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No problems and the staff was extremely helpful. Will definitely shop there again. Keep up the great work! The shipping experience was okay. I couldn't find a promo code for free shipping which was a number but that's okay. I would like to see more of a variety of brands offered. You have your standard brands but the not so common ones are lacking from the site. Overall it's good to navigate but I do run into some bumps. I don't think it's a problem on their end but on mine... A glitch with my computer.

Coupons are sent to your computer right away so you can use them right away or you can save them to a saver card to redeem at the store. The site offers many different coupons for many different products that you use daily. Some stores will even offer store saving on top of printed coupons or even doubling coupon for more savings. You can use these on multiple occasions. The website offers coupons categorized by types to find coupons quickly and easily. You can print them more than once to use on multiple products.

Although I have never had occasion to contact customer service, I would recommend because I have never had any problems printing from this website. You just pick the coupons you want to print and download the printing app. My computer security software doesn't like this download and keeps telling me to delete it. There is a vast amount and variety of coupons available at to choose from in categories like pets, gift cards, food, cleaning products, personal care, etc. The website features money saving coupons, and it's easy to select and print them out. The website is easy to navigate and find what coupons you want.

I am usually able to find a coupon or discount that saves me money and it is usually pretty easy to do and does not take a very long time. Things were shipped on time and arrived in good condition. Items ordered were as described, no surprises. Overall a pleasant experience. They seem to have a fairly wide variety of products in a range of prices that would fit nearly anyone's budget and would appeal to most people. The website is easy to navigate and quick to use. I had no trouble at all the very first time I used it. It would be simple enough for someone with limited computer skills. Company Profile

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