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They are wonderful. They are quick to answer any question and fix any problem. Everyone is so friendly and their insurance plan is wonderful and affordable. I think anyone who try them would love it. Their policy is great. If youre not satisfied they will refund you your money and you can find someone else or they let you find someone cheaper and compete with their prices. I love the coverage. They cover everything and you don't have to worry about nothing. Even when something happen the price do not go up. They stay the same and help you with whatever you need. The value is good. I would recommend anyone to join this company if they don't have insurance. It's affordable and fair and will cover you fully. I love this company.

Satisfaction Rating

They have always been friendly with me. They are always by your side and they are very willing to go out of their way to help you and they also will call and give you your status updates whenever you need them. Their policy has always been good. I never had a complaint with them and it has never been nothing that I didn't like. I would recommend them. The value of it is real good. It was in my price range when I was looking it up on the Internet. I had called them and next thing you know I was a loyal customer.

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Matthew BrodskyInsurance Contributing Editor

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Founded in 1979, this New York- and Florida-based company has paid out more than $614 million in claims.

  • Solid financial ratings: The company has achieved a rating of A- from Standard & Poor's.
  • Comprehensive educational resources: Learn about tax deductions, projected costs surrounding long-term care, and more, all through the AALTCi organization.
  • Leader in elderly abuse awareness: MedAmerica goes beyond handling claims to take a leadership role in educating the public about the risks and warning signs of elder abuse in care situations.
  • No hard selling: MedAmerica avoids the hard sell on their website. In fact, if you want to buy through them, it might take you a minute to find the right link.
  • Not for profit: MedAmerica is part of a group of companies that all operate under the nonprofit organization Lifetime Health Companies.
  • Best for Employers, the elderly and retirees.

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