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Everyone there at the customer service is very good. I like the fact they take time to answer my questions. They are very nice and helpful. The policy options, I like the fact that they verify your contact stuff. They are very nice and remind you of the policy. They do not let any of your information slip. The overall coverage is very very very good. I do recommend this insurance company. You will not be disappointed because they take their time to talk to you and understand you. The value of the insurance company is okay. I do like it a lot. I cannot complain, but I don't like that sometimes the calls or website glitches.

I have never had to use this service yet since my insurance is for later on in case I need it but I am sure it will be just fine since it is from Met Life. The policy was chosen for me by family members and I was told they had many options to choose from and all very very good and reasonably priced compared to others that they had researched. My policy covers if I have to go in a nursing home or need recovery therapy or home hospice. I am really not sure as I have not needed this sort of thing yet but the website is very informative so I am sure it can answer all questions one might have. I have no idea what this policy cost my family and I really wish they really would not have gotten it for me but they were concerned about my health as I got older (even though I have never been sick in my entire life). It must be reasonable as they work in retail and do not have much to spend and they said it was the best for the value.

I haven’t had to do much with the customer service as it's set up through my place of employment which makes it easy. The policy is easy to understand and covers what I have very well that I feel my family should never have a question when it may be time to use this insurance. I feel like my coverage will take care of me very well and fits my needs being a young adult. I am very satisfied with what I have... As I am cheap and don’t like to spend money on extra insurances it’s not my favorite thing I see come out of my check but I have to remember that I will want/need it later in life and I will be very thankful for it then.

They are very professional and efficient. They do most of the work for you. There was a little bit of paperwork, but not too much. You should consider MetLife. I have peace now. They have a large variety of policy options available to you. You have to choose the one that will ultimately be best for you and your family. I have peace knowing my family won't have to struggle. They will cover all my care should I ever require long-term care. I'm so glad I have this insurance. I won't have to worry, and neither will my family. MetLife provides you with a good value. The price is not nearly as high as you would think it is. It's definitely worth the peace of mind for you and your family.

I love the customer service of MetLife. They have become one of the popularity in the United states. I would recommend these to everybody. They are very honest and have much respect for the customers, well mannered. The policy was very hard to understand but since you read the terms of it it is very understanding. I had to get my lawyer to help to make decision with them and I pick the right company to myself. The coverage was full and honest with the value. I would tell everyone to get the best for the best. It is worth it. You wouldn't waste your money on nothing. My money was well spent on this company. I pay every month to them. I would let everyone know to be with them and to get up hurry and sign up.

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The customer service they provide at MetLife is truly exceptional. They were so kind and helpful and made sure I understood all of my options and helped me select what best fit my needs. At MetLife they had plenty of policy option that customer care went over with me. I let them know what I was looking for and what I could honestly afford and the helped me choose one that best fits my needs at a price I could afford. The coverage offered by MetLife is amazing, given what I knew I could I afford it went in expecting very little but was shown something affordable and more than worth it is definitely walked away feeling secure. The value of what I was offered by MetLife is more than what I pay it truly is affordable their customers care and service also make its value much higher I couldn't expect anything more

There are many different policies to choose from and can be somewhat intimidating for someone who does not understand the differences between all of the plans. The coverage seems to be broad enough to cover any needs that may arise in the future as I get older. The price I pay for the plan I chose seems to be comparable with other similar companies' offerings.

Customer service is great, but like many businesses, it doesn't feel like they genuinely care or wish to go out of the way to keep you as a Customer. Policy options are standard, you won't really find anything fancy or different from any other long-term care facility policy company, or other insurance companies. Overall coverage is standard, but not superb. It covers only the basic essentials and not a whole lot of anything else that I feel is the company going out of their way. I will say that the value for the policies and coverage you get are also fairly standard, you get what you pay for, and Nothing More than that, really.

The customer service wasn't the best, but I was satisfied and happy enough with it. The customer service line seemed busy and when I tried to call they weren't that helpful. There were plenty of policy options to pick from. I'd highly recommend MetLife for this reason. They offer many options such as auto insurance, life insurance, etc. I'm happy with the overall coverage, but not enough to recommend it to friends/family. The coverage left me satisfied and happy with MetLife. MetLife is good for its value, and I'd highly recommend it to anyone looking for a cheap for good insurance company. I get a lot of coverage for such a low price.

There were quite a few options that I had through my employer's website to customize it. So overall because of all the options I'm very pleased and happy with the service and options available to me. My coverage is everything that I would need and ask for. I would be more than fully covered if something happened to myself to keep myself and my family safe and covered. Great value for what we get coverage-wise. The ability to customize it with the many available options and the pricing was sensational. With all those considered it's very valuable.

When my mother finally went into a nursing home with AD, we were relieved to find out she had a long term care policy with MetLife. Living out of state, we needed to transport my mother by ambulance. The bill was $7000.00. Transportation was covered through her policy. However, Medicare paid, $650.00 of that bill. Guess what? If Medicare pays even one penny toward a bill, MetLife pays $0.00. The way my story ended. I submitted all charges incurred while in the nursing home. MetLife total contribution: $0.00. NOTHING. They covered NOTHING. Do not be duped. This is a cash cow for MetLife. They know the numbers, what % go into a home, how long they live there, what Medicare covers. DESPICABLE!

I understand making a profit. But making 100% profit preying off the fear of older adults... just wow! Not to mention I spent hour after hour being transferred and repeating the story over and over and being mailed the wrong forms, etc. They are an ABSOLUTE mess! So I will resort to writing reviews. Please if your parents are considering such a policy, have an attorney read it prior to committing to it. I always thought Snoopy was a good guy, not so MetLife!!!

Trying to obtain benefits, have talked to at 4 different agents after submitting 8 pages in a claim form that was sent. I have a healthcare aide that comes to my home from an agency that qualifies thru Medicare that assists me in helping me personally & doing chores in my home. My disability has interfered with normal daily routines. I was told I do not qualify for benefits "according to page 10 on my policy". The agent had me so upset I broke down. I sleep in a hospital bed, use a CPAP machine, use of a walker is every day.

To qualify I have to be nearly dependent on someone to bath and dress me like an invalid. I pay the agency 23.50 an hour and have a 100 hour requirement for LTC. $222.00 is my monthly payment to MetLife. It's no wonder seniors are just giving up. When I signed up I had no idea there were so many loopholes. I trusted this would take care of my needs when the original agent sold me this policy. I'm not sure I should continue with LTC.

I love online services and they have awesome employees that are always available when I need their help. Love that they have up to date services also. They are always available and provide the best overall experience for me no matter what. I love that they are always conveniently accessed whenever I need them. It is a package designed with my family's best interest in mind and I know that I am making the smartest decision possible by keeping my business with them. I absolutely do not know of a more personalized better service that could be offered to my family. This is truly the perfect choice for us.

Easy to work with, friendly, reliable and honest. Timely and responsive. Take you and your problems seriously. Never had a problem when working with them. Many options that are all very easy to read and understand. If you don't understand it is easy to find a more detailed and simpler explanation. The coverage is very good. I feel like I am getting the most for my money and time spent deciding what I would like. Always someone to explain coverage for you which is nice. What you are paying is very reasonable and worth it for the product you are getting as well as the people who have to work with. Very reasonable and valuable.

I haven't had a lot of experience but I’ve called once and it was great. Very easy to deal with and best experience. Great policy options. I made a personalized package just for me and I feel more secure than ever in my decisions. MetLife has been the best option for me and I love it. Great coverage. I feel set for life and never feel like I have to worry about my family after I pass or after I get deathly ill. Thank you MetLife. MetLife is a great value. I've never felt cheated in any way. The cost is low and efficient for me and my family.

They've been good and are pretty good with the phones. People are pretty nice and they answer questions. Plus I love that snoopy promotes them! The Policy options are fairly varied. I have found a helpful one for myself my family and my future. I am currently happy with it. There were enough for me to find the right one The coverage seems to cover what I need it to and makes me feel fairly safe. I think this was the right choice for us and think we are getting the care that we need and deserve. The price we've paid has been doable and a simple experience. We are getting what we pay for so I am happy with those results. Seems to work for us.

Professional and helpful agents who are well educated and knowledgeable about their job. Both on and off the phone, my experiences have made calling for information a breeze. I currently have no complaints or issues with my policy and all that entails. I am happy with the care I'm receiving. Do not have a bad review at this moment. Coverage is exactly what I needed and wanted. It fits my life needs and was flexible in giving me all of the long range options I desired. Money doesn't grow on trees, that's for sure. In this area, I don't have to worry about my pockets getting lighter. I am very pleased.

I contacted customer service once and they were kind and courteous. They helped me answer my questions and did so in a timely manner. Very helpful. They have a good variety and are comparable to other companies and their policies. They had what I needed and wanted and for onto my life's needs. The coverage is fair and comparable to other companies. It fit my needs and was just right for me. Good value for the money. The coverage is fair and equal to others. It is good customer service. I would recommend to others. The customer service is good.

Whenever I've had the need to make a phone call, I'm treated with a friendly and knowledgeable rep. They are helpful and try their best to be quick and efficient. It has always been pleasant. The policy options overall are great. There have been a couple times where certain services were not covered, but that is pretty rare. All basic needs that I can think of are fully covered. There have been a couple services from specialists that were not. However, those instances are few and far between. Overall I feel like I have pretty adequate coverage. The payments have all been reasonable, especially considering the coverage that is received. There have not been any moments that I've been frustrated with the cost or feel like I'm being ripped off. It feels like an honest company.

They were helpful with a difficult situation. I was off of work for a long time after a horrible car accident. It was comforting that I had this insurance for a back up and they sufficiently made sure I was covered. It helped that it covered at least sixty percent of my wage for a long period that I was off of work. The waiting period for the payout was 120 days. The coverage was as good as I think any long term care would cover. I appreciated the help with lost wages so it was important that they were fast and processing my claim. It is hard to pay for something that you are not sure if you are going to ever use but it is also very nice to know that how much I pay in premiums will eventually pay off.

I have had limited experience with their customer service, but whenever I have called they have been helpful. Short wait times, minimal or no transfers, clear responses. They provide plenty of options, allowing for optimal coverage even for those with lower income. I plan to save more as my income increases, and the plan allows for this but it suits my needs now as well. The plan allows me to feel confident in my ability to be covered. Even though my income is relatively low, I was still able to find a plan which suits my needs and which is reasonably priced. Again, I feel the the cost is affordable, but without sacrificing quality. The ability to feel secure is really invaluable... But nevertheless comes with a price tag. In my opinion, the price tag here matches the value.

They have always been super helpful and friendly. They are sure to answer any questions or concerns I have. I have always received prompt attention from them. I am happy with their policy options. There are options that can be suited for their customer's various needs. It's nice to have a company that gives their customers options. The coverage is ideal for my financial and health situation at this time. I was able to choose a plan that meets my needs. I am very pleased with the value and coverage offered. I have already told several others and recommended this to them. I appreciate the value they are offering us.

To MetLife, if zero stars was an option, your rating on this site would be WAY lower. To MetLife customers, if you have received unacceptable service from MetLife’s Long Term Disability division like I have, please read this entire post. Together we can do something about it. There is a new level of corporate greed that many insurance companies have adopted since the 90s when Allstate Insurance Company hired a team of lawyers to find out how rich they could get by not paying customers on their claims without being thrown in jail. Once they found out it works, other companies have joined in.

MetLife used to be a reputable company, but their easily researchable business strategies have changed along with this sick trend in the insurance industry. I’ll tell you my story, give you a few facts about MetLife, and then make some recommendations on what we can do about it. I was a Registered Nurse on the cancer unit of an acute hospital in Northern California for 30 years. I worked the last ten years of that with a back injury that got gradually worse, then I had a knee replacement surgery that didn’t heal well, and I lost the job I loved. MetLife LTD was supposed to be paying the difference between what I am now able to earn and 60% of my former salary.

As most of the other customers report online, I was never given clear guidelines for how payments would be made, calls were routinely not answered, no email contact was ever offered, overpayments were made and collected back without me ever fully understanding exactly why or how much. One was the result of MetLife discontinuing income tax withholding for no reason for six months, without any instructions from me. I was used to not having multiple calls returned for up to two months. Then the kicker, my case was apparently lost. I received no payments for eleven months. I never got an explanation why, and I used a significant portion of my retirement funds keeping my house out of foreclosure.

When my claim started, I immediately asked for help from their rehab department to help launch my life coaching business so I could get off disability as quickly as possible, but it was refused. I looked for all the work I could find teaching health care at my local junior college and every other job I thought I could do. Looking back, I should have let MetLife pay the full 60% and spent my time with attorneys learning how to navigate a crooked system.

During the eleven month absence, I finally contacted the MetLife executive team and Board of Directors directly by email and letter. My case was suddenly found and I got a representative for my last year of my claim who would at least communicate by email and return most phone calls (although I would still have an occasional month without return calls. A VERY interesting side note here is that during that 11 month period I could not get a live person on the phone using the same numbers I had always used. How might that happen? Still ANOTHER overpayment was made and now my claim is ending with me owing MetLife $6,000. They also required me to take another full medical history and physical, knowing that a new doctor may simply have an opinion that favored them and they could drop the claim. The new exam showed I was more significantly disabled than when I started my claim.

So to summarize, what I initially thought was negligence and incompetence I found out is actually business strategy based on greed. For more recent evidence of MetLife’s strategies, look up the recent $28 million dollar fine they had to pay for fraudulently misrepresenting the returns from the annuity packages they offer employers. That’s hardly an incentive to stop the practice, since they MADE $150 million in commissions on those sales. Do you wonder as I do why she would want to get rid of the stock that she was given in her own company? All these facts are all easily accessible via any internet search engine.

Here are my recommendations: Realize the incredibly bad service is not a mistake, it is a business strategy to get you to go away. Do your homework. Don’t take my word for any of this. Research MetLife and other consumer websites. We've done nothing long enough to help make a lot of people very rich as a result of other people's tragedies. Consult an attorney soon. Take notes and dates on all phone calls, letters, emails. Record phone conversations (they do, and hardware for this is inexpensive). RESOLVE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. My claim is ending, but the fight is just beginning. I’m willing to work to help others avoid being taken.

Send your stories to the MetLife Executive team, to as many internet consumer review sites and consumer advocates as possible, to your elected officials and government agencies who control business and insurance practices in your state and in the federal government, and to print and internet news sources. Look for sources known for investigative journalism. When they have heard the same thing from many people they will investigate. Stick to the facts, have your story in a single concise document, and send it to all the sources. This is the process I am involved in right now. If you request a list of people and agencies to contact, please indicate that in your email. Please also send your story and other ideas to me at **.

Send an email to me at ** and let me know what has worked for you and if you would like to help me educate others about MetLife. I can use some tech help putting up a website to help others. I'm creating a college class to teach people how to fight greedy corporations and your stories and actions can help. I hope to also write a book about it and could use publishing help.

Send a warning about MetLifes practices to your employers and anyone else you can think of who signs up for LTD contracts. I'm contacting the Staff Nurses Association who accepted a contract with MetLife not knowing about this kind of treatment. The health system they work in has over 25,000 employees in Texas and California, and switching our contract from MetLife would help take another bite out of their profits. Please let me know if you have an attorney who has helped you, and especially if you know of a firm who would like to bring a class action lawsuit against MetLife for their LTD practices. We can gather our stories in preparation for that. Have your attorney sue MetLife if they think the case is legitimate.

Believe! We are still a nation full of people who can act and change things! I have had victories in fights with AT&T, Wells Fargo, and State Farm. I'm willing to share more of what I have learned fighting corporate greed. Corporate greed is simply a group of people who have teamed up to take more money from our pockets than they have earned, and its poisoning America. Money is their language and I'm learning to speak it.

MetLifes stock has taken a recent downturn and is back at 11% below the S&P. Despite that Steven Kandarians (MetLife CEO) earnings have gone from around $4million in 2008 to around $16 million last year. This discrepancy is well-known sign of a sick company, according to industry geniuses such as Peter Drucker who practically invented good management back in the 30s and 40s, and modern investment gurus like Phil Town. Please join me, starting with an email to me at **. God bless you with healing and financial help. Thank you.

Good people! When we spoke it seemed like they were genuinely trying to help me out. I've spoken with other financial advisors and they in some way seem to be motivated by commission. The policy options included several options in case there was accidental death or dismemberment but even more content like illness associated with cancer etc. It seems if we age past the age of 90, we will still get coverage as if we were in our early seventies. Not bad as far as we're concerned. The value is pretty good as we will be able to get dividends at the same time. It would be cool if we could roll everything into an IRA but it's probably low-tax issues anyway.

Customer service was not very helpful and often took too long or was too much of a hassle on both ends. I would not recommend this to anyone looking for something of use. Most of what they do is satisfactory at best. Nothing is incredibly outstanding or noteworthy. All of their actions fall right at 'okay', mediocre, and just acceptable. Coverage spanned all necessary topics but nothing further and no benefits aside from a big name. It wasn't very standout though so don't expect too much. It was a good value, not preferred but better than many. However you paid for what you get and you didn't get much so obviously that was why the price followed through.

All questions I had were answered professionally. The person I spoke to was very knowledgeable. She made me feel at ease and didn't rush me. Seemed to me that she genuinely cared. 80% of payment was timely. The bills were played with minor questions. I was just very satisfied with the service I received. I highly recommend the insurance to everyone. MetLife is awesome. I had no hassle with payments and they treated me with respect all the time. If I had a problem it was resolved in a timely fashion. My opinion the insurance is priceless. It kept me from more worry and I could concentrate on recovery. It made life more enjoyable and helped my recovery easier.

Agents are very helpful with assisting you with finding the right policy for you. Any issues I have had, they have solved them in a matter of minutes! They are extremely efficient in all that they do. I definitely recommend! They offer a nice assortment of policies that are fit to your lifestyle, your income, and your other needs as well. It's easy to pick a policy because they are all fantastic! And there are wonderful agents to help you along the way with your needs. There are a lot of options offered within each policy. Each policy has its own benefits and offer great coverage that fit whatever your needs may be. This is a wonderful company. The policies offered are very cost efficient and worth the amount you have to pay. They are a lot cheaper than most companies and offer more too.

It's been limited but they legitimately want to help and are very professional. Easy to speak with and they seem caring and concerned. Don't spend much time not speaking to a human. Options are plentiful and good for all customers. They seem fair for most people and gaining a quote was simple. They knew what they were talking about. They seem to want to help with the most coverage. Options are good. With good customer service it means the experience solid. The price seems fine. Coverage is good. Options are appropriate. Overall we are going to say good things.

Reliable, reasonable and secure. The kind of insurance everyone would want for themselves. Top of the line quality and dependable. I trust them with my family. Their policy is best for me and my family. They work with you based on each individual situation. They have various payment plans and various payment options. They covers kids of all ages and adults as well. They also pretty much cover various insurances and work with people if your insurance does not cover necessities. The value of the insurance is worth the risk. The quality is top notch and I would recommend this company to anyone looking for something worth while.

Every time I call in to inquire about coverage needs I am greeted and treated with respect, my questions are always answered in a timely fashion and the hold times are not excessive. Their policy options are very flexible. There are numerous deductions and every time there is a change to my policy they give me all the information in a timely manner on how this will affect my current policy. I am very happy with my overall coverage. I have never had an issue when calling in and all of my questions and concerns have been addressed in a very timely manner. I would definitely recommend. The value of my policy I am satisfied with - I truly do get what I paid for and the peace of mind that I have for the price that I pay it's very acceptable to me.

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