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Consumers can now buy Bitcoin at Coinstar machines

Select Coinstar machines in the U.S. now have the ability to sell the cryptocurrency

Photo via Twitter
Coinstar has teamed up with Coinme, the first state-licensed “Bitcoin ATM company,” to equip Coinstar kiosks across the country with the ability to let consumers easily purchase Bitcoin.

In an announcement, the company said there are “thousands in the U.S. market that can be enabled to accept Bitcoin transactions,” but currently the service is only available at “select Coinstar locations.”

“Bitcoin is now accessible at your local grocery store via Coinstar kiosks, and this offering will make it even easier for consumers to participate in this dynamic new economy,” said Neil Bergquist, Coinme Cofounder and CEO.

Coinstar CEO Jim Gaherity said the company’s collaboration with Coinme “makes it possible for consumers to easily purchase Bitcoin with cash.”  

How to purchase Bitcoin

The updated machines, which utilize Coinme’s “innovative delivery mechanism,” can be tracked down using the Coinstar Bitcoin locator tool.

“If Bitcoin is unavailable in your area, keep checking as the service is being added to more Coinstar kiosks every week,” Coinstar noted on its website.

Once at one of the upgraded Coinstar kiosks, consumers can purchase the digital currency by taking the following steps:

  • Touch “Buy Bitcoin” on the Coinstar machine, review and accept the transaction terms, and enter your phone number.

  • Insert U.S. paper money into the cash acceptor (there is a limit of $2,500).

  • Receive a voucher with a Bitcoin redemption code.

  • Visit www.coinme.com/redeem to create a Coinme account or sign in to your existing account to claim your Bitcoin.

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