Walmart is adding drone delivery option to its mobile app

Walmart has announced several technological advancements, including drone delivery in its mobile app - ConsumerAffairs

The company is also looking at ways to incorporate AI into consumers’ shopping experience

Retailers like Amazon, DoorDash, and Walmart have been making waves when it comes to drone delivery

Now, Walmart is taking the next steps with the technology, announcing that drone delivery will be featured as an option for consumers in its mobile app. This month, customers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area will start seeing “drone delivery” as an option when shopping in the Walmart app. 

“Creating a more seamless shopping experience in the Walmart app is the next evolution of Walmart’s investment in drone delivery technology, further reaffirming its unwavering commitment to finding innovative experiences and delivery solutions for customers, helping them live better,” the company said in a statement.

An app update

The update to Walmart’s mobile app will start in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, where the company expanded its drone offerings to 75% of the region earlier this year. 

According to Walmart, shoppers in the area will start getting alerted in the coming weeks about the availability of drone delivery via the Walmart app. These notifications will be based on the addresses consumers have saved on their Walmart accounts, so having the most up-to-date information there will ensure you receive the update. 

The availability of the drone delivery services through the Walmart app will start happening in stages across the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Shoppers are encouraged to check back to the app regularly to see if their area has started incorporating the service. 

More tech updates

In addition to incorporating drone delivery into its app, Walmart is also looking at other ways to up its technology game for shoppers. The retailer is starting to test the beta version of an artificial intelligence-powered shopping assistant that will help make the shopping process easier. 

Whether you’re looking for a specific gift idea, need suggestions on snacks for a birthday party, or can’t decide between two brands, the shopping assistant will be able to answer direct questions and guide shoppers through the decision-making process. 

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