Torrance, CA

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Please do not use this company. They stole me things for $1500!!! They are still keeping saying that: The package wasn't insured (was!!! every single package), when I want see prove, that they start acting. Or this stuff were never in our warehouse WTF!!! I see those packages on pictures from them!!! I see Invoices. I see emails where the shipito writing that those packages were received!!! If I'm not getting my stuff back I go to court!! I'll not leave $1500 to some criminals. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! THEY SEND YOU FEW PACKAGES SUPER PERFECT!!! BUT THEN... THEY JUST STEAL YOUR STUFF.

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Do not use other than the regular airmail shipment option. Other options are just a rip off your money! After you pay a lot of money on the shipment, you would still have to pay a large amount for the customs fees if not by regular airmail... Be aware!

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Big time scammers: I never had a problem with my first test ship. Second shipment was bigger and more expensive. They put my account on hold after I used PayPal to fund the account as my PayPal account name differs slightly. I never had this issue with the first shipment. Anyway, they lifted the hold after I explained why it is different. It happened again when I needed to put in more money. I was assured by their staff that it is not an issue. They lifted my pending again. But when the time came to shipping the items, they flat out refused to send out the package.

I gave them passport and driver's license copies and sign their forms to try to sort out this issue and call all of them countless times but to no avail. I told them their staff had previously sent me emails saying the name will not be an issue. Bloody hell, they lift the pending not once but twice. That's the reason I kept funding the account. If I had a whiff of trouble ahead, I would have redirected my shipment pronto. The phone call alone to sort out this issue with Shipito cost me 30 bucks. At the end, I had to get the seller to pick up the item. But that is not the worst. The worst thing is, they charged me $8.50 for each package that they hand back to the seller - ridiculous.

The fault did not even begin with me when it is their staff that had been giving out incorrect information from the start. They should have left the account on pending if it was such a big issue. I would have stopped funding immediately and redirected my stuff somewhere else. But, oh no, they waited till everything is at their warehouse and you are at their mercy. They apologize a lot but still would not bulge an inch. I do not expect much but at least an offer not to charge the $8.50. It's bad enough not to receive the product you paid for but to be charged the return fees is downright disgusting.

So at the end of the day, 80+ bucks in my Shipito account got sucked up by the return fees and the initial processing fee and repacking fee. So if you're thinking of using Shipito for your shipment, well you better think twice. I'd rather deal with a shipper with more integrity than this. So Shipito - not only have you lost a customer but this customer is so unhappy about your utter contempt of him that he wrote a review about it and will try his best to spread it out everywhere.

Shipito are thieves and criminal, pure and simple. Avoid them at all cost! in Torrance, California enticed my fiancée into a monthly membership for $25 and then added an assisted purchase service for which she paid separately $8.50 plus cost of purchase, sales tax, and shipping. And on top of that, they charged 10% commission from the purchase cost, but that wasn't enough. These Shipito scammers charged another 5% pretending to be Visa fees.

When she had to order more items, they kept charging her card for every item they received. She called and cancelled the membership and even paid for an additional month that she didn't use due to their questionable calculations. Despite this, she continued to be billed $25 a month because of the credit card information that the Shipito scammers got from her membership during registration, which did not cover any assisted purchases. When challenged on these fraudulent charges, the individual introduced as the senior manager explained that the membership was just like buying a car. If you decide to keep it in the garage, you still have to pay for it.

When I explained that according to my own understanding of California and federal law Shipito has a right to claim money they feel they may be owed, but do not have the right to abuse credit card information or make charges against an account which the owner of that account has clearly stated they do not authorize. Since my fiancée cancelled by email, and has confirmation of the cancellation and since Shipito confirms that the cancellation was due to her stopping the service, they are wrong on two accounts. Firstly, they are charging without authorization citing a membership agreement they have confirmed is closed; and secondly, as the car analogy is ridiculous since a car is a physical item you own and Shipito is claiming that they should still be paid for existing, even though there is no way they could ever provide the services they want to charge for. One of their useless staff ended our conversation saying that given the economy, they couldn't afford to let anybody cancel their membership and so, by the direction of his boss whom handles these issues.

I tried to contact them by email about these problems several times with no response. When pressed for the details, they kept sending me to their FAQ page. Their flustered explanation was to say that the agreement would be in force as long as Shipito decided it was in force, an answer I found rather extraordinary. I told them that I didn't think that the California or Federal courts would not be sympathetic to that interpretation, to which they outright scoffed and would continue to charge whatever they thought was a proper fee. has gone beyond mere predatory contract practices and is engaging in outright criminal activity. Do not trust these people with your credit card information as they have proven that they will take credit card info from one agreement and use it to charge for another one. Further, the only cancellation policy they can clearly define is not even existing.

On a personal note, the most annoying aspect of this is that these people arrogantly show you that they will continue to submit credit card charges for which they know they do not have legal authorization to charge (if by no other means in that they themselves confirmed the original membership cancellation) for services they fully admit they are incapable of providing in any reasonable manner. Company Profile

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