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Customer ServiceSales & MarketingStaff

Reviewed Sept. 16, 2023

I've had LTC with John Hancock for some 20 years. I do not recommend that anyone purchase any product or service with John Hancock insurance or LTC. I've spent this week alone about 10 (yes ten) hours on the phone with them trying to set some resolution about tapping into my LTC due to a medical problem. Most are located in some Middle Eastern country, can't speak English, hang up on you all the time, have no idea what they are doing. They set up a virtual Microsoft Teams appointment which doesn't work. I had an it specialist try to load it and it doesn't work. Nobody should invest in LTC put it in a money market account instead. I want a refund on all the payments I have paid you send I first purchased the policy! You are a scam, a shyster company and should be liable for all the customers you have scammed!

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CoverageSales & Marketing

Reviewed Aug. 4, 2023

My mother in law paid for long term care for many years and now that it's time to use it, they are not going to pay anything. Just another scam insurance company. They scam people into thinking they that can rest easy knowing they have long term care coverage but in the end they pay nothing. There is always some clause that you do not meet to get payment. Please never use them for anything.

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    Reviewed July 30, 2023

    My mother has been paying into John Hancock Long-Term Care for years. Now that she needs assistance, it is the same run around over and over. She has put in thousands of dollars to this, and as an 82 year old with cognitive issues it is impossible for her to do this on her own. As her daughter I am constantly trying to get assistance from them, but it is not enough. I really just wish she could have all the money back that she put into this company, or that someone from this company could help her get the supplemental care she needs. Very disappointed so far.

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    Customer ServiceCoverageStaffReliability

    Reviewed July 13, 2023

    I got long-term care insurance for my wife from John Hancock 16 years ago (2006) with the assurance that there was little chance that the premiums would go up. Six years later there was a big increase which continued for six of the next nine years. Usually, I got a notice two months before the next premium was due notifying me of any increases or options to lower the premium, usually by lowering the coverage or canceling the policy and losing everything I'd paid into it so far (now $44,000).

    This year I got the bill with no prior notice and no mention of what my new daily coverage was. Although I was glad to see there was no increase in the premium I was concerned that there was no mention of the new daily nursing home coverage which, according to my contract, was supposed to increase 3.5% each year. I was informed that the coverage would be $519 per day.

    I told her that that was the same as last year and that the new rate should be $537 per day. The conversation continued with what seemed to me to be evasive answers or double talk before I hung up. (Probably the poor girl handling the call was as much in the dark as to what was going on as I was.) I called the next day and was told that the information I wanted would be provided in a letter they would send in August. That was not acceptable to me because the premium was due in July. She then said I would get an e-mail within 24 hours with the information I was requesting. Instead, I got an e-mail telling me that to get that message I had to log into a website and to do so I had to use a passcode which they would provide in another e-mail.

    Four times I tried logging in with the passcode and each time they said the passcode was incorrect and they provided me with a new passcode. My wife tried with the same results and I was not able to get the information. I then tried to create an account with John Hancock that would let me see the details of my coverage but that required me to provide the last SIX (6) digits of my wife's social security number which I refused to do! Six? What happened to four. What's going on here? Why can't I get the same information that was always provided in advance of my premium payment. Am I not allowed to know exactly what I am paying for? The real John Hancock must be rolling in his grave if he knew how his name was being used.

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    Punctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed July 6, 2023

    Each month an invoice is submitted for the previous months' fee on the website, as required, showing amount due, amount paid, and dates of the previous month involved. The same procedure is followed - the same invoice from the same facility is submitted. Notice by Hancock is emailed to me stating that the submitted invoice was received. Two weeks later a letter is received from Hancock saying there is a problem with the submitted invoice and to resubmit. The first few months of this refusal to reimburse policy were followed by no delays in receiving the reimbursements even though the same invoices were submitted as before. However, May and June reimbursements have not been received as of July 5, 2023 after multiple submissions from the policy owner as well as the director of the facility.

    While speaking with an agent in order to define and resolve the problem different reasons are offered and the processors continue to refuse to approve the submitted invoices. A 30 minute wait to speak with a manager is common. Resolution of the issue may or may not happen without having to repeat the invoice submission. Dealing with Hancock LTC insurance continues to be frustrating, causes anxiety, and challenging to receive the reimbursements. We have paid their annual fee for our policies since 2006. We have never been late in paying the fees. I feel they do all that can possibly be done to cause stress to the invoice submitter (policy owner and facility director) and that Hancock really does not want to make things simple for their clients. I strongly recommend to all who ask me to NOT become involved with J Hancock Insurance whether it is a LTC policy or any other form of insurance that this company offers. Thank you.

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    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed June 2, 2023

    John Hancock has set up their processes to benefit them, not the client who has paid years for their service. It feels as though they make it so difficult to make a claim, follow up, get questions answered…Most people would just drop it. I think this is their hope. I am retired and have a lot of time so my follow up was excellent….It has to be with this company if you're going to squeeze a dime out of them

    Parents have paid over 20 years for each of their policies. I know their policy in detail, and in attempting to satisfy the 90 elimination window for my Father, the following issues made the process not only extremely frustrating, but also nearly impossible to navigate without CONSTANT follow up. My Father has passed on and I still experience stress every time I have to call.

    Operators are very nice but unable to clearly speak and/or understand english. Operators use corporate “speak” instead of truly explaining what is or is about to take place. Was told my mother did not have a “survivorship waiver” so they would NOT be waiving her premium after my father's death, but after speaking to a supervisor, her survivorship benefit was miraculously found. Serious distress from this one.

    When I notified JH of my Father's death, I asked to have his claim/Policy kept open as we continued to send in bills to qualify for the 90 elim window. Went online 2 days later to check elim window progress and claim was cancelled, thus negating my ability to see any claims, and the associated impact on 90 day elimination window. Was told….”you will just need to call us to follow up”. So. Very. Frustrating.

    And most recently….sent in a claim which I believe could get us to the 90 day window, but because the claim was close (not supposed to be) and my Father dead, they just put the 6 pages of the last claim into the file and ignored it. My second follow up phone call finally got someone to find the 6 pages and send them to be processed. How does this happen? In addition, we receive duplicate mail communication, letters or checks in wrong order, claim letters that make no sense and an on-line system that is neither intuitive nor up to date. Get it together John Hancock….You make a miserable time of mourning even worse with your terrible business practices.

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    Reviewed March 1, 2023

    You would have to be completely out of your mind to deal with this company. My mother is. 94. I have been trying to make a claim for over a year. Two Nurses assessments have been made but I have never seen the official assessments. The first claim was canceled becasue a cognitive test was not done. Which is a lie. Needs another assessment. The second assessment has been done and they are now saying the assessment was lost. I raise hell. Finally after a million calls I’m told that I will know in 3 days. Also I was told by the phone JH representative that the JH Vice President of LTC Claims, the person that signs mail correspondence actually doesn’t exist. He is just a front. Believing that? All divisions that make decisions for JH LTC are third party. There is NO WAY to talk them. I still haven’t given up I will keep fighting for what is owed my mother and will go all the way to the Insurance Commissioner of my state. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

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    Reviewed Jan. 18, 2023

    I've been paying to John Hancock for long-term care for over 20 years now. They kept raising the premiums. Every year, every year, up, up, up. I finally had to take a paid-up policy at a reduced rate because I could no longer afford the payments. Now that I have to have dialysis in my home, I had to get my daughter to move in and take care of me 24/7. Now John Hancock is saying well that's not what their policy says, that they have to have someone from the outside coming into this house from a healthcare company. I do not want any strangers in my house because I am disabled and bound to my home, and I want my family taking care of me. I think that somebody needs to spread the word that John Hancock is the worst long-term care company in the world that I've ever seen. Thank you for your time.
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    Reviewed Oct. 14, 2022

    My family has been paying for John Hancock Long Term Care Insurance for years. We now need to access the policy to cover care needs and have been told that the 90 exclusion period for benefits is not a set period of time, but actually only expires after 90 days of care has been paid for out of pocket. This means that none of the informal 24 hour family caregiving that has been required for more than 90 days will count and we must arrange for paid caregiving to access the covered benefit. I guess if we could not afford to pay for 90 days of care we would never be able to access the policy. This has delayed access to covered care by an additional 3 months. Long term care insurance is not regulated sufficiently and I think that my family was mislead when they purchased the policy.

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    Reviewed May 24, 2022

    Back in 1999, after being told by financial planners et al that the responsible thing to do was to buy Long Term Care insurance, my husband and I decided that we should do just that. About that time, we were approached by a young man representing John Hancock Life Insurance Company who just happened to be selling LTC. Since John Hancock had a good reputation, we decided to take out a policy. During the intervening 23 years, John Hancock has raised our premiums nearly every year. At this late date, with me being 77 and my husband, Phillip being 82 switching companies is not an option. On top of that, I am reading complaints from other JH policy holders that it’s almost impossible to collect on the policy when the need arises.

    Here’s the breakdown in 1999
    Anita’s policy: $959.04 annually
    Daily Benefit (after 100 day elimination period)
    Nursing Home $200 per date of service
    Home Health care $200 per date of service
    Assisted Care Living Facility 80% of Home Health Care Daily
    Lifetime Maximum Policy Limit: $292,000
    Now in 2022 New Premium: $2247.37 annually

    Increase of $1288.33!!!

    Phil’s policy: $1218.78 annually in 1999
    Daily Benefit (after 100 day elimination period)
    Nursing Home $200 per date of service
    Home Health care $200 per date of service
    Assisted Care Living Facility 80% of Home Health Care Daily
    Lifetime Maximum Policy Limit: $292,000
    Now in 2022 New Premium: $2898.13 annually

    Increase of $1679.35!!!

    Now they’re “making available an opportunity to keep our premium at or near its current level and elected a personalized Shared Cost option.” By the way, that current premium before the latest increase is $1730.49 for me and $2231.17 for Phil which is way above our initial premiums. Those options include reducing our current benefit amount and policy limit by our “shared cost % of 12.80%. and allowing us to stop making any payments and reducing our $292,000 Lifetime Maximum Policy Limit to $40,786.64 for me and $52,217.87 for Phil. This calculation was based on 150% of our premiums paid so far. The thing about them raising premiums due to inflation is that the daily rate that they are supposed to pay hasn't changed in 23 years. So where is the inflation.

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    John Hancock Long-Term Care Insurance author review by Matthew Brodsky

    John Hancock insures more than 3.5 million policyholders, paying out $2.3 billion each year in claims. The company currently only accepts new policies for federal employees.

    • Compare insurance options: Select from long-term life insurance, permanent life insurance and vitality programs. There is a comprehensive overview of the different packages available and an explanation of the coverage for different tiers.

    • Lifestyle benefits adjustments: A long-term care insurance policy change doesn't mean you need a new policy. Instead, John Hancock works with your existing policy to adjust coverage levels and long-term care premiums to meet your current needs.

    • Flexible payments: Decide if you want to make payments annually, semiannually or monthly with direct bill or automatic bank withdrawals.

    • Easy online tools: John Hancock provides an online estimator that gives you a ballpark figure based on age, gender and state of residence. Filing a claim is streamlined when you do it online.

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