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Reviewed June 23, 2023

My Doc ordered a CT scan on a Monday, and it's Friday, and still no approval. I called several times myself and was told it was passed along to the National Image Association. They could not find my account until yesterday and now say there are 1-2 days to input my info. My Doc thinks I my have pneumonia or a clot. I am still waiting as of Friday. This is unacceptable!

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Health Net
Response from Health Net

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Customer Service

Reviewed May 23, 2023

Updated on 05/31/2023: My previous review goes over exactly what you may experience dealing with these people. If you are considering Health Net or already have them, please read it and stay far, far away if you care about your health and mental state. What I wanted to bring up just for fun is after 40+ communications to them that went unanswered in the past when I had health issues (I have e-mails and have documented all of these), Health Net magically appeared in this thread and stated "We will have a representative call you." This was over a week ago...guess what hasn't happened. HAHAHAHAHA! I wouldn't be laughing if I still had them for health insurance but fortunately I don't. Of course they didn't call back when they said they would here JUST like they didn't over and over and over when I had them as my provider.

Health Net...don't offer to contact me regarding this review. I am done with you and will never change my opinion. Hopefully others can see this utter lack of care and follow-up that your organization provides and choose someone else. Maybe you should spend your time actively calling your actual members back instead of being so fast to respond to any complaints on this website (and then you still don't get back when you say you will).

Original Review: Long story somewhat short as this could be a novel...stay far, far away. I wish I had read my own review prior to signing up with this "business". A few of the lowlights:

- They declined important and needed surgeries and procedures, including one 12 hours before it was supposed to be performed! There was no reason given why this particular surgery was declined and there was no one to be reached at Healthnet that could tell me why. In this instance, this was a complicated surgery that had been discussed for months, I had already done my hospital walk-through and the room was already prepped!

- Any general that you go to will haw and hem when you tell them you have Health Net. Good luck getting anything done that is pertinent and needed for your health.

- Customer service...HAHAHAHAHA! I have a chain of e-mails that literally has 25+ e-mails from me asking to talk to a supervisor. This went on for months where every single time they said "I have forwarded your request to my supervisor to contact you." nothing ever happened. They also have individuals with made-up names (you can tell that they are made up as they exist nowhere on line) that are part of their "Appeals" departments that also never answer phone calls.

I changed to another provider and WOW...what a difference. Please for your own health and well-being, don't touch this company with a 10' pole.

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Health Net
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    Customer ServicePriceStaff

    Reviewed May 18, 2023

    Started with Health Net this year. My wife and I went to our primary care provider for the first visit and paid the 45 dollar bill each which is the correct amount for a regular doctor. Then got a bill for 40 dollars more each from Health Net (like my doctor doesn't know how much to charge for the visit). Since I got the erroneous bill I have spent hours and hours on the phone to straighten it out. It's beyond fixing. My doctor is listed as a specialist in the billing department but not on the providers list and this is an ongoing issue that HN doesn't fix. I was told everyone that has Health Net and my doctor gets overcharged and is an ongoing problem. The customer service is the worst. They are a total waste of time and you won't get anywhere with them.

    I was told by my medical group to change doctors is the only way to fix the problem so I called Health Net to do that and they failed at that also by telling me they were going to call the doctor to see if they had openings. But Health Net already told me there were openings and the agent told me he would call me right back and as it always goes with Health Net failed to call me back and confirm my new doctor. FAILURE at EVERY level. Don't waste your money with Health Net. They can't do anything right and their customer service is ANYTHING but customer service. Health Net is truly hopeless. I'm having to change back to Kaiser due to the series of failures from Health Net. Completely INEPT!!

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    Health Net
    Response from Health Net

    We want to help, Alan. Please check your private messages.

    Customer ServiceCoverageStaff

    Reviewed May 8, 2023

    Every time I call the customer service line for help with my insurance, it always ends up the same. I call for a simple question or request and each time I’m on the phone for AT LEAST an hour. They have me input all my information prior to being handed to an agent but when I reach the agent, I have to repeat everything again!

    They also outsource their customer service reps and because of this, they don’t understand me half the time! I have to be spelling EVERYTHING out, I feel like I’m in a damn spelling bee. Then they bombard you with the same questions and when you finally get to ask your question, they put you on hold! And the hold music is AWFUL. And awful whistle music that gets a higher pitch each note. I’m positive they make the music awful to make you hang up. After the “brief” hold, the agent always runs into some ** of an issue that makes your call basically meaningless. The reps are soo USELESS. Can't spell, can't understand, and can’t resolve any issues. This is the worst insurance I have ever had and I will switch the second I get the chance.

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    Health Net
    Response from Health Net

    We want to help, Andrea. Please check your private messages.

    Reviewed March 31, 2023

    I am appalled by the terrible of customer service, misinformation and incorrect information given, and my money being taken and used to put towards a payment I did not authorize and a flat out refuse to refund me, which is illegal. I have spent close to 20 hours in the last 2 weeks on the phone between this terrible company and Covered California. Everything they were saying to me turned out to be incorrect according to Covered California. Their response to everything was they couldn’t help me, they couldn’t do this or that, and instead I had to ask Covered California. Each time Covered California was confused and would confirm this information was totally incorrect.

    Healthnet cancelled my insurance after their auto pay failed, they also stopped accepting credit cards from abroad for payment (probably because they switched to a new banking system) so I was unable to use my card from abroad (I’m an English national living in America and have been using my English Visa card for the last 10 years in america without problem). They said they would ‘try’ and reinstate me when my payment to them had failed and my plan terminated. They suggested I make a payment to make sure I would be reinstated. I understood this was for the the next month, as we were already at the end of the current month. They took too long to give me a response so instead I had to go to a different healthcare provider.

    When they did get back to me they said they could not reinstate me and said only covered California could (which is not true). I told them cancel the reinstatement. And please refund me for the payment I made for the next month. Instead they took that money and applied to to the month that was missed in payment - which I did not want or authorise. Covered California said definitely they should refund me for it. But healthnet refused the refund. All of their representatives (apart from one) were foreigners abroad, a simple request of ‘can I please speak a a supervisor’ lead to a 3 hour expedition of being referred to several other departments - none of which were supervisors.

    Initially I was even told I was not allowed to speak to a supervisor (?). The ‘supervisor’ I spoke to I suspect was actually the customer representative I had just spoken to prior, I also suspect he made up a western name for himself. I was told nobody had the authority in any department to offer me a refund - how is this company running? It sounds like a complete scam. I was told they would make a complaint on my behalf. I said I wanted to make the complaint myself so I’d be sure it went through and what was actually being said. I asked for a number, email and mailing address for me to contact the complaints department and they said they did not know what this information was, and apparently this of tomato on either doesn’t exist or nobody knows where to get this information from.

    So there is nobody at all you can contact to complain or get a dispute heard. When I was transferred to the ‘supervisor’ I did previously ask what is the supervisor's number and what is the escalation teams number so I can reach them directly and I was told ‘they don’t know’ again, and that they would ‘call them to ask them what their number was’ - this is beyond a joke at this point. And they never did that, I never did get any contact information. They are unfortunately not to be trusted with your money and you will not be helped if you have a problem. I would strongly urge anyone considering this company to go with another company instead.

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    Health Net
    Response from Health Net

    We want to help, Crissy. Please check your private messages.

    Reviewed March 22, 2023

    Worse health insurance I have ever had, by far. I can't believe this is supposedly a PPO plan. My doctor ordered a test to rule out a serious medical issue; Health Net took WEEKS sitting on the request before denying it, insisting that a different test was needed instead. It took me probably 15 calls and at least that many hours on the phone with Health Net just to get that answer. My doctor told me she was "shocked" that they denied the claim, but agreed to the alternative test so that we could move ahead; the tests are necessary to determine a course of treatment. Fast forward and now they claim to have "no record" of the new test being ordered, despite assuring my doctor on the phone that it would be promptly approved.

    It has now been nearly two months and I'm still waiting for approval for a basic test that could rule out several serious medical conditions and let me move on with a treatment plan. If you add up all the customer service hours wasted talking to me on the phone, I'm positive that it would have been significantly cheaper to just do the test as originally ordered.

    They are disorganized, unhelpful, inefficient, and deny approval medically necessary tests and procedures. When you call you just get kicked around to different agents, none of whom know what is going on. They give you phone numbers to call that are not even functioning phone numbers. I feel like I'm trapped in a bureaucratic maze with no way out. I'm a tough person, but I've cried multiple times after wasting hours on the phone with Health Net. If you have the option, run, don't walk, to a different insurance plan.

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    Health Net
    Response from Health Net

    We want to help, Joe. Please check your private messages.

    Reviewed Dec. 29, 2022

    It's currently December 2022 and I've been trying to change my assigned healthcare office since August 2022. HealthNet has assigned me to one 50 miles from my home while my husband is 1 mile from our home. After being on the phone for HOURS (3 different calls), they STILL can't get it done. Not to mention that one of the supervisors by the name of "Jean" hung up on me after I waited on the line for about an hour. My strong suggestion, go with Kaiser or Blue Cross. They get any requests done at the first call. BEWARE HEALTH NET. They are horrific. At this point I'm sure Medical is better.

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    Health Net
    Response from Health Net

    We want to help, Karina. Please check your private messages.

    Reviewed Dec. 6, 2022

    This health insurance is awful. I'm a nurse myself and choose to pay out of pocket for insurance (I pay around 500 a month for insurance) because I want to work per diem. Their provider list is not updated online so when you call Health Net to ask for a provider/specialist, they give you providers that may not even be covered by your insurance. I just now called Healthnet for a retina specialist and the lady on the phone had no idea what I was talking about. She also transferred me to eye med even though I told her I didn't need an optometrist (I already have been on the phone for 45 mins) and eye med told me they do not cover eye specialists. So now I have to call back and potentially wait another 45 mins. This is just one of the many complaints I have about Healthnet.

    They also do not have TMJ specialists close by (they had one but they were located in San Diego) and I live in LA. I had to pay out of pocket for my tmj specialist so I've spent thousands of dollars on tests/oral appliance/sleep study, etc just because Healthnet did not have a provider to treat me and they also do deny claims. Healthnet is corrupt. I would never recommend this insurance to anyone.

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    Health Net
    Response from Health Net

    We want to help, Brittany. Please check your private messages.

    Reviewed Oct. 24, 2022

    I have had the unfortunate opportunity to do business with this insurance company over the past 5 years. Although I was not contracted with this company they were under the umbrella of MHN for mental health services. They also unfortunately fall under a secondary insurance for Medicare and MediCal patients. FIRST: What I know about HealthNet is that if they want something on a patient, they know how to contact you by phone to obtain a patient's personal and protected information. Second: What I just discovered is the following and this is directed to providers. I have 20 claims since June 2022 that were submitted as secondary insurances for Medicare patients which have not been paid by HealthNet.

    My billing person called them today (10-24-22) and asked why they had not been paid. Here is their response, they were paid but they had all been returned undelivered because they had been sent to a previous office location which has been closed for the past 4 years. Did they contact me regarding this undelivered mail. No. They were happy to keep the money that rightfully is owed to me for services rendered.

    Anyone who knows anything about providers knows that insurance companies incessantly hound us almost monthly for our locations, and hours of service by mail, email and phone. We also report our addresses, phone numbers and hours to governing agencies to gather our information quarterly. Not to mention that as providers we all report our information to many different entities to make sure that we are located. These days anything can be found on the web just like my looking for reviews on HealthNet which is why I decided to post this. Thank you for listening.

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    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Oct. 6, 2022

    No matter what, Health Net will not approve a claim. I had a Covid test that was over $100 so submitted a claim. After 6 weeks went by I decided to call to check on it and they said they never received it. The 2nd time I sent it I sent it with proof of receipt so they could not say they did not receive it. That time they said I wrote in an incorrect member ID but after looking at the form I submitted, my member ID was correct, but they wrote down my member ID wrong. They eventually never approved it saying I needed a certain claim # that the tester did not provide. Recently I submitted another claim for an OTC covid test. Again they said they never received it. I asked if I can just submit a claim through email and they said no. I'm guessing this is to substantially reduce the amount of claims that they have to approve.

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    Health Net
    Response from Health Net

    We want to help, Jonathan. Please check your private messages.

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    Health Net author review by Joseph Burns

    Health Net offers coverage to people in Arizona, California and Colorado. It is a California Market Plan associate, which means that low-income patients in California can get discounted insurance via Health Net under ACA rules.

    • Choice between HMO and PPO plans: Consumers have the ability to decide whether they want an HMO plan, which offers a limited amount of in-network doctors, or a PPO plan that gives them access to more doctors.

    • An ACA Health Insurance Marketplace company: Under the Affordable Care Act, or ACA, every state must offer low-cost health insurance through either its own Health Insurance Marketplace or the federal Health Insurance Marketplace. Health Net is affiliated with the ACA Health Insurance Marketplace, which means consumers can expect lower costs and the ability to use tax credits to cover part or all of their premiums.

    • Large variety of plans: There are lots of plans available, including Medicare coverage and coverage for students.

    • Customer service: Although Health Net offers round-the-clock customer service, the sheer number of people calling in may lead to long wait times.

    • Deductibles: Health Net’s low premium rates often mean high deductibles.

    by Joseph Burns Health Insurance Advisor

    An independent journalist, Joseph Burns is the health insurance topic leader for the Association of Health Care Journalists and contributes to AHCJ’s Covering Health blog. He has also written about health policy and the business of health care for a wide variety of publications, including Healthcare Finance News, Hospitals & Health Networks, Managed Care magazine, Ophthalmology Management,, and The Dark Report.

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