ok. (Time was not good for me) So she had given me a phone number to call back.

I called and they wanted an extension. After staying on the phone I finally got connected to a robot who told me they weren't accepting calls. Was on my way to Best Buy to reschedule. Then I called 8005551212 and someone in Eden Prairie, Minnesota was able to reschedule. No one virtually ever answers the phone at this Aurora store. Internet is not always convenient. Shame on them! Price is only plus there.

I wanted to use a reward certificate from Best Buy. I called the 800 number and they asked me to call the store. I called the store, and after a long wait, I was eventually transferred overseas. They did not fully understand me. I asked for a supervisor, and after another long wait, was told none were available. They then referred me back to the store! I said "I had called the store." They said "let me give you the number." They then gave me the exact same number I was calling on. I then tried online, but there is no place to enter the certificate number during checkout. This business is awful!

I bought a laptop from Best Buy in Toronto. First of all they wanted to give me a lower model of what I had bought (both boxes were similar and the lower model was $200 cheaper while they were charging me for the higher model). I found out and told them this is not what I have bought and they said they made a mistake! That was nonsense. They did it intentionally.

After they brought out the right model and I paid for the laptop they insisted to set it up for me! Setting up your Windows isn't a big deal. What they do is they change your item with an open box item which has been returned to them and the windows is already activated. Never trust them. They are the biggest thieves you have ever seen. I had a similar experience with them 10 yrs ago and never dealt with them again till I bought this laptop which I had no choice and I needed the laptop urgently. I won't deal with them ever again. Bottom line is, DON'T BUY FROM BEST BUY. If in a urgent case you have to as I had to, don't pay a penny unless you make sure the item is exactly what you are paying for and after you paid to them and got your item. Never let them touch it for any reason.

The manager at the Staten Island store contradicts the policy that the company has about handling product warranty. The laptop that I just bought less than two months ago won't start properly and he will not help with the servicing I am entitled to. He keeps insisting that is right, though both the manufacturer and their own (BB's) customer support tell me otherwise. In addition, he attempts to charge for the same service I can easily do from home (sending laptop back to the manufacturer) and when I call him on that he just laughs like it is entertainment for him to waste my time and trust in his company. Not only I will not give Best Buy any more of my money ever, I will tell anyone who asks what a terrible experience I had.

I recently called my local Best Buy store here in Lafayette, LA & inquired about purchasing an Apple watch. I was placed on hold, but the girl hung up on me. I called back and requested info again, and guess what...? "Please hold" and she hung up once more. After a third time of me calling she wanted to place me on hold again, but that was not going to happen. I quickly asked her if I could place my order of (15) 38mm Apple Sport watches with her. She laughed at me and said that there was no way that I would be able to purchase that many at her store because I would "resell" these items to make a profit... WOW!

The truth is that I'm was trying to purchase the watches so that our company could donate these Apple Watches our local first responders, in light of the tragedies that have taken place. I have never had a bad experience at Best Buy in the past, but this girl definitely steered me away from probably ever shopping there again. I realize that one bad apple doesn't reflect on the Best Buy company but, I was more than happy to give my $4,500.00 to another company who wanted my business.

I went to the Brick, NJ store to buy a laptop, printer, router, modem. I CLEARLY expressed to Taylor that I had NO IDEA about computers but needed to buy one. She sold me everything I wanted (without telling me I probably didn't need the router/modem as most wifi companies supply them). She told me the printer had scanning, faxing, copying and printing capabilities and it was "easy" to set up. Again, let me say I was EXTREMELY clear that I had no idea what I was doing. Well, it's about 3 weeks since I bought all this crap and no longer need the router/modem as my wifi provider supplied one. I try to copy/scan from the printer, but cannot as it says it's not connected. She never bothered to tell me that in order to fax, I needed a land line. Basically, the printer is useless.

I signed up for the Geek Squad, my first attempt at using them, I got some snot nose who told me I should take a course in computers! Really, if that's your attitude I certainly don't need your services. Don't buy this service, but more importantly, don't buy from Best Buy. From what I understand if I had gone to Apple/Microsoft I would have received the help I needed. I'm so sorry I bought from Best Buy and wouldn't recommend any buys from them. They couldn't care less about you--it's all about making the sale. Well you got me this time, but you'll never get me again. HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE company.

Early this month I went to the Best Buy store in Tualatin OR looking for a home theater projector. I wanted a high end projector and wireless HDMI. When I finally got a salesman in the right area, I explained what I was looking for, and he showed me two projectors that he said fit my description. One Epson and one Sony. He explained the differences and asked about my room. After evaluating my desires he recommended the Sony as he said it was a better picture in a dark room. As he was writing it up I asked to make sure it had wireless HDMI as I did not want to rip out walls and ceiling to rewire. He assured me it did and printed out the page from Best Buy showing "wireless design eliminating the need for cables and cords".

I collected funds and made the purchase on July 10, with installation scheduled for July 21, between 8:00 and 12:00. After several calls that day from the Geek Squad saying they were having trouble with the install on the earlier job, they finally said they would tell that customer that they could not do it and come take care of me. I should have taken that as my first warning. When they arrived about 12:30, and showing them the location, they stated they had never seen a projector like that. When they opened the box and I again asked about the wireless HDMI - they said they were not familiar with that. They started going over technical manuals and looking it up on their phones. They eventually decided the projector did not have wireless. So they packed everything up and left.

I spent the rest of the afternoon on the phone with Best Buy (by that I mean on hold waiting to talk to various people) trying to figure if they had brought the wrong projector (they had not) or if the salesman was wrong (he was). Best Buy solution was to add an additional piece to do the wireless which their website reviews said keep losing signal and needing to be restarted on a 1 to 2 week basis, failing after a year, and introducing a lag between the picture and sound. And then to reschedule install for another 8 days out. I told them this was unacceptable. I went to the store to return, spent two hours with the store manager and left completely frustrated. No projector and no money. But a gift card to buy stuff from Best Buy. Why would I ever do business with these people again? Anybody had success taking them to small claims court?

After having my third bad experience, I will never set foot in a Best Buy again. I stopped in to purchase a Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium. The box stated that the software was theft protected and they had to activated at the register. They failed to do so and when I get home, the software would not load. I called Best Buy and they basically told me that software was not refundable and there was nothing they could do. The manager even cited privacy laws. It is complete **! You might just say: Why not just take it back? Because I live at the end of a long ferry ride. Eventually, we'll get this straighten out with the credit card company. But the less we buy from them, the faster they'll go under.

On June 21, 2016 I purchased a Galaxy S7 from Best Buy Mobile located inside the Crabtree Valley Mall in Raleigh, North Carolina. At the same time I purchased a screen cover and also a rubber protector for my new phone. It worked just fine and I was happy with my purchase and the wonderful customer service I received. The person who sold it to me told me I did not need Geek Squad coverage since I was already paying for insurance through Sprint. I took his word for it.

On June 18, 2016 my phone went dead. As in completely dead, no hard or soft boot would bring it back to life. It had been at 91% charged and just died randomly in the morning. I had not dropped it nor did it have water damage. I am a 41 year old female. I take very good care of my things. My first visit was to the Sprint Store in Garner, North Carolina. At this store I was told that the best they could do for me was get me a refurbished phone. WHOA. I just paid $700 for a brand new phone and you're telling me the best you can do ONE MONTH into having it is getting me a used one? So they instructed me to go back to Best Buy because they are the "only ones" who can give you a brand new one.

I packed up my children and drove 20 miles to the Best Buy located directly outside of Crabtree Valley Mall. It was approximately 10:10 am and the store was pretty much empty. I walked over to the phone section where there were five Best Buy employees. One employee was helping a customer. I stood there for 3 minutes before I was acknowledged. I was finally acknowledged, not by the four non-busy Best Buy employees, but by the employee who was helping a customer. He said, "Is there something I can help you with?" as if I were a bother. I said, "Yes" and explained my situation.

At that point one of the other employees piped up and said "we need to know what level of membership you have" WHAT? I bought a phone from your company less than one month ago. It no longer works and you're telling me that whether or not you can help me is based on my "membership" level? Basically they walked me over to customer service. They printed me out a duplicate receipt which said that I had had 14 days to return the phone and since we were past those 14 days there was nothing they could do.

I see how it works. Best Buy only cares to sell you the phone, but if you have a problem within a reasonable amount of time you are just screwed. The girl at customer service said my only recourse was to contact Samsung. I said, "I don't know where to start. I mean do you have a number for them or anything." She did give me the number. And that was it. It was kind of sad that I had to ask her for the number. You'd think she'd offer that out herself because that would be GOOD customer relations. Maybe even say "Hey, the store is pretty empty, I have a phone over here you can use to call them since I understand you have no phone." But no, that didn't happen.

By the way no apology at any point during these interactions. NONE. Not even a "Yeah that's a terrible situation." That was my experience with Best Buy. I have learned several things from this situation but most importantly I will not be purchasing ANYTHING from Best Buy in the future, as there are other choices out there with better customer service.

So this is where I am now... I called Samsung and have sent my phone to them. I have no idea what I am getting back from them. It may be a new phone or refurbished. If it's refurbished I'm guessing I am out the $24 I paid at Best Buy for the screen protector and I am PUNISHED by having to use a refurbished phone after being less than one month with my brand new phone. Oh and I have NO phone for the next two weeks. My job hinges on me having a phone. I need a phone. I have small children and I need a phone for safety reasons. ALSO, I am paying Sprint for two weeks of service that I won't be using.

This all could have been avoided had I got an even exchange from Best Buy with a new screen protector included. It is unacceptable that I have to go through this. Had it been two, three months... sure I get it. But less than a month? I will certainly be smarter next time around and avoid Best Buy and be certain to tell all my friends and family too as well.

I bought Bose earbuds and then learned there are new wireless ones. I merely wanted to exchange these for the higher price pair. I just learned there was a 15 day policy and was not aware of that. These were shipped on June 14th and I received them a few days later so we are talking literally 4 weeks ago. An exception could be made for the higher price exchange be of just a 2 week delay. Unopened not even taken out of shipping box.

This is more than unreasonable and I spoke with two very rude customer service people. I will NEVER BUY or SHOP at BEST BUY again and I RECOMMEND THAT NO ONE ELSE DOES. They are not customer focused!!! This is my first purchase from them and they can't look at my history and see that I have never done this or even purchased from them and make some kind of exchange exception. I will only shop Amazon - they have good customer service. Best Buy is the pits!

We purchased an Insignia 32" LED television for our son's birthday on 6/21/16 (Model: NS-32D310NA17). Our purchase was "Open box-certified", and we paid extra for Geek Squad coverage. Upon opening the box and setting up the television, we discovered that the TV does not have working sound and there was no remote control. Following a phone call to customer service, the Geek Squad is scheduled to come address the sound issue. We're told for the missing remote, we must pay $8.65 for Best Buy to order a new one. This is frustrating, as we've already paid the company for the remote, and assumed the cost of a "certified" product meant someone at Best Buy confirmed the box included the remote. This will be our final purchase from Best Buy, since other companies (such as Amazon) have better customer service and we can trust their guarantees.

I bought a CERTIFIED open box TV from Best Buy online since it was not easy for me to buy it from store and carry it to my apartment. I assembled it and when turn it on, the right side of the screen was black! After calling the customer service and talking with different people and spending a long time over the phone, they gave me two options of bringing it back to any store or returning it through the mail. I don’t know which part of these options were special that I had to wait such long time over the phone!

I disassembled it and asked one of my friends to help me to take it to the store. When I got there, it was pretty normal for them to see the TV is not working and they were not sorry at all for this huge inconvenience they caused. Instead, again I was waiting again a long time there; since they wanted to make sure all the parts are there and the TV is not really working or I didn’t damage it in couple of hours I had it! I wish they had spent half of this time before shipping it for me! They declared that the damage had happened during, they the shipping which was not true.

They literally do not have any respect for their customer time and are not respectful. When I said them: “I have wasted a lot of my time because of this order that you had not checked it before sending.” The worker there became angry and said ”We also had a loss! We have a TV which is not working!" Still I don’t know why the new customer should repay for their damaged TV!!

When I opened my Best Buy credit card last year I was given an opportunity to buy a laptop for my son interest free for one year. What they don't tell you is that if you buy anything else the payments you make first goes to the other merchandise and then to the special promotion. In fact the only way you can make a payment toward the special promotion is to call them and specifically ask to have a payment come out of your bank account or other credit card; however, they admit that there is nothing in writing that states you're supposed to call. I am not sure how you ultimately find out??? I love Best Buy, but because of this transaction and the fact it is going to cost me $252 in interest on a $600 purchase when I have paid more than the $600 originally spent I will no longer do business with them. I cut up my credit card and will shop elsewhere!!!

I went to Best Buy store at Atlantic mall in Brooklyn NY on July 9, 2016 and I was approached by a very able salesperson and manage to explain well and I bought the desktop and agreed that they are going to deliver it home. Today it is July 15, 2016 and I haven't heard from Best Buy about the delivery except that they send me few email saying thank you and other things.

Apparently Best Buy has deliver it to one of UPS center so that I can go and pick it up without even telling me. The guy I spoke to called, Deshawn said that Best Buy tried without notifying me of course and even started to threaten me saying that it will take time to get my money. Best Buy did not even bother to tell me that they left it at UPS center until I callback on July 15, 2016 a week later. The deal was that Best Buy will deliver the computer at my house and it has been one week I did not receive the product. I called today July 15, 2016 at 1:15 pm and I got to speak to Customer service by the name Deshawn, who refuse to give me his last name.

He was unprofessional and rigid, did not know how to communicate so, I decided to cancel and I have the right since Best Buy are going back on their word. Best Buy is a good store and I have bought some other things from Best Buy before and the sales personnel I bought the computer from is amazing but, one wrong personnel can spoil a big business.

We ordered in-store with the dryer door specifically opening to fit our laundry room location. When the washer and dryer were delivered the dryer door opening was reversed. A Geek Squad repair was scheduled to come reverse the door. We received a phone call as promised that the repair person was on their way. My wife and I were both home and the repair person never arrived nor called again with any issues. My wife called the store at the Burleson/Ft Worth area. The customer service representative said the repair person came and no one was home. They said they would contact us for another visit. That didn't happen!

I called back today right at 2 weeks later, and they move you to the back of the repair order schedule, even though they failed to complete the initial repair as planned. We have spent several thousand dollars in the past year, and yet when we as the customer received the wrong product and then a failed delivery plan - we are put at the back of the line. We have absolutely NO confidence we will get the repair done with this next schedule. Customers who have received the wrong product and a failed delivery repair commitment should not be put off further. We will definitely consider other sources for future needs.

There needs to be additional time added to the return policy for items. My wife purchased a laptop that started malfunctioning two weeks into its purchase. We took it into the store today, July 9th, 2016, missing the policy deadline by about 9 days. They won't even allow us to get store credit for the item. They also don't give out loaners for the repair time (estimated 2-4 weeks) associated with the manufacturer warranty.

We purchased a whole appliance package over $4000.00 worth for the home we bought. All appliances worked great except the refrigerator. The refrigerator started freezing over the first week and we lost all of our food. Called Brandi and Cy at the Modesto Best Buy. All they do is give us the runaround and lip service. They will not exchange the unit. The tech even told them that the unit wasn't working from day one. They are trustworthy and have no ethics in business. We will never ever do business with them again. 2 weeks later still no fridge or money back. Like my husband said Brandi or Cy don't trust Best Buy!!! Buyer Beware!!!