Peloton will now sell products and apparel in U.S. Amazon stores

Photo (c) Sundry Photography - Getty Images

The company is expanding beyond its own website

For consumers who have had their eye on a new Peloton, there are now even more options to purchase one. The stationary bike company announced that its products – including bikes, accessories, and apparel – will now be available in U.S. Amazon stores. 

“Expanding our distribution channels through Amazon is a natural extension of our business and an organic way to increase access to our brand,” said Kevin Cornils, Peloton’s Chief Commercial Officer. “We want to meet consumers where they are, and they are shopping on Amazon. Providing additional opportunities to expose people to Peloton is a clear next step, as we generate excitement for our unparalleled connected fitness experience.” 

What shoppers can expect

With these efforts, more shoppers will have the opportunity to purchase items from Peloton. Previously, consumers were limited exclusively to the Peloton site. Now, existing and potential Peloton members will be able to check out a whole suite of Peloton items as they scroll through Amazon. 

For consumers interested in making the leap with the Peloton bike, the original version will be available on Amazon, as will the Peloton Guide, which includes a movement tracker, a voice-activated remote, and a strength-training device with a built-in camera. When purchasing a bike through Amazon, consumers can either assemble it themselves or choose to have someone set it up after delivery – free of charge. 

In addition to the bikes, Amazon will also carry Peloton apparel and accessories. This includes everything from leggings, hats, and t-shirts, to yoga blocks, dumbbells, and cycling shoes – among several other options. 

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