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About is a licensed vendor of the U.S. Postal Service and UPS. It offers on-demand shipping labels with rate discounts of up to 40%. New account holders receive a four-week free trial, free postage and other supplies just for signing up. Postage can be purchased and printed online, and the company sells a variety of shipping supplies with free shipping on select orders. Membership to this service offers significant savings to those who ship packages frequently and would like to cut down on trips to the post office.

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  • Enterprise pricing available
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  • Rate discounts up to 40%
  • Free trial
  • Limited to USPS and UPS
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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about
    • 4,481,129 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Reviewed Sept. 24, 2023

    I am choosing to stop doing business with because I do not feel they have the best interest of their customers in mind. The service has gone downhill fast and they disappoint over and over again. I feel that they are dishonest with their customers and customer service has dropped over the past year. There are other companies who provide the same service that want my business. The return department does not do their job right, if the stamps do not print and you request a refund it is denied. So Goodbye! I'm moving on!

    Reviewed Sept. 20, 2023

    I have used for a few years now. I connected it through my Shipstation account for my business and have spent thousands of dollars on shipping labels through them. Upon taking a closer look at my recent transactions, I noticed quite a few "adjustments" in my transaction history. Some of these include a shipping label that cost $11.88 to ship a set of Rainbow High Dolls having an additional $29 added to it, making the total cost over $40. A coffee maker having an additional $51 added to it. A blanket I had made an accurate 15lb label for having an additional $10 thrown on there. Just so many "additions" that don't even seem reasonable or feasible.

    I could understand a few packages where I didn't take my scale or something like that but it is just adjustment after adjustment after adjustment. It honestly is starting to seem like a scam they run hoping you don't notice. Unfortunately I fell into the "convenience" of having the accounts connected and it just auto-charging my business credit card. I would advise against using them unless you have the free time to pour over your transaction history constantly and go through disputing half of your transactions.

    Reviewed Aug. 29, 2023 says they refund on failed labels in 1-3 days instead of immediately. I think they are just trying to hold on to the money as long as they can. After 3 days and no refund they then told me it was going to take 3-4 weeks for them to refund for labels that were never created. Now I just got billed $30 for them and still have no refund! Crooks in my book!

    Reviewed July 20, 2023 software prompted us to do an update. We followed the prompts. Then the program would not let us print stamps. We called their technical support and were on the call for 2 hours with an answering center offshore. They knew nothing and could not help us. They said the software has bogs but refused to even open a ticket saying it would make them look bad.

    We contacted the corporate office but no one would answer. We have many accounts with them and now all are not working. This company is inapt and its mismanaged. They always have problems with software updates and almost every year we have to spend days working on fixing the issues. We need a prompt fix. We will file a complaint with the postal service inspector general since they should be required to resolve these issues. We were on the phone for 2 hours and the representatives did not help and we are still unable to use our accounts We are filing a formal complaint with the US Postal Service Inspector General.Shame on you!!!

    Reviewed July 4, 2023

    They charge you 20 a month without disclosing it and without giving you anything for it! That's money you'll never get back! They count on millions of people losing 20 bucks right off the bat, and some idiots like me who don't check their credit card statements for a few months losing a lot more. Thieves!

    Reviewed June 22, 2023

    I signed up last year and knew about the monthly fee, It’s now 19.xx a month. So the billing cycle is on my calendar for the 13th of every month. These jokers always bill out a few days ahead of that. I knew I was going to cancel. So I called the issuer of my credit card, and ordered a new card. Insisted on a new number not just changing the expiration date. As somehow they figure that one out and the charge goes through. Anyway the new card is in hand. Cancelled the service online, got the sorry you leaving email, and a few days later I get the email my card is not authorizing the charge on. Yes, that’s the scam they are running.

    I cancelled before the next billing cycle. I suggest anyone doing business with these folks to use a credit card that you can reload or one that you can easily cancel, as what happened above will happen to you. Also, before you cancel you should burn off your account funds too. Otherwise you’ll never get that back either. They do have a clause stating the threshold of what gets refunded. Mistakes take forever to fix. The 7 days they tell you is a complete false.

    Reviewed June 3, 2023 is a company that is an approved licensed vendor of the USPS, it is NOT the USPS. It's not clear when you're using this mailing solution that you are being charged $17,99 a month for a membership to above and beyond your postage. As a result, I have paid approximately $60 for printing five first-class .60 stamps over the past three months.

    The website is easy to use and convenient, but not appropriate for my mailing volume. The membership fee is in the fine print and you are charged for a "default" membership (meant for basic commercial use). The "default" membership fee is too high for a individual customer. They shouldn't be sending trial packets to residential addresses and charging a "default" membership fee for a public entity. The only notice of this automatic membership charge is buried deep in the "terms and conditions" for using the website. You willing give them your payment information thinking that it will be used to pay for postage, and then you get charged a monthly fee that is not mentioned in the introductory packet at all. It is shady at best! Beware!

    Reviewed May 2, 2023

    I have done business with for 2 years now, and after switching bank accounts for different reasons and I have seen for the last few months over charges me by a lot, I ship items every week and I have been fighting the overcharges that they keep charging me for 3 months, and you call and their response is, "We will email you" and I have been charged again today 126.00 and now I know it's them stealing money every week, and I have to call every day and all they ever answer is, "We will email you with the response" and it's an excuse to take the money, there's no real reason to overcharge me if, if I purchase a label and with measurements, and weight and it cost 28.37 and I purchase 6 or 7 like I did last week and this morning I get charged 126.00 to call again these crooks to send a bogus email saying that ups had to deliver to a rural area. That's not my fault or problem.

    I'm using your system and your program to purchase these labels, I also went to the ups store and spoke to a customer service and he stated that it does not matter due to your purchased ground shipping which is their cheapest delivery form, I can't believe they're still in business the way they are just charging customers cards on file that you are forced to keep on file, please help me put a stop to this scam. If I need to provide more information, I am glad to!

    Reviewed April 13, 2023

    Like so many others, my wife did not know they would continue to bill her forever. Lucky for us, they varied the amount after just 7 months and Discover notified me. I have paid approximately $126 for nothing. I emailed the USPS. If I do not get a satisfactory response, I will contact my congressman.

    Reviewed March 18, 2023

    What a scam! Both my husband and I separately were charged something like $20/year for several years for a service I never signed up for...and I contacted them that I had never signed up for any service. They refuse to cancel my bill! They are a complete scam. Neither my husband nor I use the service. It's ridiculous.

    Reviewed Feb. 20, 2023

    It's not clear when you're using this website that you are being charged $17,99 a month to use this. It was easy (so far) to drop the account. But very shady that it's not clear you are signing up for a monthly payment that's very high and the average person wouldn't use this service.

    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Jan. 24, 2023

    I have had this service for the last 3 or 4 years. I have paid for 3 scales, all which came broken and do not work. I have contacted the company about it and they never did anything about it. I have spent thousands of dollars with this company as I mail out a lot each year. It annoys me that the rates change and if you print a whole sheet and did not finish your work that day and the rates change from one day to the next, they do not honor the stamp value based on the barcode when it was printed. So now you have to spend another sheet and more money plus their stupid membership fee and add a new stamp with the 3 cents they are missing even though you printed it before the rate increase and they do not work like forever stamps.

    You actually do not save money they do not do refunds so make sure you only put what you will be spending. I used to put quite a lot of money in my account as I was spending it but now I have to wait to spend it because they will not refund what is in there. Very unethical company with low quality equipment that comes broken. Customer service is atrocious and you do not speak to someone that speaks correct English. Beyond unsatisfied and pissed off at the lack of service and quality.

    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Oct. 10, 2022

    These people are scammers. Period. They know exactly what they are doing. Most of us have the same experience, we did not know it was a subscription service, we only once, but they kept charging, they took 214.00 out of my account AFTER I noticed and closed my account. If you check the BBB website they give most people (white) courtesy refunds. I will be taking them to court and I suggest everyone else does as well. Terms of service is not a go-ahead to fraudulently attempt to steal money.

    Reviewed Oct. 4, 2022

    Their customer service is horrendous. Save yourself the time and do not use this company! They are nonresponsive, don’t read your emails and send the same template email over and over. They just want to waste your time until you get frustrated and give up.

    Reviewed Oct. 3, 2022 apparently gave a free trial to our business but even though we never used the account they have been billing us 17.99 for almost 2 years. We just now discovered it on our corporate card, which we though was legitimate charges as we do ship a lot of products every month. When I went to the website to try to login nothing would work, I called and they advised they would not refund any money, but they were kind enough to waive the cancellation fee. I don't doubt that this company is real and that they provide some type of service, but a big part of their business is to continue billing for monthly fees long after accounts are cancelled and not utilized. I would be very cautious signing up for anything with this company as it is obviously a nightmare to cancel.

    Reviewed Sept. 22, 2022

    On 09/20/2022, the mail carrier picked up a package with the confirmation number ** from my home. That package is a 2-day, priority medium box package which should be delivered on 09/22/2022 to the addressee. That package has not moved in your system at all. Where is my package? The driver picked up the package with 14 other packages making that package number 15. She scanned the bar code for the packages. I am starting to think that she has stolen my package. Yes, that is the way I am see this and the way I will file my complaint with Consumer Affairs. Where is my package?!

    Reviewed Sept. 7, 2022

    At first, I wondered how this $17.99 monthly charge had slipped my attention for so long. So shame on me. But as soon as I reviewed this company online (The BBB and Consumer Affairs), I realized that I had TONS of company. My complaint was shared by almost every respondent online. This company hides the fact that you're entering a subscription with them and then charges you ... for absolutely nothing. This has gone on for four years! In a word, these folks are scoundrels and they're practicing a SCAM. What a huge disappointment.

    Reviewed June 24, 2022

    Four months ago I was trying to buy a shipping stamp for a package from the USPS website and it seemed that the only option for me was to click on a link that took me to Then I realized that I had to open an account, which I did. After looking further into it I decided it would be easier to go to the post in person and ship my package. Fast forward four months and I see a recurring bill charge for $17.99 on my VISA bill from which unfortunately I had missed on the previous 3 statements. When I called the company I was told the charge was the base service fee for having an account, whether you use it or not. Apparently I had missed the fine print.

    First I was told there could not be any refunds, then they started to negotiate with me and offered to refund the last bill and waive the upcoming billing (I should say). Since I wasn't very happy with the deal they then decided to refund the last two charges. Not what I expected but thank you very much. The person I talked to was very nice and apologetic (obviously not from the US) something I can't say for the company policy.

    I never used the service but I ended paying $35.98 for the pleasure of storing my personal information and credit card number on their servers for 4 months. Plus I spent 40 minutes on the phone, so I should send them a bill for my time which would come to $50 and another $25 for my time writing this review. Moral of the story, check your recurring bills on your credit card statements.

    Reviewed May 16, 2022

    I bought this business one stamp two years ago. Then I recently discovered they have been piling up charges for two years. They've been sending bills to my credit card company, which flagged them as fraudulent and didn't authorize, and have been sending me bills on my email, which flagged them as scam. Two years after, and after I never ever used this service apart from the one stamp I bought, they are claiming I owe them over $300. It's a very expensive stamp. Not only are they misleading on their website, I actually thought they were affiliated with USPS but turns out they aren't, they are also absolutely not helpful and are refusing to cancel my account. I've been communicating with them for over a month. This is a rogue business, stay away.

    Reviewed April 29, 2022

    I run an ecommerce store and ship with Shipstation every day. When purchasing a shipping label through Shipstation it is purchased through my account. I attempted to purchase a shipping label as normal. After making the purchase, I did not receive the label. I figured this was an error of some kind and that the purchase had not actually been completed, so I attempted again and it failed a second time. I later received two purchase confirmations from for these labels, both of which I never received. I contacted via email, explaining the situation. I received a boilerplate email with a tutorial on how to request a refund for labels purchased through The problem is that there are no labels to refund. They don't exist. So I called, and again explained the situation.

    The representative could not find the labels and thus could not refund them to me. They then told me my only option was to dispute the charges with my credit card provider. I then disputed the charges as I was told to do. I received an email from explaining how my account was now on hold because of the two chargebacks they received. This is a huge issue because I ship every day for my small business.

    I immediately called and they then told me that there were only two options, email their resolution department, or pay back the chargebacks... Like I have mentioned twice in this review, I ship every day for my business and my account being on hold is a major problem. The only real option for me, if I wanted to fulfill all of my customers orders in any timely manner, was the give in and pay them the money not to mention an additional 3% charge... Now, I still have a hold on my account for 2 to 24 hours, and I haven't received any real help and I'm out even more money. I am severely disappointed with how this was handled. I have not had an issue like this before after shipping through every day since 2014. I will be exploring alternatives.

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    Reviewed March 15, 2022

    My husband works in shipping software as a software engineer and I am a real estate broker. I have had to do a lot of mailings so I was looking for an at-home solution to streamline my postage. He suggested about a year ago and it has been an absolute NIGHTMARE WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY! More times than I can count, my stamps have not been printed or not printed properly. I have to update the driver for their app on my NEW Mac almost every time I launch it. When you click to do their update from their website, you lose the "reprint" button therefore you lose the stamps you're trying to print.

    To get a refund it's a complete JOKE! The customer support team told me I have to rip out 20 blank labels that I paid for, fill out a form, pay for more postage to mail them to them as "proof" and THEN I can get refunded my money lost and they'll send me new labels back. How does this save time or money VS going to the post office and getting what you paid for???? How in 2022 can they not see on their end that THEIR WEBSITE gave the error before printing requiring me to update first and then not allowing me to reprint, yet go through a tedious refund process and still end up with no stamps?! This process and support are terrible.

    I will go back to the old way until I find a much better company. Buyer beware! You'll pay $19.99 per month for NOTHING but headaches and you'll lose postage money almost every time unless you are willing to make it more work for yourself by filling out forms, mailing in countless ruined labels and waiting weeks for a refund. Get your act together,! Be better!!!

    Reviewed March 8, 2022

    Stay away. I went shopping on their site and signed up for a new account. After shopping for personalized stamps (as a Christmas gift for my daughter) I was unable to make the purchase. Unbeknownst to me, had enrolled me in a monthly subscription at $19.71 after the expiration of a 4-week trial. The disclosure of the subscription is apparently buried in fine print. I never knowingly authorized any "free trial" and, regardless, I never got an email stating that the free trial was over. One month got past me - my bad for not reviewing my credit card statement more carefully. But, then I noticed a strange unauthorized charge. I went on and found I was enrolled in a monthly subscription. No monthly statement from them. The site also claimed that I ordered a scale. I never ordered the scale and I never received the scale. is counting on people not carefully reviewing their credit card statements while they get charged for a non-existent and worthless service. It is, in my opinion, a business model based on deception. Also, is misleading in their use of the USPS logo and USPS colors and fonts to make it appear as if it they're affiliated with the USPS. Don't go to this website!

    Reviewed Feb. 18, 2022

    I've been a LONG time customer - with nary a complaint or dissatisfied experience. But recently - after some apparent update - their service S-U-C-K-S! The latest update to their service must have been done by some diversity hire WOKE SJW. Every time I've tried to print out a shipping label - which I've done THOUSANDS OF TIMES over the past 8 years or so - different error messages keep popping up, my contacts can NOT be put in a consistent order, international labels give a message that I am printing multiple labels when I am not.

    The past two weeks has had these same issues whether I use my office PC, my laptop or my wife's brand spanking new desktop PC! At first I found work-arounds, put after 1 or 2 labels, they too fall victim to the same error messages from their site. I've talked to them, I have even let them take control remotely of my PC - and each time it's either "we're aware of the issue and are working on it" or I get an email that says: "all fixed!" And no, no it's not. I going to use ship station through Paypal from now on or at least to they hire people based on their aptitude and not their "wokeness."

    Reviewed Jan. 19, 2022

    They use the "USPS" acronym to give you an impression that they are affiliated with the postal services. They send you a packet so that you can print a dozen free stamps at home. You don't even realize that you are signing up for a subscription service. They charged my credit card for four months, before I realized what had happened. I requested a full refund and they complied. I am very disappointed.

    Reviewed Jan. 11, 2022

    Like many others, I entered CC info for a one time transaction two years ago to see if could help with some holiday mailers I had to send out. Then, without my knowledge or authorization, they enrolled me in the pro plan for $17.99 per month after the 'trial' ended. Yes, they list this stipulation in their fine print but they never send monthly invoices and don't show the charges easily on their site under the billing section. It is a small monthly charge but I finally noticed it after over two years and several hundred dollars in charges. Upon calling them, they made it very hard to cancel membership and did not offer any consideration or credits for the months billed. They stated that they do not send monthly invoices (like every other online service I use) because they don't want to "bog down their users inboxes". Sounds more like their business model is built on reoccurring charges that many consumers don't notice on their statements.

    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Dec. 27, 2021

    Blank paper stamps are provided for you to print at a high cost. If you fail to print correctly then you 1) are not eligible for any refund at all even if absolutely nothing was printed on the stamps and the paper is pristine (simply because you opened the package of stamp paper) and 2) you must fill out forms, mail said forms and blank stamp pages to the government to get refunded for purchase of postage that never printed. Do not use this site! Much better to go to the post office!

    Reviewed Dec. 7, 2021

    Horrible website. Don't miss the printing of your document... If you do you'll need to fill out paperwork for a refund. It's the dumbest thing I've ever seen in postage. How about the option of printing labels twice if your printer misfires instead of filling out paperwork for a refund...SO stupid. I'm looking for a full refund from the company. Also the customer rep hanging up on me was a nice touch. Don't use this service.

    Reviewed Dec. 3, 2021

    Purchased what I thought were stamps ready to use. My fault I did not realize I had to print them. I purchased with a 1 month free trial, but then began getting recurring monthly charges without approving. Could have also been my fault, may have been in the fine print. Anyway, I closed my account with as soon as I realized this was going on. I had not yet printed my stamps. I tried to go onto and find a way to print them but could not. Called customer service who told me I could not print them since I had closed my account. What?! It had been 21 days since my purchase of the stamp sheets. I asked to return them for a refund and was told they could not do that since I had closed my account. I said, "You have my credit card and my order number, SO seriously, work with me...Either allow me to print what I've purchased or refund my money."

    I asked to speak with a manager. I was put on hold 7 times while the rep spoke with his supervisor. After 41 minutes, I was finally told they were going to email me a return shipping label. Of course, I have to pay the 4+ dollars in shipping. While I obtained some semblance of resolution, I certainly will not do business with them again.

    Reviewed Nov. 25, 2021

    I entered CC info for a one time transaction. They then without my knowledge or authorization enrolled me in the pro plan for $17.99 per month. Very deceptive as I don't recall me authorizing any membership. When I found out they were charging my cc every month, they made it very hard to cancel membership. The US laws should be changed to make a temporary membership where you have to cancel after trial illegal. The business should need your authorization after the trial to enroll you in a membership. Take your business elsewhere.

    Reviewed Nov. 21, 2021

    Second, I never got the label and the site won't let you reprint (even though the site states you can reprint within 24 hrs). Lies! Used sample print before completing the purchase to verify the label would fit on the regular printer paper, but when I completed the label purchase, the print preview changed to print the label on half of the page. Once you make any adjustments to the print setup you CANNOT reprint and must request a refund that takes the post office 2-3 weeks to approve and then another 4-6 weeks for the money to be returned. Customer service closed on the weekend so no support!

    I'll be reporting this scam to my bank and the BBB. Why would you change my printer settings so you can purposely take my $ in hopes I'll likely forget in 8+ weeks. On top of that my card was charged 4 times for 1 label! NEVER AGAIN And I've used many eCommerce sites that email you the label so you have more than one chance to print it in case something goes wrong. In this case, it is obvious they set it up like that for a take your $... OH and to tip it off I clicked the button the cancel, received confirmation I canceled my trial...and then got an email saying thanks for upgrading from the 17.99 to the 24,99 package and I will be charged today so I literally canceled my account and was told I upgraded instead!!!!

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