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I have been with AOL for over 20+ yrs. I had a free account with them but I noticed after looking at my bank statements that I was being charged each month. I contacted them and they stated they did not show I was being charged. Gave them bank info. Asked for my money back for my Free Account and was told they would escalate it but what I got was terminated without notice and all my emails are gone. They say there is no way to get them back or open my account back up that I am out of luck and no one on the weekend can help me or deal with my complaint. But they still took my money for AOL this month but now I don't have AOL. All of this because I made a complaint. And years of emails gone legal emails there, and family that has passed it’s all gone they say. I really need some help here!

I have been a member of AOL for 15 or 20 years. Without a warning, AOL deactivated my account so when I wrote & asked as to why, they reinstated my account, but I still couldn't sign in. I called support & the tech said someone in Russia hacked my account. That was odd. Anyway, tech then asked permission to check my PC system, followed by stating they couldn't repair but they had another tech who could fix it, but at a cost of $300. I said, "No thanks" and signed off. Immediately after signing off, I had no internet connection. Obviously, AOL screw up my computer. Now I have no network adapter. They are scammers & there should be a class action lawsuit against them, as I'm sure I am not alone.

It is a political season with political ads - I get it! But 1/3 of a page of Hillary's face every day now till November bashing other candidates and telling me how to vote is enough! It's intrusive, offensive and invades my privacy. I do not mind the smaller ads surrounding this site but 1/3 of a page of Hillary's face or a rip on Trump and other candidates is going overboard and enough! I repeatedly asked to be removed from this and their explanation was that there was a glitch!! ENOUGH!!! AOL needs to learn a little restraint and if it's all about the money - then maybe that's a hypocrisy of the very thing they're screaming about!!!

AOL has been billing me for their AOL email service after they switched to FREE email service. I had been using their service for over 14 years. When we no longer need them as a Service Provider, they gave a reduced rate to continue with just the email account. A reputable company would have contacted the subscriber to let them know that the service they were paying for is now free. Obviously AOL is NOT a reputable company. Today I talked with one of their 'service reps' and switched over to the free email. They said that I chose the plan that I had. I explained to the lady that this was what AOL required at the time to continue with email only. She again said that that was the plan I had chosen.

After explaining again, I asked for a refund for the past payments since they changed to the free service. She said they do not give refunds. To top it off, she says that since the billing cycle just ended that I would owe another month's fee of $17.95. What a bunch of **!! The only reason this is one star is because that is the minimum. There should be a negative or 'Zero' to choose from.

Do not create an email account with them. Their customer service sucks. Make a Gmail account. You'll save yourself the grief. This company is so outdated. Nothing but unhelpful scammers.

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I have been with AOL since 2004. I enjoyed its info and have purchased many products through its connected websites. But now I learned that Internet Explorer and AOL wants to charge me $34.00 START-UP FEE AND $10.00 A MONTH THEREAFTER!!! This is unacceptable and I will not fall a victim of this extortion! Goodbye AOL.

The worst! Spam doesn't stay spam. Small window to see email and read. Mostly flashing advertisements. Spent the long minutes trying to opt out of this gaudy, angry ad machine, and it came back saying: "no real reason". Maybe technical. But out of the over 100 companies that I will NEVER purchase from due to the horrible ad push... only 21 respected my wishes to stop having to try to read email through god awful ads. Guess what? Most of the purchases I've made in my over 60 years of life have been MY Choice. Not some eye straining, crazy, dancing ad machine flashing in my face!

My free AOL account was recently cancelled out of nowhere and for no reason. When I tried to sign in, they asked me to call a phone number to reactivate which I did. To make a long story short, my free account was canceled because AOL had this Indian scammer try to sell me junk I did not need and the jerk asked me for my secret code, which I regret giving him since this scam caught me by surprise. I legitimately thought there was a problem. This Indian scammer told me that there had been some shady activity in my AOL account and that is why it was cancelled, then that jerk proceeded to try to sell me protection subscriptions of different kinds. So when I activated my account, I found out that there was a request to cancel account!! So in conclusion, my free AOL was cancelled by AOL just so they can sell me bogus services!! What will these garbage companies think of next??

AOL sends their fraud team home at 7 pm Central Standard Time and are unavailable evenings and weekends. I am locked out of my account and it is Friday night. Someone is hacking into my account. I have been loyal to AOL for 20 years, even when they increased the monthly fee from $9 to $22. I thought it was too much trouble to change to a free account but after this I will take the time and trouble to stop this nonsense. Fraud occurs 24/7 but a company that is not available 24/7 to address fraud does not deserve anyone's business. They have kind people answering the phones evenings and weekends and leave them impotent to assist customers.

I have tried to cancel AOL since 2011. I have no idea when it became free to use, but I continue to be billed $26.99 every month for a service I have not used at all for years. I should not have to change my card number because AOL is unethical. I am 83 years old and did not know AOL was free or that I did not need it. They say it is cancelled, yet I continue to be billed to this day. I know I am not the only person to be robbed by AOL and it is time this stopped once and for all! Obviously past lawsuits have done nothing to stop them.

The unfortunate decline of AOL is very sad, and has become almost unbearable. I remember when AOL was the best, but now there is no technical service, my mail disappears, mail doesn't send and often mail cannot be opened. Important mail that cannot be replaced vanishes in the AOL service. Even in AOL news articles in their WELCOME site the comments in response to the articles are consistently not available to read, and if you write a comment is doesn't even submit nor send.

If you write AOL about myriad problems, you receive a form letter telling you how to get help for yourself, using the AOL Help System, which does not work. AOL should be ashamed for letting what was once the very BEST provider to decline to this extent of unworthiness. I wish I had the money I have paid AOL for over twenty years per month!! And what I am still paying them for this tawdry service is money down the drain. Losing valuable documents, emails and pictures is unacceptable and unprofessional and is due to the failure of AOL to repair their service and make it reliable.

I have had America Online email for three years as a non-paying user. It has always been very reliable and easy to use. However, recently it has become a problem to just open and write mail. The ads that are placed on the side are becoming a nuisance and a hindrance to the overall performance of all functions. I cannot discard mail, open mail or read mail without a problem being caused by the non-stop advertisement function.

I left AOL once because I was having issues with receiving and sending email messages. I switched to Yahoo (not much better) for a few years, until Yahoo had known security issues, among constant issues with identifying spam. I switched back to AOL, which was fine for a while, but now it's extremely slow and I get more spam from AOL than I do from your typical Spammers. AOL keeps sending me ads asking what's wrong with my slow PC, offering their computer junk cleaning service. I finally wrote back that AOL was the only thing slow with my PC and that I don't like their constant ads. I'm probably going to give Google mail a try to see how they operate, as I'm using my Yahoo account a little bit, which is better than it was a couple years ago, but not much better than AOL is now. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one having slow speed issues with AOL.

Within the last year, AOL email has become tremendously slow. I am seriously thinking about ceasing from using AOL email, plus accessing AOL, period. One can began typing an email and the letters do not show up.

I have had account with AOHELL since 2001. I have not switched because no way to move mails to other provider. The few times I have reached a rep, asking for some kind of credit because of service rejected. I do know when I get rid of it, will close credit card account so they cannot charge me.

As soon as you read about 10 emails a blue circle starts spending around in circles. It doesn't happen on certain days. How can you buys sale items if you wanted to? I'm thinking companies should complain that their ads can't be read.

This is about the fourth time you idiots screwed up my account so I could NOT get my e-mail service! Who do you have working for you, a bunch of brain dead idiots? If this happens just one more times I will find another service that knows what they are doing as it sure seems you people don't!

AOL Services are antiquated yet they make it very difficult to cancel. I was paying $30 per month for completely unnecessary service; you cannot cancel directly online and customer service is very difficult to deal with. 20 year veteran AOL user but that means nothing to them.

The last few years I paid over $20 per month for AOL. It has more than doubled since I first started. I wanted to cancel for years on more than one occasion.

I have been a member for years. I am almost 60 and didn't realize I am one of the last on the planet paying for my AOL. I couldn't figure how to contact them since they make that invisible, however when I stopped paying them (I switched account info) I suddenly got addresses and a phone number. I called them in October 2015 to close or to convert to free and to complain about an overdue bill of non-payment.

Then I call in November to hear that the previous person never switched me to free and I would have to pay $47.98 for 2 months. From what I have read on this website they never want to let go of their revenue stream at my expense. I am basically getting the same as everyone else so why do I have to pay $200 a year?! How can I get them and keep them out of my pocket. I thought changing my account would be enough. Perplexed and Frustrated.

I was checking my emails on my phone & noticed it said "no mail" when I in fact had 10,350 emails in my inbox. I called AOL & they said I am not a paying customer & I could get all my emails restored if I start paying a monthly fee for technical service! Apparently they are deleting customers' emails so you sign up for their tech device plan because that is the only way you can have your missing emails that were mysteriously deleted restored!

I have an email account with America Online since last 15 years. Their monthly bill are outrageously high. $27.95 per month. Many service provider have free email accounts for their clients. In today's competitive market paying $27.95 for email account is outrageously high.

Originally in 1999 or so I signed up with AOL as my Internet provider. Along with my seven screen names (which is a free service) and subscribed to pay an additional $10 (roughly) per month for dial backup service. That subscription price has since increased to about $24.99 monthly. Dial backup is no longer necessary as a service and have called AOL on at least 2 occasions to cancel this subscription. They continue to bill me and call me constant. My request to cancel has gone ignored. All I am interested in keeping are my seven screen names.

Several years ago my father passed away. AOL continued to bill a credit card for years even though there was no AOL activity. When I asked AOL to provide some time of credit they absolutely refused. AOL is likely ripping off thousands of other families in similar situations!

While viewing my aol mail and managing it, there are commercials that pop on the right side of the screen and I have asked for help from aol in an email earlier but these commercials constantly scroll (change) and aol mail is not manageable basically will not function. How do I get them to stop scrolling so many commercials that it slows my e mail down this badly?

After 21 years of having the same email, I was locked out of my account in the middle of writing an email. AOL has been taken over by hackers and is locking accounts and not letting you back in unless you pay. I sincerely hope nobody falls for this scam. I would love to know who really owns the telephone number they give you to call when they lock your account.

Call cancellation for some plan. Monica will have to learn to talk to a customer and pay attention. She talk over you and don't listen to what customer has to say. I was very dissatisfied with her. It's not a way to get customer happy.

I have been experiencing problems with AOL's crappy email service for almost 2 weeks now and I am not the only one suffering from this. Many other customers on various website down sites have been reporting problems with AOL email. What is troubling is that as usual, AOL offers ZERO assistance unless you're a paying customer (which I am not) and what little assistance you're able to get through their FAQ pages is unreliable or just as nonexistent. Checking with their Twitter and Facebook pages also show that they have made NO acknowledgment of customer complaints or what they are going to do to fix the problem. This only goes to prove that AOL cares only about one thing, your money! If I didn't have so many accounts associated with the AOL address (which is years worth to transfer), I'd drop them in a heartbeat.

Tried to get on my old AOL IM and was told that free accounts were no longer available. Rep told me I could sign up for the monthly advantage program to try to get the screen name back. (LIES! It didn't work.) After the free trial ended I started getting monthly charges of 9.99. After cancelling my account (COMPLETELY) after the 1st month all together, I'm still being charged 3 months later. Called to figure out why I'm still being charged and the Nice guy on the phone told me I had to write a letter to the company with a copy of my bill. Write a letter??? Lol... In short AOL is horrible.

So I create an email account on AOL to use for college and some other things in December of 2011. Then 3 years later in December 2014 when I went to log in I got an error message saying my password was incorrect. So I went to the reset password page that requires you to type what you see in the picture. But when I tried to proceed to the next page the next button did nothing. I tried to reset my password multiple times over the course of around 10 months with the same result. Then by some chance on 8/20/15 when I tried again it worked and let me reset my password. But when I finally logged in it opened up like it was a brand new email account. The only thing that was not missing was my account information. But all my old inbox or sorted emails, contacts, and even my saved/archived emails were gone.

Tech support outsourced to individual are not knowledgeable for the issues. They are simply wasting consumer time, end up, hang up on you, or transfer call to level 2 support, which never get and phone gets disconnected. After having four calls, technical matter is not resolved. My last call with agent J. ** was intentionally disconnected when she found that she could not resolve the issue. I am over 20 years with AOL and I think this time for me say goodbye to AOL.

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This is the company with the most Internet experience, going all the way back to the 1980s -- 10 years before the World Wide Web was created. Over the years, AOL has been at the center of many of the most important developments in Internet technology. It merged with Time Warner in 2000, then split off again in 2009. In 2015, Verizon purchased the company.

  • Still going strong: Positive associations and nostalgia for the AOL brand over the decades tend to keep customer engagement high.
  • Experts in security: Security is among its strongest suits, making this a preferred choice for businesses. Through their partnership with McAffee they can provide a wide range of defenses, including AOL Tech Fortress to catch non-traditional viruses and SuperAntiSpyware to weed out malware.
  • Online backups: Agreements with cloud services and Microsoft give customers the benefit of keeping backups of important documents and pictures online.
  • Best for Businesses who are concerned about online security and storing their documents in the cloud.

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