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As if the care at the VA is not horrible enough this makes it even worse. FYI, to all of you that call them or they call you the veterans healthcare system is giving them ALL of your information. When I say ALL of your information I mean ALL of your information. Your medication lists, your service connections how much and what for, the progress notes and all of it! You may as well print off your medical record and hang it on your front door. They lie to applicants and the employees and say it's a 'federal job' in a 'federal building'. It's a joke!

They have souped up security and hang a few flags around. They like to play some kind of sick mind control games. I swear I think one of the managers was drinking on the job. He was spilling coffee, had glassy eyes and was laughing about something when no one was around. The security officers like to go out off work with the employees and enjoy their alcohol. Anyone who has ever been around someone who has been drinking knows they can get any information out of them. Do you and your loved ones a favor and find a real doctor and a real insurance company. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS! YOU DESERVE BETTER THAN THIS!

Health Net ca has denied my 5 year old daughters cancer treatment. They have denied our appeals and our daughters doctor even called the senior medical director who is md and spoke to him personally submitting evidence of why it is standard of care. Shame on you Health Net like brain cancer in my five year old is not enough to deal with.

I am a Medicare Health Net subscriber on their HMO Plan. I get denied with everything from this "Junk" Medical Plan from medications to facilities. They will do nothing to really help you or see that you get the proper medical care you need. My last denial was to see a facility for a procedure of which is on their plan and list but not in my area. I live in Central CA and wanted to go to a facility that I have been to in the past and feel more comfortable with. I have been treated and visited all Health Net's doctors and facilities in my area and two of them actually worsened my condition. Since the facility is on their plan I did not see a problem here but I forgot I am dealing with Health Net and this "Junk" HMO! I will not be renewing my Health Net HMO plan this year and recommend to anyone thinking of using this plan beware and do not sign up for this "Junk"! You will regret it!

I paid almost $700 a month for Health Net HMO coverage from July through November of last year. I have injuries from a fall that need addressed. But by the time I went to a PCP, got a referral to see an orthopedic surgeon, got a referral from him for an MRI, had the MRI, then got a referral to a neurologist, the neurologist could not see me until February of 2016, two months after my contract job would end and I wouldn't know if I'd have another job. It took me a month to see a specialist, then took a month for the MRI, then took a month to see my specialist again. The office staff for my specialist told me that they double book. The waiting room was always overflowing and I had to wait two hours each time I saw my specialist. Ridiculous.

On top of that, Health Net now says I owe them for the 'grace period', even though I stated to HN customer service that I was not interested in keeping their insurance since I could not even get in to see a specialist until February of the next year, almost three months away. I was not worried about the 'grace period,' however. I moved here from Kansas in 2014, and healthcare recipients never pay for the grace period in Kansas. I had no clue laws were different in California. I only verbally notified Health Net that I wouldn't be paying for insurance in December. Now, they've sent it to collections - Capitol Recovery Corporation - without any warning and say I had to have put it in writing to have avoided paying for the 'grace period' payment.

Funny that HN customer service never told me that I had to cancel my coverage in writing in order to avoid additional charges. I would NEVER use this company again and would highly recommend that no one else does, either. In addition, I was on auto-pay. I would have had to cancel the auto-pay in order to not have been charged again, which I did in October.

Your company is contracted to set up appointments for the VA and it has been months and they still have not made an appointment for my husband to receive physical therapy. I've called the first group many times and they send the information to the people who schedule. After many call the 1st group has repeatedly told me they put urgent on the request because it has taken them so long to make the scheduled. Your company should be ashamed at this terrible service. I worked in a doctor's office for 20 years - making an appointment for a patient is super easy. Please do not take on a contract with the VA when you can't do what is asked of you. Who is the CEO of Health Net and what is the phone number. You all should be ashamed of what you are doing,

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Health Net for our veterans is a completely disaster for our veterans. I have spent the better part of a year trying to find just one specialty doctor, who will accept The Choice Program under Health Net, and in my case thirty five doctors have turned down the VA Choice program, because Health Net is a third party insurance company with requirements that are too stringent, and many many doctors are not getting paid. So, this joke of a VA program by a Secretary of The Veterans Affairs is simply pandering to his personal cronies in the healthcare insurance industry, leaving our veterans to have to go to the VA Medical Centers, where surgeries are delayed, denied, and botched. My advice to veterans is to go online, and look up all of the Inspector General reports at your VA medical center in your area, to see how many veterans are truly at the mercy of many incompetent doctors, and nurses within the surgical center.

The new motto within our veterans speech is " DELAY, DENY UNTIL THEY DIE". This is what happens within a completely corrupt organization, such as The Veterans Administration, run by lobbyists, insurance companies and former executives of corrupt corporations. Just so you may believe my story, I ask that you review the recent death of a Veteran in New Jersey, who set himself on fire and died in front of a Veterans Clinic, where he could not receive his medication for a mental health issue. Didn't make the news did it... Wonder why?

Last Oct, open season. I was told my plan premium and deductibles would not change. In Jan they did mislead to renew with them. Now I pay deductibles for insulin and much more. While straightening out 50-day supply instead of 90, they sent me drugs from Jan and Feb without a deductible being charged. Thought they would bill me, they. Mar didn't need but in Apr needed to renew my prescription. Made sure it was 90 day and what the cost was to pay $101.

Dr. sent in update prescription and now they won't send me anything until I pay all the deductibles. They neglected to bill me for from the first of the year. That's right! Holding my insulin hostage for their blunder. I could have paid each month's bill but they didn't send it? Or even ask for the money. They waited until I had days left of my insulin and refuse to send until I pay all of it. They don't care if I die or that it was their fault! I could only pay up to the monies I had saved for this month and that paid up for Jan, Feb and will get the new prescription but only have 16 dollars left to get insulin and they won't send it even though they sent it without payment in Feb. They want me to die! Now I must go a month and wait 'til my next SSI check to get my insulin. That's right. A whole month without insulin because this greedy, lying, Health Net insurance company is so incompetent!

Having insurance through the AZ Obamacare exchange in AZ is worthless. Banner refuses to accept this. It is like being on welfare. Terrible terrible Obamacare = insurance not quality medical care. Top doctors and hospitals will not accept this insurance. Might as well have no insurance. Inferior care, service.

The only good thing I will say about Health Net is that when one of my family members needed intensive treatment for an eating disorder, Health Net gave us a single-case authorization for the best facility (that was out of network) and even covered residential treatment. On every other front, they have been absolutely awful. I was in an accident last October, and was referred for a CT scan. I waited 3 weeks for a prior authorization from Health Net for a CT scan, and it finally was allowed. But then they only paid the claim for the scans themselves, not the $78 bill from the doctor who read the scans! Four months later, I am still trying to get them to pay it, meanwhile pleading with the radiology lab not to send the bill to collections.

I was also referred to another out-of-network specialist, and after waiting 3 weeks for authorization I finally had an appointment. What do you know, Health Net denied that claim as well! Everything is like that with them. I think their business model has been to stonewall and not pay for anything, so that they could show a higher profit and be bought out by a bigger firm. Lo and behold, I just read that they closed a merger deal with Centene in late March for $6 billion. Nice work if you can get it.

Last November I went to ER. FOR A KIDNEY STONE. I was there for four hours and I'm getting charged $8,000 for been there for four hours. I used their hospital and still they came out with this amount of money. After deduction I have to pay $2,400 out of my pocket. What if a need surgery? It will cost me thousand out of my pocket. What's the point of having insurance? I asked Health Net to send me a details of my policy in regard to emergency needs. I never received the details of my policy.

My wife has been battling breast cancer for the past 10 months and I have unfortunately had to make far too many calls to Health Net. I will start out by saying that their pre-authorization unit has been excellent to deal with and in general they have paid most of the claims properly. But beware, if there is a problem or claim issue, you will be frustrated beyond belief. Unfortunately their customer service and claims departments are a joke. First you have to endure an endless phone tree. Then you get a person in India that asks you the exact same information you had to enter by phone. After you then explain the issue they then tell you that they cannot help you and will have to transfer you to the claims department. After a wait ranging from 10-32 minutes, you are transferred to another person that will also be very hard to understand. You then have to explain everything again.

They will look up the claim and then read you the EOB verbatim, not answering the question you may have. You must then explain again your question several times as they do not appear to understand English either. At this point they will tell you that they must send it back for review and they will call you back with the results. In 13 calls (11 over the same issue) I have only received one call back and she did not answer the question. In another instance I sent in a claim where I had already paid the Hospital for a prosthesis. I sent in proof of payment as required. After 6 months, they agreed to pay it, but then sent the check to the hospital and not me. I have been going round and round with them for months about issuing a new check, but it appears to be beyond their comprehension. You will never talk to the same person twice and they all appear to be reading from a script.

The script drive the customer crazy by making them explain the issue at least 5 times, bring up the record and read it verbatim - not answering the question, say that you will send it back for review and that someone will call them back. Do not bother to ask for a supervisor unless you have nothing better to do, as the shortest wait time I have had is 47 minutes to talk to someone whose end response was that they would call me back. The online contact form is no better as it says they try to contact you within 24 hours, but in 4 submittals I have never been contacted. I have changed to a new insurance company and have already found their customer service reps are in the US and that they will actually assist you.

Even though they have been good about paying for medications, I definitely have a few complaints. I just found out that they denied a referral to a much-needed specialist appointment, for what seems to be baseless reasons. I see my PCP in a little over a week, and MAYBE based on getting a physical, and repeating an ultrasound, they will approve the referral.

Also, a few times when I've called their customer service, I've gotten reps who don't seem to care all that much about my needs, or even get defensive with me when I complain about something Health Net has done. Last week, when I did an online request for verification that they'd received my premium payment, the email they sent me had a link; when I clicked on it, it just sent me to a blank screen, no matter which browser I used. Pretty disappointed for the most part with Health Net.

This is the most inefficient company I have ever dealt with! Payments are not posted for 7 to 10 business days, which can show past due. My payment was mailed 3/1, cleared my bank on 3/5 and on 3/16 was told that it had not been received. When I advised C/S rep that it had cleared my bank, I was told it probably was not posted as yet as it takes 7 to 10 days to post! On another occasion the payment was short posted by 11.00 thereby indicating partial payment, took nearly 6 weeks to correct. We were not notified of an increase in premium, again thereby showing partial payment. Calls are not returned. How many complaints have to be received before something is done to correct such inefficiency? I am filing a complaint with broker who represents HN for my husband's company.

Health Net is incompetent. You know what happens to incompetent businesses, they fail. I plead with the rest of the United States, DO NOT PURCHASE HEALTH NET. If you don't buy, they go under and leave us alone. Do what I did, get another health insurance company (pick any other one). Next year, I am purchasing health insurance directly from the provider. I don't like government in my business or my health care, do you? Look at the current political climate... do you want any of these morons choosing the hospital, the doctor, the scalpel? I bet you they don't have a health degree, or even care for your health!!!

I recently applied for a Health Net ppo policy at the suggestion of a broker in Glendale named Armen and Health Net has put the application on ice but have received so far 3 payments towards the policy from me. They ask me to pay the first payment so they can activate the policy and they lie. When we call Health Net, the representatives have given us the runaround and I recently found out that when you call Health Net you are actually talking to someone in Mexico. Just across the border, Health Net has their call center where they don't know much about what you're talking about and they probably pay them pennies an hour. Health Net is really trying not to pay and purposely stall you so that you give up getting the policy you need. They are driven by pure greed.

There is so much wrong with Health Net I cannot list the ways. I help my disabled son in many things. He lives off a meager disability check. He has cancer, verified in all manner of ways. In trying to get HN to pay toward our costs for a recent surgical procedure which they cover in other cases, the phone representatives have been rude, vague, misinformed and/or kept me on hold forever plus simply hung up. In general, HN consistently loses documents, have required a Power of Attorney (POA) when one not needed; their own "Patient Health Info" form/PHI is more than enough--it's been on file at HN for nearly a year.

When I sent in our all embracing, legally drawn up, durable Health POA, notarized and all--for good measure--the one that has served at banks, hospitals, everywhere for son, HN rejected it. After much investigation I learned HN considered it "incomplete". They didn't notify me of this; didn't notify my son. But they did reject our claim for payment. Now I'm appealing. President Obama's single payer health care system was mutilated 'til we have Health Net sorts of greedy, disrespectful people to deal with.

The local VA had to outsource me to a local allergist. The process began on January 6th 2016 when I watched the VA doctor input his referral. He warned me to be patient, as the company which manages this outsourcing for the VA - Health Net - was notoriously incompetent. After a week, I called my local VA and was told I would be contacted by Health net. On January 26th, I called health net because I had heard nothing. I was told by "Elizabeth" that it would take another 5-7 days to schedule the appointment.

On February 1st, I called Health net because I had not heard from them and was told I would be called within 3-5 days with an appointment. On February 12th, I called Health net again because no one called me back and was told that they just set up an appointment for me on February 29th with a local doctor. I called the local doctor to confirm the appointment and found Health net still had not faxed the required recommendation. I called back Health net and spoke to "Rhonda," who provided a host of excuses and claimed the referral would be sent at the top of the hour. So, after 36 days I still have no medical appointment. That's a nice thanks for my service to my country.

Health Net discontinued my PPO on January 1st without giving me any notice, although they falsely claim to have sent notices. I only found out about the PPO ending when my secretary called to ask why we had not received their February bill. They received my January payment and said nothing, although apparently it was not deposited. I am now without coverage until a new plan can kick in on March 1st. Also, this company has terrible customer service. They have failed to send materials as requested, failed to process claims. Terrible experience for me.

Terminated my coverage effective 1-1-2016 yet Health Net has deducted my bank account for a January and February 2016 premium. Yes, they are charging me for insurance I do not even have with them! I received a termination confirmation letter from Health Net on 12-10-2015 and have called them numerous times regarding the situation. I get nowhere. Last month I had to request a refund to get my money back, received a check, and then was deducted a week later for February's premium. The most frustrating thing is that no one at Health Net knows how to fix this situation. They don't even see a problem with it! This isn't even legal, yet when I ask to speak to a supervisor I get another employee that I can barely understand. Does anyone know how to get someone in America on the phone?

Tried picking up medical prescription on two occasions and was told I had no insurance. Had to purchase medication as cash buyer $470 out of pocket. I filed a claim and have not received my refund. Health Net claims says no such claim ever filed. Tried filing new claim and CVS says my prescription was covered by insurance. This information showed up as cash purchase when I first filed. My guess, Health Net filed claim with CVS and received reduced amount therefore getting my overage cost and not sending me my money. I call claims and explain. They then say "you're not in claim department" and put me on hold forever. Even had one lady slip up and say she was claims, after holding for 45 mins for claims. Crooks.

I've had the worst experience with Health Net, their customer service representatives are not helpful nor knowledgeable. I've tried to change my plan several times and have had no luck. I've tried to make an appointment only to go down to the office and see that the medical office was closed that day. I've had Blue Cross Blue Shield before and have never had so many issues in years of service that I've had in one month with Health Net. I would highly discourage anyone from getting health insurance with them.

If I could give them a minus star rating I would. We had Health Net insurance for years in Lancaster, CA, and never had a problem with coverage or care, so when our retirement company offered it in Tulare County, we jumped at the chance. It was the worst mistake we have ever made. We filled out forms, chose a doctor from the HN Seniority Plus website, and were sent cards verifying our doctor and coverage. We went to the doctor and were quite pleased with her and the office staff. My husband got a referral to a cardiologist, and when we called our group to verify this coverage, we were told our PCP was not in Health Net Seniority Plus.

Called Health Net and received a long-winded rambling explanation as to how HN services work. We are not idiots, we know how it works. When I finally got to speak, I was told to go back on the HN Seniority Plus site, choose another PCP, then call that doctor to verify he or she takes our plan. Why bother to have a website? Why should we have to try to verify each doctor we choose from their website? We save $200 a month for this coverage, but if we cannot use it, why bother with it. Feel trapped in hell until December when we can opt out.

Paid premium with proof from my bank. Denied coverage by Health Net. Called numerous times to resolve. Got different answers every time. 'Ca Covered' (market place) for state of CA verified 'coverage and contract' with Health Net and to me... Health Net denied coverage in spite of payment in full and confirmation from Ca Covered (State Marketplace). The worst experience I've ever had. I was denied health coverage by the Insurance Company in spite of doing everything by the book. Paid premium on time through 'Ca Covered' and my doctor wouldn't see me because Health Net cancelled my coverage due to 'non-payment' and/or cancellation of contract by 'Ca Covered' neither of which is true.

They are the absolute worse company to deal with. They don't care for the people and I been getting ** by them for the last 2 months. I've canceled with them in December and it's been verified with a manager. I'm still getting billed.

I have been stuck with Health Net insurance in order to keep my PCP. I have never had more issues with a website before. I have had to create multiple online accounts because the website is unable to merge different policy numbers for 1 person, despite the fact that I was forced to change policies because mine was no longer being offered. After creating my third account, I was unable to access anything on the website other than my approved application. After being told that initial premium payments could not be made online, I called in, paid my initial premium, and was told that I would be able to make all future payments online. To my utter frustration, I am still only able to view my approved application and nothing else. I am unsure how a company this large survives with such a lacking and dysfunctional website in an era where internet seems to be everything.

I have pages of incident numbers, names, dates, length of call... In the past 3 weeks I've been dropped, added, dropped and then I'm being told account is active. Their web portal is not reflecting this and each call I've had with these people is an hour, MINIMUM. I suffer from some significant health issues and these incidents ramp up those issues and I suffer. I have had to take time off of work to try and resolve their issues. I have assurances that issues are resolved and they are not.

I have 2 incidents when I was promised a follow up phone call and it did not happen. I leave STRONGLY worded surveys at end of each call. Today I received a call back on one of those, given an interaction number (this is a new verbiage for me with these guys) and a name to call with that number. She wanted to assure me insurance was active. I'm now at 1:06.21 (over an hour) with another person who has no clue. I'm taking all this data and forwarding it to Covered California and other healthcare regulator organizations. This is criminal.

Unlike many of the reviewers on this website, I do not have a specific medical concern or issue that has caused me to despise Health Net. My review is based on two years working with Health Net through CoveredCA. In every single aspect, Health Net is a sorry excuse for a company. Customer service is the worst I have experienced in about a decade. Each time I call Health Net, I am connected with one of two types of people: (1) a non-native English speaker who mispronounces so many important health-related words that it is nearly impossible to have a conversation, or (2) a native English speaker who is tired, frantic, nitpicky, and largely disengaged from the needs of me, their paying customer.

A sorry excuse for a website. For example, Health Net contracts with a company called BillMatrix to handle billing. For a multimillion dollar company with hundreds of thousands of subscribers, this is an embarrassment. Billing and payments for Health Net should all be handled in-house. I should be able to pay my bill without leaving HN's website, and I should be able to immediately see on the site that my payment has gone through. Very frequent technical issues on the website or bill pay phone number that make it impossible for me to pay my bill. Dozens upon dozens of meaningless paper notifications (not bills) sent to my mailing address throughout the year. Such a waste of paper.

Anytime Health Net calls and leaves an automated message, I know that I will receive between 2 and 4 phone calls from Health Net with the exact same automated message within the next 24 hours. Again, this is an embarrassment. The company needs to control its data so that it can control its customer communications and not send multiple messages with the same content to the same customer. I'm just glad I haven't had any health problems in the past 2 years. I can't imagine what it would be like to have to file a claim with them. The rest of the reviews on this site give a pretty clear picture, though.

I switched from Kaiser to Health Net and so far it has been horrible. Customer service is HORRIBLE. The people on the phone have no idea what they are talking about. I just want to see a doctor. I hate the US and its insurance policies. Too expensive and terrible service. What a great combo.

I have spent over three hours on the phone with a person who barely speaks English. His accent is so heavy I can not understand him. I have had to get another person in my office to help to understand this person. We have previous approval for office visits and follow-up testing but were told to make sure through this company. I asked multiple times to speak with a supervisor and Porsira refused to let me. The website states this company does not serve Georgia. I was unable to get information through the website. I have spent the entire time on the phone repeating (multiple times) every bit of information he has asked for.

They are asking for my numbers no other company ever asks for. Tax ID, DEA, license number, medicare number NPI, etc. I have been working for my office for 17 years and have never had so much trouble getting an approval. Information has been faxed to them over 10 days ago. This is no way to treat our country's brave veterans. WORST COMPANY EVER.

Become a drug addict because I could not get physical therapy. Confusion we have to go thru Health Net is a nightmare. Call them 2 hours on phone several times, no good. Then they set me up with a non-participating provider, no good answers available. I told the same story to at least 5 people plus the VA hospital in Ann Arbor Mich. I dropped out, easier to wait the 90-day wait than to deal with Health Net. The government should look into this mess. Someone is making a lot of backroom money on this failed veterans choice program. Hope VFW helps us as I can find no answers as I suffer with pain.

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Joseph BurnsHealth Insurance Contributing Editor

An independent journalist, Joseph Burns is the health insurance topic leader for the Association of Health Care Journalists and contributes to AHCJ’s Covering Health blog. He has also written about health policy and the business of health care for a wide variety of publications, including Healthcare Finance News, Hospitals & Health Networks, Managed Care magazine, Ophthalmology Management,, and The Dark Report.    More about Joseph→

Health Net offers coverage to people in Arizona, California and Colorado. It is a California Market Plan associate, which means that low-income patients in California can get discounted insurance via Health Net under ACA rules.

  • Choice between HMO and PPO plans: Consumers have the ability to decide whether they want an HMO plan, which offers a limited amount of in-network doctors, or a PPO plan that gives them access to more doctors.
  • An ACA Health Insurance Marketplace company: Under the Affordable Care Act, or ACA, every state must offer low-cost health insurance through either its own Health Insurance Marketplace or the federal Health Insurance Marketplace. Health Net is affiliated with the ACA Health Insurance Marketplace, which means consumers can expect lower costs and the ability to use tax credits to cover part or all of their premiums.
  • Large variety of plans: There are lots of plans available, including Medicare coverage and coverage for students.
  • Customer service: Although Health Net offers round-the-clock customer service, the sheer number of people calling in may lead to long wait times.
  • Deductibles: Health Net’s low premium rates often mean high deductibles.
  • Best for Students, senior citizens, employees

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