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Missouri Attorney General Takes On Foreclosure Scams

New operation designed to protect vulnerable homeowners

Missouri is cracking down on companies and individuals that run scams preying on homeowners facing foreclosure....


Judge Rules Sprint Termination Fees are Illegal

Telecom must pay millions in class action suit

A California Superior Court judge has issued a preliminary ruling against Sprint Nextel for charging "termination fees" to customers who want to cancel the...


Consumer Advocates Release Top 10 Consumer Gripes

Auto sale misrepresentations top the list

Auto sales misrepresentations in advertising or sales of new and used cars, lemons, faulty repairs, leasing and towing disputes topped a list of the most c...


Baby Trend Child Safety Seat Recall

NHTSA warns seats could fail in a crash

NHTSA has issued a Consumer Advisory to alert owners of Baby Trend child safety seats that the seat base could fail and not protect a child during a collis...


Two Canadians Plead Guilty in Telemarketing Scheme

Scheme raked in nearly $10.5 million from 37,000 Americans

Two Canadians Plead Guilty in Telemarketing Scheme...


House Committee to Consider Landmark Credit Card Legislation

Bill would curb predatory interest rate hikes and lending practices

House Committee to Consider Landmark Credit Card Legislation...


Daily Pill Said To Stop Alzheimer's

British scientists claim treatment destroys "tangles" in brain

Just in time to treat a huge increase in the aging population, British scientists say they have developed a drug that, taken daily in pill form, stops Alzh...


Bush Signs Housing Bailout Into Law

Measure criticized for not helping enough homeowners

The measure gives the U.S. Treasury Department the power to step in to protect the government-backed mortgage sellers, preventing them from going into defa...


Fake Check Scams Rise in Falling Economy

Secret shopper offers can lead to wire fraud and lost money

Fake Check Scams Rise in Falling Economy...


Study: 86 Percent of Americans Could Be Obese by 2030

More exercise recommended for weight loss

Most adults in the U.S. will be overweight or obese by 2030, with related health care spending projected to be as much as $956.9 billion, according to rese...


Pennsylvania to Require Licenses For Internet Payday Lenders

State banking office would credential online lenders

Pennsylvania has a new way of dealing with the growing number of online lenders. Internet payday lenders and other out-of-state companies that make consume...


Delta Passengers Stranded 7 Hours on Plane

Bad weather left plane stuck on tarmac until cancellation of flight

Delta Passengers Stranded 7 Hours on Plane...


Young Adults Seen As Prime Identity Theft Targets

Group offers basic protection tips to keep students' data safe

Young Adults Seen As Prime Identity Theft Targets...


Survey: Banks Change Credit Card Terms "For Any Reason"

Even customers with good habits can be hit with "gotchas"

Survey: Banks Change Credit Card Terms ...


A Done Deal: XM-Sirius Merger Wins Approval

FCC fines companies nearly $20 million as the price of approval

After over a year of wrangling, negotiating, and horse trading, the merger of XM Radio and Sirius was approved late Friday night by a 3-2 vote of the Feder...


2007 Chevrolet Tahoe Ignites and Burns

Other fires reported while government probe underway

A General Motors SUV caught fire and heavily damaged a Wisconsin home even as federal investigators at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (...


30,000 Consumers Weigh in on Abusive Credit Card Practices

Feds 'get the message,' consumer advocates say

30,000 Consumers Weigh in on Abusive Credit Card Practices...


Comcast Tries To Polish Its Image

Cable giant plays nice on many fronts to avoid FCC penalties

It's been a bad few months for Comcast. Ever since the cable giant was caught blocking access to the BitTorrent file-sharing engine, the cable behemoth has...


Cancer Center Workers Warned about Cell Phone Risks

Cell phone use should be limited, University of Pittsburgh cautions

Cancer Center Workers Warned about Cell Phone Risks...


White Bread's Not Whole Grain, Sara Lee Agrees

Company agrees to alter claims for its 'Whole Grain White Bread'

White Bread's Not Whole Grain, Sara Lee Agrees...


Women Fear Retirement More than Men — For Good Reason

Longer-lived and underpaid, women are more likely to outlive their assets

A new study finds women fear retirement more than men — and another study says there's a good reason for that fear....


Colleges, Not Students, Often Benefit From Financial Aid

Financial planner offers tips and commisseration

Colleges, Not Students, Often Benefit From Financial Aid...


New Bankruptcy Law Fails To Protect Consumers, Report Finds

Foreclosures, credit card debt increase in wake of changes to law

The passage of the tough new bankruptcy lawsin 2005 was supposed to benefit consumers in the form of reducing losses to lenders by making it harder to file...


Ford: Parts Now Available to Fix Faulty Cruise Control

Millions of Ford cars and trucks at risk

The Ford Motor Company says the parts needed to fix the fire-prone speed control system in millions of Ford cars and trucks are available at dealerships ar...


Women More Likely To Regret Tattoos

More women than men visit clinics to remove ink

Contrary to popular belief, people with tattoos really do care what others think of them, especially women....


Americans Becoming Even More Obese, CDC Says

Obesity increased 2% from 2005-2007, study finds

Americans Becoming Even More Obese, CDC Says...


Trilegiant Settles Class Action for $25 Million

Company agrees to change its business practices

"We believe this settlement provides substantial benefit to the class members," said Brad Lakin of The Lakin Law Firm, which filed the suit against Trilegi...


Is It Time to Take In Boarders?

Renting your house or taking in boarders beats foreclosure

Is It Time to Take In Boarders?...


Nissan Recalls 2007-2008 Sentras

Brake fluid leak could lead to crash

Nissan is recalling 169,202 of the 2007 and 2008 model year Sentra because the brake master cylinder might leak fluid, according to the National Highway Tr...


Chrysler 300, Dodge Magnum, Charger Recalled

Rear axle could 'disengage'

Chrysler 300, Dodge Magnum, Charger Recalled: Chrysler is recalling 5,509 2008 Chrysler 300, Dodge Magnum and Charger sedans because of a manufacturing def...


Honda Recalls TRX420 Rancher ATVs

Honda Recalls TRX420 Rancher ATVs...


Maryland Warns Of Extended Warranty Scheme

Beware of telemarketers selling extended auto warranties

Consumers around the country are being targeted in a a marketing campaign attempting to sell extended auto warranties, calling them on their cell phones an...


Brown Adds 'Shocking New Details' to Countrywide Allegations

California suit says Countrywide ignored its own underwriting guidelines

California Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr. has disclosed shocking new details about Countrywide Financialsbusiness practices which he said included ig...


Class Action Challenges Credit Solutions

Texas-based company claims to help consumers work out their debt problems

A class action lawsuit charges a Texas company doesn't make good on its promise to help consumers who are having problems with their credit....


Make Money at Home -- or Anywhere Else

Offbeat Web site owner shares the tricks of the trade

One of my favorite occupations as I stroll the streets of the city is to tear down notices that promise make hundreds of $$$ a day working from home! -- th...


Baby Boomers Face Longer Lives with Fewer Assets

Many may outlive their money

People in their 50s and 60s today can look forward to longer lifespans than even their parents' generation. But a new industry-funded study suggests that b...


Feds Study Hyundai Airbag Failures

Several Hyundai models the focus of safety probes

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is investigating airbag failures in the 2001 and 2002 Hyundai Elantra....


IndyMac Federal Stops Foreclosures

FDIC chief wants to keep homeowners in their homes

IndyMac reopened under the control of federal regulators yesterday and there was little doubt who was in charge....


Could a Corolla Be the Answer?

We spend a week putting the little econocar through its paces

Almost exactly two years ago, with gas well under $3, we had the opportunity to test drive a Toyota Prius and a Camry but Toyota turned aside our request f...


Feds Seize Mortgage Lender IndyMac

FDIC takes over as IndyMac becomes the second-largest bank failure in history

Mortgage lender IndyMac was seized by agents of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Friday, becoming the second largest bank failure in U.S. history....


Melted Gold Isn't Always Green

Jewelry may be worth more than its weight in gold

No matter how high the price of gold has soared, it's never a good idea to send off your antique jewelry and coins to strangers. Those who do could not onl...


Verizon Pays $21 Million to Settle Termination Fee Lawsuit

Other carriers watch decision carefully

Verizon Pays $21 Million to Settle Termination Fee Lawsuit...


Comcast Cuts Deal With Vonage on Internet Traffic

Companies to work togther on "network management"

In the wake of revelations that Comcast regularly shaped and blocked customer accessto Internet services, the company announced today that it was partnerin...


Lawyers Rate Allstate as Worst Insurance Company

'Boxing gloves' replace 'good hands,' lawyers charge

Allstate ranks as worst insurer for consumers, according to a comprehensive investigation of thousands of legal documents & financial filings by American A...


Feds Investigate Suspension Failure in Hyundai Santa Fe

Some failures occurred at high speeds

Federal safety investigators are examining consumer complaints of suspension failure, some at high rates of speed, in the 2001 model year Hyundai Santa Fe....


'Red Flags Rules' for Identity Theft on the Way

Feds push for better fraud and theft prevention

'Red Flags Rules' for Identity Theft on the Way...


Obama Calls For Bankruptcy Law Reform

Says process should be improved for military, disaster victims

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama wants to implement reforms to bankruptcy law in order to make the process smoother for military families and...


FDA Wants Black Box Warning on Antibiotics

Tendinitis, other side effects can occur

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has requested a "black box" warning on certain antibiotics, alerting consumers to the increased risk of tendinitis an...


Emergency Regs Needed for Tracking Produce, Food Groups Say

Traceability would speed response to outbreaks

Using the same system that allows a supermarket cashier to identify a piece of produce at the checkout counter could also allow investigators to trace the ...


Solar Panels to Power Prius Air Conditioning

Toyota hopes new option helps it maintain its green image

Toyota is considering solar panels to power air conditioning for the Prius hybrid when the third generation of the car goes on sale next year....


Shortness of Breath Shouldn't Be Ignored

The Healthy Geezer

The likelihood of suffering shortness of breath becomes greater the older we get. As we age, our air passages get smaller, chest muscles weaken, and our lu...


Fighting Foreclosure: One Family's Story

How fighting back enabled a family to keep its home

When Sheila Smith got a look at what she thought was her dream home, she didn't hesitate to take it....


Nebraska Beef Recall Expanded to 5.3 Million Pounds

Feds blast Nebraska Beef's practices

Nebraska Beef Recall Expanded to 5.3 Million Pounds...


Watermelon May Have Viagra Effect

The big juicy fruit may increase libido, researchers find

A cold slice of watermelon has long been a Fourth of July holiday staple. But according to recent studies, the juicy fruit may be better suited to Valentin...


Study: Coffee Helps Replenish Muscles After Exercise

Caffeine stimulates glycogen, rebuilding fuel for the next day's workout

More good news for coffee drinkers. A study released last month found no ill effects from coffee and now Australian researchers say coffee can be just the ...


July 4th Can Be Dangerous for Dogs

Fireworks, cook-outs, snacks can cause problems

As families across the country prepare for the 4th of July celebration, veterinarians warn this is an extremely stressful holiday for pets....


Kroger Expands Ground Beef Recall

Recall extends beyond Michigan, Ohio stores

Kroger Expands Ground Beef Recall...


AT&T To Offer Contract-Free iPhone

The phone will work only on the AT&T network, though

AT&T says the new iPhones, which will normally cost $199 and $299 with a two-year contract, are priced higher without a contract because that's the actual ...

More Rated Best Web Site for New-Vehicle Shopping

Ford, Mazda also rank well in J.D. Power study

With more and more people using the Internet to shop for a new car, Kia.comhas pulled into the lead....


Feds Delay New Roof-Crush Rule til October

Safety agency bows to protests from consumer leaders, safety advocates, Congress

Feds Delay New Roof-Crush Rule til October...


'Natural' On The Label Can Be Misleading

Turns out, it doesn't really mean very much

The government has some very precise rules about what food can be labeled "organic." But there are few real rules to govern the use of "natural," and the r...


Kmart Expands Generic Rx Discounts to 500 Drugs

Schnucks adds 300 drugs to its St. Louis-area discount program

Kmart says it is expanding its generic prescription drug program to include more than 500 common medications from about 300 and cutting prices for some pro...