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Where's the TV guy? Dish lets you track him

Uber-like app frees up customers' time, eliminates guesswork

Photo (c) Dish
A good way to annoy consumers is to make them sit around half the day waiting for the cable guy, the refrigerator repairman or the anyone else who may or may not show.

With that in mind, Dish, the satellite TV company, has come up with an Uber-like app that lets you track the whereabouts of the TV guy, so you'll know whether you have time to run over to Starbucks before he gets there.

“We recognize that people want control of their own time and Dish’s My Tech tool helps them get on with their day without waiting on the TV guy,” said Erik Carlson, Dish executive vice president of operations. “A minute-by-minute countdown and interactive map allow the customer to track their Dish technician to determine when to leave work or if they have time to run to the store.”

The app works through mydish.com. Customers receive personalized information about their service appointment including the picture, name and the location of a Dish technician on the way to their home.

My Tech is available on mydish.com to all Dish customers with a scheduled service appointment. Dish will send a link to customers to view everything they need to know about their appointment including:

·         The scheduled appointment time, including an estimated 75-minute window in which the technician will arrive.

·         The name and picture of the technician, which appears an hour before the estimated arrival time.

·         A real-time countdown to their tech’s arrival and an interactive map to track the Dish van as it makes its way to the customer’s home.

My Tech is proprietary software created by Dish that incorporates Google Maps’ location access interface. Customers can access My Tech directly from any Dish appointment reminder.

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