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Horrible Customer Service. I had issues with products I bought and was told to get in touch for a refund from them. Well I contacted them, asked them a question regarding my purchase. Never heard back. Next thing I know they closed the ticket due to inactivity. I reopened it and ask them to answer my question and not close it out.

Ordered 2 torches and received 1 usb portable battery. Tried contact details and can't get anything by phone or email.

I have bought 3 products this year from Clickbank and have been spammed with unwanted emails and product offers. Also I have not had what I have ordered as the product eg fat diminisher does not deliver and I already have this and the written content is all about this Wes Virgin. Hello??? Have tried to get Clickbank to refund but no answer as number cannot be connected.

I've had a few experiences with ClickBank, none of them very good. My biggest complaint is their system doesn't accept regular credit cards. Every time I've tried ordering, it always says the credit card has denied the charge. I then go through PayPal and the same credit card is accepted. I finally realized why... credit card companies recognize that ClickBank is disreputable, whereas they'll accept a charge from PayPal.

I went into my PayPal account and found that from 2 orders there were now over 27 accounts from ClickBank. I had the PayPal representative remove them all and instructed PayPal to no longer accept anything from ClickBank. When I look to order online anymore I now refuse to order from any company that uses ClickBank as I now automatically assume that the company is not trustworthy since they use ClickBank. Maybe a bad assumption, but I've not had problems with ClickBank since then.

I was looking for an item and clicked on it and before going any further I got an email from PayPal saying I bought it from Clickbank. I did not authorize the purchase. I believe that Clickbank hacked into my computer and authorized payment. Then a few minutes later PayPal sent an email saying I had purchased another product --- not true. A few minutes later I got a Microsoft warning that my computer needed to be checked out so I phoned them and the person checked it out and said I have a level 12 computer guy to fix it. My computer had been hacked. This was a $409.00 touch. I said OK, and he informed me after working on it what they did.

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I was in the process of ordering a book from Fat Diminisher. I tried to go to check out but a page came up pushing 2 more of their books. I was not interested and tried to go to the check out page. The page I was on froze. Mind you, they had gotten my card information so they had the money and the only way to get out of the page was to go back to my app page. So they got my money but not my address. I have tried and tried to get a response from Clickbank but every time I go to their refund page it freezes. Every time! Anyway you try to get to them regarding a refund the page will freeze on you!

I have been in contact with other people who have experienced the same problem. I was charged $37.00 for the book and saw it elsewhere for $19.00. Oh well. But their claim is if you are not satisfied you will get your money back. I wish I could say I was not satisfied with the book but because of their program, the way it is set up and because I did not want those other two books I was not allowed to continue so they could get my address. Once again, every avenue that I have tried to get to Clickbank to explain my situation and get my money refunded has been blocked. Very unethical. Thank you for your time.

Got my ClickBank account banned. Contacted abuse department that what they said: "This account has been terminated due to a terms of service violation. For security reasons, we are unable to release any further details concerning the termination." Didn't do anything, didn't bought traffic, clicked on my ad only 1 time to check. And they blocked my account with no explanation, didn't even notified me. Had to contact support to know that I'm banned.

I bought/ordered a product which is supposed to restore hair loss, but waited quite a very long time for it to arrive. After emailing ClickBank regarding this delay. I received a lame excuse from Flora saying that some department forgot to dispatch the said product. I was advised /informed to open a link sent in the same email/response from Flora. To my disappointment, I received a documented/printed product which I couldn't use, coz I expected a concrete usable product, like a shampoo, conditioner, which I'm supposed to use like the normal items mentioned above. I emailed Flora saying the product isn't for me!!! I requested a refund, gave all the necessary details of the payments made via my visa credit card.

More than 2 weeks have passed, still no replies/refunds. It leaves a bad taste in the mouth. There are so many scam businesses globally, very scary. I sincerely hope that someone reliable, responsible will attend to my refund request. It's not a good idea for any "reputable" business/company to be exposed internationally. Facebook too!! Imagine the many proposed clients, objections/refusal to buy any products from ClickBank. Paid ZAR 437.69, 6/9/15.

I was purchasing the Primal Sleep System via the newsletter ($9.99), and I was offered the Primal Sleep System for $29.99, which was "add to cart", and then the PaleoHacks Ultimate Cookbook Collection, which looked like, along with the Primal Sleep System, to be $39.99. It wasn't a bad deal, so I clicked to add them to my shopping cart. Now, the deal with a shopping cart online is that you get to verify your purchase and back out if you don't want to buy it in the end, right? No. I'd purchased the Primal Sleep System first, via PayPal. What I didn't know is that this had added an exception to Paypal, that allowed to take additional payments WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. And remember when I said that those other two items, the Primal Mind Audio and the Ultimate Cookbooks Bundle, were added to my shopping cart? Nope. They were an automatic checkout.

Not only that, but they were also not just $39.99. They were $29.99, and $39.99, separately. I was billed a total of about $80. I sent a comment via their comments form, telling them exactly what happened. I sent it off, with my order numbers included. It said someone would get back to me within 48 hours. I waited 6 days. Nobody got back to me, so I sent an email. Someone got back to me pretty quickly (probably because I used the words, "I'm going to write a review, and explain how you take money without express permission, and you don't actually have a shopping cart/checkout system, despite using the words, "Add To Cart"...) and they say that they've refunded me my money, but as it was paid from my bank account via Paypal, it should have shown up in Paypal, and I don't see any mention of a refund of my money yet. But as it's the weekend, I'm going to wait until Tuesday and see if anything shows up.

Four of my clients clicked on the same ClickBank link as given by ClickBank. I was not paid on any of the referrals. ClickBank said that the links that they issued me were no good. Now I am having difficulty canceling my account. Nothing but bogus.

I got an e-mail regarding the internet jobs in my country from this (**) asking me to pay 50% discount USD 39.00 to get the software. After filling all the forms, listening to videos of their stability, how it started and all asked me to enter some personal details to get the software. After filling that I go the message saying “SORRY, BUT WE CAN'T ACCEPT CLIENTS FROM YOUR COUNTRY AT THIS TIME”. After that I didn't get any mails regarding any jobs.

Clickbank doesn't do due-diligence on their users. A site was looking for people who read/write Dutch and English. Just a small entrance fee to setup the account. After setting up the account the site is not looking for people at all. It just shows some text and third party links.

Thought I was purchasing hard cover. Was given full refund and a second paperback (not recipe book) at no charge.

I have tried to order at least ten orders but the ClickBank keeps asking for me to use another card. I have complied but the bank won't even accept another card. I contacted them via phone but the bank refused to remedy my problem. I want the vendor to be aware that they are losing customers.

After I complained about the company's failure to supply me a product key, but instead bombarded me with expensive offers to upgrade, essentially saying the product version they promoted on Google was useless unless and until I purchased their more expensive software products. After a harsh email message (of the type I hate to send unless I'm left with no other option), I demanded my PayPal account be credited the full amount I authorized be sent to Clickbank, and by noon the following day, my PayPal account was appropriately credit. Afterward, I begin getting ambiguous statements from someone purporting to represent Clickbank, yet the messages was sent from a personal Gmail account. Hopefully in the morning, I can speak to someone to have this annoying maverick reigned in.

Credit card debited for e-book but no download occurred. Tried to contact but 'complaint form' 'could not be sent'. Looking for refund.

I purchased Learn Scrivener Fast for $166 through one of their affiliate sites and never received the download codes. I have contacted Learn Scrivener Fast three times over the last week and they have not bothered to reply to any of my emails. I had previously contact customer support with a question when I was looking to buy the product and they got back to me straight away. Now they have my money they don't reply, don't provide the product. They are a bunch of shady thieves.

Keynetics, Inc. charged my paypal account a total of $494.99 from 4/27/14 to 7/24/14 and I have not received a single thing from them. There is nothing showing what I purchased, no receipt to show what I purchased. (probably because I didn't purchase anything) The sad part about it, I just noticed it on my paypal account. This is now 1/27/15 and I'm not sure if I can do anything about it since so much time has passed. I will have to contact paypal and ask what I can do about this, if anything.

My mom fell for this, too. Amazing for her to be billed monthly for digital products when she doesn't use a computer. There is no way to contact the company, either electronically or otherwise. That is clearly by design. However, the credit card, bank, credit union, Paypal etc., who processed the transaction is more than happy to intervene on behalf of their customers. Mom's bank refunded the purchase amount, blocked the vendor and even reversed the penalty fees (for the balance of the account dropping below the minimum, as a result)!

Email from Liberty News (No such company) with fake product add: This company whom I thought was one of the one's I subscribe to because of the word "Liberty" was not one of them but spam. They have a product. They either are part of the scam with or "The Scammer". It is for hair loss reversal but the main point for me was it is supposedly linked to a man's prostate gland. I did my due diligence to find anything relating to this with use of the words scam or fraud by the authors or company and Google just linked it right back to the company's bogus claims.

They say pay the $39.00 for the eBook and they will show you how for less the $20 do what they did, blah, blah, blah. I got the eBook and it is a compilation, with suggestions on what to eat and vitamins to take. Thinks anyone can find right on the Internet themselves. I finally found the bank's name (on the charge to my bank) Clickbank that has phone numbers in Boise, ID, and an address in N.C. But after Googling the bank name I found rip off reports on this so-called banking institution that isn't a bank. I called my bank and they said they have to let the charge through and then they will dispute it after that. Avoid Liberty News and anything to do with or Clickbank or 2014.

I had a ClickBank account and I sold 500 dollars worth of stuff and wanted to cash out but it said I need 20 thousand dollars to cash out. I told them to suck my fat one so no I wouldn't buy products from ClickBank.

Did not know that Paypal flipped me to Clickbank. Did not wish monies to come out of checking acct. No monies in checking. Wanted money to come off credit card. They immediately took money from checking acct. UNAUTHORIZED!!! They just did it. Did not receive merchandise yet. Want my money.

In August, I was having problems with my Lexmark printer. I looked Lexmark up on my computer and saw a telephone number for Lexmark services. I called the number and the person that answered informed me that he represented Lexmark and that he was located in India. I told him my problem and he said not to worry; he asked for permission to take control of my computer. I was on the telephone with him the entire time. Later in our conversation, he took a break to look something up. He came back and said my computer had many problems. I asked if he was going to charge and he hemmed and hawed about how serious my problems were and that they needed be fixed and that he would have to charge me. I told him to stop the operation... I did that because I smelled a scam was taking place. I asked him to return control of my computer to me.

I had added a $5.95 item for a recipe book to the shopping cart and the system took me though a series of pages asking if I wanted to add to the order, thinking that I'd be able to approve it at the end. Instead, it had ordered all of the items without allowing me to approve the processing. I picked up the phone two seconds later to call them. I got a recording stating the department was closed, but it was at 2:30 PM and 4:30 PM which is within their open hour stated on their website. In addition, I completed their online contact form, and responded to each invoice email asking them to cancel the order with request to not process on my card or reverse the charges. It is now the next day with the charges on my card, and no one from the company has responded in any way.

I cancelled (so I thought) a recurring billing account through Clickbank using my Paypal account. Now Clickbank is billing my debit card through my credit union. The credit union told me there is nothing they can do about this. It's only 8.43 a month but over time it adds up and I am furious. Looks like I will have to cancel my credit union account of which I have been a member for over 10 years. Buyer beware: do not use Clickbank for anything but MAYBE single transactions. There is no way to contact Clickbank and have them stop billing me. I would like to know how Clickbank is able to bill me through my credit union as I NEVER signed up through my credit union. I hate Clickbank with a seething passion.

I have bought a product from Clickbank, called as "bring the fresh" which cost me 47$ and I have requested for a refund on the product. After 2 days the vendor was told to refund. But since so many days there is no money back to my bank as I have paid the money by Mastercard. When I open the ticket, it shows the money as refunded but I wait days and days but there is no refund of money and I contact by email but there is no response from them.

What ever you do, don't subscribe to the sign up for a 4 day trial license for $4.xx and get billed not only for the $4 but another $29.95 for a year subscription that you did not authorize! Have filled a "fraudulent" transaction with my bank. Clickbank won't respond to case reopening (10 times as of this note)...2 weeks later still no refund...this is a disgrace and they should be black listed.

I signed up for a trial period to view public records, background info, legal info... that kind of stuff - I was to get 5 days of full access for $4.95. On the 6th day my Paypal was charged $19.95 and upon review of the paypal transaction, a billing agreement had been submitted to Paypal without my knowledge, which established Click Bank to automatically take $20 a month from me for the use of this website. Now here's the real scam.... not only can I not find this website again, but it apparently has vanished from existence all together. So I go into my web history and see that I have 6 links to those pages from the one day I was on it... I methodically go and try to revisit each one of the saved links I have and each one of them came back with an internal server warning or some such thing... bottom line is that once they got access to my money account they erased all possible trace back links and that means that I also would be paying for a service that I cannot access or find.

To add insult to injury, when I went to Clickbank’s site and tried to pull up my order, it repeatedly returned the notice that my transaction could not be located... now they have taken $25 so far with another payment due to debit in 2 more days... furiously, I went onto Paypal to see about filing a resolution claim and that's when I discovered an option to stop payments and set the auto billing/payment for Clickbank to Inactive. So I have done that and have my fingers crossed that that will be enough to prevent any more access to my account.

I don't know if ClickBank is specifically responsible for the public record site that I actually purchased the trial period from - since it is my understanding that anybody can use ClickBank, it’s similar to paypal's here or square card - but Clickbank is a 3rd party payment processor for anyone offering web based services that need a way to receive payments. So I don't fully hold Click bank accountable for the scam, but I do feel that their customer service and their lack of option to cancel auto billing, and then the refusal to find my order when I show it right there in my Paypal activity - is scandalous business practice.

As for the public records site... they must have invested tremendous amounts of computer programming to alter that many links so that I virtually have no way to return to a single page on that site... but if they can do all that to that many links, how many other people are they doing it to and how can they possibly keep prey coming in, while blocking all the victims out? It boggles my mind! I mean I can't even find them through a google search yet I had no problem arriving at that site the first day I googled a subject and I spent most of the day navigating around and that's what had me agreeing to a trial period because it seemed very promising, and now it’s as if it never existed... and what can they do that would result in those links sending back an internal server warning?

Not one of those typical messages that say webpage has expired, or moved or no longer is active... no, these bring back what look like more dire warnings, internal server? What the heck? If anyone ever gets anywhere their allegations or discovers any more information, I'd love to hear about it...

I have tried contacting clickbank or smartfixer or keyneticks numerous times to cancel my order and to get a refund of 5.28 which they took out of my paypal account on October 2, 2014. They are going to take out more to order or smartfixer which after I downloaded it on my computer my computer went haywire. I have to recover it because I had page after page come up on my computer. I could not use my computer at all. I want my order canceled and also I want my 5.28 cents back being that I tried to contact them right away the same day as I got it. My order number is ** with clickbank. This is a terrible company and I wish I would have looked at their record before ordering. I believe this is a scam!

I have purchased a trial product on Clickbank supposedly one time payment. After inputting my bank details on their site, they have been charging me for 4 months now. Each month an email comes to me saying that I have ordered some trial products which I didn't. I only ordered once which resulted into nothing. They offer software products that don't work at all. I wanted to cancel but in their website there is no cancellation. I emailed them to cancel my subscription. Still I got 2 more charges on my account. Their latest charge on my account is $41 October 01, 2014. Clickbank is a total scam. I would like to recover what they have taken from my account. Any idea how? Thank you very much.

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