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Last updated: Dec. 30, 2017

64 Zurich North America Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 23, 2015

They are expert in buying the time for the court dates by presenting fallacies and not facts and they are getting successful each and every time. But my health could not buy time. In the absence of prescribed services and therapies and lack of hygienic atmosphere I developed severe diabetes with BS of 500+ and A1C level to 11, urological, bladder issues. One example of it, I get shower once in 6 days. Another example severe burning every time I go to bathroom. Continuous typing will give pain afterward... So in short Insurance Company, on my request, was asked by the honorable judge to handover surveillance records. They have the audacity to deny this. Is it not contempt of court?

My attorney denied to take next step e.g., subpoena but rather than I got subpoena for the matter available as public record. I understand this could be confusing, but not asking in first year but asking in the seventh year does not raise a red flag? By not acting as per specialized doctors records and submitting at right time but acting upon their own medical knowledge / Is not illegal or unethical. I hired him, paying him to represent me as a legal counsel not as a medical expert.

I do not have any problem in providing each and every information related to this case to whole world. My disability discourages me to write as this gives severe pain after activity. I know as he did in past many times, my attorney will scream at me but I am using my right of Freedom of Expression, so I don't want to be bullied directly or indirectly again. One thing more, he bragged that he and defense attorney discuss my case and I was getting good settlement amount as they are golf buddies??? Conflict of interest??? We do have many pic but will avoid putting on net right now. I neither want to defame nor writing this with ill intention for anyone but yes I do want fair justice as I do not want to be vegetable.

(This was typed up by her daughter, as Sunita is unable to type continuously without pain due to her disability.)

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Original review: Feb. 17, 2015

Bought a power train coverage. Mechanic found crack on cylinder head. Then burned piston. Zurich denied claim.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 9, 2015

Denying my pain medications without a medical license -- Stopping pain medication that I have been taking since 2006 is giving me severe withdrawals that could end in death. I had to pay for a partial amount of my meds. I can't afford to pay for them anymore, the only income I have coming in is my disability check that doesn't even pay my bills that come in. It's either pay my mortgage and food or my medications. I have a attorney, but he has done nothing for me. I am in desperate need of an aggressive attorney. I need help fast please, before I do something that will hurt my family and myself, I should not be going through this. I need help please before it's too late!!!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 26, 2014

I was injured at John Chirsterson trucking out of Oklahoma, the company made us buy Zurich accident policy! I ripped my rotor cuff up dropping a trailer on March 15, 2013. They kept giving me doctor offices that wouldn't see me. After many tries, one take me. Dr. Says I need a MRI it was two weeks before they approved that. My surgery wasn't approved till May 20, 2013, had surgery and Drs. say I'll never drive again. All this time they're not paying me my disability then I get a check in a few months here and there! I was lied to cheated, abused, harassed broke, in sever pain. Finally they barraged so bad I had a mental break down and was in the hospital for a week in May 2014. Now they're paying every month but I still have to go to Dr. Every month!

When Zurich insurance calls you after you get hurt, they call and act like your friend, they ask you a bunch of question to find your weakness. Mine was being single, in pain and not a soul in the world to help me and a Evil insurance company! So I became a victim of Zurich Insurance! I feel that Zurich insurance is try's to get you so desperate that you'll have a total breakdown or kill yourself! I don't know how these people can do a job where they care so little about people! I told them I hope they get hurt and have Zurich insurance, that sure pissed them off! Zurich Ins SUCKS!!!

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 12, 2014

July 28, 2011 I was injured at work. Zurich N.A. is the carrier that my employer has to screw over its employees. The injury is to my left knee and leg and low back. It was caused by a faulty board used to cross an open trench. This resulted in my falling straight down into trench and forward 90 just above my knee cap. According to a fellow worker there was an audible sound of cracking and in his words the sight of my leg bending that far in the opposite direction was sickening for him to to see. I went to the ER and after about an hour I was told I needed surgery and that I could be admitted and have the knee scoped and repaired as soon as they got the approval to proceed. Being from Houston I opted to return home and have a second opinion but also to be home where I could recoup at home. I opted to be a company man and allow Zurich's so called nurse case mgr. recommend a Dr. and arrange the appt.

Well after he saw the knee he diagnosed the same thing and to my surprise the Zurich ghoul in the room with me asked if the Dr. would try PT first. His expression was one of (hey who's the Dr. here). Well I returned 3x's to his office for PT but it was never approved (a tactic that had become a never ending ploy). The adjuster actually called and told me my benefits were being stopped since I was not complying to Dr. orders (another scumbag tactic used by these evil people). It was at this point I went to the workers comp commission to protect myself. I was told I could get my own Dr. which I did immediately. This Dr. too said surgery was needed and sent forth the request for approval. Well it is Zurich's practice to lose, misplace, or just ignore this paperwork. And after 3 months Zurich requested I see a Designated Dr. who by law in TX carries presumptive weight. In other words he is the law.

Well this guy (Nestor **) said I was indeed in need of surgery but that until it was approved I could work??? A decision that later resulted in his being fined and disciplined for having signed off on this document. This action for which I strongly believe was done for under the table cash resulted in my benefits being stopped. This in turn resulted in me losing everything I owned. Because now Zurich held all the cards and again lost, misplaced, and/or just ignored the request for treatment from my Dr. This went on until I contacted my congressman who got their attention. So on 2/12/12 I got the 1st surgery done. Having walked on this leg for over 6 months resulted in more damage to the cartilage and ligaments. Upon awakening from surgery I was informed that I would now need another surgery because Zurich had stalled this long, not to mention I am still not receiving a paycheck and became homeless (thanks Zurich). Finally in August of 2012 Zurich was forced to render back pay up to date.

In the meantime again I am forced walk around on an unrepaired leg causing what, MORE DAMAGE! Resulting ultimately in a 2nd surgery that didn't occur until 2/13/2013. Again the Dr told me that my knee was still not stable and I will now need a whole knee replacement. Thanks Zurich for ruining a man's life. I have now applied for SSID and medicare (at 49 yrs old). This insurance company deserves to collapse. I love golf and Zurich holds a tournament in New Orleans each year. If you have read this entire story I would ask you to please watch said tourney AND PLEASE PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF WHAT COMPANIES HAVE COMMERCIALS DURING THE TV BROADCAST AND DON'T BUY THEIR PRODUCTS. Please send a message to the advertisers that if you want to support evil insurance companies you will not buy their products. It's the only way to hurt such deep pockets.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 30, 2014

My partner purchased an extended warranty for his Jeep. The transmission had problems only after 4 months. Bad enough that it had to be towed to the local dealer. The local dealer said they couldn't look at the vehicle until 5 days later. He contacted Zurich. They were rude, inconsiderate on the phone and told him that they couldn't give him a rental vehicle until his vehicle was diagnosed. So, he has been without a vehicle for 5 days so far and won't know the diagnosis for 2 more days (if the dealership can "fit it in"). I asked him what his contract said with Zurich.

He said there wasn't a contract. Just a form that he signed and some glossy marketing material that doesn't say ANYTHING about no rental until a diagnosis. My recommendation to him was to contact our state's attorney general's office and file a complaint against Zurich. My recommendation to a potential client of Zurich is DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. From everything I've read on here, they are the biggest rip off that money can buy. If you have purchased insurance with them and are not satisfied, I would certainly recommend filing a complaint with your attorney general's office. Companies like this need to be stopped from taking advantage of the consumer.

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profile pic of the author
Original review: Oct. 14, 2014

I have a leak in the exhaust manifold and they called the adjuster. He came out and said they need to take pictures of the damages and then they will let me know if they will cover it. If it isn't covered I'm out the cost of the repair which is about $3,000. I have tried calling and get no real answers from their customer service department. It isn't worth the cost of the extended warranty. Don't buy it.

Original review: Aug. 11, 2014

I took my 2005 Lexus ES330 to the dealer for my O2 sensor. I was told my warranty did not cover that. It only covered moving parts. I was told at the dealer my car has a bumper to bumper warranty. If there are any lawsuit against Zurich. I want to add my name.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 25, 2014

Zurich is very crooked and in the business of selling vehicle warranties that they refuse to honor legitimate claims on. I bought a 2011 Chevy Impala, and paid over $2,200.00 for a 100,000-mile warranty. Recently, the AC blower stopped blowing. The problem was caused by a connector on a wiring harness with a burnt pin. It also damaged a speed control module (they call it a "resistor", but it really isn't - it is a solid state circuit). The "resistor" is not covered by warranty, but the contract plainly states that wiring harnesses are covered. The person in claims refused to cover it, saying the "resistor" caused the problem. I am an electronic technician myself, and believe me, I KNOW the problem was caused by the connector which was part of the wiring harness. It cost me almost $400.00 for repairs at the dealer. Their warranty is a SCAM!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 30, 2014

The worst customer service ever. The worst claim agents, ever. The supervisors to the claim agents, not concerned with their customer service. The manager in charge of the claim agent I was assigned said I was "Harassing" her... which is a strange word to use when attempting to deal with customers.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 15, 2014

My husband noticed this winter that our white CRV coloring on part of the bumpers was more yellow than the rest of the car. He contacted Zurich this morning to file a complaint and was asked when he noticed and told her within the last 6 months. Only response was "Sorry, you need to report within 30 days of finding. We can't help you." That is a very expensive service I have put on this vehicle and a 2013 Honda Accord. Have complained to dealership and they are looking in to it, but I guarantee you, I will NEVER purchase your product again - that is poor customer service and you are looking for a reason to not warrant your product!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 6, 2014

My mom got hurt at her job in 2010. We got a lawyer so he can help us... Well, like a year ago, Zurich tried to close the case giving my mom 5000 dollars. She has lower back injury. I been trying to talk to her adjuster. Her name is Vicky and the 2 times I talk to her, she was rude and so mean. Since a month ago I been calling them and seems like I will keep trying because nobody is able to help me.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 18, 2014

I purchased a bumper to bumper, full coverage vehicle extended warranty from my local Ford dealership. Upon attempting to get coverage for my vehicle, I was denied coverage and my contract has been cancelled due to the fact that my adjuster has classified my pickup truck to be an Ambulance. I am a Volunteer EMT with a local town service, they have stated that based on their criteria "ANY" vehicle that I drive is considered to be an emergency vehicle, because I may have to use the vehicle to go to my job. I am out 2500 bucks due to this gross negligence and broken system at Zurich. The company is a fraud, I have had several repairs on my vehicles done in the past and none have ever voided a contract or been denied coverage.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 11, 2014

In March 2013, I was sent to the company Dr. due to severe pain in the right elbow. Quick diagnosis, without films (X-rays, MRI, etc.) by a Nurse Practitioner was "tennis elbow" caused by repetitious activity/job. She gave me NSAIDs and a steroid, "light duty" plus physical therapy. This lasted until May. I started seeing an Orthopedic Surgeon. He ordered X-rays only. His answer the first time was a Cortisone shot. The next visit in June. My elbow still hurt. BAD! He then told me he would like to try a PRP injection. Whatever, I didn't care.

Here I've sat with this injury, I've been in PAIN and I can't get any relief but he still has to get an okay from Zurich. In latter June or early July, I believe I receive this shot. And very painful. I go back in 4 weeks, then 6. He says I should have another injection. In August 2013 I see him and he says I should probably have 2 more injections. They have to get approval from Zurich. In October 2013 I was in so much pain in BOTH arms the only relief I could get was by lying down with my arms stretched out. I called the Ortho and asked about the status of my next injection... Someone had forgotten to do their job either on the Dr's end or Zurich's end. No matter what I was in pain and suffering.

Zurich then sent me to a Dr. out of town. I had been fighting to get a NCV and apparently this Dr. on their side was going to see if I actually needed it. After the exam he did in fact believe I needed one. REALLY!?! However, it wasn't until after he had the NCV done that I realized he wasn't worried about my elbows. He was only looking for one thing and that was Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The NCV was only conducted UP TO my elbows not my shoulders. He told me I had CTS in my LEFT hand and I needed surgery. Okay.... my elbow? I said to him, "Don't you think the pain in the elbows would be Cubital Tunnel?" He kind of looked at me in fright and mumbled about the ulnar nerve.

Needless to say I had the surgery and I am in pain from IT AND MY ELBOWS! The CTS should have been the last thing he looked at since my chief complaint has been my elbows for a year. Zurich, just because you are a w/c insurance company doesn't mean you can do this to people. Because of this situation getting worse, and it's because of you not being on top of the situation, I've lost my drive, I'm depressed, and I doubt I'll have the use of my left hand the way I should.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 29, 2014

Since my injury August 1, 2012 (neck injury), I have been subjected to unreasonable and very unprofessional business practices. I was not paid until November 2012 and have been just about every month since been made to wait for payment for one ridiculous reason or another. My physician didn't put down icd9 code, He dated the bottom of disability statement but not the top, Your doctor didn't leave his phone number, etc., etc. They sent me to a CS claims doctor 12/13 for his evaluation which was held in a storage room of a doctor's office which consisted of about seven questions and a request to lift my arms above my head... That was it! They are now trying to deny my claim based on his evaluation. I am scheduled to have surgery 2/19/14 for the same injury. Although they have all of my medical records and multiple NYU surgeons stating I am injured they still need a statement from my doctors to agree or disagree with their doctor, which means I have to starve until. Because of Zurich I have been evicted, lost my cellphone account and more importantly have been unable to help support my children.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 28, 2013

Truckers Occ. Acc. Insurance NO SSI NO long Term Coverage. Been disabled since May 2012, took 8 months to prove to Zurich my multiple torn tendons and hip injury was not an infectious disease. Took 8 months to get Zurich to approve an MRI to diagnose and get treatment. I have 4 months left and I am pretty sure the doctor said I will be disabled. Very bad injury. Now Zurich says if I am not eligible for Social Security disability their insurance does not cover me. Zurich also forbids the claimant to work for two years denying any possibility of even being qualified for SS disability if your score is low. But Zurich also states if you have OTHER types of insurance their policy will not cover. I bought this to protect me and I was paying for a policy that they knew would not cover me when issued. IS THIS FRAUD. I also have never received a legal binding explanation of the contract. The one they do provide is not legal and it states it in the contract?

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 16, 2013

I will mention this other surgery my attorney knew was denied by ZURICH and when I told him that I was contacted by the surgeon's office a week ago saying it was authorized by the IC and the adjuster sent the purchase order <--- that's what it feels like being tossed around between doctors and second opinions so I scheduled it for next week.. Let me add they take x-rays every 6 weeks and sometimes another MRI one week later. In my opinion after researching the "WC Bad Faith Element" Zurich has disregarded for the law. My attorney should be one of the first to know any mention of my case and what's going on and not going on.

I do know that they didn't like when he was putting the heat on them a while back. They didn't do anything except drag every request right till a few days day before the hearing that they were sure would force them to authorize the tests or services, but they did what they set out to do, dragging it on another 4 to 6 months. Every time one delay ended another began. I have had 3 surgeries in 5 months. After Zurich used their best tactics to delay one doctor request after another finally 5 years later they authorize surgery but one month after they send ME a notice stating "we are liable for your injury claim but the statute of limitations has passed so we regret to inform you we can not pay you disability benefits."

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 6, 2013

I was injured at work.on 10.01.2013 in Ohio. My claim adjuster, Jenifer ** in NJ did not answer the phone. She refuse to pay for emergency room, hospital bill, doctor bill, orthopedic MRI and maybe surgery. She work against her company. Because cost of medical treatment is bigger.

Original review: Oct. 24, 2013

I have Zurich occupational accident insurance. I am a small woman and I pull flatbed. I was injured while hooking up a transformer to the crane and reported what happened as soon as I could get to my phone. I had to have surgery a week after accident and I am having a problem with my claims adjuster. I'm not asking for a fortune here just what it cost for the operation to repair what was torn in my body. Zurich is dragging their feet, I'm not sure why... If you have Zurich insurance please get something else. I trusted that I would be ok if I got hurt and that is and was not the case. I had to go back to work four days after operation because I was not being offered anything. ** if anyone wants to help me.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 12, 2013

First doctor misdiagnosed and gave Advil or whatever. This caused my 6 or so torn tendons NOT to heal. But it took Zurich 8 months to allow MRI while trying to cancel my policy the whole time by lying, improper deadlines, inaccurate documents, and stopped paying disability over two months thinking I would go away. Finally got them to change claim agent and they said I am more damaged because I was refused treatment and finally started paying bills after a year. I had no bad credit until Zurich. Now I will be not going back to work as recommended by my doctor. ANYONE ever collect DISABILITY from Zurich? Can you force lump sum? I can go back to work in less strenuous capacity?

Original review: July 11, 2013

I need help to show the lawyer/landlord (Zurich) representative (NGFK) have no cause... The landlord's representatives' unreasonable attempts to impede the work being performed under a valid permit illustrate the landlord's continued obstruction of my client's efforts to complete the build-out. The landlord's claim that the building systems had to be shut off was explicitly refuted by the fire department and is a clear example of intent to interference in order to avoid payment of the allowance.

I am very confident that if this matter ends up in litigation, the court will not only order the landlord to disburse the allowance in accordance with my June 26 letter, but will also award my client its attorney fees. At the end of the day, this is a case of a tenant going out of pocket to make improvements to the landlord's property as contemplated by the lease, based on plans that were approved. There is no monetary default of the lease, there is no material non-monetary default of the lease, and your client has no damages. I do not see a Fairfax County Judge sticking my client with the bill because the landlord did not approve of the way the tenant went about constructing the improvements. Accordingly, your client may want to reconsider its improper withholding of the allowance.

If your client wants to engage in a constructive resolution of this matter, I am prepared to work with you to get you what you need to authorize the disbursement. You will have to be more specific than final working drawings because, as I understand it, the scope of the work has not veered from the initial approved drawings except for minor cosmetic changes. If, on the other hand, you are telling me that my client will not receive the allowance regardless of what we do going forward, then my client will have no choice but to file.

Unlawful detainer summons by landlord representative - after being served with a notice to quit (vacate, leave) for non-payment of rent or other breach of lease, or being a "squatter" on the property. Such possession entitles the owner to file a lawsuit for "unlawful detainer," asking for possession by court order, unpaid rent and damages. It's a legal action to evict a tenant or other occupier of real property in possession, without a legal right, to declare a breach of lease, and/or a judgment for unpaid rent and other damages.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 16, 2013

I was injured on 11/28/11. If anyone worked for Paschall and paid Occupational Accident Insurance to Zurich, you probably have big problems! My email address is **. Please contact me. Maybe we can help each other. I just requested from Zurich the wage statements for the 12 weeks they used to calculate my benefits. They sent me 9 weeks! Also, I sat down and did the math. I found 2 weeks where they deducted hundreds of dollars for fuel surcharge that were mistakes. I went back to work in May 2012 to December 2012 for a new company, but my back was hurting so badly I had to go back on this crappy disability. On page 14 of the policy, it states that if you return to work for 6 months or more, it is considered a new claim.

Last week I brought this to their attention in writing because that would entitle me to 36 more therapy visits and the 104 weeks would have to start over from December. Miss Beth ** (case manager for Paschall) said she did not believe I would be eligible. When I asked why, she said their legal department was reviewing it. I didn't even know about the 6 month clause until I had an attorney look over the policy. They classified me as an owner/operator, would only entitle you to 33% of 70% minus fuel surcharge. Had they classified me as a contract driver, it would have been 75%.

A friend at Paschall, who started the same week I did (same truck, same contract, same everything), laid the truck on its side and was injured. He is getting the 75%. I don't understand. We both had the same red freightliner from Quality. Same everything! Because I have stirred up trouble by writing and requesting reviews of wages, etc., they have started to write my doctors and imply that I should be back to work by now, and request reports which is ridiculous because I am going on Friday for the 4th spinal block after that surgery. Please email me if you have similar problems.

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Original review: April 1, 2013

My husband was an owner/operator truck driver who was leased to a company. He had to pay Zurich weekly for coverage. He was in a single vehicle accident in August of 2011. Zurich is still paying his doctor bills as of April 2013. We have not received a check since December 2012! He saw an IME, who said he's fine. Never mind the other 2 specialists that he is seeing are still treating him and he is not released to work. Every month a supplemental disability form is submitted. The drs have sent in IME responses, repeatedly, which James ** says aren't responses. He won't even return our calls concerning our claim. We are being very unfairly treated.

If IME report is correct and he's fine (he's not fine. Nerve damage), why are they paying the doctor bills? No one will hire him and shouldn't when the doctors won't release him to work. But they won't pay us. We are literally starving! Zurich does not care! I strongly advise against anyone ever using this company! They are liars, but they keep getting away with what they are doing! Someone help! They seriously need to be accountable! Our daughters, myself nor my husband has done any wrong (except pay them for years). It is time for them to pay now!

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Original review: March 27, 2013

I was injured on the job while a contract truck driver. My company made all contract drivers purchase independent injury insurance from Zurich. However, when you get injured, you get the runaround. I have severe lower and upper back injury. I was going to the ortho doctor they recommended for 1 year, trying to figure out what all my symptoms are - numbness of the feet and toes, and legs giving out on me causing me to fall. After this doctor told them I am totally disabled, they sent me to another independent ortho surgeon and he told me that there is no way I can work again, which means Zurich has to pay me until age 70.

I am 56, so they make every excuse why not to pay me. It is a fight every month. I have lost property because of this. Credit is ruined. It is literally driving me crazy. You do what they say, then they change their minds and say something else. All I want is what is due me. What I was made to pay for. I have proof of their lies. Where do I go from here? I contacted a workman's comp attorney, but not workman's comp independent personal injury policy.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 5, 2013

They have tried every trick to try to cancel my policy. They refuse to cover procedures to determine your injury e.g. MRI. In the meantime, you can die as a result of their spending all their time trying to cancel your policy and refusing to cover treatment. It took almost six months for them to try to cancel my policy, refuse payment and refuse procedures to diagnose my problem. I have walked around on two torn hamstrings for over six months before they discovered they could not cancel my policy and then still continued to refuse a MRI, which was needed to diagnose my injury. I could be crippled and confined to a wheelchair and bed because of this. So far we are now waiting to schedule surgery on both legs, or just the one that is significantly torn. This kind of pain I have endured needlessly has led to many people committing suicide and Zurich just tries to cancel your policy.

For example, it is now Feb. 5th 2013. The last disability check I received was for November of 2012 and payment was so late I received it in January of 2013. No check has been received for December whatsoever. So many lies recorded and accounting and date errors. Cancel your policy ASAP and go with a company that is not associated with Zurich. Zurich runs under many different highly advertised Insurance names. Beware. I now have to file again with the (DOI) Department of Insurance in Indiana and have obtained a lawyer. Get an attorney lined up because it is very hard to find an attorney who will take a case against Zurich. Due to their horrendous crimes in the past, I highly believe these people are run by organized crime. I mean, what insurance company asks without permission when you die for the mortuary to peel off your skin and sell it to medical research, profiting off their client’s death? Google it. They received a mammoth fine - over 150 million, I believe. Please Google it to verify the information; it is easy to find.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 7, 2012

While staying at Extended Stay Hotel in Roanoke Virginia, I had a Rolex and a diamond ring taken from my room on April18th. When the police investigated, they found out from the hotel that a master key was made by a password that the Hotel management cannot provide to police who had the password or key. This key had entered my room at 8:45 am and exited my room at 8:48 am. When they turned it over to their insurance, they refused to pay the claim based on a Virginia law that they said I should have kept it in the hotel safe. Since the front desk is closed from 11 pm to 7 am, that was a little hard to do.

When my attorney finally got their letter, what it didn't include is the rest of the law which states if hotel management or any affiliate is responsible, the previous case law does not apply. I plan on filing a formal complaint when I get to Atlanta next week with the state insurance licensing board. Maybe if other people will do the same, they will be forced to fly right or close up shop. I will take this as far as I can. They also asked my attorney to ask me to stop writing bad reviews on web sites on this hotel. My attorney advised until this is settled to put the pressure on. Believe me, I will.

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Original review: June 16, 2012

Zurich Insurance is no good, low down and rotten as hell! I am not able to say a lot. But Zurich is and will pay for what they have done to my life. And everybody that touched my case will reap what they sow, and if they don't, their children will pay for their doings. And from experience, in the interim of dealing with them in my worker's comp. matter, I lost a child, and did they care? Hell, no. I just want my remaining worker's comp. impairment benefits. If it weren't for God on my side, I probably would have lost my house, but God knows and sees everything. So, when you get or have a claim with them, hire lawyers and put their ** on the 6 and 10 o'clock and worldwide news. Because I just got with somebody that will help me and show the world the dirt and rotten people they are. Watch!

Original review: April 10, 2012

Workers compensation turned in to a sue or trail: I was injured in North Dakota. The company I worked for is in Minnesota. Zurich insurance is for worker's compensation. I have gone to the hearings, Zurich used black hand on my case like sabotaging my case. Then my case was denied. They followed me, harassing me and sabotaging my life. I'm from Texas. I tried to work in Texas and because of the pressure they put on me and my physical condition, it was hard to find a job. I tried to work, but then I was injured again. Zurich got into my Texas case again and I lost my case again. They keep following me everywhere I go and they keep sabotaging my life till this day.

I'm not working and it has already been 3 years. I have medical proof that I need surgery in both hands and they keep bothering me. There isn't anybody who could do something about it. Please, I need to keep on with my life. I have 2 kids that I have to look out for. If anything happens to me, I'm blaming directly Zurich because they want to make more harm than they really did to me and they keep making my life impossible. They have paid me nothing yet and keep bothering me. I really need somebody to take this Zurich insurance off my back. This is a very nasty insurance company.

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Original review: Dec. 12, 2011

I purchased an all inclusive bumper-to-bumper extended warranty for my vehicle. Upon needing it serviced, I am getting the run-around and they are trying to get out from under the warranty on minor repairs. Rather than authorizing repair work at a Chevy dealership, they are insisting on sending out an inspector which could take up to two days before work will begin. They are claiming that since I own my own business and my vehicle is in my company's name, then the warranty may be void. I am the sole driver of my vehicle and was previously told that the name it was registered under would not be an issue. I am without a vehicle for a minimum of 3 days for what should have been a one-day repair. I won't know if they are going to cover repairs for at least a day and a half. I may be out the $1990 I spent on the warranty with no coverage.

Original review: Nov. 1, 2010

Zurich is a crooked insurance company because they usually send injured workers to the same doctors over and over. These blatantly crooked doctors write their false reports in heavy; favor of the insurance company. There is no way to win against them, then, Zurich uses the doctor's falsified reports to deny the injured-worker their rightful work/comp benefit checks.

I have a herniated-disc in my low back, a separation at the T-12 vertebrae in my neck, a urinary problem, all for a work/comp covered injury. They sent me to only one doctor who falsified his report unbelievably. I have a hospital MRI proving my herniated-disc, a catscan proving I hit my head, causing me bad headaches, etc. My attorney is selling me out too. You would not believe how dirty-crooked Florida attorneys are. It's shocking.

I would like to be in touch with other injured-workers being screwed over by Zurich American Insurance Company so we could be in touch and explore a class-action. I'm 63 and forced to live in my Dodge Van, parking it at my church each evening. I'm homeless because of Zurich illegally cutting off my benefit check last year, 2009.

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