Kroger is pulling the plug on its Rewards debit card program

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'Enhancing other savings solutions for our customers' is the reason the company gives

Kroger’s Rewards debit card program will soon be no more. According to Kroger’s website, those cardswill no longer be accepted at Kroger stores. The company said it will discontinue the card in order to deliver better customer service.

The program was launched four years ago as a “lower-cost payment option,” offering benefits to customers like fuel points worth half of every dollar spent by shoppers, 2% savings on Our Brands items, plus double the rewards when the card is used through Kroger Pay.  

“We have made the decision to discontinue our Kroger Rewards Debit Card program at the end of July," a Kroger spokesperson told ConsumerAffairs. "This does not impact Kroger’s industry-leading loyalty program. Customers are invited to participate our loyalty program and continue saving on the items that mean the most to them.”

Some plan subscribers took to Twitter to express their dissatisfaction about the change, particularly the short notice they received. 

"Wow, @Kroger! As a loyal Boost and Kroger Debit Card user, you send me a notice that in 30 days the program is ending,” @Exposed_Comic tweeted. "You then state that my support was only worth 1,000 fuel points? I guess, I am not keeping my Boost subscription either. You have a lot of new competition coming."

Kroger responded by saying, "We appreciate your feedback regarding our Kroger Rewards Debit card being discontinued.

"We are always looking to improve our products and shopping experience so we are sunsetting this to focus on enhancing other savings solutions for our customers.

"Please feel free to visit our all payments and services page online to learn more about our products and offers that are right for you. Thank you for shopping with us!"

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