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I'm sure I could get very annoying with all my questions and concerns and everyone who's helped me is always so nice and patient with me. They're different. Took me some getting used to but now that I understand it I enjoy it quite theorly. I'm very satisfied with my service all around. Couldn't be any better. They are all about their clients and customers. I'm so pleased to have the honor in being a client. Never have I had an issue. Fantastic great customer service. Happy patient experience is valuable. Lovely. My type of money saver. My favorite product by far. I refer to everyone I know.

It feels like they actually care about me. They listen to my problems and help me the best they can. They are always patient and understanding with me. It's written in easy to understand phrases and words. It is fair and concise. And explains to me exactly what they do and do not do. Their help line is always willing to help me with any questions I have on it. I have had no problems that they do not cover. Their rates are fair and within my budget. I get a letter regularly telling me how much my part of the payment is, and how much it cost all together. Again, it fits well within my budget. It covers all my expenses and leaves me with peace of mind that I won't end up paying too much for my care.

Very helpful and fast customer service. Had several questions and they were very knowledgeable. I am now assured that I am in the best of hands. Many different policy options to get you the desired coverage you need. They have something for everyone out there whether you want a little or a lot. They have many different types of coverage that would be great for anyone and everyone, whether it be term life, long term, whole life, variable universal life, or even final expense life. The value of having any one of these plans are priceless. They have many different options to satisfy anyone's choice. Great choices and friendly customer service reps to get you there.

They were very helpful when I had questions. They made sure I understood everything they had to say. They didn't use any of their big words that no one understands. Their different policy options are explained to you in detail by the representative and they are super helpful in helping you figure out which one is right for you. Their coverage is amazing. It seems to cover just about anything and everything you can imagine. The representative is very helpful with walking you through what they do or do not cover. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone because they are so helpful and friendly. The representative is very knowledgeable and very friendly.

I found the customer service to be absolutely horrible. They are not helpful whatsoever. The specific "customer service representative" that I spoke with was lacking an education, patience, and general common sense. I was pulling my hair out dealing with them. The policy options are definitely a joke. There is what you call overpaying for the product which is the position I am in now. And what makes it harder is the lack of options I get. Coverage equals... Well nothing. Because that's basically what you are getting from them. Which is an absolute shame and rip off seeing all the money I am paying to them. The value is absolute crap. As I stated before there is nothing I like about this at all. Nothing at all. Period. Hate it. Hate it. Hate it.

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Customer service is great. They are so wonderful and helpful. They also have a 24-hour hotline to call anytime you have any questions or concerns. The policy is great for people of all ages. It's a great deal and isn't too much money. Covers most of what you might need it for too. Great insurance. Definitely will recommend. It takes care of my everyday needs. I'm uber satisfied with my choice in choosing this specific insurance. I love it. I'll recommend to anybody that asks about it or need insurance period. Definitely won't be disappointed and very well worth the money that you have to pay.

My wife got cancer two years ago. I was in really bad situation - just let you know Transamerica provided a good service and also as long as my plan was FFIOL I got about %6 in average for the money I paid in to the saving that is available mixed with Long Term Care in FFIOL.

My claim was taken care of very fast. It took less than a week and 2 phone calls and everything was taken care of. I've never had not 1 complaint about the customer service I have experienced. I had no problems with any of the policy details as such I've had with other insurance companies. Anytime I needed to use my insurance I haven't had been disappointed with not one instance. Very pleasant to deal with. I currently have the most coverage I could acquire due tomorrow on a previous medical condition... which a lot of other companies would not accept or cover me for. The coverage is invaluable. I couldn't be happier with my experiences with the company nor can I put a value on the service I've experienced.

The customer service was fantastic by far. The only thing I can say is that they were so helpful. Any questions I had they were there to answer and help. Overall I had such a wonderful and inviting experience. The policy options were so pleasant. I wouldn't change them for anything. Everything was very concise and thorough. It describe what was expected and was easy to follow. My coverage is fantastic. I would recommend to anyone. This is great and I feel like I have great coverage and can go anywhere with anything. The coverage is completely what I need. The value is completely worth the money. The only thing that was disappointing was that more people don't have it. The value is worth every penny. I am covered with everything and value is key.

My husband was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer almost 9 months ago. Transamerica has been asking us to submit forms EVERY month to determine his eligibility for disability in spite of the doctor's repeated information on the claim form that he can never return to work. He has been given 1-2 years to live and we would like to focus on keeping him alive for as long as possible, not fighting to pay bills. Like other people who have been complaining, my husband paid into this policy for years and now that he is trying to get paid it's been a real struggle.

MTA is no better. He has been an employee of New York City Transit for over 20 years and yet, we haven't received consistent disability payments from them. He submitted (for the 2nd or 3rd time, no less) a request for his 60% supplemental pay at the end of June and still no payment!! Then MTA has the nerve to send us a letter stating if he doesn't file for retirement within a year, they will terminate him with no benefits. I'm at my wits' end right now. Looking for legal recourse if this doesn't change soon. I'm tired.

I've been told housekeeping services weren't covered. I found out they are in my mother's policy then they told me the services had to be supplied by a licensed company but there weren't any in her area. My mother's policy covers unlicensed people. Now I've been waiting three weeks to hear back from them about the claim I opened. My parents paid tens of thousands of dollars in premiums and can't get a penny back when my mother needs it. After reading over my mother's policy and seeing how much they paid in premiums I will never get a long term policy. They are a big ripoff of older people and should be outlawed. It's a disgrace that companies prey on elderly people like my parents.

Decent customer service. Not the most friendly of customer service but not horrible. Sometimes difficult to get thru to a real person. Other than that it's ok. Simple and easy to understand - I didn't have any trouble finding exactly what fit me and my family needs were met easy. Wish it had a more affordable option. I would recommend this company to friends and family and have before because it's a company that I trust and believe has a good foundation of trust with all of its customers. The value is alright. I wish it was more affordable but like I said before sometimes you have to pay more for better and this is the best I have found so far.

Customer service is very helpful and I found them to generally be hassle free. Never had any issues in dealing with them over the phone unlike most other companies. I never had to hold for long periods of time or wait that long to get through to a representative. They offer a broad range of policy options to choose from that allows to customize to best suit your needs and preferences. They aren't as cheap as other companies but it is still affordable coverage. I am satisfied with the value of the coverage I am receiving. Their coverage options allowed me to choose the plan that I wanted based on my preferences, needs and budget.

The "long term care" products sold by this company are a total rip off. The company is all sales and marketing and no service or payments. Be sure you read beyond the fine print. After paying $15k a year for over 10 years, their product is basically worthless, and they will not pay.

Transamerica is the worse insurance provider I have ever dealt with. My parent paid into this policy for years. My mother is now in an assisted living facility. You literally have to call them every month at least once to get paid regardless how you well and timely you provide the information. It's amazing that every time I call they say "your check is being processed and it will mail the next business day" and when I remind them of what their commitment to me was last month they say "that was inaccurate information". The care facility is really good about faxing them the invoices when they need to be sent and it still doesn't help. My mom has been there going on 7 months and I have had to call every month at least once to get anything from them. It's as close to a scam as you can get.

Transamerica Long Term Care is the worst experience that I have ever had in my entire life. She has had a triple bypass, intestine polyps section removed, hip replacement, and hand surgery. It was my mother's policy that was sold to her by my brother years ago. She has wasted thousands of dollars in premiums. The final decision without question was to let the policy lapse. After four months of just submitting the claim, and the claim being denied, then resubmitting and no response. Do not purchase anything from these low life characters. You will also find that it is not worth having, even if they paid. Took brother out of her will, and I want to share. He still thinks it is great. He lost everything he put into his policy, and his wife. The company he had went broke, and just think of the countless people he has sold this to. Go State Insurance Commission.

I called a few weeks prior to stop having funds transferred into my 401k. I provided all the basic details name, date of birth, address and such. I was told that when I left my employer I could call in and cash out my savings account. Today when I called to withdrawal the 401k, I was told my birth date did not match and that my account would be put on a legal hold until I faxed a copy of my driver's license to them. When I asked about how I was able to make financially impacting decisions before, I was told they were unsure and that they could try to have the call pulled if, and it was a very big if, it had been recorded. I called a lawyer and made a formal complaint to the BBB.

Like everyone else, my family member needed medical help that she paid premiums for over twenty years. Transamerica does honor their policy agreements and the customer service reps are VERY nice and understanding. However, they delay paying claims as much as they can, and do not have enough staff to answer the phones. They used to allow you to leave your phone number and they would call you back. Now, it is not uncommon to wait, on hold, for almost two hours. That is inexcusable. What is this where they only pay claims one day a month? It is obvious that their administration does not care.

Trying to get my mother's claim for benefits approved was a nightmare. Every week I had to send more records, care notes, invoices, and documentation. Somehow a 90 day elimination period lasted 200 days sitting on hold for hours just to see if they received a fax! Just a nightmare. I waited 11 months just to receive a denial letter from them, stating that my mother with dementia had not validated her need for care! Insane! She has paid premiums for this policy for 23 years! I am GRATEFUL I called a company to appeal the denial and get my mother her owed benefits. If it wasn't for ClaimJockey dealing with the insurance company and getting an approval, I don't know what I would have done. Sold my house I guess!

After my father died in 2000 my mother opened a Long Term Care policy through her financial advisor with Transamerica. She has paid into this policy for 15 yrs and always paid the full amount of premium on time every year. Now, when she needs the policy reimbursement for a licensed, state approved Assisted Living facility, they make it impossible to get a reimbursement payment. We have completed ALL the requirements, approvals, interviews and observed their instructions (per their written letters) to date.

We paid the first 90 days out of pocket, when in all reality ends up to be 120 days out of pocket, due to their constant and neglectful documentation in letters. It's always after the fact. I have NEVER seen an organization so inept and blatantly ignorant to a senior citizen's needs. Their accounting dept and claims dept are all done manually, 10-15 days (as stated in their written documentation) processing time is actually 30 days.

For an insurance company of this size to be SO behind the times, deal with large sums of money, it's a battle to pay out every single month. Not to mention, there is never a resolution for the amount of time one waits to get a resolution, payment, or valid reasoning to the delay. I could not imagine any senior citizen trying to deal with this company. I find it to be highly disrespectful, EXTREMELY poor business ethics and downright despicable to their policy holders and family trying to help. I would NEVER recommend Transamerica to anyone, EVER, for ANY insurance policy. Shame on you, Transamerica!

My parents have been paying monthly premiums for the past 16 years. Now that they are in an assistant living facility it’s time for the company to pay what is being owed. It has been a battle with every step. They lose priority mailed information. They have taken much longer to pay out what is owed as far as the 15 business days. You will never get a supervisor to call you back. You never talk to the same customer service rep. They are supposed to stop taking out the monthly premiums after 61 days. They have taken out four months of premiums. That is a separate entity within the company. The representative will tell you one thing and when you call to follow up on what was stated because it wasn't done You will get a whole different story. Excuses for not putting the payment in direct deposit is manpower. Short of staff. If levels of care change, you will get a system generated letter saying you owe past premiums for 3 to 6 months.

You have to call and get that re-waived. You will be on the phone everyday or at least every week to find out or get them to do their job! It appears that they are abusive to the people they serve. Older people don't get the hoops. Family member will have to jump through to get all the steps, payments, and paperwork right. Send everything via priority mail, Write all page numbers on bottom of each page, Include all of what you are sending, Be sure they get every billing statement each month, Program their number in your phone, Keep written log of all conversation on paperwork, Include name date time of conversation keep all fax transactions. Because They Will lose those as well. Keep track of all dates of confinement so when that 61 days is done They aren't still robbing your parents account of premium 90 days so they start paying when they should. Read the policy carefully.

Forewarned this is not an easy or customer friendly company. They are happy to take your money but very slow and try to find loopholes to not pay. Lastly, the company will require you to go through a nursing assessment. Be with your family member!!! Loopholes!!! The company will have an independent nursing agency do this assessment. But that company is somewhat incompetent as well. They forget to notify the facility the nurse is coming out. They want a ton of paperwork at that time. They try to do the assessment on weekend so staff aren't there to give nurse needed paperwork. You the family will be very busy advocating for you loved one. The bright spot is its better than paying all the money out of pocket. This is how they have extreme control.

Transamerica does everything possible to avoid paying claims. They put you through hell to qualify for assisted living. Then once you qualify they never pay the claim within the ten days they promise. They have two hour hold times on their phones and question every invoice sent in. They insist on speaking to the bookkeeper knowing they will never get a call back because of the wait times.

A claim payment was held because a yearly assessment of my mother was being done. My mother is quite with it mentally and physically for 89 years old. She has not had an assessment from a Transamerica nurse since she first went into Regency House in 2011. So why would they hold a payment on assessment they have not done. This company is not easy to work with and find out things from in which to make sure I am sending claims on time etc. Sure wish I had a agent or claims person that I could work with directly instead of spending hours on the phone and not getting anywhere!!!

We purchased TransAmerica Long Term health care in 1996. After allowing their premium to be debited against our account for well over $50K, they are continuing to throw roadblocks which prevents them from paying the agreed amount of $1500 for home care. After being interviewed by a contract nurse, we provided all required documents. husband was taken to hospital with a blood sugar reading of 582 and was diagnosed with pneumonia. He was given antibiotics for 3 days and then transferred to skilled nursing home. Now they accuse us of "changing our care provider," Yes, we did. My husband needed emergency care.

More importantly, they also demanded a long list of documents from both the skilled nursing home and the hospital. We were given 45 days from the date of letter to provide this documentation. This letter was dated Oct. 15, 2014 and was received Oct. 25th. I had been told by the agent that the letter dated Oct. 15 was coming so had alerted my mail carrier to watch for and sign date. It was stamped with bulk mail which shows no date of actual mail. How clever is that. They just stole 7 days from the 45 days we were limited to. The stack of information required measured 1.5 inches and cost $18+ to send including a return receipt. Can you begin to imagine how long it will take them to read through? My husband has been removed from all medications and insulin. He is a world war II veteran, aged 88 in Dec. I had requested a detailed list of all monies we had paid into TA for this coverage. Three weeks have passed and no info.

My local agent Andrew **, has been unable to get any action from TA either, though I doubt his persistency. My husband is terminal and his time is short. I truthfully believe I will never recover a penny from this unscrupulous company. I hope a class action suit develops and I plan to tell this story to every official of my state and any entity that pursues these practices.

Hi my name is Mary Ann **, I'm an employee for MTA. I have had Transamerica for the past 19 years. When I signed up for transamarica I was told that if I had a baby or became disabled I would be covered for two years. First I signed up to receive $1350 per month. Then in 12/11 Transamerica contacted me and told me they were going to increase my payout payments to $1500 per month. On 2/18/12 I had a car accident and I'm unable to work. When they sent me a check for $1350, I informed them that they were the one who changed it to $1500. Needless to say they NEVER gave me the $1500. They only paid $1350. I went back to work and had a reinsured.

They informed me it was a new injury, then they stated it was not. Now they are telling me that after 6 month I must apply for social security to continue to receive $1350 per month. They are only paying me $1012 per month and they stated I must wait until I receive an answer from social security before they can start paying me $1350 per month. They informed me it's in the policy. THEY DO NOT INFORM YOU OF ALL THE INFORMATION BEFORE YOU SIGN UP. THEY HAVE NO PROBLEM TAKING YOUR MONEY BUT THEY HAVE A PROBLEM PAYING YOU!!!! !

We have had our LTC insurance policies with TransAmerica for about 10 years.

Last year they gave us a rate increase of 13% and I understand that the insurance department of CT Partnership approved this increase. This year TransAmerica has issued another rate increase of 16% - this is 29% in two years. They have not provide any reason/rational for doing so.

I strongly object to this year's increase and suggest that CT Commissioner's office seriously reconsider rescinding what appears to be their approval for this two years in a row dramatic cost to consumers.

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Transamerica offers a range of services that go well beyond insurance products. The company is a leading financial services company and offers everything from investment advice to insurance.

  • Nationwide services: Transamerica writes policies in every U.S. state.
  • Long-term care is a family discussion: They understand the need for family involvement in end-of-life care decisions and engage all members in the decision-making process.
  • Cost calculator: Before deciding on any insurance product, it's important to learn about cost vs. savings, which Transamerica provides using their cost of care and life expectancy calculators.
  • Learning center: Transamerica offers a learning center on its website to provide consumers with resources about insurance and the other services they offer.
  • All-in-one health insurer: In addition to their long-term care insurance products, Transamerica also offers a variety of life insurance products, Medicare solutions, accidental death insurance and even final expense coverage.
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