What kind of K-12 education do Millennials want for their kids?

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Diverse learning options are important to the generation, survey finds

Millennials may have gotten a traditional public school education, but they’re not holding their kids to the same standard. According to a new survey, the vast majority of Millennial moms and dads are supportive of alternative approaches to education.

Rather than following the well-worn path, 77% of Millennial parents believe it’s a good idea to create a path to graduation that suits their child’s unique needs.

Their view of K-12 public school education involves the inclusion of online courses and blended learning. Additionally, almost all Millennials (92%) believe online learning options should be offered tuition-free.

In cobbling together a more personalized education, Millennial parents hope to see their kids advance in a way that sets the stage for success in adulthood.

Benefits of online learning

“We live in a technologically advanced world and our kids need to be savvy with computers, and everything my daughter does through her schooling can carry her into college and beyond,” said Rozanna Eckstein, a millennial parent of an online school student. “Everything is in your hand now, so the more advanced she can get, the more advanced she’ll be for her future and, ultimately, prepared for a successful path into adulthood. I believe online school gives her that. Everything is structured to what I feel is the future, and the future is technology.”

For the generation that came of age with the internet, it’s clear to see that online courses are viewed in a favorable light. The Connections Education survey finds that a majority of Millennial parents (51%) think high school students should actually be required to take an online course.

‘Not every child learns the same’

This positive attitude surrounding online learning helps bathe the world of personalized education in a more positive light, as well. Eight in ten Millennial parents believe online schools have the potential to personalize education.

Taking a DIY approach to education by choosing from a menu of diverse school options may help members of the generation cater to their children's individual learning styles, which may ultimately help kids excel. 

“Not every child learns the same. That’s the great thing about online school, and I think people are starting to realize that,” said Michael Tobeck, a Millennial parent.

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