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I am disappointed at customer service of Barnes & Noble at Princeton NJ. The sales person recommended 2 books and promised that after I will pay, they will be nicely wrapped. Of course, the lady at the cash register refuse to do wrapping, because she was too "busy" and advice me to tell the manager to hired more people.

I have a Nook HD+ that I've had for almost 2 yrs now. Just recently they did an update to 2.2.0 but now my Nook will not work. Called customer support, they tried rebooting but to no avail. Customer support then told me there was nothing more they could do but wanted to sell me an out of warranty product for $119. Do they think people are crazy enough to do that. I think they need to fix the update that caused the problem to begin with. Not expect me to pay $119 for something that also may not work and have no warranty to cover it. Will never purchase another Nook again or purchase from Barnes and Noble again. Seems all they want is people's money and not help them out when it's the company's fault. So so disappointed in B&N.

I ordered two books from Barnes and Noble with the expected delivery date being Monday (Which I paid extra shipping for), the day my college classes started. One book was delivered that day. The other, I got an email Sunday night saying it was delayed and had not been shipped. On Friday, after still not having heard from B&N and going through a week of class without the book I needed, I emailed B&N and said I wanted to cancel the order because I can't wait any longer for the book. I got an email back saying "Unfortunately, we are unable to obtain a copy of Chemistry: Structure and Dynamics".

If they were unable to obtain a copy of the book and did not even have it in their possession then they should not have accepted my order and given me an expected delivery date. I don't know if I will ever order from B&N again, but if I have to I would just make sure I did not need the book in the near future just in case there are shipping delays because they don't even have the book. Disappointing experience.

Order a textbook from Barnes & Noble and two days later received a notification that the book was out of stock. I just double checked and the book is not out of stock. The seller had relisted the textbook and has increased the tax. I contacted Barnes & Noble customer service hoping to reach an amicable solution. I stated it was unreasonable to relist the same item and increase the price. I received a message saying it was not their place to intervene. I purchased the textbook from a seller through Barnes & Noble's website. Barnes & Noble should have full authority over their customers' experience on the website, in their stores, anything that involves their brand. Reading the other reports on this site and on Facebook, this type of indifference is the Barnes & Noble customer experience.

I bought a Barnes & Noble Nook HD+ about 2 1/2 years ago for more than $200, in addition to several other accessories totaling about $100. Not long after, the tablet suffered a 99% boot-up/white screen event, which has already been described by several other Nook HD purchasers in this website. The solution to the problem offered by B & N's online help desk got my Nook going again, but it also made every byte of data stored on the device disappear forever. Not long after that, the charge cord would not work to charge the device, even after being plugged in for days! I carefully checked every connection, and the cord still often wouldn't work. About a year ago, I bought a 32 GB sd card to expand memory, and I never could get that to work despite following installation instructions to the letter and trying every trick suggested by B & N and Nook+ owners who have written in to the company's chat line.

Now my device just sits around with a black screen, incapable of being turned on. Is it any wonder B & N stopped selling these rectangular pieces of shit? (The wonder that remains is why the company still sells tablets made by Samsung, which is the outfit that made all Nook devices. Have you heard that Samsung tablets all over the world are erupting in flames? They're now banned from in-flight use by every airline in the world!) Well, so much for B & N electronics. In fact, so much for everything that B&N sells-- I've had enough this company!

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Nook HD does not support movies on their device. They require you to download CinemaNow or Disney movies anytime for movies I've already purchased and thought was downloaded onto my Nook. Major issue: customer support makes you wait 1-5 days for a validation code email to transfer your movies in order to view from your Nook. After 3 weeks, no email and numerous calls to their customer service puts you in a never ending loop of no support. The email address they gave me to send my complaint to is invalid. I reconfirmed the email three times to make sure I got it right and tried different combinations to no avail (**... using variations and periods in between and combinations or name and executive office, etc. They basically gave me a bad email address).

After calling for the 4th time, I finally got a 'supervisor' that gave me a validation code then hung up on me saying her job was done and I now had to follow up with CinemaNow because some of the movies I already paid for did not transfer and they did not provide credit. Disney movies anywhere that Nook support told me to call, sent me an email after a few attempts of email support that they do not have an app that support the Nook. (WTF???) Problem with Nook, no technical support... I can't download CinemaNow on my Nook because I don't have enough memory to download their app on my Nook. I have a Nook HD with scan disk though I should be able to download a whole lot of stuff but then again... no Nook support for viewing movies on my Nook. I have 3 children and I purchase a lot of gift cards as well as receive them as gifts.

I will now ask that no Barnes and Noble gift cards be given to my children. Barnes and Noble does not stand behind their product. I've purchased a few movies with plenty of space on my Nook to view but I can't watch any of them now. You would think if you purchase something for download onto your Nook which is why you pay extra for HD and scan disk option, that when you buy a movie it will be downloaded onto that device and thus be able to enjoy as long as the life of the Nook. This is a crime. Barnes and Noble are misleading in their advertising and promotions and taking advantage of consumers. This is not right. Someone please help!

Paid four dollars for coffee never received. I was treated with no respect by a cashier at Barnes & Noble bookstore. Was my first visit, his name was Calen **. I paid almost five dollars for two cups of coffee. I never received a rip off right to my face. Yes they're at the Mayfair shopping mall in Wilmington NC. I WILL NEVER GO BACK!!!

My first experience with Barnes and Noble started out great. I am a college student and decided to rent my textbook from Barnes and Noble because the price was low. I received my book only a couple days after ordering which was very nice, afterwards is where I started to have issues. I bought my textbook as a rental and I went past the due date. It was my mistake but I still needed the book so I called customer service and told the agent I wanted to do a buyout instead of a rental. I paid extra to buy the book, over $100, and I thought everything was great, it was not. The customer service agent forgot to charge me for the buyout even though I gave him all of my card information. I called again and told the next agent what happened and she was nice and charged me to buy the book. I was then charged a fee for a late rental.

I called customer service back and said "I bought the book. Do I need to pay the late fee," they told me "Don't worry about it. It is a mistake." A month later I get an email from collections saying Barnes and Noble never received payment. I called Barnes and Noble back and was put on a 45 minute hold for them to tell me they will look into it. I called back the next day because I received another email from collections, the customer service at Barnes and Noble said it is a mistake they will remove me from that. Not only did my credit get hit for this order but I had to pay extra late fees for a book I bought out. I will never shop with Barnes and Noble again.

I rented a textbook from B&N. According to my order, the book would've arrived three days after my class began, which still would've given me ample time to complete my assignment. Well, the book arrived late on a Wednesday night. And, lo and behold, it was the wrong book! It wasn't even a textbook. It's a book about learning how to play the piano.

So, I called customer service and was told that there is nothing that they could do. I told the lady that I wanted a refund. Of course a refund is not possible until the book is returned back to the warehouse. Then I have to wait 1-2 billing cycles until the refund is applied back into my account. And to make matters worse, I was told that I would have to reorder the textbook. I will definitely not be ordering my textbook from B&N. Now I have to take out the time to go back online, search for the textbook and pay full price because I cannot wait for any more days to read my chapters!

I am so disappointed in B&N. I absolutely refuse to utilize their services for any of my textbook needs. I understand that people make mistakes and others have to pick up the slack to try and fix the mistakes. But, there should be some sort of solution for the customer. Especially since this seems to happen quite a bit. I am out of my money (until it's refunded) and still have to purchase a textbook. I wish I had read some of the reviews on this site before I ordered from B&N. Hopefully this will help someone else out.

I will never order textbooks from Barnes and Noble again. My experience was pathetic. I ordered textbooks from the Barnes and Noble in San Jose, CA. It took two salespersons to enter and re-enter shipping information into a seemingly antiquated computer system. The salespersons were not able to make simple adjustments to my shipping information as they kept making typing errors. This necessitated the employees completely re-entering the required information.

My books arrived 4 weeks later, after the start of school. Despite a US-Postal tracking number and paying for express shipping, the package was lost in the system. I called Barnes and Noble to let them know that the books had not arrived, but at that time, I was informed that the textbooks that I wanted were then "out of stock". The lady on the phone representing Barnes and Noble told me that she would give me a refund as I would have to purchase the books from another store. The attitude of the online personnel was somewhat indifferent. To add insult to injury, the refund was never issued.

In the meantime, my books arrived from another vendor. My order from Barnes and Noble eventually arrived. I took the books back to Barnes and Noble in San Jose who said that they could only offer me store credit. A full refund was not possible because I was returning "textbooks". If I wanted a full refund, I would have to send the books back to At that time, I decided to cut my losses and accept the store credit. Never, ever will I order from Barnes and Noble online again. Pathetic, incompetent and sad are adjectives that come to mind. It is no wonder Barnes and Noble e-commerce business has been described as "shriveling" by Fortune magazine.

I wish I had read the reviews here before I ordered. Forget what you know about the old brick and mortar Barnes and Noble stores. Online orders never get delivered. Wait over a month to get your textbooks. Basically, you think you're getting a great price, order your textbooks ahead of time and then they never arrive. You're forced to buy textbooks last minute and end up paying 3 times the amount. Maybe they're working with the textbook publishers to screw students over so they're forced to buy at their local College bookstore, which is always 5 times the price. I'll never use Barnes and Noble for online orders again. The internet didn't kill Barnes and Noble stores, THEY OFFED THEMSELVES WITH HORRIBLE SHIPPING!

I need to purchase a book for studies. The book isn't available for purchase in stores and I am told to order the book online. I then went online to order the book & again there is no stock available. I contact the customer service department and they tell me that there is nothing that they can do. I must just check back every now and then and order the book when it is in stock. So I asked them, whether there isn't a system in place in their company where I can bring to someone's attention that this specific book isn't in stock and that they should make it a priority to get that specific book. Surely, there is a department or person responsible for ordering their stock from publishers...

Alas to my dismay, in a first world country, where one would imagine anything and everything is possible, there is no such system in place. This is shocking. No customer service whatsoever. I won't support Barnes and Noble anymore, and guess what? They don't care. To loose one customer isn't going to bring their business down, so why should there be any service? I am highly disgusted.

I have ordered books online through my NOOK for the past 4 years and there has never been a problem with the amounts coming out of my account. Well on the 1st of August, now there has been added a 6% sales tax when ordering all downloadable items such as books, apps and music. I have no problem with that except the people at Barnes and Noble NOOK do not know how to get their act together especially when they overcharge me twice at 2 different prices for the books and I had to contact my bank to stop payment and put a claim on all transactions and investigate till the bank found out the correct amounts and Barnes and Noble has done this to me twice now, overcharging.

And what I mean by that is, for example, if I ordered a book priced at $2.99 and you add 6% sales tax on to it, I should be charged $3.17. Well shortly thereafter Barnes and Noble submitted a charge of $3.23 and I called my bank immediately and they put a stop on the payment and put in a claim. Well 2 weeks later I ordered 10 books thinking Barnes and Noble learned of their error and again I was charged different prices for these 10 books, charged 6% tax and then shortly thereafter Barnes and Noble submitted the charges with 8% tax added. So if I did not check my online banking that day, Barnes and Noble would have received payment for more than double the price of these books.

Before the sales tax was added for all downloadable items, ordering books on my NOOK was not a problem but apparently someone at Barnes and Noble does not know what they are doing. You do not charge a person a 6% State tax for the book, then again recharge the customer again with an 8% tax, so basically 14% tax was applied to each book! I am an avid reader and I think after these 2 experiences, it is highly doubtful that I will be ordering any more books on my NOOK. My bank suggested that if I want to order in the future, I should put a little amount at a time on my card for each book, since I got a prepaid card for ordering anything online so the merchant cannot take out more money than what is on my card.

I told my bank that is long and time consuming if down the road I decide to order more than 1 book; so if I decide to order 5 books, my bank is telling me to order the 1st book and only put the amount of the book with the tax included in the account, then wait the next day to order the other book. So if I want to purchase 5 books, that will take me 5 days instead of doing it all at one time, all because someone at Barnes and Noble does not know what they are doing! My bank tells me they are swiping my account twice! I think after the holidays I will inquire about the Amazon Kindle for all my e-reader books. Maybe the people at Amazon Kindle know what they are doing and when I purchase a book. I will only get charged one time instead of twice and at a higher price!

These past 2 experiences have caused me nothing but a nightmare and a migraine headache because if it wasn't for me checking my online banking and catching this in time my bank would have gave Barnes and Noble double the amount for payment for all these books! And if you call any Barnes and Noble bookstores in your city, all you get from them is they have no control over what customer service at NOOK does! So Barnes and Noble NOOK will not be seeing any future purchases from me because of their inconsiderate mistakes!

I rented books for my summer semester, gave them everything they needed. Immediate they took the money off of my card and when I asked them why did they take it off and not just put a hold on it they responded by saying it was for insurance invade anything happened to the book but once I return the book the money will be refunded. OK not a big deal. The semester ended, I take the books back, get my email confirmation that the books are in salable condition, I fulfilled my rental agreement.

So now I wait for the refund, the last time I rented books, I received the refund within five days. It's been two weeks, I called numerous times no answer, so I send a email and finally today I get a respond. They tell me, my books were checked in, I don't get a refund for checking books in!? I returned the books to the store as I did my last semester but this time I checked the book in? What a scam. And they send me an email showing me a refund that was processed in the beginning of the summer semester from three books I returned because I didn't take those classes. Nonetheless I will get answers but I don't recommend doing business with them.

I ordered three college text books on August 13. Two days later I called Barnes and Noble to make sure they were actually going to get my books to me. I was informed that one item is not in stock and I will not receive it at all, and the other two were also not in stock but that they should be able to find the books within a week or two. My classes start this week so I informed Barnes and Noble to CANCEL the entire order as I would just use another seller and not use them ever again. They then canceled the one book they did not have but then CREATED a shipping label for the other two book within one minute of the canceling then told me I could not cancel for the two that they just created a shipping label for.

At no point was I told I could return these other two books with a $5 fee. At no point did Barnes and Noble even contact me to inform me they did not have the book I needed in stock. The entire experience was horrible and I am not finding the same textbooks for cheaper with Amazon two day shipping. I would merely like to return these books to Barnes and Noble and never ever spend a single penny with this company even again. You have been warned.

So about a year ago I rented a couple of books with Barnes & Noble. I printed out the label a month after they were supposed to be returned and the instructions were to place the books in one box and to return them so that's what I did. I went to my near by UPS to send the books back to them. Then within a few days I got an email confirming that they have received these books, I even checked online and it says that the books have been returned. Then recently almost a year later I get a letter in the mail from a charging agency whatever they're called that I have to pay about 40 bucks worth of late fees because Barnes & Noble didn't receive the books on time. When I turned them in a month after.

And now I'm receiving emails from Barnes & Noble wanting to charge an extension of these books on my credit card. So then I called customer service to get this dealt with because I have returned the books and have received an email confirming they got it. The lady tells me that she needs the tracking number from UPS which I don't have anymore because it's been almost a year since I have returned these books. So she tells me she can't help me until I have the tracking number. I am not going to be renting books here again. They should have a better way of tracking their books.

Bought 2 nooks for my kids about 2 years ago. Used them for about 1/2 a year. Put them up to not lose them. Tried to charge them last week and nothing. Called customer service. They told me to take them to the store. Did that and nothing still. Well one would come on for about 3 seconds and cut back off. The store told me to call customer service. Did that today. Out of warranty. How convenient. Told me I can buy a replacement. So I am out of not one but two nooks. How can both be bad??? Why should I pay for their piece of crap devices. I have a KINDLE that is older than both of these and fired right back up. And not to mention they don't give these things away. Paid a good bit for them. Never again.

Paid $25 in 2014 July. I was not told by store associate when I register that this is going to be renewed automatically. But, they did automatically by charging $25. I did not notice in 2015 and I never went to B&N. Again, they charged me $25 this year also. I happened to notice the charge. Called them they returned this year charge. But, they said that they cannot do anything for last year and their senior management team told me to contact credit card company to dispute. I am disappoint to hear that irresponsible response. I at least asked to refund the this year fee $25 and extend my membership because I paid last year but never used it. So, I am highly disappointed. What should be done?

Approx. 1 year I rented two textbooks from Barnes & Noble. Upon completion of the semester (December 2015) I logged into my account to return the books. On the printed data it stated to place all books in one box and send back via UPS. I loaded both books into a box, affixed a shipping label and sent. The problem arose when they received the box. Since I only affixed one shipping label (each item apparently has its own label) they did not record that both books were returned. Upon numerous phone calls with customer service I was told it was taken care of. Now 8 months later I have been sent to a collection agency for the price of the unreturned book. If they only expected one book in the box and received two, you would think it would have raised questions or would have been reviewed. There should be a better checks and balances system for a company of this size. These books need to have a way to be tracked.

I have been using this company for years and I have been ok with it. It was expensive and the people who work for the stores are very rude but I loved the buildings. Until today, I learned that even though I have been with this company for years I mean nothing to them. So when after I bought not one one but two devices with them and both just stopped working, the only choice they give me is buy a new one that is worth more than the other two put together. So I just wanted to know what I could do about these. All I wanted was something to read off of. But Since both were older models he could do nothing about it but sell me the newest one. I now know that the next time the newest book comes out or I get an e-reader, it will not be Nook.

This is not the first time where B&N has played games with me on a pre-order. A few years ago, I pre-ordered a book from their website. Within a few days of the release date, the initial online price was changed, nowhere on the site at the time was I advised that prices for pre-orders were subject to change (at least Amazon had the decency to put that on their site). Well, I decided to give them a second chance and pre-order the new Harry Potter which in an email I was notified that it would be in the store on 7/31/16 and ready for pick-up that day. I go to the store to pick it up on said day, and I was given some c&b story that the shipment was damaged and I would have to call at another day to pick it up.

What they weren't admitting was that they only ordered enough for the midnight party they had the day before and that anyone who did not show up then would not be getting a copy. What's even worse, was that I was NEVER notified either by phone or email of the so-called 'damaged' shipment. Had I been notified like I should have, I would not have wasted my time. This is the FINAL time I will ever pre-order ANYTHING from B&N!

I received a small marble green owl as a gift. At age 70 yrs., I really do not need another knick-knack and assumed it would go in an eventual garage sale for a dollar. Then saw its price is $16.95 for a 4 inch high owl! For that price I would rather put a book on my Nook. Within days of receiving it I brought it back to B&N store in a B&N bag. There is no possibility of returning for a store credit. None! Reason: Manager said it could have been purchased on website for lower price so the receipt must accompany any return. I requested a return credit toward purchasing a book for my Nook at whatever the lower price now was.

Manager denied my request. I asked if the item was currently being sold in this store, and he replied "yes, it was, at full price", but no credit could be given. When I got home, I checked website and the owl is $16.95 there also. So I don't understand his reason, except to deny any return. So my lesson today: NEVER, never buy a gift at B&N as they do not honor a return. I will soon send my Nook (which works OK?) to electronic recycling as I chose not to do business with a store giving this type of service. I'm buying a Kindle for future use. Goodbye B&N. Bought several gifts there last holiday season, but not this year.

So apparently I purchased a textbook, but the purchase did not go through. They sent me "emails" about it without stating in the email what the message was about. Therefore, I ignored it thinking it was one of their emails promoting one of their products and such. Now 9 months later, I receive letters in the mail from debt collectors stating that a payment did not go through. Yet on my freakin account on B&N, nowhere on it does it state I owe money. WTF? There is no issue on my account and they vaguely send out emails about it. No phone calls with voicemails regarding the issue, no notification on my B&N account, nothing. I had no idea the charge did not go through.

So today I contacted customer service. Horrible experience. First live chat, I was disconnected. Second time, it felt like I was talking to a freakin robot. They also kept redirecting me to another number or service. First time I called, I had to contact another number but wait an hour because of the high traffic. Second time, couldn't get through. Third time, the agent was horrible and barely answered my questions. She said they contacted me through email but once they couldn't reach me. So why not call and leave a voicemail? Why not try a different approach? Obviously their approach is so you lose money and get in situations that can hurt you. I hate Barnes & Noble. I will leave as many bad reviews and ratings as possible and share my poor experience with them. Never again. Barnes and Noble you're a piece of **. I miss Borders.

After 6 months the tablet started doing crazy things so I took it into the store. I had purchased the two-year warranty. I was told I had to send it back through the Barnes & Noble cust. support center not thru the store. In very bad English I was told I would receive a UPS label to do so by email. Three days later I got an email. It was a return UPS label. No information, just a label. Ummm. Ok so I trusted this method and sent it out next day. Week goes by... nothing. Two weeks... nothing. I call. Again, very bad English. "We just received your tablet, it will take approx. 10 business days." Ok... great so we have some progress. On the 10th business day I call. "We don't have information on why it hasn't processed yet, may take another 10 business day." "Ummm. Ok, you've now had my tablet a month." So I wait another 10 business days. I call again and I'm told the same thing. It has now been two months without a tablet and I still get no answers.

They do however keep wanting me to give them my credit card number which I refuse to do. They say it's to prove who I am. "Ummm, that's weird. I have a tracking number, serial number, name, phone, email address, and order number. I think that is enough proof. You don't need my c/c number. Just give me back my tablet or send me a replacement..." Never again Barnes & Noble and never again Samsung, which is sad since I have three large Samsung flat screens, a Samsung phone, a Samsung fridge, microwave, oven, and dishwasher. I've always loved their products and never had a problem but this is beyond bad customer service.

Yesterday I received an email that said, "You previously received an email informing you that you were eligible for an electronic credit as part of the Apple Settlement. We're happy to let you know that your eBook Settlement credit for $74.82 is now in your Barnes & Noble account and ready to spend." Four years ago I stopped using Barnes and Noble. Their prices were higher than other bookstores and Amazon, the customer service was lousy and I had purchased five Nooks that died either before the warranty was expired or within weeks of the warranty expiring. Warranties were not honors. All five sit in a drawer wishing to be used. Need to find out where to dispose of them.

I switched to a Samsung and downloaded the Amazon Kindle app and have been happily reading now for four years on the same unit I purchased all those years ago. Rarely have a problem with Amazon and when I do, customer service is awesome. Went to Barnes & Noble website and verified that I had the money in my account. So, I now have a credit. Books on my "to buy list" so I went through the hoops. Downloaded the app, updated my credit card and address -- even though they had the correct address, they made me reenter it. Attempted to purchase a eBook. THREE TIMES. All three times it was canceled. No online help available. Customer service was closed. So I called today when they were open.

The very soft-spoken, heavily accented person I spoke to, finally got around to being verbal enough to tell me I had to call the "sales audit department" that they are the ones who canceled the orders. They are not open until Monday. Can I use the credit? No. Why didn't the book sale go through even though I have that credit on the account? No idea. Have to speak with them. So -- I will spend another hour of my life trying to get 74 bucks in credit when I have already spent two hours updating apps, banking, address, putting an order through and trying to resolve this.

Is 3 hours of my life worth this idiocy? I don't think so. Decided I will get something physical (Star Trek complete collection, that costs 20 bucks less on Amazon) and delete the dang Barnes & Noble app. Here is hoping they do not go out of business before I get the merchandise. Never doing business with them again.

I rented a book from Barnes and Noble in November 2015. The book was returned in April it was a few weeks late. However they received a book and I was sent confirmation. I removed my credit card information from my online account which I received confirmation stating a change was made to the account so I am thinking that Barnes and Noble would no longer have access to my credit card. However to my surprise today, June 20th, I was charged $189.30 for an unreturned book that I returned and to a credit card that I thought they no longer have access to.

I spoke to a representative I will receive a credit back to my account in a couple of business days. I was charged in error, but I did learn something very important today, Barnes and Noble is not a company to be trusted with your credit cards. Although you think you have removed your personal information from your online account, they still have access to it and that they can use when the mood strikes them and they do not have to let you know when you will be charged. They don't have to call you, send you an email a letter or a text and that they will keep your credit card information as long as they want and will use it whenever, wherever or however they feel.

I ordered two rental books last August 5 and received them without problem. I returned the two rental books two weeks before they were due. Guess what! B&N said they did not receive them. After several emails back and forth between myself and B&N, they said that I would have to buy out the books. After much disgust, I called them in April to buy out books. After receiving the buyout amount for the two books, I paid for them and my account was cleared. Today, June 16th, I received a notice in my email that my credit card had been charged $5.99 for a late fee on one of the books that I bought out. After spending 20 minutes on the phone with a "representative" all she could say was "I'm sorry" but the charge is for a late fee on the book. After losing my temper, I closed my credit card and account with B&N. I hope they choke on taking another bite out of the pie.

Impossible to find the proper links to navigate to the return label. It sets you up to HAVE to call customer service (which is another story - impossible to understand the dialect). This cost me a one day delay in getting the book back which generated a $31 late fee. Whether 1 day late or 15 days, fee the same. THEN they wrote saying they could not get the late charge through my credit card though I knew that was not true) AND threatened litigation in the same breath! I never have a balance on any of my cards and when I called up the credit card company to find out the what the story was they said no charge had been declined or put through by them. Just don't like the way they operate. Watch your step with these people.

I ordered 3 books on April 21st for my granddaughters Nook. The books acted like they were downloading but they wouldn't open up. But my account was charged $30. I called customer service. Which by the way took at least 15 minutes. They barely spoke or understood English, and you're calling the Philippines so the connection is terrible. They were going to solve my download problem and try again in 2 weeks. Guess what? It didn't work! So I went through the same BS three more times. I finally asked for a refund on May 21st. Guess what? It's May 31st and it still hasn't hit my bank. So I have to call the Philippines again. Get hung up on. Call back and try to talk through a line full of static, and I have been on the phone for 25 minutes and nothing has been accomplished. It's easy people. Refund my $30. What is so hard about that? Barnes & Noble needs to bring all these jobs back to the US. How about some free books for all my troubles???

I placed a NOOK Books order for 5 Nook books. I always hit the choice for a "Nook" book and never for a paperback or hardback. 3 hours goes by and one of the books doesn't show up for download. I call cust service. They say I ordered a paperback. We disagree. I ask them to cancel the shipment of the paperback and they say that it is already "scheduled" and they can't cancel the order. THREE HOURS AFTER I PLACED IT!!! They say I can refuse shipment. Yeah right!!! I'm supposed to wait at the mailbox everyday!!! NOT. They say I can return it. It's an $8 book. They charged me $4 shipping and I'm supposed to pay another $4 to ship it back. Are they ** crazy!!! Screw this company. They've lost a customer for life.

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