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I recently order a part and I should went and read about the reviews because everyone is right about the service and when it comes to ordering parts. They send me the wrong part due to their inaccurate website information when it becomes to ordering parts online. I called back they wanted me to pay another full amount for the new part??? "NO REFUNDS NO REFUNDS!!" They told me! Every company has refund options but this company really sucks when returning merchandise. They could easily send me the new part and I could at least pay for the shipping, no problem! But is just people behind that office. Don't buy anything from them!! NO REFUNDS!! DON'T BUY AT REPAIRCLINIC!!!

I ordered a dryer blower fan for a Kenmore Dryer. Paid to have it shipped to me by September 6-7, 2016. Part was not on time and when I called them to find out what was going on. They hung up on me 3 times. They were rude and their customer service stunk. I told them I wanted my shipping and handling fees refunded and they hung up on me the first time, left me on hold for more than 30 minutes the second time (then hung up on me), and finally the guy I actually got a little help from told me the Manager refused to refund my fees (even though they promise to refund without question if there is a shipping issue). The third guy hung up on me when I asked to speak with a Manager higher than his direct Supervisor. I called back yet again and was finally given the Supervisor's Manager's name and contact information. I will call Monday to see what she may, or me thinks may not do.

I had ordered for a capacitor for my central air-conditioning unit. Unfortunately I had not read the reviews on this site about RepairClinic. I paid for the premium shipping and was assured of shipping on the same day. But the item was shipped 2 days later and arrived 2 days late as well. The part was ok and is working fine but their shipping system is not good. I contacted them about the delay. They said the shipping time is only an estimate and that they have not delayed it in anyway. I sent them the screen shot of their shipping guarantee. There was no response to that to this day. I am disappointed with their service.

On August 8th I ordered parts for my lawn mower. My confirmation email said I'd receive them on the 11th. I called, rude guy said it hasn't shipped and hasn't been packed yet. He assures me it'll ship that day! Today is the 18th, no parts! I called again, still not packed. Promised again it'll ship today, it won't. Read these reviews people... it's a scam website! I live an hour away from this place, thinking about driving there and breaking a window.

I should have read these reviews before placing my orders with Repair Clinic. However, I didn't and placed my orders based on the fact that the parts would be here the next day if I paid for upgraded shipping. This is a GREAT option....IF the correct parts are sent. On my first order, I ordered a stator assembly for my LG washer. What was shipped was a rotor. Granted, it did arrive the next day as promised, but I had to wait another day to get the correct part.

Next, I ordered a control panel which came the next day with no problem. My final order was for a drain pump and main pump. What arrived was the main pump and a part for a mower. I called and was told the correct drain pump would be sent and I would receive it on Monday. (I had ordered the pumps on Thursday and received the one on Friday). When it didn't arrive on Monday, I called and was told the delay was due to a hold put on the order so it could be double-checked for accuracy, but it was being shipped that afternoon and I would get it Tuesday. Well, it didn't arrive until Wednesday.

I didn't even bother to call them back to let them know that the main pump they'd sent didn't have the o-ring and I had to use the one from my used part. Unfortunately, I didn't notice this until I'd installed it and turned on the washer, which immediately resulted in it leaking all over. When I called to return 2 of the 4 parts I didn't need, I expressed that I felt that they should cover my return shipping, since I'd paid for upgraded shipping each time but had to wait anyway due to their mistakes. I was told that wouldn't be possible.

So, if you'd like to take the risk that your part may or may not be correct, go ahead and order from them. Also, if it's not correct, don't expect any apology from their end...I only got one on my final call once I'd pointed out that no one had bothered to apologize for any inconvenience yet. If I could give them lower than one star, I would. On the upside, their repair videos are helpful.

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I placed an order for an OEM capacitor on July 5th. The order was to arrive within 10 days. I received two updates that moved my shipping date to later in July then early August. I called and talked to customer service in early August and they said they would give me free shipping. I responded that they needed to get the part from a vendor and send it immediately. I asked to talk to a manager and after talking to the manager they want me to cancel my order and reorder a different part that had a different voltage but they claimed would work. I said ship it and if it COMES and works I will cancel my order and then pay for the new part. (They refused.) 5 days later I got another email stating it would ship August 16th or 17th. I ordered from a different company and cancelled my order. I suggest you do as I did, order from a different company and avoid this company that does not stock the products it advertised to have.

Don't believe them. I ordered a lawn mower part online. It said "Order by 8:00 PM ET, this part ships TODAY!" When my order had not shipped after three days, I called to ask them about my order. They said "this part ships TODAY!" just means they start working on the order then and it might take quite a few days before the order ships. I wish I had ordered it somewhere else.

I ordered a part for my riding mower and was advised that it was shipped on July 19, 2016. As of this writing on July 30, 2016 I have not received my order. I have called the company two times and have gotten the runaround both times. The people are rude and unprofessional. I would advise all to place their orders in the future with another company.

I called up Repair Clinic services and requested lawn mower blades. I was assured that the model number of the deck matched the replacement blades I ordered. When they came the blade were 4 inches too big. Very displeased that after all the trouble of direct contact that I did not get what I needed.

Placed an order for a $5 part. Paid shipping and tax of $7. Placed the order on May 15th. Received the order on May 25th. You advertise "fast shipping". Not so!! I could have walked from Canton, MI faster than the time it took to get this part. This was totally unacceptable and I will not order anything from you again.

I bought a set of 4 spark electrodes for my Amana Stove Model #ARG3600WW. The website said this part was the correct one for my stove. Upon arrival, the part didn't fit, it was too big for the small connector. I called Repair Clinic and after a while I was told the part was fabricated in Asia and their measurements in the metric system did not match the US system so the parts are not exactly the same size as the original ones. I paid premium for overnight delivery. 24 hours later I was told the part was the "correct" one for my stove and the only one they had. Further, they claim to have sold 210 others without any complaints.

Here's your first one. This company should warn consumers that certain parts fabricated in Asia may not fit the appliances in the US and give them the option of not buying them. I was recommended to "buy a new stove" because the spark electrodes wear out and no new ones are available. I suggested instead that I would buy a lighter. I found the help desk at this company very condescending and unhelpful, and also insistent that the part was the "correct" one for my model number. As if I would buy a part and then lie that it doesn't fit? Really?

I order a part for a lawn mower and they sent the wrong one. Call the rude girl on the phone and she said she couldn't find my model #, the one I order the part with. She told me that she would send the right part and I would have to pay shipping on it as well as shipping on the return one, which would be more than the part itself. Why should I have to pay for their mistake? I told them to forget it and I would not do business with them anymore. She didn't really care.

After receiving the part ordered from I took my dishwasher apart to replace the lower door gasket and found part was either the incorrect part or defective as it did not look like the part I ordered online or have the ability to secure the gasket behind each door hinge as it showed on the video. Customer service rep at first said they shipped me the correct part and I had to convince her this would not work as it would not fit properly. She finally relented and agreed there was something wrong although she sounded pretty skeptical. She then told me once they receive the wrong part back they would ship me a new one.

I again explained to her that my dishwasher was taken apart and they should ship me the new part and arrange for pick up of old upon delivery of new. This was not going to happen according to their customer service agent of the year. Most companies would overnight the new part and admit their mistake, not this one. I repair most of the items around my house and this is definitely the worst customer service company I have dealt with. I am sure the review I submitted back to will not be posted as they only appear to put five star reviews on their website. The part appears to be cheaply made at best and the customer service is one of the worst. I would definitely stay away from this site and deal with a more reputable company. Attached picture show original part on top and part on bottom.

I ordered a control board for my furnace. I wanted the part to be here fast so I spent extra money to have it delivered in 4 days by FedEx. It did not show up on the day it was suppose to which was FedEx fault. However the RepairClinic made it right and I did not have to pay the delivery fee. Thanks so much. Great job by the RepairClinic. They were really great about everything. Will use them again. Thanks so much.

I called the customer service line to get help with tracking a package that I never received and the agent on the phone was so rude and unhelpful. And to top it off she even slam the phone down on me. I would never order again from their website. I was just calling to see if they can help me with an order that I placed and received the worst customer service ever. The package was sent back to them because of a wrong shipping address and they refuse to resend it or reimburse me.

Last week I ordered a replacement glass top for my LG stove from I was really impressed with how quickly the part arrived and how much focus the company put on explaining how to make repairs via video. Unfortunately I ordered the wrong part. Fail. I called's customer service number to figure out what went wrong and I unfortunately searched for the part on Google and was directed to the page, and didn't do my due diligence. The customer service operator then proceeded to treat me like an child for the next several minutes, explaining how "I had ordered the wrong part" and "why should they pay for return shipping" and how clear their return policy was. Even after stopping her several time to state that while the return policy is clear the attitude and tone expressed was sub-par for a interaction with a customer, she still continued to be obstinate.

Eventually I worked my way to Ryan, who explained he would have focused on finding the part on back order. Unfortunately, the tone and condescending attitude of the customer service rep was simply inexcusable. I ended up chatting with Sears who was able to order the part and through in free expedited shipping in light of the issue with the other company.

End result, I will never buy a part from RepairClinic again, I will definitely advocate for and choose Sears for all repair part orders in the future. It seems silly that $16 dollars in shipping was worth the lifetime value of a customer, but then again that typically doesn't make sense to a 20-something, millennial customer service rep., customer experience is everything in this day and age. Catch up with the times or be left behind.

I ordered a replacement handle for an oven drawer. The gal who assisted me when ordering was POSITIVE this was the correct part. I ordered, received a confirmation email with an INCORRECT tracking number. When the part finally arrived, it was the WRONG part. I called for further assistance, the girl was very dismissive, put me on hold then hung up. I called back and got a different girl, she was even less interested in assisting me. She became argumentative and refused to listen to what I was trying to explain. She had an attitude of she knew everything when she actually had no idea what she was talking about. In my opinion, terrible company, terrible customer service.

I had four different orders within a total of three days to repair my Maytag 9000 Series Frontloading Washer. The parts and available "blowout diagrams" were key in order for me to make my own repairs. I saved over $800 in making my repairs, with this, and the next day shipping, I'm extremely satisfied. Upon making the last order I decided to create an account with RepairClinic as they had become a reliable resource that I would probably use in the future for other appliances and that they store my order history for future reference with the particular model parts were ordered for. So, I opened a chat with RC to request that all my purchase orders be associated together so that I wouldn't have to search through my email to find them, a service they offer.

This is where my experience with RC turned, the response from the person I chatted with was very dismissive and adolescent at best, quote: "I'll have to look up all those numbers," response: "I have them", to which I provided, quote: "Well if you have the numbers, why do you need my help? I don't know what you want me to do! Just look them up." This childlike behavior persisted and I again explained my reasoning to which she did incorporate 2 of the 4 orders, so I requested that the remaining orders be include in my history, to which I receive no response while in open chat. Ten minute passed, I asked "was she still there", her immediate response "Yeah, I'm here, what else do you need?"

I called the store, asked for a manager, he was helpful and viewed the chat, apologized for the little girl's behavior and stated my order will be placed in my account history. I checked back two days later and NONE of my history is there AT ALL. Many a business has FAILED due to poor customer service, RepairClinic is great, BUT they're NOT the ONLY ones who provides this service. Hopefully the summer help will be gone soon or your customers will be.

Ordered refrigerator shelves in Dec because of return policy and reviews. I ordered the wrong shelves because I didn't have the model number. I wasn't worried though because of the return policy as I understood it. They do have a return policy but not a customer friendly policy. The customer service agent I dealt with was very NOT helpful. I will return the shelves but will NEVER use RepairClinic again! They are not customer friendly and in my experience do not care if they have return customers or not. I am a very displeased customer, no I am not a customer, I am a victim. The customer service was not helpful and did not care or try to be helpful. Do not use this service!!!! Beware .

I was very pleased with RepairClinic's no-hassle reshipment of the manual, which failed to show up even though USPS claimed it was delivered. They reshipped via FedEx Ground at no charge. Then I was again pleased when they credited back the $24.85 of my original order (i.e. everything except shipping) after they agreed to accept my return of the manual. But this all could have been avoided if they had not misrepresented the manual as applying to my Sears Kenmore washer Ultra Fabric Care IV, heavy duty 90 series, model number 110.92593410. Neither the controls nor the top reservoirs on my washer bear any resemblance to the corresponding features in the manual they sent. They need to fix their database.

I applied for mortgage refinancing in February 2008. I refinanced under FHA 203B which was set to close in 10 days. I was locked into the loan for three months. I told them the house was appraised for $65,000 because I had just had it appraised two years prior to application by Solstice Mortgage and had not made any other improvements on the property. They appraised the property for $78,000. Now, I have an overage on my homeowners insurance which is not covered by them and a $13,000 overage on my title which they show as a $13,000 time.

I refinanced to bring down the interest rate which was at 9.99% with a conventional loan which was held by Saxton Mortgage and to pay off some bills. None of the bills that I requested to be paid was paid and all of the equity was stolen. I only owed $56,500 on the property and now after the rip-off, I ended up with a $78,000 loan and included in the contract is the statement that the home can never be refinanced, only to take the interest rate down. The closing took so long until the name was changed from Families First Mortgage to American First Mortgage, LLC which I never make a practice of dealing with LLC companies and had I known this, I would never have dealt with her in the first place.

I selected this mortgage company because the ad in the phone book read that she could refinance within 24 hours. When I called her, I asked her explicitly if this was possible and she said yes. After finding out that the loan would be FHA 203B, I called HUD and they told me the FHA 203B was set to close in 10 days. The reason I was depending on this is because I was not behind and I did not want to fall behind in my bills.

I ordered 2 small repair parts for my Kenmore dryer. They were explicit about their fast service and it would be shipped within 24 hours. It is now 10 days later and no parts. When I got them to track the parts at 5 days, they were in Ft. Worth. When they checked tonight, 5 days later, they had made it to Dallas. These are small parts that would fit in a small USPS Priority box. It is ridiculous to take that time in shipping. The total shipping for these 2 parts was over $13.00. I would not recommend this company for any parts. The parts may be fine, but the customer service stinks!

While completing a purchase on RepairClinic.coms secure site, an offer for a $10 coupon appeared. Since it was RepairClinic.coms secure site, I assumed it was offered by as an incentive for return business. It turns out that for an extra $.50 to $2.00 per transaction? has partnered with to allow

to start charging $10 to my credit card for an array of worthless services. The process is deceitful and misleading and Webloyaltys business model is obviously based on deception to entrap unwary customers.

Webloyalty is in to me for $40. My wife called Webloyalty and they verbally promised to refund, but at a rate of $10 per month.

There are about 850 complaints against webloyalty on just on Webloyalty claims revenues in the $30 million range! Company Profile

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