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I want to let you know as a woman I am appalled at the management of your Eaton Centre Location. Jag I think was his name. Just because you have a title doesn't mean you have the right to be rude and condescending to customers when they have a question, or a return. As a female you don't want to be gawked at, while you're shopping. I have been to this location many times and the service is horrible. Rude staff that would rather talk amongst themselves than help a customer unless the customer gives them a look of sorts. But now I refuse to ever go back. I am myself am a veteran of the retail industry and let me tell you a cleanup is needed. The customer service skills are not present at all. My husband nor I will ever shop with your company again until you evaluate your frontline service crew at this location, sit in the mall and see what actually goes on, just watch. Lack of service and dirty looks are not what you stand for I hope.

I ordered two t-shirts from Armani Exchange like I normally do. I was even surprised the shipment arrived a day or two early. I opened the box which looked fine, no damage, no re-taping, nothing out of the ordinary until I find only 1 of 2 items ordered was in the box. I figure no biggie I will just call A/X and describe my situation and I did. I was told the issue will be escalated to corporate who will email me shortly. 2 days later NO EMAIL so I called back and was given corporate email address.

I immediately email corporate and the next day I received the following response. "The item was in the package, this was confirmed by the weight of the package with all items and the weight the carrier has on file. As a one time process we have submitted a refund for the claimed missing item." To me this is a warning that if I ever buy from A/X online again and get stiffed on another item, THEY WILL NOT HONOR MY CLAIM OR REFUND ME AFTER THIS ONE TIME. Thanks for the warning to never purchase from you online again A/X.

Appalling delivery times. Ordered a jacket and it took 11 days to deliver it within the USA with their standard delivery. Wouldn't advise ordering from them online.

To start out I am a huge buyer of clothing. I probably spend about 30K - 50K per year. About 65% is spent on Armani brands (mostly Emporio Armani) but some Giorgio and Armani Exchange. My run in with Armani Exchange all started when I ordered 3 items, 2 t-shirts and 1 pair of flip flops. Everything went as planned until after a week my item didn't arrive. So I waited another week still no arrival. So I decided to call them and ask what was going on. They said my delivery address was undeliverable which is not true because I had just used the address on my account what I send to all of the time. So they said I would get a call from the corporate office to find out what was going on within 3 days. So I waited a week went by. I called again. Waited 3 more days. Then I decided to email them in hopes of a better response. It turns out their email support is basically just an automated system that sends generic messages.

I learned this after I continued to get the same response which was, "Your items were undeliverable". At this point (over 1.2 months since I placed the order) I had already received 2 other orders from them sent to the same address with no problem. So they emailed me saying, "We can reship your items when they arrive back at our warehouse". So I opted for that as well as a refund since I was unable to contact anyone about where my items were and did not get my promised call from corporate. I only spent $75 or so and $50 was on a gift card (money they already had). So I wasn't asking for anything out of the ordinary. I then email them a few more times to try to get more details. They then decided to change their mind and not reship my items but to just randomly refund me without telling me. This is now about 1.5 months after the order was placed.

I then responded to the email saying, "I thought you were going to resend the items like you previously offered and agreed to". They said that was no longer possible. That was a generic message. So I asked for compensation since they did not decide to provide what they had originally committed to. I did not get a response for over 6 days and had to email them 3 times. (This violated their 24 hour contact window stated in all of their windows). I am now about 2 months since my order and I have given up trying to deal with them.

I am now taking things to the next level due to how poorly I was treated, the lack of communication, and them not following through on any of their agreements. I would upload photos but I have in total 25 - 50 emails back and forth as well as phone conversations and it is too much to upload. In the end this was the absolute worst experience I have ever had with a brand and will refrain from shopping at all Armani brands until I get an apology letter.

HI A/X Management at Lenox Square. I'm a regular customer to your store, I purchase more often at your place. I really love the collections and I was at your store yesterday around 8:40pm. I was shocked and embarrassed by one of your staff member. She is "Unprofessional and Rude" with me, I'm not sure with her name but she just made me to leave the store with her unprofessional attitude. I don't understand, why ARMANI Exchange hire unprofessional people.

This is what happened, firstly she said "Sir let me know if you need any help" and I said, “yes I will let you know”. All tshirts are folded and I wanted to open shirt and see if I like it or not. Any customer does that, it is our right to do. You have to know what you’re getting. I've picked 3 T-Shirts to buy and I'm still looking for more. She came back again and said with loud voice, "Sir let me know what you want, I'll get you the size" and she said "I HAVE JUST FOLDED THEM ALL" - what does that mean??? I'm not suppose to touch it? Or what? And she didn't stop it, she is so frustrated that I'm touching the Tshirts she folded and unfolding them.

Why do you hire people like this? I would have definitely bought 300$ plus of cloths but with her unprofessional attitude I had to leave the store. I'm hurt with her attitude, it's just unprofessional. Please make sure it won’t happen again or else you will lose valid customers.

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I guess I start off by saying that I spend TONS in the Armani stores. This is the first and last time I would do an online order. First off, I made an order and then called back the next day to change the shipping address which they said went through without a problem. A few days later, I receive an e-mail with my tracking number from FedEx. I immediately contacted Armani Exchange, and they said that they will contact them, and give me a call back or send me an e-mail due to the new address not being updated. I was never contacted by no shape or form by anyone from the company.

I called back the next day, in which one of the employees took it upon herself to tell me that the package is going to the updated address (which it was not, so she lied) and then hung up on me. I proceeded to call back, and was transferred to a customer care supervisor who stated that the only option is to refund my items, or resend it out again once the items are returned (which would delay my shipping even more!!) He states that is the only option, not a rush shipping when it is returned, not a credit, not ANYTHING.

The WORST POSSIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. APPLE (which I work for) will NEVER EVER IN A MILLION YEARS TREAT THEIR CUSTOMERS THIS WAY. I guess that’s why we are always number 1 with customer experience. This whole ordeal was not a pleasant experience by far. It was a complete turn off and makes me second think where I'm spending my hard earned money. You want things with quality, and then the experience with dealing with the company completely makes you rethink about even walking into one of your stores ever again. I am really sadden by this experience!!

I bought my boyfriend this watch a few yrs ago... About 2 months ago he started wearing it. Now the band on the watch is rubber and it just started breaking off in pieces on both ends. Now I have contacted customer service I actually went to the Armani store and they told me there's nothing that they can do so now I'm trying to contact Customer Service to see if they can at least send me a rubber band... Anyone else have this problem?

I have been a loyal customer of AX clothing stores for over ten years but recently I have been extremely disappointed with the quality of material they are using for their clothing. 90% of my purchases were shirts (mostly cotton T-Shirts, V-Necks, Collared, & Long Sleeve Shirts). Recently, these shirts were made of cheap/less quality material that were easily worn out after few washes. Although their prices have not increased significantly over the years, I would rather pay a slightly higher price with the same quality I've had over the years. Needless to say, I stopped shopping for almost a year now. I switched brand from AX to Boss and AJ.

I really like the way Armani Exchange clothes fit so I have put up with their terrible customer service... but I can't take anymore! I have more than a few bad experiences with the online customer service. I just placed an order for a couple pairs of jeans when I notice the next day they were on sale. I called customer service and asked them to credit my account (I hadn't even gotten the jeans) when they told me they couldn't credit my account. Bad experiences go on and on... will not shop at Armani Exchange online ever again!!

Placed order online and received a confirmation email and order #. A few weeks later and no communication about shipping, I decided to give them a call. In a nutshell they "lost" my order, nobody know what happened. Customer service is no apologetic and they offered to place the order again, when most of the items are already out of stock. What a joke of a company. Will never buy from them again.

Went to go make a return to the Vaughan Mills location and was served by Amanda. I believe she was one of the managers. The most rudest person I have ever met in my life!! She looked very angry when she approached me and refused to give me a full refund because I was a day late. It's like she made her mind up before listening to me. I think she might be new there. I have been shopping at that location for years now. I have never met a manager that was so rude and disrespectful! NEVER SHOPPING THERE AGAIN!

Awful place. No customer Exchange Policy. This is crazy. You need to speak to Danille the manager from where did she learn her CRM techniques. I am sorry she is Just an uneducated person. She just took my husband like a piece of dust and put him out of the store. In addition to this her body language and the facial expressions were unacceptable. She was running all over the place asking people to throw my husband out of the store. You really need to look in to this matter. What my husband requested was to exchange the T-shirt that was purchased on Saturday, the 27th, evening. We could not go there as Park Meadows outlets are closed on Sunday. She was awful. The behavior and the language she used is awful. The exchange policy mentioned on the site is not at all adhered.

I like Armani Exchange, but I will only buy in store (if ever again). They offer free returns, but sending something from NY to NJ should not take over 2 weeks than it’s going to take another week for it to be processed. Now add the wait for your bank to post funds, you are looking at a very inefficient way to handle people’s monies. When you call customer service, they simply read from a script, which simply adds insult to injury.

I sent out my return on August 20th. According to the tracking record, the package did not "land" at their Secaucus, New Jersey warehouse until the 29th of August. It was held in Mountville, PA for 4 days for some reason. AX claimed that the package had not been received at all until I proved it with the tracking record. Now they are saying that the refund to PayPal may take an additional two weeks. This means that the company will keep my cash for 38 days, earning interest on the money. That is reprehensible and unethical. Shame on them.

On 14/01/12, I bought a £94.50 watch for my 16-year old daughter from Armani at the outlet in Cheshire Oaks. I was served by Daniel **. After two days, we noticed that watch stopped working. As we live in Manchester, I went to the Deansgate Armani store. They politely refused to help. I called the Cheshire Oaks branch who advised me to contact the Trafford Centre, Old Trafford's branch. Mr. Renatd ** from Trafford Centre promised to get it fixed and send it us back via post. He also made a note of our receipt. Since then, we have made numerous phone calls waiting for the watch. I am very disappointed with your service and inclined to contact local trading standard for help. It is very disappointing that you claim to be a reputable company, but in effect has no customer care service. I wish we never bought that watch. It has caused such a hassle for me and my daughter, who is also very disappointed.

I placed an order online for a total of $565. After I entered my credit card information and submitted, the order said failed stated that I have input my billing info incorrectly. So I went back and re-entered my card info and my billing info again and I make sure the information was correct the second time and clicked submit. Yet, the order was failed again. I found that it was weird, thinking that there's something wrong with my card.

I went on my bank website to check if there's anything wrong, and I found that Armani Exchange put a pending charge on my bank account twice and my fund is on hold. I called Armani Exchange customer service and asked them what's going. They told me that they can't release the hold on my pending charge. So I called my bank and my bank gave me a phone number for merchant to call and release my fund, but when I called Armani and gave them the number, they made a lame excuse that they can't make outbound call and they said if I give them a fax number they can escalate the matter to the corporate, which is going to take 2-3 business days.

Then I asked the customer service the reason why my order failed, and they told me that the corporate rejected it. I told them how can they have rejected my order and then placed a hold on my fund. Their customer service was horrible. Please do not buy from them. It will be an unpleasant experience.

I placed an order on Armani Exchange's website. When I checked out, I qualified for free shipping and my total came up to $37.30. When I received my order, they billed me $50.30. They charged me $13 for express shipping. I know I did not choose this option because I know when I checked out my total was $37.30, and I would not be willing to pay almost half of what my product is worth in shipping charges. I called customer service. They said they would look into it, and they mentioned that they did have problems with their online system during the time I placed my order. To my dismay, I received an email back from customer service stating that this was my fault and they would not be able to refund my money. I emailed them back regarding how unsatisfied I was with their service and that it was unfortunate that I would have to pay for an error that was not my own. I also let them know that I would no longer be purchasing any more products from their company even though I have bought items from them online and in store over 5 times in the last several months. I did not receive a reply. It's unfortunate that instead of correcting their error, they were willing to lose a dedicated customer.

I ordered a shirt in a medium off of the website. When I received it, it was too big. I filled out the exchange form for a small and mailed it back. But because I paid with PayPal, they needed me to call and re-order the shirt. I re-ordered the shirt over the phone in a small. But the customer service rep ordered me the same shirt in a medium again! I didn't realize she did this until I got the confirmation email. I called them back right away. The second customer service rep ensured me that she spoke to her boss and they had put a note to send a small, not a medium. Well, not to my surprise at all, I received the shirt in a medium again!

When I called the third time, I explained the story and the girl re-ordered the shirt in a small for me (or so I thought!). When I received the confirmation email again, it wasn't even the same shirt! It was a completely different item number and description. Shame on me from not learning from the first time to confirm before hanging up! Needless to say, I had to then call a fourth time only to learn that guess what? The shirt I wanted was sold out! If the original person did her job correctly the first time I called, I would have had the shirt I wanted in the correct size. I will never order from them again. They really need to asses their employees. They don't seem very intelligent. How hard is it to copy item number to a new order and choose the right size?

This company has a very rude customer service and a rude supervisor who has a total run around for an error they made. I will never ever buy one thing in this store again. They need to train their employees how to be professional with their customers and keep their ghetto attitudes in the ghetto. I never had a nastier experience with any store before.

I ordered several items online for my husband for his birthday. I had to rush exchange a vest for him because I needed a bigger size. Armani Exchange has "Rush Exchange." I used the Rush Exchange and the employee charged me $59.95. The item I purchased was $59.25. A/X credited my credit card 70 cents and not the whole amount. I called, emailed and I am getting no answers from them. I am very disappointed with this service. After all, I purchased several items from them.

All Canadian internet orders ship out of the Vancouver store so you can email your complaints to **. The store manager doesn’t support the internet program because he thinks it’s stealing payroll and sales dollars from his store, instead of seeing it as a company-wide growth opportunity.

I placed an order online. The shipment was short one item, yet they still charged my credit card. I contacted customer service online and by phone. I was told the company was in a "change over" and my order number could not be found. I have been told time and time again that someone will contact me within 24 hours yet I have not been contacted by email or phone. The last customer service rep told me the company when through a "change over" and my order and order number is lost and the missing item in my order and the returns I made are lost but I'm told time and time again someone will contact me but it has yet to happen. This order was placed on March 18, 2009 and as of now May 13, 2009 no one will help me. What do I do now?

Armani - Worst Customer Service & Shopping Experience Ever

The first order was placed on 4/8. For all 4 items, the website showed in stock ship in 24 hours. 4 / 9 Nothing is shipped in 24 hours and No one notified me. I have to call to find out why my order is still not shipped,

because the items on the order might not available. 4 / 14 2 items on the order was cancelled and no one notified me. I called and emailed, no one gave me any clear answer but asked me to wait. I waited for a long long time.

4/20 After 12 days of waiting, the order is still in review and I heard nothing from A|X. I cancelled the order. By the way, today is 5/11, it's been a month and I/m still waiting for the cancell of tax that was charged for receiving nothing.

The other three orders was placed on 4/21. For all For all 3 items, the website showed in stock ship in 24 hours. AND I called customer service number to be sure. I was told all three items are available. And the second I got the answer, I placed the order.

The next day 4/22, again my order is in review.
Told by customer service, its because TD VISA has not gave the Authorized Code.
Called the bank, you lied.

My Bank already gave the authorized Code.

4/24 On the website, it showed the order was comfirmed but pending.
Called customer service again, was told everything is fine.

Once VISA authorized, the orders will be shipped.

4/25 Nothing is shipped, Order is still pending and somehow the comfirmed order is not comfirmed anymore. All items were cancelled. For #50701, one of the items was cancelled. Again, no one notified me.

4/29 Received email. Order#50701 was shipped but the tracking number doesn't work. No proper link to the shipping service used. I can't track my package. 5/7 Received the package. There's no gift set inside. called customer service and showed no intent to redeem. 5/11 Still waiting for the cancellation of the tax from orders that are not fulfilled

I have placed an order online because there was a $50 discount when your purchase is $150 and up. However, they messed up my order. First, I ordered 4 items but their order confirmation email only showed 3 items. I quickly emailed them but the only reply was to wait for the shipping confirmation email to see what they have. I called them and they told me maybe the 4th item is not available. Fine, no problem but they should have stated that on the order. Second, I was not given the $50 discount towards my order. I have no idea who is working these orders but the price of the items is different than what I expected to pay. I returned all the items to the store.

First, the store manager questioned about my shipping invoice saying that the print out is of bad quality as if I printed it myself. Then he said I am not able to have the tax amount refund to me, only the amount of the merchandise can be refunded. That is **. I have never had such a bad experience with any online order before. I called customer service but was told that their customer service is overwhelmed and they can only input my complaint and someone should get back to me in 48 hours. I called over 3 times and still the same excuse. They never called back. Don't ever purchase from AX. They have idiots working for them and are a rip-off.

The first time, my order got cancelled with no explanation or any notification. This time, I checked online and yesterday, the order status still said that the order has been confirmed and will be shipped soon, and it says in stock, ships in 24 hours. I placed my order on the 10th, and when I checked online again today, it says that my order has been partially shipped but I've only ordered 1 item so how can it be partially shipped? In the end, I called customer service again and they said that the item is not in stock now. First, it should not take 10 days for the inventory department to update their status online. Second, at least notify the customer.

When I asked the representative on the phone how come they didn't notify me, he said that they didn't notify me so I would call them. What kind of explanation is that? This is just ridiculous again. I was hoping that last time it was merely a random mistake but after this time, I seriously think that the AX online ordering system is just garbage. I love AX's products and the customer service in store is fabulous! Sadly, the online ordering service just makes me hate AX. Many of my friends love AX too but after hearing my experience, none of them would ever buy from AX again.

Quiry for fake eyewear Coded EA291850#18-135 COL30 Emporio Armani made in Italy. Decorative Diamantes Fell out within a day of purchase. Paint pealing within a month. suspected to be fake. I'm a very loyal Armani customer and was very disappointed with such a poor quality product.

I had paid an amount of R4500 ($450) for the prescription and the frame which was an amount of R2000 (about $200) when approached about the product was told that it is original when i had been expiriencing problems

I, Yonka and my husband, Adrian are regular customers of Armani Exchange. We shop at Woodfield, Schaumburg, IL. We spend approximately $500 per month at Armani Exchange. On June 21, 2008, I, Yonka bought sunglasses worth $76 from the Armani Exchange store at Woodfield, Schaumburg, IL. After one week, the screw on the side of the glasses fell off. On July 1, 2008 at around 5:00 pm, we went back to the same store to exchange the glasses. On the original receipt it says, Eyewear may be returned or exchanged with the original receipt and original protective case. After 30 days or without original receipt, damaged or defective eyewear may be returned by calling.?

As I walked to the store, an employer named Jenny wasnt sure if she could exchange the sunglasses, so she called the store manager named Karen. Karen come by the register and started telling us in a really aggressive and disrespectful manner that we cannot return or exchange the sunglasses. I told her that it has only been ten days since I bought the sunglasses, and I have the original box and receipt, so I would like to exchange the glasses. I also said that we are regular customers of that store and I would really appreciate it if I can return the sunglasses.

She stood at the register in front of other customers and employees, and she replied with a disrespectful, loud tone, **** not regular customers. I have you recorded on video tape stealing underwear shirts. She raised her hand and pointing fingers at my husband and I, and accused us of stealing underwear shirts. My husband asked to see the videos, but all she did was yell, scream and accuse us of something we never did. She walked away from the register and went to the back of the store. There was a large crowd of people around us, and the way she treated us was very unprofessional, aggressive, rude, and disrespectful. She made us look like criminals in front of all those people. This caused us a lot of stress and many nerves.

My husband and I are college students, we are very honest people, our backgrounds are very clear. I forwarded this problem to the district manager and she said that everything was taken care of and that we will never be bothered again by that store manager. Today 01 15,2009 i got into a conversation with one of the armani exchange employes's and she told me that our complain did not help our case whats so ever and every time me and my husband are shopping at this particular location we are being spy on becasue everybody at this store think that we steal.

Beware the way that Armani Exchange online orders work. I purchased a coat priced at $199.00 with 25% off advertised with Free shipping using a code they give you for the Free shipping and Free returns and exchanges. When I typed in the code it showed the item price at $129.25 instead of 149.00 and a shipping charge of $20.00 and it would not correct this when I tried to input it again. I thought it wouldn't matter as the final price was the same. Wrong.

When the coat arrived, it didn't fit so I called to see about returning it and was told they would not credit the full $149.25 because there was a shipping charge of $20. When I explained that the online promotion said Free shipping and the amount for the coat which was $149.25 should be the amount credited I got nowhere because the shipping and return was supposed to be Free. I asked for a supervisor and was told to call back in the morning. I did and asked for a supervisor and was told I had to give the customer service rep the info first, which I did and was then told there were no supervisors available and that they could only credit back the $129.25 because the invoice said shipping $20. This is also pre-printed on the return & exchange form they sent with the coat as well as the email confirmation of my order.

They said they'd send this complaint to their corporate office, blah, blah, blah. I checked with my credit card company about disputing this and, here's the kicker, they don't dispute shipping charges. So Armani Exchange has got it set up from the time you input your order that says Free shipping and Free returns to charge $20 for what they advertise as Free knowing that credit card companies will not be able to dispute it.

So I'm out $20 on what was advertised as Free with no recourse to dispute it.

I purchased 4 Pima Cotton Solid Color T-shirts for my boy friend in early October, my boy friend did not wear it until couple weeks later. After he wore them once, he washed it, following the care label to wash cold, and low tumble dry, all the shirts shrunk from Men's XS to Women's XS. When we realized it, it is 8 days passed the 30-days return policy. We brought it back to a store at valley fair and see if we can get it exchanged.

However, instead of ackownledging the products problem, the Store manager, Steve, suggested that we should wear and wash the products within 2 weeks after purchase so that he refused to exchange the products for us. With my 5 years experience working in the industry, I have learned that products should be tested at the lab for shrinkage with home laundry in order to have correct care label. With my 5 years experience working in the industry, I have learned that products should be tested at the lab for shrinkage with home laundry in order to have correct care label.

Each of the shirt is $25.00, and my boy friend wore them ONCE only. We have follow the care instrusction and this is company's responsible to ensure that their products are label with correct instruction. I do understand that there is policy, but despite the 30-days, the excessive shrinkage issue persists. As a store manager, he should acknowlege it and report to his company about the issue instead of suggesting his customer to make to wearing and washing the products within a week after purchase.

I received an email from A/X announcing a 30% off everything (except watches) sale. I attempted to place an order but the 30% off promo code (AXGUEST) was not credited for some items. I emailed Customer Service and received a reply, saying to place the order then to call the Customer Service toll free number to have a refund processed for the 30%. When I placed the online order, 3 different promo codes popped up, including the only one I entered, but the 30% was not applied.

I called Customer Service, explained the situation, referenced the email, but was told that because one of the other promo codes was automatically applied, the 30% would not be applied at all. When I asked for a supervisor, I was told there weren't any but that they would contact me within 48 by email. When no email arrived within the prescribed 48 and since the order (which the website says ships within 24 hours) had still not been shipped 72 hours after being placed,

I called again to cancel the order, but was told they would not cancel it. When I informed the Customer Service Rep (Ross) that it would not be accepted and that my credit card would refuse payment, she became verbally abusive and made threats. I then told her to have a nice day, then hung up.

Armani Exchange has a proven history of offering online sales, then does not follow through and support the offer. No legal action is necessary on my behalf, but the online buying public should know. The only consequences to me are the loss of time and significant inconvenience.

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